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    Recon Class Guide by jimmythesnowman

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            |                  RECON CLASS GUIDE                      |
            | BBC2 Recon Class Guide by jimmythesnowman               |
            | Version 1.00 published 8/3/2011                         |
    [I]   Introduction
    The Recon kit is one of four kits in Battlefield Bad Company 2. It is, as some
    people call it, a "renamed sniper class". However, the Recon kit's abilities
    are matches so that the player using it will be able to spot lots of enemies -
    with Motion Mines, the Spotter scope, and the naturally better view through
    your sniper scope, the class really does earn the distinction "Recon". This
    guide is meant to help you make the most of your sniping.
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    [II]  Version History
    | Version 1.00 - August 3, 2011  |----------------------------.
    | First version of this guide, which is pretty much complete. |
    [III] Contact Information
    I can be contacted at a[underscore]bilogur[at]yahoo[dot]com. If you email me
    with questions, make sure they are not already in this guide. If you email me
    with tips, and I find them helpful, I will add them and give you credit in the
    Thanks section. If you are requesting permission to use the guide, I will
    consider it, but generally my response will be "no". I reserve the right not
    to reply to trolling, spam, or hate mail.
    [IV] Table of Contents
    [I]   Introduction
    [II]  Version History
    [III] Contact Information
    [IV]  Table of Contents
    [1] Recon Class
        [1.01] Basics of class building
        [1.02] Unlock order
        [1.03] Sniper Rifles
        [1.04] Pistols
        [1.05] C4 and Mortars
        [1.06] Motion Sensors
        [1.07] Tier 1 Specializations
        [1.08] Tier 2 Specializations
        [1.09] vehicle specializations
    [2] Sniping
        [2.01] Role of the sniper
        [2.02] Long-range sniping
        [2.03] Close range, quickscoping, and the one-two tactic
        [2.04] Using cover
        [2.05] Battling other snipers
        [2.06] Sniping vehicles
        [2.07] Being the designated marksman
        [2.08] Defensive sniping
        [2.09] Offensive sniping
        [2.10] Red dot conversion
        [2.11] Hardcore
        [2.12] The Shotgun kit
        [2.13] Differences from other FPS games
    [3] Pins, Insignias, and Achievements
    [V] Thank yous
    [VI] Copyright
    [1] Recon Class
    [1.01] Basics of class building
    Each of the four classes in Battlefield Bad Company 2 has different weapons,
    different abilities, and different specializations. Each has its strengths and
    weaknesses, but all of the abilities are different.
    The classes, which are Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon, are built from 6
    parts - a gun, a sidearm, a special weapon, two specializations, and a vehicle
    specializations. These parts of modular - you can choose one option in each
    category. Every time you die, or at the beginning of the game, you will be
    taken to a screen that allows you to adjust each of your classes and choose
    which one to play with.
    In addition to these, every class has one other option, a fourth weapon, that
    is always available to the player if they have unlocked it - it is the first
    and cheapest class unlock. For Recon users, this is the Motion Sensor, and it
    is also covered.
    As you play with a class and gather points with it, you work towards unlocking
    further weapons and abilities. As you gain more of these, the amount of points
    needed for the next unlock increases as well.
    Many weapons and abilities that are available for all classes are unlocked by
    rank, consequitively up to rank 22.
    Each subsection in this section deals with each of these class options.
    [1.02] Unlock order
    Recon Unlocks
    Motion Sensor             800       Equipment that can detect nearby enemies.
    Type 88 Sniper           2200       Semi-automatic sniper rifle.
    Mortar Strike            4000       Allows you to call down artillery.
    SV98                    6,000       Fastest bolt-action sniper rifle.
    4x Scope                8,000       Special scope with lower zoom setting.
    12x Scope              10,000       Special scope with higher zoom setting.
    Red Dot Sight          12,000       More conventional scope for use as an AR.
    SVU                    14,000       Semi-automatic silenced sniper rifle.
    Sniper Spotting Scope  17,000       Automatically spots targets.
    GOL                    21,000       Heavy bolt-action sniper rifle.
    VSS                    26,000       Fully automatic silenced sniper rifle.
    M95                    34,000       Anti-material bolt-action sniper rifle.
    Level Unlocks
    Rank 2 - Private II - 6,500XP       Saiga 20k Semi, semi-auto shotgun.
    Rank 3 - Private III - 11,000XP     MP-443 Grach, balanced pistol secondary.
    Rank 4 - Specialist I - 18,500XP    WWII M1911 .45, heavy pistol secondary.
    Rank 5 - Specialist II - 28,000XP   Lightweight Combat Equipment - +10% speed
    Rank 6 - Specialist III - 40,000XP  Ammo Hip Bandolier - more carried ammo.
    Rank 7 - Corporal I - 53,000XP      Grenade Vest - more hand and 40mm gren.
    Rank 8 - Corporal II - 68,000XP     Explosives Leg Pouch - more rockets.
    Rank 9 - Corporal III - 84,000XP    Extended shotgun Magazine
    Rank 10 - Sergeant I - 100,000XP    WWII M1A1 Thompson, antique smg.
    Rank 11 - Sergeant II - 120,000XP   Tracer Gun - fires tracers for missiles.
    Rank 12 - Sergeant III - 138,000XP  MP-412 REX, heavy revolver secondary.
    Rank 13 - Staff Sergeant I - 158,000XP  M93R Burst, burst-fire secondary.
    Rank 14 - Staff Sergeant II - 179,000XP - Ceramic Body Armor - more health.
    Rank 15 - Staff Sergeant III - 200,000XP - Magnum Ammunition - more damage.
    Rank 16 - Master Sergeant I - 224,000XP - 12 Gauge Slugs - more shotty range
    Rank 17 - Master Sergeant II - 247,000XP - Improved Demolitions
    Rank 18 - Master Sergeant III - 272,000XP - SPAS-12 Combat, pump shotgun.
    Rank 19 - First Sergeant I - 297,000XP - M14 Mod 0 Enhanced - Battle rifle.
    Rank 20 - First Sergeant II - 350,000XP - Neostead 2000 Combat - Pump shotty.
    Rank 21 - First Sergeant III - 377,000XP - USAS-12 Auto - Automatic shotty.
    Rank 22 - Warrant Officer I - 405,000XP - G3 - Automatic Assault Rifle.
