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    Walkthrough by Meh1

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/10/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Guide by Meh1(Mark Li)
    Email: myl3z@yahoo.com
    Lord, haven't written a FAQ for a while. But after seeing no one has written
    one for this game, and the fact that I loved this game, well, I figure I'd 
    give it a shot. The flow of this game is fairly straightforward. Which is why
    I feel I can write a good guide without spending an eternity on directions and
    other details. Which are quite annoying indeed.
    Version Update
    Ver 1.0 - Finished the Walkthrough itself. Although lacking in terms of side
    infos. A lot of stream of conciousness BS that I'll clean up later when I 
    have the time. But for now, at least the walkthrough part is done. I'll add
    more stuff later.
    Ver 0.5 - All the way to chapter 11 now. I normally wouldn't bother with such a 
    small update, but this is a new game and there are no other guides. So I'm 
    trying to update quickly. 
    Ver 0.3 - Include complete walkthrough to the end of chapter 6. As well as a
    decent amount of info on the side quests in the game. Including ones after 
    chapter 6
    Ctrl+F the symbol inside the paranthesis to get to your section
    I.  Walkthrough
        -Prologue (CHP00)
        -Chapter 1 (CHP01)
        -Chapter 2 (CHP02)
        -Chapter 3 (CHP03)
        -Chapter 4 (CHP04)
        -Chapter 5 (CHP05)
        -Chapter 6 (CHP06)
        -Chapter 7 (CHP07)
        -Chapter 8 (CHP08)
        -Chapter 9 (CHP09)
        -Chapter 10 (CHP10)
        -Chapter 11 (CHP11) 
        -Chapter 12 (CHP12)
        -Chapter 13 (CHP13)
        -Chapter 14 (CHP14)
        -Chapter 15 (CHP15)
        -Chapter 16 (CHP16)
        -Game Clear Data(CLR01)
    II. Side Quests
        -Vashyron's Stash (VAS01)
        -Laying Hexes (HEX01)
        -Red Hexes and Optional boss fights(RED01) - Coming Soon
        -Arena (ARE01) - INCOMPLETE
        -Gun Locations (GUN01)
        -Making Money (MON01)
        -Dakota Vein (DAK01)
        -Etasia (ETA01)
        -Grand Idee Mines(GRA01)
        -Freud Remnants(FRE01)
        -Neverland (NEV01) - INCOMPLETE
        -Costume Collection(COS01)
    III. Strategy and Tips
        Currently a bunch of stuff I desperately need to organize. But feel free 
        to read if you like.
    I. Walkthrough
    // Prologue - CHP00 //
    After the cutscene, you're outside your base in Ebel City. After going 
    through a force tutorial of sorts on the guild and missions, you're free to
    roam. Take this time to look around the city. There are 3 screens: Your base,
    the guild, and shop street. The blinking spots carry items. And you may 
    encounter gremlins. Chase them away for small amounts of money.
    Make sure to talk to Rose to activate her quest. Save the game at your base
    and leave the city.
    On the world map, you'll see brick-colored hexes, dark hexes, and grey hexes 
    around you. The brick colored ones don't have random encounters. The dark ones 
    do. And grey hexes are not navigable until you've laid hexes on them. You 
    can see the details of the hex you're standing on at the bottom of the screen. 
    We'll get some hexes to lay down later. But before then, pay a visit to the
    The arena's closed. But go to the counter on the very left of the screen for 
    the battle tutorial. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The system is very unique and takes 
    some time getting used to. I know it's a hassle to go through it, but it's 
    vital that you understand it. When you're done, leave the arena.
    Now let's go through the missions. 
    Mission: Bridge Restoration
    Visit Back Alley(dark squares around the arena) to trigger a fight. If there 
    is an enemy(or two) that says "leader", target them. When the leader(s) die, 
    you win the fight. But you also get normal drops from all enemies on screen. 
    They're easy enough, but if you're having trouble, use hero jump with a 
    handgun user to take them out quicker. Since you'll kill an enemy per jump, 
    your hero gauge should not go down. You should receive a hex after the battle.
    If not, trigger another fight.
    Press X to bring up the hex menu, and lay the hex by the rainy bridge. And 
    talk to familiar staffer to finish the mission.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Pest Extermination
    Go to the red-colored hex with the exclamation mark. Press A to trigger the 
    fight. Again, use hero jump with handgun users to win easily. You can equip 
    the dot sight on a gun. I suggest HG for now.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Lex's Knives
    Go to Core Lift 1 and give the knives to the guy that looks like a chef. If 
    you're not triggering anything, it's because you haven't talked to your 
    client, Rose, yet by the guild.
    ---End Mission---
    Story Mission: Star from the Heavens
    Lay hexes until you can reach Cafe Chelsey. Fight more if necessary. Enter for
    a scene. You can also return to Ebel City at this time to activate the next 
    mission and save some time. When ready, go up Core Lift 1.
    Pater only appears at night. So if it's day, just wander around on the world 
    map to speed up the passage of time. Enter Pater's manor for a scene at night 
    ---End Mission---
    What the Maid Lost
    You need to check the bulletin board to activate this mission.
    Go to Theresa's Manor and talk to the maid. The broken watch can be activated
    using a hex by the lift. Give it to her to complete the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    That's all for the prologue. When ready, go back to your base and advance to
    Chapter 1.
    // Chapter 1 - CHP01 //
    You should knwo the drill by now. Go to the guild and pick up the quests. 
    Then talk to Familiar Staffer and the old man in front of the shop to activate 
    their quest.
    Note: Try to at least get at least one character to lv2 machine gun. This 
    allows that person to save up two rounds before firing. Machine gun scratch 
    damage becomes more important as the game goes on.
    Mission: An Act of Kindness
    Check Leanne's room for Bongo the Clown. Give it to Daniel. 
    ---End Mission---
    Story Mission: The Garden Party
    Go to Theresa's Manor on level 3. If it's night, walk around on the world map 
    until it's day. After the scene, you'll get some red hexes that you'll need
    very soon.
    ---End Mission---
    Go down to level 4 and activate the red hex to open a path to level 6. If you 
    lack white hexes, consider go to the arena. At least win 3 fights. But no 
    need to win more. Use hero jumps if you have trouble, as enemies might be too
    difficult for just regular attacks.
    Mission: Power Station Checkup
    Lay hexes to the power station. Return to Familiar Staffer to complete the 
    ---End Mission---
    Story Mission: A Battlefield Revisited
    Lay hexes to Lucia and enter. Save at the energy station and enter the 
    dungeon. Make sure your MG user has magazine equipped. If you've been 
    customizing a bit, make sure to put your best parts on the MG. 
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Lucia---
    1. Aim for the Fat Gangsters first. The reason is because they have long range 
    attacks. Whereas the other enemies need to get close to deal damage. You can 
    move your characters around to avoid close range attacks easily. So they're
    less of a priority. One round of MG + HG should kill one gangster using hero
    2. The drum carriers will blow up if you destroy the drum(likely if you're 
    going by my method of hero jumping all over the place). It's easy hero gauge
    replenishment if you need one.  
    3. Make sure you open any boxes after clearing out a hex.
    4. The Gremlins are easy kills for replenishing hero gauges. No need for MG to
    kill them. 
    5. If you get into critical condition and have no good way of getting out of 
    it, retry the level instead. A non-filled hero gauge is a bad thing in 
    dungeons. It will cost you some money. But the cost is quite feasible.
    6. The boss is at the 2nd-to-last hex. If want to prepare first before 
    engaging, make sure to leave the dungeon before then. Preparing would make the
    boss much easier. Simply look at the next section on how to do so. If you want
    a challenge or simply don't want to redo the dungeon again, press on instead.
