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    Sidequest/Secret Mission Guide by Arthaiin

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 10/30/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ______          ___                                 ___  
    /\__  _\        /\_ \                              /'___\ 
    \/_/\ \/    __  \//\ \      __    ____        ___ /\ \__/ 
       \ \ \  /'__`\  \ \ \   /'__`\ /',__\      / __`\ \ ,__\
        \ \ \/\ \_\.\_ \_\ \_/\  __//\__, `\    /\ \_\ \ \ \_/
         \ \_\ \__/.\_\/\____\ \____\/\____/    \ \____/\ \_\ 
          \/_/\/__/\/_/\/____/\/____/\/___/      \/___/  \/_/ 
     __  __                                                        
    /\ \/\ \                                        __             
    \ \ \ \ \     __    ____  _____      __   _ __ /\_\     __     
     \ \ \ \ \  /'__`\ /',__\/\ '__`\  /'__`\/\`'__\/\ \  /'__`\   
      \ \ \_/ \/\  __//\__, `\ \ \_\ \/\  __/\ \ \/ \ \ \/\ \_\.\_ 
       \ `\___/\ \____\/\____/\ \ ,__/\ \____\\ \_\  \ \_\ \__/.\_\
        `\/__/  \/____/\/___/  \ \ \/  \/____/ \/_/   \/_/\/__/\/_/
                                \ \_\                              
                     Sub-Quest and Secret Mission Guide
                               Version 3.0
                           Author: Geoff Rostant
                             October 27, 2008 
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction                       <IN00>
    II. Version History                   <VH00>
    III. Legal Stuff                      <LS00>
    IV. The Side Quests                   <SQ00>
      - Wonder Reporter                   <SQ01>
      - Gigantos Monsters                 <SQ02>
      - Duke                              <SQ03>
      - The Monster Book                  <SQ04>
      - The Wonder Chef                   <SQ05>
      - The Collector's Book              <SQ06>
      - The Brionac                       <SQ07>
      - Elucifer's Grave                  <SQ08>
      - The Halure Tree                   <SQ09>
      - The Dice Master                   <SQ10>
      - The Dark Enforcer                 <SQ11>
      - Drake                             <SQ12>
      - An Old Friend                     <SQ13> 
      - A Scene in Heliord                <SQ14>
      - The Bunny Guild                   <SQ15>
      - Scenes in Kevi Moc                <SQ16>
      - The Warehouses                    <SQ17>
      - The Top Dog                       <SQ18>
      - Professor Sicily                  <SQ19>
      - Scenes in Mantaic                 <SQ20>
      - The Cow Boy                       <SQ21>
      - Guild Quests                      <SQ22>
      - Lower City Friends                <SQ23>
      - A Couple of Titles                <SQ24>
      - Ruin's Gate                       <SQ25>
      - Karol's Mystic Arte               <SQ26>
      - The Union                         <SQ27>
      - The Waitress Mini-Game            <SQ28>
      - A Scene in Nordopolica            <SQ29>
      - Thinking of Nan                   <SQ30>
      - The Monster-Melee's               <SQ31>
      - Leviathan's Claw Invitation       <SQ32>
      - The Hermes Memo                   <SQ33> 
      - Scene in Myorzo (1)               <SQ34> 
      - The Magic Lantern                 <SQ35>
      - Repede's Mystic Arte              <SQ36>
      - Obtaining the EX Dungeon          <SQ37>
      - The Fel Arms                      <SQ38>
      - The Hot Springs                   <SQ39>
      - Sexy Clothing                     <SQ40> 
      - The False Dein Nomos              <SQ41>
      - The Limited Edition Toys          <SQ42>
      - Judith's Arte                     <SQ43>
      - Scene in Myrozo (2)               <SQ44>
      - The Dragon Races                  <SQ45>
      - Meteor Swarm                      <SQ46>
      - A Scene with Raven                <SQ47>
      - The Sundering Moon                <SQ48>
      - Nam Cobanda                       <SQ49>
      - The Seeker                        <SQ50>
      - The Rending Drop                  <SQ51>
      - The Shouting Contest              <SQ52>
      - Illusion or Reality?              <SQ53>
      - The Final Gale                    <SQ54>
      - The Shining Star                  <SQ55>
      - Estelle the Nurse                 <SQ56>
      - Scene in Aurnion                  <SQ57>
      - The Tough Hound                   <SQ58>
      - Improving Aurnion                 <SQ59>
      - The Invitational Letters          <SQ60>
      - Scene in Tarqaron                 <SQ61>
      - The Hope of the Town              <SQ62>
      - The True Knight                   <SQ63>
      - The Curious Princess              <SQ64>
    V. The Monster Book Side Quest Guide  <MBSQ>
    VI. Secret Missions                   <SM00>
    VII. Credits                          <CR00>
    I. Introduction <IN00>
    This guide was created to list all of the sub quests and their 
    subsequent starting times and, if possible, when they need to be 
    completed by.  It contains every sub quests in Tales of Vesperia with 
    notes on the time frames in which they need to be done. There are 
    spoilers in here, although I'll try to keep them to a minimum.  The 
    section with the secret missions will hold a lot of spoilers so read at 
    your own discretion.
    II. Version History <VH00>
    1.0 First submission, contains every sub-quest and all secret missions 
    and strategies on how to do them.  It is essentially complete.
    2.0 Second submission.  Revisions were done to the content to further 
    explain some side quests and to change how it was organized.  Expect 
    potentially another update with a more complete Table of Contents for 
    better navigation.
    3.0 Final version, only thing after this point is possibly minor tweaks 
    to grammar and slight additions where I have made mistakes/omissions 
    unintentionally and possibly slight clarifications where needed.
    III. Legal Stuff <LS00>
    This FAQ is copyrighted (C) 2008 by Geoff Rostant. All rights are
    reserved. This FAQ is not to be distributed unless you are explicitly 
    listed on the distribution list below. Authors that I have quoted 
    retain their own copyright to their words. I use their comments under 
    fair use. Please treat their contributions as having a copyright of 
    their own, and if you quote them, please say so.
    Distribution List:
    1) Myself
    2) Gamefaqs.com
    That's it! All other distribution points are unauthorized.
    IV. The Side Quests <SQ00>
    *Note: I'm listing the side-quests in order of encounter.  As in each 
    quest will appear in the list in the order they appear in the game.  
    Also in each side-quest they are appearing in chronological order 
    unless noted otherwise.  They will include all parts to the side-quest 
    so it is possible that reading the whole thing will spoil parts of the 
    game for you.  I'll try to not spoil as best as possible but sometimes 
    there's no helping it since the start time needs to be specific to 
    avoid getting confused with earlier times in the game and they can give 
    away some information.
    *Note:  If you wish to complete the Monster Guide side quest and get 
    the title for Karol you need to always have a few spare magic lens on 
    you since bosses and some of the creatures in the event fights are 1-
    time encounters.  The first of these is the Tweedle A and Tweedle B 
    which is essentially the first fight you have.  The complete list of 
    the encounters are mentioned below at <MBSQ>.
    << The Wonder Reporter Side Quest >> <SQ01>
    To be honest, I never figured out just what the heck the Wonder 
    Reporter was, but it's still kind of funny, in a creepy way.
    **The Imperial Capital: Zaphias** (Part 1)
    - Upon heading up to the Royal Quarter you'll encounter a talking wall, 
    this is the first of three encounters with the Wonder Reporter.
    **The Rising City Heliord** (Part 2)
    - After Estelle rejoins the party you can check the far corner of the 
    balcony to the right of the Inn for another talking wall.
    **The Desert Oasis, Mantaic** (Part 3)
    - There are 2 intersections in Mantaic, the northern one has a stand of 
    trees.  If you talk to one of the trees you'll encounter the Wonder 
    Reporter.  Yes, he's now a tree. (Wonder Reporter Part 3/3)
    << The Gigantos Side Quest >> <SQ02>
    Gigantos are giant monsters that appear in various parts of the world.  
    DO NOT fight any of them until you've done the second part of this side 
    quest.  This is a list of them and their location.
    Hermit Crab - The Weasand of Catos
    The Medusa Butterfly - The Sands of Korgoh
    Brucis - The Egothor Forest
    Griffin - Plains to the east of Yumaju
    Brutal - Just outside Deidon Hold to the north
    Posedion - Zaude
    Fenrir - The Erealumen CrystallandsPterobronc - Mt. Temza
    Chimera Butterfly - Quoi Woods
    ** The World Map just after leaving Zaphias for the Time ** (Part 1)
    - To the south of Zaphias you can find the travelers inn King of 
    Adventure.  You can also find this up past Deidon Hold if you miss the 
    one outside Zaphias.  This needs to be done before fighting the first 
    Gigantos or beating the final boss. 
    ** After Getting the Ship from Kaufman ** (Part 2)
    - Northeast of Halure you can find the Traveler's Inn again.  Head 
    there and talk to Rich for a scene.  This has to be done before killing 
    any Gigantos monsters or Karol won't get his title. 
    ** Any time after killing all 9 Giganto monsters ** (Part 3)
    - Once you have killed all 9 Giganto monsters head back to the 
    travelers Inn by Halure and speak to Rich for Karol's Valiant Swordsman 
    title. Afterwards head to Capua Torim to speak with Rich's father and 
    report back to Rich.
    ** After Aurnion has been constructed ** (Part 4)
    - If you sleep at Traveler's Inn twice you'll get Repede's Shining 
    Fang, Dog Crest and Repede's Ultimate Dog Warrior title
    << Duke's Side Quest >> <SQ03>
    Duke is a mysterious character that you know very little about until 
    near the end of the game.  This side quest is more really 7 encounters 
    through the first 2 parts of the game that help the character learn a 
    little bit more about Duke, or at least get more interested in him.
    ** Deidon Hold ** (Part 1)
    - If you enter the Northeast building, the Chevaliers Station, and head 
    up to the battlements you'll find Duke. This needs to be done before 
    you enter the Magistrate's Palace in Capua Nor. 
    ** The Rising City, Heliord ** (Part 2)
    - After Estelle rejoins the party you can have another scene with the 
    oh-so loveable Duke by heading to the pool of water just to the left of 
    the entrance of Caer Bocrom.
