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"Has more depth than SFIV and any other game on the market for this generation of gaming, period!!"


I'm immensely elated that Capcom's Street Fighter has once again set the path for other companies to rekindle their knowledge and expertise in the fighting genre once again. Yes, Street Fighter IV has single handedly rekindled the fighting game genre; although such credit shouldn't go to one game alone since Dead or Alive 4 was one of the first to hit the next generation of consoles with the online. Adversely, we are all knowledgeable about the respective franchises which companies such as Capcom, Namco Bandi, Saga, and Tecmo dished out every couple years or so without an new intellectual property, or to be more specific, new franchise.

My hat goes off to the beefy risks takers at Arc System Works for releasing BluBlaze Calamity Trigger in such an unprecedented economic downtown, which inevitably force gamers to be more buyer conscious; on the other hand, real gamers don't care regardless because they will have find money by any means if they have to.

BluBlaze Calamity Trigger, though, as they say, a spiritual successor to Guilty Gear series, it is not a rip off or a clone. What it is, is a game that has its own charm of characters and gamin mechanics that set it far from its spiritual predecessor and established itself with potent core competencies that set it afar from the fierce competition, most notably, Street Fighter IV.

What sets it apart from the rest of the pack of fighting games?

This game has immense depth and for those who enjoy games such as Mark of Wolves, Vs Capcom series, and Guilty Gear will come across a few mechanics that reminiscent of those games I just mentioned. For instance, Just like Mark of Wolves, BB has a similar but distinctive mechanic to just block system with a little twist of its own. Furthermore, the game has sound combo juggling system just like VS Capcom series, and that fast paced crazy anime style action we all known and loved from the Guilty Gear Series. What I am describing here isn't all, but what I can say is the game has a lot of depth and even more profound system than the current competition on the market.

What SFIV lacks, BB Calamity trigger picks up and improve, for instance out from the box the game has extensive content to keep fighting enthusiast busy with the offline play. Online, however, is much more robust with competent options to tweak and filter online matches to ones liking. And finally, it has a 6 player lobbyist where players can partake through spectating while he/she is waiting for their turn. Everything we've been craving for in SFIV's incompetent online system is here in BB Calamity trigger.
Graphically the game is simply amazing and one has to see it in motion to truly appreciate aesthetics, the charm, and the care that has went into the game.

I plea to many fighting enthusiast to give this game a try or to simply contribute to Arc Systems for giving us a classical 2D hand drawn sprite fighting games, which gaming mechanics have a lot going for it that will definitely gives longevity. This is a game that is worth our attention….

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/06/09

Game Release: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (US, 07/30/09)

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