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    Achievement Guide by Xiaounlimited

    Version: 1.12 | Updated: 08/23/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (X360)
    Achievement Guide v1.02
    August 19, 2009
                                              written by Xiaounlimited
                                                           (c) 2009 Dan Tran.
    =[ TABLE OF CONTENTS ]===================================================
     Ctrl+F the code in the brackets to jump to that section.
     O. Version History .............................. [0VR]
     I. Introduction ................................. [1TR]
     II. Notes ....................................... [2NT]
     III. Achievements ............................... [3AC]
     IV. Extra Methods ............................... [4EX]
     V. Contact Info ................................. [5CI]
     VI. Thanks ...................................... [THX]
    =[ O. VERSION HISTORY ]============================================[0VR]=
    August 23, 2009
     v1.12 - Added a new section, entitled Extra Methods. Whether this will
             be expanded or not is to be seen but for now, I've added a
             method for building up Heat easily.
             Added further, more detailed information about Unlimited
             Ragna under "Welcome to the Azure Nightmare."
             Also added some contributions from Alex Labins to "Activate
             Termination Protocol" and "Victory Is Just An Illusion".
    August 19, 2009
     v1.02 - Fixed some typos I missed during my first proofread, added
             some information to "I'm Faster Than Anybody!" and "Murakamo
     v1.00 - Initial version. All achievements covered in some detail.
    =[ I. INTRODUCTION ]===============================================[1TR]=
    First guide written for GameFAQs (though not my first written guide
    ever). I'll get this out of the way first: I don't care whether this is
    posted elsewhere, so long as I am credited. However, this guide may not
    be published for profit or otherwise without my explicit consent in
    With that aside, I recently have started getting into fully unlocking
    achievements and BlazBlue is probably the only fighter I've really
    gotten into. Hopefully the tips and tricks compiled here will help you
    obtain these without too much trouble.
    =[ II. NOTES ]=====================================================[2NT]=
    For reference:
    (X) A: Weak
    (Y) B: Medium
    (B) C: Strong
    (A) D: Drive
    (RB) B+C: Grab
    (RT) A+B: Barrier Guard/Counter Assault
    (LB) S: Taunt
    (LT) A+B+C: Rapid Cancel
    A+B+C+D: Barrier Burst
    Any combination of buttons that will equal one of the multi-input
    commands will result in that. i.e. pressing LT and A
    simultaneously will cause a burst since it's equal to pressing A+B+C+D.
    7 8 9   These refer to directions you must input. If you have a standard
    4 5 6   keyboard, look at your numpad. 9 is up-right, 3 is down-right,
    1 2 3   etc. 5 is neutral. Assumes you are facing right.
    214 would be a quarter circle back, 421 would be back-down-back, etc.
    "j." is notation for jumping. j.5A would be jumping weak attack with
    no direction. j.2A would be a jumping weak attack while holding down on
    the analog/directional.
    ****** IMPORTANT NOTE ******
    Some strategies require either two controllers or a friend over Live/PSN
    that will help you out!
    Also note that MOST of these CANNOT be obtained in Training mode! I will
    point out those that can be.
    ****** END NOTE ******
    =[ III. ACHIEVEMENTS ]=============================================[3AC]=
    I will list achievements alphabetically, with the following format:
    - Achievement Title (Gamerscore) -
    TEDIUM: (0 to 5, 5 being most tedious)
    DIFFICULTY: (0 to 5, 5 being difficult)
    REQUIREMENT: (insert here)
    STRATEGY: (insert here)
    To find a particular achievement, just ctrl+F the name if you know it.
    - 100 Trials (20) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Play 100 Ranked Matches.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    This isn't hard at all. Win or lose, it counts towards this achievement.
    It's good experience, too.
    - 200 Trials (40) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Play 200 Ranked Matches.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Same as above; just 100 more matches. Funny how you get twice the score
    even though you're repeating the achievement. Might take a short while
    but if you play online for a few hours you should have this in no time.
    - Activate Termination Protocol (30) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Complete a 60+ combo with Nu.
    STRATEGY: Props to JJOR64 on YouTube for this simple step-by-step video.
    It's self-explanatory. It shouldn't take more than a few tries to get
    it right. The combo he used in the video requires 100% Heat:
    236236D (delay) 236236D 6C 2C 5C
    Took me one try to get it.
