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"A very good fighter, but far from perfect."

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a new 2d fighter developed by ArcSystemWorks.

The graphics of BlazBlue are not for the people who are entertained by 3d characters and stages. However, if you are the type who loved 2d hand drawn anime style characters then you will be very impressed. The backgrounds are 3d and highly compliment everything around them. The characters are 2d hand drawn sprites. There are 12 very color characters characters that are all unique in terms of gameplay and style.

The gameplay features fighting 1 on 1 on a flat surface. Each players can move left, right, jump, and duck. There are attacks, specials, and Astral Heats (finishers). The game rewards rushing into the opponent and long combos, and punishes you for stay back by making you take double damage if you stay back for too long. There are multiple bars that show health, guard gauges, special gauges, and barrier gauges.

The sound in BlazBlue is very nice. All the characters are nicely voiced and there are options to switch the voices to either Japanese or English. The music is very good. The game comes with many music selections (character vs character, character themes, opening, and credits) and you can choose which song to use after both players pick there characters.

The story is well written and voiced for a fighting game. I was very impressed by it. I can't really talk about it anymore without spoiling, so that is where the story section ends.

Unfortunately, this is where the good parts of BlazBlue end

Some gameplay elements are kind of ridiculous for a fighting game. I find the teching system to be kind of bad. Because sometimes when you are wanting to get out of a corner you end of just jumping up into the air. It also takes 3-4 seconds until you are able to tech, allowing the player to continue the combo even when he/she has messed up. Some characters have stupid good range on their attacks and throws with almost no start up (i.e Haku-Men), and some can keep away so well that some characters have no chance of getting in. Some characters that can't possibly get any worse can only hop or air dash. Some don't even have a double jump. Some characters can use Drives that sometimes makes me want to throw the controller out the window and tear a whole room apart because they are so good.

As stated before, the story is good but some characters lines get so unbarring that I feel like exiting the game and quitting right there. Sometimes the voice actor sounds like they are trying to hard to laugh, scream, cry, or kill and it just makes me cringe.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/15/09

Game Release: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (Limited Edition) (US, 06/30/09)

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