    Ranks 23-50 do not unlock anything except advancing emblems.
    [1.03] Sniper Rifles
    There are basically three classes of sniper rifles. The bolt-action sniper
    rifles (M24, SV98, GOL, M95) fire the slowest, but also deal the most damage,
    100 at close range and 55 at long range. That basically means that a quickscope
    or lucky shot at close range and a headshot at any range are always kills. The
    semi-automatic sniper rifles (Type 88, SVU) do 39 damage at close range and 28
    at long, meaning they will usually take several shots to get the job done. The
    fully-automatic VSS stands alone - it does 25 damage close and 20 long, meaning
    it will always take multiple shots to down the target, but it has the fastest
    firerate. Note: bolt action rifles fire supersonic rounds that make a
    distinctive crack in flight, and leaves a tracer behind.
    | TIP: The maximum one-hit-kill range for a bolt-action sniper rifle is   |
    | 10 feet, as illustrated here:                                           |
    | http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/File:BFBC2Game_M24Range.jpg           |
    | A statistical analysis for sniper rifles (among other things) can be    |
    | found here: http://denkirson.xanga.com/722757523/bad-company-2/. I      |
    | really recommend you see that as well!                                  |
    The M24 is the first sniper rifle, available right from the beginning. It is
    a bolt-action sniper rifle with a small 5 round-magazine, low bullet drop,
    and relatively fast bolt cycling and reloads. Compared to the other bolt
    actions, the M24 is heavier then the SV98 and lighter then the GOL and M95. It
    uses a crosshairs scope. The M24 is statistically inferior to the SV98, but
    many players perfer it because it uses crosshairs instead of chevrons in its
    sight. Overall, although the M24 is the first sniper rifle, many players use
    it even when they complete the whole Recon tree because of its efficiency.
    The M24 will kill in one hit at close range or at any range with a headshot,
    and will always kill in 2 hits otherwise (unless shooting through cover).
    Type 88
    The Type 88 is the first semi-automatic sniper rifle you unlock, at 2200
    points. It has a 10 round magazine and will kill in 2 headshots or a few body
    shots. It uses a chevron assembly for its scope, and has fairly high bullet
    drop and a rate of fire of 260 rounds per minute. Compared to the SVU, its
    direct competitor, the Type 88 is equivelant in everything except for reload
    (it is slightly faster), and, critically, the SVU having a built-in silencer.
    Because of the SVU's silencer, most players perfer that weapon over the louder
    Type 88.
    The SV-98 is the second bolt-action sniper rifle that you unlock, after the
    M24 that you initially possess. The SV-98 has a 10 round magazine, 5 more then
    any of the other bolt action rifles, and also has the fastest bolt cycling and
    reload times, beating out the M24 by 1 RPM and .25 seconds, respectively. That
    means that, statistically, the SV-98 is the best bolt-action sniper rifle in
    the game. However, it uses a chevron assembly for its sight, a cluttered
    assembly that causes many players to perfer the convetional crosshairs on the
    other bolt action sniper rifles. Like all bolt-actions, the SV-98 will kill in
    one shot with a headshot or at close range, and will always kill in at least 2
    hits, unless shooting through cover. The SV-98 is unlocked at 6,000 points.
    The SVU is the second semi-automatic sniper rifle that you unlock. It requires
    15,000 points to unlock, and is automatically silenced when you use it. It
    takes 2 headshots and 4 body shots to kill at range, making it and its
    counterpart the Type 88 best at the designated marksman role. Its Silencer
    allows it to outcompete the Type 88 in most player's minds, but it also uses
    a chevron assembly in its sight, which many players are not comfortable with.
    The GOL is the third bolt-action sniper rifle that you unlock. It boasts
    slightly lower bullet drop then the M24 and SV-98, but is also heavier,
    cycling 3 RPM slower then the M24 and reloading .40 seconds slower as well
    (the differences are slightly more pronounced when compared to the SV-98). The
    GOL has the simplest sight of all the sniper rifles, simple crosshairs without
    any mil dots (which don't do anything significant, anyway), but overall the
    M24 and SV-98 are, strictly speaking, statistically superior - although that
    doesn't mean that the GOL is not a formidable gun. As with the other bolt
    actions, the GOL kills in 1 shot to the head at all ranges or any shot at
    close range, and always kills in at most 2 shots (unless shooting through
    cover). The GOL is unlocked at 21,000 points.
    The VSS is unique, and the strangest gun on the Battlefield - it is fully
    automatic! The VSS does low damage, killing in 5 body shots or 2 headshots
    at range, a situation only reduced to 2 headshots and 5 body shots up close.
    It has the highest bullet drop of all weapons, but this is balanced out by its
    automatic fire. Most players slap a 4x or Red Dot on this weapon and use it
    like a faux-assault rifle, in which case it has very high recoil but also
    very high damage for an assualt rifle. VSS is nearly useless at long range
    engagements because of the low damage and high bullet drop. Still, skilled
    players can use it as both a medium-range suppressive weapon and an assualt
    rifle. When hip firing, the VSS has by far the smallest cone of fire of all
    the sniper rifles. Comes silenced, and is unlocked at 26,000 points.
    The M95 is the last sniper rifle and fourth and last bolt action rifle that
    you unlock. It is also the slowest and heaviest sniper rifle. It has a 5-round
    magazine and an unusually slow scoping speed, as well as the slowest bolt
    cycling (10 RPM slower then the M24) and longest reload (1.8 seconds longer
    then the M24) of all the sniper rifles. So then, you ask, why use it? Well,
    the M95 also has the lowest bullet drop of all the sniper rifles, double the
    close-range one-hit-kill range (at 20 meters instead of 10), and its bullet,
    the HMG_bullet, is a .50 round strong enough to damage armored vehicles,
    specifically tanks. Overall, the M95 is a sluggish but extremely hard-hitting
    sniper rifle, and the last sniper rifle you unlock. Like the other sniper
    rifles, it kills in 1 hit with a headshot or any shot up to 20 meters, and
    will practically always kill in at most 2 shots, being able to penetrate
    cover like nobody's buisness.
    | TIP: The M95's comparitively larger one-hit-kill range:               |
    | http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/File:BFBC2Game_M95Range.jpg         |
    [1.04] Pistols
    The second choice you have to make when building a class is "What pistol do I
    want"? There are six pistols in the game: the M9, the MP-443 Grach, the WII
    M1911 .45, the MP-412 REX, the M93R Burst, and the Tracer Gun. Which one you
    choose affects your class, as each one has its strengths and weaknesses.
