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    =Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Demos Guide=
    =Copyright 2009 Tim van der Meij=
                  MO:NI7Z:N=        ,                         :
                I?MZI$7M$IZ==        I                       ?=
                ,=ZNM777MN?~         I~+                    ?=:
                  ?+$:.,?77          +~I+                  =7+
                   +?ZZZZ             =7=7Z     :8O8Z     77I?
                :,++7$OM?~7D          =7+7$?$NN~7I??I$DN87Z$$
               =$?IIOO??ID$ZO?         ++777DN=D7I??I?=O8$$ZI
       $?,   INN I777777$NNM :8?   MD   7$I7NNDN77??$NN~87$$
    MM ,Z$7+     7ZDNNMM$?Z$~ NN $Z88M8N  78?+DNMNNNNMMO8M7
                 IN8D8NM7$+?+         M   ZNDDOZI?I$Z8DDNM8
                 IDNINN877?              8N$$=MMNO7ODMMIOM8       ~,.I~
                   ODNNDDD8              NI+?$,7I77$I7O?77MN   O+II?IM
                  ND     ZD              :$I?++++=++II7I7$N  ,NZ?IIOM
                 OIDO   ZZ7                D$7I?I$I$?II7ZN  NM7,N78D
                  8N$:  II8,            777IOZ$77I?I$ZI     MMIOMND
                  =.,?   D:          Z7~==$777N77??IIN$     DMMMND,88N=      $N
                  7$I?  DMI         $~::~:7$INN8NDM$OMNO     D?MM.DNZ.DNN  =?+DD
                   77  +=+:,     7Z  ~=ZDNNMMMMMMNDMDMMM        .ZNNND8,~ IIIIZN
                       7+D7    +~=D8DDNNNNMMMNMMMMM8D,          ?$DNM8:N?ZII7ZO:
                       OO$    :II=Z$8DONMM8I8?IMMMMD==N        Z.,M+   N:,N77OD
                       Z$  $OOD?+$78DN  MNDNMDZ8DDOO=OD$Z     $?OI$  NNN+:NNMM
                        Z$D88NMNN8OONN  N8DNMM=ZMMN~DNDO~Z  7I$O8    NNNNNMMM
                       ZZO8DMMMMM$DN=   NN8MMM7OD     $DDNNI7:$D7      MMMM
                      8Z~ZMMNDD8,      MNMMDNMD         DOZMM$$O$
                      OO$?            7NNMNMMMD         ZD88$D7$O
                      I$Z$           7$NNMMMNNNN       +DODDN8 7O
                        ,           I$NNNDNNNNNND     ZD8NDN+  I8
                          ,,       7?DNNNNNMMMMMNND  ~,$II$Z I7
                        ,=++?I,  ?I+8N8$NM     MMNN$+IZO?II?I
                        ~=++?I?7$: 8ND$NN       NMNND,+
                         ???II7~  ND88NM         DMMNN
                           :I=  NMNNNMM         NNMMMMD
                               NONNNNM           NMDM
                                MN7NN=             NM
                               NM                 NMDMZI:
                              NM                MNMMNNNOZNDI
                            ZNM                  MMMNNMMNNDNN
                           II$M                     8MMMMNDDMM
                          $NN7ON                        , ND,
    =Version History=
    ==Clank Demo==
    =24-5/7/2009= (Version 1.0)
    Started typing up the guide, and pretty much finished it all in one sitting. Yay
    for persistance!
    =25/7/09= (Version 1.10)
    Forgot two controls in the newly-christened Controls sections, Strafe and Glide
    Drop. Also added the Things You May Not Have Noticed section.
    =27/10/09= (Version 1.15)
    Touched up the Things You May Not Have Noticed segment to say that Lawrence can
    be spotted up to six times (although I've only seen him twice). Also added
    Supercheats as a website allowed to host my guide, and adjusted the FAQs
    section. Finally changed the ASCII Art so that Clank's features are more easily
    =28/10/09= (Version 1.20)
    Fixed a couple of mistakes I accidentally left in from when I thought you had to
    pay to skip time puzzles. Also added a new website to the "Allowed" list.
    ==Ratchet Demo==
    =30-31/7/2009= (Version 1.00)
    Typed up the entirety of the guide. Added a list of allowed sites from my
    previous guides so that they don't have to email me again, heheh.
    =31/7/09= (Version 2.00)
    Ratchet Demo Guide was rejected, they would have preferred one guide covering
    both demos, so that's what I did! Also changed the ASCII Art to reflect the
    change, the original idea was to have Clank for the Clank Guide and Ratchet for
    the Ratchet Guide.
    =1/11/09= (Version 2.10)
    Added the Caves section to the guide after a friend found out how to get into
    the caves. It's important to note that the caves cannot be completed because
    you don't get the Omnisoaker in the demo, and some Omnisoaker plants are
    missing. As a result the FAQs section was changed.
    Welcome to my sixth guide! This guide is dedicated to getting you though the
    Clank demo and the Ratchet demo, both available on PSN for free, as demos tend
    to be. This guide won't hold back on any spoilers, even the minor ones, so be
    This first guide section covers the Clank demo, while the second one covers the
    Ratchet demo. The Clank guide will help you through the basics of things like
    the camera and movement, while the Ratchet guide will assume you played the
    Clank demo and know the basics of getting around.
    =Legal Bits=
    This guide is copyright to me, Tim van der Meij, known online as KBABZ or
    PeingDutchan (on GameFAQs). So far, the only site(s) allowed to host this guide
    = GameFAQs
    = Supercheats
    = MyPS3.com.au
    If you would like to host this guide, drop me an email at timv@paradise.net.nz
    and ask me. Almost all of the time I say yes, and probably won't mind if you
    just tell me "we're hosting your guide on our site" in advance of you putting
    it on. When you do put it on your site, you are allowed to take out the
    character width to make the guide go across the whole webpage. You can also put
    in images of the game in question at the appropriate areas (so no putting pics
    of the last level in a paragraph about the first).
    Any portion of this guide that is listed in the Contents, in full or in part,
    can be printed out for personal, non-profit use only, but if you would like to
    do so for a profitable reason (for instance, using a paragraph as part of an
    overall game guide), you may with my permission, and of course an appropriate
    mention of me as the author. Anything and anything else may not be printed out
    either for personal or profit use.
    If you would like to contact me about anything, email me at timv@paradise.net.nz
    This is the list where you can quickly jump to where you wanna be or need help
    with in the guide. Each section in the game is given a code. Hit Ctrl+F to open
    a search box, copy the code in and hit Enter to jump to the next instance of
    the code. You may have to hit Enter more times if you're not at the contents.
    Any Gold Bolts that may be in the demo are, like in the ToD Guide, marked with
    a ### Border, for easy access. Constructo Mods are marked with a %%% border,
    while Zoni are marked with a @@@ border.
    Clank's Controls..................................#CCT
    Ratchet's Controls................................#RCT
    Gameplay Mechanics................................#GPM
    Clank Demo Guide..................................#CDG
    Ratchet Demo Guide................................#RDG
       Odin Caves.....................................#ODC
    Weapons, Gadgets and Items........................#WGI
       The Constructo Pistol..........................#TCP
    Frequently Asked Questions........................#FAQ
    Things You May Not Have Noticed...................#TYM
    =Clank's Controls   #CCT=
    Clank controls pretty similarly to how he did in many previous Ratchet & Clank
    games. For ease of use I'll introduce controls in the main guide as well, if
    you can't be bothered to read this bit.
    = Left Stick: Move around. Clank runs faster than he did in previous games
    making his traversal much easier.
