Playing with yourself?

  1. Now, hold on... that's NOT what I meant!!!!!! What I mean is, there's been times when I've played several rounds late at night (I live in Missouri, USA) and watched the team-count go lower and lower until there's like one or two players on each time. Then, within a round or two, suddenly I'm the only SOB running around the island by myself. I'm literally playing with MYSELF!!! So when that happens, I've gone around, captured the flags to get the points and then just sort of fiddled around waiting for the round to end and I go on to the next map and capture THOSE flags as well, then fiddle around with tanks and planes and boats, checking out those cute little sand-castles hidden on each map....
    But when it's all said and done, do I really rack up those points toward my next rank or not? And what's up with that "Points accrued toward next rank" thing anyway? It keeps showing some percentage, but the bar under my rank doesn't jive with what the numbers show. When I go up a rank, and the round ends and it shows my progress toward next rank, it may say anything from 38% to 98% or even 115%... I've actually seen that one!!

    User Info: kholmes1965

    kholmes1965 - 7 years ago


  1. Yes,the points should still count and the no one really knows about the percents. I have gotten a 200% round and did not level up at all. If you dont want to play by yourself just quit and join a new game.

    User Info: jumpingmustang

    jumpingmustang - 7 years ago 0 0

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