    Pistols are especially important for snipers because you will be relying on
    them more then other classes to save your hide at close range, especially if
    you use the one-two tactic (described later in this guide). when firing
    pistols, you should almost always be aiming down the sight, except for with
    the MP-412 REX. In discussing pistols I will disregard their long-distance
    power, because it is neglicable and you have a sniper rifle for a reason,
    The M9 is the first pistol and immediatly available to the player. It does
    25 damage up to 12 meters (killing in 4 shots). The M9 is, overall, a very
    balanced pistol, with a good reload time, a fast firerate, and good damage.
    It has a 12 round magazine, and its recoil allows it to spam-fired at enemies.
    Compared to the MP-443 Grach, it has 2 less rounds per magazine but does more
    damage, taking 1 less round to kill. It also has a slower firerate.
    MP-433 Grach
    The Russian counterpart to the American M9, the MP-433 is another
    well-balanced pistol. It does less damage then the M9, taking 5 bullets to
    kill, but has 2 more rounds per magazine and a 100 RPM faster firerate.
    Overall the MP-433 is a slightly faster but slightly weaker gun then the M9.
    Unlocked at level 3.
    WWII M1911 .45
    The M1911 is a power pistol. It kills in 3 shots; compared to the other power
    pistol, the MP-412 REX revolver, the M1911 does less damage (but still kills
    in 3 shots), has 1 more round in the magazine, a faster fire recovery time,
    and a faster reload. Unlocked at level 4.
    MP-412 REX
    The MP-412 REX is the only 6-shooter revolver in the game. It kills in 3 shots
    like the WWII M1911 .45, making it inferior to the other gun bare; however,
    with Magnum Ammo, the MP-412 gains the ability to kill in 2 shots, and to kill
    in a single headshot. The MP-412 REX also has extremely small hipfire
    crosshairs. However, keep in mind that the large firecap on the MP-412 is a
    serious problem when trying to hit an enemy more then once, even if only a few
    hits are lethal. Overall benefits greatly from Magnum Ammunition, if you chose
    that perk. Unlocked at level 12.
    M93R Burst
    The M94R Burst is, francly, suckish. Although it has a 20 round magazine and
    each burst fires in a group of 3, the bullet do only 12.5 damage, an extremely
    low number causing 8-hit kills, and its burst-fire charecteristics cause a lot
    of shots to miss and makes medium-range battle, coupled with the low damage,
    impossible. I've literally emptied the magazine into an enemy 15 meters away
    and they survived it. It's only useful at extremely close ranges, and I would
    recommend you stay away from it. Unlocked at level 13.
    Tracer Gun
    A gun that fires Tracers, which allows missiles to home in on the tagged
    vehicle. Not for Recon users - this is an Engineer tool primarily.
    [1.05] C4 and Mortars
    Your third option is a choice between C4 and Mortars.
    C4 is a plastic explosive. You get 3 bricks and a trigger. You can throw the
    bricks over a short distance and they will stick to the target. You can then
    detonate the bricks with shattering force. C4 is one of the strongest
    explosives in the game, and when stuck onto a vehicle, it will destroy it
    in the blast. The 6 meter lethal blast radius is effective against infantry
    as well. C4 will destroy even tanks with one brick, unless stuck to the front
    armor of a tank at full health, as the front armor of the tank is heavier and
    will survive the blast.
    The function of C4 on a Recon class is mainly to destroy tanks. If you can get
    up close to the tank, you can plant a charge, move a safe distance away, and
    then detonate, destroying the tank and anyone in it. Even if you die, you can
    respawn, pull out the C4, and detonate the charges, as C4 does not dissapear
    when you die.
    C4 can also be used to destroy buildings or cover; attached to vehicles it can
    be used to suicide bomb enemy tanks; C4 placed on a key point can be used as
    a detonatable trap for enemies passing over or near it; and it can be used
    defensively as well, plastering down a flag or M-COM station and blowing up
    anyone approaching it if needed. C4 can be effectively coupled with Motion
    Mines when building such traps, which allows you to accurately detonate on
    enemies without relying on line-of-sight.
    Mortars are another Recon tool, unlocked after 4000 points with the Recon
    class. When switching to Mortars, you pull out binoculars, and have to look
    through them and select a target with a red box. Once you are satisfied with
    your hit location, you hold down on the Left Mouse Button for 3 seconds to
    lock in the area. It takes a few seconds for the shells to come in, but once
    they do they will do some serious damage. Mortars take a full minute to
    Mortars drop 8 shells, often in groups of 2, on the target area. Each shell
    does 200 damage within a 6 meter radius, which is lethal against any infantry
    standing in the area. However, note that the first pair of shells is almost
    always the most effective one, as by the time the rest of the package arrives,
    the enemy known percisely where the artillery is landing, and knows to avoid
    Mortars are effective at doing two things: bombarding objectives and
    bombarding tanks. Mortars are the reason that tanks do not want to stay in
    place - the mortar shells are lethal against stationary objectives, but can
    also bite stationary tanks, as each shell does about 18 health's worth of
    damage to the tank. Mortars generally will not kill a tank, as it will reverse
    out of the firezone, but it will take heavy hits from the shells, at least
    half its health.
    In terms of bombarding objectives, mortars can be used to bombard enemies and
    objectives fairly effectively. If there is a group of enemies hiding behind
    a rock or inside a building, the mortars can pound them out from the rock or
    bomb down or even collapse the building. Same goes for M-COM stations - enough
    hits from anything will destroy the station, and Mortar Strike hits do
    contribute, as long as the target is out in the open. Bombing down the
    building to collapse on the M-COM station works too.
    Another, rather cheap way to use Mortars is, if you have a high enough and
    close enough vantage point, to bombard enemy vehicles that spawn in their
    base, especially helicopters. If they are not taken up before the package
    hits, this will keep the helicopter from rising up and shooting at you and
    your teammates.
    Note that Mortars are for all intents and purposes completely useless against
    moving targets.
