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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    The Great American Savior of the Poor

    Max will make a silencer for his pistol and then move into the building. Just follow this path until you come to a room with a couple of thugs tossing bodies into an incinerator. Don't kill them, just follow them. Make sure that you inspect the Gurney. In the next room, you can find some pain killers and at the end will be an Ammo Crate on the floor to inspect. Move forward and then ride the elevator up to the hotel proper.

    On the second floor, you'll hear the men talking in the next room. Kill the two of them with your silenced pistol. If you fail, back up will appear and you'll have a fight on your hands. There will be four more enemies in this case. In particular, you should watch for enemies to come up through the door just in the room on the left. After you've cleaned out a little bit, you should check the bathroom floor for part of the Golden RPG. Go through the hole in the wall at the back and then take a right.

    Along the right wall will be a hole in the wall with a group of eight enemies on the far side of the room. Try and take a couple out but again, watch for them to flank up the left side and through the doorway. This is a major concern because you can't hit them until they appear and if you are aiming right, the door will be obscured. Once it's marginally safe, go through that doorway and along the outside. You'll have a good angle on them from outside but watch for an enemy rushing you as you get to the corner. Clear out this room and go through the door on the other side. In the hall by a gate will be a yellow button. Hit it to open the gate.

    Go into this room and take cover behind the metal cart. Kill the two enemies that come through the hole in the wall on the right. Then head into that room and take cover against the wall on the left. From here, slowly take out the few enemies in the distance and move up to the big hole in the floor. Go to the left and through a doorway. Immediately to your right will be an enemy shooting through a small hole in the wall. Kill him quickly and then turn around. You'll see a part of the Golden FMP next to a cart.

    FMP part 1/3

    Head back into the room and drop into the hole. This will prompt a couple more enemies to appear on the other side of the hole. Do a Shoot Dodge and take the two out. Climb up the other side of the hole and turn left. Climb out this way and inspect the room to find a wall filled with photos. Inspect the wall of photos for a clue and check on the floor near the right side of the sofa to find Passos' ID Card. Exit the room and go through the other door. An enemy will appear as you try to climb back out of the hole. Kill him and go into the hallway. Immediately take cover behind the cart to your right. There will be three enemies in this hallway. Kill them from this cover and then blast the propane tanks to open the door.

    Go through the door and up some stairs. You'll come to another hallway and eventually you will pass a hole in the right wall. Go through the hole and just inside on the right will be part of the Golden RPG. Continue down the hall and go through the wooden door at the end on the right.

    We'll rejoin our hero after he climbs an elevator shaft. You'll take cover behind a cart and see three men by a pool, talking. There's also what looks like a rifle next to you but it's a shotgun. You can try and use it on them but it's not going to be too effective at this range. Far to the right in this room is a large corner counter and you'll find part of the Golden FMP G3S behind it. Kill them and then run over to where they were. A group of about six men will come through a hole in the wall at the end of the pool. Use Bullet Time and Shoot Dodge into the pool to take them all out. Go through the hole in the wall to get to a tennis court.

    Take cover behind one of the over turned lounge chairs if you can. A group of three men will come through a door on the right side as you cross the court. Take them out and then make your way around the wall to your left. There will be another couple of men here and then a few more inside the building in the distance. From the corner before entering this area, clear near you first and then move up to the metal cart just ahead. Continue pushing up until you get into the room. You'll find about four to five men inside the building. Try to take cover behind one of the low walls in the lounge area. Kill the men in the lounge and then check for the Newspaper Article on the large counter in the room. Head for the doors at the back of the room.

    After the cutscene, go through the double doors nearby. Inside the next room, go through and you'll find a room with ammo and explosives at the back. Max will grab some C4 but you can later come in to grab some ammo and Pain Killers too. At the back of this room on a shelf under yellow tape will be receipt you can examine as a clue. Max will plant some C4 and then you need to follow his example. Before you start planting more C4, try to find the couch and table on the right side of the room. Behind the chair is the last part of the Golden FMP GS3.


    When you plant C4 on all of the red columns, you'll be attacked by a group of four to six men who come from upstairs. Kill them all and then head through the gate that they left open. Go up the ramp on the other side and you'll be attacked by snipers. You'll grab the sniper rifle automatically. Use it to take out the two snipers and three of their friends. Grab your previous weapon and head through the nearby gate.

