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    Achievement Guide by Dgnslyr90

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    	 	   IRON Man 3: Achievement guide
    	 	       By: Gamefigureouter
    		     Gamertag: ForeverMidnight
    		     Email: dgnslyr90@yahoo.com
    +Table of contents                          +
     1: Introduction to Iron Man 2              +
     ------------------------------------------ +
     2: Achievements			    +
     ------------------------------------------ +
          A: Gameplay tips			    + 
     *****1: Level Difficulty 		    +
             1-1:  Ultimatum		    +
             1-3:  Iron Man			    +
             1-3:  Invincible		    +
     *****2: Main Objectives		    +
    	 2-1:  Shake it Off  		    +
    	 2-2:  Access Denied		    +
    	 2-3:  Deportation 		    +
    	 2-4:  Power Outage		    +
    	 2-5:  Anti-PROTEAN		    +
    	 2-6:  Improvisation Under Fire     + 
    	 2-7:  Operation Daybreak	    +  
    	 2-8:  Stormbreaker		    +
    	 2-9:  The Bigger They Are	    +
     *****3: Optional Objectives		    +
    	 3-1:  Not in My House		    + 
             3-2:  Full Flight		    +  
    	 3-3:  Two Man Army		    +
             3-4:  Area Secured		    +
             3-5:  Pulling The Plug		    +
             3-6:  Anger Management		    +
             3-7:  It Takes Two To Tangle	    + 
             3-8:  Entrapment		    +
    	 3-9:  Man and Machine		    +
    	 3-10: Defensive Player of The Year +
    	 3-11: Brute Force 	 	    +
    	 3-12: Guardian			    +
    	 3-13: Switchboard Operator	    +
    	 3-14: Bipolar			    +
    	 3-15: Not a scratch		    +
     *****4: Armor				    +
    	 4-1:  Mark vI			    +
    	 4-2:  Mark II			    +
    	 4-3:  Mark I			    +
    	 4-4:  Mark III			    +
    	 4-5:  Classic Iron Man		    +
    	 4-6:  Extremis			    +
    	 4-7:  Silver Centurion		    +
    	 4-8:  Ultimate Iron Man	    +
    	 4-9:  Hall of Armors		    +
     *****5: Other				    +
    	 5-1:  Bulletproof		    +
    	 5-2:  Fire and Forget		    +
    	 5-3:  Unnecessary Force	    +	
    	 5-4:  Pushback			    +
    	 5-5:  Subtle Like a Rocket	    +
    	 5-6:  Gonna Need Some More Bad Guys+
     	 5-7:  Fists Of Iron 		    +	
    	 5-8:  Overkill			    +
    	 5-9:  Up Close And Personal	    +
    	 5-10: Extra Crispy	 	    +
    	 5-11: Room Broom	  	    +
    	 5-12: Storm of Lead		    +
    	 5-13: Omega Man		    +
    	 5-14: Technical Genius		    +
     3: Disclaimer				    +
     ------------------------------------------ +  	   
    Introduction to Iron Man 2 
    !!!!!!!!!! please note this is all just my opinion !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Iron Man 2 the Game is loosely based on Iron Man 2 the film...in 
    that Rhodey/War Machine is voiced by Don Cheadel and Nick Fury is 
    voiced by Samuel L Jackson. It has nothing to do with the film so 
    you have no worries about spoiling anything. Is this an unofficial 
    sequal? I dont know.
    The game mechanics have improved a bit from the first game...but 
    not by much.The flying can get clunky to the point where you cant 
    tell whats on the screenor which direction your looking. Also the 
    auto target will sometimes target enemies to far away versus the 
    closer ones, leaving you vulnerable.
    There are only three difficulties, the first two are fairly easy 
    for most players, the hard difficulty is ridiculous in how much 
    health can be taken in some fights, and with the faulty flight 
    and targeting controls...can prove to be frustrating
    However, once you play long enough to get used to the controls, 
    you may find the game enjoyable and destructive. The levels are 
    hardly repetative and battles are fairly creative.
    The achievements in this are very basic. Pass XXX level, kill 
    XXX number of enemies with XXX weapon. So if you are wanting a 
    fun game to play for a day with easy achievements, this is for you.