    [1.06] Motion Sensors
    Motion Sensors are a Recon tool that is unlocked after just 800 points as a
    Recon user. They are used by pressing the 4 key, and are always equipped as
    soon as you unlock it. Motion Sensors do as their name implies - the four
    rather strangley dotted spheres can be thrown about as far as a grenade, and
    once they're in the air, even before hitting the ground, they begin
    transmitting the location of any enemies within a 25 meter radius, for 20
    Motion Sensors work in waves - each wave is spaced about a second away from
    the other, and refreshes information on nearby enemies. Be advised that,
    although enemies will have a hard time shooting them, they can hear motion
    sensors if they are close enough, and will probably sprint to another area.
    Motion sensors live for 20 seconds. You get 3 of them every time you spawn,
    and only one of yours may be on the map at a time - each time you throw a
    fresh one, the old one is deactivated, if it is not dead already.
    Motion Sensors only detect movement - you will not be able to see the
    enemy if they are standing still, even if they are firing or throwing
    things around. Motion Sensors are one of the few things in this game that
    are truly indestructible - they cannot be blown up by anything in the game.
    When a sensor detects movement it will beep; this can be heard by the enemy
    team as well, and will warn them they have been spotted (if they are
    close enough)
    Motion Sensors go along with the whole Recon theme of, well, Recon. Recon
    users spot enemies more then anyone else in the game, and having a tool for
    monitering areas is a very viable thing.
    Motion Sensors can be effectively combined with C4 to create manually-
    detonated traps against enemies. It is often a good idea to throw a Motion
    Sensor into an area that you are heading to that is potentially enemy-heavy.
    They are also well placed at or around objectives, to catch people trying to
    plant the bomb, to held defend the planted bomb, or to assist is guarding/
    siezing a flag. When playing Recon and rushing a planted bomb, my first
    action is always to throw a motion sensor at the bomb. Then a frag grenade.
    Every time a kill is made on a target lit up by your motion sensor, you get
    20 points credited as a Motion Sensor Assist; 30 points if it is a squad
    action, which gives you a Squad Motion Sensor Assist. Really, there's no
    reason not to use them! On some maps, for instance Nelson Bay, a Motion
    Sensor field is a huge asset to the team.
    [1.07] Tier 1 Specializations
    There are three specialization tiers, two for the user and one for vehicles.
    This is the first one, and it contains charecter model additions and weapon
    Lightweight Pack - unlocked at level 5
    The Lightweight Pack increases sprinting speed by 10%. This is one of the
    earliest abilities unlocked, and many players going through that stage of
    their game use this perk. However, given the small size of the bonus and the
    nature of your job as a sniper, this ability is not very useful.
    Ammo Hip Bandolier - unlocked at level 6
    This perk doubles your carried ammo. As a sniper this allows you to function
    for extended periods of time without relying on Assualt ammo boxes. If you do
    not plan on using an attachment instead, this is probably your best option in
    the Tier 1 category, generally, although if you like laying traps, see
    Explosive Leg Pouch below.
    Grenade Vest - unlocked at level 7
    This perk doubles the amount of hand grenades and 40mm grenades that you
    carry. This one is really an Assault Perk - it allows you near infinite 40mm
    and hand grenades when coupled with the ammo box.
    Explosive Leg Pouch - unlocked at level 8
    Doubles the amount of C4 and rockets you can carry. This is more useful for
    Engineers then Recon users, but if you like or are toying around with the
    utility of C4 as a trap item, then this is for you.
    4x Scope - unlocked with 8,000 Recon points
    A weaker scope then the standard 6x optical zoom one. The 4x scope is a red
    chevron ACOG scope. Some players like it, but I personally don't, as it's not
    a true sniper scope, and is in no man's land between assualt rifle conversion
    (Red Dot) and true sniper (standard 6x Scope), although some people like it
    for exactly that. Makes bullet drop seem to decrease, but this is an effect
    of the lower zoom - it does not actually drop in reality.
    12x Scope - unlocked with 10,000 Recon points
    Doubles the zoom on the sniper. If you find yourself working, or wish to work,
    in the Marksman sniper range, then this is an attachment for you.
    Red Dot Sight - unlocked with 12,000 Recon points
    The Red Dot sight on a sniper rifle is an interesting proposal. The SVU and
    Type 88, when equipped with a Red Dot, function just like silenced battle
    rifles - in fact, the differences in their stats from the M14 are very minor.
    A Red Dot-equipped VSS function like an especially heavy Assualt Rifle, being
    able to kill in 4 or 5 shots but also suffering from a large amount of recoil.
    Bolt-action rifles with Red Dots are very sketchy and not recommended.
    [1.08] Tier 2 Specializations
    Tier 2 Specializations deal with damage effects and the special sniper
    Spotting Scope.
    Ceramic Body Armor - unlocked at level 14
    This increases your health by 25%. Ceramic Body armor is more useful for
    regular combat then anti-sniper purposes, but having 125 health DOES allow
    you to survive 2 body shots from a bolt-action - headshots still kill in 1.
    Magnum Ammunition - unlocked at level 15
    Magnum Ammunition increases damage done by both your sniper rifle and pistol
    by 25%. This basically enlarges the hitbox from which you can kill enemies in
    one shot at close range to 20.4 meters and 26 meters on the M95. This is also
    an important attachment option for the MP-412 REX, which gains a
    one-hit-headshot and two-hit-kill ability with Magnum Ammunition. On Hardcore,
    Magnum Ammunition allows one-hit-kills at long range with body shots against
    anyone not using Ceramic Body Armor.
    Improved Demolitions - unlocked at level 17
    Increases damage delt by explosive weapons by 25%. For Recon users, this makes
    C4 and Mortars pack more bite. This enhances the lethal blast radius on the
    pair, and also on Hand Grenades. Still, this is rather more useful for
    Engineers wielding launchers.
    Sniper Spotter Scope - unlocked with 17,000 Recon points
    This is a unique ability that is only available to snipers. It basically spots
    any enemies that you point the scope over, to a limit of course (there is an
    overuse burner on the Socialize function). The Spotter Scope is wierd in that
    there will be times when you clearly see an enemy and they will not be
    spotted, and others when you don't even see them and you suddenly get a red
    triangle. Obviously this is advantagous as it allows you to keep from pounding
    Q all day as you snipe.
    The Sniper Spotter Scope is highly recommended, as the end result of using it
    will be more Spot Assist points for you, and at 20 points appiece, these WILL
    stack up. Obviously the times when it spots a hidden enemy is extremely
    benefitial for you. The fastest rate at which you can continually spot is
    every 2 seconds; the most you can spot at once is 5.
