How do I beat Amber and Crystal?

  1. The sisters With the swords.

    User Info: Bladerunner2

    Bladerunner2 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First of all, you only have to kill one. I went down to the shank shop,not too far from the mission area and got the broadsword in the little window inside the shop. i went back will full HP and attacked them both ( not knowing you only have to kill one ) and i kept fighting,then running to get food. Also there is a lot of beer and stuff there, but if you search youll find some drinks that wont cause you to throw up. just keep attacking and drinking/eating, try and focus on only one of them,so u dont break or waste time on another when you only have to kill one. Hope this helps. BTW my PSN is Stickman778. Plus it might help to level up in coop before fighting.

    User Info: Stickman04

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Other Answers

  1. First, you'll want to make some Painkillers (Beer+beer at a blender), then you'll want a strong weapon (Laser sword works for me). I've heard it's best to focus on the one in silver.

    User Info: crazyj10

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  2. Ok heres the easiest way make one of ur friends join ur session and let him just run about in the fight dont worry if you need to revive him theres plenty of alcoho and while he's getting beaten up you must keep hitting amber with the sledge hammer/axe combo weapon dont worry about the other girl all's you need is to kill one of them and its done

    User Info: FF13_IS_ARD

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  3. If that dont work i suggest u and ur partner go to the room before the fight its down the stairs to your right go through the door and get the LMG and ASSAULT RIFLE and also take some fish with you it heals a lot of health 3-4 bars i cant remember exactly and just do what i said before tell ur partner to run towards amber and u just shoot the hell out of her with LMG first then the rest is easy

    User Info: FF13_IS_ARD

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  4. Using the boxing glove + knife combo I sat over by the bar and jumped back and forth over it attacking as they came at me then chugging the booze like mad. Didn't matter if I threw up I had enough time while they ran laps.

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  5. If you don't want to have to grab combo weapons or in fact make any preparation, try this method - I succeeded after about 4, 5 attempts:

    Assuming you saved in the nearest save point, pick up some food in the restaurant next to the save point, and then pick up the guns from where TK's mercs tried to drill into the vault. Proceed to night club, and pick up the shotgun behind the counter opposite the entrance to the night club. Try to have the shotgun ready before you enter.

    Once the fight starts, keep shooting Amber (since she's the one that's in sight right from the start). Try and maneuver for a distance where your shotgun could hurt the most and yet her attacks can't reach you, and shots from your shotgun should stop her advance from time to time. Chase after her when she runs away, but only start shooting when she turns around to attack you again.Even if you empty the shotgun on her without missing she'd still have a little fight left in her, so switch to either the LMG or the assault rifle to finish her off. You'll take hits from Crystal from time to time but you should only need two food items to get you through the fight provided you don't get chopped up while eating.

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  6. The simplest way to beat this is grab a few shotguns from the shooting range store on the second floor of the palisades mall. Run around, when i did it they mainly followed behind me trinyg to slash me while i blasted away with the shotguns and the merc assault rifles. As you only have to kill one of them, focus all your fire on one. It only took me 3-4 minutes to beat like this.

    User Info: keybladeofhonor

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