    ** Right after leaving Dahngrest after beating Barbos ** (Part 3)
    - Once you leave Dahngrest after Estelle joins the party head back 
    inside to meet Duke.
    ** The Coliseum City, Nordopolica ** (Part 4)
    - After the failed attempt to see the Duce Raven will leave the party.  
    After you sleep for the night and Raven rejoins the party you can find 
    Duke in the reception area of the arena.  He'll still be there when you 
    return to see the Duce so there's no rush but you'll want to do it now 
    since another Duke scene is coming up before you return.
    ** The Weasand of Cados ** (Part 5)
    - Once you exit the Weasand of Cados into the desert turn around and 
    head back in and head to where the Aer Krene acted up to see a scene 
    with Duke. 
    ** Deidon Hold ** (Part 6)
    - Just before you go to Zaphias after the first botched rescue attempt 
    head to Deidon Hold and go back to where you first met Duke to find him 
    once again looking out over the plains. 
    ** After you Rescue Estelle ** (Part 7)
    - Head to the bridge leading to the Magistrate's Palace in Capua Nor to 
    find Duke one last time. 
    << The Monster Book Side Quest >> <SQ04>
    There's a lot of 1-time events and monsters so I have a separate 
    section for them.  Head down to <MBSQ> to get a complete list of 
    creatures you should use a magic lens on the moment you meet them since 
    you may very well never see them again.
    ** Quoi Woods ** (Part 1)
    - When you first meet Karol you'll get the Monster Book.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 2)
    - If you've completed 50% of the Monster Guide head back to Capua Nor 
    and try to head north.  You'll encounter Nan and have a scene.
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 3)
    - If you've completed 100% of the Monster Book you can meet Nan in 
    Capua Nor.  It's a touching scene in my opinion and Karol will get his 
    Manly Man title. 
    << The Wonder Chef Side Quest >> <SQ05>
    The Wonder Chef is a unique sort of individual who can seem to be 
    everywhere with no regards to the danger.  He's very useful since not 
    only does he give you helpful cooking recipes but once you have and 
    mastered them all everyone gets a title at the end of the side quest.  
    Also, aside from Part 1 and Part 12/13, they can be acquired in any 
    order at any time.  Part 1 needs to be done the final dungeon appears 
    and Part 12/13 can only appear after Parts 1-11 have been completed, 
    plus the creation of all off-shoot recipes.
    ** The City of Scholars, Aspio ** (Part 1)
    - After entering Aspio for the first time check for far left for a 
    rather out of place object swaying in the ground.  Talk to him to get 
    your first recipe.
    ** The Port Town, Capua Nor ** (Part 2)
    - There is a yellow duck sitting out in the open across from the Trine 
    Liner Service.  Check it out for a recipe. 
    ** The Rising City, Heliord ** (Part 3)
    - There is something swinging in the window in the interrogation room.  
    Check it out for a new recipe. 
    ** The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest ** (Part 4)
    - In the Union Headquarters you can find the Wonder Chef in disguise 
    once again, talk to him for another recipe. 
    ** The Tower of Gears, Ghasfarost ** (Part 5)
    - You'll find the Wonder Chef disguised as a pinwheel in this place, 
    talk to him to learn a recipe.
    ** After Obtaining the Ship ** (Part 6)
    - Go to Capua Nor and talk to the women standing in front of the inn to 
    get a recipe. The dialogue differs if you talked to Yuri's friend back 
    in Heliord. You need this recipe to complete the wonder chef side 
    ** The Coliseum City, Nordopolica ** (Part 7)
    - You can find the Wonder Chef in disguise once again here in the 
    coliseum, talk to him for a recipe.
    ** The Desert Oasis, Mantaic ** (Part 8)
    - Near the northern intersection the Wonder Chef is once again in 
    disguise.  Talk to him to learn a new recipe.
    ** The Heartland Town, Yormgen ** (Part 9)
    - Once again the Wonder Chef is here in disguise.  He's in the Inn, 
    just talk to him to receive a recipe.
    ** The Home of the Krityan, Myorzo ** (Part 10)
    - You can find the Wonder Chef disguised here as well just east of the 
    entrance.  Talk to him for a recipe.
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 11-13)
    - You can find the Wonder Chef in the bottom right corner of town.  
    He's disguised as usual.  He'll give you a recipe and disappear.
    - Once you have all the recipes and off-shoot recipes head to 
    Nordopolica.  You can find the Wonder Chef there at the docks, for once 
    NOT in disguise.  He'll give you a new recipe the Mabo Curry recipe and 
    an invitation to a cooking competition in Dahngrest.  
    - With all the recipes mastered head to Dahngrest from the west side 
    and talk to the person in a tuxedo in front of the large building 
    there.  You'll get swept up in the Cooking Battle.  The person you want 
    to enter is whoever has mastered ALL the recipes.  It's the only way to 
    guarantee a win.  Once you win everyone will get their cooking title.
    << The Collector's Book Side Quest >> <SQ06>
    This side quest is long, tedious but as long as Part 2 is done before 
    Taraqon rises it can be completed at any time.  It also nets Estelle 
    with a title.
    ** The City of Scholars, Aspio ** (Part 1)
    - Once Rita joins your party you can re-enter her house and pick up the 
    Collector's Book on the second floor. Any item you obtain will be 
    written down in here.  Nothing can be missed so it's merely time 
    consuming to fill.
    ** After the 4 Spirits* (Part 2)
    - You'll want to head to Aspio after you have obtained the 4 spirits 
    but before going to Capua Nor to try and get the scene in the library 
    with the person whose interested in the Collector's Book.  This is the 
    last chance you'll be able to do this quest.  You could have done it 
    earlier but it may have been harder to obtain 50% of the items.  
    Anyways, with 50% of the items obtained the scene will occur.  If it 
    doesn't go get that many because after this point you can't do this 
    side quest because Aspio disappears and goes boom
    ** Anytime after Part 2 ** (Part 3)
    - When you have completed 100% of the Collector Book head towards the 
    fountain in Halure.
    << The Brionac Side Quest >> <SQ07>
    The Brionac is Judith's best non-Fel Arm weapon.  It has a nice skill 
    on it and it's VERY easy to miss.  The first 2 parts need to be done as 
    soon as possible; the other ones there's a little bit more lenience 
    with.  The Final couple parts will only occur if you did the first two 
    parts whereas all the other scenes can occur regardless.
    ** The City of Scholars, Aspio ** (Part 1)
    - After you've cleared Shaikos Ruins check the pile of Blastia in the 
    NW side of the first floor in Rita's house.  There should be a little 
    red object mixed in with the pile of blastia.  Rita will talk about the 
    Blastia.  This needs to be done before going to the Magistrate's Palace 
    in Capua Nor.
    ** After Ehmead Hill ** (Part 2) 
    - After leaving Ehmead Hill return and approach the broken barrier 
    Blastia.  Rita will make a comment about it. This needs to be done 
    before going to the Magistrate's Palace in Capua Nor.
    ** After Part 1 is Complete ** (Part 3)
    - Once you leave Dahngrest at the beginning of Part 2 head to the Tower 
    of Gears, Ghasfarost and head into the room where Yuri and Judith were 
    imprisoned for a scene.
    ** The Port Town, Capua Torim ** (Part 4)
    - There's a female by the tree tending a small garden just beside the 
    Fortune's Market HQ in Capua Torim, speak to her for a scene. 
    ** The Coliseum City, Nordopolica ** (Part 5)
    - Speak with the fish seller near the entrance to the city for a scene.
    ** After getting Ba'ul ** (Part 6)
    - Talk to the women by the flower garden outside the Fortune's Market 
    building in Capua Torim for a scene.  Same women as in Part 4.
    - Head to Capua Torim and speak to Kaufman at the Fortune's Market 
    building for a scene.  
    - Head to Dahngrest and enter the shop just after the bridge and talk 
    to the shop keeper for another scene.
    ** After the Rise of Tarqaron ** (Part 7)
    - Head to Zaphias for a scene and then try to go to the Lower Quarter 
    for another scene. Afterwards head to the Castle and laugh as the scene 
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion ** (Part 8-10)
    First 2 events need to be done before Aurnion is completely built.
    - After sleeping at the Inn in Aurnion there should be a scene with 
    Judith speaking with Kaufman and talking about giving up on finding the 
    Brionac.  If you missed the first 2 events in this chain, this is where 
    she gives up and that's that.  If sleeping at the inn doesn't trigger 
    it keep trying or leave/re-enter and try again.
    - After the above event set Rita as the on screen character.  Leave and 
    re-enter Aurnion and talk to the guard in front of the Blastia in town 
    twice.  Afterwards check the Blastia.
    - Head to Caer Bocram. Go north and enter the near right house for 
    Judith's Brionac.  You may need to sleep if you're doing this right 
    after the previous event.
    << Elucifer's Grave Side Quest >> <SQ08>
    This is nothing more than simple side quests that helps flesh out the 
    world a bit more.  It's nice to see once but missing it won't deprive 
    you of anything you really need.
    ** Ehmead Hill ** (Part 1-2)
    - Near the exit from Ehmead Hill there will be a scene where the party 
    looks out over the ocean.  At that cliff there is a rounded stone.  If 
    you inspect it you'll get a small scene with the party talking about 
    it. This has to be done before entering the Magistrate's Palace in 
    Capua Nor.
    - After leaving Ehmead Hill you can return to Halure and talk to the 
    couple near the entrance and there will be a scene.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 3)
    - You can head to the cliff in Ehmead Hill for a scene.  May need to 
    check the stone again.
    << The Halure Tree Side Quest >> <SQ09>
    This side quests gets you several things for Estelle and is worth doing 
    because of that.
    ** Ehmead Hill ** (Part 1)
    - After you leave Ehmead Hill go back in and return to Halure.  The 
    elder of Halure will be up near the tree.  Talk to him for a scene. 
    ** After Getting the Ship ** (Part 2)
    - If you head to Halure and talk to the kids under the tree there will 
    be a scene and Estelle will get an attachment.
    ** After the Birth of Undine ** (Part 3-4)
    - If you speak to the kids under the tree in Halure you'll get 
    Estelle's Fairy Tale Weaver title.