    [1.09] Vehicle Specializations
    The third and last option that you choose when creating a class is the vehicle
    specialization. This is a buffer effect or ability that is tacked onto any
    vehicle that you enter. I will be very concise here, but for a more detailed
    version of these effects, read the "Sepcializations" section of my Vehicle
    Guide, also posted here on Gamefaqs.
    Electronic Warfare Package - 1200 Points
    Causes any enemy infantry, C4, anti-tank mines, and vehicles within a 20
    meter radius to show up on the minimap, similar to a motion sensor. This
    makes you practically immune to AT Mines and C4 charges, as both must get
    close to take effect.
    Active Armor Upgrade - 2300 Points
    Multiplies all damage done to you by 0.75x. Simply allows you to take more
    damage. It allows you to always survive a hit by a single AT mine.
    Improved Warheads - 3600 Points
    Increases the damage you do by 1.25x. The difference between this and the above
    is best stated as a question: do you want to be able to do more damage then you
    can take, or take more damage then you can do?
    Quick Reload Package - 5000 Points
    Your main weapon reloads 0.85x faster. This is significant in slow-reloading
    craft, especially the UAV.
    Smoke Countermeasures Package - 6500 points
    This package gives you a secondary weapon - smoke in tanks, smoke grenades in
    the UAV, and chaff in helicopters. These allow you to throw off any enemy tags
    that allow homing missiles to attack you. Tank smoke is also an effective
    smokescreen that allows you to back out of battle. The UAV smoke grenades
    are more useful for providing cover for advancing infantry on the ground.
    High Powered Optics Package - 8000 points
    This package basically allows you to zoom in by pressing the right mouse
    Alternate Weapons Package - 10000 Points
    Gives you, the driver, an alternate weapon; TOW on Light Tanks, coaxial LMG
    on Main Battle Tanks, Hellfire missile and Tracer Dart Gun on Attack
    Helicopters, and a mounted LMG on the UAV.
    [2] Sniping
    [2.01] Role of the sniper
    In real life, snipers provide long-range support to their comrades, and when
    needed can take out high value targets at long ranges, especially commanding
    officers. We've all played those missions where we have to take out a target
    from extreme range with a sniper rifle - the Barrett shot from COD 4, the one
    that took off a certain someone's arm, is, in my opinion, the best mission of
    all time.
    In Battlefield, this role is unchanged. Snipers have a much longer reach then
    other players, because of their superior scopes. In addition, snipers are
    able to kill enemies in one shot, which simply drops them to the ground and
    denys them the oppertunity to shelter behind a building or otherwise recover
    their health.
    Snipers are best at taking out other snipers. Snipers make easy targets for
    one another, because they sit back at a range and shoot from a stationary
    position. On the other hand, the guille suits means that you first have to
    find them, which, for a well-hidden sniper, is the challenge.
    However, there is a reason that Recon is called Recon, and not Sniper. Between
    the superior view of the battlefield, your Motion Sensors, and the Automatic
    Spotting Scope,  you will be marking down enemies far more often then any of
    the other three classes. Consequentially, you will get far more Spot Assist
    and Kill Assist points then other classes, as well as getting Motion Sensor
    Assist points as well.
    If you are using the semi-automatic or automatic sniper rifles, your role is
    more of a designated marksman one then a pure sniper. You will be applying
    the sniper in the medium to medium-long ranges that bolt-action snipers will
    usually use the one-two tactic in, where you can overpower the enemy in terms
    of damage delt. At long ranges, the rifles simply lack the power to
    consistently kill opponents.
    [2.02] Long-range sniping
    With bolt-action rifles, a headshot at any range will kill the opponent. At
    longer ranges, however, this takes more skill, as you also have to account for
    bullet drop and, if the target is moving, bullet travel time. Bullet drop is
    the degree to which a bullet drops at long range, that is, to the effect of
    gravity. Most of the time, you will be aiming slightly above the enemy's head
    to get a headshot. Bullet drop depends on the rifle; it is greatest on the
    VSS, followed by the Type 88 and SVU, SV-98, M24, GOL, and M95, with the M95
    having very little bullet drop.
    At long ranges you have to account for bullet travel time as well; the bullet
    can take up to a second to arrive on the target at the longest ranges, which
    means that you have to lead the target that you are shooting by shooting in
    front of them. You will need to adjust up to an inch in front of them to hit
    them. It's easier to hit a target bearing directly down on you, as they do
    not move sideways much, only up and down. That means that it's easiest to
    hit an enemy that is running towards the zone of battle, or a stationary
    enemy, generally a sniper. Bullet travel time is much faster on the
    supersonic bolt-action rifles. As you can already tell, long-range sniping
    is for the bolt-action rifles, not for the semi- or fully- autos.
    It is difficult to put down what you have to do in words. How much you need
    to lead the target and how high you need to aim depends on the sniper rifle
    and the situation. As you play the Recon class more, you will get a greater
    grasp of how each gun operates, and a better understanding of where to shoot.
    Sometimes it's best not to shoot at all if you know you can't make the shot.
    Another good idea is to move foward to simplify your shot, as long as you
    don't move into the enemy area, you should be fine.
    You should always aim for headshots; if you hit an enemy with a body shot,
    you will deal significant damage, but moreover they will run for the
    nearest piece of cover and deny you the kill. Oftentime this will result in
    an Assist later in the game, when someone running towards them knocks them
    When you kill someone with a headshot at long range, past 100 meters, you will
    Killing an enemy with a headshot at least 100m away. You get a bonus point
    for every addition meter. This is known as the Marksman Headshot bonus, and
    is worth 30 points + bonus points. The longest headshot I have ever achieved
    was across the map on Harvest Day, around 300 meters, which means that the
    kill was worth 50 points bare + 10 points for Headshot + 30 points for
    Marksman Headshot + 200 bonus points for a total of 280 points from a single
    [2.03] Close range, quickscoping and the one-two tactic
    At close range, that is, 10 meters for most bolt actions and 20 for the M95,
    any body shot is lethal. That means that, if someone sneaks up on you at close
    range and you have the sniper rifle out, you can hit and instantly kill them
    before they can kill you. This takes a skill known as quickscoping - being
    able to scope in on a moving target at close range and pull off the shot.