    Game Rating: 4/10
    Achievement Level: Easy
    Gameplay Tips
     1: The game can be started at either of the three difficulties, 
    and can be changed anytime at the headquarters screen by pressing 
    start, game, difficulty
     2: Even as an experienced player I found starting on hard a bit 
    ridiculous with the controls and enemy ai. I recommend starting on
    at least normal to get used to the controls and build up your 
    field data and suit research
     3: You can play as either Iron Man or War Machine in most of the 
    levels. Iron man is fast with good weapon output. By charging you 
    repulsor blasts you can stun most enemies and press B to take them 
    over for a short time to fight
    for you.
     War Machine has Stronger Weapons and can shoot most enemies before 
    they even get to you. I started on Hard and did mosst of the game 
    with War Machine because of his mini gun...youll see.
     4: If you are trying to just get achievements. All can be 
    best obtained oneasy difficulty except for the two that call 
    for you to play on higher difficulties.
    Level Difficulty**************
    You can start on easy, normal, or formidable(hard). I 
    recommend starting on normal so you can get a feel for the 
    controlls, enemy ai, and boss fights. It can be changed from 
    the start screen in the headquarters. If you beat thegame on 
    Formidable, the Normal and Easy achievement are automatically 
    1-1 Ultimatum  15g
    Complete every mission on Easy difficulty
    Difficulty: easy
    1-2 Iron Man  30g
    Complete every mission on Normal difficulty
    Difficulty: easy/normal
    1-3 Invincible  100g
    Complete every mission on Formidable difficulty
    This may have just been my game, but some bosses make 
    ridiculous moves and its not helped with the flight controlls. 
    Just have patience and extra controllers handy
    Difficulty: ridiculous
    Main Objectives***************
    All you have to do is beat the level and you will earn said 
    achievement, can be done on any difficulty.
    2-1 Shake it Off  3 g
    Recover from the roxxon EMP attack
    Automatically earned playing level 1
    Difficulty: none
    2-2 Access Denied  10g
    Prevent Roxxon from stealing the Stark Archives
    Beat "The Stark Archives"
    Difficulty: normal
    2-2 Deportation  15g
    Prevent the Russian separatists from deploying Roxxon Armingers
    Beat "Russia and Roxxon"
    Difficulty: normal
    2-3 Power Outage  15g
    Defeat the Crimson Dynamo
    Beat "The Crimson Dynamo"
    Difficulty: challenging
    2-3 Anti-PROTEAN  20g
    Destroy Project PROTEAN
    Beat "PROTEAN"
    Difficulty: normal
    2-4 Improvisation Under Fire  20g
    Save Rhodey and the Stark mobile armory from the A.I.M. attack
    Beat "Operation Daybreak"
    Difficulty: normal
    2-5 Operation Daybreak  20g
    Defeat A.I.M. and save the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
    Beat "War Machine"
    Difficulty: Hard
    2-6 Stormbreaker  20g
    Shut down the GREENGRID power transmitter
    Beat "Storm Warnings"
    Difficulty: easy
    2-7 The Bigger They Are  30g
    Defeat ULTIMO
    Beat "ULTIMO"
    Difficulty: Challenging
    Optional Objectives********
    Most are best earned playing on easy.
    3-1 Not IN MY House  15g
    Prevent the first wave of Roxxon dropships from deploying 
    their drones
    Mission: The Stark Archives
    Once you take over War Machine, shoot down the first two 
    sets of helicopters you see as Jarvis is explaining the weapons. 
    They must be shot down before they release the drones
    Difficulty: Easy
    3-2 Full Flight  15g
    Only one S.H.I.E.L.D. transport lost in the canyon run.
    Mission: Russia and Roxxon
    You start off with 6 but you WILL lose one in the arminger 
    fight. Just fly ahead and take out all anti air missle 
    launchers. The hellicopters are usually taken out by the 
    transports, but you can help with that. 
    Difficulty: normal
    3-3 Two Man Army  10g
    Defeat the Russian separatists as both Iron Man and 
    War Machine.
    Mission: Russia and Roxxon
    Alls you have to do is play the mission twice as both characters, 
    it does not matter how many transports make it in.
    Difficulty: easy
    3-4 Area Secured  20g
    At least 10 S.H.I.E.L.D. units survive the battle for the docks
    Mission: Russia and Roxxon
    You have to make it to the docks with all transports from the 
    first part.The units refered to are the soldiers and tanks on 
    the ground. Kill the russian tanks and soldiers as soon as you 
    start the soldiers wont reallyleave that little area. So just 
    fly around and blow everyone else up andyou should get it right 
    before you fight the second arminger.
