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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jduecker0609

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    +                                                                             +
    +                        The Old Guy's Gaming Guide To:                       +
    +                                KATAMARI FOREVER                             +
    +                              COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH                           +
    +                                                                             +
    Hello all, and welcome to Katamari Forever!  My name is John Duecker, and I'm
    an Old Guy.  I have a family, and a house, and a job, and so I have very little
    spare time to play video games, but I love them anyway.  When I saw that there
    wasn't a comprehensive guide for this one, I decided to give it a shot, so I
    hope you like it!
    Use Ctrl+F to find the appropriate section using the numbers on the left...
    A1)..........................Purpose and Disclaimer
    A2)......................................The Basics
    A4).......................Eternal and Classic Modes
    A5)...................................Other TIdbits
    B2).........................Make a Star 1- Playtime
    B3).........................Make a Star 2- Calories
    B4).............................Make a Star 3- Rich
    B5)...................Make a Star 4- Constellations
    B6).......................Make a Star 5- Underwater
    B7)..........................Make a Star 6- Animals
    B8).............Make a Star 7- As Large as Possible
    B9).............Make a Star 8- As Large as Possible
    B10)..........................Make a Star 9- Energy
    B11)...........Make a Star 10- As Large as Possible
    B12)...........Make a Star 11- As Large as Possible
    B13)..................................Make the Moon
    B14).............................Katamari Sprinkler
    B15)..............................Make a Star- Race
    B16)............................Make a Star- Danger
    C1)...............................Gingerbread House
    C2)........................................Clean Up
    C3)..................................Cows and Bears
    C10)..................................Limited to 50
    C12)......................................Hot Stuff
    C13)..............................Just Right- Small
    C14).............................Just Right- Medium
    C15)..............................Just Right- Large
    C16)..............................Wake Up the King!
    C17)...............................The King's Dream
    +                                                                             +
    +                         SECTION A) GENERAL INFORMATION                      +
    +                                                                             +
    +                                                                             +
    +                           A1) PURPOSE AND DISCLAIMER                        +
    +                                                                             +
    The purpose of this guide is straightforward- to get you the platinum trophy in
    Katamari Forever as quickly as possible, with as little frustration as
    possible.  I am an old guy, and though some of the information is pertinent to
    anyone playing the game, I'm really writing this for other old guys (or girls).
    So if you're reading this, I assume that:  1)  you bought the game like 5 years
    after it came out, 2) you have little free time, but 3)  you still like to
    complete a game thoroughly before moving on to the next one.  Also, I assume
    that you have been playing video games long enough to have a basic competency,
    so I'll stick to the information that I think will be most helpful.  I enjoy
    writing these guides in the middle of the night when my family is asleep, so I
    can't promise that I'll be concise, but I will do my best to keep the verbiage
    to a minimum.  If I can't, I'll at least organize the thing so you can scroll
    through my ramblings.  I get help from other online sources when I play a
    game, so I'll try my best to cite them or point you to them if it's relevant.
    As always, I encourage you to play around a bit before coming here, as most of
    the fun of a new game is in discovery.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                 A2) THE BASICS                              +
    +                                                                             +
    Well, this is certainly a unique game, and if you've ever played Katamari 
    before, you understand why.  Your job is to roll up all kinds of stuff into
    your katamari, getting bigger and bigger until you roll up everything.  At the
    end of each level, your katamari will get turned into a star, or planet, or
    some other cosmic thing, and if you barely beat the goal, you'll get insulted
    by either the King of all Cosmos or his robot counterpart, Roboking.  The
    setup is the same for almost every level:  get THIS big in THIS amount of time.
    That's it, happy rolling!
    You'll figure out how to roll around pretty quickly, but here are some tips
    that will save you some trouble.  First, you're balancing size against time, 
    so don't waste too much time trying to pick up everything in your path.  Long,
    straight lines with lots of stuff in your way is the fastest way to getting
    big, but don't sweat it if you miss a few things.  Second, it's better to pick
    up the biggest things you can as soon as you can.  Third, as you get into
    higher levels, you'll see barriers.  It's usually a good idea to go through the
    barrier as soon as you're big enough, but NOT ALWAYS.  I'll try to tell you
    when the exceptions arise.  Fourth, the same holds true with broken hearts.  
    These can be great tools, as they suck all the items in to you, like a vacuum.
    Sometimes, though, it's better to wait until you're bigger until you get them,
    and sometimes you want to avoid them at all costs.  Again, I'll do my best to
    tell you when to roll them up.  Fifth, and most importantly, the tutorial (and
    the box) tells you to shake the whole controller to perform the Prince Hop.
    DO NOT DO THIS.  Just use R2.  I can't tell you how many levels I failed trying
    to jump and looking like a fool before someone told me I could just tap R2.
    Now you know from the start.
    There are a few points I'd like to make about the order in which you go through
    the game, which will save you some drama later, when you start looking at the
    Trophies you have left.  First, there are 34 single player levels, with up to 4
    modes for each one.  Start by playing through the entire 34 in Forever mode,
    then immediately do the next 16 in Drive mode.   For one of the Trophies, you
    need to play single player 50 times in a row, so do this BEFORE you even look
    at the Multi-Player option.  Speaking of multi-player, having a second
    controller, and/or a helpful spouse will come in handy with this, although
    neither is necessary to get the Platinum.  Okay, back to order.  Once you
    finish all of the levels in Drive mode, go level by level and unlock and beat
    the Eternal and Classic modes.  Staying in the same level will go faster,
    because you're already familiar with that level.  Once all levels have been
    played, get all of your Cousins and Presents, then work on the miscellaneous
    trophies.  Save your completed collection for the end:  it's the most time
    consuming trophy by far, and you'll pick up all kinds of stuff while doing all
    of these other things.  Or, just do what feels good, that's fine too.  
    It's that kind of game.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                   A3) POINTS                                +
    +                                                                             +
    POINTS- At the end of each level, your king will score your performance based
    on whatever criteria he set earlier in the level.  They say it's scored out of
    100, but you can get 120 on almost all of the levels.  THESE SCORES DON'T
    MATTER if you want the platinum trophy.  As long as you complete the request,
    scores of "1" are good enough for now.  It will save you lots of time if you
    can get better scores, because the Eternal and Classic modes will unlock
    quicker, but don't worry if you have a "19" or something on some of the levels
    for a while.  For each level in the guide, you'll see a "Top Score" strategy,
    so use it if you want.  Or just do what feels good, that's fine too.  It's
    that kind of game.
    +                                                                             +
    +                          A4) ETERNAL AND CLASSIC MODES                      +
    +                                                                             +
    UNLOCKING ETERNAL AND CLASSIC MODES- Once you play all 34 levels in Forever
    Mode, You will have to do the same thing again in Drive mode.  Once you do
    that, you'll have to unlock Eternal and Classic modes (if available) for each
    level before you can play them.  There is an algorithm for doing this, but I
    still haven't been able to figure it out.  I think there's calculus involved.
    Anyway, it's some combination of the scores you've got on the level, the
    number of times you've increased your score, and the number of times you've
    played the levels.  I suggest doing this:  Play in Forever until your score is
    somewhere around 80, then play in Drive until you unlock eternal. Depending on
    your scores, this could be 2-6 times before you unlock Eternal mode, or longer
    if you're stuck at 20 or so (I think my record was 13 times, and I was
    starting to think the game was glitched).  I think if you get a 120 on a
    level, the next one will unlock automatically, but I didn't get that many 120's
    my first time through.  Once you unlock Eternal (if applicable), play it
    immediately and roll up every single thing you can find. This should get you a
    score at least in the 90's, as you have unlimited time, and one more try should
    unlock classic.
    +                                                                             +
    +                               A5) OTHER TIDBITS                             +
    +                                                                             +
    PUNISHMENT-  If you should fail to reach the goal on a level, don't be too
    disappointed.  You'll get to play the punishment mini-game!  Basically, your
    king will insult you and throw rocks at you, and you have to dodge them.  One
    of the trophies requires that you be punished 50 times, and one requires that
    you get 50,000 points in the game, so dodge some rocks to ease your pain.
    COLLECTING ITEMS-  A quick note here: I'll be more specific when we get all the
    way to the end and the collection becomes an issue.  In order for an item to
    count in your collection, you must pass the level you are on.  If you are
    punished, you will lose any items you have picked up, and if you quit without
    making either a star or stardust, you will also lose these items.
    COUSINS AND PRESENTS -  I have found plenty of resources that list locations
    of the cousins and the presents in this game.  I will not be repeating them
    here, because most of them are easy to find and the rest can be found
    elsewhere on the internet.  There is one cousin that is difficult to get, so I
    will include a note in the appropriate level.  Also, if you go to the selection
    menu, pick your level, and go to the place where you select your mode, you'll
    see little icons in the bottom right corner that tell you which cousins and
    presents you have found.  This will help you narrow your search if you get
    through them all and are still missing a few of either.
    SHOOTING STARS-  For most of the timed levels, you can earn a "shooting star"
    for completing the request quickly.  Each level has a required time that you
    have to get under to earn your shooting star, and you can see if you got it by
    looking at the bottom right corner when you are selecting your mode (The same
    place you can see the Cousins and Presents).  I'm not going to list the
    required times:  just keep playing and get your time lower and lower, and
    eventually you'll pass.  None of them are that hard once you know the level.
    Shooting stars are NOT required for any trophy, though they will add size when
    you need to make the big one.
    ITEMS-  There are 4,143 unique items to collect in this game, and you'll need
    every one of them if you want your Platinum trophy.  Don't be daunted, though,
    you'll probably be over 4,000 by the time you finish all levels in all modes.
    In addition, there are great resources available on the internet.  At
    gamefaqs.com, vix has a guide that will tell you what item you're looking for,
    and another one that will tell you where to find some of the more rare items.
    I've found that googling the item works well, too, and there are quite a few
    YouTube videos that can help if you're really having trouble finding
    something.  As such, I'm not going to include an item list in here.  What I
    will do, though, is include notes in the appropriate level on where to find
    some easily missable items.  This should get your collection up around 4,120
    or so before you need to look anywhere else. 
    ORDER OF THE GUIDE-  I'm going to start with each of the 34 levels, include
    the minimum requirements, and the best range I can find for the top score.
    If you see one number for 'Top Score Requirements,' that is the exact minimum
    required for 120.  If you see a range, that's my best 100 point score and my
    worst 120 point score.  The threshold is in there somewhere.  I'll give you a
    walkthrough for each level that results in the top score (usually 120).  If
    any major adjustments are necessary for other modes, I'll include them next.
    Finally, I'll make a note of any significant things to look out for item-
    wise.  After the 34 levels are done, I'll make a list of the PS3 trophies and
    the best way to get them.  Let's get started!
    +                                                                             +
    +                          SECTION B) ROBOKING'S COSMOS                       +
    +                                                                             +
    +                                                                             +
    +                                  B1) TUTORIAL                               +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  None
    Time Limit- None
    Modes Available:  Forever
    Top Score Requirements (120 max)-  50cm9mm-52cm0mm
    Top Score Walkthrough- This is, of course, the easiest level, as you're just
    learning how to move through the world with your katamari.  Do what the
    tutorial tells you to, except use R2 to jump instead of shaking the controller.
    To pass the level, you can just go up the steps at any time, as there's no
    time limit.  If you want the 120 point score, you'll have to pick up almost all
    of the gray and blue puzzle pieces, and every single yellow and pink puzzle
    piece.  This includes the ones above the windows, which will be hard until you
    learn to jump.  But, it's a tutorial, go ahead and learn!  This is one of the
    few levels where you don't get to see your size until you're already done, so
    getting an exact size is difficult.
    Item Notes- None, but note that everything that's in here is only found in this
    level, so get it the first time.
    +                                                                             +
    +                           B2) MAKE A STAR 1- PLAYTIME                       +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  20cm0mm
    Time Limit- 3 minutes (Forever), 2 minutes (Drive), 3 minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Top Score Walkthrough-  FOREVER MODE: To get a 120 on this one, you need two
    things:  your katamari must be at 37cm or bigger, and you must collect at least
    650 playthings.  Forget about the playthings:  you'll have over 1,000 by the
    end.  To get the size, here's how I did it.  This level has two rooms, and
    you'll start in Room 1 on the table top.  Roll straight ahead a short way until
    you see a plate full of sushi on your left. Roll sideways and pick up
    everything you can on this plate, then go around to your right.  You'll see
    another plate with yellow sushi and then another blue plate with some veggies
    and stuff on it.  This will get you over 12cm, and you'll level up.  As soon as
    you do, drop down off the table and go to the left of the guy in front of you.
    You'll see a ramp going to the next room.  Cross the room and pick up the evil
    dolls on your left.  Then, roll straight under the table and turn right, and
    you'll pick up all kinds of stuff until you get to a bunch of yellow lollipops
    and another ramp.  This will take you to 20cm, you'll level up, and should take
    you less than a minute.  Go right at the end of the ramp, then drop down to the
    right, turn around, and go right back along the shelf below where you were.  If
    you're picking up jumboman dolls of various colors, you're still with me.
    Make a counterclockwise circuit around the edge of this room.  Go all the way
    around until you see a pair of sandals on your right.  Go up the sandals and
    back into Room 1.  You should be around 24cm5mm by now.  Next, head straight to
    the back of this room and grab the broken heart.  As soon as you do, turn left
    and go around the room until you come to the ramp you used to get to the other
    room before.  Hit this ramp, go left to the skateboard, hit the skateboard, go
    left again.  This should end your rampage (Sorry for the GTA reference here),
    leave you with about 1:15 left on the clock, and a katamari that's about
    Make a lap around Room 2, and feel free to jump up and get some stuff that's
    higher up on the outside.  At the end of the lap, go back to room 1 and turn
    right.  You'll see some steps leading up to the table you started at.  Go up
    those, get everything on the table, then go up the ramp to the little cabinet
    up there.  You don't really want to go in the cabinet, but at least get what's
    on the top shelf.  Turn right back around, and jump from the table to the
    kitchen sink.  When you make the jump, you can get from 34cm to almost 36cm
    with the big stuff that's up on the counter.  Go to the ramp at the end, come
    down, and turn around.  There's a little alcove under the frying pan that will
    get you closer to 37cm.  You should still have a few seconds, if you're a
    little short, so look for the biggest things you can get and aim for them.
    DRIVE-  The requirements are the same, the time is not.  However, you get to
    roll way faster, and the lines you'll take will be the same.  Just try to keep
    under control and you'll nail this with plenty of time to spare.
    ETERNAL-  Just pick up everything.  Your size requirement is higher (39cm0mm)
    to get your top score, and that will mean rolling up just about everything.
    Have fun!
    CLASSIC-  Okay,  I know this is level one and everything, but it is certainly
    no picnic in Classic mode.  You get no jumps, no broken hearts, and your time
    is still the same as the Forever mode!  One good thing, though, you do get one
    lousy centimeter of leeway.  That's right, the 120 mark is at a flat 36cm
    instead of 37.  Sound easy?  It isn't.  The line is mostly the same, though,
    with a few modifications.  Get your 12cm up on the table, maybe pick up a few
    sausages, then drop down like before.  Follow the same strategy all the way
    through Room 2, coming back through room one, and right up to where the broken
    heart was. It's not there.  Sorry for the spoiler.  You'll still run your
    rampage just like before, except get up the ramp with the iron and get INTO
    the cabinet.  Roll the first shelf, then the second, stop, and get back out of
    there.  Stay right and get what's under the TV, then go right back to Room 2.
    When you get to the end of the ramp leading to the center table, you need to go
    up the little ramp on the RIGHT.  This will be tricky, as there's a gumball
    case or something that's right in your way.  Roll around that, pick up the tuna
    cans, and land smack dab on top of the beach balls.  If you're on target,
    you'll be able to pick them up before going across the skateboard to finish the
    previous line.  Now, skip any laps since you're probably under a minute already
    and barely over 30cm, and go straight back into Room 1.  Turn right
    immediately, get up the ramp, roll right up onto the window sill and make a
    quick pass across the counter.  Do NOT go into the sink, as you'll waste time
    and gain almost no size.  From the end of the counter, drop down and
    immediately go under the counter.  Quick turn and you should be around 34cm5mm.
    Get right up on the table that you started at, then immediately go into Room 2
    again.  As soon as you get there, go right and take the ramp all the way to
    the top shelf.  Go across that shelf and you should just barely get to 36cm.
    This is VERY important:  as soon as you hit 36cm, look at your 'playthings.
    You may not be at 650 yet, because you skipped a bunch of toys to save time.
    Use your remaining seconds to get to a shelf or somewhere where there's a
    bunch of little toys, so you can get this number over 650.  I  barely made this
    after about 2 hours on this level, so don't feel like you suck if it takes 30
    or 40 tries.
    Item Notes- To my knowledge, there is nothing particularly rare in here, or
    else the rare ones are easy to get.  There are a few places I noticed that may
    have some hard-to-find items, though.  Get these in Eternal mode so you have
    time.  First, when you go into Room 2 and turn immediately right, you'll see a
    bunch of calligraphy on the wall above the shelves.  You'll need to jump to get
    the highest ones.  The second spot is on the ramp in Room 1 with the iron.
    There are two books tucked in between the ramp and the wall (a picture book and
    an animal book).  You have to be pretty big to get them, but if you grind 
    against the wall you can pick them up.  That's it!
    +                                                                             +
    +                           B3) MAKE A STAR 2- CALORIES                       +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  None
    Time Limit- 4 Minutes (Forever), 2 Minutes (Drive), 4 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Top Score Walkthrough-  FOREVER MODE:  To get 120, you need to get over 1.6
    million calories.  Each item you pick up has a calorie value, so you want to
    find some high calorie items and get them before they disappear.  Really,
    though, this one is all about finding a good line.  Start by turning right and
    dropping off of the ledge immediately.  Go straight forward and down the steps.
     Angle to the right and you'll see a whole big bunch of orange and brown
    'cookie' shelves right in front of you.  Go up one side of the far shelf, turn
    around and come down the other side.  Go up to the second shelf and make a
    quick pass up there.  Roll around until you see a ramp up to some of the other
    shelves up here, and roll what you can until you're around 130,000 calories.
    Then, find the display cases around the outside of this room and make a
    clockwise pass through them.  Keep going around the outside of this room, and
    you'll be around 200,000 calories when you come to the fire and the strawberry
    wafers.  Go through them and into the food court (the room with the arch and
    the table).  You just really want to pick up all the sushi under the arch,
    then go to the grill with all of the hamburgers. Jump up into the next room 
    when you're at about 275,000, but DON'T GET THE HEART.  Your high score
    depends on waiting until the end for this.  Okay, now you're up here with the
    giant watermelon.  Behind this are two ramps on your left leading up to a top
    shelf.  Get up there and go all the way around that shelf until you can't any
    more.  You'll be right around 400,000.  
    Now, just do a lap on the outside of this room, then you'll be big enough to
    roll up just about everything in the middle.  Right about now is when your 1
    minute warning should hit.  Get all the shelves and wafers you can, then roll
    up into the room with the big spinning wedding cake.  Make a lap or two here,
    and you should just be big enough to get the cake.  When you do, you should
    be at 900,000 or so, and have only about 10 seconds left.  Have no fear, all
    you have to do is stay to the right and roll into the room with the arch and
    the table.  Hit the broken heart now, and everything will come your way.  You
    should look up and be amazed to see that you have jumped up to 1,600,000 or
    more in 1 second!  Great job!
    DRIVE MODE-  Same exact lines, just do it twice as fast.  That's it, the
    goals are the same as well.
    ETERNAL MODE-  The 120 point mark is upped to 1.8 million for this one, but
    it shouldn't be hard at all.  Just follow the same lines.   The nice part
    about this level is that the calorie count is the same no matter how big you
    are, so you won't have to spend 10 minutes rolling around looking for that
    last millimeter.
    CLASSIC MODE-  Follow the same lines, and you'll be fine.  You don't get a
    broken heart here, but they also set the bar at an incredibly easy 1.1 million
    calories.  I actually had to stop with 49 seconds left to get the limit down
    for the guide, so you shouldn't have any problems if you use the same lines.
    Item Notes- None.
    +                                                                             +
    +                             B4) MAKE A STAR 3- RICH                         +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  60cm0mm
    Time Limit- 5 Minutes (Forever), 3 Minutes (Drive), 5 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Top Score Walkthrough-  FOREVER MODE-  Again, there are 2 criteria you need to
    meet to get a 120 on this level.  You must get your katamari up to 1m70cm0mm,
    and also collect 750-800 rich things or more.  As usual, if you get up to the
    right size, you won't have to worry about the rich item count.  Here's how you
    do it:  you start on the edge of the roulette table.  Drop off backwards and
    turn a little to your left.  Aim for the caramel pyramid, then the stack of
    poker chips to the left, then the bigger stack of chips to the right.  Follow
    around this circle, and you'll see the broken heart on the chess board. Don't
    get it yet.  There's some toast to the left of that, roll over it and off the
    table.  You should be at 10cm.  Aim for the Lego arch with the diamond under
    it, then go up the ramp made of artwork.  Roll over whatever you want up here,
    till the next ramp leading up to a plate of fruit.  This fruit will get you
    over 18cm.  Drop to the right of the fruit bowl and down by the dart boards.
