What breed is my horse?

  1. How can you tell what breed it is? My current horse is a golden colour and I want to know so I can tell when I'm buying a new horse if I'm upgrading or downgrading.

    User Info: tfviper577

    tfviper577 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. A deed will appear in the general stores for each horse you acquire. This means that you can "collect" horse "deeds" for purchase in stores by breaking an example of that horse at one of the corral areas that present that option or by "capturing" a wild horse using the lasso. Your "current" horse should be represented by a "deed" in a convenient general store. It just a matter of finding out which deed represents your current horse.

    The Shop List section of the posted Shotgunnova walkthrough [SHPL} contains lists of available horses.

    One way of dealing with your issue is to (1) Save your game, (2) Buy a horse and check out the result, (3) record the result of your purchase, (4) Reset and repeat until you have seen the results of all possible purchases, (5) Decide what you want and then either purchase or capture the horse of the type you want.

    There are at least two horses with a "golden" color which I find very hard to tell apart. One is the prized "Kentucky Saddler" which you get from Bonnie McFarlane and the other is a very smilar horse which is less capable. As I remember, a distinguishing feature is that the legs of the Kentucky Saddler are of a lighter color than the alternative. Use the purchase and reset approach to be able to compare the two in detail.

    There are also a couple of different "Pinto" horse types as well as other horse types that look similar.

    The three "best" horses : Kentucky Saddler (Blonde), American Standard (Very Dark Brown almost Black), Hungarian Half Breed (All White).

    User Info: AZorro007

    AZorro007 (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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