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    Cousin/Present Location Guide by vix

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    Katamari Forever
    Cousin and Present Locations
    Table of Contents
    1. Intro
    2. Contact/Submission Info
    3. Revision Info and Notes
    4. Cousin Locations
    5. Present Locations
    6. Legal
    1. Intro
    Welcome to a guide on collecting all of the presents and cousins in Katamari
    Forever.  This is the first release of the Katamari series on the PS3.  Enjoy.
    No glitz or glamour in this faq, just the facts.  Spoilers, of course.
    2. Contact Info
    If you would like to contact me:
    E-mail: VixDiesel@aol.com
    AIM: VixDieselJr
    If you would like to visit and chat with fellow rollers, stop on by:
    HTML Cousin Guide: http://s9.zetaboards.com/Katamari_Damacy/topic/7137037/
    HTML Present Guide: http://s9.zetaboards.com/Katamari_Damacy/topic/7137317/
    If you want to submit something to this guide, please feel free to do so. Send
    me an e-mail and make sure you title it with katamari or something like that so
    I know it isn't spam.  If you have an alternate description of a location, feel
    free to send it in.
    3. Revision Info and Notes
    What you see is what you get.  Every present and every cousin found.  I will
    accept alternate descriptions if you want to submit.  I would like to also
    at some point grab pics of all of the cousins but for now this guide only has
    images of present locations.
    4. Cousin Locations
    Gingerbread house
    - Up on the hill where the stacks of food are.
    Clean Up
    - Walking around on the floor.
    Cows and Bears
    - Running around the race track with a bunch of bear and cow costumed men.
    - At a table in the flea market area just as you enter.
    - At the top of the hill with a bunch of fireflies circling around him, same
    spot you would go to light the fire in the Campfire Stage.
    - On the stage near the farm.
    - Sitting on the copy machine under the tent near the train tracks.
    --Note: not sure if he counts here. The king's text box popped up when I rolled
    him up here. Maybe he's just a collection item here.
    - Standing on a stack of fruit near the fruit aisle of the market in between
    the fruit stands on the wall and the fruit stands on the floor.
    - In one of the classrooms.
    - Dancing in a circle around a fire with some other people.
    Limited to 50
    - On a fish swimming in the jungle area's mini pond.
    - Lounging on a towel under an umbrella down the hill from where you start.
    Hot Stuff
    - Outside and across the river, there will be a tiger on a flying carpet when
    you're close. There should be two bridges connecting an island and she is on
    top of some stacked items that raise and lower in the - ground and the small
    - Inside the store at the beginning, close to the door to outside, against the
    back wall under a window.
    Small Just-Right
    - On the robot's shoulder.
    Medium Just-Right
    - In the last classroom (the one across from the bathroom) flying around.
    Large Just-Right
    - Running around in the city where you start the level.
    Wake Up the King
    - In the cosmos.
    - Running around the amusement part area.
    - Inside the football stadium near the Mayan temple past the 60m marker.
    - At the waterfall that makes the river, he is on a ledge.
    - Past the 3m marker, walking across a wooden bridge by the camping area.
    - Sitting on the US after you reach 3km.
    The King's Dream
    - In a memory bubble.
    - In a memory bubble.
    Robo King
    Make a Star 1 - Playtime
    - Near the table in the dining room is a sewing kit with a ruler sitting out
    near the edge of it with Bran standing on the end of it.
    Make a Star 2 - Calories
    - In the mouth of a pink venus flytrap which is on top of a big divider near
    the three round spinning platforms that are each on top of tall loaves of
    - In the small area that would lead to outside the store if you could exit it,
    he's very small and between some buckets on the right.
    Make a Star 3 - Rich
    - Near the pond outside.
    - Go up the ramp made of cards that's on the second shelf of the desk by the
    sofa and he's flying around a flower pot. If you come here when you're larger,
    you'll just roll up the cards.
    Make a Star 4 - Constellations
    - Standing on some surfboards in the harbor by the big sailboats.
