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    FAQ by Mwulf

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    Whole Guide (version 5.01)


    Translation Tables


    This latest version of the guide includes a FULL Japanese-to-English translation for ~everything~ in the game. It is a far, far superior resource to what you see here!

    Gundam Senki: Record UC 0081 FAQ (version 4.15)

    DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is meant for personal use only. You may host this FAQ on your own website if you so wish, don't bother asking me for permission--in fact, I'd rather you didn't. You may NOT, however, modify this FAQ in any way, shape or form.

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    (c) Copyright 2009 by J.F. Fox


    This FAQ is intended to provide basic information regarding the game, Gundam Senki: Record UC 0081, on the Playstation 3 platform. This guide is intended to be used primarily as a point-of-reference: it is not here to hold your hand as you play the game, so expect the most obvious details to be omitted.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email me.


    FAQ Status

    Welcome to version 4.15--yes, that's the fourth version of this FAQ, and hopefully the final one, too. It is 100% complete, to the best of my knowledge, and fully formatted to provide you, the gamer, with all of the information you could possibly desier in the clearest and most concise manner possible.

    I have recently updated the FAQ to include modifications to the game that came about due to the most recent DLC missions and patches: it is unlikely that Gundam Senki will see any more updates, so I do not anticipate any further (substantial) updates.

    If there is anything you would like to know about the game that you cannot find herein, please let me know via email.


    I've tried to include as much, accurate information in this guide as I possibly can. However, as I am a human being, and thus vulnerable to mistakes, it is possible that you may encounter the occassional error. The fact that I am worky on my own, far-from-perfect understanding of Japanese makes things a bit trickier. As I've mentioned before already, please feel free to contact me directly if you notice anything amiss.

    As of update 2.60, I consider this guide to be essentially complete. I hope you find it a worthy and helpful resource.

    Downloadable Content

    Two of the biggest draws for Gundam Senki are the online play modes and the promise of downloadable content. Already, Bandai has released a hefty amount ofdownloadable mobile suits, as well as a handful of special downloadable mission--both of which an only be accessed in the Free Mission Mode. The following is currently available through the Japanese PSN store:

    Date AvailibleMobile Suit NamePrice
    September 17, 2009FA-78-3 Full Armor Gundam 7300 Yen
    September 17, 2009RX-81AS Assault Armor G-Line300 Yen
    October 15, 2009RX-78GP01 Gundam Zephyranthes400 Yen
    October 15, 2009RX-78GP02 Gundam Physalis400 Yen
    October 15, 2009RX-81AS/AC Assault Cannon Type300 Yen
    October 29, 2009RX-81ST/AC Assault Cannon Type300 Yen
    October 29, 2009AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra400 Yen
    October 29, 2009RMS-099 Rick Dias (Black)500 Yen
    November 12, 2009RX-78GP01 Full Vernian400 Yen
    November 12, 2009RX-81LA/AC Assault Cannon Type300 Yen
    November 12, 2009RX-178 Gundam MkII (Titans)500 Yen
    November 26, 2009RMS-099 Rick Dias (Red)500 Yen
    November 26, 2009RX-81AS/ML Missile Type300 Yen
    December 3, 2009RX-178 Gundam MkII (AEUG)500 Yen
    December 3, 2009RX-81AS/GS Gatling Type300 Yen

    The DLC missions are not noted in the above table because all six missions currently available in the PSN store are free to anyone. At the moment, it is not clear whether or not there will be any additional DLC units.

    DLC suits must then be purchased from the in-game store before you can use them. All of the mobile suit's weapons will also be available in the store. It would, therefore, be advisable to avoid purchasing the DLC unitl such a time that you have sufficient in-game points to purchase them in the game.

    How to Play

    Gundam Senki is a fairly straightforward game, one that's easy enough to pick up pretty much everything you'll ever need to know after only an hour or two of playing around. For the more esoteric bits of knowledge you may need, or if you're too impatient to take the whole trial-by-error approach, I've prepared this small section to give you a very clear idea of precisely how to go about playing this game.

    I would still, however, recommend against using this section of the guide as it is far better, I think, to figure these things out all on your own.

    Menu Translation

    For those of you who purchased the ASIA version of the game, odds are you noticed the single difference between it and the Japanese printing the menu translation card. Most of the stuff you'll find in the game is ~very~ straightforward, but if you have any trouble understanding anything, please consult this translation.

    In case the above images do not display properly, I have also prepared a text version of the translation information, with additional information.

    Controls for Special Missions

    For special missions,Ewhich can be played by receiving special mobile suits in Scenario Mode, mobile suit controls are slightly different. Since Special Missions employ the Auto Lock-on function, the camera cannot be manipulated with the right stick. (This only applies to a single mission in the Federation campaign).

    Main Menu

    Play the ScenarioEMode. Experience the stories of either the Earth Federation or the Republic of Zeon from the point of view of a Platoon Officer.
    Free Mission
    Play the Free MissionEMode. In online mode, a maximum of 8 players can play together using online function.
    Play the tutorial to learn how to operate the Mobile Suit.
    Customize the sound and controller settings, and adjust various game environment settings.
    Install the game to the Playstation 3 system HDD. (Installation requires at least 3500MB of free space on the HDD and is optional).
    View movies that you have already seen in ScenarioEmode.
    You can access the official homepage and view special information about Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. 0081Eby connecting to the internet.
    Save/Load (Free Mission and Scenario)
    Save and load player data for either Scenario mode or Free Mission mode. Note, you must have separate data for each faction.