    Boss: Tar Man - Level 17 HP 350
    My level: 4/4/4
    MG user should equip metal-coated rounds(from doll quest). Hero jump towards 
    the boss. If MG level is 2 or 3, save up rounds before attacking so you can 
    gain extra damage benefit. Followed by another hero jump by HG user. This 
    should take out much of the shields. Then equip Hollow-Point Rounds on MG user
    if you have some. Again hero jump at the boss. Followed by another round from 
    a HG user. You should be able to win before you get criticaled. Note that if a 
    Drum Carrier gets close to Tar Man, you can blow it up to deal damage to the 
    boss. Drum Carriers are also good for replenishing your hero gauge.
    If you're close but no cigar, simply retry for a small fee. If for some reason
    you're failing miserably continously, load your save outside, go through the 
    dungeon until right before the boss, and leave. Prepare accordingly in the 
    next section before engaging.
    ---End Mission---
    Now you can try your hand at customization.
    Visit the weapon shop, visit the scrapper and scrap all the items that are 
    marked as scrap for parts. DON'T scrap other items for now. 
    You should have a bunch of scrap irons, which you can use for Compact Scope 
    Betas and other items. Compact Scope Betas sell for 1100 more than they 
    cost to tinker. So equip enough scopes for your guns, and sell the rest for 
    extra money. Use that to buy barrels and magazines for your guns. You do get 
    a HG magaine+2 next chapter. So if you want to save money, just get one for 
    When ready, advance to the next chapter.
    // Chapter 2 - CHP02 //
    If you haven't already, Switch your MG around so they level up evenly, because 
    character level(sum of your weapon levels) determine your HP and weight limit.
    So it's important you level them all at least somewhat. But ignore grenades 
    for now. 
    Visit the guild. Talk to the  clients to start their quests. Also visit the 
    Arena if you want some extra levels. Don't bother fighting more than 3 per 
    Mission: Lost in Darkness
    Check Core Lift 1 and then Cafe Chelsey for it. Return it to end the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: A Father Attacked
    Check the red ! on the map to trigger a fight. The boss has a lot of HP. But 
    thankfully, you don't have to always use hero jump in this fight, as the boss 
    doesn't attack long range. Just alternate MG/HG to slowly kill it. If it gets
    too close to a character, jump away and continue. Return the pen to finish the
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Salvage Hunt
    Machine Gear at the power station drop them. If you want to complete this 
    quest first, just kill the machine gun gear in the first room, leave, and 
    repeat until you have 3. Otherwise, just give him the items after you complete
    the dungeon in the next mission.
    ---End Mission---
    Story Mission: Blackout
    Go to the Hughes Power Station. Make sure you have escape hexes for leaving. 
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Hughes Power Station---
    1. Machine Gun Gears and Dwellestsneed to be filtered by a MG user before 
    using a HG to finish off. Stray Curs can be killed using just a HG hero jump. 
    Pistol Dwellers should be killed straight with HG. The gunmen's kind of 
    inbetween in terms of how you want to kill it. You can, with good reflexes, 
    scratch two of them in one jump and knock them out with another jump. 
    2. If a character's low on health, keep in mind you can keep them out of 
    harm's way by jumping them behind bunkers and other objects. And wait for 
    scratch damage to refill. 
    3. Take the right path at the split for all the items. The left to get to the
    4. If you get into critical condition and have no good way of getting out of 
    it, retry the level instead. A non-filled hero gauge is a bad thing in 
    5. You don't have to kill all enemies to advance to the next hex, unless you 
    see a barrier. This is more for if you decide to go through the dungeon 
    multiple times for safety sake. Or if you just don't care to kill lv5 enemies 
    over and over for little exp. A good way to leave a hex quickly is to target a 
    low level enemy with a HG and hero jump to the exit. This way you replenish 
    your gauge before you exit.
    6. Drum cans can kill a lot of stuff if you use them right. They're very 
    easily destroyed.
    7. Last hex on the left side is the boss.
    Boss: Tesla Tortoise lv28 HP: 750
    My levels: 8/8/7
    Equip metal-coated rounds on the MG user. Make sure it's not targeted(have 
    someone else move first). And hero jump to scratch much of its shields. The 
    Tortoise should attack and electricute another person. But you have two HG 
    users. So the non-electricuted HG hero jump to take out the shield.
    Now, the 2nd round, see where the boss lacks shield. Try to hero move towards 
    that open area but DON'T jump. This way you can concentrate on the main body. 
    If you do it right and attack pass the shield, you should be able to scratch 
    its entire body HP. If you don't, you should still take out quite a bit, and 
    finish it off in a 2nd run.
    The two key aspect of this fight is to equip metal coated rounds for extra 
    damage, and making sure the MG user doesn't get electricuted. If s/he does, 
    then you're kind of screwed in terms of damage dealing. You can either reset 
    the fight or try hitting him with grenades. But if the MG user is fine, this 
    should be a quick and easy fight.
    When done, use an escape hex unless you need to farm more stuff.
    ---End Mission---
    If you've done all the missions till now, you should get some stuff from the 
    guild in your mailbox. Advance to the next chapter when you wish.
    // Chapter 3 - CHP03 //
    Go to the guild to open up the side missions. The usual. 
    Mission: The Effort to Stand
    The client is inside the guild. The person he seeks is above the guild 
    entrance. Easy mission.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: A Father Missing
    Talk to Familiar Staffer. Talk to his his father at Cafe Chelsey and return 
    the news to finish the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    Rebel Suppression
    Hotspots near the lv6 elevator. Easy wins.
    ---End Mission---
    When you're done, Go up Core Lift 1.
    You may now access parts of level 2 and even level 1. Not really a big deal 
    since they don't offer anything amazing. If you're thinking of laying down
    hexes for items, wait a bit. You'll need quite a few for the upcoming story
    Story Mission: The Search for Beauty
    Visit Garigliano's Manor to get your mission. On level 4, make a path to the
    5th level elevator and then lay hexes all the way to the Forest of Idols. 
    IGNORE the glowing red hexes. They are optional boss fights. You may be able 
    to take them on right now. But if you try, make sure to save first. Because 
    you can't run away from them. They are HARD at this point.
    If you're the type who grinds, take some time and fight in the area around the
    energy station. These fights are good for collecting items. Since you only 
    have to take out the leader to win, they're also fairly easy. The scrap they
    leave can be used to upgrade some of your equipment. Also visit Plaster Forest
    first to raid it for items. 
    When ready, enter the Bronze Forest. 
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Bronze Forest---
    1. Bombermans can explode if you kill one particular shield. You can aim for 
    one to help take out a group. Also lots of drums to help things out.
    2. Not much else to say. Generic dungeon with no side paths. 2nd to last hex 
    is the boss.
    Boss: Caligula lv27 HP 1175.
    My levels: 10/10/10
    It's actually considered a semi-hard type enemy, which I found weird. Anyway, 
    metal-coated magazine on the MG unless you have incendiary bullets. In which 
    case equip those. Don't bother with the small fries, and go for the boss 
    himself. Once you take out the shielding, molotov cocktails deal tons of 
    damage to the main body. 
    This is the first boss fight where you may take a lot of damage. Plan your 
    jumps so you can heal properly. If you really have trouble, use your molotov 
    Afterwards, enter the last hex for a scene. Leave, and reenter the Forest of 
    Idols. This time go to the Open Air Studio to complete the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    Advance to the next chapter when ready.
    // Chapter 4 - CHP04 //
    As always go to the guild to pick up the missions. Miranda's in the clothing
    Mission: The Broken Sewing Machine
    The middle ! mark is the boss that you need to beat. The two side ones contain 
    4 machinegun gears. Your choice on whether to fight the optional ones or not.