    Now, make a few clockwise circuits in this room, outside and inside, until
    you're big enough to pick up the brown wine bottles.  There's a nice wine rack
    just past the entrance to the next room.  Roll up that and pick up all the
    bottles, then turn around and go through the doors.  You'll be at about 48cm.
    Now go quickly through the railing and down by the Christmas tree, take a left,
    and some doors will open with like 200 gold bars in it.  Get most of them, but
    don't waste too much time, as you'll be back.  Go straight across the room and
    out the opposite door with a size that's right around 79cm.  If your clock
    still says 2 when you exit, you're doing fine.  Now, just cross the pool the
    best you can, go over the lawn chairs, and head left to the next area of the
    garden.  You'll see a gazebo right in the middle of the garden with a broken
    heart inside.  Roll up and get it.  Now, the rest is really up to you.  Move as
    fast as you can to places you haven't been, then roll around in the garden
    until there's about 40 seconds left on your clock.  Then, get back into the
    house and roll over the rest of your gold bars and anything else in this room.
    Go back to the room you started in when you're about 1.5m, and go right through
    the door and into the broken heart.  You'll pick up everything in this room,
    adding another 30cm to your size and another 200 rich things to your katamari.
    At this point, you should be plenty big enough, so enjoy your awesome score!
    DRIVE MODE- Same criteria, WAY easier.  It's almost not fair.  When you get to
    the gazebo, you can pretty much pick everything in the garden up while your
    rampage is active, so this will be no problem if you nailed the Forever mode.
    ETERNAL MODE-  You need to be around 1m90cm to get the 120 on this one.  Use
    the same lines, but when you get the second heart, go back out into the yard
    and pick up some bushes until you're at 1.90 or so.
    CLASSIC MODE-  Another monster without the hearts or the jump.  Let's start
    with size:  I know that 1m58cm is good enough.  I know that 1m53cm8mm is not.
    I also know that 794 rich things is good enough, but 723 is not.  The idea is
    mostly the same:  get big in the first room, get some gold bricks, go in the
    garden for a while, then finish where you started.  As for the actual lines,
    all I can tell you is to keep practicing.  Watch for coins, rings, and other
    things.  You should be at 60 when you pass the fruit bowl.  Then, go up the
    second ramp so you can get to that long line of rings easily.  Come back up the
    couch to get your perfume and stuff, then turn left and get all those drinks on
    the table. Drop down immediately to get the wine bottles in the racks, then
    come out and roll around in the roulette table for a second.  These moves don't
    add much time and give you quite a few 'rich points.'  Don't leave the first
    room until you're at least at 280 rich things or so, and you should be able to
    get there with your clock still showing '2.'  Get to around 550 before you go
    out in the garden, then when you get to 650 or so, come back in the house and
    get in the first room.  This should get you high enough size wise, and 
    also get your last 100 rich things.  Good luck!
    Item Notes- There are a two:  first, when you go past the fruit bowl, go up
    the second ramp and take a right.  You'll see a house of cards that has every
    one in the deck right there.  I don't know if this is the only level that has
    these, but you might as well get them during one of your Eternal runs.  Second,
    If you're on the couch with the 3 dartboards, face the dartboards and look
    left.  The ramp that leads back up has some sewing stuff on either side
    (thread and what not).  Get it.  One of those (I think it's the blue one) is
    +                                                                             +
    +                        B5) MAKE A STAR 4- CONSTELLATIONS                    +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  None
    Time Limit- 5 Minutes (Forever), 3 Minutes (Drive), 5 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Top Score Walkthrough-  FOREVER MODE-  Okay, I already wrote two guides for
    this. The first one was way too long, and the second was way too short, so I'm
    going for Goldilocks here: just right.  First, you need to collect
    constellations.  There are 88 different constellations, and to get 120 you need
    all 88.  I don't know if the size or number of items matters, because you'll
    have plenty of both if you get big enough to get all 88.  I'll try to focus on
    the most rare ones, or the ones that disappear quickly, but you may have to get
    some luck to get them all.  Start by getting the Tiara.  It's right in front of
    you.  Now, circle around the area with this tree, and make sure you find the
    Cherries, Hercules Beetles, and Eel.  These are the necessities.  If you can,
    grab at least one Hot Dog, Ruler (between the hot dogs), Protractor and a
    Parrot if you can catch him.  As soon as you size up once, head up the path for
    the little area with the cement pool and the lounge chair.  You want to go
    right to the edge of the pool and pick up a Crayfish.  If you keep going
    straight, you'll end up in a corner with some green doghouses, and you'll find
    some tools and some curry.  You should hit 50cm on the way, and you still have
    one last thing to get that will disappear if you get too big.  Hug the walls
    of the house past the first entrance, and right past that, you'll see what
    looks like a sundial made of compasses and hourglasses.  Get at least one of
    each, hit the hedge right there to get your cousin, and go immediately around
    the house to the second set of steps.  You NEED to get the dumplings that are
    on the griddles there before they disappear.
    As soon as you get them, roll on around the edge to the right, but don't go
    through the gate.  You should be around 40/88 by now, but if you're a little
    off, that's OK.  Pass the gate, take the first path to the left, and there will
    be a doll holding two Shields.  You want those, and you want them bad.  Now,
    tool around the garden for a bit.  You should find plenty of things to pick up,
    and you want to get your katamari up to at least 1m50cm.  If you can do this
    before the clock turns to a '2', you're home free.  You should be close to 50
    by now, as well.  Now leave through the gate and take an immediate left.  You
    will want to make one lap around the whole area, hugging the wall on your left.
    I'll give you some kind of idea of what to look for as you go- First, get the
    Plaster Figure with the Crown on top that's popping out of the sidewalk.  Turn
    left, get the Mummy, then the Microscope.  It's the only one.  Get the
    Princess, then get into the bathroom and get at least one thing from the
    Bathroom Constellation and Cygnus.  The Indian Guy with the snakes is next,
    then the fountain and the firewood stuff, then the Sheep.
    Right about now is when your clock should tick to '1,' if you're trying to
    barely make it.  If you're faster, then you'll have extra time.  Okay, back to
    fun.  Keep on your lap until you pick up the Rhinoceros, then when you have to
    turn right, make sure you get a Harp on the building to your right before
    continuing your lap.  You want to still stay on the outside wall of the level,
    so you'll get Surfboards, some kind of fish, and another cousin.  Just a small
    suggestion to save you frustration later:  right before you come out of the
    water, you'll see a swan boat with a dog on top of it.  That dog is a Husky,
    and is the only representative of Lupus.  Get him now, save yourself trouble
    later.  I've found he tends to fall into the water, which is only slightly
    infuriating.  Anyway, back to your lap.  When you come back to the gate to the
    garden, look immediately to your right.  There is a building there with a
    folding partition around it, and, you guessed it, a BROKEN HEART! Get that
    baby and everything else in this level will come to you!  Try not to think of
    how hard Classic Mode is gonna be without it, just enjoy the bonus!  When you
    get done gloating at your prowess, look in the garage to the left, inside the
    garden.  Make sure there are no horses in there, as one is a Centaur.  You
    should be around 84 or 85 by now, with maybe just over a minute remaining.
    This is a little random, but the few things that are usually missing are
    either in the water, or flying over your head.  Go back to the water and pick
    up the whale, then the giraffe, then circle around that area.  You might have
    missed the Macho Statue, the Husky, or the Goddess.  If you're still one
    short, I've found that the Eagle escapes more often than not.  He's circling
    around by the giraffe, and he's hard to make out because he's plain and
    brown.  That should do it!  If you're still short, you probably missed
    something earlier that disappeared when you got big.  Just run the level
    again and you'll probably get it by accident.  In fact, when I got 88 on
    this, I still had 55 seconds or so to spare, so once you do it, you'll do
    it WELL.
    DRIVE MODE-  I think this is actually easier than Forever Mode.  I think
    there were two things I missed consistently, the few times I played it:  the
    Broom Constellation and the Crow Constellation.  Just make sure you go in
    the corner between the garage and the house right before you leave the
    garden.  You'll pick up a Doberman and some Brooms over there.  As for the
    crows, leave the gate, and go immediately RIGHT.  You'll see some trash bags
    back in there, with some crows that don't run away as soon as you approach.
    That's it, have fun!
    ETERNAL MODE-  Again, follow the same lines and you'll have no problem.
    CLASSIC MODE-  Okay, this is where it gets real.  Real hard, that is.  You have
    no Broken Heart to bail you out, so you have to get everything on your own.
    The lines are the same, so I'll be brief.  In the first area, start with the
    Tiara.  Be a little more thorough here, as you should have 19 by the time you
    go to the pool.  Get the Tiara, a Crab, the Cherries, a Triangle Ruler, a
    Parrot, the Eel, a Hot Dog, a Ruler, a Protractor, the Hercules Beetle, a Ball,
    some Paint, the Wristwatch, a Dart, a Bunny, some Lemon Tea, the Teapot, and a
    Watermelon Slice. There is also a Fox Mask, but it's hard to get and you will
    get that constellation easily (it's Vulpecula, if you're wondering) over by the
    dumplings, so if you miss it just hang on for a second.   By the time you get
    the Dumplings, you should be at 33 (including the dumplings), with a clock that
    says '3' still.  To get these, get a Shoe, some Milk, a Ship in a Bottle, a
    Carp, the Crayfish, some kind of Clownfish, some kind of Tool (for Caelum),
    Curry Sauce, a Teddy Bear, a Mushroom, a Compass, a Cuckoo, the Tsuchinoko
    (that thing that Pokkle is sitting on), and then the Dumplings.  Right after
    those, get a Kitchen Scale, pick up the Cat, then get either the Rider's
    Portrait or the Wishing Plate to get Equuleus.  There's a Scrub Brush and a few
    Brooms: get one of those, and you'll be at 37.  Get one of the Origami cranes
    on your way back, and pick up the Doll with the Shield to get to 40.
    As you're getting to 1m50cm so you can leave the garden, you should pick up Tom
    Hoshino, a Big Compass, a Crown, a Candlestick Set, and a Table, although all
    of these can be picked up in other places.  Before you leave the Garden, make
    sure you go back to the place you got the Crayfish, and pick up the Big
    Protractor.  You'll probably get the Dalmatian as well, so you should be at 47
    when you leave the garden.  Go immediately out and pick up the Binoculars, then
    turn right and get your Crows by the trash bags if you haven't already.  On
    your way, you'll probably pick up one of those gold Pylons as well as a
    Bulldog, getting you up to 51 before you start your big lap.  During your big
    lap, you'll get the following:  the Plaster Figure, the Mummy, the Invisible
    Man, some kind of Stage Prop, the Microscope, a Pizza, the Princess, the Human
    Wheel, the Prince, getting you to 60 as you turn into the bathroom.  This will
    get you the Potty and some other Bathroom item, as well as the Biker Flag, and
    you'll have 63 when you leave.
    Get your Indian Man, a Rice Cooker, your Luxury Fountain, and some Sheep, and
    you'll be at 67.  Get the Black Bear, Peacock, Rhinoceros, Harp, and a Bonito,
    and you'll be in the water with 72.  Around the water, you'll pick up a
    Surfboard, a Dolphin, your Husky (on top of the swan boat), the Eagle (if
    you're lucky), the Baby Phoenix (again, if you're lucky), then leave the water
    and pick up a Well Pump.  Sometime during this, you'll get the 1 minute
    warning.  Now, the last 10 are a bit of a dash if you kept pausing and going
    back to make sure you got everything, but it can be done if you're at the
    garden gate with 45 seconds left.  Go in the garage and get the Centaur, then
    haul ass straight past the place with the Broken Heart to get your Folding
    Screen, Cow Man, and Grandma.  Turn back around, go up the hill and get
    Pegasus.  Turn back around and head for the water, and you'll pick up the
    Macho Sculpture, a Lion Statue, the Giraffe, the Goddess, and finally the
    Baby Whale!  That's 88 Folks!
    Item Notes-  Again, I don't think there's anything particularly difficult to
    get here.  You pick up pretty much everything in the level anyway.
    +                                                                             +
    +                          B6) MAKE A STAR 5- UNDERWATER                      +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  80cm0mm
    Time Limit- 5 Minutes (Forever), 3 Minutes (Drive), 6 Minutes (Classic) 
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Top Score Walkthrough-  FOREVER MODE - This isn't really all that hard, but
    it's obnoxious for its lack of things to pick up and slow motion.  Also, it's a
    wide open world, and most of the good stuff moves around, so it's hard to give
    you a walkthrough.  To get 120, you need to get your katamari up to 2m9cm0mm.
    Spend your first minute rolling around in circles in the area you started in.
    Pick stuff up on the ground, but aim for any schools of fish that you are big
    enough to get.  When you are around 45cm or so, your first minute should be up.
    Look for a line of little black sea urchins leading up to some jewelry and a
    treasure chest.  Before you go up, get the little doll looking things to your
    right, which should get you over 50cm.  Now, follow the little path that's
    there all the way around to the 4 red crabs that are on top of each other.
    These should get you right around 80cm with only one more minute gone by.
    Stay on this little path until you hit about 90cm, then go up on the little
    green area that marks the outside of the level.  You can pick up all of those
    things sticking in the ground by now, and you should get to about 1m20cm pretty
    quickly.  Now, go back down to the bottom of the sea floor and roll around
    until you get to 1m50cm.  Your third minute should be long gone, and you should
    have about 1 1/2 minutes left.  If you're big enough to pick up the female
    mermaids, it's time to get your Broken Heart, which is up on the island in the
    middle of the level.  Roll up there, drop down, and start charging madly around
    the level.  This is where it gets a little hard to guide, because I've been
    anywhere from 1m80cm to 2m after my rampage.  Either way, use the remaining
    time to pick up the biggest things you can - usually by now this is people.
    Each one will get you a little closer, though it tapers off at the end, so
    this should come right down to the wire.  Keep trying until you hit your 2m9cm,
    and you're on to Drive mode!
    DRIVE MODE -  Same lines, different times.  It should still take most of your
    first minute to get to 50 cm, and most of your second to get to 1m50cm, but
    once you get that Broken Heart, you'll have time to make almost a full lap
    around the area, which will get you to 2m4cm or so.  Then, just look for
    people to pick up to get you to 2m9cm, and you're done!
    ETERNAL MODE -  Take your time, follow the same lines, get everything you
    can.  The limit for 120 is exactly the same: 2m9cm.
    CLASSIC MODE -  You'd think this would be really hard without that broken
    heart.  It's not:  you get an extra minute, plus you only have to get to an
    even 2m to get a 120.  Follow the same lines and you'll be fine.
    Item Notes- I didn't have to go back to get anything in this level once I
    completed them, but I was pretty thorough when I did the eternal.  One note:
    The treasure chest has a bunch of stuff in the sand around it.  Make sure you
    get it if you can, as that looks like a place that would have rare items.
    +                                                                             +
    +                           B7) MAKE A STAR 6- ANIMALS                        +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  None
    Time Limit- 7 Minutes (Forever), 4 Minutes (Drive), 8 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough-  Okay, this level is HARD.  Not to pass, that's easy:
    just pick up one animal and you can move on to the next level.  It's hard to
    get a 120, even harder to get them all.  There are 300 animals in here, and
    you need 297 to get your 120.  At that point, why not just go for all 300?
    That's precisely what we're going to do!  I've broken the whole thing down
    into seven areas, and listed each animal in each area.  Then, I'll give you a
    walkthrough with the most important things in each part.  Some of the animals
    will change (though not much), so don't be surprised when you see 'Lizards' on
    the guide, but all you see are Turtles.  It's OK, they just make some of them
    random.  The numbers and locations are the same, and I've put quotes around
    the ones that I've seen appear as different animals.  Also, animals are a
    bitch to catch, because as soon as you're big enough, they'll run away!  So,
    if you want all 300, I suggest you do this:  Make a chart with each of the 7
    areas on a piece of paper.  When you leave an area, write down how many
    animals you got when you were there (I know, a little math will be involved),
    then when you come back you know how many are left to get.  None of these
    animals will disappear as you get bigger, but some will be hard to see or roll
    up when you get too big, so I'll note them in the walkthrough.  Also, you
    can pause your game and scroll down through your list to make sure you got
    something:  I suggest you do so from time to time.  It will take some luck to
    get them all, so be ready to play this level A LOT if you want your perfect
    score.  Okay, here are the areas.
    AREA 1:  THE GARDEN (38)-  Cats (9), 'Bunnies (2)', 'Lizards (2)', Moles (4),
    Deer (9), Tsuchinoko (1), Fish Man (5), Elephant Man (2), Animal Statues (4).
    AREA 2:  THE SIDEWALK AROUND MONKEY ROCK (39)- Calf (5), Husky (3), 
    Monkey (7), Deer (7), Cobra (4), Tsuchinoko (1), Fish Man (3), Giant
    Tortoise (2), Elephant Man (3), Gorilla (2), Bear Cub (2)
    AREA 3:  THE RIVER (48)- 'Giant Tortoise (5)', Cobra (1), Sloth (4), Ibis
    (8), Duck (6), Tiger (3), Koala (2), Duckling (4), Crocodile (1), Anteater
    (4), Flamingo (8), Hippo (2)
    AREA 4:  THE FARM (32)- Sheep (9), Big Bear (3), Deer (6), Calf (7), Dairy
    Cow (2), Bear Cub (2), Horse (2), Horse Man (1)
    AREA 5:  THE LAKE (45)-  Black Bear (1), Sea Otter (16), Seal (9), Dolphin
    (7), Polar Bear (5), Penguin (7)
    AREA 6:  MONKEY ROCK (39)-  Monkey (32), Gorilla (6), Ape King (1)
    AREA 7:  SAFARI LAND (59)-  Tiger (2), Lion (14), Kangaroo (4), Zebra (4),
    'Camel (14)', Rhino (2), Giraffe (3), Panda (7), Elephant (2), 'Ostrich (7)'
    FOREVER MODE-  Well, you're going to start in the garden.  You MUST get the 4
    moles and the tsuchinoko.  The bunnies and lizards (or whatever they are when
    you play) will be running randomly around the area.  The moles are hiding in
    a circle around the level in little gray mounds.  You'll see their heads pop
    up from time to time, and there are 4 of them.  The Tsuchinoko is hiding in
    the 4 bushes that are off to your right as you start the level.  Your main
    goal, however, is to get to about 1m20cm before your first minute expires. As
    soon as you are big enough to roll up deer, make sure you go in the corner
    behind the picnic table and get the few that are in the back there.  It will
    be easier than trying to get in there later.  Now, If you're around 1m20cm,
    and your clock still says 6, pause the game and make sure you have at least
    the 5 required animals.  Write down your number, because you will be back.
    Now, go up either set of steps and turn RIGHT. You're going to make two laps
    around the sidewalk there, and your only concern should be getting big.  It
    doesn't matter what you pick up - you're going to get them all later with a
    Broken Heart.  Just get big enough to pick up people (about 2m30cm), and get
    those two laps done before your next minute expires.  When your laps are done,
    you want to go into the river area. Again, write down your total. There's some
    green fence on your right and a little arch.   When you go in, there are a few
    things that you MUST get.  The ducklings are one:  there are 4 of them and
    they're in the water.  The birds are another:  there are 3 flocks of birds- 2
    groups of flamingos and 1 group of ibises.  I think there are 12 birds total,
    and you will have to dash at them to get them before they fly away. A little
    practice with this and it won't take more than a few passes.  Now, the turtles
    (or peacocks), then all the stuff in the trees, then get your ducks in the
    ducts (ha ha), then get to the beach and pick up the 4 Anteaters that are
    running around there.  Okay, pause again and write down your total. You should
    have exactly 45 more things than you had when you came into the river.  Make
    sure you do, because they'll all be really hard to see when you come back here
    Got all 45?  Okay, you're going to make a few laps around the farm here.  You
    have no goal at all, other than to get to about 4m20cm, so you're big enough
    to pick up Dolphins.  I usually choose to waste a little time at the farm,
    because I miss stuff there more often than anywhere else. Also, I know exactly
    how long everything else takes by now, since I've done the damn level about
    100 times!  Anyway, when the clock flips from '3' to '2', pause your game,
    write down your total, and get to the lake.  You will be picking up everything
    in here, and you have 60 seconds to do it. Just a reminder, there are 45
    animals in the lake.  Get them ALL.  Now, you want to go back and spend exactly
    one minute getting everything that isn't in the Safari Land.  Start by going
    straight up the hill on the farm, then roll straight back to the Garden and get
    the remaining animals there (you know how many you have left, right?).  Now, go
    up to Monkey Rock and hit the Broken Heart.  The reason you go to the Garden
    first, in case you were wondering, is that only some of the things in there
    will come to you when you hit the Broken Heart.   EVERYTHING on Monkey Rock,
    and the path around it should come to you with the Broken Heart, so you should
    officially have 4 areas cleared out.  If you did everything right, you should
    need a Hippo or two, a Crocodile, and maybe some Tigers from the river, and
    everything else you're missing should be from the Farm or the Safari area.