    Game Screen

    Ally Status (Upper Left Corner)
    This displays the ally units' AP (Armor Point) level and charge percentage.
    Command Pallet (Bottom Left Corner)
    This displays the Command Pallet,Einto which commands for ally units and friendly units are displayed. Press the up, down, left or right button to execute the corresponding command. There are two command pallets which can be toggled by pressing the L1 button.
    Lock-On Reticule (Center)
    This reticule indicate locked-on targets. Press the Circle button to lock on to possible targets within the reticule's range. Press the circle button again to switch between possible targets. The range of the lock-on marker differs according to the mobile suit's RadarEperformance. The lock-on reticule (crosshairsE changes color according to the distance from the target, and you can use this to judge whether or not the selected weapon will reach your target.
    Red: Weapon within range.
    Yellow: Weapon barely within range.
    White: Weapon out of range.
    Radar (Upper Right Corner)
    The radar displays the respective locations of enemy units and ally units in relation to your mobile suit. Hold the L2 button to switch between the two radar types (Close-range Radar/Long-range Radar). The Close-Range Radar displays the range at which you can lock on to your enemies, the Long-range Radar displays the full map.
    Boost Gauge (Bottom Right Side)
    This displays your remaining energy, which is required for jumping and boosts. Your energy will decrease upon jumping and/or boosting, and will automatically replenish with time. Completely draining the Boost Gauge will cause your
    mobile suit to overheat, and the boost function will be rendered temporarily unavailable.
    Ammunition Gauge (Bottom Right Side)
    This displays the type of weapon in standby, as well as your remaining ammunition. It indicates your number of remaining extra resupplying at the Supply Points.
    AP Level (Bottom Right Corner)
    This displays your equipped armor's APE(Armor Point) status. Taking damage to your armor will cause the armor point to decrease gradually. If your AP level drops to 0, the mobile suit will be destroyed. Depleted AP can be recovered at Supply Points by crouching down with the L3 button.
    (!)ARMOR BREAK(!)
    -Taking over a certain amount of damage will cause your armor to break, and you will receive an AP recovery penalty.
    -Total AP 75% or higher: AP Recovery to 100%.
    -Total AP 50% or higher: AP Recovery to 75%.
    -Total AP 25% or higher: AP Recovery to 50%.
    -Total AP below 25%: AP Recovery to 25%.

    How to Start the Mission

    The pre-mission intermission procedures for each mode are outlined below. Repairs and upgrades to your mobile suits and
    your allies' mobile suits and transitions to mission points are all done during the intermission.


    Modify your Mobile Suit, train your pilot, and purchase new items.
    Weapon Set: Equip your mobile suit with weapons.
    Parts Set: Set custom parts to your Mobile Suit.
    MS Change: Choose the MS that you will pilot.
    Buy/Sell: Buy and sell MS units, weapons and custom parts.
    Skill Up: Raise the skill levels of your pilot.
    Repair: Repair the armor damage incurred during battle.

    Command Set

    Set Commands For ally units.
    (When playing online, these commands are merely the lines of text that appear when you press the corresponding command buttons. You can set them to say anything you want, in any language you want.


    Move the platoon (within cleared areas).


    Choose a mission to undertake. (Difficulty settings for cleared missions can only be chosen in Online Free Mission mode.
    Support: Choose the ally units for the mission (only offline).
    Mission Start: Begin the mission.
    *Please note that in Scenario Mode there are some occasions where the MS and the pilots for the mission are preset. MS and pilots in these missions cannot be changed.

    Mission Complete

    Upon clearing a mission, you will receive Clear Points and prizes. Clear points and prizes change depending on the level of difficulty.


    Repair damage incurred during battle.

    Pilot Skills Menu

    As you play the game, you earn skill points, which can be used to upgrade your pilot's stats. There are four categories to choose from, in the following order (from top-to-bottom):

    • Melee (increases damage dealt by melee weapons)
    • Shoot (increases damage dealt by ranged weapons)
    • Defense (increases the amount of damage you can sustain)
    • Piloting Skill (increases your mobility, which is speed + boosting)

    Keep in mind that you will only be able to earn a total of 200 skill points, meaning you can ONLY max-out two different stats--so spend wisely.

    Mobile Suit Customization Menu

    • Melee - This number indicates the relative strength of your melee (close-combat) attacks.
    • Shoot - This number indicates the relative strength of your ranged attacks.
    • Speed - This number indicates the relative speed of your mobile suit while walking or boosting.
    • Radar - This number determines the distance at which you can detect enemy targets.
    • Damage - This number indicated the combat strength of any given weapon--logically, the higher the number, the greater the damage dealt.
    • Generator Cost - Your mobile suit can only produce a finite amount of power, the generator cost is the amount that will be subtracted from your mobile suit's total GEN output.
    • Usage/Reload Speed - If you'll examine the Japanese descriptions of each weapon at the bottom of your screen, you'll notice letters--S, A, B, C, D or E. Each letter corresponds to how quickly an individual weapon can be used or fired. S is the fasted, E is the slowest--so an A weapon would have a much higher rate of fire than a D weapon, etc., etc.

    About Online Mode

    To play Online Mode, you must decide to play either as a Host or as a client.
    Playing as a Host:
    1. Create a new Room.
    2. Select the Game mode. (in order of selection: cooperative mission-play, battle mode and Battle Royale).
    3. Set the number of players (2-8).
    4. Set Voice Chat ON/OFF.
    5. Input comments for the room's description.
    Playing as a Client:
    Custom Search: Set search criteria and the system will search existing rooms for a match.
    Quick Search: Randomly searches for open rooms.
    'Federation players can only join games hosted by other Federation players. Zeon players can only join games hosted by other Zeon players. Mercenaries can join games hosted by either Federation or Zeon players, but only Mercenaries can join rooms hosted by other Mercenary players.'
    PvP (Battle or Battle Royale) Options:
    Game Mode:
    1. Death Match
    2. Time Match
    3. Death Flag (Battle mode only)
    4. Time Flag (Battle mode only)
    Time Limit
    Magazine: (Unlimited/limited/no-magazines)
    Damage: 25%/50%/100%/200%/500%

    As per usual, I would recommend ignoring this translation crap and just focus on learning everything as you play. You'll have a lot more fun, with a lot less headache.

    Basic Controls

    Since the game's options menu provides a nice visual, I would ask that you look to the in-game display with the translation provided above for the easiest way to see how all of the in-game controls are mapped out.