    You'll come to a room loaded with enemies so it's important that you use Bullet Time, Shoot Dodge and move around a lot until you can find good cover. Find cover quickly and clean up any remaining enemies. In this room, you'll have to plant C4 on each of the red pillars again. Before you do that though, head towards the gate you came in on this level. Enter the area next to it and then out onto the porch to find the last part of the Golden RPG. After you plant C4 on the first pillar, you'll be attacked by a group of about five enemies coming down the hallway. Stay on your toes and you shouldn't have too many problems. Once you've planted C4 on every pillar, you will head outside.

    Once the shooting starts, you'll have to use Bullet Time and Shoot Dodge to take out a few guys. There's an achievement for getting a headshot at this point while the building is shaking. It's possible to do early in this fight it's not easy. Go under the bridge and turn right. Take cover at the end as the path turns. A couple of enemies will attack you from the top of the stairs. Kill them quickly and head up the stairs. Make your way across the bridge and kill a couple of enemies as you go. When you get to the end, a group of enemies will attack from the top of the building in front of you.

    After you kill a bunch of them, a heavily armored guy will show up on top of the building. He'll have a helmet on. Just keep shooting into his helmet and then hit him in the head to kill him. I don't know if it happens every time but the ground shook right at this point and gave me the achievement.

    • Achievement: Sometimes You Get Lucky

    A Fat Bald Dude With A Bad Temper

    After you smash some skulls, you'll move into the hallway. Kill the guard just around the corner and then kill the two cops coming out of the nearby office. Head into the office. Grab the Pain Killers from the medicine cabinet and head into the hallway leading to the holding cells.

    MPK part 1/3

    After the cutscene, head into the holding area and turn left to find a part of the Golden MPK. Now take the right hand path and turn the left corner. There will be two cops here about to execute someone. Use Bullet Time and kill both. In the nearby showers, you'll find the first part of the Golden LAW. then make your way through the cells until you come to another hallway. In the hallway, take a right and Shoot Dodge toward the cop coming at you. At the end, take a left and then another left. You'll find two more cops here so Shoot Dodge and kill both of them. At the end of the hall, enter the cell on the right to find some Pain Killers. Before you go through the nearby gate to get back into the police department proper, retrace your steps to try and find the Business Man tourist in one of the cells.

    There will be a group of about four enemies to start with. Kill the one on the left by the desk, then hit the guys who are likely coming up on you on your right. More enemies should be coming in and at this point, unless you've been very fast, they'll spread out a little bit but take your time since you can see most of the room easily and just clear them out. When you have kill the last enemy, make your way up through the room. Go into the small wooden office at the end and grab the Pain Killers off the desk and check the Arrest Log on the other desk. Hit the button in this room to open the nearby door.

    Arrest Log

    Go through the door you just opened and into the street. You'll run up and get pinned down by a barrier. The Tank will keep shooting at you and then run out of ammo and reload. You have to be ready and go as soon as it stops. Pick up the LAW and take cover behind the other barrier nearby. Wait for the tank to stop shooting again and then hit it with the LAW. With that down, start making your way toward the gate at the back. At this point, you need to be prepared for helmeted enemies frequently. They are easier and only require a single shot to knock off their helmet but until you get used to it, it's enough to mess up your flow.

    About three enemies will come through the gate and four or five more will be inside. Shoot Dodge to kill the first group and then take cover by the gate. Clear out the enemies inside and make sure to check both the back left and back right corners of this room before heading in. Make sure the room is clear and then check behind the dumpster at the back left for part of the Golden LAW.

    LAW part 1/3

    Go towards the back right of this area to get back inside. As you approach the door, an enemy will come through the door. Go up the stairs and enter the alley. In the alley will be two cops kicking people on the ground and another that will come out of the building on the left. Check behind the nearby low all to find part of the Golden Commando.

    Go back inside the building and go through the red double doors. Move through the locker room and into the gym where you'll be attacked by a group of three enemies. Kill them all and then more will come into the room as you approach the back door. Do a Shoot Dodge to take the two enemies out and then check both bathrooms. One for pain killers and the other for part of the Golden MPK.

    MPK part 2/3

    Head into the next room and kill the two cops in the office. From here, head left and go into the kitchen area. Shoot Dodge across kitchen and kill the cop in the dining room. Check one of the shelves in the kitchen for a part of the Golden Commando.