    = Right Stick: Move Camera. The camera controls can be adjusted in the Options
    = X: Jump. Press X again to boost up a short distance in the air, extending your
    jump distance. You can do this up to three times. Unlike past R&C games, you do
    not need to hold X in the air after pressing it to glide. There's a light on top
    of Clank's head that indicates whether you can add another hop or not. Green
    means you can, Red means you can't. Trying to hop up in the air when the light
    is Red will give you a "nuh-uh" sort of sound.
    = Square: Punch. Not a very effective move as it grounds Clank somewhat. When
    you pick up a certain item in the demo, Square causes you to swing it around,
    even in mid-jump.
    = Circle: Does nothing. Like, I don't even know why I put this bit here.
    = Triange: Pull up Time Pad Quick Select. Unlike older games where you could
    bring up the Quick Select whenever, here you can only do so when on Time Pads,
    so you can interact with them. There are six commands you can do on a Time Pad:
    -Start Temporal Recording- This starts a Recording, while playing back any
    others you may have recorded prior. Hitting Triangle ends a Recording, and they
    always pause on the last place they were at (handy for recordings that need to
    stand on buttons and stay there the remainder of the time).
    -Delete- This erases the current recording on the pad you're standing on.
    -Bypass Puzzle-. This allows Clank to bypass a puzzle if you find it too tricky,
    but only if you've been on a particular puzzle for at least ten minutes.
    -Exit- This exits the Time Pad Quick Select, however the same effect can be
    achieved by selecting an inactive option.
    -Hint- This gives a HelpDesk Message that gives you a hint to help solve the
    puzzle you're in (whether you're stuck in it or not).
    -Delete All- This erases all Recordings on all pads in the current puzzle.
    = L1: Enter Over the Shoulder Mode. This is the Look Mode of R&CF, and is good
    for looking for nearby secrets and, as I love to do, admire the graphics.
    = L2: Strafe. Clank now has the ability to Strafe, which is great for making
    your way towards enemies while dodging their fire.
    = R1: Throw Time Bomb. Only available after you've picked up the special item,
    everything inside the resulting Time Sphere will slow down to a crawl, allowing
    you to traverse fast-moving objects or cripple powerful foes.
    = R2: Glide Drop. If you don't want to wait for Clank to glide down to a
    platform you're over, hit R2 to drop down, like Spyro did in his last two Psone
    = Start: Pauses the game. Here you can access the Mission, Options and Main
    Menus. Accessing the latter will quit the current playthrough, meaning you'll
    have to start over. Options allow you to tweak the sound, brightness, on-screen
    alerts, Camera Speed and Invert the camera.
    = Select: Brings up the map. Shows icons for important objects like Meteor Pads.
    As you explore the area, the map will get detailed, however rusty orange-brown
    areas are unexplored areas of the current level.
    =Ratchet's Controls   #CGP=
    Ratchet controls almost exactly like he did in Tools of Destruction, however
    there are a few changes. The most important one is the addition of a new camera
    mode, Classic, along with Default and Shooter (formerly known as Lock-Strafe).
    I will list the Default controls first, then go over Shooter and Classic and
    list the changes and differences they have over Default.
    = Left Stick: Move Ratchet/Manipulate Object. When firing a weapon, Ratchet will
    Strafe from side to side while facing in the direction the camera is pointing.
    When the Wrench's head is attacked to a blue Versa Bolt, the Left Stick
    manipulates the object.
    = Right Stick: Move Camera/Manipulate Object.. If Ratchet is firing and/or
    Strafing, this will alter the general direction of where he shoots. The pitch,
    as well as the direction, will determine the target of Ratchet's more precision-
    based weapons like the Constructo Pistol and The Negotiator, however Ratchet
    will aim automatically to the target with a white reticule on it. Like the
    above, if Ratchet is using a blue Versa Bolt, the Right Stick will manipulate
    = Direction Pad: Choose Gadget. In the Ratchet Demo, only two gadgets can be
    equipped, the Hoverboots and the Swingshot, using Right and Up, respectively.
    Press the Gadget's equip button while it is equipped to unequip it.
    = X: Jump. Pretty obvious, this makes Ratchet leap into the air. Press X again
    while in mid-air to make Ratchet flip, giving him a bit more distance. Press and
    hold X while in mid-air to Glide with the Hoverboots. If you are strafing,
    pressing X will make Ratchet side-flip in the direction he is running.
    = Square: Use Wrench. Press once for one swing, twice for a second, and a third
    to complete the Tri-Strike swing. Pressing Square while in the air will perform
    a Hyper-strike, which deals double damage. Pressing Square while holding R2 will
    cause the Wrench Head to pop off and attach to any prompted objects, where you
    can then manipulate them. If the wrench comes into contact with a pickupable
    object while performing a move, it'll be caught in the wrench automatically. Hit
    Square again to throw them if needed.
    = Circle: Fire the currently equipped Weapon/Use Swingshot. Hold Circle while
    weilding to Constructo Pistol to rapid fire. If you're using the Swingshot, hold
    Circle to keep the Tether attached to the Swingshot Target to avoid certain
    peril. When you do fire, the camera will automatically move behind Ratchet and
    cause him to Strafe.
    = Triangle: Press and Hold to activate the Quick Select Ring. Here you can
    choose from the five weapons available to you. The other two rings are
    inaccessable unless you put weapons in them. Unlike other games, you cannot have
    a weapon appear on more than one Quick Select Ring. Tap Triangle to switch to
    the last weapon you had equipped (tap it again to switch back).
    = L1: Enter Over the Shoulder Mode. This is the Look Mode of R&C, and entering
    this mode allows you to precisly fire your weapons in a particular direction,
    and is especially useful if you want to aim at aerial targets.
    = L2: This will cause Ratchet to Strafe, meaning he'll always face in the
    direction the camera is pointing. This is essential for staying alive during
    battles as it allows you to move around without having Ratchet move his gun's
    sights away from enemies (like in the original game).
    = R1: Fire the currently equipped Weapon/Use Swingshot. This does exactly the
    same thing as Circle does, with the advantage of being in a more convenient
    position. If you use R1 to fire, you have you right thumb available for hitting
    X to flip while Strafing.
    = R2: Hold out Wrench. Holding down R2 is essential for performing a Comet
    Strike and using the Kinetic Tether, both performed by hitting Square while
    holding R2. In an advancement over previous Ratchet games, Ratchet can now
    perform these two moves while moving, whereas in all prior games he would stop
    while R2 was held down.
    = Start: Pause the Game. Here you can access the Mission, Inventory, Options and
    Main Menus. Accessing the latter will quit the current playthrough, meaning
    you'll have to start over. Missions allows you to scroll through the current
    and previously completed missions, while Options will allow you to tweak various
    aspects of the game, such as camera controls, sound volumes, audio mode,
    subtitles and brightness, amoung other things.
    = Select: Brings up the map. As you explore the area, the map will get detailed
    in the places you've explored, however blurry brown areas are places you haven't
    been to yet.
    =Shooter Layout Changes=
    = Right Analog Stick: Moves camera. In Shooter Layout, the camera is more rigid,
    and Ratchet will always face the direction the camera is facing if he has a
    Weapon equipped. In addition to having an aiming reticule in this situation,
    Ratchet also now has the ability to aim up and down, at the expense of having
    an auto-target. The camera will also not turn around if you run towards it,
    however if you are using the Hoverboots, the camera will behave like in the
    Default Layout.
    = L1: Jump, changed from OTS Mode. Ratchet cannot glide with L1.
    =Classic Layout Changes=
    = Circle: Fire Weapon/Use Swingshot. Unlike in Default Layout, firing will not
    cause the camera to center behind Ratchet and cause him to Strafe, you'll have
    to move it yourself.