    The main boss is lv35 but appears alone. If you use metal-coated bullets, he 
    should go down fairly fast. Doesn't really do much damage, so you're not in a 
    race to see who dies first. A good candidate to raise some grenade levels.
    Return to Miranda to complete the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: All-Natural Meat
    You need a quality meat. On your way to the Forest of Idols, you'll get into a 
    forced encounter with 3 Dwellests. They should drop at least one meat. If not, 
    you can find Dwellests in the Hughes Power Station. Before tackling the next
    Storyline mission, it might be worth your while to trek back up to level 3 to
    get the reward. And equip the new magazine for you MG.
    ---End Mission---
    Rebel Suppression 2
    3 ! points on level 6 near Lucia. Two of them contain 3x lv16 thugs. One with 
    4x thugs. Take out the 3x thugs first. If your levels are low, it will grow by 
    1-2 in these fights. Which prepares you for the 4x thug fight. I actually had 
    trouble with that one at lv12. 
    ---End Mission---
    Try to finish the above mission before the story mission if you can, because
    the incendiary rounds are useful for the next boss. But it's not necessary.
    Story Mission: The Invitation/Honourable Work
    Go to the Forest of Idols and enter the Open Air Studio to start the dungeon.
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Open Air Studio---
    1. DO NOT LET THE IDOL DIE!!! Try to do your best not to let the idol take
    much damage. If it does get scratched significantly in any hex, retry the hex 
    rather than move on.
    2. Lots of drums here that you can explode to take out multiple enemies. 
    Considering you have an idol to worry about, I suggest you take advantage of 
    them. Leveling is more trouble than its worth.
    3. The boss is in the 2nd-to-last hex. Make sure you enter it with full 
    Boss: Return of Caligula lv27 HP: 1750
    My levels: 13/14/13
    Pretty easy boss in general, as long as the idol isn't nearly dead. If you 
    have incendiary rounds, use that to soften up the boss. Otherwise, straight 
    molotov cocktails will do the trick. Try to hit its body parts, since they drop 
    nice items. A few hero jumps with molotovs kill the boss rather nicely. Don't 
    worry about "wasting" them. They're quite easy to obtain later on. And 
    grenades aren't really all that useful in this game anyway.
    If you're really having trouble, and have molotov cocktail+ available, use 
    Continue to the next screen for a scene, and you're done.
    ---End Mission---
    When ready, advance to the next chapter.
    // Chapter 5 - CHP05 //
    The difficulty goes up a notch this chapter. So we're going to spend some time 
    on the guns. Also start using some grenades to clean up enemies after they've 
    been scratched. You should be able to quickly get everyone up to lv4-5 
    grenades. Always help to get some extra HP.
    You should have gazillion Scrapped Gun MQ/Scrapped Weapon MQ from the last two
    chapters. Scrap most of them(maybe save a few in case of synthesis use) for 
    scrap iron. And then make/sell Scope Betas. You should have a decent amount of 
    money. More than enough to buy the gun in the shop. Replace B-N84 with your 
    new gun. If you're thinking of dual wielding handguns because you've been 
    grinding, don't bother. It's mostly a pointless exercise until you get your
    2nd Machine Gun. 
    You should still have some money left over. If you want more money, consider 
    doing the "More Merchandise!" mission first. But don't spend it on anything 
    else for now. We'll need it later.
    Mission: More Merchandise!
    You'll need 5 arm/torso/leg/head set. You should already have quite a few of 
    everything except head. For exact enemies that carry the one you miss, check 
    the bestiary. For heads, I recommend fighting near the energy station(don't go
    inside the dungeons). Because you only have to kill the leader in these 
    fights. I found the outside battles can land you everything except for legs. 
    If you lack those, Open Air Studio is where they're at.
    This mission could take a while depending on your luck. And the extra scrap 
    MQs can turn into Scope Beta and money! So it's not all that bad. :)
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: The Prelate's Medal
    If you haven't already, go to level 6 near Lucia and activate the hexes around 
    it. Make sure you get the item !Prelate's Medal. Take it up to Theresa's Manor 
    to complete the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    Story Mission: Barbarella's Crisis / Mission: Igniting Creativity
    Visit Garigliano's Manor to activate his quest. Then go to Jean Paulet's Manor
    and photograph the idol there.
    Then visit Barbarella on level 2 to activate her mission.
    Finally, go down to level 6 and into Lucia. Go back to where you put the 
    flower earlier. Take a snapshot of the idol there.
    Now it's time to go further down. Lay a line of hexes to Core Lift 2 and 
    travel down to level 8.
    Lay hexes all the way to Cranktown and Crank Seminary. Seminary is where the 
    last idol stands. Take a snapshot shot. And return to Garigliano for the 
    reward. It's pretty useful for the next story dungeon. But if you're 
    confident, you can wait until you're done with everything here before heading 
    back. It's a pretty long, annoying trip to level 3, after all.
    ---End Missions---
    New Town: Cranktown
    Not a mission, just another town. Take a look around, and be sure to upgrade 
    your machine gun here. If you lack the money, no need to fully deck out the 
    handguns. The MG is the most important upgrade. For reference, I had 68-speed 
    and 13%-acc on my MG. If my boss strategy isn't working out for you, it might 
    be because you haven't really upgraded your MG. Also buy some Cold Padding if
    you have extra cash. If you STILL have extra cash, fully deck out one 
    handgun. No need for two, since it's redundant. Infinite Money Trick kicks in 
    next chapter. So don't gripe too hard if you lack the funds now.
    Oh, and be sure to save some money for retry purposes. They're 600 a pop right
    Story Mission: Not to be Denied
    When prepared, visit the Silver Canyon.
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Silver Canyon---
    Setup: MG+Magazine, Better customized HG+First Aid, Crappy HG+Grenade. Anti-
    ice gear if you have them. 
    1. Enemies can freeze you. If they freeze the MG user, use molotovs to kill
    the rest. 
    2. East bridges aren't passable. But they have useful items like incendiary 
    rounds and anti-ice. Be sure to go through them and grab the stuff.
    3. Chemist's Closet is useless for now.
    3. Overall not a difficult dungeon as long as you've upgraded your MG. You 
    should also easily be able to level up grenades to at least lv5 for everyone. 
    There are a lot of enemies on each screen though. So you do need to conserve 
    your gauge a bit. Not a big deal. Try to get your MG user close to the enemy
    without being targeted. Build up as many charges as you can before firing.
    4. If you need leveling, Walker enemies are good targets. Make sure the person 
    you level take out the body HP bar to get the exp. 
    5. Before you enter Refrigia, give your MG to the person with the highest MG 
    level. Also equip him with an ice-resistant vest if you have it. Second hex in
    Refrigia is the boss.
    Boss: Yeti lv54 HP: 2500
    My levels: 24/24/24
    Because the boss(and his minions to a lesser degree) can freeze you, some 
    strategy's in order. I assume you've ordered your character so the MG goes 
    first. Equip incendiary rounds(like I need to tell you that) and walk, NOT 
    hero jump, forward. You should be able to see the boss charging his attack at 
    you. When it reaches red, immediately stop and plan a hero jump. If you time 
    the jump correctly, the boss should attack during your jump, making it miss.
    Giving you some free damage right off the bat.
    3 rounds of MG/HG hero jumps should kill the boss. If you have trouble, anti-
    ice may help a bit. Also be ready with cures from your healer should someone 
    get frozen. But none of that should matter if you jump correctly. Because the
    boss will die before he can do any real damage.
    Leave the dungeon and go to Le Chit-Chat Noir by the lift to end the mission.