    Golden Commando part 1/3

    Move through the dining area and back into the hall. Cross over to the office that the first two cops were in for a note on one of the desks as a clue. Grab it and head through the two red doors to enter the next room. Run straight ahead in this room to get to a room filled with computer monitors. There will be a couple of cops in this room so Shoot Dodge toward them and then get into the room. You'll take cover in the room as a group of enemies come into the room.

    This fight isn't tough so much as it is annoying. There will be lots of smoke and it will make it hard to see. Try to follow the green beams back to the source to find your enemies and then keep shooting until they are dead. You've got probably six enemies here. The most important thing to watch are enemies on the right through the glass. Once it seems quiet, remember to check the left and right sides again.

    Check the med cabinet in the room for pain killers and then check the briefing room which is the first room on the right to find the final part of the Golden MPK on a desk. There's also the last part of the Golden Commando by the reception desk across the room. Grab both and board the elevators.

    Golden MPK part 3/3

    Golden Commando part 2/3

    When you get off the elevator, head towards the desk ahead of you and kill the lone officer in front of it. Check the small office next to the desk for some Pain Killers and then head through the blue double doors.

    This will put you in a large office with a lot of cops. Shoot Dodge into one of the cubes and use it for cover. Use whatever Bullet Time you have and clear out the room from here. When everything is about clear, be prepared for another fully armored enemy. Treat him as you would any other and just unload a clip or two into his head. Once everything is dead, go into the room on the far side from where you entered to find a laptop with a clue about Da Silva. One of the other offices in this room will have a Political Folder on a desk. Go through the blue doors to exit this room and enter a press conference room. In the Press room, go up to the podium to start the Slide Show.

    Go through there to get to the evidence room. Just as you enter, two cops will appear from around the right corner. Kill them and then head around that corner. Make your way through the room shooting through shelves and Shoot Dodging around corners. When you make it close to the end, there will be a cop through some bars with a shotgun. Kill him and then check the weapons room at the end for some ammo. Head back into the bigger room and follow the left wall to get around to where that cop was. Go through the door and into a stairwell.

    In the stairwell, they'll toss tear gas. Go up the stairs twice until you find what looks like a vent that's blocked off just above head height. Shoot the grate off the vent and climb in. You'll move along the vent until you fall through and into a room behind a cop. Shoot him and then go over to the double monitor computer nearby.

    Leave this room and enter a reception are. Go through the glass door in front of you to enter a lab area. Immediately take cover behind the desk you are near and start shooting. Make sure to watch your right side because a group of cops will smash through the windows. There are also some more cops further in the back of the room and to the left. Once you are sure it's safe, move up through the room. Exit through the door at the back.

    You'll come to a room with a sliding cart. You'll hop on and then have to shoot some enemies on the other side of the street through a window. If you manage to kill them all before you get to the end (six total) then you will get an achievement. There will be one enemy standing, the next crouching and then a third standing next to him. There will then be a gap and a second set of three cops standing. After you kill the first group, you need to either be fast with the second group or start going from left to right because there's a point where you can't hit the very last cop but you can still hit the earlier ones. Either way, keep retrying until you get it (and remember Free Aim).

    • Achievement: It Was Chaos and Luck

    More enemies will appear even if you kill this group. You need to get into cover behind a pillar and kill the next group of about five enemies before you can leave. Once they are dead, enter the nearby office. An enemy will come through a gate at the back. Kill him and grab the Pain Killers from the cabinet by the door. Go into the next room and Shoot Dodge to kill the two enemies in there. Going out the back door of this room, you will find two more enemies in the next room. In this room, hit the red button to open a gate and take the flak jacket on the way to the door.

    Go out of this room and take a left. Go through the already open door into the next room. Go through the double doors and into shooting range. Round the first corner and take cover behind the barrier. Enter Bullet Time and kill the cop up above you to your right, then kill the two enemies directly in front of you. Follow the green arrows on the floor and prepare for a cop to jump out at you. Kill him and then kill the next cop in the next room. Take cover at the door to the next room. There will be quite a few enemies in here but it will be hard to aim with your weapon so just keep unloading until you see it have an effect on your enemies.