    =Gameplay Mechanics   #GPM=
    There are many different gameplay mechanics in the full version of A Crack in
    Time, and some of them are featured here in the demos, and a couple are even
    shared between the two versions. This is here to help you make sense of it all,
    and free up the main guides.
    Crates are many and plentiful in every Ratchet & Clank game, and it's no
    different here. All crates give something useful, and most give you bolts, the
    currency of the Ratchet universe. The most common type of crate is the wooden
    crate. Perfectly harmless, these crates give you bolts. The second type of crate
    is the Nanotech crate, which releases Nanotech orbs. Nanotech is your health,
    and picking up the orbs heals you.
    The other kinds of crates are only found in the Ratchet demo. The most common
    here are green Ammo crates, which give you ammo for your weapons. There are also
    TNT Crates. Hitting these will cause them to detonate, but touching them will
    start a timer, which will blow up the crate after a short time.
    Another kind of crate is the Metal Crate, found only in Odin Caves in the
    Ratchet demo. These crates cannot be opened by basic force, you need explosives,
    such as that of TNT Crates or the Negotiator, to open them.
    There are also two crates unique to Crack in Time. The first are Camo Crates,
    and these are crates that are almost totally transparent, and are hard to spot.
    Smash these to get a bolt bonus. The final one is the Switch Crate. This crate,
    found in a small nook in the demo, switches from the Wooden, Ammo and TNT
    Crates. Smash it in the stage you want to reap the rewards.
    =Breakables and Fixables=
    Breakables and Fixables are bolt givers like crates, but on a much smaller
    scale. In Ratchet levels, there are several objects that you can hit with the
    Wrench or shoot with a weapon, which will then break and give you bolts. Clank
    levels have the opposite, once you get a special item, you can whack broken
    objects with it to fix them and gets bolts.
    In both levels, there are also several different types of plants you can step
    on. Again, doing so will give you a couple of bolts.
    =Quick Select=
    The Quick Select Ring is one of the most essential features in a Ratchet & Clank
    game due to the amount of Weapons you can get. Press and Hold Triangle to bring
    it up and pause the gameplay, and use the Left Stick to select a weapon. If you
    have weapons on the other Quick Select Rings, you can use L1 and R1 to cycle
    over to them.
    To customize the Quick Select, Pause and head into Inventory, then press
    Triangle. Use the Left Stick to select a weapon, then press X to pick it up and
    move it to another slot. If you put it in a slot already occupied by a weapon,
    they'll trade places. Again, to cycle to another Ring, press L1 or R1.
    If you are playing as Clank, the Quick Select Ring can only be used when you're
    on Time Pads, and then they're used to access different Time Pad functions, such
    as Start Recording, Delete Recording, Cancel and Skip Puzzle. Clank's Quick
    Select cannot be customized.
    For Ratchet, there is also a Gadget Quick Select, used with the D-Pad. Since
    Gadgets end up here, they cannot be placed on the normal Quick Select.
    Experience, or XP is what you earn when you kill enemies. They go into your
    weapons and health and help them upgrade. Upgrading your health makes Ratchet
    able to take more damage, while upgrading weapons makes them stronger. Weapons
    in the demo can reach V5, however some may require either focusing solely on
    that weapon, killing Ratchet when out of enemies, or both, in order to reach
    Another addition to weapons is that upon reaching V5, they have their look
    upgraded and gain a special ability. For instance, the Groovibomb Glove is the
    V5 version of the Groovitron, and explodes after it has finished playing music.
    These effects and the new names are covered in the Weapons, Gadgets and Items
    section, #WGI.
    The Hoverboots are extremely useful in getting around certain areas. To activate
    them, press Right on the D-Pad. Ratchet will then be able to hover around in
    Cruise Mode. To really pick up speed, hold R2 to go into Speed Mode and blast
    around a level. There are two types of objects only the Hoverboots can use,
    HoverJumps and HoverJump Plates.
    HoverJumps are ramps with blue arrows on them. If you fly over them, Ratchet
    will go up to top speed and automatically jump off the end. HoverJump Plates
    are big circular plates with blue markings on them. Jumping onto them will cause
    Ratchet to spin in front of them for a second before falling. Press X as Ratchet
    is spinning to leap off in the opposite direction and reach new areas.
    For more info on how to use the Hoverboots, see the Weapons, Gadgets and Items
    secion (#WGI).
    =Gold Bolts, Constructo Mods, and Zoni=
    Throughout the demos you may come across one of the above three special items.
    Each one is marked with a border in the guide, ### for Gold Bolts, %%% for
    Constructo Mods, and @@@ for Zoni. Gold Bolts are only found in the Clank demo,
    but like in the full game, they give you a Bolt reward when you find them.
    Constructo Mods and Zoni are found in the Ratchet demo. Zoni upgrade your ship
    in the full game, and here they give you a Nanotech boost. Constructo Mods are
    Mods for the Constructo Pistol (and the Constructo Bomb Glove and Shotgun in the
    full game), changing it's functionality. When you find one, you can choose to
    go to the customization screen for the Pistol, or leave it as is and check out
    the mod later.
    =Clank Demo Guide   #CDG=
    =Mission: Travel with Sigmund to meet Orvus=
    Sigmund wants you to meet Orvus, the Zoni Leader. Follow him!
    When you start out, you'll be in an area previously explored in the first Clank
    segment. Follow Sigmund, that tube-shaped orange bucket of bolts, up the stairs
    with the Left Stick and to balcony. If you need to, flick on to the Options Menu
    and adjust the camera controls, although be warned that Camera Speed only
    affects the Horizontal Speed, the Vertical Speed always remains the same.
    On your way, use Square to have Clank punch the crates to collect bolts. Bolts
    don't really do anything in the demo, but in the full game, they're used to buy
    Weapons and Armour. Or at least for Ratchet. Dunno what they do for Clank.
    Maybe he gives them to Ratchet if they reunite in the full game?
    Before you move on, you see those plants on the side? Walking over the wide
    green plants and the purple-green bushes will net you a bolt or two. Not much,
    but if you love collecting you'll probably go for them. There are also tall thin
    vine-like plants that also yield bolts if you step on them.
    Go to the blue triangular pad on the edge of the balcony. This is a Meteor Pad,
    and it's used to launch Clank (and Ratchet) large distances, usually at the
    expense of returning to the place the pad was at. Once you're done on the
    balcony, press X on the pad to head to the next segment.
    Head to the right and smash the lone crate. If you're hasty, you'll try to jump
    over the platforms, but the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler (furthermore
    reffered to as the HBS) will smash your way across. The gap is too large to jump
    over normally. So, jump forwards and press X to activate Clank's Helipack
    attachment. He'll hop up in the air and then glide for a short while. Press X
    twice to hop up twice and grab the edge of the ledge (as it were), but press X
    three times to make it on without any risk. In fact three presses pretty much
    guarantees success on all long distance platform jumps. If you feel the need to
    quickly drop down instead of glide down, hit R2 to have Clank deactivate the
    Heli-pack to drop down. Be careful though, hit it too early and you may fall to
    ###-Gold Bolt-##################################################################
    When on the other side, head over to the far right end of the area. Follow the
    edge forwards and to a back section to find a Gold Bolt. Gold Bolts are used to
    unlock special stuff in the full game, but they also give you a Bolt Bonus too!
    Smash the crates in the distance, then use the Helipack Boost Jump to make it up
    the platforms. Smash the crates while Sigmund opens the door, then walk through
    when he does. In the next room you'll learn about Temporal Recordings.
    Sigmund talks about them, but I'll explain them here. In the Great Clock, Clank
    will come across puzzles which use coloured Time Pads. These Time Pads can be
    activated to record Clank's actions for up to a minute, and played back while
    you record another one. Despite the fact that they're holograms, Temporal
    Recordings can interact with objects like the real Clank, and thus can open
    doors and the like to help you progress to the next area.