    MovementRight Analog Stick
    Move CameraLeft Analog Stick
    Change Camera AngleSelect
    Alternate Order SelectionL1
    Center ViewL2
    Fire Primary WeaponR1
    Fire Fixed Armament #1R2
    Fire Fixed Armament #2Square
    Use Melee AttackTriangle
    Select TargetCircle
    Boost JumpCross

    Advanced Controls

    Sniper ViewR3
    Zoom In/OutR3 + Left Analog Stick
    Kneel (heal)L3
    Boost UpX (hold)
    Boost ForwardX (double-tap)
    Charged AttackAttack Button (hold)
    Change Radar ModeL2 (hold)
    Order Team AheadD-Pad Up
    Order Team AttackD-Pad Right
    Order Team Kneel (heal)D-Pad Down
    Order Team Attack Selected TargetD-Pad Left
    Order Team FormationL1 + D-Pad Up
    Order Team FormationL1 + D-Pad Right

    General Tips

    • Keep moving: you're an easy target when you're standing still, so try to always be moving. Be especially careful when you kneel down to heal, as you will be incredibly vulnerable to enemy fire.
    • Don't count on your comrades: the allied AI stinks. If you need something done, do it yourself.
    • You'll often face enemies that can attack you at extremely long-ranges and deal out devastating damage. The best way to avoid oncoming fire is to NOT approach in a straight line, assume a slightly diagonal entry vector, and you'll manage to avoid a lot of incoming fire with ease.
    • Resupply (and heal) as often as you can! Sometimes, a single hit can take away as much as 70% of your APand you do not want to have to restart a mission because you were too impatient. Enemies also have a bad habit of targeting your supply points, so if you don't resupply when you can, you may not have another opportunity.
    • Pace yourself. Some missions will have a lot of enemies, and very difficult resupply situations (or no resupply at all). Fixed emplacements can be a big pain. You do not want to waste all of your ranged ammunition on small-fry mobile suits when it counts, always be sure to leave a few shots in your magazine, just in case.
    • Don't discount embedded weaponry! Head Vulcans, most of all! The weapons embedded in your mobile suit are not weak! The weakest of all, the Head Vulcans, can still tear an enemy to shreds in a matter of seconds. Don't forget you have themand don't forget to use them, whenever the need arises.
    • Watch your back. An enemy you can see is an enemy you can avoidmost of the shots that will kill you will come from behind, so watch out.

    Customization Tips

    • Mess with your mobile suit, and customize them to whichever end most suits your style. I can't really help you too much, but I can mention a few things that were of help to me, in hopes that they can be of help to you, too.
    • First, you'll notice three bars on the right side of the customization screen. These bars represent how well your mobile suit will handle in the three types of terrain (from left to right: land, undersea and lunar). Certain parts can be equipped that boost (or lower) your mobile suits affinity for a particular type of terrain, be mindful.
    • Guns are just for show--it's all about melee. When you compare the damage you deal to the risk you take, melee trumps ranged combat all the time. You can deal out a lot more damage a lot faster, you're also vulnerable to the enemy's melee attacks, but the AI isn't that great and the enemy suit you're so close to will also serve as cover for ranged fire. Ranged weapons? They have limited ammo and tend to missa lot a problem with melee. I recommend not modifying the shootE(melee) stat, and only use ranged weapons for aircraft and fixed weapons, and things of that nature.
    • Speed is awesome. Upgrading your speed and boost stats is a MAJOR help. The limit is 99, and if you reach it, you'll be a monster even the Red Comet couldn't beat.
    • AP is not as much of a concern as you might think. Regardless of how much AP you add up, you're not going to want to be taking too many hits (if any) because you never know how powerful the enemy attack is going to be. If you can keep your AP above 2200 or so, you should be fine.
    • The three biggest elements of MS customization are firepower, armor, and speed. Sensor range is worthless--most enemies will be able to easily dodge anything that's not shot from mid or close range. Personally, I find armor to be equally pointless--for me, the best tactic seems to be to prioritize speed above all else, with a secondary focus on firepower. This gives the game a fast pace, which is tons of fun, and can also add an element of "realism." Similar to how battles were fought in the One Year War, you'll be able to kill most enemies in 1-3 hits at top levels, and you'll also go down with just as few hits. As I've said before, the key to this game is moving--being fast, and being nimble. If you're getting hit more than once or twice in any mission, you need more practice!

    Multiplayer Tips

    Multiplayer in Gundam Senki is handled exclusively through the Playstation network, sorry, folks--no split-screen multiplayer here. Whatever you do in the single-player free missions transfers over to the multiplayer freemissions, and vis versa. Playing online can be pretty daunting if you don't have much knowledge of Japanese, but there are a few things you can do to make your experience flow smoother.

    • Be polite. Not knowing the language is no excuse to be rudethough that's no guarantee others won't be rude to you. When you enter a room, it's nice to say something. Even something simple, like YorosikuE(akin to please take care of me) will be understood by most of your fellow players.
      • From an Anonymous of /m/:
    • Just say, '4649' and that'll be fine.
    • Choose your mobile suit wisely. Many players are high-level, so they really don't have the patience for other players who want to show off. Don't go around in a Gelgoog Jager with a beam machine gun, killing everything in sight, before anyone else gets a chance. That's no fun for anyone, and it'll get you kicked. Rememberalmost everyone you meet online is playing the game for one simple reason: to have fun. If you can't be a team player, don't play at all.
    • There can be a great many people online at a given time, and it currently takes the game a VERY long time to load up the room list. When finding a game, you'll want to be selecting your room as quickly as you can, or it will be full by the time you decide.
    • Pay attention to the comments for each room. It's okay if you can't read Japanese, but there are a few symbols you should look out for. Unfortunately, Japanese characters won't display in a .txt document like this FAQ, so I've done my best to illustrate the characters but they are in no-way perfect.