    Once the room is clear, go up the stairs to leave. At the top of the stairs an enemy will come through the door. Kill him and enter the next shooting range. Take cover behind the two wooden sections but keep in mind that eventually it won't be able to protect you any longer. The room is pretty open so you should be able to keep track of the eight or so enemies in this room. Just keep moving up through the room to new cover as you need to. Once you are safe, check around this room for some sandbags and you'll find the final part of the Golden LAW there. Exit through the back of the range and a man will come through a door and surrender himself. You don't have to kill him for any reason.

    Go through the door and the next hallway. You'll come across two enemies along the way but they pose no danger.

    You'll come to a room with a bunch of cops. From where you start, turn left and shoot the two cops coming up the stairs at you and then enter the office with the glass door. Grab the pain killers in this room and use it to take out a few enemies below. Go out of the room and Shoot Dodge down the stairs. There will be a cop down below on the left. Kill him and then take up position behind one of the pillars to be safe. There are quite a few enemies in here so just take it slow and clear them out as you can. Make sure to watch the three paths here. Enemies could approach from the left, right, or center. Once you've done a bit of clearing, head towards the middle and kill the remaining enemies.

    Once they are all dead, the next section will begin. A couple of cops will come in through a door to the left and immediately move right across the room. Kill them and then enter the right most glass office for some Pain Killers. Head back out and take cover. You now need to shoot the ceiling above him. Shoot any tiles above him that haven't been blown out yet to drop pieces on him. Eventually, he will move to another section and more enemies will appear. Kill them as they appear and when they are gone, find where he's moved to. Repeat the process of dropping ceiling pieces. Eventually, pieces of vent will be exposed above him. Just keep shooting this or any ceiling tiles that turn red until the giant metal fan in the ceiling comes crashing down on him, finishing the chapter.

    One Card Left to Play

    You'll find yourself in a baggage area. Hop off the conveyor belt and take cover at the U section. From there, clean out any enemies you can reach and then climb over the conveyor belt to the other side. Move forward and clear enemies out of here. Go up towards the room at the back and take cover behind some bags. Look up to the catwalk behind you to find two enemies shooting at you. Just be patient and take them out. When they are dead, head up the stairs in the small room to get to the catwalk.

    On the catwalk, check left for two enemies. Kill them and move towards where they were. Shoot Dodge down the stairs and kill the the two enemies on the catwalk to your right. There may also be an enemy directly in front of you on the catwalk. Kill him while you are prone. Once all the enemies are dead, move along the catwalk to the right and Shoot Dodge when you see the two cops appear in the room. Before going through the door, try to find the part of the Golden Grenade Launcher on a cage above the conveyor belt. You will have to vault over a railing to get to it. Also check the side room of the control room to find the second part of the Golden Grenade Launcher. Go through the double red doors.

    In the hallway, Shoot Dodge across the hall to the other side and take out the cop at the top of the stairs. From here, take out the cop that appears and make your way up the stairs. There will be another cop that appears at the end of the hallway around a corner to the right. Kill him and then inspect the office just to the left of him to find some pain killers. Move around the right corner and down the hallway. Shoot Dodge as the cop comes around the left corner and watch for another cop on the right corner.

    Go through the doors at the end to enter a locker room. You'll find some Pain Killers in a locker and the last part of the Golden Grenade Launcher in one of the shower stalls. Check the bathroom stall next to it to find Anders the Ex-Cop though he'll only appear if you found him the previous two times. Exit the back of the locker room and down the hall. Go through the small maintenance area into a bathroom. At the back of the bathroom will be a medicine cabinet with pain killers. Exit the bathroom.

    • Achievement: Echoes of the Past

    Grenade Launcher part 1/3

    You'll enter a terminal with plenty of armed enemies. Kill the two UFE on the right side by the white store and then make your way up the left side towards the seating area. Use liberal amounts of Shoot Dodge to move around and shoot here because the chairs are perfect height to jump over and conceal you. Move up the left side and kill the four or so enemies here. Also make sure to watch the bridge over the middle for more enemies. Once you've clear out this side, move across under the bridge to the right side and some stairs.