    These puzzles can get a little tricky, so you are able to access hints via the
    Time Pad Quick Select. Multiple tips are available if you select it more than
    one time, and they will often be related to the trick needed to solve the puzzle
    you're on. However, if you're REALLY stuck, you'll be able to skip the puzzle
    after ten minutes, at the expense of some Skill Points (in the full game).
    When you step on a Time Pad that has been recorded, a glowing line will show the
    path that recording will take. Recordings can also only be played back when you
    are actually making a recording, so bear that in mind when attempting some
    puzzles. One neat thing about recordings is that, when you stop them with
    Triangle, they'll freeze in that position for the entire duration of the puzzle
    attempt. This is great if you need to hold down a button that opens a door for
    the remainder of your attempt.
    I'll give the puzzles their own mini-segment here, and show you the Bribe Price
    (so to speak) and how many bolts you earn if you complete the puzzle. In
    addition, I'll use a specific colour code in referring to temporal recordings,
    instead of referring to them as Clank 1, Clank 2, Real Clank, and so on.
    Remember, if you do get stuck, access the Hints option while standing on the
    Time Pad. The Hints Option will display more than one hint if you select it
    multiple times.
    =Puzzle 1=
    Bolt Prize: 199 Bolts
    This is a pretty easy puzzle, to introduce the concept of these puzzles. Step
    onto the Blue Pad and start a Recording. Move your bad self onto the large red
    Lock Pad, which opens the door ahead. The door only works when you're on the
    button, so end the recording and Clank will warp back. Don't worry, since the
    Blue Clank's position will be on the button, he'll stay on that button for as
    long as your attempt will be. Handy, eh?
    Go onto the Green Pad now and start a recording. As Blue Clank goes to step on
    the button, head over to the door, which Blue Clank will open. Walk through the
    doorway to complete the puzzle, and pick up the bolt prize. Nice work!
    After beating the puzzle, head into the next area and bash up the local crates.
    =Puzzle 2=
    Bolt Prize: 300 bolts
    This puzzle introduces you to rerecording existing recordings to complete
    puzzles. Move onto the Blue Pad and step onto the red Pad that'll open the
    Chamber where the Lock Pad is in. Like Lock Pads, Red Pads only work when Clank
    is standing on them, so end the recording on the Red Pad now. Now go onto the
    Green Pad and, as Blue Clank opens the Chamber, walk in and open the door. From
    here, you can't access the door anymore, but the Blue Clank can, so end the
    recording and re-record the Blue Pad.
    Now, despite the fact that they're holograms, you will need to open doors and
    stuff so that they can complete the puzzles (otherwise that'll cause a time
    anomaly and who knows what will happen! Nah, just kidding, that Clank will just
    fail the puzzle, and then so will you). As Blue Clank, stand on the button to
    let Green Clank into the Chamber to open the door. When he does that, casually
    walk on in and complete the puzzle!
    Outside, use the Meteor Pad to launch your way into the next area. Again, as
    Sigmund opens the door, smash the crates, then head inside once he does. In the
    large room, smash all the crates. Head to the far end and approach the large
    cylinder with the yellow spirals for Sigmund to explain what the item is inside.
    Head into the cylinder Sigmund is floating next to to meet Orvus!
    =Mission 2: Unlock Clank's Memory Banks=
    Somewhere in Clank's memory banks is the secret to his existence! Explore
    Clank's subconscious to discover it.
    For those of you who played Size Matters, you may be wondering why this place
    looks vastly different from Clank's insides. That is because this area is
    Clank's subconscious, a physical representation of his own mind, not his actual
    insides as appeared in Size Matters.
    Anyway, jump over the platforms to learn about Time Bombs. These blighters are
    useful in both platforming and combat. Throw one with R1 onto the spinning wheel
    to slow it down so that you can cross it without too much peril. As Orvus
    explains when you cross, only one Time Bomb can be thrown at a time. Temporal
    Recordings can also throw Time Bombs, but if a recording or the real Clank
    tosses one out while another is active, it may throw off the recording sequence
    and cause you to fail, and you'll have to rerecord. Finally, Time Bombs will
    make an alarm clock sound when they're about to expire.
    Cross the next three wheels using Time Bombs. There is a delay from when Clank
    throws the bomb and when it actually goes off, and you can use this to leap
    towards the next wheel safely. On the next platoform, whack the objects to
    repair them to their former state by reversing time on them. You may have
    noticed broken objects while exploring the Great Clock, and repairing stuff you
    come across will give you a bolt or two, like plants. Broken objects only need
    to be hit once in order to repair them.
    Make your way into the next area, and after the next scene, whack the Qwarks
    with the Chronoscepter. Clank will perform a three strike combo then bash the
    'scepter on the ground when you hit Square repeatedly, but if you make Clank
    change direction with the Left Stick, the combo will be reset, so you can rapid
    strike as much as you like! If you get hit, bash the glass Nanotech crates on
    the sides to replenish Clank's health. Cross over the next few platforms and the
    wheel to the next safe zone to finish the level.
    =Unmentioned Mission: Move on=
    Yeah, I made up this mission for the sake of it. You should get going.
    Back to Reality, head to the chamber where the Chronoscepter is and
    pick it up. Clank can now use the REAL Chronoscepter in REAL life! Once you pick
    it up, head through the door-turned-doorway and into the open area. Looks like a
    perfect place for a... fight! Defeat the bugs here and move on. As Sigmund
    explains, these bugs know that they can hurt your Recordings, so you may have to
    protect previous Recordings while recording your own. After beating them, head
    through the door into the room, and to a new Time Puzzle.
    =Puzzle 3=
    Bolt Prize: 300
    Head onto the Blue Platform to start a Blue Clank Recording. Jump over the slow
    wheel and throw a Time Bomb onto the fast one, then cross it. When you're on the
    other side, defeat the bugs before ending your recording on the Lock Pad. Now
    start the Green Clank Recording. When crossing the wheels, make sure to let Blue
    Clank slow it down with the Time Bomb before crossing. Also make sure that
    you're not in the way when he throws the bomb, that'll cause the bomb to go off
    prematurely, causing you both to fail. On the other side, defeat the bugs again
    on the other side. Bugs respawn whenever you make a new Recording, so you'll
    have to defeat them each time. However, one neat way to take care of that is to
    lag behind the Recording. This will cause the bugs to react the same way they
    did when you Recorded Blue Clank. Blue Clank will attack at the right moment and
    will defeat them!
    Head through the door Blue Clank opens to get to the next area.
    Smash the crates on the side and head up the wheels to the next puzzle.
    =Puzzle 4=
    Bolt Prize: 300 bolts
    This is another puzzle that'll require you to re-record in order to complete the
    puzzle, but it also requires you to actually time when you are and are not on
    the switch. Stand on the Blue Pad and have Blue Clank to stand on the Red
    Button, then end the Recording. Or not. You may thing that leaving Blue Clank
    there will solve the puzzle, but it won't. How will Green Clank get up with Blue
    Clank stands on the Red Button indefinately? So, instead of just leaving Blue
    Clank there, have him get off the button after a moment so that the elevator
    will rise again when Green Clank is on there.
    One neat way to make this accurate is to record Green Clank now, then keep an
    eye on the timer. Keep note of what time is left when you step on the lowered
    elevator, then exit the Recording. Re-record Blue Clank and have him step off
    AFTER Green Clank gets onto the elevator, then step off. Finally, Re-record
    Green Clank and get on the elevator. Once you do, Blue Clank should step off
    soon afterwards, making the elevator rise up so you can complete the puzzle!