    • Look at other people. When you're in the room, you can view the mobile suits and equipment of the other players with youdo so. Try to emulate what they have. If everyone else is using a low-tier suit, don't go in with a Kampfer or Gegloog Jager, that just ain't fun.
    • Don't steal kills. If someone else is fighting an enemy... you should be fighting a 'different' enemy.
    • Don't get angry if Japanese players boot you from the lobby! It's hard to manage a lagfree game with players from all over the world, and frequently hosts will boot playerswith poor connections. Don't get mad--move on. Host your own game, or find some localfriends.

    Characters & Story

    The story begins at the Battle of A Baoa Qu, in the last days of the One Year War. As the Federation and Zeon forces clash in the final climactic battle, two men struggle to survive. Eric Blanke, a Zeon mobile suit pilot, watches helplessly as his friends and comrades perish, one after another. Courand Hughes, a squad captain, is helpless to protect his friends and subordinates as they die, one by one. Both men are left terribly scarred by the battle.

    Two years later: Universal Century 0081. Eric Blanke continues to fight the Federation, alone, and against all odds. He seeks to punish the Earth Federation for its many evils. Against him stands Courand Hughes, captain of a special-operations mobile suit unit created specifically to combat renegade Zeon forces like Eric. Courand devotes himself wholly to battle, seeking his own death so he might rejoin his many friends who fell at A Baoa Qu.

    Phantom Sweepers

    Courand Hughes
    (Tatsuki Hiroshi)
    Captain of the Phantom Sweepers team, his mission is to seek out and destroy Zeon forces that have refused to surrender since the end of the One Year War. During the One Year War, Hughes saw his entire team annihilateda memory that haunts him to this day. He is thirty-five years old
    Hugh Carter
    (Hiroshi Yanaka)
    Demoted for defying orders from a superior officer, Carter has a severe dislike for authority figures. He is 28 years old.
    Allison Cherie
    (Chie Nakamura)
    Formerly a test-pilot at the Federation's Augusta military base, Alice was transferred to the Phantom Sweepers against her will due to a shortage of personnel. She is 24 years old.
    Bob Rock
    (Ogata Kenichi)
    A man with a very direct personality, Bob Rock stays with the troops in battle even under the most violent of circumstances. During the One Year War he personally witnessed a colony drop. He is 45 years old.
    Darrel Godwin
    (Otomo Ryuuzo)
    A very formal man, sometimes called a tight-ass.EHe is a very flexible and competent soldier. He, personally, was the driving force behind the establishment of the Phantom Sweepers. He is 50 years old.
    Liang Mao
    (Ando Mayumi)
    A woman with an astonishing military career, but a harsh personality. She provides battlefield support, but if she does not like you she will not speak to you atall. She is 27 years old.
    Robert Hartley
    (Nomura Kenji)
    An unambitious lieutenant who dislikes hurting people and prefers to lazily waste his days. He is the last person you would expect to find in a top-secret military unit like the Phantom Sweepers. He is 40 years old.
    Kamal Kumar
    (Kawada Shinji)
    A new recruit assigned to the Phantom Sweepers. He is 23 years old.
    Jaime Carmona
    (Nakai Kazuya)
    He transferred to the Phantom Sweepers in order to fulfill and old debt, placing himself in great danger. He is very confident in his abilities and prefers to fight by himself. He is 25 years old.

    Invisible Knights

    Eric Blanke
    (Uchida ???)
    A hero of the One Year War, Eric is the captain of the Invisible Knights. A fiercely determined man, he seeks to avenge the Federation's bloody Tears of VarunaEoperation. He is 20 years old.
    Blade Ailos
    (Hamada Kenji)
    A quick-witted man with a kind heart, Baade is a childhood friend of Eric and often offers his captain advice and counsel. He is 20 years old.
    Fritz Bauer
    (Toriumi Kosuke)
    A childhood friend of both Eric and Baade, Fritz can be overly emotional at times, but he is very courageous. He is 20 years old.
    Christo Doerr
    (Koyama Takeshi)
    An engineer who provides maintenance for the Invisible Knights' mobile suits, he was once a soldier but became a mechanic due to a leg injury. He is 25 years old.
    Istel Philine
    (Fujimura Ayumi)
    A young woman who joined up with the Invisible Knights after the end of the war, she is quite skilled and became a full-fledged operator at a very young age. She is 18 years old.
    Otto Ikemann
    (Ishii Yasutsugu)
    A pure soldier who believes it is every man's duty to fight up until his very last breath. He is 42 years old.
    Hilde Nietzsche
    (Ito Shizuka)
    A proud woman who is determined to live in the present, she is also a very sore loser. She is 20 years old.
    Ebel Gusuta
    (Matsubara Daisuke)
    A subordinate of Eric from the One Year War, Ebel is generally unremarkable. He is 19 years old.
    Aresu Rolf
    (Maeno Tomoaki)
    A man with a cowardly nature, his time with Eric causes him to try and change himself. He is 19 years old.

    Story Summary (Spoilers)

    Operation Varuna's Tears is a plan by the Zeon Remnant to hijack the Earth Federations lunar mass driver and use it to attack the Earth. They basically want to hold the Earth hostage and force the Republic of Zeon's government (which is mostly a puppet-state of the Earth Federation) to disband, and officially recognize Zeon as the victors of the One Year War.

    As you can probably guess, it's not exactly the smartest or most imaginative plan in the world.

    Anyway, Zeon's Invisible Knights are responsible for carrying out this plan. Eric sees it as revenge for all of his comrades who died in the One Year War. Opposing the Invisible Knights at various turns are the Federations elite task force, the Phantom Sweepers, led by Hughes.

    The Invisible Knights have pretty shoddy equipment, so to carry out their plan they end up constantly trying to steal supplies from the Earth Federation. Many of their mobile suits and weaponsincluding the Efreet Nachtare Zeon mobile suits that the Federation captured, re-captured by the Invisible Knights.