    ***** UPDATE August 23rd, 2009 *****
    Alex Labins contributes:
         After getting 60+ easy as hell in practice over and over and still
         not getting it. I put the enemy on 40% life and did the combo and
         it worked. Why? Because it seems as though the enemy has to DIE from
         the combo, not just get hit by it.
         I did it like 8 times without KO'ing and never got it.
    I didn't have this problem, but if you do encounter it this may be the
    fix to your problem.
    - Animation Conservation (20) -
    TEDIUM: 5
    REQUIREMENT: Rapid Cancel (A+B+C) 100 times.
    STRATEGY: Urrrgh. This is a real pain, considering RC'ing requires 50%
    heat. Every character can rapid cancel in combos to extend them (visit
    Dustloop.com for some RC combos). Learning your character and learning
    how to RC should come with getting better but if you want an easy (and
    extremely ****ing tedious) way to get it...
    - Unlock Unlimited Ragna by beating Arcade Mode with him.
    - Unlock Unlimited Rachel by beating Arcade Mode with her.
    (To beat Arcade Mode easily, set it to Beginner, 1 round to win, 30 secs)
    Get a second controller (or a very patient friend online) and go into
    Versus Mode. For the profile signed in (you), pick Unlimited Rachel by
    pressing Taunt before you select her. For the second controller, pick
    Unlimited Ragna by doing the same. Set the timer to infinity for vs
    matches and turn up the rounds to win.
    Unlimited Ragna has MASSIVE amounts of health (probably around 25-30k).
    As Unlimited Rachel, use 214a (her frog). It will stay on screen forever
    unless it's hit by a Distortion Drive. Let it rack up Heat for you. When
    you have 50% heat, slap him with any move (preferably a weak one) then
    Rapid Cancel it. Repeat this 99 more times. Voila!
    ***** UPDATE August 23rd, 2009 *****
    See the EXTRA METHODS section for an easy way to build up heat!
    - Bangarang! (20) -
    TEDIUM: 0
    REQUIREMENT: Play Bang vs. Bang and have both use Fuu-rin-ka-zan (his
    "Super Mode", or Bang Install).
    STRATEGY: Plug in a second controller. Go to Versus Mode. Have both
    controllers pick Bang. Hit one another with Drives until you both have
    4 Gates, then build up 50% heat and unleash Fuu-rin-ka-zan on both. The
    command is 214214D.
    Best done with a friend for a good laugh, hence 0/0 for ratings.
    - Be Gentle... It's My First Time (10) -
    TEDIUM: 0
    REQUIREMENT: Play a Ranked Match for the first time.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Straightforward. Takes no time at all. I don't need to explain it. I love
    the title and icon, though. Very cute. ;)
    - Beautiful Arakune (20) -
    TEDIUM: 0
    REQUIREMENT: Play a perfect match (not round) using Arakune.
    STRATEGY: Get a second controller. Make sure Versus rounds to win is
    set to 1. Select Arakune, and any other character on the other controller.
    Beat them up as they idly stand around. Boom - 20 gamerscore. Why is this
    an achievement?
    - Carpal Tunnel (20) -
    TEDIUM: 0 ~ 1
    REQUIREMENT: Exceed a total playtime of 25 hours.
    STRATEGY: This is a simple time unlock. If you're impatient, go into
    Practice Mode. Put your controller down such that the analog stick is
    stuck in one direction. Leave it.
    If you play the game enough you'll get this anyway (achievements can take
    - Cat-a-pult (10) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Throw a Kaka clan kitty using Taokaka's "Kitty Litter
    STRATEGY: Go into any mode other than Practice and use Taokaka. Use 214a
    until you get the achievement. Shouldn't take more than 30 seconds.
    - Dante (30) -
    TEDIUM: 2 ~ 3
    REQUIREMENT: Clear Arcade Mode on Hell difficulty.
    STRATEGY: Set Arcade Mode rounds to win to 1, 30 seconds. Unless you're
    good enough to beat Hell difficulty with your main, I recommend you use
    Jin and just spam the crap out of Musou until you clear this. It's a
    30 second endurance match to keep your health above the opponent's.
    You might fail, but you can continue. Relatively hard because the AI
    actually does respond to spamming fairly well on Hell mode, but 30 seconds
    should be short enough for even a scrub to deal with this.
    - Designated Driver (30) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Use 100 Distortion Drives.
    STRATEGY: This will more likely than not come with just playing the game.
