California stranger task glitch?

  1. Sup guys, zo i was playing rdr california stranger task but i think its glitched, because i have met him 2 times but the task still is in my menu by strangers. And i dont have a marker for it and i waited pretty long. Perhaps some1 can help me?

    User Info: da-force-097

    da-force-097 - 5 years ago


  1. You do have to meet the stanger four times to complete the mission.

    The walkthrough by Shotgunnova provides the following details on completion.

    "This is another multi-step mission. The stranger here (Sam Odessa) doesn't
    appear on the map until encountered in the Gaptooth Breach area, usually
    between the mining area and The Scratching Post riverbank region. Once found,
    his stranger icon starts appearing on the map. [Wait a few days between the

    1) During the first encounter, he'll be playing his harmonica out in the
    wilderness. Marston advises him to find a coach before he runs afoul with
    a local gang, to which Sam thanks him and leaves.

    2) Cueva Seca, north of Gaptooth Breach.
    3) The long north-south canyon just east of Tumbleweed
    4) South of Tumbleweed

    During the last encounter, give Sam a once-over and obtain "Letter from Sam,"
    to be mailed back in Armadillo. Doing so finally ends the mission.

    Like "Love is the Opiate," sometimes Sam's icon doesn't appear on the map
    when it should. And, also like that mission, saving and reloading that save
    may clear up the issue without much fuss, even foregoing the need to wait
    days for him to appear."

    User Info: AZorro007

    AZorro007 (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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