    In order to set Varuna's Tears in motion, the Zeon remnant launches several diversionary missions throughout the Earth in order to keep the Federation from realizing their true goals.

    Allison Cherie is assigned to the Phantom Sweepers from Odessa, where she served as a test pilot for the RX-81 line of mobile suits. She is a former member of Eric's squadron, and her brother currently serves in the Invisible Knights. She infiltrated the Augusta Lab near the end of the One Year War, and stayed with the Federation even after the war ended. During the firefight at Augusta, Cherie recognizes Eric and blurts out part of the Invisible Knight's plan, indicating that she is, in fact, a Zeon spy.

    As a result, Hughes is ordered to disable Cherie so she can be captured and interrogated. He shoots her mobile suit and she is turned over to Federation security.

    Later, when the Phantom Sweepers steal an HLV to transport themselves to the Moon, Cherie appears in a GM just in time to save Hughes' life. During her time with the Federation, Cherie developed feeling for Hughes and her other comrades and did not want to see them die. She sacrifices her life, killing her brother in the process, as Aden Spaceport erupts in flame.

    When the HLVs leave Earth, the organizational structure of the Zeon remnant is in shambles, their headquarters in Indochina overrun by the Federation. They gather what little strength they have (based mostly around a single Musai) and assault two different Mass Drivers simultaneously. At this point, the Federation Pegasus-class warship, Thoroughbred, arrives at the Moon and unveils a new Gundam mobile suit, the RX-78-7, piloted by Courand Hughes.

    Hughes defeats the Musai cruiser, but Eric's team has still succeeded in capturing a mass driver. The Phantom Sweepers assault the mass driver, and at this point the story branches toward two different endings.

    In the Phantom Sweepers ending, Hughes kills Eric and prepares to sacrifice his life in a suicide-run on the mass driver. Before he can do so, however, the Thoroughbred appears and destroys the mass driver with its weaponry. Hughes hears the voices of his teammates, and remembers his old team in the One Year War. He apologizes to the ghosts of the dead, and says he cannot join them (die) today. On the Invisible Knights side, Eric dominates Hughes' Gundam, but does not kill him. Unfortunately, the mass driver was damaged in the battle and the target cannot be altered, so Eric fires the mass driver at Augusta. As the mass driver hurdles its payload toward the Earth, a massive federation force arrives at the facility, surrounding Eric's Gelgoog Custom. The game ends at this point. Presumably Eric would be either captured or killed.

    Mission Guide

    The mission guide isn't intended solely as a walkthrough--if you know how to play the game, and can play it well, you don't really need a lot of help. If you do need a lot of help, this is not the place to look for it.

    Most missions are fairly straightforward. For the most part, expect the material here to be fairly light, if I think a mission is a little difficult or confusing, I'll mention a few tips that might help ya' clear it.

    Gundam Senki has two campaigns, one for the Earth Federation's Phantom Sweepers, and another for the Zeon Remnants--the Invisible Knights. Each campaign consists of two types of missions: story missions and optional missions. Story missions are very cinematic and advance the story. Once you beat a story mission, you cannot play that mission again. Optional missions, however, do not need to be played to beat the campaign. These are typically very, very simple missions and they can be re-played any number of times. So if you're having trouble clearing a story mission, farming optional missions for experience and points is a perfectly viable strategy.

    I have not included any sort of guide for the optional tutorial missions, reasoning that they are so simple that no one could ever, possibly, have anytrouble with them whatsoever.

    There are a few things you need to know when looking through this guide.

    First, the enemies listed are not necessarily ALL of the enemy types you will encounter, think of them merely as the enemies you should expect to encounter.

    Items: for the story mission, there are two types of items: N and H. N means the item will be given to you on normal difficulty, and H means you'll get the item after beating the mission on hard difficulty. The items gained from easy difficulty are not listed.

    Things are a bit trickier with the free missions. Each mission has a list of five obtainable items, numbered one through five. Each time you beat the mission, you will receive a RANDOM selection of three items. If you're playing on Normal, you may receive items 1, 2 or 3. If you are playing on hard difficulty, you may obtain items 2, 3, or 4. Similarly, Hell difficulty nets items 3, 4 and 5. Because the reward is random, you may beat a mission on Hell difficulty and only receive item number three. It's annoying, but you have to deal with it.

    To access a mission's Hard mode, you must beat that mission on Normal difficulty. Similarly, to access a missions Hell mode, you must beat that mission again on hard mode.

    ''Story Mission #01 - Libyan Desert''

    "Operation Desert Wind"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Bullpup Machine Gun
    N2: Beam Saber [G]
    N3: Armor Upgrade
    H1: Bullpup Machine Gun
    H2: Beam Saber [G]
    H3: Spiked Shield

    The Phantom Sweepers are to provide support to another Federation mobile suit team hunting the Zeon remnants in Africa.


    The hostiles are spread pretty much all over the map, so if you can't see any enemies on your radar, you can press start to view the big map and see where everyone is. Alternatively, this is a dusk-battle, so weapons fire is quite visible from long-distance. If you want to find the enemy quickly, just follow the pretty lights.

    ''Optional Mission #01 - Libyan Desert''

    "Libyan Desert Mop-Up Duty"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Armor Upgrade
    N2: GM Beam Saber
    N3: Spare Magazine
    H1: Armor Upgrade
    H2: GM Beam Saber
    H3: Ground Warfare Module

    Ground radar has detected enemy mobile suits in the area. They pose a threat to several military installations nearby. You are to completely wipe out the enemy forces.


    A simple kill-everything mission, should be pretty easy for you (if a bit time-consuming). Remember, unlike story missions, optional missions can be completed any number of timesmaking them perfect for points-farming.

    ''Story Mission #02 - Syrian Desert''

    "Rescue Mission"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Rocket Launcher
    N2: Battle Shield
    N3: Spare Magazine
    H1: Rocket Launcher
    H2: Battle Shield
    H3: Ground Warfare Module

    Zeon mobile suits are attacking a transport convoy in the desert. Defend the transports and destroy all attacking mobile suits.