    To make it even easier on yourself, you can use the right analog to
    access Easy Specials (NOTE: this is disabled in Ranked Matches and almost
    always disabled in Player Matches online) whenever you have 50% heat.
    Not hard; should be attained pretty early through your playing time.
    - Devil's Advocate (20) -
    TEDIUM: 4
    REQUIREMENT: Use Ragna's "Gauntlet Hades" over 100 times.
    STRATEGY: Mute your television set. Go into any mode other than Practice.
    Second controller not necessary, but you can use one if you want.
    Command is 214b. Use it 100 times. If you decide to leave your volume on,
    you're probably going to kill yourself. Not as annoying as Animation
    Conservation - at least it doesn't require any Heat!
    - Discouraging Finish! (30) -
    TEDIUM: 5
    REQUIREMENT: Use every character's Astral Heat.
    STRATEGY: Initially only Rachel, v-13, and Ragna have Astral Heats. You
    have to clear Arcade Mode with every other character to get their
    Astral Heat. Set diff to Beginner, 1 round to win, 30 seconds. It's not
    hard; just very time consuming to unlock it.
    When you have all of them, go into Versus with a second controller. Beat
    them within an inch of their life, then use the second controller to hit
    yourself until you have 100% Heat. Reference the command list with each
    character, using their Astral Heats until you have it.
    - Duh Dun DUNNN! (30) -
    TEDIUM: 5
    REQUIREMENT: See the "True Ending".
    STRATEGY: You have to get "CLEAR" on every character in Story Mode. You
    DO NOT need to get 100%. Nu and Hakument are unlocked after clearing the
    initial 10, and the True End is unlocked after clearing those two.
    Once you finish the True End arc you unlock this achievement. Difficulty
    applies here, but round settings do not; it is locked on 1 round with
    infinite time. Do note that while in other arcs it's possible to finish
    by just losing, you MUST win EVERY match in the True End.
    Might take some time, and for the True End, a few tries (even on
    - Greased Pig (10) -
    TEDIUM: 0 or 2
    DIFFICULTY: 0 or 2
    REQUIREMENT: Escape/cancel 50 throws.
    STRATEGY: Throw cancelling is important to learn in order to improve your
    game. Once again (I'm a broken record, seriously) you will most likely
    get this if you play enough. If you find however, your reflexes are too
    slow to throw cancel you can use the cheap alternative:
    Get a second controller. Go into Versus. Keep your fingers on both right
    bumpers on the controller. Grab with controller 2, cancel with controller
    1. Repeat 49 more times. Shouldn't take long.
    - Hands Where I Can See Them (30) -
    TEDIUM: 3
    REQUIREMENT: Collect over 50 illustrations.
    STRATEGY: Go for the "Duh Dun DUNNN!" or the "Discouraging Finish!"
    achievements; you will inevitably unlock this by doing so. Every unique
    image in Arcade/Story counts as one illustration. If you get those two
    (completing Story Mode alone might do it) you should have enough.
    - Hat-Trick (10) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Use all three of Litchi's Distortion Drives in one match.
    STRATEGY: Get a second controller, go into Versus mode, and pick
    Litchi. Set the rounds to win to 3 (you can do it in 2, but it's easier
    to not accidentally KO this way). First round, build up 50% heat and use
    All Green (6428c - it's mapped to right analog stick if you can't
    pull that off). Keep in mind All Green has a blind spot; step back a bit
    before you use it.
    Second round, build up 50% heat and place your staff beside the enemy.
    Pull off Thirteen Orphans by using 63214d (half circle back).
    Third round, build up another 50% heat and WITHOUT placing your rod down,
    input the same command for Thirteen Orphans. Stand about a character's
    width away when you activate it.
    Note the attacks must all HIT (they cannot be blocked) for it to count. A
    bit of a hassle for 10 points...
    - Hello World! (10) -
    TEDIUM: 0
    REQUIREMENT: Watch the opening of Story Mode.
    STRATEGY: You need a strategy for this?
    - I Am the Just Sword (20) -
    TEDIUM: 2 or 4
    DIFFICULTY: 2 or 5
    REQUIREMENT: Defeat Hakumen in Arcade or Score Attack Mode.
    STRATEGY: Beginner difficulty, 1 round, 99 seconds. Beat Hakumen in
    Arcade mode with any character that has him in their path (I did it with
    Rachel). He's a hard hitter with HUGE hitboxes and high priorities, so
    watch out for random slashes he might throw out. Other than that, he
    doesn't really counter on Beginner so you should take him out pretty
    Score Attack mode pits you against Unlimited Hakumen. Score Attack is
    harder than Hell difficulty. Not only that, he's after Unlimited Rachel.