    - After the above event exit and re-enter Halure.  Head for the tree 
    again and Estelle will learn Force Field.
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 5)
    - If you enter Halure at this point in the game you'll get one final 
    scene that finishes up the Halure tree quest line.  Nothing special 
    just sort of a closure.
    << The Dice Master Side Quest >> <SQ10>
    Not really a side quest, just a short little mini-game to get a title 
    for Rita.
    ** The Port Town, Capua Nor **
    - At the far end of Capua Nor there is a guy standing at the window.  
    This is the Dice Master.  If you win a game Rita gets a new title.
    << The Dark Enforcer Side Quest >> <SQ11>
    This side quest is about someone whose similar to Yuri in his actions, 
    although he's not quite as picky as Yuri.  In addition completing this 
    gets Yuri several new artes and probably his best costume title.
    ** The Port Town, Capua Torim ** (Part 1)
    - Once you finish the mandatory events in Capua Torim if you try and 
    sleep in the inn you'll get a scene.
    ** After Getting the Ship ** (Part 2)
    - If you head to the Noble's Quarter in Zaphias a scene will trigger 
    with Sher. Afterwards chase after him and talk to him again. Head back 
    to the previous screen and talk to the lady sitting on the bench.  This 
    will get Yuri his Tiger Blade arte and the Kingdom Celebrity title.
    ** The Coliseum City, Nordopolica ** (Part 3)
    - After Raven rejoins the party and you go to head out of town there 
    will be a couple of people talking to each other.  They've got glowing 
    lines bouncing around their heads.  Talk to them and then rest at the 
    inn for a scene.  Yuri will learn the Shining Eagle arte.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 4)
    - In Mantaic head north and speak with Clay, afterwards head to the Inn 
    and go to sleep.  You'll wake up at night so head west for a scene.
    ** After Rejoining Everyone at the Start of Part 3 ** (Part 5)
    - If you head to Noble Quarter's in Zaphias you'll get a scene. 
    ** After the Birth of Undine ** (Part 6)
    - Head for the Noble's Quarter in Zaphias for Yuri's Dark Enforcer 
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 7)
    - You can check up on how Lune is doing after the Dark Enforcer side 
    quest by heading back to Zaphias.
    << The Drake Side Quest >> <SQ12>
    This is a side quest that deals with Estelle's Teacher, Drake.  Various 
    titles are given out over the course of it and Estelle's best non-fel 
    arm weapon is reward at the very end of it.
    ** The Rising City, Heliord ** (Part 1)
    - When Estelle rejoins the party go back to the Blastia in the center 
    of town and get near the old soldier standing near it to talk to Drake.
    ** The Coliseum City, Nordopolica ** (Part 2)
    - On the way north to the coliseum you'll find Drake.  Talk to him for 
    a scene.
    ** After the Death of the Don ** (Part 3)
    - When you leave the western pub in Dahngrest you'll more than likely 
    meet Drake for the third time.  He and Estelle will talk and Estelle 
    will receive an item from Drake.
    ** After the whole group is back together in Part 3 ** (Part 4)
    - After the scene with Gauche and Droite in Capua Norim head back in 
    and find the lady they were speaking with.  If you donate 500,000 Gald 
    to her and try to leave the city to the west Drake will come by and 
    speak with Estelle.  Estelle will get her title Noble Princess.
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion ** (Part 5-7)
    - In Aurnion if you speak to Drake in the NW corner Yuri will get his 
    Certified Soldier title.
    - In Aurnion, find Drake at NE for Estelle's Worldly Adventurer title.  
    Must exit and re-enter Aurnion after the above event. 
    - Once Aurnion is fully developed you can talk to Ioder at the western 
    side of the city to get Estelle's best non Fel Arm weapon, the Blue 
    Crystal Rod.
    << An Old Friend Side Quest >> <SQ13>
    This is just a quick scene between Yuri and an old friend.  It has a 
    minor impact on one of the Wonder Chef quests but that's it.
    - When Estelle rejoins the party head back and enter the Chevaliers HQ 
    to find one of Yuri's old friends. You can wait until you have Raven 
    for a slightly different dialogue.
    << A Scene in Heliord >> <SQ14>
    This is just a quick scene that shows the living condition of the poor 
    folk in Heliord.
    - After Estelle rejoins the party you can rest at the inn for a scene.
    << The Bunny Guild Side Quest >> <SQ15>
    This is a funny quest where an old man wants you to promote his guild.  
    Just collect titles, like we desire and he'll give attachments.  It's 
    also linked to an achievement.
    - In the first room of the union headquarters there's an old man 
    sitting alone in the far back left corner.  He's part of the Bunny 
    Guild and will reward you with attachments depending on how many titles 
    you have. You don't need all the titles to get all his rewards, only 
    about 80% of them.
    << The Scenes of Keiv Moc >> <SQ16>
    There are a couple of quick events in Keiv Moc, one of which is a 
    prelude to another minor side quest later.  Aside from Karol getting a 
    new arte there's nothing special besides character development.
    - If you head left at the first intersection, or come back around from 
    the right if you go around the circle, you'll encounter 2 scenes almost 
    on top of each other.  One gives Karol a new ability, Bug Breath, and 
    the other one is simply a scene about Raven.
    ------ This is the Beginning of Part 2 ------
    ------ Beyond This Point You Have the Ship ------
    << The Warehouse Side Quest >> <SQ 17>
    The Warehouse is a side quest that nets you some useful items and one 
    of Karol's costume titles.
    ** After Getting the Ship ** (Part 1-2)
    - There's a warehouse in Capua Torim that you can arrange for 2 Miracle 
    Gels, 3 Limit Bottles, a Spicy Potion and 2000 Gald.
    - There's a warehouse in Capua Torim that you can arrange for a Power 
    Light, a Golden Horn, 3 Lottery Gels and 2000 Gald.
    ** The Home of the Krityan, Myorzo ** (Part 3)
    - You can tidy up the Warehouse here for an Hourglass, an All Divide, 
    Flare Stone, Freeze Stone, Aer Stone, Geo Stone and 2000 Gald.
    ** After you Rescue Estelle ** (Part 4)
    - You can arrange the warehouse in Nordopolica; it's near Belius' room, 
    for 3 Specifics, Paralyze Charm, 3 Treats and 2000 Gald.
    ** After Aurnion is Developed ** (Part 5)
    - Once Aurnion has been developed you can tidy up the warehouse for 3 
    Special Gels, a Strange Piece, a Spring Of Knowledge, 2000 Gald and 
    Karol's Warehouse Master title although you'll need to have cleaned all 
    the other warehouses to get the title.
    << The Top Dog Side Quest >> <SQ18>
    An odd quest about 2 dogs competing against one another.  It's 
    essentially meant to obtain a few key items and some of Repede's 
    ** After Getting the Ship ** (Part 1) 
    - In Capua Torim, go toward the harbor to get the Dog Map and 
    Repede's Fated One title. If you go to Zaphias and talk to the dog near 
    the stairs leading to the Noble Quarter's you can get the Friendship 
    Fur Ball. Also upon 50% completion of the Dog Map, a scene will trigger 
    automatically.  It's best to do this side quest once you have Ba'ul, or 
    possibly even later after you complete the Ba'ul racing games since it 
    makes it much easier especially since you can't complete it until Part 
    ** After Getting Ba'ul **
    - If you wish to do the Dog Map now is the first time it's actually 
    feasible to attempt it.  You can't complete it until much later so you 
    may wish to wait simply due to the nature of the quest.  That nature 
    being that Little Wolf will take back territory you gained while you're 
    off doing the main story.
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion ** (Part 2)
    - Now you can finally complete the Dog Map so this is the time to do 
    it.  At 50% you'll get a scene regardless of where you are in the world 
    map, at 85% completion head to Aurnion and head to the western section 
    for a confrontation with Little Wolf.  You'll also get an attachment 
    for Repede.  At 95% you've essentially won.  Head to Zaphias and go 
    down to the tavern in the Lower Quarter. There will be a dog near there 
    and you'll get a scene with Repede where he'll get his title Great 
    Boss.  After this you can forget about it, even though Little Wolf will 
    still gradually take land.  It'll be at a much slower rate and you 
    already have everything the side quest has to offer.
    << The Professor Sicily Side Quest >> <SQ19>
    Professor Sicily is an odd person but he has some really good rewards 
    for his side quest including titles, artes and items.
    ** After Getting the Ship ** (Part 1-2)
    - If you head to Halure you can talk to Sicily, the man standing in 
    front of the inn, for a scene and Raven will learn Arrive Derci.
    - Head to the bridge in Capua Nor to find Sicily.  There Raven will 
    learn the Vacanza skill and obtain his Twilight Dreamer title.
    ** After Rescuing Estelle ** (Part 3)
    - If you head to the dock in Capua Torim you can meet up with Sicily 
    and he'll modify you ship to allow it to travel through shallows and to 
    check out search points in the ocean.
    ** After Rejoining Everyone at the Beginning of Part 3 ** (Part 4)
    - If you go to the dock by the river in the lower section of Heliord 
    you can find Sicily.  There will be a scene with him and if you return 
    a little later he'll have a robot by him.  Chase the robot to have 
    Karol take him with him.  The robot upgrades several of Karol's artes. 
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 5-6)
    - In Heliord or Halure you can find Sicily.  If Repede is over level 50 
    he'll get a weapon, the Murakumo, from Sicily.
    - There are 7 joke weapons you can get from Professor Sicily when you 
    speak to him in Halure.  They're rather easy to obtain and here's a 
    list of conditions you need to meet and whose weapon they're attached 
    Yuri - Perform a combo with over 200 hits.
    Judith - Fight in a 1000 battles or more.
    Rita - Deal over 10,000,000 damage all together in all battles.
    Estelle - Looked at the grade chart after a battle harder than easy.
    Repede - Win a battle in 3 seconds or less.
    Karol - Escape 50 times or more.
    Raven - Possess, on hand, over 1,000,000 Gald.
    << The Scenes of Mantaic >> <SQ20>
    When you first arrive in Mantaic there are a few stand alone scenes.
    - When you rest at the Inn Judith will learn the Moonlight Talon arte.