    Again: The hostiles are spread pretty much all over the map, so if you can't see any enemies on your radar, you can press start to view the big map and see where everyone is. Alternatively, this is a dusk-battle, so weapons fire is quite visible from long-distance. If you want to find the enemy quickly, just follow the pretty lights.

    ''Story Mission #13 - Syrian Desert''

    "Aden Base Express"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Armor Upgrade +3
    N2: Spare Magazine x2
    N3: EN Pack x2
    H1: Armor Upgrade +3
    H2: Spare Magazine x2
    H3: EN Pack x2

    Zeon remnants have seized control of the main supply road leading to Aden Base. Break through the enemy line.


    Kill everything you see. Nice and simplebut remember, this one's supposed to be an easy mission. Things are about to get much more difficult.

    ''Optional Mission #02 - Syrian Desert''

    "Syrian Desert Patrol Duty"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Melee Upgrade
    N2: AP Recovery Unit
    N3: Bullpup Machine Gun
    H1: Melee Upgrade
    H2: AP Recovery Unit
    H3: Magella Top Cannon

    Zeon remnants have infested the area. Seek them out and destroy them.


    Like most of the optional missions, this is very straightforward. Simply kill everything, the faster the better.

    ''Story Mission #03 - Odessa''

    "The Odessa Offensive"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies/Defeat MS-08NT/X Efreet Nacht
    N1: Beam Gun
    N2: Radar Upgrade
    N3: Apogee Motor
    H1: Beam Gun
    H2: Radar Upgrade
    H3: Space Warfare Module

    The Odessa military base is under large-scale assault by Zeon remnant forces. The enemy is well-organized and well-equipped. You are to support the Federation forces and drive the Zeon attackers out of Odessa.


    This mission can be a bit tricky. For the first portion of the mission, you're tasked with annihilating several squads of attacking mobile suits. The enemies will come at you from two directions, with a very large circular structure in the middle.Rather than wasting a lot of time boosting around the structure to get from group to group, try going over.

    This mission also marks the first boss battle of the gameand it's a tough one. The Efreet moves like a red cometvery, very quickly. Most ranged weapons simply will not be able to hit it (at any range). If you're determined to kill it with ranged weapons, I'd recommend the Beam Spray Gun for its scattershot effect. Personally, however, I found it much easier to take outthe Efreet at close-range with the GM's beam sabers. I spent a little on upgrading the beam sabers to do 165 damage (and dual-wielded them). The Efreet is a close-range monster, so you'll need to time your attack well so that you're not counterattacked. It's best to strike from behind. After taking a full combo of saber-slashes, the Efreet will fall down. While you can still damage the Efreet while it's face-down in the sand, you should be patient. Circle around behind the Efreet, and wait for it to stand. As soon as it stands, complete another full combo. Continue repeating these actions until the Efreet gets down to about 15-20% health, and the mission will end.

    ''Optional Mission #03 - Odessa''

    "Odessa Intercept Mission"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Beam Saber [G]
    N2: Generator Upgrade
    N3: GM Command Shield
    H1: Beam Saber [G]
    H2: Generator Upgrade
    H3: Generator Upgrade +3

    A small contingent of Zeon troops has infiltrated Odessa. You are to hunt them down and destroy them.


    Don't get yourself killed: shouldn't be too hard, this is a pretty easy mission.

    ''Story Mission #04 - Khyber Pass''

    "Desperate Pursuit"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Heat Sword
    N2: Propellant Tank +1
    N3: Underwater Warfare Module
    H1: Heat Sword
    H2: Propellant Tank +1
    H3: Underwater Warfare Module
    The Efreet that attacked Odessa Base has disappeared. Many of the Zeon forces that participated in the attack, however, havebeen found. They are attempting to retreat through the Khyber Pass. You are to hunt them down and destroy them.

    The bazooka-wielding Doms can be a bit of a handfulwatch carefully so you can dodge in time, otherwise you'll find yourselfshort on AP far, far too often. Prioritize defending your supply point; let the enemy mobile suits come to you.

    ''Optional Mission #04 - Khyber Pass''

    "Canyon Cleanup"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Generator Upgrade +1
    N2: Ranged Upgrade
    N3: EN Pack
    H1: Generator Upgrade +1
    H2: Ranged Upgrade
    H3: Spiked Shield II

    Zeon mobile suits have been caught hiding the the canyon! Search them out and destroy them.


    Shoot stuff. Or cut stuff. Try not to be shot or cut.

    ''Story Mission #05 - Belfast Port/Atlantic Ocean''

    "Industrial Defense"

    Type: Defend the Area
    N1: Generator Upgrade +1
    N2: Capacity Upgrade
    N3: Apogee Motor +1
    H1: Generator Upgrade +1
    H2: Capacity Upgrade
    H3: Apogee Motor

    The Zeon Remnant is assaulting the port at Belfast in an attempt to steal military supplies to further their terrorist activities. You are to prevent them from stealing the supplies at all costs.


    There's a lot of water in this map, so get your underwater combat stats up as high as you can. Acguys are pretty easy to kill, but the Goggs can be nasty, they've got a heavy punch that makes them hard to approach, and they've got a lot of armor. Be careful, be patient, and remember to dodge.

    Once you repel the invading Zeon forces, you'll begin the second phase of the mission, hunting down those invaders in the middle of an ocean. If you don't have a nice, underwater-savvy mobile suit, you'll really regret it. Ignore the Z'Goks and focus on the mobile armor. Pick off its weapons before targeting the hull directly. Once you kill the mobile armor, the mission will, finally, end.

    ''Optional Mission #05 - Belfast Port''

    "Harbor Patrol"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Apogee Motor
    N2: GM Shield II
    N3: GM Beam Saber II
    H1: Apogee Motor
    H2: GM Shield II
    H3: GM-->GM Sniper Upgrade

    Underwater guerillas are attacking the supply depot. Wipe them out.


