who exactly is the girl in the Altair vision?

  1. the sequence where Desmond experiences some "bleeding effect" and you have to chase her as Altair, why is she important and where exactly is she from?

    User Info: The305_Assassin

    The305_Assassin - 7 years ago

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  1. If you have played the Assassins Creed she is Maria,the only Temlar Altair ever left alive

    If not then ##SPOILERS##

    When Altair went to hunt down Robert Desable-A high ranking Templar and Altairs mortal enemy-at the funeral of one of Altairs earlier victims Robert spots him and Altair has to fight Robert and a dozen or so other Templars.After taking out Robert,Altair enters the place where he hold his dying enemy and talks to them.He takes off Roberts helmet to discover it is not Robert but a woman who Robert sent as a distraction for Altair while the real Robert rides for Arsurf to get King Richard to hunt down the assassins.Altair lets the woman-Maria-go saying something to the general meaning of 'you are not my target,so you can leave'

    What makes no sense is that despite the fact Altair stabbed her through the throat when he thought she was Robert she can still get up and walk away

    User Info: crab_boy321

    crab_boy321 - 7 years ago 2 0

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