    - Standing on a cuckoo that pops out of the hedges next to the pool with
    cuckoo clocks on top.
    Make a Star 5 - Underwater
    - Riding a fish around under water.
    - Sitting on the log raft floating on the surface.
    Make a Star 6 - Animals
    - Up near the building on the hill where there are people looking out of
    Make a Star 7 - As Large As Possible
    - On the roof of the house.
    Make a Star 8 - As Large As Possible
    - Inside the house where you start, on the very top of the daruma pieces.
    - On the christmas tree near the 50 cm gate in the yard.
    Make a Star 9 - Energy
    - On a plane at the airport. It's not always there, so you might have to wait.
    - On a lily pad near the spinning man in the water by the sailboats.
    - On a green island with red petals around it.
    - In the city streets area after the 3m marker, usually by a line of cars.
    Kind of looks like he's directing traffic near the christmas tree.
    - Sitting on a boat (looks like the Titanic) that is floating on an angle in
    the air. Gonna be about 250m when you get this one.
    Make a Star 10 - As Large As Possible
    - Chasing a truck with tv’s on it past the 1.5 marker.
    Make a Star 11 - As Large As Possible
    - At the TV Store
    - Riding on the back of a Loch Ness monster in the water near the giant
    waterfall past the 12m barrier.
    - At the top of the wrestling rings after getting Nickel.
    - Pops out of a mini oasis in the sand area beyond the 60m marker.
    Make the Moon
    - In the schoolyard.
    - Sitting under the tree near the lake.
    Katamari Spinkler
    - Standing on top of the stone Nutsuo statue on the upper level near the tree.
    You need ot be fairly large to get him and by large, you need to have a fair
    amount of the sand turned into greenery.
    - On a sand sculpture where the first unlockable oasis is. Roll straight from
    the start of the level and use the mini trees as a ledge and hop up to the
    Make a Star - Race
    - Rolling a katamari around up near the house in the center.
    - Racing around the track.
    Make a Star - Danger
    - Being held by the octopus in the water near the ice section.
    - Sitting in the middle of a ring of clouds on a small island (not on one of
    the whales.
    - Sitting on a vacuum cleaner.
    - There is a random item on the floor. Roll that up to make the next appear.
    Do that five times and then Mu will appear where on the floor. This is the
    order of items: mud statue, dandelion, wooden slipper, wooden pipe instrument,
    and then a shield. Try doing a lap around the robot if you can’t find Mu. He
    will appear and be rather small and is all black. 
    5. Present Locations
    Note: The order that the presents are listed on the level select screen goes
    in no particular order.  The presents below are listed in size up order if
    there is more than one in the level.
    Gingerbread House
    Long Nose
    - On the witch’s broomstick that is flying around above the house.
    Clean Up
    - On the windowsill near where you start the level.  Turn around before
    rolling off the desk to see it.
    Cows and Bears
    - It pops out of the car wash and the quickly pops back in you so you have to
    be quick. Also, be careful because bears or cows will also pop out so line up
    where you can see what is gonna pop out as it comes out. Face the car wash and
    off to the side and stand there and wait, that's the best view you'll get of
    what will pop out next.
    Secret Wig
    - In the flea market area.  When you enter go all the way back into the far
    right corner near the school.  It’s behind a bunch of boxes there.
    - On top of the RV.
    Cool Belt
    - Being tossed as "food" in the pool.
    - On a shelf in the back/right of the cafe/food court.
    - In the middle, on the top of the desks that are all stacked up.
    - Under the sagging wooden bridge near the water’s edge.
    Limited to 50
    - In the safari area, there's a rubber man holding a ball with a bear jumping
    up and down on the ball while balancing the present on his nose.
    Ancestral Mask
    - In Santa's Sleigh.
    Hot Stuff
    - On the table with the spinning food, up the griddle ramp.
    - Outside and over the bridge, it's lying on the ground.  Can't miss it.
    Small Just-Right
    - In dog bowl on porch.
    Medium Just-Right
    - In the classroom where you start, it's on top of a locker near the window.