    On the upper area, defeat the bugs, smash the crates, and head through the
    doorway to get to the fifth and final puzzle.
    =Puzzle 5=
    Bolt Prize: 500 bolts
    Another puzzle that requires specific timing with an elevator to beat. Start it
    with Blue Clank and have him step onto the elevator, to serve as a guide for
    when you Record Green Clank. End the recording after standing on the elevator
    for a moment, then record Green Clank stepping onto the Red Pad to make the
    elevator rise. When that's one, end the recording and then Re-re-record Blue
    Clank. Ride up the elevator Green Clank rises for you, then jump across the
    wheel and stand on the Lock Pad to open the door, then end the recording so that
    he stays there once the recording finishes.
    Now to complete the puzzle. Re-re-record Green Clank so that he activated the
    elevator for Blue Clank so that he crosses the wheel and opens the door. Once
    Blue Clank is raised and on his way, get off the button and cross the wheels to
    the other side. Make sure to not use Time Bombs here, as that'll stuff up the
    Blue Clank Recording. As Blue Clank stays on the button indefinately, you have
    as long as the timer permits to fix objects and step on plants. Eventually
    though, you'll have to go through the door to complete the puzzle. Aww.
    Once outside, smash the crates on the left, then head to the open area to get
    into another fight, this time with the HBS!
    =Mission 3: Defeat the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler=
    The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler is breaking the Clock and disrupting time!
    Stop it before i can do anymore damage.
    Fighting the CBS is simple, if you follow the rules. Run up to him and avoid his
    laser shots. The HBS is too fast to get close to him, so use Time Bombs to slow
    him down to get a good hit. After getting his health down a bit, he'll pull up a
    shield, shoot a shockwave and summon some bugs. Jump over the shockwave and beat
    the bugs, then use Time Bombs on HBS himself and get some more whacks in, after
    the second shockwave passes. The ground strike with the Chronoscepter deals the
    most damage, and to 'skip' to it, jump in the air and press Square twice. Clank
    will spin the 'scepter, then strike the ground on the second press, quickining
    the HBS' impending doom.
    After hitting him the second time, he'll repeat the shockwave-bug-shockwave
    thing. During this, he'll use his laser attacks during the fight, so be careful.
    Approach him with caution and Time Bomb him, then attack him. Repeat again to
    defeat him and finish the demo! Well done!
    =Ratchet Demo Guide   #MGD=
    =Planet Lumos=
    =Krell Canyon=
    =Mission: Destroy the Agorian Riders=
    "The Agorian Invasion of Krell Canyon is underway! Help the Vullards by
    destroying the vanguard force of the Agorian Riders."
    So, here we are! Krell Canyon. Behind you is the exit to the previous area, the
    Krell Canyon caves, which you cannot access in this demo. Pull up your map with
    Select, Krell Canyon is a confusing place.
    If you did press Select (and good on you for doing so), you'll see a large brown
    blob at the top, and a dark-blue intestine-looking thing at the bottom. The
    intestines are the inaccessable caves I mentioned, and the big blob up the top
    is where all the action is. The blob is donought-shaped, with a three-way
    intersection in the middle. Keep this in your mindset as you explore the level
    and it'll help you from getting lost.
    Exit out and follow Azimuth to the left. Smash the crates here and activate the
    Hoverboots. You do this by pressing Right on the D-Pad (press it again to turn
    them off). The Hoverboots allow you to travel around the level quite quickly, if
    you hold down R2. Only the Wrench can be used when you're on the Hoverboots,
    equipping a Weapon or Gadget will deactivate the Boots. Also, those crates in
    the distance are from an earlier part of the level which you can't access.
    If you look down the ramp to your right, you'll see some blue arrows. These
    indicate a HoverJump, which give Ratchet extra airtime. Don't hold X to Glide
    unless absolutely nessecary, as doing so will cancel the added speed and
    distance the jump gave you. When going off a jump, you don't have to press X to
    launch off, Ratchet will do that automatically. In fact, you don't even have to
    hold R2 to do jumps properly as Ratchet will also speed up when taking the jump.
    In any case, shoot down the ramp and to the first Agorian Rider. It's the orange
    blob riding the pink blob with tusks. Press and Hold Triangle to bring up the
    Quick Select and choose your first weapon. The Negotiator works well against the
    Rider due to it's sheer power, but the Constructo Pistol does just as well. You
    might accidentally kill the Rider before the Beast and Azimuth moves on. You can
    too if you want, as you only have to kill said Riders, not said Beasts.
    If you ever want to get back up to the top area for whatever reason, turn around
    and go to the remains of the bridge. To the left of it you'll find a spring pad.
    Press R2 and Square to attack the Wrench to it via the Kinetic Tether and watch
    it retract. Hop and and press X to launch up.
    Oh, also, there are a few breakables in the level, and the purple-green plants
    and peach coral-like plants give you a few bolts if you walk over them.
    If you used the Constructo Pistol (or CPistol for short), it should have
    upgraded after the Rider Fight. Follow Azimuth up the path and away from the
    river to find another river. Follow this to the left and up to the next Rider.
    This one is supported by backup, so use the Groovitron Glove to distract them
    from firing so as to make your job easier. I suggest the Sonic Eruptor on the
    on-foot Agorians. I may be weak at this stage, but it saves ammo on other
    other weapons. Make sure to fire when the meter at the top is full for maximum
    If you're a box freak like I am, head up the path the Rider charged from to
    find some more crates, then head back once you come across a split to the left
    and right. On the way back, follow the river down a short distance before
    finding more crates. Smash them and then head upriver. At the next split, head
    to the right and go further upriver. Head around to the other side of the tall
    HoverJump to find a stash of Camo Crates. Smash these to get some bolts. They
    should provide more than normal so keep an eye out for them.
    Now go up the left side of the waterfall and smash the crates at the top, head
    to the other side of the river for another stash of crates, and another stash
    should be behind some cover near an Agorian. Defeat the crowd of Agorians here,
    being careful to avoid their fire to prevent you from dying. Also be careful
    not to break the glass canisters, the red gas they release make Agorians go
    bonkers and dash up and melee you. Not pretty. At some point a large grey
    Dropship should show up. If you want to get the battle over with whip out your
    Negotiator and fire two or three shots at it to prevent it from causing any
    trouble. If you want some experience, however, let it spawn troops underneath it
    and kill them for the XP.
    After the waves of troops has ended and/or the Dropship has left/been blown up,
    the next Rider should rumble in via the river you followed. Defeat it and follow
    Azimuth downriver. If you want to, stick around and take out the Agorians on the
    cliff up above. As you head down the river, keep following it around the edges
    of the donought, and smash the crates on the way. However, be careful as some
    Talon ships may swoop down and gun through the river.
    Hop down the waterfall on the left to get... at the first battle place! Yep.
    Now hop down the waterfall in front of you and repeat what you did last time:
    defeat the Agorians here, blow up the Dropship and/or it's wave of troops, and
    then take out the Rider. Remember that if things get sticky you can always toss
    out a Groovitron to lighten the load. Sweep the area of crates too, dontcha
    Alright, now is as gooda time as any for some Secret Hunting! If you don't want
    to know where they are, totally skip this section.
    On the Southern-most end of this area (check the map, the yellow protrusion) is
    a HoverJump leading to the other end of the canyon. On this other end are some
    crates and a Zoni. Catch the Zoni in your Wrench to collect it and earn a
    Nanotech boost. Use the HoverJump on this side to make it back.
    To the right of the ramp where you found the first Zoni is a HoverJump Plate.
    These allow Ratchet to quickly change direction while launching him to new
    areas. Use this one to spring up on top of a rock, then hop over to a ramp.