    This is what you want.  Make a few passes in the River to make sure you're
    clean, then roll around the farm until your total is 241.  No less.  241.
    There are 59 animals in the Safari, and they take about a minute to get, so
    go there and get your final 59.  If you're short before you go to the Safari,
    and you still want a perfect game, I suggest you forget it for this run and
    focus on what you missed.  Pretend like you're shooting for 241 instead, and
    just keep practicing this part until you get them all.  Then, when you do
    finally hit that glorious magic number, go ahead and go through the lake, into
    the Safari area, and get your final 59.  I'll only give you one hint for the
    final area. Go through the gate, then roll up every damn piece of bamboo you
    can find on the panda hill first.  Then, just go down to the path and circle
    around counterclockwise, and when you get done, the trees won't keep you from
    picking up the pandas. PERFECT!
    DRIVE MODE - Holy Crap! Getting 300 animals in this level is next to
    impossible:  I'm having flashbacks of those 133 crabs in the original Katamari
    Damacy.  This took me a long, long time, and even with this guide it will
    probably take you a long, long time too.  Be prepared.  There are two major
    issues that stand in your way: you only get 4 minutes, and you have to catch
    those damn birds.  I think the 4 minute thing is self-explanatory, so let's
    focus on the birds for a second.  You can't charge in Drive mode, and the
    birds fly away faster the faster you go.  SO, unless you've got some special
    tactic that I never figured out, this whole level is going to come down to
    how fast you can catch those 12 birds.  I suggest you tackle this in parts,
    instead of trying to run through the whole level every time.  Get good at one
    part, then add on until you're done.  That way, you can spend a little more
    time in each area perfecting your skills before you put it all together.
    Here's how to do this:  first, forget about the number of animals you have
    ENTIRELY.  None of it really matters until the last few seconds.  It's really
    all about size and speed.  When you start the level, first go get the mole on
    your right and the tsuchinoko.  Then, turn around and make a lap through the
    balloons.  You must size up at some point during this lap.  Take a quick trip
    into the corner to get your two deer and some cats, then finish one more lap
    and get out of that area.  Make your two laps around the Monkey Rock like you
    did before, but don't dally too much to pick up stuff.  You should be over 1m
    before you leave the garden, 1m50cm when you pick up the 4 calves after your
    first lap, and over 2m before you're done with lap 2.  You must be at least
    on your second lap by the time your first minute expires.  If you've
    accomplished all of these things, it's time to move on to stage 2, or what I
    like to call the f'ing bird stage.  Get into the river through the arch, then
    line yourself up with the first flock of flamingos.  In order to catch them,
    you need to run straight at them, then jump right when you get to where they
    were.  If you do this right, some or all of them will fly up right into your
    katamari.  Did you get some?  Good.  Now, keep going straight and aim for the
    Ibises.  You  MUST get all of these now if you are going to get all of the
    animals on this level.  You can miss a few flamingos and still win, but the
    Ibises are crucial.  There are 4 of them, and they are a real pain to catch.
    What I found to work the best was to make one pass on a line through the
    flamingos, go through the Ibises, then turn around and make another pass.
    When I got back through the flamingos, I made a third attempt on that same
    line, then gave up for a bit and went up the hill at the farm.  At the top,
    I'd turn around, line myself up with the bridge that the Ibises were on, and
    go for it again.  After two of these passes, if I didn't have all of the
    Ibises, I'd just give up, as I'd killed most of my second minute by now.
    If you keep practicing this technique, eventually you'll pick up most of the
    flamingos and all of the Ibises, and you will still have about 2:15 left of
    your 4 minutes.  When you can do this, you just might have a shot at 300.
    Your next goal is to go all around the farm until you can pick up dolphins,
    then go down quickly into the lake.  It's not as critical that you get all
    of the animals in here this time, what matters is that you find a way to get
    over 5m before the 1 minute warning  (you actually need about 1:20 left on
    the clock).  Here's where the path gets a little different for this level.
    You're going to go straight up to Safari land.  Get the two tigers at the
    gate, the two herds of whatever circling around the tracks, the rhinos,
    zebras, lions and kangaroos, then head up to the island with the Pandas on
    it.  Get the ones that are in the trees at least (I think there are 4), and
    then get over to the Lions on the mountain and the Camels.  This should get you
    up around 8m, which is big enough for your next section.  If you have 45
    seconds or more, you're still in good shape.
    You'll be big enough to pick up Giraffes at some point while you're in here,
    but the Elephants will still knock you around a bit.  Try to get as many
    animals in here as you can, but you don't have to be perfect, as you'll be
    coming back much bigger.  Now, this is also very important, because you will
    have to trust that your Broken Heart got you everything you wanted.  From the
    area with the Camels, Roll up the fence there and go immediately LEFT down into
    the garden.  You want to pick up anything that's the furthest away from that
    heart (the tents and whatnot).  Take about 5 seconds and make sure you have the
    fountain and some of the bear men, then line yourself up with the Broken Heart
    which should be right in front of you.  You NEED to hit this in stride as
    you're running straight for the river.  If you do, you will just barely be able
    to pick up the flamingos you missed by making this an 'oblong Broken Heart (my
    term, not theirs).'  There is some luck involved, so don't be mad if you don't
    get them every time.  Okay, now you're huge, you've got almost everything (I
    think about 275 is a good number), and you have some stupidly small amount of
    time left (less than 30 seconds or so).  Make one final pass through the river
    to catch any tigers or alligators you need, then look in the farm.  If you
    missed some deer or cows or something, you can probably see them and catch them
    easily.  Then, get into the lake again and pick up the few otters and penguins
    and stuff you missed before, then go right back into Safari Land and get your
    two elephants and anything else you missed the first time.  My last animal was
    a Panda, and I got it with 1 second left, after 4 straight hours of playing, so
    good luck!
    CLASSIC MODE-  Things that make this harder:  no Broken Heart, no Jump.  Things
    that make this easier:  you get your Dash back for catching birds, you get an
    extra minute (8 minutes), you only need 273 animals to get a 120, and you've
    played a million times so you know where everything is.  We'll be combining the
    counting of the Forever Mode with the lines of the Drive Mode, and we'll have
    this done in an hour or so, right?  I hope so, because I'm getting hungry.  So,
    start in the Garden and roll around until you get to 1m20cm.  Take most of your
    first minute.  Write down your total.  Take your two laps around Monkey Rock.
    Make a 3rd lap around the base of Monkey Rock because those guys are hard to
    get later.  Take your second minute to get to 2m20cm or so.  Get to the river.
    Get all 45 animals that you can get in here, including the birds, the
    anteaters, and the tigers.  Take your whole 3rd minute to do this.  Write down
    your total.  Get to the farm and get up around 4m20cm so you can pick up
    dolphins.  There goes minute 4.  Write down your total. Get to the lake and
    get all 45 things in there.  Write down your total. Okay, back to the garden.
    Pick up whatever you missed, and kiss your 5th minute goodbye.  Now, get to
    Monkey Rock.  You should be big enough to get the Ape King, and you'll have to
    roll up the part of the mountain with the ladders to get there.  If you need a
    change of pace after getting him (I did), go to the river and get your last 2
    hippos and your crocodile.  Minute 6 is probably long gone by now, and most of
    minute 7.  Now, you have to get to 241 again, and you have to do it before the
    1 minute warning.  You should have everything clear now except for the Farm
    and the Monkey Rock area, so go get whatever else you need to get to the magic
    number.  As soon as you get number 241, haul ass to Safari Land and pick up
    your last 59 animals.   Now, sit back, relax, and be glad that you don't ever
    have to do this level again!	
    +                                                                             +
    +                     B8) MAKE A STAR 7- AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE                 +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  1m0cm0mm
    Time Limit- 5 Minutes (Forever), 3 Minutes (Drive), 6 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- There are a few things in here that apparently don't exist anywhere
    else.  If you follow my guide, you'll probably miss them all.  So, on your
    first Eternal run, drop off the starting table immediately and run around the
    floor.  There are 3 or 4 things down there that will disappear if you get over
    10cm, so get them while you can.  Also, there are a number of items stuck to
    door posts, hanging on walls, and I think there's even a bird's nest hiding
    under the roof.  When you get over 50cm, you'll go through the barrier and see
    a bunch of trash bags in the corner on the sidewalk, surrounded by papers.
    Pick up all of the papers- there's some rare stuff in that pile.  Also, there's
    a bunch of stuff on the roof of the house when you get over 1m10cm or so.
    Top Score Walkthrough-  FOREVER MODE -  Okay, after that animal one, this is
    quite a relief.  All you need to do is get your katamari up to 1m30cm, and you
    have 5 minutes to do it.  The first thing you want to do is drop down from your
    starting point and head straight for the dice that are spinning around the
    basket on the table.  Just intercept them and they'll all come to you.  This
    will get you to 5cm4mm, and you'll be big enough to pick up the Mah Jong tiles
    that are in front of you .  Do a quick turn and pick up the next line of tiles
    with the eraser in the middle.  Turn right and get the long line of caramels in
    front of you, then turn around and get the short line.  Now, turn right and get
    the two columns of 9 volt batteries, and your first level up.  Don't drop off
    the table just yet:  get the erasers, turn right, and head for the desk lamp
    with the green Legos attached to it.  Roll off the table there, picking up as
    many as you can.  Now, ignore the Broken Heart and do a clockwise lap, picking
    up the mice, and anything else you can grab while you're going around the room.
    Your goal is to be at 16cm9mm when you finish your lap, and your first minute
    will expire while you're doing this.  Crash into the little cards that mark a
    barrier to the outside and turn left.  You'll see some OJ cans and some
    Watermelon that will get you over 20cm, then drop off that area and turn right.
    You'll see some plants there: go right through the middle of them and pick up
    the line of sprayers, then turn right and aim for the green toy gun.  Straight
    ahead, you'll see more toy guns that will take you under the house.  You have a
    choice of which way to go right here, but I prefer to go straight.  Your second
    minute will be gone at about this time.
    Keep going and you'll see a big line of red dolls.  Get them and turn right,
    picking up any tools you can and then go right into the house.  When you get
    inside, take a right and follow the line of dust cloths into the kitchen.  You
    can get quite a bit of stuff in here, so follow your own way through the
    kitchen, up on the table, and into the kid's room.  As soon as you get around
    44cm, turn around immediately and head back where you came to the stack of
    piggy banks.  There's a Broken Heart on top of them, so roll up the banks and
    get your Broken Heart.  You'll end up at around 60cm, and minute three is now
    gone.  Go back outside the house the way you came, and instead of going through
    the barrier, turn left and roll up all the flower pots that are against the
    fence.  Then, go out that barrier, turn left, and make a pass up the sidewalk.
    Turn left, get the blue buckets down there, plus whatever else is in your path,
    and go back up to the sidewalk.  Make another pass down to the trash bags, then
    turn right and roll some toilet paper (I think there's a good pun there
    somewhere).  This should get you right around 1m, and should end your fourth
    minute.  Don't panic, you're about to get really big.  You're going to go back
    in the house, and go straight until you see your Broken Heart that you left
    alone earlier (you left it alone, didn't you?).  Get that, then either rampage
    into the yard, or rampage into the house.  Either way is fine, but I prefer
    the yard because I can see where I'm going.  You'll get to about 1m24cm, then
    just roll around wherever you haven't.  1m30cm will take a bit of moving,
    because it goes up so slowly, but you can get it if you get lots of people,
    furniture, and other big things.  Good Job!
    DRIVE MODE -  You only get 3 minutes, and the katamari must still be 1m30cm to
    get your 120, so we're going to have to shorten some things just a bit.  Even
    so, don't be discouraged if you don't get big right away.  I was at 44cm with
    1 minute to go when I got my 120.  First, forget the dice.  Just go left
    immediately and get your caramels, then mah-jong tiles, then 9 volts, then
    erasers.  Run your lap, but just try to get to 15cm.  Get out and get your
    watermelon, and as soon as you hit 20cm, skip straight to the barrier under
    the house and turn immediately left.  Jump up and you'll be in the kitchen.
    Get some tuna cans and anything else you can find on the table or the floor,
    and when you're about 39cm get over to the stack of piggy banks.  This may
    take 2 of your three minutes, but have no fear - behold the power of the
    Broken Heart.  The first one will take you to 60cm instantly, then follow the
    same lines you did in Forever Mode and you'll be right around 1M when the 30
    second warning starts its irritating siren.  Get to the second broken heart,
    and you'll have time to do a quick circuit of the yard, then go all the way
    back in the house before your rampage ends.  You'll be pretty close to 1m30cm
    after this, and you should be able to go back to the sidewalk and pick up
    partitions or flower pots, or the little girl, or plants - pretty much
    whatever you didn't get before.  That should do it, and you'll be playing
    Eternal Mode next!
    ETERNAL MODE - No problem, just see my item notes and get everything you can.
    I think the minimum is raised to 1m33cm for this one, as well.
    CLASSIC MODE-  You get an extra minute for this, but 1m30cm is still the magic
    number.  Just follow the same lines you did in classic, but actually travel in
    the path that you took with the broken hearts, and you?ll be very close.  Use
    your extra minute to get on the roof for that last 1cm.
    +                                                                             +
    +                     B9) MAKE A STAR 8- AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE                 +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  3m0cm0mm
    Time Limit- 8 Minutes (Forever), 5 Minutes (Drive), 9 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- Only one.  On your first Eternal run, when you come down the steps
    with the three test tube racks at the bottom, look on the wall there between
    the steps.  That little sign is a 'Park Name.'  Get it when you're about 60cm,
    before you go through the 50cm barrier.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE-  I'm not going to give you much of a
    walkthrough on this level, as the path is really up to you.  You need to be
    over 5m40cm0mm to get a 120 on this one.  Use your first Broken Heart whenever
    you want, so that you crack 20cm by the first minute, then get down and spend
    your next 2 minutes getting over 50cm.  When you do, you can go across the
    bridge and roll aimlessly around town, dodging people until you're big enough
    to pick them up.  You should be at 1m by your 4th minute, 2m by your 5th
    minute, and 3m by your 6th minute.  When you get to about 3m50cm, go to the
    schoolyard and get your other Broken Heart, then just keep getting bigger
    until you hit the goal.  That's it!
    DRIVE MODE -  Same lines, different time.  You get only 5 minutes, but the
    limit is the same.  It's actually much easier, because once you get to 2m or
    so, you can just run over everything like a crazy person.  I actually was
    checking the requirement, and I got to 5m40cm with about 45 seconds left, so
    I just sat to make sure it was still good for a 120.  It was, so anything
    bigger than that will get you on to Eternal Mode.
    ETERNAL MODE-  Just relax and enjoy eternal.  Your minimum size for 120 is
    5m60cm, but if you get to around 5m50cm, you can start picking up cars and
    telephone poles, so that should get you over the top.
    CLASSIC MODE - Again, no Broken Hearts and no Jump for you, but you get 9
    minutes and your minimum size is WAY lower:  like below 5m11cm kind of low.
    I'm too impatient to get the exact number, because I hit this size every
    time with more than 2 minutes remaining!  You will too, if you already got
    120's on the other 3 modes.  Next!
    +                                                                             +
    +                           B10) MAKE A STAR 9- ENERGY                        +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  800m0cm0mm
    Time Limit- 9 Minutes (Forever), 5 Minutes (Drive), 10 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- Yes, there are a few things in here that you can't get anywhere
    else.  I'll try to list them all, and you should probably just make a run in
    Eternal for the sole purpose of getting them.  First, when you first start, go
    directly up to the farm with the garden.  You'll see a tree with a chandelier
    or something hanging from it.  Under that tree is a Fairy circling around, and
    she's the only one in the game.  Get too big and you'll miss her.  There's some
    angels up here too, that will try to fly away.  Dash at them and at least get a
    boy and a girl.  Next, when you get to 3m, go through the barrier and go left.
    On the other side of the town is a long grassy area with a farm, a campground,
    a bunch of golf guys, and some other stuff.  Get everything over here:  two or
    three things are rare.  Then, go back to the original area you started in when
    you get around 11m.  You need to find the rich house, and you'll see a little
    building on the left side of it with a helipad on top.  Get the whole thing:
    it's the Training Room.  Now, when you hit 12m, go through the OTHER  12m
    barrier (the one you ignored before when Roboking showed it to you).  It will
    take you directly to New York.  On the very outside street, there will be a
    bunch of trucks circling around.  One is the Car Carrier, and there may be
    others that are rare as well.  Just park and wait for all of them to come to
    you, or go clockwise and go to them if you're impatient.  I think that's all
    for this level.
    Top Score Walkthrough-  FOREVER MODE:  The last two levels were a nice break,
    but it's time to get back to reality:  this level is really hard to get a 120
    on.  In fact, I haven't seen any walkthroughs, guides, or YouTube videos that
    show you how to get a 120 on this, so I guess I'll have to write the first one.
    The reason it's so hard is that you have to hit two targets:  you have to be
    2km200m0cm0mm, and you also have to have more than 1300 'energy' things.  The
    problem with this is that most of the items that count towards your energy
    total are really small, and will disappear when you get too big.  Most of the
    things that make you bigger don't add anything to your energy total.  See where
    I'm going with this?  You really have to practice your lines so that you get a
    good balance, because if you waste too much time before getting big, you won't
    be able to hit the minimum size.  If you get big too fast, you'll lose on the
    energy count.  Oh, how wicked this game can be sometimes!  Have no fear,
    though: if you've read and followed the first 19 pages of this guide, I have no
    doubt that you're committed enough to finish this with me.  Let's get started.
    You start right under the bethonged butt of the sumo (like he took a funky
    dump, or something).  Go straight under him and get all of the bananas in your
    path.  Go under the second sumo and turn immediately left.  You'll see a
    pineapple, some bananas, then a ramp leading up to a shelf of food.  Go across
    that shelf and get your energy total to 23 or so.  When you come off the shelf,
    circle around the sidewalk to your left and aim for a little set of stairs
    with a champagne bottle and a kid sitting in front.  Roll up those stairs, then
    go around the building to your left.  There will be a shelf with ice cream,
    then a right turn, and then you should see a bunch of fruit on a shelf across
    the street. Roll up on this shelf and go down all the way through the hot dogs.
    This will get you up around 100 energy items, and drop you right in front of a
    brick path leading up the hill.  The path is lined with lights, if you haven't
    got too big:  pick these up, then stay on the curving path all the way to the
    water.  You want to run in a clockwise circle around the lily pads by the
    sailboats.  This will get you a cousin and a bunch of size.  Then, when you
    leave the water, you'll be at the rich house, and should be around 4m.  Go in
    there and run all the way to the back corner to get some trees and bushes and
    stuff, then hightail it straight to your 3m barrier.  Practice these steps
    until you can do this whole route in less than 3 minutes, or maybe just a
    little more.  It will be infuriating to waste so much time, but you need to be
    at 5m50cm or bigger, with an energy count over 150.   I still feel like
    there's a faster way to do this, but whenever I try I end up with 1200 or
    something at the end and don't get my 120, so take your time and hit all three
    of the above marks.
    Now, go through the barrier.  You'll be at a road.  Get the few energy items on
    the side here, then turn right and go right up the middle of the road.  If a
    car or elephant bumps you, it's OK, just go right back on the path you were on.
    Stay on this same road for about 20 seconds, and you'll see a Broken Heart on
    your left.  Get it and don't slow down.  Aim for the water, then a little left
    to the big tire over the road, then follow the road around until your rampage
    ends.  You should be up around 20m, and about 300 energy items.  Now, go to the
    right of the skyscraper and follow that line to the little area with the pagoda
    at the end, and another barrier.  You should pick up enough stuff to pick up
    the pagoda when you get there.  Bear to the left of the next road and get the
    line of windmills, then prepare to make three straight passes through the town
    at the other end.  The first one should be somewhere just to the left of the
    road that goes by the beach.  The second should get most of the buildings in
    the middle of the town, and the third should clean up whatever is left on the
    inland side of the town.  You'll come out right by the circus town (the one
    with the ferris wheel).  Make two counterclockwise laps around here, one
    outside and one just inside the first, and you'll be over 60m.  Don't go
    through the barrier yet!  You need to drop into the pool with Godzilla in it,
    then head straight through the airport to the city that's modeled after New
    York.  Roll up everything you can, but quickly, and then get everything in the
    little oil refinery next to the city.  You'll end up around 85m, and your
    energy total will be around 600-650.  This is good.  
    Cut across the airport and go into the ocean.  Pick up the fleet of boats
    there, then head for the Great Wall of China on the far end of the 60m
    barrier.  Pick it up and head straight through Egypt.  Get the tank and the
    cranes on the far side.  Now, this is a little hard to describe.  You want to
    make a clockwise lap on the outside of the area.  Don't go past the mountains
    with the circling clouds, and try to get towns on your way around.  If you
    come to some icebergs that you can now pick up, you've done it right.  Pick up
    a few, but don't waste too much time.  Turn right around and you'll see Ayers
    Rock with a Broken Heart on top.  Head straight for it, roll up and get it.