    Large Just-Right
    - It’s underneath the red arch bridge leading up to the hill with the HOLLYWOOD
    letters. There are also some anchors in the shape of an arrow in the water
    pointing to it.
    Wake Up the King
    - On a pink bird's head in the first area. It flies away, so use dash to catch
    - On the snowy peak by the airport.
    - After the 60m barrier, on the island with dinosaurs.  There is a spinning
    jumboman standing on his hands, the present is on his feet.
    Royal Mask
    - Inside the white mountain that opens when you come near it.
    - Floating out in space.
    The King's Dream
    Formal Outfit
    - In a memory bubble.
    - In a memory bubble.
    Robo King
    - none
    Make a Star 1 - Playtime
    - On the highest section in the middle of the candy shop.
    Make a Star 2 - Calories
    - At the base of the giant wedding cake.
    Make a Star 3 - Rich
    - In the middle of the room, go up the stairs made of bundles of money and
    across the pole surrounded by wine bottles.
    - Hidden in a flowerbed in the garden area by the horses.
    Make a Star 4 - Constellations
    - On the winners stand next to a big fire by the fountain down by the harbor.
    Make a Star 5 - Underwater
    - Floating on the surface on the back of a duck.  Jumping or riding the boat
    will help.  Best done in eternal.
    Make a Star 6 - Animals
    - It's on the head of a sea animal next to the dolphin emcee.  He surfaces and
    then goes back underwater with the present on his head.
    Make a Star 7 - As Large As Possible
    - In the bathroom on the sink.
    - On the kitchen table.
    Make a Star 8 - As Large As Possible
    - On top of the microwave in the room where you start.
    Samurai Hair
    - Inside the middle vaulting horse in the schoolyard.
    Make a Star 9 - Energy
    School Bag
    - On top of a building in the beginning area. There is a ramp made out of
    piggybackers that leads up to the top.
    - On the back of Santa's sleigh, flying around town.
    - Behind the flag building with the elephant wearing a crown on top, next to
    the amusement park.  It’s a fairly large present.
    - On a volcano when you're picking up the smaller land areas.
    Make a Star 10 - As Large As Possible
    Party Whistle
    - After the 45cm barrier, head down the hill and make a left at the bottom.
    Follow the road until you reach the area with the tents on the right.  It's
    under a tent on a box.
    - The present is rolling along behind an orange monster truck, going counter
    clockwise (when sitting at the barrier and watching things roll by) around the
    street past the 1.5m barrier.
    Make a Star 11 - As Large As Possible
    Thunder Drums
    - On the roof of the school.  Get it after 3m, but before 12m.
    Mt. Fuji
    - In mouth of the volcano.
    Make the Moon
    - On top of the smokestack in the upper part of the town after the 3m barrier.
    Bunny Ears
    - On a Jumboman flying around after the 12m barrier.
    Katamari Spinkler
    Ring Toss
    - Being carried by an animal on the ground.  You have to turn some of the
    ground green for animals to start to show up.
    - Up on the same level as the large tree/stone cousin statues.  Activate the
    oasis up there and it will drop into your katamari.
    Make a Star - Race
    - On the larger tanker in the water.  To your left when you start the level.
    You need to be fairly large to grab it.
    Note: You can't use the in-game camera option on this level so I had to take
    a pic with my cell phone while trying to direct the moving katamari.
    Make a Star - Danger
    Survival Bag
    - Hanging from a star at the end of the level
    - On a turtle's back that is going aroung in a circle above Robo King's hand.
    Cold Mask
    - On a sand castle floating around the room.
    - In RoboKing's Crown.
    6. Legal
    Copyright 2009
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by me, Vix.  You may not alter/repost this entire 
    Checklist or any section of it without my permission first.
    Katamari Forever is a registered trademark of Namco.
    This FAQ is allowed to be posted on these sites:
    Any other site that has it posted without my consent is contributing
    to copyright infringement. If you would like to host this guide, you must
    e-mail me first and obtain my permission.  E-mail me at VixDiesel@aol.com

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