    ---End Mission---
    There are 3 more missions you can pick up. Although which and how many shows 
    up at any time I'm not sure. You may have to complete certain missions to 
    unlock these.
    Mission: Motive Undeclared
    Go down to level 9(need to lay more hexes) and open a path to Dakota Vein. If 
    you're feeling confident, give the dungeon a shot. There's a new MG at the 
    end. I'd personally wait a bit before going. But give it a shot if you like.
    Afterwards, return to lv4 Cafe Chelsey to complete the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: The Sign
    Visit the traveling salesman at the Forsaken to begin the quest. The real boss 
    is the one closest to the core lift. At least in my game, not sure if it's 
    random. My strategy is to simply bust the oil drums surrounding the boss 
    quickly with 1-2 rounds of HG hero jumps. Then MG + metal-coated rounds to 
    finish off the boss.
    Return the sign to complete the mission. 
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: A Small Errand
    The client is at Core Lift 1. Take his package to the Bascilica. There are 3 
    sections to level one. You'll need to unlock the elevator that's closest to 
    Barbarella's Manor to reach it.
    ---End Mission---
    When ready, advance to the next chapter.
    // Chapter 6 - CHP06 //
    First thing first, don't bother with dual-wielding handguns like Vashyron 
    says. It's bad advice. You should only dual-wield MGs, and only when you can 
    carry both MG almost fully customized. Also change Zephar to cloth B. Go to 
    the guild to pick up your missions. 
    Oh, and there's more stuff you can synthesize at the Ebel shop. Most of the
    things you lack material for now. But keep it in mind for later.
    Mission: The Fashion Check
    Go to Garigliano's Manor and have him scold Zephar's choice of clothing. You 
    DID make sure Zephar wore his B cloth, right? Keep the magazine for the next
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Fashion is Art
    This is unlocked after you visit Garigliano. Give the magazine you got for 
    completing the previous mission to Miranda. 
    ---End Mission---
    Now go back to the guild to unlock another mission. Now go down to level 7. 
    Make sure you talked to Burnell beforehand to start his mission though.
    Mission: The Courage to Walk
    Give the card to the guy in the white coat in Cranktown. Mission complete.
    ---End Mission---
    Now, the next few things you can do in any order you want. If you're the 
    careful type, this is the preferred order.
    1. Infinite Money Making. See: Money Making section in the sidequest(IMM01)
       Then use the money to buy/upgrade anything you missed previously due to 
       lack of funds.
    2. Freight Request Mission - This is a fairly easy mission.
    3. Cold Medicine Mission
    4. Rebel Suppression 3 Mission - Fairly difficult
    If you're the type who wants a challenge, do #3 and #4 while you're on level 
    7. Buy the materials for money-making. Then initiate #2. This is the path of
    least traveling.
    Story Mission: Cold Medicine
    Before going in, try to have some hollow-point rounds+. And maybe metal-coated
    Rounds+ too. You can synthesize both at shops.
    Yet another trip through the damn Silver Canyon. If you're annoyed about 
    fighting more gremlins and chilly dogs, just walk through the hexes without 
    bothering to kill them. You'd be surprised at how easily you can move around 
    against enemies with no long-range attacks. Make sure you save before entering 
    the Chemist's Closet. Equip your HG user with the ice-resistant vest.
    Boss: Cannon Colossus lv61 HP:4000
    My Level: 25/25
    Pretty difficult fight IMO. But there is a trick. First, equip Hollow+ rounds. 
    Then have your HG user walk forward so the boss targets him. Move him to one
    side, and the boss will turn his way. This is important because the boss's 
    back is unshielded. When the boss turns to his side, hero run the MG user so 
    that his run ends near the back of the boss. Hero run(not jump) and unload 
    your ammo when you pass by the gap in his shield. You should deal a ton 
    of damage(I took off ~80% of the HP). And if you did this right, the boss 
    during your run would likely get really close to the HG user. And his attack 
    would miss! But if he hits, hope that he doesn't get frozen. If he does... 
    reset the battle.
    If you want to go for the boss' body parts, then use metal-coated rounds 
    This is less stressful in terms of execution. But longer to take down the 
    Return to your base to complete the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Freight Request
    The client's in Cranktown. Accept his cargo, and you'll get a lot of forced 
    encounters on your way back to Ebel City. The enemies can deal a lot of 
    damage, so make full use of the bunkers to keep yourself safe. Especially if 
    you're doing this without Leanne. 
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Rebel Suppression 3
    Yet another kill everything mission. This one I found kind of hard. And you 
    should try this after you've fully upgraded and have Leanne back. If you 
    REALLY have trouble, keep resetting the fights until you get a full scratch 
    trigger with your first hero jump. By now, money should no longer be an issue.
    ---End Mission---
    Advance to the next chapter when ready.
    // Chapter 7 - CHP07 //
    Go to the guild to pick up missions. Talk to Burnell in the guild. If you
    haven't already, I strongly suggest picking up Strongman's Bangle from the
    Arena right now.
    Mission: The Town of Hope
    Visit Pater's Mansion. For his task, look up how to activate a terminal if 
    you forgot. If you wish to grind at the arena sometime during the game,
    refer to the sidequest Arena section (ARE01), and you can complete this 
    quest while hooking up terminals to the Arena.
    If not, just use the most abundant colored hexes in your possession to 
    activate the 1.5 EXP terminal.
    ---End Mission--- 
    Mission: The Hope to Advance
    The person he seeks is in Cranktown near the hotel. Give him the lens to
    complete the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Emergency Call-Up!
    Traveling Merchant's at the Waterless Bridge. Take her letter to her sister, 
    who sells items in Albana. 
    ---End Mission---
    The following quests should appear after you've done with the previous ones.
    I'm not sure the exact trigger for their appearance. Just be sure to check a
    guild board before advancing.
    Mission: A Seductive Proposal
    Talk to Juliet at the Core Lift 2. Give her your HG Magazine+4. It's not that
    necessary anyway. Her tip will net you some money. But not really a big deal
    given how rich you should be by now.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: The Mystery Beauty
    Talk to Postman at Core level 1. Take his letter to the Waterless Bridge and
    give it to the woman there.
    ---End Mission---
    Stuff to do on the lower levels.
    This city offers new items for customizing. 
    Not much story importance. But the enemies here are strong. Fight a bit on the
    map(run after you do some damage if you can't win the fights) and you should
    level up pretty fast.
    If you want, now's a good time to fight some of the glowing red hex bosses.
    When ready, proceed with the mission.
    Story Mission: The Hunt for Gelsey
    Lay a bunch of hexes to Mine 24 on level 11. And enter. Equip anti-physical 
    accessories if you have them.
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Mine 24---
    1. Not much to say anymore about dungeons. All the normal tips still apply.
    Things like aiming for enemies with long range fire over short range attackers
    or try to stay on full hero gauge when entering each hex.
    2. Highway hunters have lots of goodies for synthesis. Try to destory all its
    parts. Which means don't use armor-piercing bullets for quick kills. In 
    general, different parts of big machines and tall goliath looking enemies tend
    to be very good for farming customization parts.
    3. The side hexes don't contain anything important. If you're lazy, just go 
    straight through the dungeon.
    2. The boss is at the final hex.
    Boss: Gelsey lv50 HP: 7500
    My levels: 40/40/41
    I did a lot of side stuff in this chapter, so my levels went up quite a bit.
    EASY Boss, as long as you have hollow point rounds. I had Hollow-Point++ and 
    lv18 MG user. Took out 90% of his HP in one go. The lack of body part make him
    ridiculously quick to take down. 
    ---End Mission---
    Use an Escape Hex to leave. And advance to the next chapter when ready.