    This should get you over 300m.  Now, turn right immediately and head for the
    mountain with the clouds spinning around it.  Go right over the back of that
    island and follow the line of balloons through the rainbow.  You may want to
    dash, as this is going to get really tight for the rest of the level.  Your
    energy count should be over 900 when you get your second Broken Heart.  Now,
    you'll come to the area with a bunch of volcanoes.  Pass by that on the right,
    and you'll see an island with a blue dude spinning around and a bunch of rain
    clouds.  This island will get you over 700m, and probably closer to 800m.
    Notice I haven't mentioned time at all, because I'm always so focused on
    hitting my lines that I don't even look at the clock until right now.  You
    need pretty much all of your final 3 minutes to still be there when you're
    done, so if you have a '3' on your clock, you might just make it.  If you just
    flipped to '2,' there is still a chance as well, so don't give up yet.
    Your final 3 minutes are basically a mad dash to hit 1300 energy and 2.2km.
    Start with the energy - go right off the back of this island and you'll come
    to 'Future City.'  It's the one floating in the air.  Roll up there to get
    more energy items, then charge around and look for lines of balloons or
    anything else that looks like an energy item.  Look for islands with buildings
    on them, giant animals, dudes spinning around - anything to get you over 1200.
    You want to spend your first 2 minutes trying like mad to get over 1300.  As
    soon as you get to 1250 or so, spend the rest of those 2 minutes getting your
    katamari to around 1km650m.  If you can get both of these goals by the 1
    minute warning, you're on pace.  As soon as you are over 1300, and you're at
    1km650m, you can now pick up the ring of giant tornadoes that circle the level
    on the outside.  Get out there and start charging into them.  Just keep going
    in a mad dash around in that circle.  Getting to 2km200m can be done just by
    picking up tornadoes, but it takes about 45 seconds, so make sure you have
    this much time before you go out there.  Also, you won't get many energy items
    while you're doing it, so be over the minimum before you charge.  That's the
    best I can do right there, so good luck!
    DRIVE MODE - Wow, 5 minutes, huh?  This ought to be fun.  Let me tell you
    about my first run through, though, while making this guide.  I wasted my first
    2 minutes trying to get up that first shelf of fruit.  I took the same lines
    from Eternal after that horrible mess, and I still managed to get to 1.4km with
    1256 energy items, which was only about 30 seconds short of what I would need
    to get to 2.2km!  So, don't waste your first 2 minutes trying to get up that
    first shelf, and you should be fine.  Since you move so fast, your first Broken
    heart will take you all the way past the pagoda, and you'll only need about
    1:30 to get from 800m to the end.  Remember to get all of your energy items,
    and you'll be fine.
    ETERNAL MODE - This is incredibly easy, as the minimum requirements are still
    both the same: 2km200m for size, 1300 for energy.  Just have fun and roll up
    the whole mess, and you'll be closer to 2.8km by the time you get done.
    CLASSIC MODE -  Again, no Broken Hearts, no Jump.  You get 10 minutes, and your
    minimums are exactly the same.  The lines are a little different this time,
    since you have to deal with the no heart problem.  Get through that first area
    in about 2 minutes, and come over the 3m barrier with at least 170 energy
    items, at about 5m50cm.  Make your lap in the city like before, but turn right
    just before you get to where the Broken Heart was.  Pick up that line of police
    cars, then come back in the oncoming lane.  Then, go right and pick up trees
    until you can get over the 12m barrier in the back of the town you started in
    (the one Roboking tells you to go through).  Pick up trucks and houses on this
    road, and you'll come to New York.  Go to the left when you come to the ring of
    buildings in this city and go around about 1/4 of the way until you see two red
    buildings with 'Hotel' signs on top.  Roll over the building and into the main
    drag that goes around the city.  Circle it once or twice and go right back out
    the way you came in.  You should be big enough to pick up most of the two
    cities you've already rolled in.  Do this, as you'll need the energy items
    later.  By the time you get to the pagoda, you should be right up around 50m,
    with 450 energy items or more, and you've killed another 2 minutes and
    a little bit of change.
    Do your 3 passes through the next town (you'll hit 60m), then one drunken,
    weaving lap around the ferris wheel town, then get straight over to New York.
    By the time you get all of the stuff there, plus the refinery, you should be
    well over 700, and your clock should say '4.'  Follow the same line, but be
    quick and meticulous when you go through the lap, as you won't get the Broken
    Heart to pick all that stuff up for you.  Get to the icebergs, then start
    picking up anything you can, and quickly.  You need to be right by the
    mountain with the circling clouds, right when you hit 300m, and right when the
    clock changes from '3' to '2.'  If you can do this, you might just have a shot,
    provided your energy count is at least 900 (preferably 1,000).  Get to your
    rainy island, get up to Future City, then dash all around the place until you
    are at about 1km400m.  When you are, go back to Future City and get the
    islands, and you should be above 1km650m with about 45seconds left.  Dash into
    as many tornadoes as you can find, then finish the last few seconds by getting
    your energy total above 1300 if you aren't already.  That was fun, wasn't it?
    +                                                                             +
    +                    B11) MAKE A STAR 10- AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE                +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  12m0cm0mm
    Time Limit- 12 Minutes (Forever), 7 Minutes (Drive), 13 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes-   I remember going through eternal at least five times on this
    level to get items for my collection, so there are quite a few ones that are
    unique to this level.  I'll summarize, rather than list each one separately.
    First, take your first eternal run and clean out the little ditches where you
    first start.  Then, spend a whole bunch of time in the first area above the
    50cm barrier.  There's all kinds of unique stuff in here that you won't get if
    you're playing the level for size, as you have to be big to get it.  There are
    signs all over the place, one of which is sticking to the takayoki stand where
    you first start (Cream Puff Ad).  There's some underwear hanging from a rack
    if you roll on top of the car.  There's some police boards being used as ramps
    around the steps, and the weirdest of all, the covers of the little channels
    themselves are unique items (Concrete Cover, Iron Cover, and Steel Cover).
    Now, look for the red dog house.  It's over there by the teepee where the big
    stack of hams is.  You can't get it right now, but make a note of where it is,
    as it is the only one in the game.  You'll have to come back for it when
    you're bigger.  Now, you'll probably have to exit this round and replay the
    level, as you're too big to get the next rare items.
    When you're back, and you are at 45cm, go through the barrier, go down the
    hill and turn left.  You'll go past the stalls and come to a wall with a bunch
    of masks on it.  Get them all.  Now, there are only 3 things left that I can
    think of that you might miss on your normal trips through here.  The first is
    the Telephone Pole Ad.  Go through the 1.5m barrier and turn left on the road.
    Be about 3m when you're doing this.  Go up the road a ways, and when you come
    to the tunnel, look at the big telephone pole on your right.  The ad is up on
    top of the telephone pole, and it's blue.  You'll have to jump to get it.
    Next, get just over 5m.  Go straight up to the area that you first started in
    and go around the outside to the back of the town.  You'll see the Town Map.
    Get that.  Now, you're going to get the Red Dog House.  In my opinion, this is
    the 2nd hardest item to get in the game, so get ready.  The doghouse is right
    on the other side of those two trees in front of you, and its crammed right up
    against the hexagonal building with the elephant on top.  There are two ways
    to get this, and neither are easy.  Come up here when you're exactly 5m, jump
    into the little area there, and grind against the building until you pick up
    the doghouse.  If you're more than about 5m30cm, you won't be able to get it.
    Or, come right here when you're at exactly 12m, and pick up the building and
    the elephant.  You can get the doghouse then, but if you get over 13m, it will
    disappear, so get it before you accidentally roll something else up.  Okay,
    that's it, let's play the level.
    Top Score Walkthrough-  FOREVER MODE: I think this was Namco Bandai's way of
    giving us a break after the craziness of the last level.  For those who have
    played the original Katamari Damacy, this level should look very familiar.
    Also, the guide will be familiar as well.  There are more than 3 full minutes
    of extra time in this level, so you shouldn't have any trouble.  The required
    size for a 120 is somewhere between 24m73cm4mm and 24m81cm4mm.  Here's a brief
    walkthrough.  Spend your first 3 minutes getting up to 50cm, so you can get
    through the barrier.  By the way, there's a Broken Heart here, but ignore it
    completely.  If you get to about 58cm when you go through, it will help in a
    minute.  Then, spend the next 2 minutes in 'Shopping Town' getting up to 1.5m.
    I turned right at the bottom of the hill, got the flower pots, then the lucky
    cats, then the axes, then turned left in the market and went up and back to
    get more size.  Then I went into the garden and got the plants, crossed the
    river, then muddled around in that little area until I was 1.5m.  As soon as
    you get to 1.5m, go through the barrier, turn left on the road, then drop
    down when you can and pick up all the people on the bench.  Go right across
    the lake and get your Broken Heart, then up to the road and make a
    counterclockwise lap around the area.  All this should take your next 2
    minutes or so, and get you up to 5m.  Then, go through any 5m barrier and
    start picking up any cars you can. At this point, you can go wherever you
    want, and still be at 12m  with 3 full minutes to go.  Just start mauling
    through everything you see, and you'll be enjoying your 120 in no time!
    DRIVE MODE:  You only get 7 minutes, but this is actually plenty of time if
    you can control your katamari (I can't, as a matter of fact).  Don't be
    discouraged if it takes most of your time to get to 12m:  I was at 10m87cm
    with 1 minute left, and still got big enough for a 120.  Follow the same
    lines as you did before, and you'll get it eventually.
    ETERNAL MODE:  Just have fun.  Apparently the limits are now all the same,
    as none of the modes have had different limits for a few levels.  Still
    somewhere around 24m80cm will get you your 120.
    CLASSIC MODE:  You now have 13 minutes, but you really weren't using the
    Broken Hearts anyway, neither were you jumping much.   So, this should
    basically be just like Forever Mode but you get an extra minute.  Sweet!
    +                                                                             +
    +                    B12) MAKE A STAR 11- AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE                +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  1km0m0cm0mm
    Time Limit- 15 Minutes (Forever), 9 Minutes (Drive), 16 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  The minimum for your 120 points is
    somewhere between 3km228m and 3km507m.  It's actually a pretty easy level,
    although it will be frustrating getting any size at first.  Start by going
    down the middle of the roads until you get to about 2m50cm.  Get into the
    schoolyard and get all the people, then get through the barrier as soon as
    you're done.  Turn left and go into town.  Try to stay off the roads until you
    get big enough to pick up cars (about 6m).  There's a little ball field to the
    left, then a gas station, then the beach is good to get you up to that size.
    Then pick up cars and whatever else you can here.  If you circle around
    counterclockwise, you'll come to a Broken Heart. Get it, and go on your
    rampage.  After 4 minutes, I was right around 12m.  Now, when you get to 12m,
    go up the hill and turn left across the bridge, and get through the 12m
    barrier.  Roll through each town, and be fairly thorough, as you need size.  I
    cleaned out almost everything by the time I got to the pagodas.  I hit 60m
    right as my clock turned from '8' to '7.'  So, 7 minutes gone, 8 to go.  From
    here, just keep looking for the next town or city to pick up, then the next
    group of islands.  If you follow the Golden Gate bridge, you'll find another
    Broken Heart in the desert here.  If you're 190m or so, you'll get it and go
    up to over 300m.  Then, just start picking up islands whenever you can.
    They're annoyingly far apart, but use your dash to get there quicker.  I hit
    800m as my clock was turning from '5' to '4.'  Then, just start aiming for
    anything big that's on the horizon, and you should be fine.  Avoid the dash
    until you're over 2km, as the katamari handles kind of clunky for some
    reason, and you might ramp off of something too big and waste 10 seconds or
    so.  When you get to 2.5km or so, start jumping and picking up the big clouds.
    These will get you up there pretty quickly, and you'll be short on time by
    now.  At 3km, you can pick up the King and the Queen, which will definitely
    take you over the edge.  Time for drive!
    DRIVE MODE:  You only get 9 minutes, but this is plenty of time.  The minimum
    is the same, somewhere between 3.3km and 3.5km.  Just like the others, once
    you get big enough to roll up massive amounts of things, the extra speed
    helps you get where you want to go faster, and you'll find this easier than
    the Forever Mode because of it.  Happy rolling!
    ETERNAL MODE:  I think the minimum is the same:  my only run was over 3.6km,
    and it was good enough for a 120.
    CLASSIC MODE:  You only get one extra minute, but this is plenty.  I
    actually was worried about the Broken Hearts, so I found a new line.  I
    stayed in the first town all the way up to 4m, then went to the schoolyard.
    I was big enough to pick up cars almost immediately.  Also, the minimum is
    lower.  I don't know how much lower, and I'll tell you why.  The first time
    I played this level, I got 3km211m, which was enough for a 120.  I played 3
    more times to try to find the threshold for you all, and each time I got to
    3km even and set the controller down.  I usually had more than a minute
    remaining.  When I came back, the King and Queen had walked right into me,
    and I was above 3.2km every time!  So, I give up.  If you get 3km200m, you
    will get a 120.  You might even get it if you get lower.  I just don't
    +                                                                             +
    +                               B13) MAKE THE MOON                            +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  300m0cm0mm
    Time Limit- 16 Minutes (Forever), 10 Minutes (Drive), 17 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- Most of the unique items are gettable just by playing your 4 times
    through, but here's a few to watch for.  First, when you go into the
    schoolyard by the 3m barrier, there's a sign on the wall right there.  Get it.
    The signs over the building on the beach are unique as well, as are most of
    the other signs in this level.  Some are on top of buildings, some are hanging
    from poles, but get as many as you can so you don't have to look for them
    later.  Demo Island is in the center of Whale Mountain, just roll up there and
    get it. Also, when you're going across the bridge with the two cities, right
    before you get your second Broken Heart, you'll see an arch floating around,
    suspended by balloons.  Get to about 90m and get that.  It's rare.  I think
    those are the only ones that cause a lot of trouble.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  The minimum for 120 is 872m-880m. Those
    of you who have played the original Katamari Damacy will know this level well,
    but you used to get 30 minutes instead of 16!  This makes things a little
    tighter, but certainly doable.  Start by getting the line of pineapples and
    whatnot on the outside of the starting area.  Drop into the farm, then make
    two clockwise laps around the outside of the town.  Make sure to get big
    clumps of things that are big as you go, like the sunflowers, mailboxes, and
    desks and chairs.  Then, you'll be close to 3m.  Drop down into the lake, and
    go over to the enclosed area with the hot air balloon (you'll remember this
    as the starting area of Gemini in the original game, if you spent hours
    getting 108 twins like I did).  There's a Broken Heart there.  Get it.  Then,
    do one more lap back in the lower area of the town, until you're about 5m.
    This will take somewhere around 4 minutes.  Next, get up to the upper town
    and start picking up cars, guardrails, and anything else you can to get you
    up to 11m.  The signs on top of the building by the beach will help, and so
    will boulders and trees.  At 11m, get the line of mushrooms going up to the
    farm.  Once you hit 12m, stay in this area and get all of the buildings, big
    trees, and anything else that looks good until you're up around 30m.  Then,
    go through the 12m barrier.  If your clock still has an '8' or more on it,
    you should be in good shape.  Go straight and get the line of ships that are
    circling, then roll up into the town right above you.  Get everything you
    can, then cross the bridge into the second little town. After going through
    that, you will see a stadium with a Broken Heart in it.  Get this!  You'll
    rampage, and get all the way up around 85m.  Make one last pass to clean out
    those two cities, then get over the 60m barrier.  You want to be thorough as
    you go, though you won't be able to get everything.  Just try to get most of
    it and get moving.  After this town, you'll see a curvy line of islands.
    Pick them all up and get up into the next city.  You should be right at 100m,
    and your clock should just be changing to '5.'  Clean this out, go across
    the bridge, clean the next city out, then aim for the soccer stadium.  After
    this, go a little left of where you were pointed and aim for the mushroom
    with the circle of little islands around it.  Get the little islands to get
    to 200m, then head for the big mountain in the center of the map.  This is
    where you started.  You should be able to pick up most islands by now, then
    head for some rain clouds or something.  Once you're over 600m, you can pick
    up anything in the level.  Make sure you get the three tornadoes and whale
    mountain (that big one in the middle).  Any islands, icebergs, or clouds
    will help as well.  Get over 800m with more than 1 minute left, and you'll
    have this in the bag.  There's a ring of mushrooms and islands on the
    outside of the level.  Just go there and make 2 full circles around the
    level, picking those up.  This will take a minute or so, but will get you
    over your minimum.  If you have extra time, pick up anything else you see
    and move along to Drive Mode!
    DRIVE MODE:  Wow, this is totally fun.  You get a whopping 10 minutes, but
    you won't even need 9.  If you do it right, you can hit your minimum
    before 8.  I mean, I mangled this badly the first time through, didn't
    even get to 60m until I had about 3:30 left, and still got up to 880m with
    a full minute to spare.  Just have fun, and I'll see you in Eternal!
    ETERNAL MODE:  The minimum is slightly higher, at 890m or thereabouts, but
    if you take your time and pick everything up, you'll get this easily.
    CLASSIC MODE:  Again, no problem.  You get 17 minutes, and your minimum is
    lower.  I don't know how much lower, but I got just over 870m and I got a
    120.  The lines are the same, and you really don't need the hearts anyway
    for this level, so just keep rolling and you'll probably still get it with
    a minute to spare.
    +                                                                             +
    +                             B14) KATAMARI SPRINKLER                         +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  800 sq.m.
    Time Limit- 5 Minutes (Forever), 3 Minutes (Drive)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  You'll understand how this level works
    pretty quickly, so I won't repeat it here.  There are 1514sq.m. to water, and
    you have 5 minutes.  If you get 1500, you get a 120, but let's go for the
    whole shebang, shall we?  I'm going to divide this area into 4 sections, and
    call them the main area, the little island, the big island, and the back area.
    You'll be tempted to dash around like a crazy person, but I did that for 5
    straight hours last night and it didn't work.  The problem is, things will
    crash into you, the trees will take you off line, and you'll get tired just
    when you need your dash the most, and you'll end up with one little dry spot
    that will take you 15 seconds to go back and get.  So, for the run that I got
    1514 on, I used the dash only TWICE.  Here's how to do it:  when you start,
    you're going to head right and make one counterclockwise lap around the main
    area.  You don't have to be totally up against the wall, but you want to be
    close enough to get everything that's up against the wall.  You don't want any
    dry spots, because they'll be a bitch to get later.  Keep a nice steady line,
    and eventually you'll circle around between the two islands and run right into
    your first palm tree.  As it's throwing you up in the air, bend left and line
    yourself up with the next tree.  Hit that, bend left, and aim straight for the
    third tree.  Hit that, bend right a little, and aim for the fourth tree.  This
    should have you pointing right at the water source just in time for the
    Roboking to scold you for a dry katamari (sounds like something I'd order at a
    bar, huh?).  Anyway, fill up and do a quick turn.  Lap 2 is going to look a
    lot like lap one.  Go right, go counterclockwise, and stay just to the inside
    of the first lap.  When you get to the tree, go straight and get all the stuff
    on the edge of the rest of the main area.  
    You should be able to barely complete this lap before you run out of water,
    but you'll be right by the fountain, so go fill up and quick turn again.  Your
    third lap is going to be a little different.  Start on the same line as the
    other two, but hit the tree at the corner there and aim for the next tree.  As
    soon as you pop that tree, quick turn and come right back the way you came,
    making 2 little stripes down the edge of the dry area that's left. Follow that
    line until your water supply is at about 30%, then turn right and make for the
    2 palm trees that are up against the small island.  Hit the one on the right,
    and it should pop and leave you on top.  Now it's time to jump from the tree
    to the island right in front of you.  It's a tricky skill, so I suggest if you
    miss that you forget about winning this time and spend your next 4 minutes
    learning how to jump from trees to islands.  Got up there ok?  Good.  Hit the
    statue with water left in your katamari, and a little pool will appear that
    you can use to fill up.  I suggest you make a lap around this island and try
    to get all the sand that's up here, but you can come back and try again if you
    fall.  Once you have all the sand, fill up again and head off the back of the
    island.  Turn right as you're dropping down and hit the tree that's against
    the island.  Once you come down, go back and forth about 3 times and clear
    that little area that's left right here, then roll clockwise around the small
    island and pop any trees that you haven't yet (there should be 2).  Use the
    last tree to jump up and get more water, then fall off the front of the
    island.  What you should see are a few dry spots back by the starting point.
    Get those.  All that will be left is a mostly circular area on the left of
    the main area, so go in circles or quick turns and get whatever is left down
    here.  You will probably run out of water one more time, and your clock
    should turn from '2' to '1' just about the time you do.  Hopefully, you only
    have a few squares left to get in this area.  If so, get water at the island,
    drop down, get those and head for the path that leads to the back area.  You
    should have about 900 at this point.  Also, it's VERY important that you
    clear this area before moving on, as there won't be time to come back.