    Enemies that are at close range but miss you are fair game as well, although
    then it may be better to use the combat knife. If your shot fails, you need
    to quick-pull out your pistol and engage them with that. Note that Magnum
    Ammunition enhances this OHKO box to 20.4 and 26 meters for the regular
    bolt actions and the M95, respectively.
    There is a range where this shot stops being lethal, of course. Sniper rifle
    damage drops of steadily from 10 meters/20 meters (for the M95) to 36 meters
    from 100 to 55 damage. That means that, within this range, the so-called one-
    two tactic is very effective. The tactic means that you first shoot the enemy
    with a bolt-action sniper rifle, severly wounding them, preferably before they
    can engage you. If you manage a headshot, good for you, but if you hit them in
    the body, instead of cycling the bolt and refiring, pull out your pistol and
    finish off the badly wounded enemy. In a clean pistol fight with someone armed
    with an SMG, LMG, or Assualt Rifle, you will usually lose, but with them
    missing a good chunk of their health, they will faill easy victims to your
    At lethal hit range the one-two tactic works as a backup for when your
    quickscope misses. Then you have to pistol fight them, or run away.
    [2.04] Using cover
    Every sniper is equipped with a guille suit by default. The suit allows you
    to blend in with rural surroundings, although it is not much help in an urban
    situation. The guille suit is incredibly useful in one regard, and that is 
    that you can plant yourself in the local vegitation and pretend to be a hedge.
    If you stay low, you will be very difficult to spot in your position.
    Because snipers are color coded to the surroundings, they are more difficult
    to see in windows and such as well. Staying still also helps keep your out of
    sight. However, enemy snipers can target you more easily when you stay still,
    and staying in place and killing someone will expose your location to the
    person who was killed, so it's a mixed bag. Elevated positions such as hills
    are good idea as well if you can find someplace to hide behind, like a knoll
    or something similar in the hill.
    An ideal position is one with a long view of the battlefield, or a view of
    the hottest section, but also with cover, in the form of a building, or cover
    in the form of a tree or hedge or whatnot. Because the maps in BBC2 are so
    huge, and because everything is destructible, it's difficult to pinpoint the
    "best" positions on the map to be at, a problem expediated when we get to the
    Maps section.
    Remember: crouching can be annoying because you have to hold down the key, but
    it shrinks your profile and makes you less visible.
    [2.05] Battling other snipers
    The greatest danger to a sniper is another sniper. Snipers are well equipped
    with the scopes and spotters to see one another, and the long-range accuracy
    to kill one another. In addition, because once snipers are set up they tend
    not to move, snipers are easy to headshot.
    When you see another sniper, don't hesitate to brain them. If they also see
    you, then a sniper battle will probably ensue. The first thing that both
    players usually try to do is get a clean headshot in. In that case, the first
    person to get a headshot off will win. Body shots hurt, but while they fumble
    around with the bolt you have a bit more time to calibrate.
    If you miss or make a body shot, you need to get to cover immediatly. Snipers
    cannot hit you if you are behind cover. Note that it is very likely that the
    enemy sniper called out your position (you should call out theirs as well),
    which means taht your movements behind cover will be visible to them for a
    short while, so do not stick your head out too quickly. You need to get out
    from cover quickly and take another shot. To help this process, it is a good
    idea to scope in in the direction of the enemy.
    If both shooters miss or are out in the open and away from cover, a open
    standoff may develop. You may see the enemy moving sideways, jumping around,
    and reversing course to dodge your shots. Doing so allows them to keep their
    scope on you while relying on confounding your sense of bullet lag to keep
    them alive. It's a good idea to start weaving yourself as well - staying in
    place will not work if you miss the shot, as though it's a bit tougher to
    shoot on the move, they will be far less liable to miss a stationary target.
    In these cases, the first person to accurately gauge the enemy movements, or
    get lucky, will win the standoff.
    Remember, there is no honor lost in backing down if you know you will lose.
    Often it is a good idea to move away, disengage and move to another position.
    It's often a good idea to flee and pick a new position from which you can
    engage the target, if you can.
    [2.06] Sniping vehicles
    It is possible to snipe people that are in vehicles, and kill them. In
    addition, the HMG_Bullet used by the M95 can damage vehicles in general, even
    The people in Quad Bikes, Jet Skis, and Patrol Boats are out in the open, and
    can be shot out even by regular small arms. If they are moving towards you, ae
    they are attempting a landing near you (as often happens on Laguna Presa),
    then a good tactic is to put a sniper round in the driver and then try to
    finish him off with the pistol as he closes the distance. Quad Bikes move so
    quickly and bounce around so much that it's more a matter of luck, but
    headshots on Quad Bikes are quite impressive when you make them. Note: forgot
    to mention, CAV jeeps are also exposed.
    People do not often man unshielded stationary machine guns for extended
    periods of time because they are so vulnerable to snipers while on them -
    between being unshielded and completely stationary, they are brilliant targets
    for snipers. The same holds true for the Anti-tank Missile Launchers, and
    somewhat for Stationary Anti-Air guns - these are usually protected by their
    position at the back of the base. Shielded machine guns, however, are mostly
    immune to snipers, except if you have a wide enough angle on them to get
    around the shield at their body, or they are pointed away from you and you
    can hit them from the side/behind.
    While on a UAV, you are competely stationary at the module and vulnerable to
    The gunners on Humvees, Cobras, Vodniks, and the BMD-3 AA gun are all
    partially shielded from fire. The shield however does not cover their head,
    meaning that the gunner is mostly immune from small arms fire, but can be
    taken out by a good sniper shot. Stationary gunners are especially vulnerable
    to snipers.
    The screens protecting the drivers of Humvees, Cobras, UH-60 Blackhawks,
    Mi-24 Hinds, Mi-28 Havoks, and AH Apaches are all penetratable by sniper
    rounds. However, you have no context for the position of the person within
    the vehicle in the case of the Humvee and the Cobra, so if you attempt the
    shot, it's mostly a matter of luck. In helicopters, the heli is moving so
    fast that it's nearly impossible to land a shot with anything except the
    greatest luck.
    The passengers on Blackhawks and Hinds and gunners on Blackhawks can be shot
    out by snipers as well. Although these helicopters fly slower then the Attack
    Helicopters, it's still very difficult to hit them, but not impossible.
