How do i reverse the cheat code "jack attack" and be john marston again?

  1. In read dead redemption i used the cheat code "jack attack" to change john marston into jack marston without finishing the game but when i used it it disabled me from doing any missions. so if anyone can help me i would aprishiate it so i can get back with the game.

    User Info: tyson8

    tyson8 - 6 years ago

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  1. Reload your game save. If by chance the game happened to force an auto-save just as you turned on the cheat, your save file might be marked with (*) which basically means it's sort-of corrupted. It happened to me on my save file.
    I'd just unlocked some new cheats from registering with the social club, I loaded my game and turned on the donkey rider cheat, but then the game started forcing its self to save, as I'd had new cheats unlocked and the game wanted to save them.

    So it corrupted my file and each time I loaded the game, I was informed that a cheat was active and I would not be able to save. If your file is not corrupted like that though, a simple reload should solve it.

    User Info: SymphonicRain

    SymphonicRain (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. I
    f want jack so much you should finish the game and if your done yal be goin' crazy.

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  2. John Marston is a BEAST!!! i cant believe they made him die to begin with!! for Red Dead Redemption 2, they need to create a story how Nigel 'West' Dickens just so happened to be riding by the Beecher farm as the army came for John Marston. after all the gunfire, Nigel 'West' Dickens rushed to the farm and gave John Marston a dose of his sweet 'Elixir' and brought him back to Life!!! this would be the Perfect Story- Line!!!

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  3. @Slink_Bradshaw

    Please refrain from giving unneeded spoilers in answers to questions, thank you.


    It is not a "corruption", simply a "flag", your save is "flagged" as a cheated save, thus disabling normal auto-saves (Not those made through unlocking cheats and such though) and also disabling achievements. Basically, you chose to cheat so the game is stopping you from using that to gain an unfair advantage at gaining anything outside of fun. You can still progress in the story as normal, and if you saved in 2 different slots (One cheated, one normal) you can have a perfectly normal game and a cheated one at the same time.


    Although your question is old and I supposed you know by now, I will still answer since you did not choose any other answers, you must reload a save made prior to activating the jack attack cheat, usually your last self-made (Not auto) save would fill that bill, I recommend not activating any cheats unless you know exactly what they do though. (Missions being disabled and such is a byproduct of the jack attack cheat, as there is no game data to allow Jack to even start those.)

    User Info: Carantire

    Carantire - 2 years ago 0 0

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