    // Chapter 8 - CHP08 //
    Pick up your side missions as usual. I suggest you hold off on the ones 
    involving battles until you get Leanne back. 
    Mission: Cleaned Out by Creativity
    Visit Miranda at her usual place. You should have gazillion Fabrics Scraps by
    now. If you lack the 80 needed, visit the traveling merchant.
    ---End Mission---
    Story Mission: Snooping Around
    Head to Patertopolis on lv6.
    You'll have some forced battles with Gangsters. If they deal too much damage,
    have you HG user move a bit so the gangster target him. Then the MG user can 
    hero run without ending in the middle of a crossfire. 
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Patertopolis---
    1. Don't try to run away too much. There are certain hexes with pretty nasty
    enemies. And you don't want to enter the battle in less than optimal condition.
    When dealing with enemies that deal tons of damage, try to end your hero 
    jump/run at a blind spot for the enemy. 
    2. Don't get close to the poison gremlins. Poison in this game is much more 
    harmful than in most RPGs. If you get poisons, cure it ASAP. If too much of 
    your health is depleted, reset the battle.
    3. Boss is at the 2nd to last hex.
    Boss: Tri-Stamp lv73 HP: 7500
    My levels: 43/44
    By far the most important aspect of his fight is to take out the boss' big
    hammer thing that he carries. MG user should equip metal-coated rounds and 
    hero jump to that side of the boss. Then finish it off with the HG user. 
    Once the big hammer thing is off, the boss' attacks become much less 
    threatening. When his body parts are mostly off, switch to hollow-point rounds 
    to finish off the boss.
    By now, you should have quite a few HG levels. And you should be starting to
    use that to stun bosses and other enemies to make fights easier.
    ---End Mission---
    Now go back to Ebel City and pick up the last mission of the chapter.
    Mission: Different Values
    Talk to the client at the Basilica. You need to go to Frued Remnants on level
    8. The dungeon's not difficult considering you've made it this far. There's 
    always Etasia and the Arena for leveling if you need it.
    Mission: Water Beast Gone Dry
    Another kill the enemy mission. Unfortunately I forgot to take notes while
    fighting them. So sorry, no real advice. They are lv45 and have 5000HP. Main
    body's semi-soft, so hollow-point rounds should up the damage. 
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Top Secret
    Simple delivery mission. The client Sammy's at Core Lift 1. And you need to 
    give the letter to Kate at Core Lift 2.
    ---End Mission---
    When ready, advance to the next chapter. 
    // Chapter 9 - CHP09 //
    Pick up missions from the guild.
    Story Mission: Lucia Sacred Sign
    Go to Antaurion Manor on level 2 and talk to him.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Authentic Cuisine
    Go to Barbarella's Manor and talk to Lex. Give the dish to Rose in Ebel City.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Serious Advice
    Check the bulletin for a new mission. Go back to Rose. Take her receipe to her
    Note: The +12 magazine's pretty long. You may have to move your MG around to 
    make it fit well.
    ---End Mission---
    Story Mission: Search for the Sacred Sign
    Go to Lucia... *sigh* yet more crappy gangsters to waste time on...
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Lucia v2.0---
    1. If you can, try to kill the wrecking ballers until they drop a luxury meat.
    It's for a mission later on.
    2. Only one forced battle against 2 Tar Armors. Not difficult if your MG(s) 
    up to snuff. If you're REALLY feeling brave, try taking out its side body parts
    for a Scrapped Eater TAR2. It's useful in a later chapter. But likely too 
    difficult for now.
    3. At the 2nd to last hex, take the NE white exit.
    4. Save and enter the Parkway for the boss fight.
    Boss: Jalopy Golem lv74. HP: 9400
    At this point, it's hard to give detailed strategy because of the various
    difference in gun customization and levels. But some pointers.
    1. DO NOT LAND IN FRONT OF THE BOSS. If you do, his guns will likely take away
    all your HP and put you in critical. Always make sure to end up being on his
    2. His body is semi-soft. So hollow-point rounds. That said, I'm sure some of
    you are already dual-wielding MGs. Which is just fine as well.
    3. His side body parts go out very quickly. Then concentrate on hitting his 
    4. To clean up scratch damage, try to use the HG user with the highest level,
    and the fastest HG. If you can keep the boss in perma-stun, and HP break him 
    a lot, the fight is pretty much over.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Lady in Red
    This mission pisses me off. So many crappy enemies. Takes so long to kill...
    Anyway. Start the mission by talking to Miranda. Go to Cranktown and kill
    gazillion patsies on the way. Get the stuff and return to Miranda.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Feel Better: Kitty Dog!
    Client's in Albona near the inn.
    Give the girl a Luxury Meat you got in Lucia to her. If you don't have one, 
    go back to Lucia and kill those bowling balls until you do.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: A Letter to My Girl
    David's on the screen with the shops. Take his letter to Joanne at Core lift 3. 
    ---End Mission---
    When ready, move on to the next chapter.
    // Chapter 10 - CHP10 //
    Get you missions from the guild as usual. Go visit Barbarella and Pater's maid
    first so you can activate their missions.
    Story Mission: Crank Seminary
    On your way to the Crank Seminary, you'll get into a forced battle with 7 
    gunmans. This may be a difficult fight depending on your level. Make sure you 
    equip any damage-reducing accessories you have. And try to stun them when
    possible(Coil the HG to max for best stun possibility). Also try to end your 
    hero run/jump away from the enemies, as bullets miss more often with distance.
    The other forced battles are easy enough.
    See the scene at Crank Seminary to end this chapter's mission.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Chicken Gruel for the Soul
    You don't need Zephyr for this. It's at the place where you got Leanne's 
    medicine, Chemist's closet. Pretty easy dungeon for this time. No boss either.
    You'll need to give Barbarella the medicine to complete the mission.
    ---End Mission---
    Go back to your base to get Zephyr back.
    Mission: Patar's Message
    The item you want is at the very last hex. You'll want Zephyr here if you 
    decide to actually fight through the dungeon. Otherwise, it's not hard to 
    simply run through it with Vashyron and Leanne. No boss or any other forced
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Rebel Suppression 4
    The targets are on level 6. 4 sets of gangsters. Annoying, boring, and may be
    difficult if you lack the HP to soak up their gun damage. I can't really find
    any true strategy given the lack of terrain. Maybe some sort of grenade 
    strategy. Anyway, if you can't beat them even with your best damage-reducing
    accessories, level up.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: The Secret Medicine
    Talk to Stanley in Cranktown. He needs a Beast's Beard Mushroom a Matango 
    Walker. Which is the middle of the 4 hotspots. 
    Use metal coated rounds to break its outer shell, and hollow point 
    rounds for the inside. Two of his parts are resistant to physical damage, so
    magazine is better than dual wield. At low levels, this could be difficult.
    Return to Stanley for the reward.
    ---End Mission---
    Make a save before you go on to the next chapter. In case you can't beat
    the next boss. I'll refrain from further comment due to spoilers. But 
    just make an extra save and you should be fine.
    // Chapter 11 - CHP11 //
    You only control Zephyr now. Equip a MG and either a HG or Grenade. Also 
    physical damage reducing accessories. 
    Time for one-on-one battle.
    Story Mission: A Visitor from the Past
    Head to the traffic cone and...
    Boss: Lagerfeld lv48 HP:7500
    Perhaps my favorite boss fight. Just something really cool about such a 
    confrontation and the battle dialogue. Here are a few things about it.
    1. Zephyr fights alone. Which means he must have ways to deal both scratch 
    damage AND direct damage. Hopefully you didn't equip the wrong stuff. If so,
    reload your last save.