    [2.07] Being the designated marksman
    Designated marksman is a name that is generally confered to the role given to
    a sniper wielding a semi-auto or auto sniper rifle in Battlefield Bad Company
    2. This is because the bullet drop, slower bullet speed, and far lower damage
    means that these rifles cannot contend with bolt action rifles at long ranges.
    Therefore, they do not work well as conventional sniper rifles. Instead, their
    ability to get a vastly quicker second shot is useful for pecking at enemies
    instead of outright killing them, and is far more leniant on misses. Therefore
    designated marksmen can hold their own at medium ranges.
    Semi-automatic and automatic rifles are able to bridge the gap between snipers
    and conventional ARs. This allows them to function, at least partially, in
    both senses in the hands of a skilled marksmen, taking more skill to zero in
    on the target, but fewer bullets to kill. This is especially noticeable when
    you and someone carrying an assault rifle are battling; if you are able to
    scope in first, their AR will not be able to deal out as much damage as your
    sniper rifle, especially with headshots.
    Honestly I have a hard time describing designated marksmen; unlike "true"
    snipers, their roles and abilites are mostly intuitive. When at range, you
    want a bolt-action, but when you're close enough to throw motion mines into
    them, you wanted a Type 88 or or SVU or VSS.
    [2.08] Defensive sniping
    One of the primary applications of a sniper is in defending. With motion
    mines, C4 traps, and long sight, snipers are very much able to keep an eye on
    the homefront, and take out enemy infantry from a safe position.
    Motion Sensors are an important tool for defense. In fact, when heading into
    an objective that is currently being taken by the enemy, it is a good idea to
    throw a motion mine to help figure out where the breachers are. This works
    well on defense as well; if the objective is heavily fought over, ae. as
    objective B is on most maps (and any M-COM station on Rush), then a motion
    sensor, and especially a lay of several motion sensors, will be especially
    benefitial to the defenders.
    You want to position yourself in a place that has a clear view of where your
    opponents will be heading towards you from, for instance a roof or window
    near the objective. Once you have established yourself and thrown Sensors, you
    need to start monitering enemy activity; spotting people coming through, and
    sniping them as well. Pay special attention to offensive snipers, who will be
    yearning to take you out and remove you as a threat - being in one place for
    so long is a problem. In fact, it is a good idea to shift position at
    intervals, and prevent yourself from being predictable.
    C4 traps can be effective against vehicles that run through, although the
    engineer AT Mines, if people are using them, are more effective. C4 can also
    be dropped on and near the objective, to be blown when someone tries to arm
    the bomb (killing the person that armed it) or to damage the buildings or hit
    the people that are trying to collect a flag in Conquest.
    If you see a fast-moving enemy vehicle, for instance a Quad Bike, and know you
    cannot handle it, point it out to friendlies via chat - a single quad bike
    can lead to 8 people digging in behind you with Squad Spawns, allowing them to
    undermine your control of the flag. You should also call out any UAVs you see-
    although the pistol and sniper are not ideal in taking UAvs out, concentrated
    small arms fire from friendlies will destroy it.
    You need to position yourself where you will be an asset to the team, and NOT
    so far away that you will be hitting people at long intervals from a rock all
    the way back at deployment!
    Remember that too many snipers on a single team is not good. Some servers
    purposely set limits to force a balance. There should be no more than 6 to 8
    snipers to a team, as any more and you get too few front-line soldiers.
    [2.09] Offensive sniping
    Most people understand defensive sniping, but for some reason few people
    understand offensive sniping. Especially on Rush, many people seem to think
    that being a sniper on offense is a noobish taboo. However, this is completely
    untrue, and based on the many people who - stupidly - sit back at base and
    snipe from extreme ranges without actively contributing to the battle.
    Offensive snipers are, in their first order of buissness, good at taking out
    enemy defensive snipers. As noted in the section on sniper battles, a sniper's
    worst enemy in another competent sniper. In this way offensive snipers can
    cover teammates from enemy snipers and facilitate advances by your team.
    Do snipers necessarily have to rush down on the objective? The answer is no,
    and it's this point that many people do not like. Snipers work better at
    covering friendly advances then being in the spearhead themselves, because
    you can't rely on a pistol to outgun an assualt rifle, for instance. Still,
    that doesn't mean you should be placidly sitting on a rock at the back of the
    map - on the contrary, you should be shifting positions closer to the enemy
    whenever possible, if not right into their midst. On some maps, however, like
    Isla Innocentes, having to stay back or rush in is unavoidable.
    Remember that you have Motion Sensors! These can be a massive asset to the
    team if you get up close. Dropping motion sensors where you team advances
    allows them to pick out enemies and safe buildings without risking their
    With the guille suit and better blending in, a sniper has an easier time
    flanking the enemy them any other class. This can be incredibly useful; if you
    can get yourself behind the enemy, your squad can spawn on you, and then you
    will have a four-man commando team taking people out from behind.
    When an objective is being armedof being taken, it's a good idea to drop a
    Motion Sensor right on top of it and hide. Use the Motion Sensor to pick out
    anyone that comes to try and stop you.
    [2.10] Red dot conversion
    The Red Dot sight is a unique option available to sniper rifles. It's not an
    actual sniper scope, so slapping it onto your rifle effectively converts your
    gun into a battle rifle, a high-caliber assualt rifle, similar to the M14 Mod
    0 Enhanced.
    Attaching a red dot sight onto a bolt action rifle is...sketchy. I can't say
    I've ever seen anyone do it, although I'm sure it's possible.
    The choice makes more sense on the Type 88 and SVU, the two semi-auto snipers.
    The Red Dot basically makes them into silenced battle rifles, semi-automatic
    rifles with more punch then a conventional rifle, but also much more recoil.
    The silencer is sort of an added bonus on the SVU. The snipers can kill in 3
    shots at close range and 4 at long, but controlling their recoil is very
    difficult, balancing out this power. There is a big penatly on spamming on
    the gun in terms of recoil, so you will have to space your shots. If you are
    a fan of the M14, you might very much like to try these rifles.
    The VSS with a Red Dot sight becomes a very heavy silenced assault rifle. The
    gun kills in 4 bullets at close range and 5 bullets at long range, again
    balanced out by its significant kick, which prevents you from accuratly firing
    more then 2 bullets at a time at most ranges.