    Really? It's not worth the time if you're after this achievement. Just
    cheap him out in Arcade Mode.
    - I Can Rebuild Her... (10) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Playing as Carl, decomission Nirvana (his marionette) three
    times in 1 round.
    STRATEGY: Get a second controller. Set Versus to infinite time.
    Go into Versus mode, and pick Carl. On the second controller, pick a
    hard hitter; I used Hakumen. During the match, have Carl stand behind
    Nirvana. On the first controller (Carl), hold D with your pinky/ring
    finger so Nirvana is active.
    On the second controller, just wail on Nirvana until she's rendered
    useless. Wait for her to regen, then repeat. Do this a third time
    and the achievement is yours. Just be sure not to KO Carl instead.
    - I Like To Watch (10) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Save 5 replays.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Play 5 online Ranked Matches. Doesn't matter if you win or lose; save the
    replay data. Achievement is yours.
    - I'm Faster Than Anybody! (20) -
    TEDIUM: 3
    REQUIREMENT: Get "First Strike" three times in a row in Ranked Matches.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Do this when you're a low level, and pick a character that can
    get a first hit in fast. Good choices are Taokaka or Nu. With Tao, play
    footsies until you can get a jab in (5a/2a) in. Be careful not to get
    hit first.
    With Nu, move back and use 2d to tag them for first strike. Lower level
    players tend not to block low mixups so this will probably work. This
    requires a good amount of luck (or some good reflexes); just get it as
    soon as possible. Once you start facing better players, it becomes that
    much harder.
    If you lose the first strike, you have to repeat the process. Be patient.
    - In Living Colour (10) -
    TEDIUM: 3
    REQUIREMENT: Play with all the colour palettes of a single character.
    STRATEGY: You do NOT need the DLC palettes for this. Press Back (Select
    on PS3) to access the palettes during character selection.
    Choose each one at least once and you'll unlock this. Kind of annoying to
    remember which ones you've used, so try to do this in one sitting, from
    top to bottom.
    - Irresistible (10) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Hit the opponent with Tager's Spark Bolt 6 times in 1 round.
    STRATEGY: Versus mode, get a second controller. Set time to infinity.
    Pick Tager; other controller's character doesn't matter.
    Charge up your electric meter to full with 421b. When it's glowing gold,
    41236d (half circle forward) will shoot off a Spark Bolt. Repeat 5 more
    - It's Go Time (10) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Perform your first Astral Heat.
    STRATEGY: Pick a character you already have an AH for. If you haven't
    unlocked any, pick Rachel (her's is easiest to perform). Go into Versus,
    get a second controller. Set the rounds to 1. Hit the second controller's
    character to about 10% of their life. You should have around 90% Heat.
    Using the second controller, whack your character until you have 100%.
    Perform your Astral Heat on the dummy. (Refer to the command list.)
    - It's over 10,000! (30) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Without the use of an Astral Heat, deal 10,000 damage in 1
    combo with Hakumen.
    STRATEGY: Props to Osirisky on YouTube for this video.
    Strategy is in the video information. Will most likely take a few tries,
    but you can do it. Took me about 9 tries to get it right. If you're
    unfamiliar with Hakumen, feel free to use the right analog stick.
    Lame DBZ reference.
    - It's the Only Way to Be Sure (10) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Perform a 20 hit combo after the opponent is KO'ed.
    STRATEGY: Easily performed by Arakune. Get a second controller, go into
    Versus. Choose Arakune. Beat the second controller dummy into an inch of
    their life, then grab them. As Arakune spits them up, perform his
    "f inverse" Distortion Drive which is command 236236c. Guaranteed to
    hit over 20 times.
    - Legionnaire (20) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Reach level 10 online.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Win matches until you reach level 10. There is no strategy; it's up to
    your skill to win. Ranked Matches give more EXP, so it's best to try
    your hand at those until you reach 10.
    - Leonidas (40) -
    TEDIUM: 6
    REQUIREMENT: Beat Score Attack Mode.