    Head for cover, stay out of the waterand take out the Hygoggs as soon as you possibly can.

    ''Optional Mission #6 - Atlantic Ocean''

    "Amphibious Assault"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Radar Upgrade
    N2: Propellant Tank
    N3: Beam Knife
    H1: Radar Upgrade
    H2: Propellant Tank
    H3: Propellant Tank +4

    Numerous Zeon forces have established themselves underwater. Destroy both the mobile suits and their supplies.


    There are some fixed turrets (underwater? Why would they do that?) that can tear you apart. Approach from cover and kill them quickly. A little while after you start the mission, a few E-type Z'Goks will appear and make a b-line for your supply pointpay attention to your radar so you can take them out before you lose your supply point, or you will most certainly regret it.

    ''Story Mission #7 - Bahamas''

    "Supply Salvage"

    Type: Recover the Supplies
    N1: Mass-Produced Beam Rifle
    N2: Radar Upgrade +1
    N3: Sniper Scope 3.0
    H1: Mass-Produced Beam Rifle
    H2: Radar Upgrade
    H3: GM Sniper Shield

    Briefing: Seek out the Zeon forces and recover the supplies they stole. Strategy: Aquatic customization is a MUST. The Aquatic GM would be a most wise choice. The enemy mobile suits will attempt to destroy the supply containers, which will decrease the amount of points you earn after the completion of the mission. Prevent them from destroying the supplies to maximize your points.

    ''Optional Mission #7 - Bahamas''

    "Maritime Radar Interception"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies Items:

    N1: Underwater Warfare Module
    N2: Armor Upgrade
    N3: Melee Upgrade +2
    H1: Underwater Warfare Module
    H2: Armor Upgrade
    H3: Capacity Upgrade +1

    Briefing: Zeon remnants are in the area. Hunt them down and kill them all. Strategy: You don't have to have an aquatic mobile suit since most of the combat will occur on land, just be careful not to get drawn into the water by the Z'Goks.

    ''Story Mission #8 - Jungle''

    "Jungle Mop-Up"
    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Bullpup Machine Gun
    N2: Generator Upgrade +2
    N3: GM Command Beam Saber
    H1: Bullpup Machine Gun+
    H2: Generator Upgrade +2
    H3: Apogee Motor +1

    The Earth Federation mobile suit corps is mobilizing to weed out Zeon remnant forces hiding in the jungle. You are to participate in this mission and take out as many Zeon mobile suits as you can.


    Watch out for Zaku Snipers on top of the cliffs. Luckily, most of the cliffs are short enough to jump on top ofand if you hang by the base of the wall near a target, the Sniper will jump down to greet you.

    ''Optional Mission #8 ・Jungle''

    "Cleanup Duty"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Melee Upgrade
    N2: Ground Warfare Module
    N3: EN Pack
    H1: Melee Upgrade
    H2: EN Pack
    H3: Gundam [G]-->Gundam [G] GM Head Upgrade

    Zeon forces have been detected in the area. Eliminate them.


    Very straightforward mission. Watch out for the snipers and you should be fine. Just remember to watch your AP and defend your supply point.

    ''Story Mission #9 ・Indochina''

    "Army Crutch"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Beam Saber [G]
    N2: Beam Saber [G] II
    N3: Missile Launcher+
    H1: Beam Saber [G]
    H2: Missile Launcher+
    H3: Battle Shield II

    Zeon forces in southeast Asia have been repeatedly launching attacks against Federation facilities. You are to move into the norther region of Indochina to root out the Zeon aggressors.


    When you encounter the Efreet, use the same strategy you used at Odessa. Eric shouldn't give you too much trouble.

    ''Optional Mission #9 ・Indochina''

    "Jungle Mop-Up"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies Items:

    N1: Ranged Upgrade
    N2: Armor Upgrade +1
    N3: Apogee Motor +2
    H1: Armor Upgrade +1
    H2: Ranged Upgrade
    H3: Gundam [G] Upgrade Part

    Briefing: Zeon forces have been detected lurking near the base. We don't know what they're up to, but we need you to eliminate them. Strategy: Boost. Jump. Kill.

    ''Story Mission #10 ・New Yark''

    "Defending York"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Ranged Upgrade +1
    N2: Sniper Scope 4.0
    N3: EN Pack
    H1: Ranged Upgrade +1
    H2: Sniper Scope 4.0
    H3: EN Pack

    The newly-rebuilt city of New Yark is under attack by Zeon remnants. The utopian cityscape serves as a symbol of the might and prosperity of the Federation. You must defend New Yark no matter the cost.


    A very simple, nice mission. Enjoy the cinematic at the end. Here's hoping you weren't too fond of the poor guy.

    ''Optional Mission #10 ・New Yark''

    "Mop-Up Duty"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Ground Warfare Module
    N2: Apogee Motor
    N3: Ranged upgrade +2
    H1: Ground Warfare Module
    H2: Apogee Motor
    H3: RX-81 Shield

    Zeon remnants are in the area. Destroy them.


    Ain't the city beautiful? This mission is pretty easy, so why not take a slow pace and enjoy the scenery?

    ''Story Mission #11 ・Ural Mountains''

    "Defend the Radar"

    Type: Defend the Area
    N1: Prototype Beam Rifle
    N2: Generator Upgrade +3
    N3: Apogee Motor +3
    H1: Prototype Beam Rifle
    H2: Apogee Motor +3
    H3: Propellant Tank +3

    Zeon forces are attacking our radar station on the mountain's peak. Defend the radar from the invaders.


    God, I love this mission. Love this map. It's absolutely gorgeous and it's the only mountain I've ever seen in a game that actually feels like an honest-to-goodness mountain. Anyway, this mission should be fairly easy. The big thing to look out for will be the Dodais and Dopps that fly overhead. They move fast, and if they get to the peak it's mission over. To make matters worse, you need to be near to the peak (at a high altitude) in order to target them. I recommend using melee weapons on the mobile suits, and keeping a beam rifle in reserve for the aircraft.

