Where can I find (legendary assassin armour)?

  1. I know it's underground in the castle, but how i find the icons that say on the cell? and where are they?

    User Info: lhlancer

    lhlancer - 7 years ago

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  1. If you read the Trophy list it gives you the locations. You will need to discover the seals in each of the six Assassin's Tombs. The list gives you the names of the buildings the tombs are hidden in. I haven't tried to get in them yet, but its a start.

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  1. Soon after you find the underground area with the armor you'll do a quest that takes you underground in the city and you'll find the first emblem. There after you'll get updates on where the next emblems are once you synchronize with an area. There'll be markings on your map for each tomb.

    User Info: LanyardLad

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  2. First, you have to complete all 6 of the assassin tomb puzzles. Each time you complete one, you will be given a seal, as well as a codex page(I think) and some cash. After you complete all 6 of the tombs, return to Montereggioni, and go to the underground assassin memorial room place in the mansion. when you place each of the 6 seals upon their respective statues, the gate guarding Altair's(Master Assassin) armor will be unlocked, and you can equip it. Hope this helps!

    User Info: kyle528

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  3. Just to clarify on the above answer, you don't get a COdex page since those pages are mandatory to the story, and the Assassin Seals are a sidequest. But aside from that, it is as he says, you need to enter the Assasin's Tombs and get the seals from their coffins. The tombs are marked in your map with an A in the same shape as the Assasin's symbol. There's 2 in Florence, 1 in Tuscany, 1 in Fiorli(sp?) and 2 in Venice. The last two are rather tricky.

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  4. The six tombs are hidden in the cities around Italy. The first tomb is actually part of the story. After that, if one is available you'll see an Assassin Symbol on your map when you hit select. (It looks like an A with the middle line taken out) just find the symbol, find the entrance, and go for it.

    I will warn you, after the second tomb they get MUCH harder, with the platforming becoming harder to judge, and enemies everywhere.

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  5. This legendary assassin armor was said to be altair's from other users,
    but above me are right...

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