    Climb the stairs and kill the enemies on the bridge. Cross the bridge and kill the two enemies on the far side of the upper level. When you get across the bridge, take a left so you move back across the seating area below. At the end will be part of the Golden RPD. Move back along this side of the upper level. There will be barriers along the railing that you can use for cover. Use these and make sure you watch your left side. Kill as many UFE as you can and then when you get to a point where there's another bridge across. Use that for cover. Kill the numerous UFE on the stairs (about 3) and below you (about 5). Make sure to check the lower level behind you for more enemies. Slowly make your way down the stairs looking for stragglers. Before leaving, head back over to the seating section and in the corner not far from the shutters leading out will be part of the Golden RPD.

    Once everything is clear, open the shutter at the back of the lower level by using the flashing green button there. Once you are through, three enemies will appear running towards you. One Bullet Time should be able to take them all down. There is an empty stall to your left that one of the enemies likes to take cover behind. If you check behind there, you should find some pain killers. Go across and approach the escalators from the right side. Make your way down the stairs/escalators by Shoot Dodging down. There will be a couple of enemies on the way down.

    Once you reach the bottom, you'll be attacked by several enemies and the lights will go out. Work your way up by weaving from side to side and Shoot Dodging frequently. Move to end of the room and reactivate the trams. Use the room as a safe point to fight from. They'll throw lots of smoke at you but just wait for the smoke to pass so you can see. Kill the six or so enemies from this room. When you exit the room, four to six more enemies will appear. Kill them and watch out for enemies still on the tram. Once you've cleared them all out, Max will automatically board the tram.

    On the tram, just shoot the enemies as they pass. They won't be able to flank you so you should be able to kill them from safety until a group of four or so enemies drops down from a chopper. They'll drop smoke all over the place but you can mostly just shoot through the smoke and you'll probably hit people since it's such a narrow area. Kill enemies and work your way up the train. It's a straight line so they still won't be able to flank you, allowing you to almost just blind fire through the entire thing.

    Once you've killed them all, you'll change trains. You may want to stay prone and use Bullet Time if you have it to clear out the roughly four enemies on the tram. Make sure to grab the pain killers from the cabinet on the wall up and to the right. At the end of the very last car of the tram, you will also find the last part of the Golden RPD. Make sure you get them before the tram reaches the station.

    • Achievement: A License to Kill

    When you regain control, you'll have to fight some more of the UFE. Don't move too far forward or you'll instantly die. Shoot the enemies and watch for Becker to shoot grenades at you. Whenever he does, shoot it out of the sky. The bags that you are taking cover behind also move to left so don't be shy about moving. All the way to the right and left will be ammo and pain killers for you to use and occasionally, a bag will be broken and you'll get more. You have to be patient and just take out all the UFE to win this fight. After you've cleared them all out, you'll take out Becker in style.

    You'll be standing over Becker at this point but don't shoot him. If you wait for him to just die without shooting him, you'll get an achievement.

    • Achievement: You Push a Man Too Far

    You'll pick up his weapon and then chase after Victor. There's another achievement here for destroying everything on the runway. Ignore the group of men on the right side and wait for the four jeeps to come out onto the runway. Destroy these four jeeps, then the chopper. After a little bit, you'll pass cop cars. Shoot these two cop cars and then you'll see two more cop cars ahead. Destroy these two. A jeep will appear from the left side. Destroy that. Now that you've destroyed everything else (4 jeeps, a chopper, four cop cars, and another jeep), destroy the tank/apc vehicle. You'll come up behind Victor's plane. Shoot the two engines on the back to destroy the plane. Once you do, enjoy the ending!

    Special Mechanics

    Before you get into playing Multiplayer, there are a couple of things that are a little bit different in Multiplayer than in Single Player. First is that instead of Bullet Time, you have an Adrenaline meter that you can use for something called "Bursts". The meter builds up by shooting or being shot at as well as looting (more on that later).

    Bursts are special abilities and you can change what which Burst you use when you set up your load out. There are a variety of different types of Bursts that do a variety of different things and one of them is Bullet Time. Some will allow you to see enemies through walls, others will give you more health and still others will affect the other team's effectiveness by messing up their weapons or Bursts. These Bursts also increase in effectiveness as your Adrenaline gauge charges up. When all three segments of your gauge are filled, you will frequently get a team version of the Burst (like extra health for your entire team). These unlock and improve as you rank up (more on that later).

    As a note, you do still have access to Shoot Dodge during Multiplayer but it acts differently. If you don't have a full bar of Adrenaline, you will simply jump in whichever direction at a normal speed. If you have a bar of Adrenaline, it will automatically use that bar and put you into Bullet Time during your jump.