    Now, dash down that path and try to stay either to the inside or the
    outside.  When you get to the back of the back area, pop the tree in the
    middle, then make one quick turn, one short pass, another quick turn and
    another pass before popping one of the two trees (or both) at the far end.
    You MUST have at least 30% water when you pop the two trees, so if you have
    to give up some area down there, do it.  Use the two trees as a guiding line
    and jump in that line, and you'll be on the big island.  Roll slightly to
    the right, and you'll come to the ass end of a sphinx.  Hit the sphinx with
    some water, and another water source will appear.  Fill up, roll out the back
    of the bathtub, and dash down to the far end of the big island.  Go back and
    forth here, and try not to get pushed off the island, but make sure to get
    this whole area before you fill up again.  Now, get back to the tub and get
    more water, then roll out to the left.  This is about the time you should be
    getting the 1 minute warning.  You're going to make a clockwise circuit of
    this area up here, and good luck not falling off the first 50 times you do
    it.  If you do, try to make it anyway by doing a second, more thorough lap
    of the back area.  If you didn't fall, clean this area out, fill up, come
    out the back and get any more sand there is to get up here on the island.  If
    you can do that and still have about 25 seconds left, you have a chance.  Now,
    fill up at the tub again, then roll out left and go straight ahead.  You
    should drop down right on the path that leads to the back area.  Roll through
    here again and get any dry spots that you missed during your dash, then go
    back and forth until the back area is clean.  You should have enough water to
    last until your time expires (a full tank lasts 30 seconds), so hopefully all
    you have left is what's down here.  Get it all, take your 120, and move along!
    DRIVE MODE:   Well, I think I'm going to call this the 'don't fall off the
    island' episode.  You get 3 minutes, there are still 1514m, your minimum for
    120 is lowered to 1450, and don't fall off the island!  Start by making about
    6 passes up and down the main area.  Try to keep them nice and straight, and
    hopefully next to each other, but it really doesn't matter.  This will take
    you down to 0 on your water, and cover about 500 meters in 30 seconds.  Next,
    fill up and go immediately to the 2 trees in front of the small island.  Pop
    them if you haven't, then stop right under them both.  Jump up and you'll be
    on the trees.  Jump again and you can get to the small island.  Activate the
    fountain, then try your best to get the sand off of here without falling off
    the island.  I've found that going backwards helps, but you have to be really
    gentle regardless.  If you fall, get up there and try again. Keep doing this
    until the small island is clear, and hopefully you have only wasted your first
    minute.  Now, haul ass to the back area, pop the two trees, stop underneath
    and jump up to the big island.  Go immediately over to the sphinx and activate
    the fountain.  Now, try your best again to get all of this area clear without
    falling down.  If you fall, jump back up and keep trying until the big island
    is clear.  If you can do this before the 1 minute warning, you will almost
    always win.  Clear the back area next, then tear ass around the main area
    until your count is 1514.  That's it! 
    +                                                                             +
    +                             B15) MAKE A STAR- RACE                          +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  5m0cm0mm
    Time Limit- 6 Minutes (Forever), 4 Minutes (Drive), 6 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  This is a unique level, as your katamari
    will move on its own.  This makes it really hard to aim for anything, and
    consequently really hard to write a guide for it.  Your minimum for a 120 is
    24m52cm - 24m71cm.  Stay on and around the roadway until you're up around
    4m50cm, then roll up into the farm to get over 5m.  Avoid the Broken Heart
    until you're around 13m, or until your last 45 seconds or so. When you get
    around 13m, you can take a trip around the far outside of the area and pick
    up all of the buoys that are in the water.  That's about all I can tell you:
    it's pretty easy compared to some of the levels in this game.
    DRIVE MODE:  Well, this is appropriate, finally a race in drive mode!  You
    get 4 minutes, I think the minimum is the same, and I think it's mostly about
    luck with this one.  You're going to have almost no control over where you
    go, and you're going to get banged around by everything until you're over 3m
    or so.  If you can get to 2m in your first minute, you're actually in pretty
    good shape.  Just try to stay on the road all the way up to 5m, then get
    whatever you can until the 45 second mark, then get your Broken Heart and
    rampage on everything else!
    ETERNAL MODE:  I don't think the minimum is different:  I got a 24m73cm0mm,
    and that was good enough for 120.
    CLASSIC MODE:  No break on time, no Broken Heart, but the minimum is way lower.
    I think it's 24m.  Also, if you did this right after Drive Mode, you'll find
    it much easier to control. Have fun!
    +                                                                             +
    +                             B16) MAKE A STAR- DANGER                        +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  3,000km0m0cm0mm
    Time Limit- 6 Minutes (Forever), 4 Minutes (Drive),  7 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  You'll be judged on 2 things, kind of:
    your size must be over 13,000km, and you must have more than 300 dangerous
    things.  I say kind of, because I've never had a problem getting enough
    dangerous things.  Actually, the size isn't all that hard either.  Aim for
    300m your first minute, 1km your second minute, then when you get to 1.5km,
    look for the whale floating around with the Broken Heart on its back.  This
    will get you around 3km by the 3 minute mark, and you'll be on the world map.
    Start rolling up clouds, mountain ranges, and anything you can find and you'll
    be at 3,000km in no time.  Then, you can start picking up countries and stars,
    and you'll be good to go.  One note on this:  I didn't get a very good score
    the first time I played the game.  I think that the cousins that are around
    don't appear in this level until you find them in the other levels of the
    game.  The King is walking around earth, but only after you wake him up, and
    he'll add about 2,000km to your size.  More importantly, I think some of the
    constellations and stars at the end are absent until you make them in their
    respective levels as well.  So, I suggest you wait to go for the 120 until
    you have at least completed all levels in all modes.  This way, you'll be
    assured of success!
    DRIVE MODE:  You get 4 minutes here, but you won't need them.  Remember to
    wait until you've made all the stars and constellations, woken up the King,
    and got all your cousins, and you can destroy this level easily.
    ETERNAL MODE:  I think the limit is the same.  13,500km was enough for 120
    for me.
    CLASSIC MODE:  You get an extra minute that you don't need, and I can't figure
    out if you get a break on size.  Every time I try to get to 12,000km, I have
    to sit for a full minute and stars and crap keep crashing into me and taking
    me over 13,000.  So, I don't think you'll have a problem, even if the minimum
    is lower.  Okay, 16 Roboking levels down, one to go!
    +                                                                             +
    +                                 B17)  FAREWELL!                             +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A.
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive
    Item Notes- Two notes:  first, everything in here is unique to this level, so
    get it all.  Second, getting cousin Mu is more difficult than any other cousin,
    so I'll walk you through it right now.  First, follow your lines all the way
    through the Broken Heart by the head.  When you get over 1,000 or more, you
    have to roll up a series of items in different locations before Mu will appear.
    The first is a Haniwa doll, and it's down in one of the corners below where the
    feet used to be.  The next is a piece of fluff, and it's in the corner to the
    Roboking's right.  Then, back down to the other bottom corner to get the Geta
    shoe.  Then, back to the other top corner to get the Recorder.  As soon as you
    roll this up, the Emblem will drop down right where Roboking's head used to be.
    Get this, and Mu will finally appear down by Roboking's feet.  Do not get the
    reactor core while you're doing this, or your level will be over.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  You'll be rolling up the RoboKing (sad,
    I know).  The time is weird, because you start with 1 minute and get an
    additional 1 minute for each Broken Heart you roll up.  You need to get one
    on the left arm, one on the right arm, one on the legs, one on the head, and
    then the core.  Your minimum in Forever Mode is 1433-1442.  Start by picking
    up enough white parts on his wrist to get to about 160.  Roll up the right
    side of the left arm, and you'll be at about 230.  Then, jump up on the arm
    and get the Broken Heart, which will take you over 300.  Now, roll up the arm
    and jump across the chest.  Go down the right arm and get the Broken Heart
    immediately.  This should get you over 400.  Head for the upper part of the
    legs (they're pink), get the first side, hop up and get the tops, then drop
    down and get the other side.  Don't get the Broken Heart just yet.  You
    should be around 480.  You want to go around to the left shoulder and pick
    up all of the little screens back here, then roll drunkenly around and get the
    line of screwdrivers.  Ideally, you should be above 500 at this point.  Now,
    jump up on the right shoulder and roll right across his shoulders, then
    straight down the legs.  You should be big enough to roll up the ramp that the
    Broken Heart is on, and it will drop right onto you, taking you over 700.
    You'll probably pick up his right calf, then go for the right hand, the little
    yellow things on the sides of his head, the left arm, then come back around
    and get the whole right arm.  You should be over 850.  Roll down the body and
    pick up the feet, which should take you over 1,000.  Next, get whatever you
    can around the core, the vacuum cleaners around the edges, then finally the
    last Broken Heart up by the head.  You should be above 1,300 at this point.
    Now, just spend your last minute rolling up everything else, but avoid the
    core until the very end, because it will end the level.  Farewell!
    DRIVE MODE:   Same concept, just move faster.  If you're having trouble
    rolling up the ramps to get the first few Broken Hearts, try getting right
    under them and jumping straight up.  As far as I know, the minimum is the
    same.  Congratulations, you are now half way through this game! 
    +                                                                             +
    +                           SEcTION C) THE KING'S COSMOS                      +
    +                                                                             +
    +                                                                             +
    +                              C1) GINGERBREAD HOUSE                          +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  About 1m50cm
    Time Limit- 3 Minutes (Forever), 2 Minutes (Drive), 3 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- None, but make sure you get the witch at least once on your way
    through here.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  All you have to do is roll up everything
    in the level in under 3 minutes, then go up to the top of the hill and roll up
    Hansel and Gretel.  Your minimum for a 120 is 1400, but the total number of
    sweets in here is always 1414.  This is super easy.  Just go straight down the
    hill and through the front door of the gingerbread house.  You can actually
    roll up the entire house if you roll around long enough, but quit around 800
    and start making circles around the outside rim of the area, starting with the
    outside and working your way in.  When you hit 1200, go down and get the Broken
    Heart.  Everything else will come to you.  Now, go up the hill and make sure
    you get whatever is left on the path, then go around behind the kids and pick
    up the 3 animal cookies that are behind them.  That will take you to 1414, so
    roll up the kids and get on to Drive Mode.
    DRIVE MODE:  Same strategy, just 1 minute less.
    CLASSIC MODE:  You still get 3 minutes, your minimum is lowered to 1344, but
    you will have no Broken Heart to help you, so you'll have to modify your line
    a bit if you want all 1414.  Go straight down the hill and through the front
    door, then make linear passes through the middle of the house.  Keep doing
    this until you have picked up almost all of the house, which should take your
    first minute plus about 10 seconds.  Then, get up and start making circles.
    Line your katamari up between the top two rows, and your first pass will get
    you most of both rows.  Line your second lap up around the candy flowers, and
    this will get you most of them.  Now be a little drunken with your third lap
    and pick up whatever you can without stopping.  The end of your third lap
    should be your 1 minute warning.  Now, get everything else on your fourth
    lap, end up down in the center, and clean up anything that's left.  You'll
    need about 20 seconds to get up the hill, getting the rest on the way, then
    get behind the kids and roll up the last 3 animals, and you'll be at 1414.
    Don't forget to roll up the kids, though.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                   C2) CLEAN UP                              +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A.
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  This one is a little unique, as you have
    exactly 100 items to pick up and your time is variable.  You can take at least
    7 minutes if you want (that's as long as I could stand it), and still get a
    passing score, but to get a 120 you need to pick up all 100 items in less than
    1:00.  This is an extremely tight time, so you'll have to practice a bit to
    get your lines down.  Start by going straight ahead until you fall of the
    table.  If you get your line right, you'll pick up your first 16 items,
    bringing your total down to 84.  Then, turn left immediately and line up to
    get your Broken Heart.  I've found the best way is to jump right when I get
    to the corner of the cushion and aim for where the box meets the wall.  If you
    miss, restart the level (press start, then triangle), as you won't have time
    to get under a minute.  Now, drop off the front of the box and start charging
    for a dash as you're falling.  You want to aim slightly left, between the
    scotch tape dispenser and the cousin.  As soon as you get to the corner, quick
    turn and start another dash.  You want to curve left as you do, and try to get
    the line of pencils.  Quick turn again and dash right back where you came, but
    stay straight and you'll end up near the corner with the cassette tape.  All
    of this should take about 21 seconds, and get your total down to 40 or so.
    Quick turn and head towards the scotch tape, picking up more items as you go.
    Get the nail clipper, box cutter and scotch tape, then go straight under the
    table.  You'll finally be able to pick up these railroad tracks (about
    17cm2mm).  Hit the mild chocolate and quick turn, then roll a little left and
    back the way you came.  When you come to the model carriage, ignore it and
    turn a sharp left. You'll see a Model Train, then 3 railroad tracks, then
    maybe a white building block.  Get these, and your total should be down to
    15.  Quick turn and aim for the carriage, then veer left and get the railroad
    track, then line yourself up for the final railroad track at the base of the
    ramp.  The absolute maximum time when you hit this ramp is 51 seconds, as it
    will take you at least 9 more seconds to get the final 12 items.  I've also
    found that jumping as soon as you get the last railroad track will save you
    from bumping things as you roll up the ramp.  Then, get up the ramp and hit
    the line of items there (6), then turn right and go up the keyboard to get
    the final 6.  It will be tight, and will take a lot of practice, but it can
    be done!
    DRIVE MODE:  Man, this isn't cool at all!  Your maximum time for a 120 is
    ridiculously low!  I don't know exactly how low, but I know that 35.6 seconds
    is good enough, and 38.4 seconds is not.  I personally think the limit should
    be LONGER, since your katamari is so hard to control, but let's give this a
    shot anyway.  The lines are the same.  Make sure you get all 16 of the first
    items.  Jump up on the box.  In drive, I've found the easiest way is to stop
    right next to it, jump straight up, and roll sideways or forwards to get up
    there.  Now you have a Broken Heart.  Out to the scotch tape, back through
    the pencils, forward to the cassette tape, left and over to the scotch tape,
    under the table.  Your rampage should last this long.  Turn left and get
    what's left over there, then get up the ramp.  You want to be going up the
    ramp with 29 seconds on the clock or less.  Get a good line on the first
    items to get all six, then jump over the keyboard so you don't fall under
    the table.  Get your last 6 and get ready for Classic Mode...
    CLASSIC MODE:  You have no Broken Heart, but you don't really need it anyway.  
    Your time limit for 120 is still 1:00.  The lines are exactly the same,  but
    you'll have to know exactly what items you need to get during a pass to clear
    them all out without missing anything.  Also, if you follow your lines, don't
    deviate, and are smooth and quick when turning, you can get down around 57
    seconds without using your dash at all.  I have 84 when I drop off the table,
    70 when I turn by the battery, 52 when I turn by the 3 balls, 37 after the
    cassette tape, then 12 left when I go up the ramp.  Your totals may vary,
    depending on whatever line works best with your vision.  Congratulations on
    your cleaning abilities, and get ready for one of the most annoying levels in
    the game!
    +                                                                             +
    +                                C3) COWS AND BEARS                           +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A.
    Time Limit- 10 Minutes (Forever), 6 Minutes (Forever),  10 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- Well, the Cowbear is a rare item, and the 3rd hardest to get in the
    game (most people say the first, but I disagree).  The whole section below
    details how to get it, though, because you need it for a 120.  I think the two
    Kintaro bears (the ones with the jets coming out of their butts) are easiest
    on this level too, but if you try to get the Cowbear, you'll probably pick one
    of these up at least ten times.  They are in front of and behind the Cowbear,
    and you only need to be about 4m50cm to get them.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  Okay, welcome to Sony's first attempt at
    increasing revenues by replacing broken controllers and TV's... The Cowbear
    level!  I have seen more posts about this level, and it even took me about 5
    hours to get the Cowbear, but I think if you're going for perfect scores, there
    are many more difficult challenges in this game.  Unfortunately, if you want a
    Platinum Trophy, you HAVE to collect the Cowbear in this level, and it is not
    a pleasant rolling experience.  As you may have found out already, if you touch
    anything resembling a cow or a bear, your level is immediately over and you are
    judged based on the size of the thing you picked up, not the size of your
    katamari.  You can't fail, either, so if you want out quickly, roll immediately
    to your left and you'll be done in 1 second.  If you want an easy 80 or so, so
    you can unlock Classic Mode, just follow the guide below until you're at about
    2m50cm, then pick up one of the Polar Bears that are around (there's one even
    playing the piano).  If you want a 120, however, and the Cowbear, and the
    Platinum Trophy, get ready for a long night.  I'll try to guide you to the
    promised land, but I guarantee something you didn't see will land right in your
    ball and ruin your plans at least 100 times, so please don't be mad at me if
    you don't get this on the first try.
    First, disregard the 10 minutes: it's plenty of time.  Your goal is to get to
    7m77cm7mm, so you are big enough to pick up the Cowbear.  Then, you have to
    find him, then you have to catch him, because the second you're big enough,
    he'll run away!  Also, he's surrounded by two other bears, so picking him out
    of that mess is one of the most annoying things ever.  Ready?  Okay, let's get
    Begin by going backwards when you first start, and turn left.  Get the shopping
    carts, the rice bales, the propane tanks, and the safes, but watch out for the
    bear cub hiding behind the tree and the statues after the safes.  Get the
    tepees, the two people, then follow the line of tepees and bushes all the way
    around the barn.  Drop down and get the picnic baskets, the sarcophagi, and
    then turn around and get the 3 bushes against the barn.  Now look straight
    ahead.  You should see three lion statues.  Get those and drop into the stands.
    You're safe here, so get all the people, telescopes and tepees, then continue
    and get the well pump and the bushes.  You'll be over 3m. Go up through the 3
    other lion statues and go up the road with the logs in it, all the way to the
    moving gate.  Come back around and get the topiary and boxes on the left, then
    back down and get the monument on the left.  You'll have to watch for some
    statues, a flying cow, and some stuff in the farm by the monument.  Then, get
    on the uphill dirt path, avoid the polar bear playing the piano, and drop down
    into the other set of stands.  An occasional flying cow appears here too, so
    watch the sky, the cow pylons, and the cow umbrella if you're big enough.
    Drop off the end of the stands to get the weather station, and pick up the
    picnic table as well.  You should be right around 4m25cm, and now is probably
    the hardest part of your run: the road.  Sadly, you need to make a lap here,
    and sadly, you'll probably hit all kinds of crap many times when you do this.
    I've found that the easiest way to do this is to go clockwise, in the same
    direction as the traffic.  Get behind something, as I think everything moves
    the same speed, and just stay right behind it until your lap is over.  You
    want to get the porta-potties on the right, and when you get to the little pit
    lane, go past it to the first porta-potty and turn left.  Get into the little
    area by the car wash, and pick up whatever you can to get over 4m50cm.  Then,
    turn around and wait.  The dreaded Cowbear will come by with his little guard
    of Kintaro Bears.  If you're between 4m50cm and 5m, the Cowbear will go by,
    but the Kintaro Bears will get freaked out and start darting back and forth.
    If you can bump into them, they will go flying, then run out of the level.
    Avoid picking them up, of course.
    Now, continue your lap around the road.  Dodge the Cow Pylons, then the Cow
    Men on the right, then the big cow on the telephone pole.  Pick up some
    porta-potties as you go, so that when you finish your lap by the cow pylons,
    you're at 5m22cm or more.  Turn left and go out on the pier in the water.  Get
    your washing machines and swan boats, but don't go too far or you'll be done.
    There's a flying bear around here, so watch out as well.  Go behind the silos
    and get the vehicles: you'll be just big enough.  There's a line of vehicles
    on the side of the silos, but the second one is a Panda Ride, so only pick off
    the first one if you feel lucky.  Get the watermelons in front of the silos,
    and get out to the ocean!  There's an island with a truck on it: head for
    that.  Then turn left and follow the island chain.  Get the boxes on the next
    one, then turn left and head for the stack of breakwater blocks.  Dodge the
    bears and get the logs and the dudes on the boats, then dodge the cows and
    pick up as many sharks and dolphins as you can.  By the time you get all the
    way out to the island with the Pegasus, you'll be right around 7m.  Shit,
    that's not a Pegasus, it's a flying cow!  And if you get too close, she'll
    chase you until she catches you!  Boo!  Okay, don't go over there.  Stay in
    the water until you come to an area with sharks, dolphins, and watermelons.
    Get as many as you need to get to 7m50cm, or preferably 7m65cm, then turn
    around and head for the big container ship docked by the shore.  Go around to
    the front and get up onto dry land.  This is your final stand, so carefully
    pick up whatever you need to get you to 7m77cm7mm.  You can go on the ship
    and get porta-potties and logs, go in the little area by the car wash and get
    all kinds of stuff (don't get too far left or right, though), or go up on the
    roof of the gas station and get cars and stuff.  Whatever you do, you want to
    be sitting right next to the front of the ship, staring right at the road
    (it's the same place where you knocked the Kintaro Bears out).  Eventually,
    the Cowbear will come by.  When you see him, use your dash and smack into
    him. He'll probably bounce, but follow where he bounced to, and you'll have
    yourself a Cowbear! 
