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"NFS's attempt at sim racing."

Lets take a look at the newest installment of the Need for Speed franchise. Need for Speed Shift is a simulation racer that falls short when it comes to customization, a game that actually works without everything glitching, and realism/simulationism(if that's even a word).

Presentation: 6
I'm going to use this section to talk about the presentation or customization of your cars rather than the presentation of the game itself. As many of you know NFS has always had really good customization choices for cars but this game falls short. For most cars the only customization you can do with the body work is choose from a couple different custom ones. The rest of the cars(tier 4 cars) have no custom body work available at all. There is no selection of roof scoops, exhausts, hoods, or even spoilers besides the ones that come with the custom bodywork. The only thing you can do is paint the car, change the rims, and add some vinyls.

Graphics: 7
Nothing to complain about but nothing special either.

Sound: 9
The sound is great. RPM's revving, tires screeching, and the lack of music playing all helped you to focus and delve into the driving experience. I don't know about you but when I drive I like to hear what my car is telling me. Music while I drive? No thank you.

Gameplay: 5
If the game wasn't plagued with bugs I would probably give it an 8.5 because I actually did enjoy the way the game controlled. Unfortunately tuning any car that has been fitted with the Works package will result in the car glitching to have all the stats go down to be equivalent to a stock version of the car. The way around this is to restart the race as soon as it begins(to bad you have to restart EVERY SINGLE race). The biggest problem has to do with the physics and the way your car reacts when going from one surface to another. I'm not talking about when the car goes off the track(although I do have problems with this as well) what I'm talking about is when the car stays on the track but drives over a part of the track that has been repaved. On several occasions my car has popped a wheelie causing me to lose control and be unable to take the next turn properly and sometimes it even completely runs me off the course. I understand that sometimes when they repave parts of the street those patches tend to not be perfectly level with the rest of the street; however, I would not expect something like this if the particular street had to be used for cars that were traveling over 70 mph. Not to mention the fact that even if the patch were slightly uneven the front of my car shouldn't jump 3 feet in the air.

Lasting Appeal: 5
After completing the NFS Live World Championship, mastering all the corners, and earning all the stars on every race there isn't really anything else to do. Sure you can go online and race the same races you have been doing against actual people, but why bother?

Overall: 6/10
Honestly if your a NFS fan I would suggest staying away from this game because it's definitely not like any of the NFS games I have enjoyed in the past. If you enjoy racing simulator games then I would say save you money and get a real racing sim like GT5 when it comes out.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/08/09

Game Release: Need for Speed: Shift (US, 09/15/09)

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