    2. Lagerfeld has this disappearing act, followed by reappearance and massive 
    damage to Zephyr. Don't worry too much about this. He doesn't do it often. 
    Which means you have plenty of time to recuperate your lost scratch damage.
    This is his most damaging attack. Everything else is no big deal. And he 
    doesn't use it too often.
    NOTE: YOU CAN AVOID THIS ATTACK. If he disappeared when you're not in a hero
    action, then just walk around until he appears again. Then simply move to the
    side and he will not hit you. If you're in a hero action and he disappears.
    Immediately cancel hero action and you may have time to walk away.
    3. Use hero runs the entire time. His attacks are fast and usually go off 
    before you can wound your MG. 
    4. You should be able to kill him before your gauge runs out. If not, make sure
    you have a HG and try to HP break him for more potential hero gauge refillings.
    But it should be unnecessary unless your aim's horrible.
    ---End Mission---
    Okay. Reequip your characters and let's get started on the rest of the 
    Mission: A Beast on the Loose
    Speak to Patar's maid. She'll ask you to find his dog, who is at the Cathedral. 
    Go to the Cathedral, speak to the dog, and report back to the maid.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: A Dyeing Request
    Miranda wants an Iristone, which you'll get by beating Vibrant Tar Man in 
    East Ruins of the Frued Remnants. You can also get a Scrapped Eater TAR2 if 
    you kill a particular body part(not sure which). It's useful for a mission
    next chapter. But probably not a good idea unless you've really beefed up.
    Return the Iristone to Miranda to complete the mission. Although that can wait
    while you take care of other businesses here.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: The Roadblock
    Talk to David again in Albona. Then head to Dakoda Vein, and you should see the 
    red ! marks. If you've got decent customization on your dual MGs, they should 
    go down quickly. 
    If you have trouble, they're weak against ice(big shock I know), and you can
    equip anti-fire gear to help reduce the damage.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Making Amends
    Three fights. Each with two lv73 Tri-Stamps. Not really that hard, considering
    you can blow up a container(or wait for the enemy to do so) to freeze one for
    several turns. Again, get a lot of scratch damage in and take out the big 
    hammer thing. 
    If you're having trouble, then it's because you haven't been keeping up with 
    weapon customization. At this point, you should at least be able to dual-wield
    ---End Mission---
    When you're done with everything, wait a bit...
    You'll start the next chapter with Vashyron alone. And you have to beat the
    Story Mission before the other join you. For reference, my Vashyron level is
    22/23/9 in the playthrough I'm writing this walkthrough with. And it was a 
    pretty easy mission. But just in case keep a save before advancing. Better be 
    safe than sorry.
    // Chapter 12 - CHP12 //
    Go to the guild to pick up the missions. Before we start preparing for the 
    next dungeon, let's do a simple mission first.
    Mission: Christmas Cheer
    Talk to Theresa to start the mission. You need to then talk to Izzy in Ebel
    City to get the item. He'll want 10 Scrap Iron, 10 Scrap Bronze, and 1 
    Scrapped Hammer SH1. The first two you can easily scrap some items if you 
    lack the amount. The last item you should have from your tour to Dakota 
    Vein. If not and you don't want to risk Vashryon fighting there, then ignore 
    this mission forvnow.
    Note that if you talk to Izzy again, he'll tell you about Tree ornaments you
    can get. If you go to Cranktown and then Albona to get these ornaments, you'll 
    get some extra nice healing items. 
    ---End Mission---
    Now we can start preparing for the next dungeon. First thing first. Go to the 
    weapon shop now and buy the nice new MG available. You DID use the money trick 
    to get yourself more than enough, right?
    Afterwards, it's time to customize. Because Vash is by himself, try to deck out 
    your new MG as much as humanly possible. You should be able to fill out 
    almost the entire grid short of the bottom right corner. The other weapon 
    use either grenade or handgun. I'd take the HG though. The expander clip 
    from the last mission should help.
    For reference, my MG has 117/36%/25bullets. Took down the boss in two MG/HG 
    rounds. Oh, and equip physical damage reducing accessories.
    Story Mission: Wedding Crasher
    The boss is at the top center hex. Make sure you take out the enemies in the 
    hex right before it. So you can go in with full health/hero gauge. No need to
    clear the other hexes. They're just filled with worthless lv20 guards. 
    Boss: Dragonfly lv74 HP: 4625
    With the above MG setup, and lv22 MG for Vash, it was very quick kill. Not much 
    strategy involved, since you can't equip magazines or dual-wield. Simple 
    MG/HG combo and have enough HP to survive its attacks.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Not Available as Trash
    Before you head down Core Lift 2, make sure you have a Scrapped Eater TAR2 if 
    you wish to complete a mission. If you don't and wish to obtain one, go to
    Lucia. Equip all the anti-fire gear you have. Go to the 2nd-to-last screen 
    where Tar Man are at. Kill one. And then try to destroy all the body parts of
    the other WITHOUT killing the main body. This requires you to just concentrate
    your attacks on its shields(green stuff surrounding the enemy). And you should 
    get the item. If you didn't get it, exit and reenter to try again.
    Once you scrap it for an Armanium + other stuff, you can complete the mission
    by talking to Slash in Albona. But before then, make a stop at Cranktown.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: The Missing Brother
    Go to the guild to pick this one up. Visit Elisa in cranktown. She only
    appears at night at the right edge of the shop screen. 
    Now go to Crank Seminary and examine the glittering spot on the ground. Return
    the broken glasses to her.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Going Gangbusters
    4 battles. One particular fight with 2 ATM tanks that can be nasty. Especially 
    if lack the HP to take the pounding like I was(lv50ish). In which case, 
    anti-damage helps a bit. As do hoping for some stuns. Can take a few tries, 
    but generally you'll get lucky eventually, because while they dish a lot of 
    damage, they also fall pretty quickly.
    ---End Mission---
    When ready, advance to the next chapter.
    // Chapter 13 - CHP13 //
    Go to the guild as usual to pick up your missions. Talk to Miranda to start 
    Story Mission: The Christmas Party
    Don't worry too much about getting the "extra" prizes. It's just Perfect Aids.
    Good stuff, but not worth retrying for. I believe grenade levels help in terms
    of "damage" dealt. Whether you can clear a kid in one or two hits. Also try 
    not to get trapped by the kids or you could get stunned. 
    Anyway, just enjoy the wackiness!
    ---End Mission---
    Story Mission: A Christmas Prayer
    Go to the Bascilica as Leanne.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: The Future of Medicine
    Talk to Stanley. The guy you need to meet is a fat guy dressed in white at the
    top of Core Lift 2. Take the book back to Stanley.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: The Ravening Beasts
    The hotspots are near the Silver Canyon. I love this mission because it's 
    easy, and the leaders give TONS of experience. If you lack in grenade levels
    for any party member, now's the time to give them some quick exp. 
    The only enemy that may damage you a lot is the leader, lv74 Walker. But its 
    attack is close ranged, so don't get too close and you'll barely get scratched.
    ---End Mission---
    Now go down to level 10. While you're here, you might as well lay down the 
    entire level with hexes(mission next chapter) to save some trouble.
    Mission: Is it Just Me?
    Seriously, this David guy needs to change his occupation to being an agent. 
    It seems all he does is outsource his jobs... 
    Anyway, the hotspots are around Etasia. Don't have any strategies beyond the
    usual. Try not to get too close I guess would be the only tip.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: The Forefront of Fashion
    The item Miranda wants is in Etasia. Unfortunately, I forgot which area the 
    boss(Junker Behemoth) carrying it is in. If someone helps me out, I'd 
    appreciate it.
    Return the Vulcanized Hide to Miranda to complete the quest.