    STRATEGY: **** this mode. **** it to hell and back. xxcalvaxx
    has written a guide on how to conquer this frustrating (and oftentimes
    cheap - SNK style) mode, found here:
    If you're curious, yes; this mode really is hard. The AI is much more
    intense than Hell difficulty (not at the level of a real player but
    tough for an AI). You can't set the diff down. It's fixed at 2 rounds,
    99 secs. The last four characters are all Unlimited forms, Ragna as the
    final boss. Mentioned above in the Animation Conservation achievement,
    he has a LOT (LOOOOOOOOT) of life. Good luck; use xxcalvaxx's guide.
    Hardest achievement in BB. Period.
    - Murakumo Activated... (20) -
    TEDIUM: 2 or 6
    DIFFICULTY: 3 or 6
    REQUIREMENT: Defeat v-13 in Arcade or Score Attack Mode.
    STRATEGY: Same as the Hakumen achievement. Do it in Arcade mode, and
    save yourself the stress. Score attack pits you against Unlimited Nu in
    the 10th match; assuming you can make it that far. As for Unlimited Nu,
    shes fires off twice as many swords; need I say more?
    - Nothing's Gonna Keep You Down (30) -
    TEDIUM: 5
    REQUIREMENT: Earn a perfect victory 30 times.
    STRATEGY: 1 round, infinite time in versus mode. Use a second controller.
    Beat it into submission. Repeat 29 more times. There's no way you're
    going to legitimately get this unless you tear on newbies which is
    completely unfair to them.
    While you're doing this achievement, try going for the Devil's Advocate,
    Animation Conservation, etc. achievements.
    - Praetorian Guardsman (30) -
    TEDIUM: 4
    REQUIREMENT: Reach level 30 online.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Same as Legionnaire, except it will take much longer. You can always
    resort to spamming icecar (Musou) as Jin if it helps you plow through
    the levels. Other than that, no specific strategies without going into
    detailed matchups.
    - Restraining Order (20) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Barrier Burst 30 times.
    STRATEGY: Get used to this; bursting at critical moments can save your
    hide and even win you a match. Command is A+B+C+D. Get used to doing it,
    and you'll get this achievement really quickly through normal play.
    If not, you can just play 30 second rounds and burst every round until
    you get it.
    - Ride the Icening (10) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Use Musou Senshouzan/Tosshougeki over 20 times in 1 round,
    then finish the opponent off.
    STRATEGY: Obviously, you need to pick Jin. Musou is the icecar, command
    214a/b/c/d. Use a second controller in Versus Mode with infinite time.
    Use the A version to ensure you don't kill the opponent. Once you've
    counted 20 (go for 22 or so to be sure), finish them off as you see fit.
    - Ruler of Kagutsuchi (10) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Play against every character online.
    STRATEGY: Arrange a player match with a friend, or ask a stranger to
    help you out. Have them cycle through every character after each match
    until you get this.
    Conversely, if you play enough Ranked Matches you're bound to get this
    achievement through sheer random matchups.
    - Spoonful of Sugar (20) -
    TEDIUM: 3
    REQUIREMENT: Keep Rachel afloat for 25 seconds.
    STRATEGY: You need two controllers for this, or a co-operating friend.
    Have both players be Rachel. Have yourself superjump (command down-up),
    and use wind (D) upwards at the same time. When you're in midair at the
    apex of your jump, press 8c. This will cause Nago (her cat) to become
    an open umbrella and slow Rachel's descent.
    This is where it gets tricky, especially if you're not familiar with
    Rachel. Just as first player's Rachel is about to land on the ground,
    have the second player use 2c (her electric chair). While the chair is
    active, the second player must use all 4 wind charges upwards, propelling
    player 1 upwards again. Since player 2 is on the ground, their wind
    meter will charge. You MUST use the wind before the electric chair ends
    or player 2 will float up as well (messing up the entire attempt).
    Just before you reach the ground, use another one of your wind charges
    upwards while you wait for player 2's wind meter to fill up. Repeat with
    player 2 using 2c and winding upwards during 2c.
    This process loops until you get the achievement. I main Rachel, so this
    took me 1 try, but don't get frustrated if it takes you multiple.
    - Stop Hitting Yourself (20) -
    TEDIUM: 5
    REQUIREMENT: Use counter assault 30 times.
    STRATEGY: You can perform a counter assault by pressing forward+A+B while
    you're in blockstun (blocking a hit, simply put). This knocks the
    opponent back, dealing no damage, and taking 50% heat. Sounds useless
    but this is a decent method of resetting momentum (especially if you're
    under heavy pressure) if you have Heat to spare.
