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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Version History

    1.0 - May 9, 2012

    Finished Guide

    Xbox 360

    LBWeapon Wheel
    RBShoot Dodge
    BackWeapon Attachments
    D-Pad UpPain Killers
    D-Pad DownDrop weapon/quick turn
    D-Pad L/RAim over left/right shoulder

    Playstation 3

    L1Weapon Wheel
    R1Shoot Dodge
    Triangle (T)Activate
    SelectWeapon Attachments
    D-Pad UpPain Killers
    D-Pad DownDrop weapon/quick turn
    D-Pad L/RAim over left/right shoulder

    Something Rotten in the Air

    When you first gain control of Max, you'll be prompted to enter Bullet Time. Hit the button as prompted and then shoot the first masked gunman. After you kill him, move forward and you'll be prompted to do a Shoot Dodge which is fancy speak for a jumping-Bullet-Time-Shot. Every time you hit that button, you'll enter Bullet Time even when your gauge is empty but as soon as you hit the ground, you'll be prone on the floor which will leave you very vulnerable if it's not placed properly.

    Once you've killed these first three guys and before entering that room, continue down the hall and you should find your first piece of golden weapon (PT 92 1/3) tucked in the corner. Pick that up and then enter the room. When you enter, you'll see one enemy almost directly ahead of you and around a corner to the right. There will also be another enemy on the left side that you can't see. Take out the first enemy and then Shoot Dodge to kill the guy on the left. After they are both dead, search the room and grab any extra weapons (you can carry two single handed weapons and a two-handed weapon). Search the table in the living room for some Pain Killers and a Celebrity Magazine clue. Go out onto the porch.

    PT 92 1/3.

    Out on the porch, you'll automatically climb onto the roof and slide down. When you enter bullet time, line up your shot and make sure that you get a good shot on the gunman. You'll automatically get into the elevator and head downstairs. Go around the corner by the counter and take cover behind one of the pillars. Keep your eyes open because if you stay here for too long, enemies will approach you from the sides. Most of the enemies will be at the far end and be entering from the left side. Remember your Bullet Time and Shoot Dodge. Everything is perfectly spaced for you to Shoot Dodge from cover to cover.

    After you've killed this group, go further ahead and an enemy will jump through the door to the left. When he jumps out, kill him and you will get a Final Kill Cam.

    Final Kill Cam

    There's a few important qualities to the Final Kill Cam. The first is that it signifies the end of a battle which means you are generally safe to explore. It also counts as a checkpoint. If you die beyond this point, you almost always will return somewhere between this point and your next shootout. This may not seem like much but when you realize that it also gives you a fresh pain meter, that's pretty fantastic. Lastly, you can slow down the Kill Cam if you hold the sprint button and you can shoot more to enjoy the physics engine. In the normal game, this really just amounts to wasting ammo for kicks but during Score Attack, this counts as extra points.

    After you've killed that enemy but before going into the garage, head back into the previous room and passed the bar. In the corner by a column and a potted plant you will find another part of the Golden PT92. Now, head down into the garage and as you come into the garage proper, you'll be confronted by a group of four enemies while a few more move ahead. It's important to watch your flanks here because there's not a lot of sweeping cover. If you spend too much time watching the right side of the nearest pole, you'll be flanked from across the garage to the left and vice versa. Keep an eye on the left but pay more attention to the right because if you can keep that clear, you can Shoot Dodge your way up the right side from pole to pole allowing you to pick off enemies on the left side easily.


    Now that the garage is clear, make your way up to the gate and find the button to open it just to the left. At the end of the garage will be a ramp leading up to your left. Before going up the ramp, check the corner of the room to the right on the yellow painted pavement to find the last piece of the Golden PT92. Just as the ramp starts to go upward, you'll find a picture on the ground. This is a clue and will give you a little more insight into what's going on. Check it out and continue up the ramp. At the top, you'll come to four more enemies. If you're fast, you may be able to use a single Bullet Time and get them all at once. If not, take cover and clear them out and then open the gate nearby.

    In the next area, a van will take off and you'll get a Bullet Time effect to shoot the tire. This is a pretty easy shot as long as you hit some part of the tire (sometimes even the hub caps). When you do, the bad guys will open the doors and get out. There should be three of them total and they will spread out. You will have a second so hop behind the cover to your left and hit Bullet Time. With any luck, you should be able to hit the two that hard to the left before they can find cover. Kill them and then move to the pillars on the right to get rid of the last guy.

