2nd Mystic artes?

  1. I know how to use Yuri's, but is it the same for everyone else?

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    RadiantRoarz - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. the others require certain techniques to be used and also to finish the game. Well I will list it anyway to help ya out.

    Estelle's Ultimate Elements: You will be able to activate it once you have all the spirits as in Efreet, Undine and so on. Also you have to do each of Estelle's burst artes 20x each. Then activate OVL 4 and hold O+X and you shall activate although for me I usually press O+X+[_](closest thing to square).

    Raven's Crisis Rain: you need to have both style changes equipped and then use kaze no takeri(Wind's Howl), Shion no hebi(violent snake), tsumi to batsu:tsumi(crime), chiruyouni(falling) 100x each and then OVL 4 and do the same thing with the buttons.

    Repede's Lightning Moment: You need to have used (Mueirouga)ghost wolf, (Gen'ei Saiga )phantom fang, and (Gen'ei Hyouga)phantom glacier 100x each. Another requirement is to have repede with 800 or more on his agility and then you will be able to perform it.

    Karol's Gousen-bakusatu Ultra X bomber: There are sub events you are suppose to do prior so that you can upgrade the lil robot. Once you have done that use Shinrabanshou Bag(gaia bag) 200x and then same as before.

    Rita's Indignation: Requires well two things. Thunder blade to be used 200x and then unlock 200 man melee and once on OVL4 hold the button that you have thunder blade on a certain someone who goes "Nani, sore wo...sonna, sonna bakana" which I know most tales know this line lol

    Flynn's Enha Houyokushou: you need to use gurenken(200x) and gou gurenken(100x). If you do not have gou gurenken on your list this is how you get it. Have hell fire and crucible activated and use gurenken 100x to get gou gurenken. Once in OVL 4 use either gurenken or gou gurenken but it is a lot easier to do gou gurenken and then hold the buttons to activate the 2nd hi ougi.

    Yuri/Flynn Bushin Soutenha: You can only do this once you have completed the game along with yuri's tenshou kouyouken but anyway...You have to have yuri use azure edge/souhajin(200x) and guardian field/shugohoujin(200x) for Flynn it is the same with guardian field but instead of azure edge use majinken/demon fang 200x. Also when you defeat the boss you have to go back to see Ted back at the hometown to get their titles and that is how you will be able to do it. Oh almost forgot both of them have to be in OVL 4 so if you need to do so have either limit octet, let patty use critical and hopefully you get OVL 4 for everyone and theres many other ways but ya get the idea.

    Judith's Haou Rogetsusou: you have to use gekkou/moon beam and gessenkou/moon glare 100x each then OVL 4 and you know the buttons to press afterwards

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