    I did this using two controllers in Versus mode with infinite time, 3
    rounds and Unlimited Rachel/Unlimited Ragna. You can do this with any
    other pair of characters, but because of Unlimited Ragna's health it's
    a lot easier to build Heat during a single round.
    I'd build up 100% Heat as Rachel, then hold back in a corner. While doing
    so, I hit Rachel with Ragna by hitting the C button with my pinky on
    the second controller. When I was in blockstun, I counter assaulted with
    Rachel on controller 1.
    If that sounds unwieldy (it is quite confusing to be frank), you can just
    try CA'ing in a live match or with a friend. Whether you win or lose
    doesn't matter as long as you total up to 30 counter assaults.
    My method took me 20 minutes.
    ***** UPDATE August 23rd, 2009 *****
    See the EXTRA METHODS section for an easy way to build up heat!
    - That Was Incredible! (10) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Win a Ranked Match.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Win a Ranked Match online. Spam icecar, gauntlet hades, damned if I know.
    Do whatever it takes to win a match. All you need is 1 win.
    - Their Numbers Count For Nothing (20) -
    TEDIUM: 0 or 4
    REQUIREMENT: Instant Block 300 times.
    STRATEGY: Instant Blocking happens when you press back to block JUST
    before the active hit frames occur. In layman's terms, right before
    you get smacked. When performed correctly, your character flashes white
    and gains a frame advantage (you get out of blockstun earlier, basically).
    This prevents chip damage (tiny amounts of damage taken from blocking
    certain moves), but does not stop the Guard Libra from moving towards
    You have to perform this 300 times. Depending on you, this can be
    extremely easy (this was one of the first achievements I got; I IB a LOT)
    if you're good at this technique, or downright brutal if you're trying
    to grind out 300 IBs in Versus or something.
    My tip? Don't try to grind this out like other achievements. Learn how to
    do it, and learn how to apply it in live matches. Not only will you net
    this achievement, you'll open a world opportunities to punish players
    with it.
    Also, while trying to block, your timing might accidentally make you IB
    anyways. You may very well get this achievement without meaning to.
    ***** UPDATE August 23rd, 2009 *****
    See the EXTRA METHODS section for an easy way to build up heat for other
    achievements AND get this one in the process!
    - This Is Important... (20) -
    TEDIUM: 5
    REQUIREMENT: Hear Noel say "Hands off the Panda!" 100 times.
    THE VOICES SET TO JAPANESE. I'm sick of seeing that question being asked.
    Noel says this line (in Japanese and English) when you use her Optic
    Barrel move (command 236a/b/c) in a match against Litchi. Get a 2nd
    controller, use Versus Mode, infinite time. Pick Noel. Spam Optic
    Barrel 100 times. Mute your TV if you have to; this might be even more
    annoying than "GAUNTLET HADES!". I can't stand Noel's voice in either
    It's mapped to the right analog, conveniently. Park yourself in a spot
    where you won't hit Litchi then go switch to some TV station while you
    tap on the right analog. You'll probably have it by the time you change
    back to the game.
    - This Just Got Real (20) -
    TEDIUM: 3
    REQUIREMENT: Perform a Double Down (both players are KO'ed).
    STRATEGY: Get two controllers, and go into Versus Mode. Pick the same
    character on both controllers (I used Noel). Beat them up until both are
    as close as you can get to 1hp without getting KO'ed from the next hit.
    Once you're at that point, position the two characters relatively close.
    Pick any non-Drive button (A/B/C), then press that button simultaneously
    on both controllers. If you do it right, the moves will NOT clash and
    will instead KO both characters at the same time, performing a Double
    Down. Performing a Double Down in a live match is neigh impossible.
    - Victory Is Just An Illusion (30) -
    TEDIUM: 3 or 6
    DIFFICULTY: 4 ~ 6
    REQUIREMENT: Defeat Unlimited Rachel in Arcade or Score Attack Mode.
    STRATEGY: No matter which mode you face Unlimited Rachel in (she has an
    aura/afterimage trailing her; you'll see it), she is a pain. To face
    Unlimited Rachel in Arcade Mode, clear it with Nu.
    Now, what's special about Unlimited Rachel? Let me sum it up:
     - Unlimited Rachel can use Sword Iris (summon lightning) WITHOUT having
       placed any rods prior.
     - Her Sword Iris strikes 4-5 times on the screen. If you get caught in
       it, you can lose more than 1/3 of your life depending on your char.