    Go up and open the back door of the Van. You'll be knocked on your back and dazed as two more enemies join the fight. Luckily, you'll be given Bullet Time to handle them. Take your time and pop the guy on the left, then the guy on the right in the distance. Once you've killed them, the chapter will end.

    Nothing But the Second Best

    When the action picks up, you'll be flying through the air and shooting. There's an achievement/trophy to kill all six enemies before you hit the ground. This is a little bit tough because they are pretty well scattered, they aren't in a particularly easy line, and they are scattered amongst innocent people in colorful shirts making it hard to pick them out of the crowd. I would keep hitting Retry from the pause menu until you get it but if you don't want to, you may continue on. Before you go up the stairs, head down to the DJ's area to find a part of the Golden .38 Revolver.

    • Achievement: Out the Window

    At the top, you won't be able to get through the doors so you'll have to turn around and head back to the VIP lounge. You'll more than likely have one enemy coming down the rounded stairs from the VIP lounge with two more in the window that you just jumped through. I highly recommend that you stop half way down these stairs and take cover behind one of the railings, this will give you a better angle to fight them from than down on the dance floor. Take them out, make your way up to the VIP lounge and watch for a possible straggler coming down the back entrance to the VIP lounge. Make sure that you pick up any weapons you can on the way.

    Before leaving this room, there are a few things to check. On the end of the VIP bar will be a Nightclub Flyer clue and behind the bar will be some Painkillers. There's also part of the Golden Mini-30 behind the bar. Check over where Claudio was earlier to find the Dead Soccer Star clue. Now go out through that back door.

    You'll come out to another lounge around. There should be two enemies directly ahead of you and up the aisle, one enemy to the left and one tucked into the nearest corner to your left that will be hard to see. The last enemy will come through the doors at the back left. You should have no problem taking out the two in front of you if you be careful but be aware that there's no place to take cover in front of you. Take them out and slowly inch around the corner to take the one out slightly to your left. Depending on what happens, take out the enemy at the back left coming through the door (if he is coming) and/or do a Shoot Dodge around the corner to the left to take out the man tucked in the corner. Check for weapons, including automatic pistols that they may have dropped (if that's your sort of thing) and then head through the door to the left.

    When you regain control of Max again, you'll be in a long lit up hallway with an enemy at the end to the right. Kill him as he pops out (Shoot Dodge will be useful). And then follow the hallways to the right to get out. As the hall starts to turn back left, it'll open to a large bar area. In the first bar will be an enemy. Directly to the left of that bar will be another mini-bar with an enemy. Kill the first enemy and take cover behind that bar. Take out the next enemy at the min-bar and then find the raised platform just to the right of the mini-bar. There will be an enemy or two on the floor in front of it as well as an enemy up on the platform. You are probably safest behind this same bar. Once he is dead, head up the stairs to your left and you will be able to get to that raised area to find a part of the Golden .38 Revolver.

    After you've cleared these enemies out, move over to the glass railing on the other side of this bar and use your position to easily take out the three enemies on the lower level by the next mini-bar. Go through the doors at the end. You'll come to a rather uninteresting room but with some interesting stuff. One of the stalls on the left will have the Ex-Cop and on the table by the exit, you will find a Torn Dress Piece. The next room will be a sort of locker room. Inside one of the lockers will be a couple of pain killers. Grab those before heading into the kitchen.

    Inside the kitchen will be a couple of guys at the far end. Take cover behind the long table and then get rid of them but watch out for flanking as they may each try to move up a side. As you kill one of these two, another two enemies will appear from the right. Take these guys out from your comfortable position. Once the coast is clear, check the counter along the right wall near where you are to find a Portuguese Newspaper. Now head into the next room through the door the enemies came through.

    This room is a little dangerous because you have to balance two different angles. The middle of the room is round with a lot of windows allowing enemies to shoot across will the outside is a loop. Kill the first enemy or two that approach around the outside and move to the first window. You will likely have an enemy inside that room so take him out through the window and keep moving. I highly recommend that you push the left stick in so that you are crouching as this will make you a harder target to hit through the windows. You should come to a group of two or more enemies around the outside. Kill them and as you come to the last leg of this loop you'll find more. Remember to check in the round middle room since they may have moved in there, essentially ending up behind you. When the coast is clear, check the middle section of the room for part of the Golden Mini-30 on a table. Be quick about it though because if you linger too long, you'll get a "Fail" scenario.