    Difficulty: Easy
    3-5 Pulling the Plug  15g
    Destroy all four Tesla reactor stabilizers in under 60 seconds
    Mission: Crimson Dynamo
    As soon as you blow the door to the room, the game will glitch 
    and give you between 2-5 drones. Just fly in and utilise both 
    weapons to hit them quickly. I recommend Iron Mans laser or 
    War Machines mini gun.
    Difficulty: Easy
    3-6 Anger Managemenet  15g
    Destroy most of the structures in Shatalov's base
    Mission: Crimson Dynamo
    After you get back outside you have to find a computer to 
    find Natasha. There are two areas for you to search each has 
    between 5-7 buildings to search.  Dont get on the computer 
    yet! Just fly to both spots and destroy everything you see. 
    The grayish buildings roofs blow up. The medium sized cylos/cylinder 
    looking things are destructable, and the reddish looking buildings 
    are fully blow upable. You have to get this before fighting 
    Crymson Dynamo.
    Difficulty: Normal
    3-7 It Takes Two to Tangle  10g
    Defeat Crimson Dynamo as both Iron Man and War Machine
    Mission: Crimson Dynamo
    Just play the level as both Iron Man and War Machine
    Difficulty: Easy
    3-8 Entrapment  15g
    Reach the bottom of the elevator shaft without touching a 
    laser tripline
    Mission: PROTEAN
    there are three levels with lazers, each will deploy flying 
    drones if hit. The first one is easy, there should be one
    with lazers making a triangle that the moving lazers dont pass 
    through, just press A and lower down. The next two I found 
    easier to find a corner where it takes a second for the lazer 
    to pass and just lower ass soon as it goes the opposite 
    direction. May take a few tries
    Difficulty: Normal
    3-9 Man and Machine  10g
    Destroy Project PROTEAN as both Iron Man and War Machine
    Mission: PROTEAN
    Just play the level as both Iron Man and War Machine
    Difficulty: Easy
    3-10 Defensive Player of The Year  20g
    Save all four repulsor lifts and all four stabilizers on 
    the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.
    Mission: Operation Daybreak
    When your not busy protecting your plane you have to fight 
    drones attacking the ship. Target the bigger ones that are 
    focused on the ship. The Unibeam is a good weapon to use 
    when your waiting for missles to recharge. I hovered in front 
    of them and used charged repulsors, you cant miss being in 
    front and they wont fly away. Make use of the missle drones and 
    deflect missles towards the bigger drones. 
    Its easy to get distracted by all of the drones that fly to 
    intercept and attack you, just press B on the melee fighters 
    to take them over causing distractions and possibly attacking 
    the big drones.
    Difficulty: Normal/Hard
    3-11 Brute Force  30g
    Destroy the A.I.M. Arc Armiger without using missile deflection
    Mission: War 
    Just dont deflect any of the missles flying at you, it a 
    little difficult and reflexes usually call for you to hit 
    the deflect button. Just dont.Use your missles and rockets on it 
    till it goes green. Then when it releases the four balls. Target 
    one and as soon as its still long enough, hit it with a rocket. 
    Do this a few times and on the armingers last bit of health it 
    will fire missles like mad if you are in front of it. Just use the
    Omega System and blast it.
    Difficulty: Normal
    3-12 Guardian  25g
    Shut down GREENGRID without needing to repair the Arc Armiger
    Mission: Storm Warnings
    Just play this on easy and the arminger with lose little to 
    no health as long as you fly cover and destroy the missle launcher pads.
    Difficulty: Easy
    2-13 Switchboard Operator  20g
    Reposition all of the GREENGRID relays without being interrupted
    Mission: Storm Warnings
    When you reach the end, you have to shoot the ball in the 
    middle then repostition the relays. When you go for a relay 
    two drones may come to stop you, just shoot them before you 
    start on a relay. There is a timer before the ball in the 
    middle recharges. If you are in the middle of postitioning 
    one when the timer hits zero, it will count as an interuption.
    Difficulty: Easy
    3-14 Bipolar  10g
    Shut down the GREENGRID power transmitter as both Iron Man 
    and War Machine
    Mission: Storm Warnings
    Just play the level as both Iron Man and War Machine
    Difficulty: Easy
    3-15: Not a scratch  40g
    Defeat ULTIMO with no armor damage
    Mission: ULTIMO
    I highly recommend you play on easy for this because any 
    hit he causes on the higher difficulties will cause at 
    least one bit of damage. On easy it just wipes most of the 
    shield but you have time to recharge it. The main part that 
    makes this difficult is the flight controls when you move 
    on one of the reactors. Just have patience and you will get it.