    Keep your radar zoomed out, and when you see a flight approaching, get up to the top of the mountain as quickly as you can. Don't worry about locking on or your radargo into sniper view (R3) and aim your shots manually. The closer they get to your location, the more you'll have to lead your target. If you can manage this much, the mission should be a piece of cake and you should adore it as much as I do.

    ''Optional Mission #11 ・Ural Mountains''

    "Mountain Radar InterceptionE

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Propellant Tank +1
    N2: GM-->GM Sniper Upgrade
    N3: Radar Upgrade +2
    H1: Propellant Tank +1
    H2: GM-->GM Sniper Upgrade
    H3: Armor Upgrade +4

    Zeon forces are invading the mountain. Repel them.


    Just like the story mission, so you should already know what to do. Should be a lot of fun, no?

    ''Story Mission #12 ・Augusta Lab''

    "The Augusta Defensive"

    Type: Defend the Radar Domes
    N1: RX-81 Beam Saber
    N2: Heavy Rifle
    N3: Short Beam Rifle
    H1: Heavy Rifle
    H2: Short Beam Rifle
    H3: RX-81 Beam Saber

    Zeon forces have launched a massive assault on the Augusta military installation. They are attempting to destroy the base's four large radar dishesyou must defend the installation.


    Similar to the Ural Mountains radar defense. Take out the mobile suits as quickly as you canespecially the Zaku Cannonsand keep a wide-area radar view so you can spot the incoming aircraft immediately and take them out.

    ''Optional Mission #12 ・Augusta Lab''

    "The Augusta Interception"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Ranged Upgrade +4
    N2: Generator Upgrade +1
    N3: RX-81-->RX-81 Missile Upgrade
    H1: Ranged Upgrade +4
    H2: Generator Upgrade +1
    H3: RX-81-->RX-81 Gatling Upgrade

    Enemy mobile suits have invaded Odessa. Destroy them.


    Very simple and straightforward. Enjoy hunting GelgoogsI know I did.

    ''Story Mission #14 ・Aden Spaceport''

    "The Burning HLVs"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: RX-81-->RX-81 Gatling Upgrade
    N2: Space Warfare Module
    N3: RX-81-->RX-->81 Missile Upgrade
    H1: RX-81-->RX-81 Gatling Upgrade
    H2: Space Warfare Module
    H3: RX-81-->RX-->81 Missile Upgrade

    Zeon forces are invading Aden Base with the intention of stealing HLVs to escape into space. You are to destroy all of the HLVs to prevent the Zeon escape.


    This mission can be a real pain. Stay where you are and let the nearby mobile suits come to you, then take them out quickly while using the cliff for cover. Then try to flank the enemy, taking out the fixed beam turrets first. Don't approach the gate until most of the enemies have been taken out as soon as you approach the gate, Zeon's Invisible Knights will appear.

    The Efreet can be a real pain. Take him out from a distance, if you can. Eric's melee attacks are far better now than they were the first few times you foughtno matter how well equipped you are, you're not going to be much of a match at close range.

    ''Optional Mission #13 ・Aden Spaceport''


    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Melee Upgrade +1
    N2: Propellant Tank +4
    H1: Propellant Tank +4
    H2: Melee Upgrade +1
    H3: GM Rifle

    Zeon forces have invaded Aden Spaceport. They appear to be a small scouting unit. Destroy them.


    Watch out for the supply points and surprise, surprise--the Efreet.

    ''Story Mission #15 ・Moon (Hills)''

    "Hunting Musai"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Melee Upgrade +3
    N2: Beam Saber+
    N3: Space Warfare Module
    H1: Ranged Upgrade +3
    H2: Beam Saber+
    H3: Space Warfare Module

    The Zeon remnants are gathering there forces on the surface of the moon. A small group led by a Musai-class warship is attempting to attack the Mass Driver at the lunar base. Attack the Zeon forces and eliminate the Musai.


    I don't really get this mission. This is the only time you'll be fighting on a rail, and it's the only time you'll be seeing the Heavy Full Armor Gundam Unit 7. Anyway, this is insanely. Lock-on will be automatic. Use your beam rifle to take out most of the enemies, but use your beam cannon to take out the mobile armors and the Musai quickly.

    ''Optional Mission #14 ・Moon (Hills)''

    "Lunar Patrol"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Apogee Motor +1
    N2: GM Quel Beam Saber
    N3: Gundam Beam Saber III
    H1: Apogee Motor +1
    H2: Melee Upgrade +4
    H3: Gundam Beam Saber III

    Zeon forces are in the area. Destroy them.


    Kill stuff. Have fun. The Hills are definitely the nicest of the three lunar maps.

    ''Story Mission #16 ・Moon (Mountains)''

    "The Last Line of Defense"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Capacity Upgrade
    N2: Beam Rifle+
    N3: AP Recovery Unit +1
    H1: Capacity Upgrade
    H2: Beam Rifle+
    H3: AP Recovery Unit +1

    The attacking Musai was a diversion. Zeon forces are approaching a different mass driver, and there's not much time less. Intercept the Zeon mobile suits and make your way to the mass driver as quickly as you can.


    God, I absolutely love this mission. Best one in the game. Basically, it's just one big ol' brawl. You'll be fighting a ridiculous amount of enemies, and by now you should have your suit upgraded to the point where you're taking them out very, very fast. It shouldn't pose much of a challenge, but it should be insanely awesome.

    ''Optional Mission #15 ・Moon (Mountains)''

    "Mop-Up Operations"

    Type: Destroy all Enemies
    N1: Apogee Motor +5
    N2: Ranged Upgrade +1
    N3: Gundam Shield II
    H1: Apogee Motor +5
    H2: Ranged Upgrade +1
    H3: Armored Gundarium

    Suspicious activity has been detected on the area. Inspect the area and if you discover any Zeon presence, annihilate them.


    Kill stuff. Go melee crazy--you don't have a supply point this time around.

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