    The Red Dot on these rifles kind of sucks honestly. The dot is unusually
    large, and can blot out the target at ranges. Also, you still have to account
    for bullet lag and drop at longer ranges. I don't have much experiece with
    these types of builds, but some people like the blend of power and range that
    these rifles afford.
    [2.11] Hardcore
    Hardcore mode is a different game setting in Battlefield Bad Company 2, and
    really in most FPS games nowadays. In Hardcore mode, your health is reduced to
    60 from 100, most of the HUD elements are deleted, spotting no longer puts red
    arrows on people (although there are still radio announcements), killcams are
    disabled, and you cannot see the areas where you choose to spawn before
    Hardcore modes have always and will always encourage the use of weapons with
    lower damage but a higher firerate, as these weapons are now comparitevly
    stronger. The bolt action rifles do 55 damage on long-range body shots. Since
    everyone now have 60 health, this doesn't seem to mean much; however, if you
    use Magnum Ammunition, which increases damage by 25% (to about 69 damage),
    this makes ANY shot with a bolt-action rifle a kill shot - one of the most
    benefitial specialization choices in the game. The only thing that the perk
    cannot burn through are Ceramic Body Plates, which increase health to 75.
    Semi-automatic sniper rifles kill in 2 shots at close range and 3 shots at
    long range. As with the bolt-action rifles, they benefit a lot from Magnum
    Ammunition as well, increasing long range damage from 28 to 35, a two-hit
    kill, although close range shots remain two-hit kills.
    The VSS automatic sniper rifle does 25 to 20 damage, so it kills in 3 shots at
    both close and long range. Adding Magnum Ammunition to the mix increases the
    damage to 31 to 25 damage, which means a 2-hit kill at close range and a 3-hit
    kill at long range.
    The pistols also benefit from Magnum Ammunition (note that again I only
    consider close-range damage):
    - The M9 kills in 3 shots at close range, decreased to 2 shots with
      Magnum Ammunition.
    - The MP-443 Grach does not recieve any significant benefit from Magnum Ammo,
      and still kills in 3 shots.
    - The M1911 and MP-412 REX do not recieve any significant benefit from Magnum
      Ammo, still killing in 2 shots.
    - The M93R kills in 4 shots with Magnum Ammo instead of 5 shots.
    So what am I pointing at here? On Hardcore, Magnum Ammunition rocks!
    [2.12] The Shotgun kit
    Every class in the game can equip shotguns, which are unlocked by rank instead
    of by class unlocks. Running a shotgun kit is pretty much the same, except for
    the fourth and third pieces of the kit - the parts that are unique to each
    class (for Recon, this will we C4 or Mortars and the Motion Sensor).
    Shotguns can be divided into two basic sections: the pump-action shotties, and
    the semi-atuo/automatic shotguns. Pump-action shotguns have to be pumped
    between every shot; this eats up valauble time. However, they fire 12 pellets,
    whereas the semi-automatic and automatic shotguns fire 6 pellets.
    The pump-action shotguns are the 870 MCS, SPAS-12, and NS-2000. Statistically
    speaking, all of these weapons are the same - they do the same damage, pump to
    the same speed, and reload in the same time, except for the NS-2000, which
    reloads 2 shots at a time. Therefore the differences are aesthetic.
    Although the USAS is fully-automatic and the SAIGA 2k is semi-automatic, the
    difference is actually null - their rate of fire is the same. Compared to the
    pump action shotties, they fire half as many pellets, so will kill in one shot
    far less often, but can be spammed multiple times in quick succession. The
    USAS takes slightly longer to reload.
    There are a few special and especially useful specializations for shotties:
    Extended Shotgun Magazine - unlocked at level 9
    The Extended Shotgun Magazine doubles the ammo capacity of your shotgun, a
    vital increase from 4 to 8 shells for pump actions and 6 to 12 for the Saiga
    and the USAS. It is a Tier 2 specialization.
    Magnum Ammunition - unlocked at level 15
    This increases the damage done by each pellet, resulting in longer-range and
    more reliable kills. It is a Tier 2 specialization.
    12 Gauge Slugs - unlocked at level 16
    Reduced the damage of the shotgun, but increase its range enourmously. Coupled
    with Magnum Ammunition, this allows one-hit kills at insane ranges. It's also
    enourmously cheap.
    Ammo Hip Bandolier
    The shotguns do not start with much ammo, so this perk is useful for
    increasing its ammo count.
    Note: I do not cover the WWII Thompson, M14 Mod 0 Enhanced, G3, and WWII
    Granard because using them essentially converts you into an assault class with
    Motion Sensors, C4/Mortars, and a ghille suit.
    [2.13] Differences from other FPS games
    Just an extra little section.
    Game                      | Gravity?  | Bullet Lag? | Heartbeat? | Wind? |
                              | Accurate? | Steady Aim?
    Call of Duty Black Ops        No          No            No         No
                                  Yes         Yes
    Battlefield Bad Company 2     Yes         Yes           No         No
                                  No*         No
    Ghost Warrior: Sniper         Yes         No            Yes        Yes
                                  Yes         Yes
    Halo 3                        No          Yes           No         No
                                  N/A         No
    * For instance, the M95 is semi-automatic in real life, no bolt action.
    [3] Points, Pins, Insignias, and Achievements
    Sniper Rifle Efficiency - In a round, kill 7 enemies with sniper rifles.
    Handgun Efficiency - In a round, kill 4 enemies with handguns.
    Kill Assist - In a round, reach 7 kill assists.
    Marksman - Do 5 headshots.
    Surviellance Ops - Do 5 motion mine assists.
    Elite Marksman Combat - 500 Headshots
    Distinguished Siderarm Combat - 100 kills with pistols
    Distinguished Remote Explosives Combat - 100 C4 kills
    Long Service Sniping Weapons Combat - 500 kills with sniper rifles
    Long Service Surveillance Ops - 100 Motion Mine Spot Assists
    Distinguished Marksman Combat - 100 Headshots
    Recon Expert - 3 Recon weapons unlocked
    Pistol Man - 5 kills with every pistol
    [V] Thank yous
    - Thank you to DICE for this great game!
    - Thank you to me for writing this guide for all of you.
    - Thank you to anyone who bothered to actually read the thank yous!
    [VI] Copyright
    This guide is (C) 2011 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced under
    any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
    any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written

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