    Fly up to the top of the ramp and use the HoverJump to make it over to a plateau
    with a burning house, more Crates, and a Zoni.
    %%%-Constructo Mod: Beam Chamber-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    On the plateau where you found the second Zoni, it's possible to leap back to
    the cliff you came from by targeting a protrusion on the left. If you fail,
    follow the river down to the start of the second Zoni Route with the HoverJump
    Pad and go back up to the top of the ramp, but instead of going off the
    HoverJump, take a right. Smash the Camo Crates and keep going around the bend to
    the right. Go down this ramp and leap off of it to get to your first Constructo
    Press X whem prompted to hop into the CPistol Customization Menu. Find the menu
    with the star icon, press X, and within that is the mod you just found, also
    marked with a star. For info on the CPisol Mods, head over to it's section,
    From the CPistol Mod, turn around and spot the Zoni on the clifflet. Go to it
    and make chase up the cliff and on the Solar Panel HoverJumps. Before going to
    the next one, smash the Camo Crates on the right of it. Go up the next ramp and
    grind down the rail. Jump over the electricity beams to the next area. Smash the
    crates and follow the Zoni down the left path. Smash the crates here and jump up
    the Solar Panel to another Grind Rail. Press Left and X to jump onto the
    adjacent rail to avoid falling off. Jump over more beams, two more panels and
    a HoverJump Pad to get to another plateau, and then collect the Zoni.
    %%%-Constructo Mod: Ricochet Upgrade-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    On this Plateau you'll find a little red bot running around. Pick him up with
    the Wrench and throw him at the lock next to the door on your left to open it.
    Inside are crates and the Mod.
    %%%-Constructo Mod: Rapid Fire Trigger-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Head back to where you found the Zoni and make your way back to the split (or
    jump there yourself from the far left end of the plateau from the last Mod
    location), and take the right instead. Jump over the beams and the Solar Panels
    to find the mod at the end.
    %%%-Constructo Mod: Scorcher Upgrade-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    From the last Mod location, jump down and then turn around and head through the
    valley and head to the plateau on the outer edge (you may need to backtrack to
    get there). Here you'll find another red Lock Bot. Deactivate the Hoverboots and
    go to the top of the HoverRamp and chuck him at the lock on the other side, then
    use the Boots to jump across and snag the mod. Use the Swingshot to get back to
    the other side by pressing and Holding Circle to latch on and get pulled to the
    other side.
    Head back down the valley where you came from to get back to the battle.
    If you didn't go for the secrets, head up the path to get to the next Rider.
    The mission ends here once you kill the Agorian on top of the Beast, so make
    sure to clear the area of all crates and concentrate on the other Agorians and
    other assorted enemies if you want experience. You'll also have to go through
    the Dropship scenario if you don't kill the Rider. When you do, you'll move on
    to the next mission!
    =Mission: Hunt Down the Hydra Tanks=
    "The Agorians have brought in heavy artillery. Work with General Azimuth to
    destroy the Hydra Tanks and save the Vullard settlement!"
    After the short scene, you'll be spawned back at the foot of the bridge you rode
    down at the start (remember that?). There are two Hydra Tanks, one upriver and
    one downriver. It doesn't matter which order you attack them in, but the second
    one will have some Agorian backup. Head to the closer one downriver. Attack the
    Hydra Tank with the Negotiator until the Health Bar on the right goes Blue. That
    means you can't dish out any more damage and it'll pull up a shield. When it
    does that, use the Kinetic Tether with R2 and Square to pull out the Versa Bolt
    with the Left or Right sticks. When you do this, one of the heads will blow up,
    making the fight (against the tank, at least) easier.
    No matter which one you picked, I suggest going down the valley route instead of
    the river one (because, you know, the valley one you haven't gone down much
    yet). If you want experience, head to the intersection in the valley and kill
    the Agorians here, then head down the side route to find some more at the
    junction. Then head upriver to defeat some Slicer Bots.
    For the second Hydra Tank, you need to make sure you take care of the Agorians
    providing backup before focusing your fire on the Hydra Tank. If you haven't
    engaged it yet, stand back a fair distance and use the Plasma Striker to take
    some shots at it. Remember to go for the red dots signifying weak points,
    dealing double damage. Defeat the Hydra Tank using the same strategy as before
    to move on to the next and final mission.
    =Mission: Eliminate Agorian Air Support=
    "The Agorians have called in air support! Use the defensive station to destroy
    the Agorian fighters and save the Vullard settlement."
    If you wanted to explore Krell Canyon to pick up the last few secrets, crates,
    or just explore on your own, NOW is the time to do it. Otherwise, hop into the
    turret to start. Press R1 to fire the fusion turret, and Press L1 to fire Homing
    Missiles. The catch with the fusion turret is that if you fire for too long the
    turret will overheat and you'll have to let it cool down before you can fire
    again. The catch with the Homing Missiles is that you only have 16 of them.
    Press and Hold L1 to lock onto the targets on screen, then let go to unleash
    An alternate control scheme is Circle to fire the turret and Square for the
    missiles. Both the Left and Right sticks control the aim. After a few seconds
    the ships will come flying towards you. You can shoot down the background Talon
    ships, however I'd suggest you concentrate on the ones flying at you as those
    actually fire on you. You'll also have to deal with these floating bombs. Shoot
    them to make sure you make it out with fur still on your ears. Destroy 40 Talon
    ships to finish the mission and end the demo! Well done!
    =Odin Caves   #ODC=
    =Mission?!: Explore Odin Caves=
    The Obsidian Eye is somewhere in Krell Canyon's many caves. Trek through them
    with General Azimuth and find it!
    To get into Odin Caves in the demo, you need to have the Scorcher mod attached
    to the CPistol. If you don't have it, head out into the valley on the opposite
    side of the canyon and find the plateau with the Red Bot on it. Chuck the bot at
    the door nearby and head into it to grab the mod, then make your way back.
    It's best to explore these caves at the start of the demo to get the maximum
    potential out of them. When you have the Scorcher mod, fire it at the door
    closest to the bridge that get's destroyed at the start. Yes, for some weird
    reason, only the CPistol with the Scorcher mod can break it, not even the
    Negotiator can do so.
    Once inside, break the local crates around the walls. You'll notice almost
    immediately that a ship strikingly like Aphelion from ToD is sitting there. This
    is Azimuth's ship that he uses in the second mission to help you with the Hydra
    Tanks, and because you entered the caves before that mission, you get to see it
    parked here. This area here is in fact the first area you come to when you get
    to planet Lumos, and where you land on revisits.
    You'll notice some railway tracks leading forwards, but don't follow it just
    yet. Instead, head to the edge of the cliff and follow it to the right to find
    a little nook. Shoot the wall there to break it down and access the end of the
    Zoni Temple. Normally you get here via the other side, but here you access it at
    the end of the path. There's a lip you have to jump over here which is actually
    a HoverJump. This launches you forwards and into a cutscene in the other,
    smaller cave (don't ask). Here though, it launches you right into Azimuth's
    Follow the path down to find a large object in the middle of a room. If you've
    played Quest for Booty, this should look very familiar, it's an Obsidian Eye!
    This is the Obsidian Eye that Azimuth talks about that you're supposed to get to
    later on. A cutscene normally occurs here, but not in the demo. Check out the
    Fulcrum Star and the keypad showing you the Zoni alphabet.