    You'll also have access to grenades which you can use by tapping instead of holding your weapon wheel button. This is very useful for getting enemies out from behind cover and work very much like they did in Single Player except that they seem to have a shorter fuse to make them more effective against live players. Make sure to use them or you'll be at a severe disadvantage.

    Also, when changing up your load outs, you'll have to be cautious of your weight. As you rank up, you'll increase your weight capacity. The heavier your gear, the slower your health regenerates and the less you can Sprint. If you go with a particularly light weight set-up, you can actually get unlimited Sprint. Be sure to keep an eye on your weight when you are setting up your load out to make sure that it fits your play style.

    The last big thing about your Arsenal is that aside from weapons, attachments, and bursts, you'll be able to equip five different items (that unlock as you rank up) which all provide different bonuses. Some of them are basic like helmets and body armor but others can make your grenades stick to walls or make you quieter.

    Socially, there are "Crews" which are sort of like an advancement of the Clan ideas from way back except with a few interesting features. Firstly, If you are part of a Crew, that Crew will carry over with you to Grand Theft Auto V. This will allow for easier game planning as well as some other neat features. For instance, as it stands right now, if you have a Vendetta on somebody (You can place Vendetta's on people who kill you frequently and you both get XP as does a Crew Member who avenges you), that Vendetta will carry over to GTA V and your Crew can continue to hunt that person. It also provides you with a source of extra XP since protecting Crew members and helping them in certain ways gains you XP that you wouldn't otherwise get.

    Leveling Up

    Leveling up works very similarly to other games except that it uses different words to refer to similar concepts. During the course of gameplay, you will gain XP from performing just about any action from killing and using bursts to simply looting bodies. As you level up, you will unlock more weapons, items, and Bursts for use in gameplay. When you reach level 50 (the maximum level) then you will be able to go Legendary. This is essentially Prestige. Basically you trade your ranks and everything you've collected for a new badge and a 25% bonus to your cash intake. You can do this up to ten times and your badge will change each time.

    Aside from leveling yourself up, you can also level up your weapons. There are ten levels per weapon and each level will grant you some sort of attachment or perk for that weapon. Nothing too fancy here but it is important to note that these kinds of bonuses never come from ranking up and only come from leveling up your weapons.

    Grinds are like Challenges in any other game. Once you've performed a particular feat a certain number of times, you'll unlock that Grind and get a boost to XP. You can find out what grinds you've unlocked by going to "Grinds" under Multiplayer. If you keep track of your Grinds, you can use them to maximize your XP intake. This is really optional though.

    Rookie Mode

    When you first start, you will have access to a Rookie Mode which are variants of Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch so that you can learn the ropes without getting destroyed by people who have been playing a while. It's otherwise nothing special.

    Deathmatch and TDM

    Deathmatch and TDM are standard fare here. You still play with the Max Payne twists like Shoot Dodge, Adrenaline and things of that nature but you are still trying to get as many kills as possible. The only significant difference is that the game is timed and whichever team (or person) has the most kills at the end, wins rather than the teams (or people) racing towards a set score to win.

    Payne Killer

    This is sort of Juggernaut with a twist. When the game starts, the first person killed will become Raul Passos and the person who killed him becomes Max Payne. Then those two players must work together to get as many kills as possible for points and to stay alive. The rest of the players are trying to kill the two so that they can become one of them and rack up some points themselves. It creates an interesting team dynamic and is possibly the best of the playlists. It's also one of the best for XP.

    The big tip on this is that when you become Max or Passos, try to stick together and make sure you remember to use your Painkillers because it's something that's easy to get out of the habit of when you play multiplayer.

    Gang Wars

    A Gang Wars game takes place over the course of five matches. All five matches take place on a single map but will frequently occur over different sections of the map. Each match tells a segment of a story of a battle between two gangs on that map and each match is dependent on the match before. Each match can be just about any possible game type and any Adrenaline will carry over from one match to the next. The only real exception to gametypes is that certain types are reserved for the last match to bring about a solid conclusion.

    You'll have a variety of gametypes to play which can revolve around holding certain areas, planting bombs on certain points (or defending those points), a money grab type where you need to grab bags of money and bring them to your drop off point as well as deathmatch and elimination type games. There's nothing particularly special about each game type that separates it from similar gametypes in other games but the overall connection between each match gives it a greater feel and lets teams build momentum so at the end, you feel like the better team really did win.