    You'll regain control of Max in the chopper and you'll have to protect Giovanna. There will be five different enemies on the helipad as well as Giovanna herself. Start shooting them and try to take them out quickly (Bullet Time). If you miss an enemy as you sweep the pad, it's very hard to kill him before he makes it to Giovanna and kills her so be sure to make every shot count and be doubly sure not to shoot her.

    She'll run down the stairs nearby and you'll now have to provide air support to protect her. Make sure you use your Bullet Time. She'll run down the stairs and then an enemy will follow her. Two more will exit through a door behind and to her left. Kill them and then kill the two coming down the stairs again. One more may come out of the door. Check where she is and kill the two enemies approaching from her left. She'll try to leave the area through a door but one guy will step out. Kill him and then she'll run through the door.

    Giovanna will be outside running along a giant red sign. Various enemies will run out and try to grab her. You'll have to take them out as you go and then when she gets to the end, another enemy will step out ahead of her. At every major intersection, be ready for the next guy to pop out.

    Once you've gotten her past that part. You'll come to another area where groups of men will pour into a central area and attack you. There should be about six in all and shouldn't be too big of a problem, just take your time killing them. Once everything looks dead, train your sights back on where Giovanna is because an enemy is going to step out behind her. Kill him.

    When you regain control again, you'll be hanging from the chopper shooting at enemies. The first thing to shoot at is a rocket coming straight at you. After you've destroyed that, hit the guys trying to shoot you down. Place your cursor on them and just keep pulling the trigger because this isn't the easiest angle. Part way through, another man with an RPG will appear. Shoot his rocket down and then kill any remaining enemies on the landing pad.

    At this point, you'll "land" on the helipad. Run down the stairs and collect pain killers on the way down. Wrap around to the little room underneath the helipad and on the left side of the room will be the last part of the Golden Mini-30 on the floor. Come out of that room but don't go through the door just yet. There will be a couple of enemies down the stairs and to the left. You want to take one step through the door and do a Shoot Dodge down the stairs, killing the two men here. As soon as you can, get up and run for the large vent directly in front of you. Check your surroundings. You have a good position but there are a lot of enemies and a lot of ways they can easily sneak up on you. First check behind you, then watch either side. There is a door way back to the left, another not so far to the right and then the catwalk by the sign. All of these can bring enemies to you. There's about nine enemies total. Usually the last one will come up the catwalk as you approach.

    After you've cleared them all, make your way to the catwalk and just as the catwalk turns, an enemy will step out from the right. You'll have a good chance for a melee here so hit him and then shoot him to kill him. Making your way across the catwalk can be a pain. You want to be sparing about your Bullet Time but don't be too shy about it either. Whenever you see an enemy, particularly off to your right on the side part of the sign catwalk, use Bullet Time just until you've kill them, then turn it off. You can also use it for enemies that appear on your section of catwalk if you've got enough. It's very helpful but it's significantly less helpful than using it on the side.

    .38 Revolver 3/3

    At the end of the catwalk, turn right and in the farthest corner will be the last part of the Golden .38 Revolver. Make sure you grab that and then follow the back side of the catwalk back to the roof. Just be careful as you approach the first corner because an enemy will likely try to sneak around you. The same goes for the second corner as another enemy will try to hit you. As you round that second corner, you'll come to an area with a little more space. You may get rushed by one of the enemies so be careful here. Kill him and then kill his two friends behind him. Watch out though because they have shotguns and can deal some serious damage at this range. Make our way past them and take cover at the corner of the fence. Kill the one enemy as he approaches. Make your way past him and into the building. Go down the stairs inside and just as you reach the third landing, look at the floor to find Giovanna's Necklace. Continue down the stairs.

    Just Another Day At the Office

    Ouch! Ok, so hurry into the stadium before you get shot. Inside, follow Passos around for a little bit until you can patch up your arm. Once you do, you'll be given a gun and you'll ambush a group of three enemies. If you can get one of them, you might be able to hit Bullet Time and get a second before it runs out. With two enemies down, another group of enemies will burst through the door to the right and attack. Use the large barriers in here to move around so you can surprise your enemies with your attack angle. Once you've cleaned them out, check the medical room for some Painkillers and the next room over will have a Picture of Victor Branco on the wall for a clue. Now follow Passos towards the elevator.