     - George XIII (her frog) does NOT disappear after unleashing its shock.
       It can only be destroyed by using a Distortion Drive.
    The key point in this match is her throwing out George XIII; if you can
    keep pressuring her enough to the point she cannot throw it out, the
    match is MUCH easier. Always keep 50% heat handy to DD if she does.
    If she does manage to get it out (especially early in the match), the
    fight becomes infinitely harder. You can't pressure her as long before
    having to retreat, lest you eat damage from the frog, her seeds, pumpkins
    and Sword Iris. All at once.
    Preventing (and if need be, destroying) the frog is the focus of the
    battle. Do so and you'll have a MUCH easier time. This battle is quite
    frankly, a battle of sheer luck with the AI if it decides to use the frog
    or not.
    I recommend doing this in Arcade, just like Nu and Hakumen.
    ***** UPDATE August 23rd, 2009 *****
    Alex Labins contributes this:
         The frog dies if it's hit twice. DD's just do it in one hit i
    After playing Unlimited Rachel in score attack a few times, I can't
    verify that it takes two direct hits to kill the frog, but I have
    managed to make it disappear WITHOUT a DD. With that said though, it's
    a guarantee with a DD so if all else fails you can just use some spare
    Heat to get rid of it.
    - Voyeur (10) -
    TEDIUM: 0
    REQUIREMENT: Spectate (NOT participate) 20 Player Match battles.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Join a Player Match with an open spectator slot and 4+ players. Go get
    some food.
    Come back and have 10 more gamer points assuming they don't leave the
    - Wanderer (10) -
    TEDIUM: 0
    REQUIREMENT: Play a Player Match.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    You need to play 1 match, not spectate. Easy stuff.
    - Warrior (30) -
    TEDIUM: 3
    REQUIREMENT: Play 150 Player Matches.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Luckily for you, you can create matches with 1 round, 30 seconds. Play
    some quick matches with your friends. Shouldn't take long. It's fun to
    play Player Matches normally, as well. You'll have 150 matches under your
    belt before you know it.
    - Welcome To The Azure Nightmare (30) -
    TEDIUM: 6
    REQUIREMENT: Defeat Unlimited Ragna in Arcade or Score Attack Mode.
    STRATEGY: This really is a nightmare. To fight Unlimited Ragna, you must
     - Beat Arcade Mode without giving up a single round, and have at least
       10 Distortion Finishes.
     - Make it to stage 12 of Score Attack mode.
    Now, I will sum up Unlimited Ragna's broken factors as I did with Rachel:
     - Unlimited Ragna is permanently in Blood Kain. This means his attacks
       hit harder, heal him for more, and he can use Devoured by Darkness
       on a whim (assuming he has Heat) at point blank. It cannot be throw
     - His Carnage Scissors will hit for 5620 damage before proration (not in
       a combo) and Devoured By Darkness will do 6000 damage before
     - He has about 30k hit points. To give you an idea, the entire cast has
       around 10k. Don't believe me? Try a combo that does 3k damage on both
       forms. Notice the difference in life taken off. Brutal.
     - He moves TWICE as fast as his normal form, both on the
       ground and in the air. When I say twice as fast, I literally mean it.
     - He can move twice in the air; that means he can either
       jump twice, dash twice, or jump once and dash once. Note that the
       Score Attack AI will always airdash.
     - His Drive attacks have a larger hitbox.
    Be VERY careful when Unlimited Ragna has 50% heat; getting hit by either
    Devoured by Darkness or Carnage Scissors will almost invariably spell
    your doom. They both heal him significantly.
    He can close distance very fast with Hell's Fang/Gauntlet Hades, so
    watch out for that. He can also use Infernal Divider as a
    fairly good anti-air, so poor jump-ins WILL be punished severely. Your
    best option would probably be to zone him and play keep away with
    someone like Nu, Rachel, Arakune or Jin. Ragna has no projectiles; use
    that to your advantage. Also be wary of Carnage Scissors, because it can
    hit you at near-fullscreen. If he's in arm's reach, he will use Devoured
    By Darkness; if he's further than that (not necessarily out of melee
    range) he will use Carnage Scissors. He will also only use Carnage
    Scissors upclose in a combo, and only use it out of melee range if you
    attack. In fact, in Score Attack if you're at full-screen range if you do
    nothing he'll just keep using Infernal Divider until you do (after which
    he'll use Carnage Scissors). Poorly coded AI is funny.