    Probably the best part is that the games are just long enough for you to get to know your allies and enemies. You will be setting up Vendettas because you really want revenge on that person rather than because they just happened to kill you a couple of times and you want the XP. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of tips that I can give for how to play this game mode because it is almost completely random. Very rarely will two games be the same. I really only recommend this game mode for seasoned players.

    Score Attack

    In score attack, your job is to rack up as many points as you can across a given level to compete against others in leaderboards. There are various multipliers for incredible feats like not missing for so many shots or using Bullet Time. Unfortunately, the way to maximize your score is to know your own capabilities. Any of the level walkthroughs will help you get through the level but getting points requires taking risks that you might not otherwise take and to do that, you need to know how many head shots you can hit in a single Shoot Dodge and things of that nature. I can, however, tell you about how scoring works so you can make calculated risks instead of just risks.

    Body10 points per hit
    Kills50 points
    Head100 points
    Melee100 points
    Explosion200 points
    Vehicles250 points

    Body shots are just HITS to the body so if you kill somebody with two body shots, you will get 10(hit)+50(kill). The second bullet will cause the death and so it won't be counted as a hit but a kill. This means the optimal raw score would be gotten by shooting the person's body until they are one bullet from death and then getting a head shot (or explosion if possible). Melee Kills are the same as a head shot and since you might want to shoot them a couple of times on the way up anyway to stun them, Melee is definitely a viable strategy as well.

    Explosion kills are any kills that gained during an explosion to NON-OCCUPANTS. So if you cause a gas tank to explode, anybody killed by that will be a 200 point kill. If you blow up a jeep, the driver will be a 50 point kill but the person next to the jeep will be a 200 point explosion kill. This means that blowing up a vehicle while all the occupants inside is not as effective as getting headshots on the occupants OR scaring them out of the vehicle and THEN blowing it up. Once they exit the vehicle, they are no longer occupants and count for 200 points instead of 50 points.

    This means that the best possible raw score you can get is from getting each occupant of a vehicle (and enemies around a vehicle) one shot from death with body shots, waiting for the enemies to abandon the vehicle, and the blowing it up. This will get you 250 points for the vehicle, 200 points for each enemy, plus 10 points for each hit you got before the enemies died.

    Lastly, when you shoot and kill somebody for a final kill cam, you can get massive points. Hold down the A button to slow time down further and then just keep shooting until you empty your clip. Each additional shot will give you more points.

    NOTE: Interestingly, the Body hit points count towards things like grenades and Molotov cocktails as well. Gas tanks and vehicles do not count however.

    ActionPoints lost
    Kill Innocent-150 points
    Get Shot-5 points
    Take Painkillers-50 points
    Last Man Standing-200 points

    Basically, don't do any of these and use Painkillers rather than go into Last Man Standing. I've heard that my numbers are different than those in the official guide, can anybody confirm the guide's numbers and/or my own?

    Bullet Timex2
    Shoot Dodgex2
    Payne Bonusx2

    Unfortunately, Bullet Time and Shoot Dodge are mutually exclusive. Even if you enter Bullet Time and then Shoot Dodge, until you are in the air you will get the Bullet Time bonus and once you are in the air, you will get the Shoot Dodge bonus. The Prone bonus is a bonus multiplier that you get any time you are shooting from the ground. You can enter prone in three ways. The first is that you can hold the L3 button until you are prone (not a very good tactic generally). Second and possibly most common is if you do a Shoot Dodge, you will land in prone and stay there until you try to move. Third is if you go into Last Man Standing. While in Last Man Standing, you don't get a Bullet Time or Prone bonus but your Hitstreak can continue and any shots made in this state will count towards your hit streak. Once you kill the person who shot you, you will immediately gain back the Prone bonus until you move and you can activate Bullet Time (if you have it) to maximize your recovery.