    Before you get on the elevator, you'll see a door just down a hall to the left of the elevator. Inspect the Blood Stained Door for a clue. Take the elevator and when you get off, you'll find a wounded enemy. Passos will question him but it won't be particularly helpful. If you walk a little ways past them (or cap the wounded guy - it's safer but do you really want to be that guy?), you'll be ambushed by some enemies coming through a door to the right of the stage. Try to kill some as they come in before they can take up a position on the stage. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that you'll get them all and you'll have to do a Shoot Dodge at the top of the stairs to take the last enemies out. Once they are dead, check the camera room connected to this room to find part of the Golden M10 on the floor. Leave this room for the hallway. As you approach the door, one more enemy may appear.

    When you regain control of Max, you'll have a group of three tougher enemies to contend with. First of all, these guys have heavier weapons that shoot faster and do more damage (arguably more accurate too). Secondly, they pack some intense armor. Shooting them in the chest is almost a lost cause and will soak up tons of ammo. Obviously a headshot is optimal and will probably save you a dozen rounds or more. If you can't hit the head, it's actually better go for limbs or rear instead of torso. Make sure you watch for the one guard coming up the left side. Take him out (nice Shoot Dodge over the railing) and then take out the other two by going for their knees. Once they are dead, turn around and go back the way you came in and towards the back right will be a low shelf with part of the Golden M82A1. Follow after the money.

    Passos will head out into the stadium dodging sniper fire. Just be sure to keep moving so you don't get hit and follow your friend. You'll quickly end up back inside at a concession area. There is a group of enemies around the corner to the left but take your time. At the corner before entering the room, kill the two enemies on the right walkway and then proceed into the room. Take some cover and take out the last three enemies here. Be careful to get the two enemies on the upper walkway first because you don't want to have to pick them off in Last Man Standing. Make sure you check along the right wall in this room. On one of the pillars along the wall will be a blood stain to investigate.

    Stadium Blood

    Make your way to the Sniper's position. Along the way, you should encounter a single enemy and then when you reach the booth, you should find two more. After you've killed them, Passos will pick up the rifle and give you cover as you make your way across the bleachers. Make your way along the bleachers and when the four enemies appear, use a Bullet Time or Shoot Dodge to hopefully take out all four very quickly since they line up for you. If you go down the stairs in the bleachers to the bottom, you can find a piece of golden gun just next to the gate leading backwards.

    M10 Part 1/3

    Move to the next bleacher section but be careful, this part is tough. Take cover behind the railing by where the stairs lead down. This should provide you some cover from your current level and from below however, the enemies from below will be throwing grenades at you so take them out first. Pick off the two enemies below and then turn your attention to the enemies on this level. You may have a few of them preparing to rush you at this point. Kill any that you can here and wait to see if any more enemies appear below. If you haven't gotten many more kills except for the two below, start moving forward and you'll get some enemies to poke out from behind columns. Kill the one on the left (he's easier) and then Shoot Dodge around the right column for the second gunman. Quickly get behind cover, kill the two more enemies below but watch from behind you and particularly the stairs leading up into the stadium ahead of you. As you get to the stairs, you may want to Shoot Dodge to take out any enemies left on the stairs and then climb up the stairs into the stadium.

    There are pain killers in a cabinet in this room so make sure to grab them since you're likely to need them. When you've collected weapons, ammo, and pain killers, head through the double doors on the right. You really need to take it slow here because there are enemies tucked in everywhere. If you rush in, you'll end up surrounded quickly. Take out a few enemies from your starting position and slowly work your way through the area. Move up, one piece of cover at a time. When you get the chance, go left and you'll come across a few rows of seats. On one of the seats is the final part of the Golden M10. This position will also give you a good angle on your enemies. Once you get to the end with the memorial, immediately turn right and take out the man who just entered through the doors. Before leaving, investigate the Soccer Star Memorial for a clue. Go through these doors to get back out to the stadium proper by using the elevator.

    Soccer Star Memorial
    Faster Way

    When you get back to the bleachers, you can Shoot Dodge down the steps in front of you for a whole lot of easy kills. This is less systematic and safe but it only requires a moderate amount of skill to make it far more advantageous.

    Outside, you'll be in the bleachers again with even more enemies. Most of the enemies are on the lower level this time. This gives you a decent advantage but the two on the far right will quickly start climbing the stairs while the two just beneath you will start throwing grenades. Take cover behind the barriers to your left. This will get you to avoid the first grenade and give you better cover if the two from the right make it up the stairs before you are ready. Kill the two immediately below you and then focus on the other two. Once they are dead, another Sniper will appear. Before heading for the Sniper, make sure you head to the bottom level of the bleachers and head left. Around the corner, tucking back into the stadium will be a doorway. Next to it on the floor will be part of the Golden M82A1.