    - When you rest at the Inn you'll get a scene and receive Mother's 
    memento.  Make sure to get it since it's required for a secret mission 
    later on.
    - When you return from Yormgen and are again in control talk to the 
    kids of the parents you saved up by the northern house to receive an 
    << The Cow Boy Side Quests >> <SQ21>
    This is a weird chain of side quests where you swap your item for his.  
    The first four swaps are pretty lack luster but the last one makes up 
    for it all including obtaining a 1-of-a-kind accessory.
    ** The Desert Oasis, Mantaic ** (Part 1)
    - When you return from Yormgen the archway just east of the Inn is no 
    longer blocked.  Behind it is a Cow Boy Man thing that wants an Apple 
    Gel.  Hand it over to get Milk in return.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 2)
    - In Mantaic the Cow Boy Thing wants a trident.  In return he'll give 
    you Rice, Potato, Onion and Carrot.
    ** After you Rescue Estelle from Zaphias ** (Part 3)
    - Speak to the Cow Boy Man Thing in Mantaic and hand over a Poison 
    Charm, a Paralyze Charm and a Stone Charm for 3 Flare Mantles.
    ** After Rejoining Everyone in Part 3 ** (Part 4)
    - You can speak to the Cow Boy Man Thing in Mantaic again.  This time 
    you'll need to hand over an Hourglass and an All-Divide.  You'll get a 
    bunch of different gels in return.
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 5)
    - Head to Mantaic for the final Cow Boy Man Thing quest.  If you give 
    him a Silver Edge + 1 Alpha you'll get Spectacles, Krona Symbol, Blue 
    Dice, Reverse Doll, Holy Avenger, Super Electric Yoyo, Dragon Helm, 
    Paladin Mantle, Black Onyx, Special Gel, Red Sage, Hourglass, 
    Alexandrite and Reverse Doll.  A good deal if I ever saw one.
    << The Brave Vesperia Guild Quests >> <SQ22>
    These quests are long, tedious and while you earn Gald for completing 
    them it's not very much.  However it really develops and fleshes out 
    the guild Brave Vesperia so it's a must for first time players.  The 
    only good thing about it is that the very last part gives Rita one of 
    her best non fel arm weapons.  Just a word of warning a head of time.  
    Cook, a lot, since the last quest requires a cooking recipe that's an 
    off-shoot recipe of an off-shoot recipe.  While they're not hard to 
    get, you can only cook after a battle or sleeping so it can take 
    ** The Desert Oasis, Mantaic ** (Part 1)
    - There is a man near the second intersection that is dressed in a 
    suit.  Talk to him to get the first guild quest.  That man sends you to 
    talk to someone standing near the entrance to Mantaic.  Talk to that 
    person who sends you on a delivery quest.  You need to head to the Inn 
    in Capua Torim.  Your entire party needs to be there for it to activate 
    so more than likely you won't finish this until after you get Ba'ul, 
    especially since it makes it so much easier.  When you have the scene 
    in Capua Torim return to the man in Mantaic to get 3000 Gald in.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 2)
    - You can talk to the bartender in the pub in Dahngrest to get your 
    second guild quest at this time.  It will have you speak to a woman 
    named Rhianna at the Inn in Dahngrest. Leave the inn and head to the 
    bridge, there will be a scene.  Afterwards head to the lower part of 
    Heliord and talk to the girl a little ways north of the dock.  If you 
    trade a Tiny Bird Feather you'll get the necklace.  Take the Necklace 
    back to Rhianna to complete the guild quest.  No money this time :(.
    ** After Everyone Rejoins you in Part 3 ** (Part 3-5)
    - Speak to the person at the east entrance to Dahngrest.  He'll send 
    you to his friend at the docks in Capua Torim.  That guy, the same guy 
    you brought the book to in the first guild quest, sends you BACK to 
    Dahngrest to speak to Rhianna about Everlight.  After that you're off 
    to Mt. Temza to pick it up.  It's up near where you fought Nan and 
    Tison.  Grab it and warp back to the entrance using the green portal 
    thing up there. Laugh a little, then head to Capua Torim to turn it in 
    for 5000 Gald and a scene.
    - Talk to the bartender again in Dahngrest in the west Pub.  Afterwards 
    head to Zaphias.  You can speak to LeBlanc if you wish, a scene will 
    occur, but it's not required but it's quick so I would do it anyways.  
    Your destination is the tavern in the lower quarter.  Speak to the 
    women with blue hair, Mimula, and she'll send you off to the Manor of 
    the Wicked.  From there it's to Dahngrest to talk to the guy who you 
    did the first side quest for, the guy's by the bridge, and then back to 
    the Manor of the Wicked for yet another scene.  Bust some heads and 
    then back to Zaphias you go.  Head down to the save point in the Lower 
    Quarter for a scene.  You'll have the option of accepting or declining.  
    You 'can' accept but decline anyways since you'll still get paid.  Head 
    up to the fountain and talk with LeBlanc.  He'll actually do his job 
    for once and arrest Mimula.  Afterwards head back to the bartender that 
    gave you the job for your reward, 6000 Gald.
    - Another Guild Quest, talk to the bartender again.  This time you're 
    sent to the Union HQ to speak to a couple of excavators who happen to 
    be gathered together in the NE corner.  They send you to the Shrine of 
    Baction where you're sent scurrying through there to find a spade. It's 
    on the second basement floor through some cracked walls.  You need to 
    use the sorcerers ring to get there.  It's the room just west of the 
    most southeastern room. Once you have it report back to the 2 
    miners/excavators for your reward of 5,500 Gald.
    ** After you Rescue Flynn ** (Part 6)
    - If you head to Dahngrest and head to the central square you'll meet 
    one of Karol's old friends, Dyne.  Afterwards meet up with him again in 
    Mantaic by the southern intersection for a scene, ouch suck to be him.  
    I thought he was faking it the first time but he actually turns out to 
    have... problems.  Anyways head to Mt. Temza and fight the Giganto 
    Monster that's there.  Afterwards go back to Mantaic and speak to Dyne 
    to complete the quest.
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 7-9)
    - It's time for the final guild quest, and also the longest and most 
    annoying one.  First off it starts in Mantaic.  Head to the inn and 
    talk to the person there, he's the same one that requested the 
    everlight in the earlier quests.  Now head Dahngrest and talk to 
    Rhianna at the inn. Afterwards you're off to Nam Cobanda Island.  
    You're looking for 2 humans in the NW section of the stall area.  
    They'll send you to Aurnion where you'll speak with Flynn who'll send 
    you to the Noble's Quarter where you speak to the guard and then it's 
    off to the prison in the castle where you're going to speak with 
    Cumore's Sister.  Whew, half done.  Afterwards it's a slog up to Capua 
    Nor and go towards the port.  Off to the ghost ship we go.  There will 
    be a short fight as we catch up to the Butler but if you have any 
    trouble there's something wrong.  Anyways afterwards the butler high 
    tails it out of there, not sure how he got there since there isn't any 
    ship but yours.  After that you're off to Caer Bocrom where you learn 
    that ALL that chasing was actually for a recipe to make delicious 
    cucumbers.  I'm not joking.  But you are sent to someone who actually 
    knows how to refine Everlight.  Anyways head to Union HQ in Dahngrest 
    and talk to the man in the prison.  He's not all there but he has what 
    you need so you need to feed him food to get him to spill his guts.  
    The guard has some tips but essentially you need to make him some 
    Okonomiyaki.  You just need the recipe.  It's an offshoot dish so 
    you'll need Estelle to cook Fried Chicken and Fires until she makes 
    Scottish Eggs where you then need Raven to cook that until he makes 
    Okonomiyaki.  I hope you've been cooking up to this point.  Anyways, 
    after you make the food for the old man he'll give you the manual.  
    Take the manual to the man in the Mantaic Inn to finish this long, 
    tedious and mind-numbing quest.
    - After you've done the 7 guild quests head to the center of Dahngrest 
    for 1 final scene about the guild.
    - After all then guild quests head to Halure and up to the tree.  
    Everyone's gathered there that you helped in the past and Rita will get 
    a very nice weapon, the Ivy Blade.
    << The Lower City Friends >> <SQ23>
    Little scene that appears after the meeting the Duce in Nordopolica.
    ** The Imperial Capital, Zaphias **
    - After everything in Nordopolica is finished you can head back to 
    Zaphias where you can have a scene with Ted.  You'll get Bread for your 
    effort.  It's a key item so you'll need it to finish the Collector's 
    << Some Title Quests >> <SQ24>
    A couple of side quests that will give you two titles.
    **After The Death Of Don** (Part 1-2)
    - In Dahngrest, enter the pub at the western part of the town.  There 
    should be a scene with Raven and a female.  If not you may need to 
    leave and re-enter a couple times and possibly even sleep/fight some 
    battles to get the event to occur.  Afterwards Leave the Tavern and 
    talk to the girl just east of it in the center of Dahngrest.  
    Afterwards talk to the women standing outside the eastern pub, the one 
    that had Barbos. After that head up to the Union Headquarters for a 
    scene that will get Raven his Ladies' Man title. 
    - If you sleep at the Inn in Dahngrest you'll have a scene with Karol 
    and he'll get his title Insomniac.
    << Ruins Gate Side Quest >> <SQ25>
    Just some information about Ruin's Gate, nothing special.
    ** After the Death of the Don **(Part 1)
    - If you enter the Shaikos Ruins you'll get a scene with a couple of 
    people from Ruins Gate.  It's a long way there so it may be better to 
    leave this until you have Ba'ul.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 2)
    - There's a guy in Nordopolica just before entering the main structure 
    standing to the right.  There will be a scene with him. (Truth of 
    Ruin's Gate 2/2)
    ------ You Have Ba'ul Beyond This Point ------
    << Karol's Mystic Arte Side Quest >> <SQ26>
    This gets Karol his Special skill allowing him to use his Mystic Arte.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul **
    - If you sleep in Dahngrest there is a chance that you'll get a scene 
    where Karol trains.  After 3-4 scenes like this he'll get his Special 
    skill and be able to use Mystic Artes.