    Move onwards and down the stairs, but you can smash the crates adjacent to them
    if you'd like. At the end you'll see a lower area with a big pod, some water,
    and something you can interact with. If you hop down you'll be swarmed by
    Tetramites and killed, unless you hop in the water. Now unfortunately there's no
    way out from here without being killed, so you may have to let the mites kill
    You'll respawn in front of the railway tracks. Follow them over to the other
    side and further until they end. In the deep area below you'll see crates,
    platforms and a water area. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DROP DOWN HERE YOU CANNOT
    On the opposite side you may spot a Gold Bolt. You can't get there in the demo,
    but in the full game where you can get out it's possible to get there. First,
    look directly down to see a platform near where the railway tracks end. Jump
    down there and face back to the wall. Ratchet can actually grab the pipes here
    and shimmy alongside them. Press X to jump up and grab a pipe above. Keep doing
    this until you reach the top.
    Now look down and find a platform on top of a column in the pool of water in the
    corner. There should be some boxes on it, so you can glide down by holding X to
    get to it. Don't worry if there aren't any crates. Now turn to the left and spot
    a set of platforms on the other side of this area. Jump and Glide to the lower
    one, then hop up to the top one. You'll see here some blue sparkles coming out
    of the ground. This is what's left of a bouncy flower that you grow with the
    Omnisoaker gadget by sucking up the water in the pool there and growing it. But
    hey, you don't have the Omnisoaker! Hop down to the railway track platfom. If
    you look below you you can find a winch. Hop down and grab it with Square to
    raise it. Press the Left Stick right to raise the platform, then flick it left
    to start over.
    Now if you did this before the Hydra Tank mission, you may get a cutscene of
    the bridge being raised and a non-existant Azimuth saying for you to follow him,
    which you obviously can't do. Instead, smash the crates around here and quit to
    the main menu. Pretty intriguing if you don't have the game, I know.
    =Weapons, Gadgets and Items   #WGI=
    This section covers the things Ratchet can equip, and the thing that he wears.
    All of these things can be found under the Inventory Menu. While you're in
    there, press Triangle to organize your Quick Select. Press X to get the details
    of a weapon. When doing this, you can use the Right Stick to rotate and tilt
    whatever you're looking at. Press L1 and R1 in the Inventory Select to flick
    over to the adjacent catgory, and use them when looking at details to go to the
    next Inventory item.
    If you want info on the Constructo Pistol, move on to the next section, #TCP.
    Starting Level: LVL 1
    "The latest in GrummelNet's line of rocket-propelled incendiary devices, the
    Negotiator wins every argument by blowing your opponent to smithereens!"
    The Negotiator is an honest-to-goodness, classic, no frill, garden variety
    rocket launcher. This should be your weapon of choice when taking on heavily
    powered enemies with a lot of health. It's long range makes it a great
    substitute for the Plasma Striker when you can't afford to stand still.
    The V5 upgrade to the Negotiator is the Judicator, which fires two additional
    rockets. These rockets don't lock on to a target like the center one, but they
    do flank to the sides of it, allowing for triple the damage.
    =Sonic Eruptor=
    Starting Level: LVL 2
    "This amazing GrummelNet bioweapon boasts a genetically mutated Xenegote, whose
    mating call is deadly to anything within earshow. WARNING: Using the Sonic
    Eruptor around female Xenegotes is not advised, as they are quite insistent."
    The shotgun of the demo, pull the trigger to make the Xenegote belch it's mating
    call, powerful enough to hurt foes. If you fire when the meter at the top is
    full (or when the cheeks are expanded to the max), then the belch will be at
    maximum power.
    The V5 version is the Super Sonic Eruptor, which knocks back enemies farther
    than the regular version.
    =Plasma Striker=
    Starting Level: LVL 1
    "This high-velocity combat crossbow fires deadly plasma-charged bolts with
    surgical accuracy. An experimental bioscope indentifies vulnerably areas on an
    enemt to ensure maximum damage with every shot.
    The Sniper, absent until now from the R&CF series, is always useful when dishing
    out damage from a distance (or DODFD). Press L1, and instead of going into Over-
    the-Shoulder Mode, you'll use the scope. The green slider on the right tells you
    how much ammo you have left, while the white slider on the left indicates your
    zoom level. Click R3 to cycle through 1x, 2x and 3x zoom levels.
    The V5 upgrade is the Plasma Slayer, which has shots that can pierce and go
    through multiple enemies.
    =Groovitron Glove=
    Starting Level: LVL 1
    "The latest in GrummelNet's arsenal of funk-inducing weapons, the Groovitron
    Glove deploys a harmonic orb designed to mesmerize enemies into fits of
    uncontrollable dancing!"
    Formerly a Combat Device in the Tools of Destruction days, the Groovitron Glove
    is excellent in sticky situations where you just can't handle the numbers. Toss
    it out to cause everyone in the general area except Ratchet to drop whatever
    they're doing in favour of dropping to the dance floor. Upgrading this weapon
    increases how long it lasts until it dissipates.
    The V5 version is the Groovibomb Glove, which not only plays Rock music instead
    of techno, but drops down to the ground and explodes once it has finished.
    =Omniwrench Millennium 12=
    "The latest in the Millennium series, your new Omniwrench has been redesigned
    with ultra-light teratannium and a HyperGrip handle. Your new problem solver has
    also been modified with an illegal Kinetic Tether - perfect for traversing
    dangerous territory in style!"
    The Millennium 12, a modified version of the Omniwrench 3000 courtesy of Cronk
    and Zephyr, boasts a Kinetic Tether feature. When you see the R2+Square prompt,
    press R2 and Square (of all things) to make the Wrench head pop off and attach
    to the object the promt was over. You can then use the Left or Right Analog
    Sticks to manipulate the object.
    "The Swingshot is one of the most popular and essential gadgets in any
    adventurer's inventory. Manufactured exclusively by Gadgetron, the Swingshot is
    compatible with a broad range of targets across nineteen galaxies."
    Although there is only one target in the level, a blue Versa-Target, it is
    needed to get across the gap it hovers over. The Swingshot cannot be equipped
    via the Quick Select, but it'll equip automatically when Ratchet leaps towards
    the Versa-Target (it also won't be considered a 'previously use weapon'!). Press
    and hold Circle to latch on. The Versa-Target in the level is a Blue pull
    target, so hold Circle and you'll be pulled to safety.
    "Originally engineered by the Lombax Praetorian Guard during the early days of
    the Great War, these incredible boots use a combination of Zero-G Pulse
    Stabilizers and Ion Propulsion Coils to lift and propel its user at incredible
    Probably the most anticipated Gadget by Ratchet fans, the Hoverboots are the
    replacement for Clank and the Charge Boots to allow him to cross vast distances.
    Equip it in the D-Pad Quick Select or in the Inventory Menu. While using the
    boots Ratchet can only use his Wrench, equipping a Weapon or the Swingshot will
    cause the boots to deactivate. Press and hold R2 to jump to high speeds, and
    press X to jump (especially off HoverJump Ramps). Press X again to flip (which
    dirupts any HoverJump momentum) and hold X to glide (which also distrupts
    HoverJump momentum).
    =Ectoflux Armour=
    "This upgrade uses an Apogee Recycling System to considerably extent nanotech
    lifespan resulting in the deflection of up to 15% of all damage!"
    The second armour set in the game, this gives Ratchet some extra protection over
    his ordinary blue armour. In addition to the colour and logo change, metal
    straps have been added to Ratchet's Chest, and his helmet has been given a flap
    on the top (making it resemble a motorcross helmet). This is the only thing in
    the Inventory that cannot be rotated.
    =The Constructo Pistol   #TCP=
    "No intergalactic adventurer should be without this modifiable defense weapon!"