    DRIVE MODE:  As if that wasn't bad enough, now comes the real test - Cowbear
    in Drive Mode!  You only get 6 minutes, which is a slight problem, but you
    have to roll around with almost no control, which is a huge problem.  I
    actually did most of this level backwards, since I already knew where
    everything was by now, and it's much easier to control this way.   I'll warn
    you, this sucks.  But, the concept is the same, with one small difference:
    you can't charge at the Cowbear like in the other modes.
    CLASSIC MODE:  This is exactly the same as the Forever Mode, so I won't
    repeat it here.  Congratulations if you got 120's on these three, though,
    because these are not easy.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                    C4) MONEY                                +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A
    Time Limit- 4 Minutes (Forever), 3 Minutes (Drive), 4 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE: This one is going to be really hard
    without a guide or a video, but pretty easy once you know what to do.  The
    object of the level is to collect as many items as you can in the time
    allotted.  Each item has a price, so you want to get your total money up as
    high as possible.  Your limit for 120 is 15 million yen.  Now the trick is
    that there are a bunch of hidden items that are super expensive, so once you
    know how to get them you can rock this out.  Start by doing a quick turn
    immediately.  Dash straight forward and run into the green pole at the end
    here.  An epileptic dude will drop down, and so will 3 Big Coins.  These are
    worth 300,000 each, so you'll start at almost a million.  Turn back around and
    go to where you started, then turn left and go over the bridge.  Do a dash if
    you can, then at the other side of the bridge, veer left, go all the way back
    to the corner, and bump the tree back there.  A treasure chest will drop down,
    as well as 6 more big coins.  You want to be right under the treasure chest
    when it falls, or you'll miss one of the coins.  Now, take your 2.7 million yen
    and aim for the watermelons.  Roll over the produce, through the flying pizzas,
    and get the gold medal that's right in front of you (400,000 more).  Jump
    straight up towards the roses and get those, then stay up on that level and
    follow it around until you see a dude holding a ring box.  There is a diamond
    ring in there, and it's worth another 700,000 yen.  Right about now is when
    your first minute should expire, and you should have at least 3.8 million.
    Drop straight off this ledge and down to the railroad tracks.  Turn right and
    dash forward, getting some headlamps and a gold trophy (I wish they were that
    easy).  Go through the tunnel, and you'll come out on the other side.  Now,
    just to your right is another ring box with a 400,000 ring in it, which
    should get you up to 4.2 million or more.  Head left and either jump the fence
    or go up the ramp, but be careful as this ring has a tendency to fall off of
    your katamari if you bump anything.  Now, off to your left will be a little
    raised area with a bunch of bananas and a ruby ring in the center.  Jump up
    and get that ring if you can (it likes to fall through the cracks), then roll
    off the back of that and aim for the briefcase on your right.   Follow the 3
    briefcases around the corner, and you'll come to an area with a globe right
    in front of you.  Hit the building there on the right, and 3 more big coins
    will drop down, netting you a cool 900,000.  This will get you to at least
    5.8 million.  Now, go under the tent and get the gold trophy, then come out
    and turn left.  You should see an intersection: go to it and go straight, and
    you'll pick up some cash registers.  Turn left with the road, and aim for the
    little stack of TV's.  Roll up past those, get the fans and radios, then go
    straight and get some fruit.  You can drop down to the market behind this area
    if you go to the left a little, and when you come out, head for the guy just
    to your right.  On his rug is a Crown, then make a few counterclockwise passes
    until you get up to about 2m50cm.  You may end up burning your next two
    minutes by this point, so go on out of there and head up the road, going
    straight and looking for grass.  You want to roll up the path by the farm
    next, and when you come to the building with the lion statues, roll between
    them and get some tapestries or something for about another half million.
    Follow the path across the bridge and get your Broken Heart, which will take
    you well over 10 million by this point.  Then, roll down into the little area
    with the pool, get the harp and all the wedding paraphernalia if you haven't
    already.  Now, roll right across the railroad tracks.  Just to your left
    should be a hanging bell (it's big, and under a building).  This is worth 1
    million yen, so get it if you're big enough, and if you still need to get
    more, use your remaining time to dash back into the market and get yourself
    over 15 million.  I've seen a video where a guy broke 23 million on this, so
    there's definitely plenty to pick up.
    DRIVE MODE:  The minimum is still 15 million yen, but even with the lost
    minute the same line works fine.  Just be patient and remember to get all of
    your high ticket items before moving to the next area.
    ETERNAL MODE:  Same minimum: 15 million.  Should be a roll in the park...
    CLASSIC MODE:  This isn't really that much tougher.  The time limit is the
    same, but you only need to hit 10 million to get your 120.  Just remember,
    the biggest thing you're missing with the Broken Heart is the Treasure Chest
    that you knocked out of the tree earlier, so make sure you at least pick
    that monster up.  Then, as you're going down to wedding land, you'll see
    some safes on your left.  Don't forget those.  Otherwise, the same lines work
    just fine.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                  C5) FIREFLIES                              +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  1m68cm5mm
    Time Limit- 5 Minutes (Forever), 3 Minutes (Drive), 5 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- Well, you can only pick up 4 different things: two cousins, a
    broken heart, and fireflies, so no, there are no item notes.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  You need to get light, but the best
    measure I have is the size, so let's go with that as your limit:  it's
    1m84cm8mm, and you'll need a whole ton of fireflies to get it.  This will be
    the second writing of this section, because I thought this was a lot easier to
    get 120 on than it actually is.  First, fireflies are obnoxiously hard to
    catch, as they drift around, fly away, and randomly pop out of trees and rocks.
    Second, once you get to about 1m80cm, it will take a whole ton of fireflies to
    even add a millimeter to your size, so those last 5mm are a righteous pain in
    the ass.  Third, by the time you get towards the end, the only fireflies left
    are the few scattered around that you missed, so they're all by themselves.
    Here's how I finally got this:  there are three items on this level that are
    bigger than the fireflies.  Marny is floating in the river by the waterfall,
    the King's Heart is under the waterfall, and Dipp is on the hilltop.  Take
    note of all three of these because you'll need them all to get big enough.
    Since 'stragglers' don't hurt you so much at the beginning, I try to start in
    places where the flies are more sparse and work my way up to the more
    congested areas.  When you first start, turn right and whack into the tree.
    Don't worry about picking up what falls, you just need it for later.  Turn
    around and make two passes up here, getting the fireflies, then make 4 passes
    across the hillside, going a little downhill each time.  Don't worry about the
    big line over by the tree, you'll get those with about 10 seconds left.  At
    the very base of the logs laid across the path, there's a nice clump, then
    dash into the clump of grass pointed toward the water.  If you bend a little
    left, you might even catch the clump that is on the first lily pad there.
    Regardless, charge back and forth across the river a few times to clean this
    up, then go get Marny.  He's swimming around closer to the waterfall.  Now,
    it's time to go into the tunnel.  Start by charging down the left side, then
    come back a little right of that.  Make a 3rd pass and then drop off the
    ledge at the end there.  There's a clump of grass on the right bank, so dash
    through there and get your fireflies.  Now, right down the middle of the
    river, then jump up when you get to the rocks.  When you land, turn around
    and head to the right.  You want to catch the ones in the clump of grass
    there, then make a clockwise lap around the little camp area here.  You'll hit
    1m50cm if you're doing it right.  You'll have to charge to get the ones in the
    last clump of grass on the left, then turn LEFT when you hit the river and take
    another jump by the rocks.  The fireflies will keep coming out of here and into
    the river, which will help you a lot in a minute.  Turn right and hit the tree
    right here and you'll get about 6 more fireflies.  The next thing to do is get
    the clump by the bear thing that's circling around there, then get the
    headlights in the RV and make one pass out of this area.
    Dash into the grass on the bank and get as many as you can there.  Now, spend
    your next half minute or so right here, going between the weather station,
    the monument, and the dude juggling fireflies.  Make sure you hit the two
    trees that have the hammock in them, as this was what finally took me over the
    edge.  When you're done messing around here, turn towards the first part of
    the river.  There should be two clumps of grass that you've missed, so dash in
    there.  Keep going straight and get right under the waterfall.  Turn around
    and make a pass right on that line:  you can't see them, but there are a bunch
    of fireflies in the foam.  Then turn around and head straight for the Broken
    Heart.  Turn right and dash as soon as you get it.  Dash again under the
    tunnel, and aim for the flies you missed before on the right.  Dash again
    straight into the rocks at the end, then go back up past the RV and dash
    around the bottom of the hill down here.  Keep an eye out for the dude flying
    around with balloons and a whole bunch of fireflies on his butt.  Your goal
    is to be at 1m81cm, at the bottom of the hill, with exactly 1 minute
    remaining, so keep practicing until you get it.  Now, roll up the hill and
    stop for a second around the 2 dudes on the path.  Then, get right up to the
    top of the hill and go just to the left of the stump that Dipp is on.  You
    want to make a quick roll around the base of the stump, then roll forward and
    pick up Dipp.  Keep going, then turn left and roll around the outside of this
    area until you get to the two dudes spinning around.  You will probably only
    have about 30 seconds left, but you should at least be in the mid-1.83's.
    Drop off the hill, make a few charges wherever you see fireflies, then head
    for the 2 kids to the left of the logs.  Get what you can, then roll up that
    nice big line that I told you to leave at the beginning.  If you're painfully
    close to your goal and only have 8 seconds or so, go left and get the ones
    under the tree you hit when you first started.  Hopefully, you'll hit this
    wonderful target, but remember that your score doesn't count if you don't get
    over to the reader right by the tree!  Okay, time for Drive Mode!
    DRIVE MODE:  Down to 3 minutes, and the flying flies will fly before you can
    catch them.  It's OK, we'll just modify our line a bit to get you up to
    1m84cm8mm in no time!  Ignore the opening area completely, but run down that
    nice little line in front of you and head for the water.  Clean out this
    area, including Marny, and get into the tunnel.  Do your 3 passes, then head
    for the other side.  Get into the camp, then down by the RV.  Basically, do
    the same thing, but faster.  Right around the 1 minute mark, go get the
    Broken Heart.  If you're up around 1m65cm or so, you're in wonderful shape.
    When you get the Broken Heart, you want to rampage around the starting area.
    Most of the flies in the bushes will come to you, and so will the ones all
    up and down the hillside.  Just make sure you don't hit the nerdy guy, or
    you'll end the level.  Then, when the rampage is over, head to the hilltop.
    You'll probably only have 30 seconds or so, but if you're over 1m81cm when
    you go, you should be fine.  Do your inner lap, get your cousin, then do
    your outer lap, and then use your last few seconds to find any clumps you
    may have missed, but only if you need the size.  Otherwise, head right up
    to your reader and take your 120!
    CLASSIC MODE:  The limit is lower.  I don't know how much lower, but it's
    some where in the range of 1m81cm9mm - 1m82cm7mm.  You don't get extra
    time, but you won't need it.  As you remember from the last two modes,
    it's the last centimeter that's the nightmare to get anyway, so if you have
    120's in the other two, this will be a walk in the park (or a roll, in this
    case).  One note:  since there's no Broken Heart to come back to, you might
    as well clean out the whole river all at once, from the waterfall to the
    +                                                                             +
    +                                    C6) SUMO                                 +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  295kg
    Time Limit- 5 Minutes (Forever), 3 Minutes (Drive), 5 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- On your first eternal run, turn left coming out of the farm and go
    over the bridge.  Follow the road all the way to the end, and you'll come to 3
    guys sitting at a table.  They are wearing the Oni Masks (Blue, Red and Green).
    You'll have to jump up to get them.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  555kg and above will get you a 120.  It's
    really not that hard, once you know what to do.  Start by getting the 2 rice
    crackers in front of you, then the two lines of ice cream in front of them.
    Turn around, and follow the lines of the bamboo shoots and then right down the
    path.  Veer left and get on the road.  Now, dash up the middle of the roads and
    pick up what you can.  It doesn't really matter where you go, as long as you
    can get to 100kg at about 1:15 or less.  Stick to the streets for the rest of
    your second minute, and try to get up to 150kg by this time.  When you hit 160
    or so, go up to the farm where you started.  Go get the pickle tubs, then the
    Giant Peaches, then the Gigantic Dangos, then the Bales of Rice.  This will
    take you up to about 220kg.  Turn left as you drop down and head for the train
    tracks.  Make a dash up the tracks, then watch your 3rd minute go by as you get
    up around 280kg.  On your right is your Broken Heart.  Use this to cross the
    tracks, roll up the hill and get everything in the area over here before your
    rampage ends.  This will get you up to 325kg.  Now cross back over the tracks
    and turn left.  You'll make a little pass around here before your final area.
    You want to find the vegetable cartons, the two wedding cakes stacked on top of
    each other, and the line of vending machines.   If you get to 410kg or so with
    about 50 seconds left, you're in good shape.  It's now time to head for the
    school yard and the other sumo.  When you get to the yard, turn left and make a
    clockwise lap around the outside of the area.  When you get to the pool, roll
    over the ice cream freezers and keep your lap going.  Get back to the
    schoolyard and roll stuff until you hit your magic number, or until the clock
    is down to 3 or 4 seconds.  Then, make sure you roll up the sumo in the middle
    of the area, take your 120, and move on... 
    DRIVE MODE:  Same lines, less time.  You'll be fine.
    CLASSIC MODE:  Your limit is lower again.  Somewhere between 426kg and 439kg.
    Same lines, just go across the bridge after you finish the farm, since you
    can't get the Broken Heart anyway.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                  C7) SHOPPING                               +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  Let's get the preliminaries out of the
    way first:  you need 2350 items to get a 120, and you have 300,000 yen to
    spend.  That comes out to an average of 127.66 if my calculations are correct.
    This is a very time consuming level, because you have to pick your way through
    the level and miss all of the expensive items.  It kind of reminds me of the
    Cowbear level in that respect:  one gold bar and all is lost.  So, it's
    important to know exactly where to go.  In the starting area, get your first
    200 items.  Chopsticks and corn snacks are great, old coins and gold bars are
    not.  You'll learn where they all are quickly enough.  When you're around 185,
    get out into the pink tiled area and pick up all the blue twin pops.  Try not
    to get anything else, but it's OK if you miss a bit. Your budget is 12,000 yen
    for your first 225 items, so picking up an occasional takoyaki or egg sandwich
    won't hurt you.  Now, go up the stairs and to the right, before hitting the
    melons.  Things you want:  10 yen coins, 100 yen coins, toy capsules.  Things
    you don't want:  500 yen coins, old coins.  Even if you mess up on a few
    things, you'll have over 284,000 to spend with 265 items when you get to the
    line of cherries going behind the shelf.  When you come out, you'll see a
    cornucopia of things to pick up around here.  Noodle around until you're
    around 325 items, and you should be around 279,000 yen.  Avoid old coins,
    wallets, and red boxes of chocolate, and I think everything else is 150 or
    less.  Now, head over to the little elevator on the center stand.  Ride it up
    and pick your way around here.  Avoid old coins, sea urchins, and calculators.
    Oh, and those stupid mushrooms that are hanging on the edge.  Even if you mess
    up a bunch like I did, you can be up around 375 with 273,000 left.  Now, drop
    off the other elevator (the one facing the other shelves, not the wall.  Roll
    your way around until you come to some stairs going up, and stay the hell away
    from the cameras!  When you get to the stairs, take the left path up through
    the plastic wrap, then bend around left into the little 'music room' there.
    This will be tricky, but you can still make some mistakes and win.  I picked up
    all kinds of crap that was over 1,000 yen, and still managed to get out of this
    area just over 500 items, with 250,000 to go.
    Now, for the fun stuff-  come straight out of this room and dodge the trumpets.
    Look for a little brown shelf on your right with some beach balls and a wind-up
    pig.  See that little green thing on the corner?  That's a battery section:
    jump up and get it!  It is 1500 yen, but it counts for a whopping 48 items!
    That's about 30yen per battery, if you're keeping track at home.  Also,
    remember what these look like, because you want them any time you see them.
    Okay, roll around the next two sides of this shelf clockwise.  Turn left when
    you see the spinning frying pan, then turn left and go up the welcome mat.
    You'll have some sponges, soap, and dish soap to pick up before you go up to
    the third shelf.  Get up there and roll left to the jumping socks, then back
    right to the ramp made from two frying pans.  You should be around 650 items
    with about 235,000 left.  Go up this ramp and follow it all the way around
    when it curves to the right.  There are a whopping 12 battery sections up here,
    as well as a whole bunch of other awesome stuff.  Avoid the stack of perfume
    bottles (they're dark blue), and then when you get to the gum packs, watch out
    for the gold bars that drop down on balloons.  Get up the ramp, and when you
    get to the big toilet paper pyramid, stop.  There are a whole bunch of gold
    bars behind it, so don't go blasting through.  Roll around it to the right
    side, then keep going up here till the next toilet paper pyramid.  Dodge the
    gold bars and you'll come to the end of the best section of this level.
    Wasn't that fun?  Even if you mess up and get a bunch of fish and stuff, you'll
    have over 1500 items with still 180,000 or so left to spend!  If you've been
    stuck around 700 on this level like I was, that's what you were missing.  We're
    not done yet, however.  Jump off the very end of the shelf you've been on and
    veer to the right.  You'll land on a shelf with some pumpkins and some
    watermelons.  Bang around until you see a sign dropping down on the right, then
    drop down with it.  You're in the produce section.  Use the ramp to get up
    there, and as long as you stay to the right of this ramp, you'll be fine.
    There are some more expensive items to the left, so avoid those.  Okay, you
    should now be at 1625 or so with about 160,000 to spend.  You can mostly get
    the last 725 on the supermarket shelves, but you can also totally screw your
    score in there as well.  I'll try to guide you to some safe spots.  First, spin
    to the right and look for the curvy line of papers with the eggs on top.  Dodge
    the f-ing cameras and get those.  Go right back to the ramp you used for the
    produce section and stop.  You see the end of the shelf with the orange chip
    bags on the bottom?  That's safe.  Now, go back to the ramp and turn the
    opposite way you went to get the papers with the eggs.  Follow this path around
    to the left and you'll come to the ends of two shelves.  Both are safe.  These
    three will take you down to about 90,000, but should get you over 2,000 items.
    If you turn right real quick, there will be a ramp up to a shelf with some milk
    bottles.  This is safe from the corner all the way to the milk cartons.  You'll
    spend 5,000 yen, but you'll be over 2,100.  Now go back to the end of the shelf
    you came from and go down the outside of that shelf, between it and the one
    with the milk bottles.  Right smack in the middle of this shelf is a stack of
    gold bars.  Do you see them?  Good, don't hit them.  Either side is safe.
    Should get you into the mid 2200's as well.  Skip the next shelf, because
    you're about to be finished. Go down the aisle, and look for the baked goods
    on your right.  Turn left there and you'll see a shelf end on your right with
    2 big fireworks things on the second shelf.  Roll into it.  It will cost you
    about 10,000 all told, but between the battery sections, gum packs, and old
    books, there's close to 200 items right there!  That should do it, you should
    be over 2350 by now, have a nice day and get ready to do it all again in
    Drive Mode!
    DRIVE MODE:  Yeah, this is untimed, but you have to be very careful, lest you
    bang into some gold bars or old coins or cameras.  The line you learned for
    Forever Mode will help you tremendously, as you can still pick up a few gold
    bars and get your 120.  Good luck!
    ETERNAL MODE:  Ha ha, now it's time for some revenge!  Remember all those
    things you've been avoiding for the last few hours?  Get them!  You have no
    budget, so you're actually going to be scored on how much you spend.  The
    limit for 120 is somewhere between 8,377,000 and 8,730,000.  Get all the old
    coins you've been dodging, then get all the gold bars before they get too big.
    Finally, when you're going up the ramp to run around the ledge, go left and
    get the 4 large diamonds that are hanging above the stacks of toilet paper.
    Everything else is fair game, but you shouldn't have any problem at this
    CLASSIC MODE:  This is exactly the same as Forever Mode, just be careful when
    you're up on a ledge that you don't fall.  Getting back up there with no jump
    is no picnic.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                   C8) SCHOOL                                +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  You have 93 students to pick up, and your
    score is based on how fast you can get them all.  Your time needs to be under
    1:30 to get your 120.  You want to go left when you first start and get the 4
    classrooms right in order. Clean them out by going counterclockwise, as most
    of the kids run the other way. You may have to go through the hall between
    rooms.  Then, go up the hall and turn left into the bathroom.  Get your heart
    and get done.  The numbers you're looking for in each room are 20, 9, 17, 22,
    15, and 10, but be careful because you might pick some up early ones from the
    hall while you're going between rooms, so your count may be off.  Fortunately,
    you can mostly see everyone, so just get your lines right and you'll be at 120
    in no time.
    DRIVE MODE:  0:58 is not good enough.  0:48 is.  That's about all I know.
    Since everyone runs around faster, I've found it's easier to make quick passes
    through each room, go get the Broken Heart at around :40, and try to pick off
    the last few then.  You won't get them every time, but when you do, you'll be
    under the time.