    << Rebuilding the Union Side Quest >> <SQ27>
    This side quest will net Raven a new arte at the end and some titles.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 1)
    - Head to Dahngrest and then go to the Union Headquarters for a scene.  
    Afterwards head to the Fortune's Market building in Capua Torim and 
    speak with Kaufman.
    ** After Everyone Rejoins you in Part 3 ** (Part 2)
    - If you head to Zaphias you can speak to LeBlanc in the market quarter 
    for a scene and Raven's Imperial Knight's Captain.
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 3)
    - If you set Raven as the on screen character and enter Aurnion Drake 
    will be near the Blastia.  Speak with him and Raven will get his arte, 
    the Vanji Lost.
    << The Waitress Mini-Game >> <SQ28>
    Title says it all; however this game can get you a title for everyone 
    but Yuri and Repede.  Also the later you are in the game, the more 
    money you make from it.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** 
    - The western pub in Dahngrest now has a mini-game.  It's a waitress 
    mini-game where you have to take people's orders and return with them.  
    The more you get correct, the more gald you earn.  You also earn more 
    gald the later in the game you play it and you can play it at any time.  
    In addition clearing it once with each person nets them a new Costume 
    Title.  There is a scene if you try to play a second time where you 
    compete against another waitress.  Yuri is the only one that won't 
    << Scene in Nordopolica >> <SQ29>
    Just a scene that lets you know how Natz is doing after the death of 
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** 
    - If you head to Nordopolica you can head north and have a scene with 
    << Thinking of Nan Scene >> <SQ30>
    Cute scene with Karol thinking of Nan.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul **
    - If you got the scene in Keiv Moc, it's <SQ16>, where Karol gets his 
    new skill then sleep at the inn in Mantaic and choose the option 'yes' 
    when it appears for a scene with Karol.
    << The Nordopolica Melee >> <SQ31>
    ** The Coliseum City, Nordopolica **
    - The Arena is open in Nordopolica.  You can do the 30, 50 and 80 man-
    melee at this time.  If you wish you can clear those 3 but you'll have 
    to wait until later to do the 100-man.  You need 3 invitations to get 
    the best stuff from the 100-man melee and since it'll also be easier to 
    do those other 3 melee's at that point you can save yourself some 
    trouble by saving them for later.  The rewards aren't that impressive 
    anyways, just some Gels and double the glad you pay to fight.
    << Leviathan's Claw Invitation Side Quest >> <SQ32>
    This side quest gets you an amazing bow for Raven information into the 
    background of Raven, Yeager, Gauche and Droite as well as enhanced loot 
    from the 100-man melee in Nordopolica.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 1)
    - Near the western exit in Ehmead Hill is a small clearing.  If you 
    head there you'll get a scene and receive the Fire Lilly.
    ** After you Rescue Estelle ** (Part 2)
    - Head to Mt. Temza for a scene.  You'll lose the Fire Lily and get a 
    ** After Everyone Rejoins you in Part 3 ** (Part 3)
    - Head to Capua Torim for a scene with Gauche and Droite.  Afterwards 
    you can find them where you defeated Yeager.  You can fight them there 
    to receive the Leviathan's Claw Invitation and a weapon for Raven, his 
    Divine Cannon in exchange for the Compact.
    << The Hermes Memos Side Quest >> <SQ33>
    This gets Rita one of her spells.  It's not a particularly good one, 
    you'll drop it like a bad habit once you get Violet Pain, but is' nice 
    to have for completionists.  It also gives more insight on Rita and 
    Judith since it involves them.
    ** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 1)
    - Enter Ehmead Hill for the east and then head to the broken Blastia 
    for a scene. Afterwards head to the library in Aspio and check the 
    shelf just to the left of the shop to get Hermes Memo.  If you rest in 
    Capua Torim there will be a scene and Rita will learn Negative Gate.  
    If you decide to wait until later, as in after Aspio is no more, you 
    can get the Memo from a mage in the inn at Capua Torim.
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion ** (Part 2)
    - If you rest at the inn in Aurnion you'll see a scene between Rita and 
    Judith finishing up the Study of Hermes Memos.  There is possibly more 
    than 1.  Just keep sleeping until no more scenes occur.
    << Myorzo Minor Scene >> <SQ34>
    ** The Home of the Kritya, Myorzo **
    - Once all the main story scenes are done rest at the Inn for an extra 
    << Rita's Anger and the Magic Lantern >> <SQ35>
    ** The Forgotten Shrine, Baction **
    - If you fall down the cracks in the dark rooms 3 times Rita will get 
    upset and build you a Magic Lantern.  I believe it can only be obtained 
    this run through the shrine.  It causes all the stones you're supposed 
    to shoot to illuminate the room to start illuminated when you enter the 
    << Repede's Mystic Arte Side Quest >> <SQ36>
    He gets his Special ability and mystic arte, definitely a must do 
    ** After you Rescue Estelle **
    - If you talk to the little girl, Polly, near the Blastia in Heliord a 
    scene and a battle will occur.  Repede will get his Special skill and 
    his Nanny title.
    << The Post Game Dungeon Side Quest >> <SQ37>
    Required to open the EX Dungeon, something that you should think about 
    if you even considering playing after defeating the final boss.
    ** The Crag of Phaeroh ** (Part 1)
    - Head to the Crag of Phaeorh.  Where you spoke with Phaeorh there will 
    be strange portal thingy.  Go near it for a scene.  You'll end up in 
    Yormgen again.  Head to the Sage's house and speak with the sage.  This 
    is the first part to open the EX Dungeon after the game is finished and 
    needs to be done before finishing Zaude.
    ** After Beating the Game ** (Part 2)
    - In Crag of Phaeroh, get near the weird portal thing.  This portal 
    will take you to Yormgen.  Speak with the sage once more and then 
    leave.  Head to Dahngrest and enter there and an earthquake will occur.  
    If you leave and head west to Yurozea you'll notice the big mountain 
    range in the middle has just been demolished.  Well there's the EX 
    Dungeon, enjoy.  You need 15 Fake Gald, obtained randomly from 
    bosses/chests in that dungeon, to face the final boss in there: The 
    Traitor to Heaven.  After beating him you'll get the last invitation 
    and be able to unlock the 200-man melee provided you've beaten the 100-
    man melee with at least 3 people.
    << Power Overwhelming, The Fel Arms >> <SQ38>
    This starts the quest to get the Fel Arms, the most powerful weapons in 
    the game.  Potentially at least.  It's a quest you really should do.  
    There should be noted that just before Part 6 there's another quest 
    sorta linked to the Fel Arms.  It upgrades the Sorcerer's Ring to level 
    5 but you only need 4 to complete any quest.  Lvl 5 is just a bit more 
    convenient because of the extra distance and speed.
    ** After you Rescue Estelle ** (Part 1)
    - If you talk to the Elder in Myorzo you'll get Abyssion, the first of 
    the 7 Fel Arms.
    **After All Four Spirits** (Part 2-5)
    -  There is a small group of islands between Hypionia and Desier.  4 of 
    them in sort of a star shaped pattern.  On one of them is a strange 
    rock grouping.  Head there and head to the rock grouping.  A scene will 
    occur and you'll get your second Fel Arm, Zariche. Afterwards head 
    inside and head to the peninsula jutting out into the Aer Krene to get 
    the Sorcerer's Ring Level 4.
    - You can now fully explore Keiv Moc now.  Burn the dead brush for a 
    variety of items including Rita's best helm and the third Fel Arm, 
    - With the level 4 S-Ring explore the Releweise Hollow more thoroughly.  
    Although aside from an attachment for Repede and the Mercurius Fel Arm 
    you'll only find stuff like Sages and Verbana's.
    - Burn the dead grass in Quoi Woods to lead to an area with a Gigantos 
    Monster and the fourth Fel Arm, Glasya Labolas.
    ** The Ancient Tower, Tarqaron ** (Part 6)
    - If you keep backtracking from the final save point through the cave 
    and out the newly opened eastern exit and all the way back to the 
    starting room you'll eventually come to a room with a lot of ladders.  
    You'll need S-Ring 4 to make it through this.  Work your way across the 
    ladders and to a light bridge leading to a new red area.  There are 2 
    switches here along with the last 2 fel arms, Susanoo and Uroboros.  
    There are 2 more switches if you continue on that activates more light 
    bridges and allows you an easy access back to the beginning. With all 
    seven Fel Arms, exit out Tarqaron and head to Aurnion. Afterwards head 
    up and beat the end boss.  You'll fight his optional form because of 
    this and if you beat it you'll unlock the Fel Arms.  Their attack/magic 
    rating is dependant on the number of enemies killed by their wielder.
    << The Hot Springs! Side Quest >> <SQ39>
    This is the start of the hot springs side quest.  It gets a costume 
    title for everyone, one of which is a very sexy costume title for 
    Judith.  It costs a lot though of Gald though so you may wish to wait 
    until Nam Cobanda is open before you try anything beyond Part 1.  There 
    are parts to this quest and they're all separated by real time.  
    Essentially you're going to need 900,000 Gald to finish it 
    ** After you Rescue Estelle ** (Part 1)
    - At the northern edge of the Yurozea continent is a place called the 
    Yumanju hot springs.  Head there and go talk to the receptionist.  
    She'll mention that the Hot Springs need to be cleaned.
    ** After Everyone Rejoins in Part 3 ** (Part 2)
    - In Yumanju enough time should have passed for the bats to have been 
    cleared out and the place cleaned up.  You'll need 300,000 for the 
    first visit, and 600,000 for the second.  It's probably best to wait 
    until Taraqon appears before you do this.  Since you shouldn't need to 
    wait between the 2 events it's best to wait until then since money is 
    no longer a problem at that point due to the Poker Trick at Nam 
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 3)
    - If you've paid the 900,000 Gald the manager of the Hot spring will 
    ask everyone, except Repede, to help out with various tasks.  Everyone 
    will get their various Hot spring titles.
    ** After Beating the Game ** (Part 4)
    - There is 1 final scene at the Yumanju hot springs if you talk to the 
    receptionist with everyone's hot spring title costumes equipped.
    ------ Part 3 Begins Here ------
    << Sexy Costumes Side Quest >> <SQ40>
    This side quest gets you the sexy costumes used to seduce the guard 
    earlier in the game.