    ---End Mission---
    When ready, advance to the next chapter.
    // Chapter 14 - CHP14 //
    Well, things are finally starting to heat up after that long lull. Go to the
    guild to pick up your optional missions. I suggest you go through them before 
    the main one.
    Mission: A Thirst for Knowledge
    You need to cover the entire lv10 with hexes. If you haven't done so already,
    do it now and report to Antaurion. The reason to do this first is because you
    get the S-Rail Barrel, which allows your NP.05C gun to equip any of the cool
    +75 Scopes. 
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Showdown
    Kill a bunch of patsies near the Forest of Idols. You should know the drill
    with these missions by now.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: A Trivial Matter
    Talk to Stanley in Cranktown. And go through the Gran Idee Mines to grab his
    book. The mine should be pretty easy at this point in the game. 
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Showdown
    Enemies are near the Forest of Idols. You really shouldn't need strategies for
    these battles.
    ---End Mission---
    When you're done, go to Level 2. You should now have the hex to access the 
    previously unreachable elevator to the 1st level. Lay your hexes all the way
    to Aetersyl.
    This is the only dungeon in the entire game where you may get lost. So I have
    included my horrendously bad ASCII map to help. Hopefully it's not too bad.
       <_> _  B
    E1-E4 are entrance/exits to the Grand Hall
    There is a switch in E1. But you can only access it if you enter from E2 or E3
    B is where the boss will be once you've flipped the switch.
    And to a lesser extent, a nice gun part in one of the two hexes above it. 
    Forgot which one.
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Grand Hall---
    1. The basic direction is this. Enter through E1. Exit through E4. Enter 
    through E3 or E2. And head towards E1. Pull the switch at E1. You can 
    save by leaving through E1 after pulling the switch. Then head to E4.
    Your call whether you wish to re-customize your guns or not.
    2. The guards here can be difficult. Especially when they appear in huge 
    groups like on the E1 Hex. In terms of level, basically you need to be able 
    to fully scratch one enemy per MG turn. And have a HG user with high enough 
    level to often stun a second enemy by building up HG charges. This will keep 
    damage to you at a minimum. Of course, equip your best damage-reducing 
    accessories can help.
    Area outside Grand Hall is a great place to level up. There's alway a very 
    high enemy around. Even if you can't kill everything, do as much damage and
    run away. Since you can rest at any time, it's easy to refill your hero gauge.
    3. Anyway, when ready head to the E4 Hex.
    Storm Turret Leader
    Storm Turret Vulcan x2
    Storm Turret Cannon x4
    Storm Turret Medic 
    R-Commando Assults x3
    My levels: 64/66/67
    Normally I don't list the "patsies" in boss fights. Because that's all they
    are, patsies you can ignore usually. But in this fight, I list them because
    they're relevant to the fight. At least the turrets all do.
    Anyway, this battle introduces a new type of enemy with a new type of killing
    method - "Direct Kill". This means that if you take their shields, they DIE!
    This is very good to know because taking down their main body HP is 
    ridiculously hard.
    First thing first, take out the 3 patsies in front of you. The turrets will 
    not fire as long as you don't enter the gate.
    Now move MG user behind a bunker. Let's say the left one first. When done, move
    a grenade/HG user to that same bunker. Have him equip whichever weapon you
    need leveling more.
    Now have the MG user charge up as many rounds as he can before his time runs
    out. Note that I'm not telling you to hero jump or whatever. Just plain attack
    the closest turret. If your gun's powerful enough, it should deal full scratch
    damage to the SHIELD(NOT MAIN BODY). This is important. If it actually hits 
    the main body instead, you don't actually gain anything. Just wait until 
    it finishes, and then shoot down the shield. Then use HG/Grenade to clean up.
    The enemy should die and you should get a "direct kill" on screen. In addition
    to likely level ups.
    Repeat for all cannons, vulcans, and medic. The leader is likely too far away
    for your MG to charge enough. So when it's alone, hero jump towards the leader
    to take out its shields. and clean up the same way.
    ---End Mission---
    Advance to the next chapter when ready.
    // Chapter 15 - CHP15 //
    Do your usual thing with the guild. 
    Mission: Fashion Materials
    Give Miranda 20x Hide. You should already have enough. If not, try to scrap 
    parts with it. If you still lack them, go to the bestiary for find the 
    numerous enemies that carry it.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: This Gun's for You!
    The Moonlight Gem is in Mine 24, 2nd to last hex. The Human Fossil is 
    carried by a lv92 bone collector in Grand Edee Mines. Go SE at the first
    intersection in the mine to fight it.
    Return both to get a new Handgun.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Locked Trunk
    The hex is near the left turn when you head to Grand Edee Mines. Anyway, just
    unlock all the hexes near the mine to get it.
    ---End Mission--- 
    Story Mission: Search for Sullivan
    Go up to level 1 where Aetersyl is. Lay hexes to the Outer Wall, and then 
    save in Aetersyl.
    Go to the Outer Wall when ready. You'll first fight a group of guards. There
    is one leader. So it's a quick battle if your MG's up to snuff. Then enter the
    dungeon, which is only two hex long.
    Mobile Storm Cannon x3(Leaders)
    R-Commando Shotgun x2
    Mobile Storm Cannons are just like turrets from last chapter. Attack when it's
    shields are up and you can a direct kill easily. Whereas trying to go through
    its large amount of HP is pointless.
    The other enemies don't really give much exp. So ignore them. To see if it's
    okay to attack the Storm Cannons, check to see if it's charging. You can also
    see its animation where the gun pops up to attack. Jump with your MG
    user to fully scratch(and hopefully stun) it. Then a grenade or HG can clean
    One thing about Bahamut, the helicopter, is that its attacks will mostly miss 
    if targeting someone hugging the walls. So if you land your jumps to the side,
    you can avoid its damage. 
    ---End Mission---
    // Chapter 16 - CHP16 //
    When ready, go to the guild for the final time to get your optional missions.
    Mission: Rare Materials sought
    Izzy wants a Crystal Core and a Rare Metal Shard. If you don't mind parting
    with one of your xx-proof accessories, scrap one and give him the goods.
    DO NOT scrap the Hi-Polymer Padding under any circumstances. It's just too
    useful an item.
    Or you can just farm the items.
    For Crystal Core, kill Mad Goliaths in Grand Idee Mines or Goliath IV Lancer
    in the Bascillica(upcoming story dungeon). I've never gotten a single Crystal
    Core from any of these after killing at least 10 of them. So my guess is you
    have to kill off a particular part to get it. Personally, I think it's too
    much of a hassle myself. But if you're a completionist...
    For Rare Metal Shards, simply go to the closed road section of Cranktown and
    kill golden mimics(actually just killing the leader would do it). Not nearly
    as hard to get as Crystal Cores.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: Rebel Termination Order
    Of the ! hotspots, you want to find the one with the old man. He deals a ton 
    of damage, but easy to kill off. If you're looking for some experience, this
    isn't a bad fight. At least get your grenade levels up if you've been 
    ignoring them so far. His lack of body parts make grenades a good choice.
    To level up on him, simply attack but don't kill him. Run away, and repeat.
    ---End Mission---
    Mission: My Trauma
    Go to Hughes Power Station. After each time you attack the UFO catcher, it 
    will escape to the next hex. This mission is more annoying than difficult, 
    since enemies here should barely scratch you at this point in the game.
    ---End Mission---
    Note: If you've been doing all your missions in this game, you should be at
    999 points right now. You'll have to complete the last mission to get the 
    mission achievement. 
    Customize your weapons. Only one final dungeon to go(unless you're planning
    on visiting Neverland). So try to have some good weapons. Your next dungeon
    is a good place to level up too. So don't worry if you lack levels. Make sure
    you bring a long a station hex for resting and saving.