    Move along this level and you should see an opening that will lead into the stadium. Go in and then you will come out under the Sniper's tower. You'll find one enemy at the base of the stairs and then the Sniper will come out and be at the top of the stairs to the tower. Kill him too.

    You'll now have a Sniper Rifle. There is an achievement for protecting Passos with perfect aim. If you hit every shot, you'll get the achievement. Make use of your Bullet Time early to get a feel for how far ahead to lead. I'm not sure that you have to lead but it seemed like it to me.

    Passos will run down the stairs to the bottom of the bleachers. Three men will come out of the booth he was in and follow him directly down the stairs. Kill the three of them and then Passos will move to the base of the next stairs. One enemy will move down this next set of stairs. Passos will move again. One enemy will come down this third flight of stairs while another enemy will come down the previous set. Once they are both dead, a third enemy will come down the stairs on the other side of the barrier that splits the third set of stairs.

    In the next area, Passos will take cover behind barriers at the top of a flight of stairs. He'll take cover on the left side as three enemies attack him from the left. They'll be nice, big targets after the last few. Take them out and then focus just to the right of Passos as another enemy appears. Head back across Passos and fifth enemy will attack from the left. Lastly, an enemy will come straight up his stairs at him. Passos will move to the end and go up the stairs that you used to enter the stadium. You'll see his hands fly up and then an enemy will come down the stairs at him. He'll be an easy shot since he's not moving, just wait for him to come out enough.

    • Achievement: The One Eyed Man is King

    You'll come out underneath this last Sniper. You'll see a single enemy walking across the top of the bleachers. Kill him and then walk up the stairs. After you take a few steps, activate Bullet Time because there is an enemy at the top of these stairs. Kill him too. Get to the top of the bleachers but don't go through the door. If you follow the walkway at the top of the bleachers all the way to the right, you'll find the last part of the Golden M82A1.

    Now go back along the top of the bleachers and round the corner. Depending on how quickly you did this, you may find two or three enemies in this hallway. If there are only two, kill them and then Shoot Dodge around the corner to the left to take out the last one. Climb the ladder and at the top, you'll have to make quick work of three enemies on the catwalk. The first one will be in the middle of the bridge, one will be just to the right of the tower and the last will be behind or just to the left of the tower.

    Climb the final ladder and you'll come to a very large catwalk behind some stadium lights. There will be one enemy on the long part of the catwalk and then two more in a little overhang just to the right. Take them out and then go to where the two soldiers were and vault the railing. You'll come crashing through a window and enter Bullet Time. Take out the only enemy in the room to finish the chapter.

    Anybody Can Buy Me A Drink

    When the guidos come back and the lady starts yelling at them, be ready to shoot. You'll take cover on the left side of the room and then have to move into the pool room. Move up slowly because there are four enemies in here including one up the stairs. Try to take out the ones on the button floor from a distance, then climb the stairs with Bullet Time (if you need it) to take out the gunman upstairs. Kill him and check the hallway behind him for a piece of the Golden 1911. Head back downstairs and head towards the front door of the bar. Just to the right side of the bar will be another part of the Golden 1911.

    1911 Part 1/3

    You'll come to a lower bar area that's kind of beat up and Passos will take cover behind a brick wall to the left. Follow his lead. There are three enemies in this room and likely one in the next room that can hit you through the window over the bar. You can likely take out the three gunmen with a single Shoot Dodge and land behind the bar in cover. Kill the man through the window and then move into the next room through the door at the back. You'll likely find two more enemies here but it's very narrow, allowing you to pick them off easily. Go through the next door to get outside.

    Take a quick breather behind your cover and survey the five guys behind the two cars. If you are quick and good, you should be able to catch all five of these guys with a single Bullet Time but it's not easy. Note that the windows of the cars can be shot through so if they seem to be behind cover, make use of this and you should have a good shot if not a clear one. Killing them will bring a couple more enemies through the gate at the back. Before going through the gate, head back down the stairs towards the bar and check under the stairs for the last part of the Golden 1911. Now follow Passos through the gate.

    Passos will set you up at a corner in the alley and you'll need to keep the enemies busy while he goes up over the roof top to flank them. Kill the guys behind the cars and work your way up the alley using the dumpsters and cars for cover. After you've cleared these guys out (pretty easy, plenty of cover), you'll make your way up to your apartment.

