How do you capture people alive?

  1. Ok i got RDR3 obviously but when i helped this stranger it said either kill or capture them( there was 2 people) i killed one but couldnt figure out how to capture the other i tried pushing him and everything but i didnt know how to capture him.

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    chadmanning222 - 7 years ago

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  1. You can capture people with your lasso, and then hogtie them. Just equip the lasso, aim, and 'fire', after this you'll have to get close to them and the action (Y or triangle?) button will let you hogtie them.

    All you have to do then is return the captured person (you can put them on the back of your horse for quicker transportation) to the person who gave you the mission.

    If you don't have the lasso yet, you will get it after doing a few missions for Bonnie (the 4th or 5th if I recall correctly).

    Also, capturing people, instead of killing them, will often get you better rewards (increased fame and/or money).

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  1. In a mission u'll b given a lasso.

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  2. I think that you are given a lasso after a job for Marshall Johnson that you can use for all sorts of things like, roping cattle, horses, and people. Once you get it around them they are at your mercy. You have different choices, you can hogtie them and put them on a horse or carry them on foot. Then you can drop them and cut them loose, you can deliver them to places, or my favorite... drop them on the train tracks and watch them explode into pieces of bone and guts. For horses you can break them. On cattle... it is just fun to screw aroun with them.

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  3. After you do the mission with Bonnie Macfarlene where you go horse breaking and are told how to officially "break" a horse, you receive the lasso as a permanent weapon.

    Any time you are in a mission, or doing a bounty hunter job after that story mission you can use the lasso to hogtie people. Capturing them alive is then as simple as picking up the hog tied person, putting them on your horse (your movement is extremely slow on foot while carrying someone and most bounties are far out of towns) and ride to where you need to drop them off.

    Most bounty missions give you at least twice the ammount of money for live capture, so it's worth the extra effort.

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  4. After completing the Bonnie mission "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions" You will be awarded with a lasso. Once you find the bounty target and his posse you will have to kill everyone in his posse (except the target) then catch up to the target and lasso him. Once he is lassoed hogtie and put him on the back of your horse. You then have to keep him alive and bring him to the city jail and then you have made some money.

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