    If you intend to get Leonidas, you will get this achievement upon doing
    so. I warn you, though: Score Attack pits you for TWO full 99 second
    rounds against this beast. If you manage to best him, congratulations!
    If not, same old: Arcade mode 1 round, 30 secs, Beginner. I personally
    got this achievement in Score Attack with Rachel.
    - Words Hurt Too (30) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Fall behind an opponent by 5,000 hit points then have them
    taunt you.
    STRATEGY: Play a high level Taokaka that knows how to taunt combo. You'll
    get the achievement easily if you let them beat you up.
    If not, just get two controllers and wail on yourself then taunt. Really
    makes me wonder why this is 30 points.
    - You Brute! (20) -
    TEDIUM: 2
    REQUIREMENT: Win 3 Ranked Matches in a row.
    STRATEGY: You need XBOX Live Gold (or PSN) for this.
    Win three matches in a row. If you play a lot of Ranked Matches you're
    bound to get this eventually assuming you aren't on a terrible losing
    - You Never Forget Your First (10) -
    TEDIUM: 1
    REQUIREMENT: Perform a Barrier Crush.
    STRATEGY: A Barrier Crush happens when the Guard Libra (below the timer)
    completely slides over to one player's side. This occurs when a player
    blocks normally for too many hits, resulting in a "crushed" state that's
    similar to the counterhit state.
    This is hard to pull off in a real match, unless you're playing against a
    real turtle (or you're really damn good at pressuring with blockstrings).
    Like every other achievement, get a second controller. Go into Versus,
    and make the dummy back into a corner and block. Keep hitting the dummy
    until you Barrier Crush them.
    - You're the Best! Around! (20) -
    TEDIUM: 4
    REQUIREMENT: Deal over 1,000,000 damage in Practice Mode.
    STRATEGY: You'll get this just by using Practice Mode frequently. Dialing
    in combos repeatedly to learn them will get you this pretty quickly.
    If you're just achievement hunting, wailing on a dummy randomly with
    Hakumen is a great way to dish out the damage needed.
    And that's all 50. I hope some of these tips come in handy for you
    achievement hunters, as vague as they may be. Good luck getting that
    =[ IV. EXTRA METHODS]==============================================[4EX]=
    I have found a method that's great for building Heat:
    - You NEED a second controller for this. It's impossible with another
    - Go into Versus mode.
    - Pick the same character on both controllers (I used Ragna; anybody will
    - Move into the corner. With controller 2, tap the A (weak attack)
      button. SIMULTANEOUSLY, tap back on controller 1 (which should have
      your profile signed in). This will cause you to INSTANT BLOCK, which
      builds up heat VERY quickly. Since jabs can be repeated quickly, you
      can IB quickly. Repeat at a brisk pace and you'll have more heat than
      you know what to do with.
    - You WILL barrier crush yourself, but that doesn't matter.
    By using this method, you can easily get Animation Conservation, Their
    Numbers Count For Nothing, Designated Driver and Stop Hitting Yourself.
    Also usable for any achievement that may need Heat in general.
    In live matches, you can also use IB'ing on a lot of multi-hit moves
    (such as Nu's Legacy Edge DD) to build up heat VERY rapidly. The DD I
    just mentioned, Legacy Edge, is the DD in which Nu fires a storm of
    swords horizontally. If you get caught in it but are blocking, you can
    barrier guard and STILL tap back to IB the hits rapidly. You can actually
    get a full 50+ heat off moves like this; just be wary of followups. A
    few other moves of note are Bang's Steel Rain, Rachel's Baden-Baden Lily,
    etc. Of course, this is all only useful if you want to try to get these by
    playing actual matches.
    Knowledge is power!
    =[ V. CONTACT INFO ]===============================================[5CI]=
    Find something in here that you disagree with? Have some tips you want
    to share? Got general feedback? Perhaps you just want to talk? Feel
    free to contact me at:
    	xiaounlimited [at] gmail [dot] com
    I'm open to suggestions, corrections, additions and the like.
    =[ VI. THANKS ]====================================================[THX]=
     Thanks to GameFAQs, CJayC for existing. Ahaha.
     Arc System Works and Aksys for making BlazBlue accessible to players
     like myself.
     Anybody I mentioned in this FAQ which I linked material to.
     Readers, for reading! Maybe. I don't know if anybody actually reads this
     far into a FAQ. Oh well, thanks anyways!
    BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is (c) Arc System Works 2008

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