    Before you come out of your apartment, look around it for a shotgun by the door, your NYPD Badge on the table by the couch, part of the Golden M500 on the floor, and Painkillers in the bathroom. When you go to leave your room, you'll be confronted by two enemies. Kill the two of them and then you'll be shot at through the windows. There will be five or six enemies on the roof across the street. If you kill them all and possibly a third enemy at the end of the hall, you'll get an achievement. However, it's tough and will likely cost you some pain killers (diving may be helpful). Watch Brewer help you and then head into his room. You can watch the TV if you'd like but you don't get anything for it. You can also find a notebook not far from the TV and some clippings on the wall by the bathroom, both of which are clues.

    • Achievement: That Old Familiar Feeling

    Leave his room and make a mad dash down the hallway that he just destroyed. At the end, turn right just before going up the stairs, check the blown out room to the right to find part of the Golden SAF 40 Cal. Go up the stairs and kill the two goons on this level of the roof and then try and get angle on the third to the right. Once the three are dead, go back behind the door you came out of and behind the wall will be part of the Golden M500. As you approach the spot that the last enemy was at, you'll be shot at from the left. Go over to the lip of the roof to take cover and then take these three enemies out. Vault over the lip and make your way across the roof. You will come to a part of the roof that slopes upward.

    In this area, you will be ambushed. Just to the right before the sloping ramp will be an exit to the building you are on. Just around the corner of that will be one enemy and then there will be three more. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of good cover here so your best bet is likely just to do a Shoot Dodge towards them and try to take a couple out. It may even benefit you to run straight through because the ramp can provide cover in some ways. Kill the enemies here and climb the ramp.

    You'll find yourself attached to the top of a water tower that falls over. Five enemies will see you and you need to kill all of them before you fall all the way or else you'll die. If you feel comfortable, go for headshots on them or just put 2-3 rounds in each one (infinite ammo) and just make sure you watch for the kill indicator (looks like the hit marker from CoD). It may take a couple of tries to get it but you will get it. Once you have control, go left (instead of right) and at the end of the roofs behind a wall will be part of the Golden SAF 40 Cal. Now head right and you will climb across some more roofing and then make your way into a building through the husk of a water tower.

    Inside, you'll be confronted by six or so enemies. Clear the area at the front of the next room and just behind the stack of wood. After that, move up to the stack of wood and clear out any survivors. Some of these enemies will be dropping Assault Rifles that are very effective. You may want to take one if you don't have a two handed weapon.

    When you go upstairs, you'll come to another firefight. There will be four enemies. One will be towards the middle of the next room, there will be two in that room in cover and one behind cover to the left. Make sure that you check the scaffolding just behind where they were. At the end of the scaffolding will be the last part of the Golden 500. Now go find Passos on this floor by a fire escape. You'll make your way down the fire escape and onto an adjacent roof.

    You'll drop into a chop shop below and have to fight off a group of a dozen enemies or so. Since your cover is so narrow, it's important that you watch your flanks, particularly to the right. It's common for an enemy to move into the office and attack from there. He'll do a decent amount of damage before you can kill him. Other than that, just keep picking off enemies as they come at you. They won't be shy about being aggressive. After the initial group of about six guys, another group will appear in the street for you to fight. If you are prepared, you can trigger Bullet Time just as they come out and probably catch a few before they find cover. After you've cleared the shop area, check the office attached to it to find the last part of the Golden SAF 40 Cal on a table. Go into the lot where those enemies were and follow Passos through the gate.

    You're now in a fence heavy back yard area. The enemies will flow in from the back left area and since you have help, it's best if you push up the right side quickly and take cover behind the couch or something similar. Just be careful because frequently, one guy will beat you to it. Kill him and you should be pretty safe there. Just be aggressive because your cover won't last forever. Once you've killed everyone, the chapter will end.

    Alive If Not Exactly Well

    At the start of the chapter, you'll have to make your way through a sort of chunk yard area and then vault over a broken wall. After more junk, you'll have to shoot the lock off of a door to enter a warehouse. Continue out of the back of the warehouse and you'll come to a couple of guys in a truck doing some disposal work. After the boat passes, take both of them out with your silenced pistol. Shoot the first in the head really quickly and then use Bullet Time to take out the other one as well. You could, conversely, shoot the yellow block under the front right tire of the truck and they will be killed by the truck. If you alert the enemy, kill those two and then be prepared for three more to come out of the nearby building.