    CLASSIC MODE:  I think the limit is still 1:30.  If not, it's only off by a
    second or two.  You really didn't need the Broken Heart anyway:  if you go
    into the bathroom with 10 to go, you'll find them quickly and win.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                     C9) CAMP                                +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size- 3m0cm0mm
    Time Limit- 8 Minutes (Forever), 5 Minutes (Drive), 8 Minutes (Classic)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- There's a Camp Map on this level that's a sign in the ground, right
    over by the RV. You'll need to be 4m24cm to pick it up, and of course you'll
    still have to pass the level to keep it.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  In my opinion, this is the second most
    annoying level in this game.  We'll get to the first in a little bit.  In order
    to win, you have to keep your katamari on fire, rolling things up until you're
    big enough to light the fire at the top of the hill.  If you don't pick
    anything up for about 10 seconds, your katamari will go out.  If you touch the
    river or the waterfall, your katamari will go out.  If you hit anything that's
    alive, you'll bounce all around (usually into the river).  You have to be over
    5m0cm0mm to get your 120.  Time is not entirely a problem, but you'll have to
    practice quite a bit to get your lines right.  Start with the roasts right
    next to you, then follow the two apples to the grapes and hang a left.  Get
    the line of fruit there, then as many mushrooms as you can until you come to
    the 3 rows of grapes.  Get them all and head for the maps.  Head right and get
    some mushrooms, then go back left and cross the little logs that are buried in
    the path.  You're looking for a campfire with some mushrooms around it, some
    people, and a cousin.  You want to go in there at about 82cm at least, because
    you want to get to 85cm to pick up Kinoko.  You'll then be around 1m07cm.  Get
    out of there and get the whole line of tires in the dirt, then follow that
    line through the toilet paper, the lady's shopping bags, and into the soccer
    balls.  You should be around 1m20cm when you get the soccer balls.
    Now head for the line of mushrooms, then the firewood by the RV, then the scuba
    tanks, then the two life preservers, then turn left.  Very carefully, pick up
    the 5 garden rocks by the water, then turn around.  You should be at least at
    1m42cm.  Get the life preservers, the kettles, then the buckets and stack of
    pool rings, and head around the RV again.  Get the big mushrooms, then head
    over to the line of tree stumps and turn around.  Go straight for the bridge,
    get the stumps and the barrels, then the mushrooms on the other side of the
    path coming back.  You're looking for 3 piles of logs that will take you over
    1m96cm, then head for the line of sunflowers right on the edge of the river.
    Follow this line through the dustpans, then turn around and whack the two guys
    there and get all the papers around them.  Turn back around, head around the
    hill a little, and get the campfire there with the fireworks.  You should be
    looking right at a Broken Heart, so go down and get it.  This will get you up
    around 2m33cm.  Turn back around and head for the line of bushes against the
    wall. Curve a little to the left and cross the bridge here, then head for the
    campfire you went around when you got Kinoko.  Get this, turn right, get the
    barrels, then the bushes, then mess around behind that little cabin until you
    pick up most of what's there.  Your goal is to get up around 3m05cm and be at
    the steps of this house looking down the path.  If you aren't yet, go find
    some random stuff to pick up (like bicycles) and get back up here at that
    Now, go right down the log steps and you'll pick them up.  See the bridge
    right in front of you?  This is the hardest part of the level right here.
    Roll straight across the bridge.  Stay to the right if you can so you don't
    hit all the people and end up in the river, and don't stop.  You'll pick up
    the whole bridge and be over 3m86cm! Turn left here and go up the path behind
    the waterfall.  Don't let the people knock you into the waterfall!  When you
    come out, drop down left by the table for a hot second, but don't waste too
    much time this close to the water, then head for the tepee and the bushes
    behind that.  You should be darn near 4m50cm by now.  If so, head up the
    mountain and get the fencing that's around the campfire, but don't light it
    just yet.  You'll be around 4m70cm.  From the top of the mountain, you can
    spin around and see where you want to go, so look for all the tents in the
    corner.   Roll around there and get yourself over 5m, then go back up and
    light that fire!
    DRIVE MODE:  Time is still not too much of a problem, but controlling the
    katamari is.  Just stay the hell away from the water - pick one down by the
    beach: either the garden rocks or the kettles, and instead of rolling up the
    bridge, just turn left at the bottom of the hill (the one with the logs buried
    in the dirt) and go around the waterfall then.  If you're short on size, you
    can go back around the waterfall again when you're big enough to pick up
    boulders.  This is much safer.
    CLASSIC MODE:  4m13cm3mm will get you a 100.  4m24cm9mm will get you a 120,
    so the limit is probably 4m20cm.  The lines you had for Forever Mode are fine.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                C10) LIMITED TO 50                           +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  5m50cm is what you need for 120.  You can
    actually get much higher than this, but I'll walk you through the easiest way
    to this one.  You'll probably pick up a few unwanted items on the way, but be
    careful and you'll be right on target at the end.  3 Polar Bears, 1 Centaur, 2
    Dairy Cows- 3m38cm6mm.  2 Flower Beds, 2 Black Bears, 2 Lion Dances, 1 Ninja
    Picture Stand- 3m80cm6mm.  2 Horses, (back to the bleachers by the water) 2
    more Polar Bears, (up into Safari Land) 2 More Horses, 2 Bear Rides, 1 Lion, 1
    Lion Dance, 1 Gorilla, 1 Tiger, 1 Monkey Ride- 4m65cm7mm.  1Rhino, 1 Red Ball,
    1 Big Bear, 1 Lion, 2 Bear Rides, 1 Big Bear, 1 Tiger, 4 Zebras, Plus 3 random
    things I picked up by mistake- 5m32cm4mm.  1 Dairy Cow, 1 Rhino, 2 Camels, and
    that should be enough.
    DRIVE MODE:  Same size, same lines, just be more careful that you don't rocket
    into some flamingos or something.
    CLASSIC MODE:  Same size, same lines.
    +                                                                             +
    +                                  C11) SNOWMAN                               +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- This will be the only section where the item list is longer than
    the walkthrough:  when you're small, get the short 'n green, long n' thin, and
    big 'n long.  There are other things to pick up here too, so try to get
    whatever you can.  Also, bang into the trees and pick up what drops, as some
    of these items are unique as well.  Now, roll and roll and roll and roll, and
    eventually you'll pick up enough snow to get big.  All of the little snow
    drifts against the houses have special names (Dry, Wet, Tight, New), so get
    them all.  There's a mammoth stuck in the ice on the edge of the level.  Get
    him. Also, there's a big orange triangle thing sitting on the roof of one of
    the houses.  Make sure to get that.  I think that's all.
    Top Score Walkthrough- ALL MODES:  Ha ha :)  The humor of katamari comes up in
    this level:  you get 100 points no matter what you do.  It's not timed, and
    the King doesn't care what your snowman looks like.  Just roll around for a
    while then go to the giant snow ball in the center.  This is the easiest level
    in this game, which is great because the next one is the hardest.  Ready?
    +                                                                             +
    +                                 C12) HOT STUFF                              +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- There are only a few items that are unique to this level, but they
    can be very difficult to get.  Remember, you have to pick up the item, then
    pass the level to keep it in your collection.  There's only one way to pass
    this level:  get 10,000 degrees.  The first items are the yarn balls that are
    to the left of the exit of the first area:  these are pretty easy to get, but
    watch for the yellow one as you'll have to grind the wall to get it.  The
    other item that I remember is Devil Kataoka, and in my opinion, he is the
    hardest thing to get in the entire game.  Yes, harder than the Red Doghouse.
    Yes, harder than the CowBear.  The problem is that you have to be 2m11cm2mm to
    get him, and you can't see how big you are while you're playing the game.
    Getting big in this level is very difficult, because the big hot things will
    take you over 10,000, and the big cold things will take you to zero.  Hmm.  So
    how do we get this guy?  First, start any mode you want (I prefer Classic),
    and don't plan on getting a good time on the level.  Next, run through the
    first area like you normally would, but when you get to the bridge with the
    sumo in the middle, keep going down the path to the other bridge.  If you get
    up to 8,000 degrees, you can do a few things:  stop for a while, pick up
    something cold (careful of ice freezers and Eskimos, though), or dip in the
    water for a second.  Either way, get down to 6500 or so, and keep rolling
    around to get bigger and bigger.  Eventually, you'll start picking up people.
    Now, get back up to about 8,000 or so and get to the side of the river that
    you were on when you came out of the first room.  If you see a line of
    snowmen and a dude with a red afro and a guitar, you're in the right place.
    He's your guy, so pick your way carefully through the snowmen and roll him up.
    As soon as you do, the hard part is next: getting to 10,000 so you can keep
    him.  I try to save the meat and propane tanks by the first bridge for this
    part, as you can turn right and get some campfires and then your sumo bridge
    to get you over the top.  Hopefully this will work for you, and happy
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  This is the most obnoxious level this
    game has to offer.  It's hard just to pass at all, let alone get a 120.  You
    will be graded on the time it takes you to reach 10,000 degrees, and your
    target time is 1:43.333 - 1:53.266.  I'm sorry I can't get the range any
    closer, but every time I try to slow down, I cool off too much and it takes
    like 20 more seconds to get back up to the top.  Anything you pick up that's
    hot will raise your temperature; anything you pick up that's cold will drop
    it.  Also, your temperature is constantly dropping, and the closer you get
    to the goal the faster it drops.  Sounds like fun, huh?  To make it worse,
    you can't really see what you're picking up because the ball blocks your
    view.  One important thing to keep in mind:  hot things tend to be in the
    middle of aisles, and cold things tend to be on the sides.  When you win it
    should go somewhat according to the following lines.  First, get 3 Onigiris
    and the 2 stacks of hamburgers that are right in front of you.  Drop down to
    the left immediately and get your Broken Heart.  It's very important that you
    get this right away, because it's right in your line coming back and you'll be
    big enough then to pick up some really cold items.  As the stuff is all coming
    to you, roll right up against the Okonomiyaki in a pan and wait to get big
    enough to pick them up.  You should be around 1500 degrees.  Now, make a
    counterclockwise lap and pick up stuff in the middle, all the way around to
    the little snow shovel in the corner.  You're going to use that as a ramp to
    pop right into a toaster, and some toast will pop out.  Your target should be
    around 3500 degrees when you come up this ramp, so keep practicing until you
    get there.  Now, avoid the cold shit on the left and roll right into the
    pizza.  Go backwards and get the hamburgers, then the little shelf of hot food
    behind it.  Don't go too far:  that next section is a soda fountain.  Now, get
    up on top of the shelves (should be about 5100 by now), and run all the way to
    the hot sauce.  Drop down carefully on to the grill below, and watch the signs
    on the back wall as you get the food on the grill and the stuff in the fryers
    next to it.  If you're over 7,000 degrees by now, you're in good shape.  Drop
    off the grill and go back around the way you first came.  Stick to the middle
    of the aisle.  When you see the teddy bear with the yarn around it, crash into
    him then turn right.  Get the take-out sacks and the roast and turn left and
    get out of that room.  You should be somewhere in the 7,000 degree range, and
    this whole circuit should take you 1:10 or less.
    Now, follow the take out sacks back to the fire with the French bread under
    it, turn left then right and get the red thermoses that are there.  Now, face
    the street and DASH.  Go all the way down to right before the penguins, where
    the cups of noodles and thermos pots are.  Turn right.  You should be at 1:30.
    Charge across the bridge and stay sort of in the middle, then turn right and
    charge down the middle of this path.  You'll get to a fire with some pots on
    top and some candelabras all around, and if you haven't hit 10,000 yet, go
    across the bridge with the little sumo laying in the middle of it.  If you
    haven't hit your 10,000 by this point, you probably have already missed the
    time anyway, so explore the area and see what else you can pick up.  Keep
    practicing the same area, and eventually you'll get your 120.
    DRIVE MODE:  Well, I thought this was going to be a real pain in the butt.  As
    it turns out, I got a 1:10 on my first try after getting 120 on Forever Mode!
    Sadly, that wasn't good enough, but 1:07 was.  It's not as bad as you might
    think, but you will get off track sometimes and ruin your run.  The nice part
    is that the cooling happens at the same rate, which at Drive speeds is almost
    negligible.  I actually got to 10,000 as I was crossing the first bridge, and
    I missed a WHOLE LOT of items on the way.
    CLASSIC MODE:  In some ways, this is easier than both of the other two.
    You've already practiced a million times, and you have no Broken Hearts to
    worry about.  You might want to stay up on the top shelf where you start a
    little longer, since you need size.  I usually go down to about the roasted
    chestnut bags before dropping off the shelf.  You can actually get out of this
    first room with over 8,000 degrees, and then the rest is a matter of finding
    the same lines as before.  I don't think there's a break on time, but you
    won't need one by this point anyway.
    +                                                                             +
    +                             C13) JUST RIGHT- SMALL                          +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  You have all the time in the world, and
    you just have to get as close to 20cm0mm as you can.  You can probably get
    pretty close without any help, but slo_bro has a good strategy to get it to
    exactly 20cm, which is what you'll need for a 120 in this level.  When you
    first start, there's a round plate on the ground with some star cookies and
    chocolate pies on it, and some chopsticks next to it.  This plate is your
    magic item.  You want to roll up anything you want except the train tracks to
    get barely big enough to pick up the plate.  When you can get the calculator
    next to it, you're getting close.  Then, get the plate, 9 train tracks, and
    the milk carton that's just inside the train tracks.  That's it.  You may have
    to try a few times, as picking up something too big before the plate will get
    you 20cm1mm or something, but you'll have this in about 3 tries with slo_bro's
    method.  Thanks slo_bro!
    DRIVE MODE:  Same.
    CLASSIC MODE:  Same.
    +                                                                             +
    +                             C14) JUST RIGHT- MEDIUM                         +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- Yep. There's some stuff in here.  Yep, it's only in this level.
    Nope, I can't really remember what it was.  Let me take a quick trip through
    the level and see if anything sticks out...  In the starting classroom,
    there's nothing rare that you can get right away.  Nothing in the hall either.
    I don't think the classroom behind it has anything either, but you may want to
    sweep through there once just to make sure.  The third classroom, however, has
    some stuff.  '0 Points' are all over the floor, the Sewing box is up by the
    front of the classroom, and I think the attendance book is hard to find as
    well.  There are also some Old books back in the shelves in the back.  There's
    also a blackboard to the right of the door, but we'll come back to that.  Just
    remember that this is the 3rd classroom.  For now, stop and save your katamari
    by either making a star or stardust.  You can lose if you get too big, and you
    don't want to be punished, do you?  Ok, back for part two.  Get decently sized
    again and head to the last classroom in the back.  I'm positive there's stuff
    in here that I had to specifically get, but I can't remember what it was, so
    roll it all up.  When you get big enough, you can pick up the class bulletin
    board and the bulletin board note, then you'll roll right into the 3rd
    classroom to get the mobile blackboard.  As soon as you do, turn left, jump
    up, and get the PA speaker and the classroom clock off the wall, and then
    STOP!  You'll be damn near big enough to get punished, and you'll lose all the
    items you just got.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  This is my second writing of this
    section, as it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would.  Getting
    a 120 is pretty easy, as you only need to be within 3cm of your 2m.  Getting
    it down to the exact millimeter, however, is how I just spent my whole day
    off.  The game will change some of the items you need, and they are not the
    same size!  So, it will be quite a bit of trial and error.  I've done all of
    the trial (believe me, have I trialed), so all you have to worry about is the
    error.  If you can execute this path perfectly, you will have a 2m0cm0mm
    katamari, but don't plan on getting it right the first time.  First, turn
    right and go over to the sunflowers.  Look out the window into the hall, and
    turn around if you have to.  You'll see some fencing masks, some calligraphy
    sets, a butterfly collection, some test tube racks, and a random item.  It
    will either be a trophy, a hose reel, or a filing cabinet.  If it is not the
    filing cabinet, restart the level.  The filing cabinet will come up about
    20% of the time, and this is the one you want for this walkthrough.  Now,
    let's divide this run into 3 sections:  the classroom, the hall, and the
    same classroom again.  Start by getting everything on the floor, in the
    shelves, and on the desks in the middle of the room.  You'll have to grind
    to get a few things in the shelves, don't forget the trash can and the broom,
    and get only TWO of the papers on the raised area in front of the class.
    Don't get the globe, the radio, or anything else on the shelves or the desks
    by the front of the classroom.  Got it?  Good.  Your total items should be
    170.  Section one complete.
    Go out in the hall and get your 3 calligraphy bags, eraser cleaners, test tube
    racks, file cabinets, gold trophies, and kendo masks.  Skip the umbrellas and
    get the principal's pictures, globes, 2 bamboo brooms and all of the baseball
    bats.  Now get TWO blue watering pots, the 2 red field stripers, and 1 boy's
    graffiti, then turn back around and head for the soccer balls.  You need to get
    the chicken that's sitting on top of the desk, but leave 4 soccer balls/ostrich
    eggs.  Now, go get exactly 1 yellow umbrella.  This part will mess you up
    sometimes because you have to dodge the gym teacher and some other animal
    that's running around.  DO NOT pick it up, or you will be over for your run.
    Now that you have your 1 umbrella, get back into the classroom you started in
    and get the sunflowers and any chairs that don't have people in them.  Your
    next object is to pick up about 6 of the people that are running around here,
    but I will warn you that you can very easily bounce them out of the room at
    this stage.  The easiest way I've found to keep this from happening is to sit
    in the middle of the room and face the outside wall.  When they come by, run
    right into them and back up to the middle of the room.  If you bounce one, go
    get them before they run out of the level.  After about 6 or 7 people are in
    your katamari, you'll be big enough to pick up the 16 desks in the middle of
    the room.  Do this.  Now, catch the rest of the people in there EXCEPT the
    teacher by the door in the corner (the only one not running).  If you have to
    go by the edge of the room, stay on the two sides or you'll roll up things you
    don't want.  Then, when you have about 3 people left, go to the front of the
    classroom and pick up ONLY the podium and what's on it.  Do not touch the
    blackboard or the other two papers you left here before.  Get the rest of the
    people, then get the two pigeons circling around if you haven't already.  This
    should put you at exactly 2m.  Whoopee, now I get to go try to do the same
    thing in Drive Mode!
    DRIVE MODE:  You'd think it would be the same, but somehow I kept coming up
    over 1cm short, even with the same items!  Maybe there's a kid missing in
    Drive Mode or something? Just pick up more crap (soccer balls, papers, etc.)
    until you get to the right amount.  I think I had all the soccer balls and
    eggs, the radio from the first room, the big protractor, and maybe some more
    graffiti before I got it.  Oh, and another 4 hours of my life wasted...
    CLASSIC MODE:  Same as Forever Mode.
    +                                                                             +
    +                              C15) JUST RIGHT- LARGE                         +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  N/A
    Time Limit- N/A
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Classic
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  The target amount is 50m0cm0mm, but I
    think anything within about 40cm will get you a 120.  Thanks to slo_bro for
    this one again, who mentioned that going to the island with the gigantic trees
    and the one dinosaur, getting just big enough, then getting 19 trees and 5 oil
    rigs will get you a 120 every time.  If you want to just do this, go ahead.
    If you want a perfect 50m, you'll have to follow this part very closely.  I
    don't think any of the objects change, so at least that's good.  When you
    first start, don't even go near the city.  Turn around and bear a little left,
    and don't pick up anything.  You'll come to an island with a castle on it.  Go
    past that, and there will be a big brown island.  Follow the shoreline and
    don't pick anything up there, either, and you'll eventually come around to
    another brown island.   You'll see a pyramid and a hill.  Go up the hill to
    the area with the brown ground and the cranes and wrecking balls.  Now it's
    time to pick stuff up.  Stick to the brown area and clean out everything it
    will let you pick up on the ground.  There should be 105 items here.  Now get
    the 3 Mouths of Truth on the little green area next to where you were, then
    follow the green to the line of houses and trees with one windmill.  Get
    these.  You should be sitting on the foot of the dinosaur, and your item
    count should be 117.  Go across the dinosaur's feet, and stay on the higher
    level with the trees.  Get all the balloons, houses, windmill and Stonehenge
    so you don't pick them up later (item count 142), then drop down into the
    stack of silos with the windmill on top.  Get everything in this alcove, then
    everything in the farm next to it.  Get all of the little horses in the road.
    Get all 3 trains that come through, but do NOT get any of the buses that are
    coming down the road.  Your item count should be 230. Go back up to the big
    trees, and you shouldn't be able to get them yet.  Turn left and head towards
    the big brown castle looking thing in the woods.  In front is a little house:
    it's the Nikaido Residence, and you want it.  Just to the left is the Onishi
    Residence:  you want that too.  Now, if you did this right, you'll be big
    enough to pick up Gigantic Trees.  You want exactly 19 of them, then roll
    down to the ocean and get your 5 oil fields.  That should do it! 
    DRIVE MODE:  In a move of supreme intelligence, I finally designed a route
    with Drive Mode in mind!  Most of the mistakes you'll make will only land
    you in an area where you're going anyway, so this should be pretty easy.