    ** The Rising City, Heliord **
    - If you talk to the shop keeper in Heliord, the one that made the sexy 
    costumes, you can get them again for Judith, Estelle and Karol by 
    turning in some easily acquired items.  You'll get their respective 
    titles as well.
    << The False Dein Nomos >> <SQ41>
    A decent weapon that has high attack power and some insight into what 
    Alexei was doing.
    ** The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest **
    - If you talk to the bartender in the west pub in Dahngrest you'll get 
    the key to the lower part of Ghasfarost.  If you head there you can 
    search an old lab of Alexei's and find the False Dein Nomos.  It's a 
    pretty decent sword but becomes lacking late game.
    << The Limited Edition Toys Side Quest >> <SQ42>
    This quest gets Yuri one of his titles.
    ** The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest ** (Part 1)
    - Enter the eastern shop in Dahngrest and speak to the guard.  This'll 
    start the quest to get the limited edition toys.
    ** After the Rise of Tarqaron ** (Part 2)
    - There is a person in Yumanju who's interested in the limited edition 
    toys.  He'll give you a Tiara just by talking to him.  Regardless all 
    but 2 of the statues are obtained from the little dispenser machines 
    and of those 2 you already have 1.  3 can be obtained from the machine 
    in Yumanju, 1 from the 500 chip machine in Nam Cobanda, 2 from the 100 
    chip and 50 chip machines and 1 from the 10 chip machine.  After that 
    Hanks in Zaphias will give you the final toy.  With all them in your 
    possession head back to the man in Yumanju to get Yuri's Recollection 
    Guardian title. 
    << An Arte for Judith >> <SQ43>
    Do this side quest to get an arte for Judith.
    ** The Home of the Krityan, Myorzo **
    - Go to Myorzo and check the back wall in the Elder's home for a Back 
    Baby Doll.  No idea what it is but apparently Krityan's will trade 
    anything for it.  Because of this the Krityan in Aspio will teach 
    Judith a new arte if you give it to him.  It's in your best interest to 
    do so.  After Aspio is gone you can find the Krytian at Deidon Hold.
    << A Quick Scene >> <SQ44>
    Just a small scene in Myorzo.
    - In Myorzo you can check the pedestal in front of the mural at the 
    back of the room for a scene.
    << The Dragon Races >> <SQ45>
    This is required to get 2 of Judith's titles, a nice item and upgrade 
    Ba'ul so he can land in more places which is required to complete the 
    Monster Book and the Dog Map.
    ** Mt. Temza ** (Part 1) 
    - If you fly near Mt. Temza you'll get a scene with Ba'ul.  This is 
    required to do the Dragon Races.
    ** After the Birth of Undine ** (Part 2)
    - If you saw the scene with Ba'ul over Mt. Temza you can now play the 
    Dragon Racing Game in Myorzo.  Speak to the little boy just east of the 
    entrance.  There are 5 levels.  After the third level Ba'ul gets an 
    upgrade and can land in more locations and after 5 levels beaten Judith 
    will get her Super Dragon Rider title and the Red Mantle.  Also if 
    you've done 1000 Fatal Strike chains, not in a row but all together, 
    you can get Judith another title, her Into the Sky one. 
    << Magic for Rita >> <SQ46>
    This sub quest gets Rita her second best spell in the game.
    **After the attack on Nordopolica** 
    - Head to the center of Aspio for a scene.  Afterwards sleep at an inn 
    twice and head back.  Rita will learn her second best spell behind 
    Tidal Wave, Meteor Swarm.  If Aspio has been destroy you can still get 
    it, but you need to head to Halure instead of Aspio.
    << Quick Scene for Raven >> <SQ47>
    Some information about Raven, and more specifically his heart.
    ** After the attack on Nordopolica **
    - Rest at the Inn in Dahngrest to get a scene about Raven
    << The Sundering Moon >> <SQ48>
    This sub quest gets the arte, Sundering Moon, for Judith.
    ** After the attack on Nordopolica ** (Part 1)
    - Speak to the Elder in Myorzo for a scene. 
    ** After Arunion is Built ** (Part 2)
    - If you go to the ruined Krityan city in Mt. Temza you can speak to 
    one of the Krityan's there to get a new arte for Judith, her Sundering 
    << The Joys of Nam Cobanda >> <SQ49>
    ** After the Rise of Taraqon ** (Part 1-3)
    - If you ever flew past the island in the NW corner of the map you'll 
    have noticed a building under water.  It's not any more.  If you head 
    there you'll find Nam Cobanda Island up and open for business, except 
    they don't care about business.  Anyways the first building on the left 
    is the Gym and the main source of everything on the island.  There's a 
    chance upon entering the Gym that there will be someone winning big 
    time at the poker table.  Judith will go over and challenge him to a 
    game.  Regardless of whether or not you win or lose you'll get Judith's 
    title Legendary Gambler.  It's not hard to win; I honestly think Judith 
    cheats for you.
    -  Also on Nam Cobanda Island if you turn in over 250,000 chips on 
    items then Judith will get her Poker Face title.
    - After finishing the above side quest talk to the Ant Lion Man just 
    inside the gates of Nam Cobanda. If you have opened up 445 (86%) of the 
    treasure chests in the world you will get Yuri's Treasure Hunter title.
    ** After you Rescue Flynn ** (Part 4)
    - At Nam Cobanda you can now partake in the play that's happening in 
    the Gym.  This will net everyone but Judith and Raven with a new title 
    as well as obtaining Estelle's Warrior Sword and Shield. 
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 5) 
    - In Nam Cobanda Island, speak with Miska (He's the cow standing behind 
    the desk with all the papers on the south side of the Gym).  He'll ask 
    you to find 5 books.  The books are in the elder's home in Halure, The 
    bookshelf in the interrogation room at the Chevaliers HQ in Heliord, 
    The bookshelf at the inn in Mantaic, Chevaliers HQ in Aurnion and The 
    bookshelf in Fortune's Market HQ in Capua Torim. Report back to Miska 
    and answer the questions correctly for Rita's Miska Doctoral Degree 
    << Rita the Seeker >> <SQ50>
    This get one of Rita's best costume titles.
    ** After Aurnion is built **
    - If the party as a whole has dealt over 60,000,000 damage over the 
    course of the game (It's not that difficult since you should hit half 
    that from bosses alone) Rita can get her Seeker title by talking to one 
    of the mages in Halure.
    << The Rending Drop >> <SQ51>
    This'll get Karol probably his best arte, it's a most do.
    ** After Aurnion is built **
    - If you enter Capua Torim Karol will meet Nan and they'll spend the 
    night together.  The next morning Karol will have learned a new 
    technique: The Rending Drop.
    << To Infinity and ... >> <SQ52>
    This sub quest gets Karol a ridiculous looking weapon, but it's 
    powerful and his a skill on it so it's worth it.  Plus the scene is 
    ** After Aurnion is Built **
    - After Karol and Nan spend the night together in the above side quest 
    you can get a very nice weapon for Karol by going to the central square 
    in Dahngrest.  You'll get into a shouting contest.  The first one he 
    wins it, and Nan thinks a bit more highly (although it has no effect on 
    the outcome of the game) the second one he loses but is much more 
    humorous.  Either way he gets the weapon, Infinity.  That weapon 
    reminds me of Kingdom Hearts for some reason.
    << Illusion or Reality? >> <SQ53>
    This side quest just sort of creeped me out.
    ** After Aurnion is Built **
    - There's a short scene in Yormgen if you go there and check out the 
    red box in the broken down house.
    << The Final Gale >> <SQ54>
    This side quest gets Yuri a new arte which is bad since it's one of his 
    few range artes.
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion ** 
    - If you enter Aurnion you'll speak with Flynn and Yuri will develop a 
    new arte: Final Gale.
    << The Shining Star Side Quest >> <SQ55>
    By this point if you've even attempted to keep up with learning skills 
    and making weapons you'll have it.
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion **
    - If Raven has learned 100 skills you can get his Shining Star 
    title/costume by entering Aurnion.  There will be a heart warming scene 
    to accompany it.
    << Estelle the Nurse >> <SQ56>
    This gets Estelle one of her better costume titles.
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion ** 
    - There are several scenes involving the doctor in Aurnion.  First off 
    speak with the doctor in the inn for a scene.  Afterwards rest and 
    speak to the doctor a second time.  Then leave the Inn and speak to the 
    man near the Inn, not the owner, the guy you helped earlier.  
    Afterwards once you've healed a certain amount of HP, up around 
    4,000,000, head back into the inn and speak with the doctor.  After a 
    short scene Estelle will get her Dedicated Paramedic title/costume.
    << Short Scene in Aurnion >> <SQ57>
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion **
    - There is a short scene between the 4 elemental spirits if you rest at 
    the Inn in Aurnion.
    << The Tough Hound, Repede >> <SQ58>
    If you spent any time developing your characters Repede will be beyond 
    level 60 by this point.
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion **
    - If Repede is level 60 or higher head to the western section of 
    Aurnion for Repede's to get his Tough Hound title.
    << The Improvement of Aurnion Side Quest >> <SQ59>
    Since this is required to finish other side quests, one pertaining to 
    an amazing weapon for Estelle, I highly suggest completing it.  Plus 
    Aurnion looks much nicer when it's finished.
    ** The Land of Hope, Aurnion **
    - In Aurnion you can find another one of Yuri's old knight friends just 
    south of the Knight HQ. Speak with him and hand over materials to him 
    for a total of three times. Whether or not he shows up is random. 
    Sometimes it just takes a single re-entering of Aurnion, other times it 
    takes multiple sleeps and re-enters. But he'll be back eventually. 
    These are what he asks for:
    First time: 3xDesier Gold Dust, 3xHypionia Tree Bark and 3xYurzo Fruit.
      - These are all relatively easy to get.
    Second time: 3x Might Orb, 3xTreat Flower, 3xCrystal, 3xMystic Orb, and 
                 3xGreat Leo Fang.
      - These are a bit more difficult but they can all be found relatively 
        easily except for the Great Leo Fang which only come from select 
        search points very rarely and the final dungeon.  Thankfully you 
        can exit the final dungeon at any time so it's not a big issue.
