AC 2 Ending?

  1. Anyone else think that this ending really wasn't all that much better than the end of the first game? It was nice to get that little bit with Desmond and Lucy and the other Assassin's at the end but still...

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    SEstolemyyouth - 7 years ago
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    Yeah I remember the end of Assassin's Creed and seeing the messages on the walls which they say is from subject 16 the one who hid the glyphs in the game (AC 2). Maybe you're right and they'll only do 3 games but they did jump ahead several hundred years to the 1400's so another couple hundred years would put them in the 1700-1800's range. Although I agree, that would be just odd..running around during that time period would be weird but it wouldn't surprise me to see a new game without Desmond as the main playable character. I hope they don't do something stupid like make Lucy a bad girl. That'd be lame.

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    SEstolemyyouth - 7 years ago

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  1. If AC3 is to be the last installment in the Trilogy I find it hard to believe that desmond will be the main character at the start of the game. In the voiceover after Desmond and the gang leave the hideout, you hear Lucy say that they are headed to a cabin in the North where they will be safe, at least for awhile. I can't see how this would be the best starting place for an all out war against the Templars. Also by saying that he "Better get started" with more work in the Animus, I would think, at least for part of AC3, Desmond will have to live through one more ancestor before he will finally be ready for Abstergo and the Templars. And this whole new avenue of a global natural disaster ? Who would have thought that would be a plausible plot tie-in to the AC series. What does it really have to do with the AC universe anyway? Sounds more like an entierly diffrent storyline to an entierly different game altogether. And can I just say Man did Ezio get jobbed at the end of this game! Building up the entire story of the game to make him the Prophet of legend for the Assassins and to be totally ignored as a non important pawn in the end. "Wait, I have so many questions to ask" Like why was I played like a tool?

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  1. Well i think that the ending of AC 2 is a bit suspicious. what i think and believe is that ubisoft puts already in my mind that the end of the trilogy of the AC games, you will be playing like Desmond Miles. Why? because in the beginning it says that Desmond learned what Altair did and in the end you have the blade, so in the last AC you WILL be playing as the Assassin that Lucy talked about in the beginning of the game against the Templars which by the way the ending boss or the first one would be that crazy doctor at the ending of AC2. hmm there are ALSO some other people that say AC3 WILL be at the French war at 1884 but i don't really think so... i doesn't make ANY sense!!! so in AC3 you will be playing as Desmond. extra tip: in AC1 Desmond just walked around and at the end he had the ability of eagle vision "Blood vision" as Lucy says. in AC2 Desmond fights, runs, ASKS QUESTIONS and gets the hidden blade. so if you PUT ALL THESE down you get a clear vision of AC3.

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  2. I think, you just be Desmond in AC3

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