    The hardest part is getting to that first island without picking up a boat
    or something, but once you do, you'll have a perfect score pretty quickly.
    CLASSIC MODE:  Same lines, but it will be a little harder getting to the
    raised areas with no jump.
    +                                                                             +
    +                             C16) WAKE UP THE KING!                          +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size- 1.5 Million Km
    Time Limit- 12 Minutes (Forever), 
    Modes Available:  Forever, Drive, Eternal, Classic
    Item Notes- About a million.  This is the culmination of the whole game, so
    you'll be picking up 30,000 or so items.  You'll need a few runs to get
    everything, so don't try this all at once.  Most of the rare things are either
    really small or really big, so let's start with the small ones.  On your first
    Eternal run, turn left immediately until you see two sidewalks.  Go to the one
    on the left, then take the first left.  You'll come to a little area with some
    water in the middle.  Clean this whole area out:  there are some things in the
    water and some things on the edges that you can't get anywhere else.  Now play
    your run like you normally would and finish the level:  you're too big to get
    the other smaller things now.  On your second Eternal run, cross the river
    ahead of you and bear left between the building and the river.  Turn right
    when you can, and take that path all the way around to where you see a little
    pond.  In this little alley is every Garden Rock in the game:  there are a few
    different varieties, including the big one.  I think there might be some rare
    stuff in the water as well, so be thorough.  Now finish the run:  there's one
    more place to go when you're small.  On your third Eternal run, turn left and
    head down the river until you come to the bridge.  Turn left again, and you'll
    see a set of doors in a building that will open when you get close to them.
    This is the TV Studio, and you may have been here already when you were doing
    your other runs.  Get EVERYTHING in here this time.  There are quite a few
    things in here that aren't anywhere else, so be thorough and you'll be fine.
    That's it for the little things.
    I'm not aware of anything else that will give you trouble on this level until
    you get over 10,000km.  At that point, it gets interesting.  All of the
    'Cosmos' items are in here, but not until you've completed the level that they
    refer to, and made the star.  This includes ALL levels, and ALL modes.  If you
    have done the Co-Op levels, those stars will be in here as well, but they
    don't count as part of your inventory.  Got it?  Now, some of the smaller ones
    will disappear if you get too big, so plan on this taking a few tries to get
    them all.  Avoid the black hole, the suns, and the King until you're ready.
    Also, if you're having trouble figuring out what the star you want looks like,
    look at the one next to it in your inventory:  they'll be very similar and
    usually grouped together.  Again, don't do this part if you haven't beaten
    every level on every mode, because these stars won't be there.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE:  On your first playthrough, there will be
    two more levels after this, but this is truly the finale in the game.  It is
    the culmination of all of the levels, and it's massive.  You'll start around
    1m20cm, and get all the way over 2 million kilometers!  The size requirement
    for a 120 is irrelevant, because you'll need to get big enough to pass the
    level.  Some of the planets won't show up until you make them, so be warned
    that you might not get big enough your first time through.  You also need to
    roll up more than 2,400 powerful items, which is the hard part until you know
    where to go.  If you stay steady, you will have absolutely no problem with
    time, because you'll get an extra 2 minutes once you reach 10,000km.  When
    you first start, turn left until you see two roads.  Go up the one on the
    left.  When you see the 3 footballs in the tray, turn left again.  Now, you
    want to go up this area and pick up footballs and hamburgers until you have
    about 30 power items, then come back down the way you came in.  Turn right,
    then left, so the river is on your right, then go down 1 block and look for a
    door on your left.  This is the TV Studio.  If you stay close to the edges,
    you can get your power total to over 50, the katamari over 3m, and lose your
    first minute in there.  Go out the door you came in and you'll be facing the
    Broken Heart.  Skip it for now and cross the river.  You want to get the
    fires that are in the roads and on the building, then come out to the river
    again and line up with the Broken Heart.  If you get this part right, you'll
    be close to 150, with about 10 seconds of your second minute still remaining.
    Now get the Broken Heart and dash through the gorillas, then the PE Boys in
    the playground, then bear right a little and get the sumos on the hillside,
    then keep going and get the lions in the farm.  When your rampage ends, you
    should be around 11m, have about 250 on your power meter, and just be
    ticking over to your 3rd minute.  Make a lap around the farm here, then roll
    around the town picking up whatever you can until your third minute is gone.
    You should be around 450 on your power meter, and you want to be going
    through the 12m barrier by the snowy mountain.  Get the trees that you can,
    then drop down and get mushrooms.  Wait, mushrooms are powerful?  Well, I
    guess that would make sense to the designers of this game... Anyway, get the
    cows after that, turn right and go up the grass for about 3 seconds, then
    turn left.  You should see a line of breakwater blocks leading out into the
    ocean.  Pick those up, then the mushrooms on the island, then keep going and
    get whatever you can until you hit the big kelp nets.  You should be around
    35m, 600 on the power meter, and your 4th minute is now gone.
    Turn right and get some of the stuff in the refinery before going through
    'New York.'  This will get you over 60m.  Take the water route over to the
    60m barrier, roll up all of the trees on this island, and line yourself up
    with the dinosaurs leading to the balloons. This is where minute 5 bites the
    dust, but your power count should be around 775.  Now, charge down the line
    of hot air balloons, then back up through the squid, then hit the Great Wall
    and pick up some stuff on this island.  You want to get up to 150m.  Now, go
    back to the little town with the Ferris Wheel and get your other Broken
    Heart.  This will end your 6th minute, but get you over 1150 on your power
    with about 200m in size.  Time to hit the 300m barrier!  Now is where it
    gets much harder to do a walkthrough, as the path is really up to you.  The
    next barrier is at 3km.  Don't hit it until you're at least at 2,000 on your
    power meter.  2050 is better, and 2100 will almost guarantee your success.
    However, it will take you at LEAST 2 minutes to go from 3km to 10,000km,
    when you get your extra two minutes, so if your clock flips from '2' to '1'
    you may want to think about getting up to that next level.  So, manage the
    time you have left against the items you need, and if you're having trouble,
    try to get faster at the beginning to make up for lost time.  What I suggest
    you do is pick up a bunch of balloons as soon as you hit 300m.  Then, find
    a path to one of the islands that ring the outside of the area (I like the
    dinosaur one), and make a lap around here.  Avoid the big tornadoes and
    whales if you can, until you're ready to get to the next stage, and you
    should be OK.
    Once you get to 3km, there are 100 or so items to get as you're rolling up
    all of the countries:  they are all mountains and some of the cloud
    formations.  If you can hit 10,000km, you'll be star-born and you will have
    no problem finishing this.  Just don't roll up the Black Hole, any of the
    Suns, or the King until you've reached 2400 on the power meter.  When you
    do, just roll into the King and wake his ass up!
    DRIVE MODE:  No problem.  I mean it.  At this speed, you'll crush this if
    your lines are good from Forever Mode.  I think I had about 3:30 left when
    I picked up the King.
    CLASSIC MODE:  Again, if your lines are right on Forever Mode, you won't
    have any trouble with this one.  You get an extra minute, but you have no
    Broken Hearts.  So, use the extra minute to pick up what you would with the
    Broken Hearts, and you'll be fine.
    +                                                                             +
    +                              C17) THE KING'S DREAM                          +
    +                                                                             +
    Minimum Size-  300 Dreams
    Time Limit- 2 Minutes (Forever)
    Modes Available:  Forever, Eternal
    Item Notes- None.
    Top Score Walkthrough- FOREVER MODE: This is pretty easy.  Just jump, dash,
    whatever.  Eventually you'll get enough.  You need 600 dreams to get your 120.
    ETERNAL MODE:  You need 800 now, but I think this whole level was designed as
    a deep breath after the massive waking of the King.  The previous level was
    the true finale, I think this was just a bonus.
    CONGRATULATIONS! You have now achieved a perfect score in all 34 levels!  Now
    it's time to get the rest of these trophies for the PS3, so you can show off
    your Platinum! 
    +                                                                             +
    +                             SECTION D1) PS3 TROPHIES                        +
    +                                                                             +
    There are 33 trophies to win in Katamari Forever.  Most of them will come with
    natural game play, and some are a little harder.  I'll go through each one, in
    order, and tell you how to win it.
    1)	Platinum Katamari -  Get all the other trophies.
    2)	Congratulations!-  This is for getting the first 34 levels done.  You
    don't need to get 120's on these, you just need to get the minimum.  Even 1
    point is good.
    3)	Katamari Speedster-  Once you've completed all 34 levels in Forever
    Mode, you'll get to do the same thing again in Drive Mode.  When you finish,
    you'll get this trophy.
    4)	Katamari Fanatic- Once you've completed all 34 levels in Forever Mode
    and Drive Mode, you'll be able to go through each individual level and unlock
    Eternal Mode.  See my note at the beginning of the guide for how to do this.
    Then, you'll be able to unlock Classic Mode (see the same note).  Complete
    all the levels in Classic Mode to get this trophy.  Not every level has it,
    but most do:  the ones that don't are the Tutorial, the Katamari Sprinkler,
    and Farewell in RoboKing's Cosmos, and The King's Dream in the King's Cosmos.
    5)	Completist-  Complete 100% of the items in the Collection.  This is
    the most time-consuming trophy to get, and will take you most of the game.
    There are 4,143 unique items to pick up in the game, and you can find them
    all in the 'Collection' page of your story book.  Unfortunately, the game
    won't tell you which items you're looking for, only those that you already
    have.  Fortunately, you'll get the vast majority of them if you play through
    all of the levels in all of the Modes.  You may want to go through each one
    and look at my item notes before looking at the collection as well, so you
    may only be down to 20 or so really hard ones.  Then, go to gamefaqs.com,
    and look up vix's two guides.  One will tell you the item you're looking
    for, and the other one should tell you where to find it.
    6)	We Love Cousins-  Roll up all the cousins in the game.  Each level
    has anywhere from 1 to 6 cousins to find.  Fortunately, you can see if you
    got them in each level by looking in the bottom right corner when you're
    selecting the level.  If you have them, they'll be in color, and if you
    don't they'll be blacked out with a question mark.  There are 58 of them,
    including the Prince.
    7)	Present Collector-  Roll up all of the presents in the game.  This is
    very similar to the cousins from #6.  There are 50 presents.
    8)	Eternal Roller- Once you've completed all 34 levels in Forever Mode and
    Drive Mode, you'll be able to go through each individual level and unlock
    Eternal Mode.  See my note at the beginning of the guide for how to do this.
    Then, play each Eternal level and get your trophy.  Every level in the RoboKing
    Cosmos has an Eternal Mode to unlock EXCEPT the Tutorial, the Katamari
    Sprinkler, and Farewell.  The ONLY levels in the King's Cosmos with an Eternal
    Mode are Money, Shopping, Wake up the King, and The King's Dream.
    9)	Enormous Katamari-  Make a katamari over 2,000,000km.  You won't be
    able to do this at first, so don't be alarmed if you're stuck around 1.6
    million.  First, play through all levels in all Modes, then finish your
    multi-player trophy.  You might also want to get all of the shooting stars for
    all of the levels.  You might just have enough by this time to get there.  Go
    into the Wake up the King level in the King's Cosmos, and select Eternal Mode.
    Then, just get up to 10,000km and get into the stars.  Start rolling the
    little ones first, and save the King, the Black Hole, and the Suns for last,
    if you can.  If you're still having problems, try getting better scores on each
    level, or make a bunch of Stardust.  I've seen either one of these work for
    some people to get them over the top.
    10)	We Love Stardust-  Turn 50 katamaris into stardust.  When you finish a
    level that you have already played, the King will give you the option to make
    a new star, or make stardust.  If your score isn't as good as the one before,
    you want to make stardust.  If you are going for 120's, or writing a guide,
    this won't be a problem.  If you're having trouble getting it to pop, just
    pick an eternal level, roll like 3 things, then hit the square button and end
    the level.  You'll have this in no time.
    11)	Creator- Create 200 katamaris-  Well, if you play all levels in all
    modes, you'll already have 116 done.  As for the rest, I think you can still
    turn it into stardust and it will count, so if you get trophy #10, you'll be
    up to 166 already.  Just go in to any level and try to better your score, and
    you'll have no problem getting the other 34.
    12)	Endurer- Obtained 50,000 points in the punishment mini-game.  Ah, yes,
    the punishment mini-game.  This trophy has 2 parts:  getting to the punishment
    game, and winning at the punishment game.  Getting there is easy:  just fail a
    level.  The quickest one to fail is the Hot Stuff level.  Once you're there,
    your score will go up based on how long you can dodge the rocks that the King
    throws at you. I have seen faqs where the best strategy was to go all the way
    to the right, but I won by going all the way to the LEFT.  You get 3 hits
    before you're done, and you'll get smaller with each hit.  When you first
    start, I suggest you go just under the left edge of the text box and stand
    there.  You can probably dodge the first 2 or 3 sets of rocks before you get
    hit.  When you do, go all the way to the left and make that your home base.
    If you watch closely, you'll see that he throws rocks in mostly the same
    patterns, and from your home base there are only about 2 patterns that put you
    in danger.  If you're really lucky, these won't come up.  If you aren't so
    lucky, go to the right a little and try to get under the mess of small
    boulders.  There is a trophy for being punished 50 times as well, so don't
    feel bad if you lose a bunch.  I did.  In fact, this was my last trophy before
    I got Platinum.
    13)	Hi-Scorer-  Get 50,000 points in the ending mini-game.  This actually
    isn't nearly as bad as the punishment game.  Once you beat the first 34 levels
    in Forever Mode, the credits will come up along with a little game where you
    bounce on a cloud and roll up the stars.  It is timed, but the hardest part is
    staying on the cloud.  Press X to flutter and slow down if you're going too
    fast.  I've already written more than you need, though, as you can get
    100,000 points or more pretty easily in this.  If you want to play again, just
    go to the Mini-Games section in the Collection section of your Story Book.
    14)	Huge Katamari- Create a katamari over 10,000km.  This is unmissable if
    you beat the Wake up the King level.
    15)	Big Katamari- Over 500m.  Really, that's big?
    16)	Stardust- Turn a katamari into stardust.  For instructions on this,
    see trophy #10.
    17)	First Katamari- Completed a Request.  Unmissable.
    18)	Collector- Complete 80% of the collection.  See trophy #5.
    19)	Cousin Friendly- Roll up 30 Cousins.  See trophy #6.
    20)	Fashion Conscious- Roll up 30 Presents.  See trophy #7.
    21)	Movie Fan- Watch 5 movies in a row in Movies.  You can access this in
    the part of your story book where you find your collection.  I suggest you do
    this after you've at least beaten every level in Forever Mode, but you can
    wait longer if you want.  You won't be able to see all the movies until you
    see them in the game.  Also, you have to watch the whole movie for it to
    count.  Watch your 5, exit out, and the trophy should pop for you.
    22)	Single Player-  Play through 50 single player Requests in a row.  Just
    do this before you even touch the Multi-Player section, and you should get it
    about halfway through your Drive Mode challenge.
    23)	Multiplayer-  Play through VS Battle or Co-op 30 times.  In the main
    page of your story book, you'll find the Multiplayer and Co-op challenges.
    There are two types:  VS Battle and Co-op.  VS Battle is pretty
    self-explanatory:  there are three levels, and the first two have Forever,
    Drive, and Classic Modes.  The third one has at least Forever and Drive, and I
    don't know if it has Classic or not.  If you don't feel like being social, or
    only have one controller, just reassign the one you have to '2' (Hold your PS
    button down and the menu will come up).  Then, pick your cousin, change it
    back to controller 1 and play with 1 player.  The Co-Op ones will require you
    to have a second controller, as you can't move the katamari without both
    'people' helping.  There are 3 levels, with 2 modes each, and they will get
    you a star in the Wake up the King level.  If you're looking for more size to
    get to 2 million km, make sure you create these six stars.  Again, if you don't
    feel like being social, you can do this by yourself as well.  Just set the
    controller on your belly and push down so that both the sticks are pointed
    forward.  Hold your second controller like you normally would.  Your katamari
    will be a bitch to control, but you should still get to the goal in time.  If
    you do not have a second controller, just play the VS battles 30 times and
    you'll get this trophy.
    24)	Hopper- Perform the Prince Hop 'exactly' 7 times before completing a
    Request.  I put exactly in quotes, because I think they meant 'at least.'  I
    got this one and the next 2 on the first try, and I find it weird that I
    happened to hop exactly 7 times without making a point of it.  Anyway, just
    to make sure, go into any Eternal level you want.  Roll up a few things,
    then hop 7 times and press square.  You'll get 1 point or something, but it
    will only take 15 seconds and you'll have this trophy.
    25)	Fast Roller- Perform the Dash 'exactly' 6 times before completing a
    Request. See trophy #24.
    26)	Quick Turn Expert- Perform the Quick Turn 'exactly' 5 times before
    completing a Request.  See trophy #24.
    27)	Katamari Destroyer- Destroy the katamari 50 times before completing
    a Request.  You 'destroy' a katamari by crashing into something and having a
    piece fall off.  I've found that the best level to do this in is Make a Star
    10, in RoboKing's Cosmos, in Eternal Mode.  Just get up to 22m or so, then
    look around the edge of the level for a hill leading up to a little roadway
    between two tunnels.  If you roll right up into that, you'll crash and lose
    stuff almost every time.  The stuff will bounce off, and you can pick it up
    again!  Count to 50, then exit the level and you'll have this trophy.
    28)	Rolling Expert- Roll up 7,650 objects before completing a Request.
    You'll do this about 1/3 of the way through the Wake up the King level, so
    don't sweat this one.
    29)	Mini-Gamer- Play through all mini-games.  There are 4 mini-games,
    found in the page of the story book with your collection.  You have to unlock
    them before you can play them, but if you beat every level in each mode,
    you'll get a new mini-game to play here.  Your scores don't have to be great,
    you just have to play them.
    30)	Music Lover- Listen to 5 songs in Music.  The Music section is also
    on the same page as the Movies, Collection, and Mini-Games.  You don't have to
    listen to the whole songs:  just select one, wait for it to start playing,
    then select another one.  Do this 5 times and you'll be done with this inside
    of a minute.
    31)	Photographer- View a photo in the Photo Album.  I'm just going to
    quote Mystic's Trophy Guide from ps3trophies.org:   'In the second stage under 
    RoboKing, roll the Royal Present (Which is on top of a table, very hard to miss
    if you explore the very small house in a large size) which is a Camera.  After
    the level is completed, restart it and when you're playing press L1, then X and
    take a picture, now exit the level and go to your 'Katamari Collection' in the
    village square and view the picture, then exit for the trophy.'
    32)	 Rankings Lover- View the Network Rankings 5 times.  The Network
    Rankings has its own section on the main page of your story book.  You'll have
    to sign in to PSN to view them.  Just pick a level and look at the scores,
    then exit all the way out and go back in 4 more times.  Trophy done! 
    33)	Unforgiving- Be punished over 50 times.  The easiest way to get to the
    punishment mini-game is to go to the Hot Stuff level and find some sodas or
    something.  You can lose in less than 6 seconds if you try really hard.  Then,
    stand there like an idiot until you get hit with three rocks.  Select 'Play
    Again,' crash into some sodas, and repeat until you're done.  If you already
    played this enough times to get 50,000 for trophy #12, you probably won't have
    to do this many times to get to your 50.
    +                                                                             +
    +                           SECTION E1) FINAL THOUGHTS                        +
    +                                                                             +
    First, let me congratulate you on your Platinum Trophy in Katamari Forever, and
    if you hung with me through 54 pages and got your 120's congratulations on that
    as well!  Second, I'd like to thank a few people.  My wife, for watching me
    roll for hundreds of hours, even though she wanted to play Assassin's Creed.
    Second, Eric Waechter, who wrote some pretty funny guides over the years, and
    inspired me to give it a shot myself.  I really enjoyed writing this, and I
    hope you enjoyed reading it.  Third, I used quite a few YouTube videos, guides,
    and walkthroughs myself to get through this game, the most useful of which
    were slo_bro, vix, and FoominFan.  The whole Katamari community is awesome to
    me, and even though I'm only a part-time roller, I'm glad to be a part of it.
    Thank you so much for showing me some good lines and good strategy!  Also, I'd
    like to thank YOU, whoever you are, for reading this guide.
    Copyright- There isn't any.  I think I'm allowed to do this, right?  I don't
    care if you reprint it, use it, pretend like you wrote it, whatever is fine
    with me.  I wrote all of this for my own enjoyment, and to possibly help
    anyone that wants some help with the game, so do whatever you want with it.
    Version History- This is version 1.0.  There won't be any updates.
    Contact- Again, no contact.  I'm an old guy, I don't even have facebook, and
    I check my email about once a week for my schedule at work.  If you liked the
    guide, that's great.  If you think it sucks, then find a different one.  If
    you think it could be better, write a better one.  In fact, take what I wrote,
    pretty it up a bit, and pretend it's yours.  I'm already on to the next game.
    If you're an old guy like me, I hope you liked the game, and the guide, and
    I'll see you next time!  Thanks again, and Good Night!

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