    Third Time: 1xGreen Light Stone, 1xPitch-Black Ink, 1xRare Metal and 
                500,000 Gald.
      - Only the Rare Metal is rare.  It drops from Poseidon or from the 
        search points near Zaude, although the later is rare.
    After the third time, sleep and exit/re-enter Aurnion. You will get a 
    nice accessory and the joy of looking at a fully developed Aurnion.  If 
    it's not finished you may need to sleep and/or fight a few battles to 
    help pass the time.
    << The 100-Man Melee Challenge Letters >> <SQ60>
    After you have done both of these you'll have obtained all 3 letters of 
    invitation for the 100-man melee.  Now you can do it to get your best 
    items and unlock the 200-man melee once you beat the Post-Game Dungeon.
    ** The Land of Hope Aurnion ** (Part 1)
    - When you enter Aurnion you'll probably get a scene with the guard at 
    the front entrance.  He'll give you an invitation from Flynn.  It's for 
    the 100-man melee.  You now have 2 of the 3 invitations needed to 
    really get the most out of the 100-man melee.
    ** After Aurnion is Built ** (Part 2)
    - Enter Keiv Moc for a scene.  You'll eventually end up saving Nan and 
    obtaining both Karols' Golden Soldier title but the Hunting Blades 
    Invitation.  With this you all the invitations.  It's time to go do the 
    100-man melee, or when you feel you're ready.  They have great rewards, 
    and titles for some characters.  You also need to beat it with at least 
    3 to open up the 200-man melee post game.
    << A Scene in the Tower >> <SQ61>
    It's really just a nice little scene, might as well do it since you 
    need to go that way for the Fel Arms anyways.
    ** The Ancient Tower, Tarqaron **
    - Equip the Shining Star title and make Raven as the on screen 
    character. From the last Memory Circle, back track and go east through 
    the cave system. Continue on down the side of the tower and back 
    towards where the area you came from originally to trigger a scene.
    << The Hope of the Town >> <SQ62>
    Another title, required if you're going for the achievement.
    ** After Reaching the Final Save Point in Tarqaron **
    - Use the final lift to return to the entrance.  It's the lift on the 
    left when you get to the top of the VERY long staircase just after the 
    final save point. If you head to Zaphias you can get a scene where Yuri 
    will get the title Hope of The Town title. 
    ------ You've Beaten the Game Here ------
    << The True Knight >> <SQ63>
    This title is both a costume and a title, I'd say it's mediocre but 
    it's required for the achievement.
    ** After Doing all 23 Secret Missions **
    - If you've managed to complete all of the secret missions in 1 
    playthrough, yes it has to be the same playthrough, you can speak to 
    Flynn in Aurnion for Yuri to get his True Knight title.
    << The Curious Princess >> <SQ64>
    You need to visit everywhere for this, even the Post-Game Dungeon.
    ** After Exploring Every Location **
    - If you sleep at the Traveller's Inn after visiting every location, EX 
    Dungeon and Aer Krene included, you'll get Estelle's Curious Princess 
    V. The Monster Book Side Quest Guide <MBSQ>
    This section contains all the 1-time event monsters that you need to 
    use a magic lens on if you wish to get the Manly Man title for Karol on 
    your first play through.  They're listed in chronological order.
    Part 1: The Aque Blastia Saga
    - 1-Time Encounter with Tweedle A and Tweedle B (Monster Guide Side 
    - 1-Time Encounter with Zagi, 2 Phases (Secret Mission 1 in 2nd phase), 
    both count as an entry (Monster Guide Side Quest).
    **Quoi Woods**
    - The Eggbear you fight here is a 1-time fight; make sure to use a 
    magic lens on it. (Monster Guide Side Quest) 
    **Shaikos Ruins**
    - The Goliath is a 1-time fight; make sure to use a magic lens on it. 
    (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 2)
    **The City of Blossoms, Halure** 
    - 1-time fight with Tweedle A and Tweedle B, make sure to use a lens on 
    both (Monster Guide Side Quest) 
    **Ehmead Hill** 
    - 1-Time fight with Gattuso, make sure to use a lens on him. (Monster 
    Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 3)
    **The Port Town, Capua Nor**
    -  There will be an event battle in the alley.  These are 1-time guys 
    so be sure to use a magic lens on them. (Monster Guide Side Quest)
    - You'll fight Rhybgaro soon after.  This is a 1-time encounter, be 
    sure to use a magic lens on him (Monster Guide Side Quest). 
    **Magistrate's Palace**
    - Some of the monsters in the Manor are only encountered there, and you 
    can't come back so be sure to use a magic lens on all of them (Monster 
    Guide Side Quest).
    **Magistrate Ragou's Ship**
    - The three stooges you fight the moment you get on the boat are a 1-
    time event fight, be sure to use a magic lens on all 3. (Monster Guide 
    Side Quest)
    - Zagi here is a boss and a 1-time fight so be sure to use a magic lens 
    on him. (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 4)
    **The Fallen City Caer Bocrom**- You'll fight the dreaded giant, it's a 
    1-time battle so make sure to 
    use a magic lens on him. (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 
    **The Rising City, Heliord**
    - You'll fight Tweedle A and Tweedle B here, again 1-time event so be 
    sure to use a magic lens on them. (Monster Guide Side Quest)
    **The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest**
    - There is an event fight here near the Barrier Blastia.  Be sure to 
    use your magic lens to identify the humanoids. (Monster Guide Side 
    **Keiv Moc** 
    - Gigalarva is a 1-time fight; make sure to use a magic lens on it. 
    (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 6) 
    **The Tower of Gears, Ghasfarost**
    - The humanoid creatures here are gone after death of Barbos.  Make 
    sure to use a magic lens on them (Monster Guide Side Quest)
    - Barbos is a 1-time fight; use a magic lens on him.  (Monster Guide 
    Side Quest and Secret Mission 7) 
    Part 2: The Zaude Saga 
    **The Rising City, Heliord**
    - There's an event fight here, make sure to use a magic lens on 
    everyone.  (Monster Guide Side Quest) 
    **The Coliseum City, Nordopolica**
    -  You'll fight in the coliseum; every fight is a 1-time event so use a 
    magic lens on all 4 contestants. (Monster Guide Side Quest)
    - You'll encounter Zagi after the fights; use a magic lens on him as 
    well.  (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 8) 
    **The Weasand of Cados**
    - Pteropus is a 1-time fight, so are the bats he splits into.  Make 
    sure to use a magic lens on all of them.  (Monster Guide Side Quest and 
    Secret Mission 9)
    **The Sands of Korgoh**
    - The Outbreaker is a 1-time fight, make sure to use a magic lens on 
    him. (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 10)
    **The Coliseum City, Nordopolica**
    - The fights here are all 1-time events.  As in they'll only happen 
    during this attack.  Make sure to identify all of them.  You'll 
    probably need about 8-10 Lens to get everyone including Belius. 
    (Monster Guide Side Quest)
    - Belius and the Double are 1-time encounters.  Make sure to use a lens 
    on both.  (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 11)
    **Mt. Temza**
    - Some of the humanoid creatures here disappear after you rescue 
    Judith, be sure to use a magic lens on them. (Monster Guide Side Quest)
    - You'll have a 1-time battle with Nan and Tison, use a lens on both of 
    them (Monster Guide Side Quest, Secret Mission 12)
    **The Forgotten Shrine, Baction**
    - Some of the humanoid creatures here can't be seen again, it's best to 
    magic lens them just to make sure. (Monster Guide Side Quest) 
    - The fight with Captain Schwann is a 1-time battle only; make sure to 
    magic lens him (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 13) 
    **The Mobile Fortress, Heracles**
    - The fight with Zagi here is also a 1-time event, make sure to lense 
    him.  (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 14)
    **The Blade Drifts of Zopheir**
    - The fight against Baitojoh has 2 phases, both need to be lens'd.  The 
    secret mission occurs during the second phase. (Monster Guide Side 
    Quest and Secret Mission 15)
    **World Map**
    - After leaving Quoi Woods, and to some extent inside Quoi Woods, there 
    will be several Aer Sick monsters on the world map now.  This is the 
    only time to use a magic lens on them so be sure to do so.  (Monster 
    Guide Side Quest)
    **Zaphias Castle**
    - The humanoid creatures here don't come back and it's also the last 
    time to try and get the ones you missed the first time you were in the 
    castle.  Make sure to lens them all just to be sure.  (Monster Guide 
    Side Quest)
    - Both fights with Estellise counts as a new boss so use a magic lens 
    on both.  The second fight contains the secret mission (Monster Side 
    Quest and Secret Mission 16)
    **The Enduring Shrine of Zaude**
    - The first boss in here is a 1-time event and has 2 phases, both 
    require a magic lens.  There is a secret mission for the second phase.  
    (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 17)
    - The final boss is a 1-time event as well and requires a magic lens. 
    (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 18)
    Part 3: The Catastrophe Saga 
    **The Attack on Nordopolica**
    - Boss fight, use lens on both since they are different.  (Monster 
    Guide Side Quest)
    **The Erealumen Crystallands**
    - Gusios is a 1-time battle, do like every other boss fight and use a 
    magic lens (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 19)
    **Releweise Hollow**
    - Khroma is a 1-time fight.  Be sure to use a magic lens on her.  
    (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 20)
    **Saving Flynn**
    - You may wish to use a magic lens on the final creature.  The rest of 
    them can be found in the wild at any time.  (Monster Guide Side Quest)
    **The Land of Hope, Aurnion**
    - You'll fight Flynn here, one time shot as well so be sure to use a 
    magic lens on him.  (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 21)
    **The Ancient Tower, Tarqaron**
    - The final Zagi battle is here, you need to use a magic lens since 
    it's a 1-time shot.  (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 22)
    - All 3 forms of Duke are unique, you need to identify them with a 
    magic lens when you can.  Secret Mission 23 is also done in his second 
    form (Monster Guide Side Quest and Secret Mission 23)
    VI. Secret Missions <SM00>
    Secret Mission 1 (Zagi): 
    "Defeat Zagi while protecting Estellise from Zagi's attacks."