    The last two bonuses are a little strange. The Hitstreak bonus is based on consecutive hits on enemies (in other words, hits to the body increase this bonus) and I will have a chart in a moment just for how this multiplier works. The Payne Bonus is gained when Max is doing something that you can't do yourself. In other words, if Max is sliding down some kind of slope and shooting or something similar then you will get this bonus and it stacks with Bullet Time and since the two usually come together, at any of these points, you should have a 4x multiplier to start. HOWEVER, just because the game enters you into Bullet Time on its own, doesn't mean that you are going to get a Payne Bonus. Most of the time you will but common exceptions are when you automatically enter Bullet Time to shoot a grenade or Molotov cocktail. Since this is something you can't control, however, it's not something to be overly concerned with.

    3 hitsx2
    5 hitsx3
    10 hitsx5
    20 hitsx10

    Hitstreaks are cause when you get the specified number of hits without dying (or Last Man Standing) or missing a shot. This is by far the most important bonus. It requires nothing more than you aiming well and can result in the highest bonus and when coupled with other mechanics, the points can really add up.

    The maximum bonus multiplier is going to by x17 (20 hits, Payne Bonus, Prone, and Bullet Time) and the most raw points you can get in a level is going to be from using a low power weapon, getting the maximum number of body shots without killing anyone, killing as many people with explosives as possible, getting headshots on everyone else, and destroying every vehicle you see.

    And this is why no provided strategy will really work. The maximum score that a certain person can get is dependent on their skill. Someone who is pretty good (actually 98% of people) would probably get a higher score by skipping body shots and just going for the head while truly gifted Max Payne players will actually be able to benefit from body shots. While such a thing is rather crazy, if you look at the scores already on the boards, there are many many thousands of people with reasonable scores but there are still some select few (usually not even the same people across levels) who have truly astronomical scores. All I can do is wish you good luck.

    New York Minute

    This is possibly one of my favorite modes. You unlock New York Minute by completing the game. The game mode itself is like a twist on Time Attack. You start a level with 1 minute on the clock and each kill adds time to the clock. Your goal is to get to the end of the level without the timer reaching zero and whatever is left on the clock when you finish is your "score". People are then ranked on the leaderboards by how much time they have left. If you manage to complete every level, you will also get a total completion time that is the sum of your best times.

    This creates an interesting dynamic while playing because to "survive", you actually may be forced to be more aggressive than normal so that you dont run out of time. However, if you are too aggressive, you might die. And even if you get used to this, there is still a big difference then sliding by with one second on the clock (surviving) and making it onto the leaderboards.

    Firstly, the difficulty is likely set to Normal. The game doesn't tell you this at any point but based on how much damage you take, how much painkillers heal, and how long Bullet Time lasts, it seems to me to be about the Normal difficulty setting.

    Since that gives you an idea of the timing of mechanics and difficulty of enemies, what you really need to know is how time acts...

    During normal gameplay, the clock will run down at a normal pace. If you are under any Bullet Time effects, the timer will be slowed down to mimic the game time. This includes regular Bullet Time, Shoot Dodge, and any times when the game forces you into Bullet Time. The clock will flat out stop during any final kill cam (though you can still move!) and any cutscene. Cutscenes don't just include cinematic sections but also include any section where Max is slowed to a walk. This would mean any time Max is near a story objective (like a button) or when you watch a scene from your normal perspective (for instance, when Passos is interrogating the man in the stadium).

    Now that mechanics and losing time are out of the way, you gain time by killing people.

    Kill typeNormal AmountActual Amount
    Body kill+5 secondsNormal
    Head Shot+6 secondsNormal*1.2(rounded)
    Melee Kill+10 secondsNormal*2

    The Normal Amount of time you get is the time you get in almost all situations where you control Max. The Actual Amount is the calculation that is used for the value because in a few very rare cases, you actually get a different amount as normal. Possibly the first place you run into this is during Chapter two when you are in the chopper. From the chopper, any body shot kill will give you +2 seconds instead of +5. If you happen to get a head shot instead, you actually still only get +2 seconds because its the amount of a body shot times 1.2 and then rounded (2.4 rounded is 2). However, it will still pop and say that you got a "head shot bonus". NOTE: I am not 100% sure that this is actually how it works but it's simply my deduction based on observation.

    Hardcore New York Minute

    A lot of people are wondering what the Hardcore New York Minute is. The Hardcore New York Minute is exactly the same as New York Minute except that if you lose at any point in the game, you start back at the beginning of the game instead of the beginning of the chapter.

    In other words, you can do what you've always done (including Last Man Standing) except don't be so brave because if you die, it's going to be a long way back.


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