    Next to the Hoverboots, the Constructo Weapons are the most anticipated feature
    in the history of the galaxy. Constructo Weapons allow you to modify the parts
    of the weapon to change it's functionality, but it should be noted that the
    overall aspect of the weapon will not change. For instance, you cannot turn the
    demo's Constructo Weapon, the Constructo Pistol (or CPistol), into a
    Press Square when highlighting/viewing the CPistol to customise it's mod
    loadout. When you get a new Mod, a star icon will appear on the weapons icon in
    the Inventory Menu, and then over the appropriate mod categories, and finally
    over the mod itself. Below is a listing of the mods available in the demo. If
    you want to know their locations, head back up to the Main Guide.
    ==Trigger Mods==
    "Constructo's reliable single-shot trigger."
    The Pull Mod makes the CPistol into a rather ordinary weapon, where the shots
    are fired at about three shots a second. This is a good choice if you're more
    concerned about wasting ammo over the speed of your kills.
    =Rapid Fire=
    "Turn your pistol into a full-automatic assault weapon!"
    The Rapid Fire mod increases the fire rate of the CPistol, great if you want to
    take care of enemies as fast as possible and aren't too concerned about ammo.
    Just tapping R1 will fire a burst of three shots.
    "This modification uses electromagnetic propulsion to fire high-velocity rounds
    at your enemies!"
    The Coil Mod makes your shots the small short variety, which covers more
    "Destroy your foes with a class-three thermal laser beam."
    The Beam Mod turns your shots into laser beams. At the expense of range, these
    rounds allow you to see your shots more clearly.
    This applies no effect to your shots, if you're the no-frills, to-the-point, not
    very fun kinda person.
    "This modification's omni-bounce converter makes it possible for your ammo to
    rocochet right off walls and deal even more damage!"
    The Ricochet Mod is perhaps the most creatively useful. The mods bounce right
    off of walls and other enemies (but only one bounce per shot). Instead of being
    a realistic bounce, shots have a tendance to direct themselves towards enemies
    to increase effectivness, and save ammo. A cool effect is the circle trail and
    blue trail left behind by shots.
    "This modification fires a pyrocidic compount at your foes that keeps working
    long after you've moved on to other endeavours."
    The Scorcher Mod visibly lights your shots on fire. With enough shots, your
    enemy will alight and take damage over time until the fire wears out. If you're
    using Coil shots, they'll leave behind a smoke trail, while Beams are literally
    on fire, Back to the Future style.
    Paint is probably the most unique feature of Constructo Weapons, allowing you to
    alter the paint scheme of the weapons to suit your tastes. For the CPistol,
    there are five choices: Paint It, Paladin, Gunmetal, Rouge and Pacifier,
    explained below.
    =Paint It=
    This is the one you choose when you want to make the paint to your own styles.
    You can alter the Primary (Weapon Body), Secondary (Weapon bib-bobs), Trim
    (Weapon Plates), and Effects (Weapon Lights). Each category had three different
    options. The colour wheel at the top allows you to alter the base colour choice,
    from Blue to Red and everything in between. The middle bar is Saturation, and
    it alters how colourful and saturated the colour is. The last bar controls the
    brightness of the colour.
    =Paladin (Default)=
    Primary: Orange
    Secondary: Secondary: Dark Grey
    Trim: Dark Grey
    Effects: Pale Blue
    Primary: Medium Grey
    Secondary: Light Grey
    Trim: Medium-Light Grey
    Effects: Pale Blue
    Primary: Medium Red
    Secondary: Very Dark Brown
    Trim: Dark Brown
    Effects: Light Orange
    Primary: Pink
    Secondary: Purple
    Trim: Light Grey
    Effects: Pale Blue
    =Frequently Asked Questions   #FAQ=
    Q) What are bolts used in the demo for?
    A) Nothing really, they're just kept in there for technical accuracy.
    Q) Can you get into the caves in the South?
    A) Yes you can. Pick up the Scorcher Mod for the CPistol and head back to the
    start using the Spring Pad. Then shoot the cave wall to make your way in. You
    can't do much in the caves, or even explore all of it, but it's fun nonetheless.
    Q) Is there going to be Multiplayer in A Crack in Time?
    A) Nope. Insomniac decided to make CiT a wholly Single Player experience, which
    makes sense given the plot arc they need to finish. Maybe next time.
    Q) Is A Crack in Time the last Ratchet & Clank game?
    A) The official answer from Insomniac is that it's only intended to be the
    ending of the R&CF story arc, started by Tools of Destruction, continued in
    Quest for Booty, and concluded in A Crack in Time.
    Q) I'm stuck on a Clank puzzle, what should I do?
    A) You should probably read that puzzles section in the guide. If you did that
    and it didn't help ya, you can email me or ask nicely on a forum. My email
    address can be found in the Legal section you totally skipped. You can also use
    my Clank Demo vids on YouTube as a guide. Just search "R&CF CiT Clank Demo". In
    the vids Clank solves all the puzzles neatly.
    Q) I can't get onto the distant cliffs!
    A) That's actually the start of a cave section for earlier in the level. You can
    get to the end of said path, but you're missing a gadget that allows you to
    backtrack through it.
    Things You May Not Have Noticed   #TYM=
    ==Clank Demo==
    = As mentioned in the Guide, the starting hallway and balcony are from the first
    Clank level in the game.
    = The Brass gridded floor you see throughout most of the level is exactly the
    same as the Brass gridded floor from Stratus City in Tools of Destruction.
    = Clank yelling as he flies through the air after using a Meteor Pad is similar
    to how Ratchet yells while he is using a Meteor Pad.
    = Lawrence can acutally be spotted during the level on multiple occasions.
    Apparently he can be seen up to six times, but I've only found him behind the
    windows in the fourth and fifth puzzles. Check behind them on the right side as
    you go through them.
    = In Clank's subconscious, the background videos are scenes from Tools of
    Destruction and Quest for Booty. They include the Planetary Defence Center
    scene, Clank getting knocked out in Tachyon's ship, Clank's Zoni Dream, Clank's
    Zoni Vision on Fastoon, Clank getting kidnapped by the Zoni, and Nefarious'
    reveal at the end of QFB.
    = Interestingly, in the scenes that you can see in Clank's mind, Ratchet is
    almost completely ommited from them, either not in full frame or having his
    shots removed altogether.
    = Orvus and Clank share similar traits: they both have very literal and dry
    jokes and have the same chuckling laugh.
    = Orvus is also voiced by the same actor who voices Mario. Yes, THE Mario.
    =Ratchet Demo=
    = Interestingly, Ratchet starts out with 30,000 bolts at the start of his demo.
    = The European version doesn't have a GrummelNet voiceover when you upgrade your
    weapons like the American version does (possibly due to the extra languages on
    the EU version).
    = This demo is a more updated version of the one found at local game stores, as
    it was made after the game was finished, while the in-store demos were made
    during production of the game. As a result, the levels and animations are more
    = The in-store demos have Gold Bolts in them, while the PSN demos replace them
    with Constructo Weapons. The store demos also allow you to use the Cyro Mine
    = Azimuth of course dances when he is in range of a Groovitron. His signature
    move is the moonwalk. You can also make the Vullard at the beginning of the
    level dance.
    = The actual thrown Groovitron Orb is bigger than the one Ratchet holds when he
    had the weapon equipped. The held orb dissapears when you're out of ammo.
    = Similarly, the Negotiator loses it's rockets when you're out of ammo, just
    like in Tools of Destruction.
    = When you're out of ammo for the Sonic Eruptor, it appears exhausted. You can
    still press Circle to fire, but it'll only produce a weak belch (by Xenegote
    standards, anyway).
    = In the Odin caves, you can look at a keypad to figure out what the symbols are
    for the Zoni alphabet, and even a few numbers.
    =Credits   #CDT=
    Props to Insomniac Games for making a pretty dern slick demo! And to Boris
    Salchow for some pretty cool music in both demos.
    Also thanks to Inferno Dragon for finding out how to get into the Odin Caves.

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