    Basically go full out on Zagi and set Estellise's strategy to stay 
    away.  You want Zagi's full attention on yourself, possible best way is 
    to map Estellise' heal to your right analog stick and just spam it so 
    she stays far away and keeps you healthy enough to never let off Zagi. 
    Secret Misison 2 (Goliath): 
    "Downed Goliath by attacking its Achilles' heel while it charges X 
    buster." You'll notice one of it's feet is smaller than the other with 
    a small bit of glowing stone floating in it.  You need to slash that 
    when Goliath he charges his X Buster.  You'll be able to tell since he 
    stops moving and crosses his arms in front of himself.
    Secret Mission 3 (Gattuso): 
    "Use the Billybally plants to stun Gattuso." Wait until Gattuso is 
    close to a billybally plant and hit the plant with a melee attack.   
    Spells take too long to charge and Gattuso has a habit of swapping 
    targets and running away from you.  This'll be a hard secret mission 
    simply because for first time players Gattuso will be the hardest boss 
    you will face. 
    Secret Mission 4 (Zagi 2): 
    "Lured Zagi to the side of the ship and knocked him overboard." One of 
    his attacks has him rocketing upwards into the air spinning.  You need 
    to get under and behind him so he's between you and the side of the 
    ship.  Once there hit the over-limit and knock him over the edge.  
    Secret Mission 5 (Dreaded Giant): 
    "Downed the Dreaded Giant when it reared back and left itself wide 
    open." Wait for it to stand on its hind legs, at that moment run in and 
    slash at them.  You will want a multi-hit attack since you need to 
    bring down his shield first before the attack will knock him over. 
    Secret Mission 6 (Gigalarva): 
    "Raven used Serpent to set a trap for the Gigalarva and prevented it 
    from healing itself." Use once Gigalarva has less than 24,000 HP.  Best 
    way to do it is to take control of Raven for the battle and once 
    Gigalarva is down below 24,000 hp stand in front of it and cast 
    Serpent.  Whenever Serpent runs out or Gigalarva moves away simply re-
    cast or re-position yourself and recast it. 
    Secret Mission 7 (Barbos): 
    "You took out the bridge supports, thus keeping Barbos from calling out 
    more of his thugs."  Easy, target the bridge supports and destroy them 
    before taking out Barbos.
    Secret Mission 8 (Zagi 3): 
    "Let Zagi absorb too much energy, destroying his bodhi blastia." Simply 
    stand back and don't attack, let him absorb aer till his blastia 
    Secret Mission 9 (Pteropus): 
    "You defeated the Leader Bat and prevented Pteropus from recombining." 
    Pteropus will periodically split into 4 Attack Bats, 4 Magic Bats and a 
    Leader Bat.  Basically target and defeat the Leader Bat first.  It may 
    take 2-3 splits to finally kill it.  The damage you do to it stays 
    there for the next split, just so long as you kill the leader bat, it 
    doesn't matter how many splits it takes.
    Secret Mission 10 (Outbreaker): 
    "Destroyed the core and prevented magic from inverting day and night." 
    Destroy the core, but you have to do it before you defeat Outbreaker.  
    A well-timed Tracker Beam will destroy it in a single shot.  Otherwise 
    use Judith and jump into the air whenever it appears and try to do 
    aerial attacks, artes and combos on it.  It doesn't matter how much 
    damage you do, only that you hit it 4-5 times. 
    Secret Mission 11 (Belius): 
    "You lit up all the candlesticks and eliminated the illusions of 
    Belius." Use Yuri's Destruction Field arte to relight the four candles 
    once the Belius double appears.  You can use any fire element attack 
    like fireball but Yuri's Destruction Field is the quickest.
    Secret Mission 12 (Nan & Tison): 
    "Timed your strikes between Nan and Tison's attacks to knock them 
    down." Tison and Nan both have attacks that cause their weapons to 
    stick into the ground and leave them off-balanced for a time.  You need 
    to hit them when they're in that off-balanced position.  It needs to be 
    a multi-hit attack or a very strong one.  Generally 2-3 normal attacks 
    is all you need.
    Secret Mission 13 (Schwann): 
    "Downed Schwann by attacking when he was clutching his heart after his 
    mystic arte." Wait for him to do his mystic arte, use recover to get up 
    immediately and then hit him with an Azure Storm.  He has a shield so 
    you need to break that first before you can down him.
    Secret Mission 14 (Zagi 4): 
    "Use Karol's Nice Recovery Smash arte to force Zagi to recover from 
    poison." Fight Zagi until he poisons himself and then have Karol use 
    Nice Recovery Smash when he's standing beside Zagi to cure Zagi.
    Secret Mission 15 (Baitojoh): 
    "Hit Baitojoh 3 times during its Ice Edge attack and fighed it out of 
    the water." Watch for Baitojoh's fin for the Ice Edge attack. When you 
    see it, attack it. If you can hit it before Ice Edge is complete it 
    gets hurled out of the water.  Again Azure Storm is a good move to use 
    for this since it's hard to tell exactly where the fin will appear. 
    Secret Mission 16 (Estellise): 
    "Use the item, Mother's Momento, on Estellise." There is a sub event 
    called "What's Important to Estellise" in Mantaic that is triggered at 
    night. You have to return there before going to Myorzo to get the item. 
    This secret mission is during the second fight, the solo fight against 
    Secret Mission 17 (Yeager): 
    "Make Yeager's heart explode by using Raven's Rain arte." This is the 
    infamous Secret Mission 17, hardest of them all.  If you can do this, 
    you can do them all.  When Yeager reveals the hermes blastia in his 
    heart during the second half of the battle, guard break him, then have 
    Raven use his Rain arte.  The best way to do this is to set everyone on 
    Guard with No TP usage.  They'll not do anything but guard like that.  
    Afterwards you take Yuri and attack Yeager in Over Limit.  When you see 
    him start guarding attacks use Destruction Field over and over.  It 
    should take 5-7 Destruction Field's depending on difficulty and how 
    powerful your character is.  After 4 pause it each time and if you see 
    Yeager's guard break stop the Destruction Field spam and swap to Raven.  
    Yeager will still have the basic blue shield protecting him so you need 
    to down that first.  Best way is to equip a weapon that allows the use 
    of Rainsong altered arte and fire off 1 of those to break the shield 
    and then swap weapons and go back and spam rain.
    Another strategy that worked for some is to simply have Karol, Repede 
    and Yuri go all out attack on Yeager while Raven sits back in over 
    limit spamming Rain.  This never worked for me but it has worked for 
    others like Penguin of Doom. 
    Secret Mission 18 (Alexei): 
    "Downed Alexei by attacking him when he was tired after his mystic 
    arte."  Same as with Schwann.  Wait until the mystic arte goes off, use 
    recover to get up immediately and blast him with a couple Azure Storms.  
    If you're close enough may be better to simply run up and combo him 
    with regular attacks but if you're at a distance Azure Storm is best.
    Secret Mission 19 (Gusios): 
    "Attacked Gusios's tail then downed him while he stood on his hind 
    legs." Attack his tail. When it retracts, Gusios will stand on his hind 
    legs and pound his chest.  When he does that hit him to knock him down.  
    Really the easiest way is to just go into Overlimit and start spamming 
    multi-hit moves at him from behind.
    Secret Mission 20 (Khroma Dragon): 
    "Downed Khroma by timing your strikes between a certain group of her 
    attacks." Basically, when you see rocks falling run towards Khroma and 
    hit her as she slams the ground.  Really all you need to do is rush 
    towards her and start attacking, you'll get it. 
    Secret Mission 21 (Flynn): 
    "Allow Flynn to use every arte he could, including his mystic arte."
    These are the list of his artes:
    Dragon Swarm 
    Demon Fang 
    Tiger Blade 
    Demonic Chaos 
    Sword Rain Alpha 
    Holy Lance 
    Sonic Thrust 
    Demonic Circle 
    First Aid 
    Guardian Field  
    And: Mystic Arte
    Basically go into overlimit 3 or 4 and whip out your Mystic Arte.  More 
    than likely it won't go off and he'll do his instead.  This is alright 
    it's what you want.  He'll use more and different artes as his HP drops 
    so beat him down until he tries to heal himself with Guardian Field or 
    First Aid.  Once he uses those he'll use the rest if you simply let 
    him.  You may need to lay off him if you combo-lock him.  At about 25% 
    hp left he'll probably start to heal so if you have him combo-locked 
    stop attacking at that point.
    Secret Mission 22 (Zagi 5): 
    "Downed Zagi by attacking him between his Blastia Bane." Blastia Bane 
    is a move where he sticks his arm in the air and begins to gather Aer 
    into it.  I've never seen it do anything but you need to wait until he 
    finishes it and then hit him.  You've got a very narrow window so 
    you'll want to time an Azure Storm so that it goes off just as he 
    finishes hitting him within the 1-2 second window that you have to 
    knock him down after he completes the move.  Zagi uses the move often 
    if you leave him be you have time to get the timing down and right.
    Secret Mission 23 (Duke): 
    "Defeated Duke using a mystic arte." Do this during the second battle.  
    It's quite easy really.  Just beat him down until he's below 15,000 hp 
    and then use a mystic arte on him.  Easiest way for me was to spam 
    Tidal Wave with Rita.  It locked him in place so he could move and put 
    Rita in the perfect place to use her Ancient Catastrophe to finish him 
    off.  It's a good move to use since it's one of the most powerful 
    Mystic Artes.
    VII. Credits <CR00>
    First I would like to give credit to Namco and Bandai Games for 
    creating such an amazing game in the first place. 
    Secondly I would like to credit Kouli's Guide at 
    http://ameblo.jp/koulinovesperia/ since his guide was the basis for 
    much of the side-quest information contained in this guide. Without 
    Kouli's work I would have never found half of the side-quests since the 
    strategy guide is half-useless in that respect.  I created this guide 
    for new Tales of Vesperia players to obtain the side-quest information 
    they need without having to search the forums for a link to a third 
    party website.
    As for the secret missions, the only credit I'll give is to the 
    strategy guide for the base information and to the people of the 
    GameFAQ's boards for posting some of the various strategies I have put 
    in here.  I can't remember all their names but they know who they are 
    and I thank you.

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