    Either way, head into the next room and your cover will be blown whether you like it or not. Kill the initial two enemies and three more will enter the room. Be careful when you exit the room because the next room extends to the left of the door and there may be an enemy or two there waiting for you. Before leaving, head back into the office to find a Ransom Note inside on the desk. Go through the large door at the back and you'll come to three guys sitting around a fire in a shipping container. Use a Shoot Dodge or Bullet Time to take them out quickly. As you round the corner to the right, be careful to watch for the man on the shipping container and another just around a corner ahead. Immediately to the right of where you entered this area (looking at the guys in the shipping crate) will be a shipping crate that you can climb to get to part of the Golden 9MM Micro. This little path will quickly lead to a larger open area with two men in it. They should be an easy Shoot Dodge target. Kill them.

    Move beyond this area and the path will narrow again before opening to an intersection. At the intersection there will be one enemy to the right, one enemy to the left, and a third around the next corner to the left. Going around that next corner will lead to a larger open area with four enemies. There will be one behind the fork lift to the left, one behind some wood at the back and two behind some cover just to your left. Search the area for some ammo and then when you approach the back of the area to leave, you'll be ambushed by a fifth guy. Just beyond him is a very empty yard with stairs leading up to the next building. Now you can go up the stairs.

    You'll enter a room where Fabiana was. Near the chair is a video camera. Inspect the video camera for a clue and then grab the Painkillers on the table. Then go out the back. You'll be outside with stairs leading up to the left. Before going in, follow the wall to the right and around the corner will be a part of the Golden Micro 9mm. No go into the building.

    Micro 9mm part 1/3

    Inside the next room, you won't be able to activate Bullet Time immediately. You'll be in a boat and there will be seven enemies beneath you. Killing all seven before you hit the ground will get you an achievement. Pop up and try to take out two (if you can) before they even notice you. Once they do, you'll be thrown from the boat as it topples. Now that you are in Bullet Time, take out the other five. If you get them all, you'll get the achievement.

    • Achievement: Something Wicked This Way Comes

    As soon as you land, take cover behind the column in front of you and then check around the right side because you are about to be rushed. If you got all seven enemies then there should only be roughly three left and one of them is charging you. Kill him and if you're lucky, another of his companions will be not far behind him. This will account for two so just check left for the last one or two to clear the area. Enter the office to the left of the big gate and check on the medicine cabinet for some pain killers as well as a Branco Family Photo clue on the nearby table. Go up the stairs to the catwalk and pick up the final part for the Golden Micro 9mm. Hit the button in the office to open the big door. Go through and watch for an attack from the right.

    Chapter 5 picture

    Micro 9mm part 2/3

    There will be a couple of nice weapons stacked against some crates in front of you. Grab one and kill the enemy that is attacking you from nearby. Go into the next area and take cover behind some boxes. Kill the two enemies up on the catwalk and then the two enemies. Watch for a few more enemies coming from the back of the room as you climb up the nearby stairs. Once the room is clear, check for clues. Go back down the stairs and just next to them will be an area with a bed and a rolled up Boathouse Newspaper. If you go inside the nearby office, you'll find Nightclub Blueprints'. Now go back up the stairs and follow the catwalk. exit through the door on the catwalk and you'll come outside. Jump off the edge and kill the man at the bottom (at the same time if possible). Take cover behind the wall on your right and shoot through the window.

    Watch for an enemy from the right side coming out of a building. Kill him and then a second enemy that was right up the middle. As you go forward, take cover behind some boxes and turn left. The dock is going to curve left and a majority of the enemies will come from this direction. With two down, you probably have about eight more to go coming from this directly. Take cover behind some boxes that provide you a good vantage (the boxes next to the blue shipping crate and the barrels is good). Just when you think you are done, stay in cover for a moment and wait to see if anything else appears because it may take a second for them to come to you.

    Grab ammo (there's plenty) and then head back to where you first dropped off the catwalk in this area. In one of the shipping containers in the area will be part of the Golden LMG. Now go back into the yard and through the gate at the back of the area. You'll come to an open part of the dock and on the left side as you approach the water will be a control room.

    Make sure you grab the pain killers in this room and then activate the bridge controls. Leave this control room and inspect the shack just below it to find another part of the Golden LMG. Make your way across the catwalks. Go across the bridge, turn left and then at the end, turn right. There will be an enemy on the dock by some boxes. Kill him and then continue forward. As you get closer to the building, a boat will appear in the water to the left. Use your Bullet Time to take out the two gunmen (killing the driver isnt beneficial). Don't go to the end just, take cover behind the boxes that the first enemy was behind. When you feel ready, make your way around the corner and further along the docks.