    Difficulty: Normal/Hard
    You start with the Mark IV Iron man and the War Machine. 
    Each mission awards you with field data based on enemies 
    killed, objectives met, and armor breach. As long as you 
    get top score on a level which is easy on easy, and you 
    will unlock new armor.
    I managed to get all armors playing on Formidable so just 
    consider all an easy difficulty.
    4-1  Mark vI  10g
    Unlock the Mark VI Iron Man armor
    Get Max score on "The Stark Archives"
    4-2  Mark II  10g
    Unlock the Mark II Iron Man armor
    Get Max score on "Russia and Roxxon"
    4-3:  Mark I  10g
    Unlock the Mark I Iron Man armor
    Get Max score on "Crimson Dynamo"
    4-4:  Mark III  10g
    Unlock the Mark III Iron Man armor
    Get Max score on "PROTEAN"
    4-5:  Classic Iron Man  10g
    Unlock the classic Iron Man armor
    Get Max score on "Operation Daybreak"
    4-6  Extremis  10g
    Unlock the Extremis Iron Man armor
    Get Max score on "War Machine"
    4-7  Silver Centurion  10g
    Unlock the Silver Centurion Iron Man armor
    Get Max score on "Storm Warnings"
    4-8  Ultimate Iron Man  10g
    Unlock the Ultimate Iron Man armor
    Get Max score on "ULTIMO"
    4-9  Hall of Armors  35g
    Unlock all armor suits
    Get Max score on All levels
    Chances are you will get at least 85% while playing normally, 
    they can be obtained at any time. If your just going through 
    levels to obtain resources or get optional  objectives, 
    remember to use what weapons you still need the achievement for to 
    make it wasier later. So consider all marked as easy difficulty.
    5-1  Bulletproof  30g
    Defeat 50 enemies in melee as Iron Man while Invincible
    Any enemies count and while invincible the melee gets a 
    good damage boost. A goodlevel for this is PROTEAN, trip every 
    lazer in the shaft and you get around 10ish drones all in one 
    spot so you can hit them all easy. 
    5-2  Fire and Forget  10g
    Defeat 100 enemies with homing missiles
    You should get this by mid playthrough if you constantly use it. 
    Can be earned with
    both characters
    5-3  Unnecessary Force  7g
    Defeat a soldier with Iron Man's unibeam
    There are soldiers at the dock in "Russia and Roxxon" and 
    there are A.I.M. soldiers in the PROTEAN level after you 
    lose your flight control.
    5-4  Pushback  20g
    Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's repulsor
    The charged attack can stun big enemies and you only have 
    that and missles in the"Operation Daybreak" mission.
    5-5  Subtle Like a Rocket  15g
    Defeat 100 enemies with the rocket launcher
    If played constantly, will obtain mid playthrough. Can be 
    earned with both characters.
    5-6  Gonna Need Some More Bad Guys  30g
    Defeat more than 1,000 enemies
    Obtained mid playthrough.
    5-7  Fists Of Iron  20g
    Defeat 100 enemies in close combat.
    Can be earned with both characters.
    5-8  Overkill  25g
    Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's unibeam
    Play "Russia and Roxxon" and "Operation Daybreak" on easy using 
    only the unibeam and 
    you should get it.
    5-9  Up Close And Personal 20g
    Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's blaster
    Every opportunity to blast someone up close, take it. may take 
    a bit.
    5-10 Extra Crispy 20g
    Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's laser
    I recommend upgrading this thing, it starts weak but finishes 
    pretty strong
    5-11 Room Broom  20g
    Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine's shotgun
    "War Machine" is a great level for this, but anything with lots of 
    drones works
    5-12 Storm of Lead  20g
    Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine's minigun
    Should aquire naturally, its a great weapon
    5-13 Omega Man  30g
    Defeat 100 enemies as War Machine while using the Omega System
    Its hard to remember to use this, but have patience and you'll get it.
    5-14 Technical Genius  50g
    Invent every module, ammunition, and weapon upgrade
    By the last three levels, you get a LOT of research, by the time your 
    done getting achievements you will have more than enough to get it all 
    twice. You dont have to upgrade the fighting styles, just the Modules, 
    Ammo, and Weapons.
    This guide was created with the help of the Iron Man 2 video game.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. The only website
    with permission to use this guide is GameFAQS.com.

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