    First the docks will turn right and you will be shot at from the left. About halfway to the end, you should see a piece of cover you can use on your left. Get behind it and thin some enemies. When you are ready, head to the end and turn left. Kill any enemies on this path and take cover about halfway to the next boat. On the boat will be two enemies, one of which may be in the cabin. The easiest way to take them out is to shoot the yellow propane tank in the middle of the boat in front of the three boxes. This will kill both enemies. Before heading onto the boat, follow the pier to the left and it will wrap around left to the back side of a gate. Next to this gate is going to be the last part of the Golden LMG. Grab that and head back to the boat.

    Head into the cab of the boat and pick up the pain killers. From here, you should be able to see out the front and perhaps notice a couple of enemies. Sometimes they won't shoot at you while you are in here so make the most of it and kill them. If not, head back out of the boat the way you came and turn left.

    Go through the chain link gate. Just at the corner of the dock to the left will be two enemies. Kill them quickly and then wait for the boat to come by directly in front of you. Kill the two gunmen again like last time and the pilot if you'd like (since it's an easy shot). As you approach that left turn in the pier, you will find an enemy on the boat just to your left. Kill him and head to the end. The pier will turn left again with a couple of small red boxes in front of you. Kill the enemy on the pier just to the left and take cover behind the boxes. There will be two enemies on the boat just in front of you that you can't reach. Take them out and then turn left. At the very end of this pier is a small boat house.

    In that boat house will be one enemy and just to the left of the boat house will be another. Kill them both and go into the boathouse to find pain killers. Continue along the piers and across the metal bridge. When you get to the end, you'll be ambushed by a man on the right of the next pier. Kill him and then turn left and take cover behind the metal box. Try and take out a couple of enemies but be very careful of the boat that will appear. This boat is going to come from the water to your left but they are going to approach from behind you. Keep an eye that way as you move forward so that as soon as they appear you can kill them. If you don't they will surely kill you. Once you've gotten rid of the boat, clean up any stragglers as you move along the pier. They shouldn't pose any real threat since there's no place for them to hide. Kill them all, go to the end of the pier and through the gate.

    Colder than the Devil's Heart

    This checkpoint is useful because it can help you get an achievement (it's checkpoint 12). To get the achievement, you need to use Bullet Time sparingly if at all. The achievement is to kill 30 people in less than 2 minutes. At a certain point, you'll come to a part where you are going up the middle of a village. Kill as many people here as you can and do so quickly, first on the left, then on the right. You'll eventually come to a large building with a bunch of small propane tanks on the right. If you look to the left, you should see a rather large yellow tank. Shoot this instead to blow up the building quickly. This will end this section and give you a bunch of kills. Once you've done that, you'll come to a part with some jeeps. Blowing up the jeeps is easier. If you manage to blow up all the jeeps and don't have the achievement, start it again.

    You'll now be on a boat with a heavy machine gun. You have unlimited ammo but the gun can overheat. You'll first be attacked by a couple of boats behind you. Kill them and then you will come to a section where a group of three boats will be trying to attack you from the left. Shoot at them (using Bullet Time if you aren't concerned about the achievement). Even if you don't kill them, when you get to the end, you'll find the two VIP boats. Follow them and make sure to shoot the Molotov Cocktails that they throw at you. Try to kill the enemies on the boat if you can and watch for the two that will be on a wooden bridge as you pass.

    You'll come to a village with groups of enemies on either side. They shouldn't really pose a threat to you and your massive gun. Just keep shooting them and they'll fall very quickly. After the first two groups of enemies, one guy will throw a grenade. Shoot it out of the sky and it will kill him. You'll flip to the right side and have to contend with a few more groups of enemies. After two groups, you'll come to a very wide building with a bunch of people. Keep firing into the left side of the building at the giant yellow tank there. When it explodes, you'll move on.

    The next section involves four jeeps. With your big machine gun, go for their engines and they'll blow up pretty quickly. When you've destroyed them all, your path will be blocked and you'll go around. You'll be chased by more small boats but just shoot and kill their occupants as you did at the beginning. Eventually, you'll catch up to the VIP boats again. You'll be pushed under a wooden structure and have to kill people on boats running alongside you. Make sure you watch for the smaller boats that come up behind the two larger VIP boats. After a little bit, you'll hit a section of pier and be launched into the air. At this point, you'll do your Max Payne thing and kill everyone in the boat below. Be very careful though. Shoot the three guys on the right, skip the on in the middle who is standing in front of Fabiana because the bullet will hit her anyway, and then shoot the three guys on the left. This will end the chapter.

    • Achievement: Part I Complete