    Story Mission: The Basillica
    Again, make sure you put a station right outside the dungeon. If you're 
    worried about your gun speed not up to snuff, there's a 2x charge terminal
    right outside. It doesn't truly double charge rate depending on your 
    customization. But it helps quite a bit. Note that if you have goodly 
    customization of your guns(maybe 200/40% or something), you can disregard
    this. Charge speed also effects enemies, so it's not all beneficial. Still, 
    IMO it's more helpful to you unless your guns are more than fast enough by 
    I tried this dungeon twice. Once in a "complete game"(missions, optional 
    bosses, dungeons) all done, and once with only decent set up and not close to
    top level customization/levels. In my complete game, the dungeon was a joke. 
    So if you've been methodically leveling and following my guide in completing
    quests and arena, you can blow through it pretty easily. In my not-so-complete
    game, I got stuck on the boss. So anyone with any cheap tricks for the boss,
    I'd appreciate the help. Because I simply beat him through brute force.
    ---Tips for Dungeon: Basillica---
    1. You start at the 2nd hex. You really should not die against the next two
    hexes. If you do, it's a sign that you're probably better off training more.
    Go fight some random red hexes around the map to collect bezel shards and/or
    dolls. Or train in the arena.
    2. Fourth hex has first sub-boss.
    Boss: Picture Frame Guy
    And his minions....
    The guy with crazy fashion sense is your typical patsy boss. He has tons of
    HP, but hits like a girl. In fact, his minions are more troublesome than he
    himself. Take out the poison blower and the electricuter first. Then the 
    fencers. When you're done with them, Gargliano is easy. You don't even need
    to use hero actions. Just alternate between MG/HG to take him down. 
    Got a lot of HP though. so if you're not overpowered, could take a while to
    3. The 5th hex has 3 branches. You need to visit the left and the right 
    branches first and activate the button thingy before moving on.
    4. The 7th hex is where the 2nd boss is.
    Boss: Old Guy
    And even more minions..
    Like the Picture Frame guy, this old man also has very little in terms of 
    damage output. But he does have more minions. Which makes the battle harder
    at low levels. 
    Use anti-damage if you can't take the damage. Take out the side guys, Northern
    Wind first IMO, and then the main boss is easy.
    5. After beating the 2nd sub-boss, you have the ability to access Neverland.
    You may do so now if you like. Or keep going. If battles are easy so far for
    you, I suggest you at least do the next part before leaving. Otherwise, now's
    a good time.
    6. As before, you need to check the left and right side hexes to open the 
    gate in the next hex. Now you have completed all the necessary steps for 
    fighting the final boss. Good time to leave and save your game.
    7. Final hex is the final boss.
    I suggest the following before taking on the boss.
    1. As high a level as you're willing to level
    2. Phyiscal damage reducing accessories
    3. FAST handguns. This is probably the only battle outside the arena and
    Neverland where I feel fast HG, for HP Break/Stun, is extremely important.
    Final Boss
    2x Venomous Fog
    2x R-Commando Assault 
    Unfortunately, I cannot really offer help on this boss. I've fought him two
    times. One time I can safely say I was overpowered. The other I failed 
    miserably. But I was definitely under prepared. I'm not sure what the middle
    ground is though. If your guns are basically fully customized, and your 
    levels are in the 90-100 range, then you can probably win through sheer 
    brute force.
    I will say this about the boss. He hits hard and fast. But all his attacks 
    are physical. The only non-physical damage in this fight comes from the two
    poison blowers. Which I suggest you take out first. Poison, after all, is 
    pretty nasty stuff. 
    If you have a character with a FAST handgun and plenty of levels, this becomes
    an easier fight. The reason is everytime that character cleans up scratch
    damage, s/he can then spend the rest of the hero action targeting Rowan, 
    building up charges for HP Gauge Break and perhaps more importantly, stun 
    effect. This effectively makes Rowan ineffective 50% of the time. Using 
    anti-damage and perfect aids at opportune times will also lessen the blow.
    If anyone knows any cheap strategies to this battle, I'd appreciate the 
    ---End Mission, End Chapter, End Everything---
    Enjoy the ending!!!!
    // Clear Game Data - CLR01 //
    When you finish the game, you're prompted a save. When you load the save, you
    get two options.
    A. Start the game at the same difficulty. This is your typical New Game+. You
    get to keep
    1. Your levels
    2. Your items
    3. Your money
    4. Your colorless hexes(colored ones are gone)
    5. Costumes
    6. Hunter Rank(so no more items from the guild)
    7. 2 black hexes to enter Neverland
    8. Bestiary
    B. Start the game on Hard Mode. This is basically a new game... except harder.
    You get to keep
    1. Costumes
    2. 2 black hexes to enter Neverland
    3. Bestiary
    Also, finishing the game a second time on any difficulty unlocks the "true"
    ending, or so I've heard. I'm not in a hurry to play this game on Hard mode.
    So hopefully someone can confirm just how much extra you get from finishing
    the game a second time.
    II. Side Quests
    I'm not listing the optional missions here. But rather, these are things you 
    can do as the game goes along that may help things out. 
    --------<Vashyron's Stash- VAS01>-------------
    In the living room, there's a place where if you examine with Vashyron, you 
    can take his savings. This amount builds up over chapters, so don't grab it 
    too quickly. OTOH, if you use the money-making trick, the amount becomes 
    negligible towards the end. I suggest you get it on chapter 5, when you need 
    some extra money for Cranktown. But you get the most amount if you let it sit 
    until the final chapter.
    --------<Hexes - HEX01>-------------
    Beyond laying enough hexes to your next destination or to open terminals, if 
    you lay all the hex on a particular level, you can return directly to the 
    base from any hex station there. This is good for saving some time traveling. 
    Also, there are lots of items lying around the hexes. If you're the grinding 
    type, you can find nice grenades, bullets, and fashion accessories to play 
    dressup with your characters. 
    You get some new suits when you complete every single hex on the map, which 
    you can't do until right before the final boss. These new suits, 
    unfortunately, sounds better than they really are.
    //Red blinking hexes//
    These trigger boss fights that you CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM. Save nearby and 
    trigger them. For the most part, they give either bezel shards or dolls(for 
    you to return to Ebel City shop owner for items). The easier ones you can 
    probably take on from chapter 4 on, depending on your skill. Since you can 
    save beforehand, just try them out. If you fail, just load.
    --------<Gun Locations - GUN01>-------------
    SG-B226: Available in Ebel City shop from the beginning for 100,000R. You 
             probably won't be able to afford it until at least chapter 3, when
             you gain access to to Forest of Idols. Good replacement for B-N84.
    LP-09: Available for 200,000R in Albona from Chapter 7 on. Replace 
           1191.45 with this. The charge speed is excellent for guage break
           and stunning.
    MI50A: Available at the Arena for a lot of coins. Basically unaccessible 
           until you've really moved up the ranks. Best non-Golden HG in the
    B-N84 Golden: A box at the Primary Gate inside Neverland. Make it your gun
                  of choice for cleaning up scratch damage ASAP. The extra 
                  power is very useful inside Neverland.
    1191.45 Golden: A box at the Secondary Central Park. 
    SB-B226 Golden: A box as the Tertiary East Park.
    Machine Guns
    PDW-XN.V2: Available in Dakota Veins from Chapter 5 on. You need to get to
               the last hex in the dungeon. Better than your original MG, but 
               also bulkier. Make sure you tweak its location to maximize its
               customization. Also allows for dual wielding once you have 
               broken the weight constraints.
    NP.05C: Available at Ebel Shop in Chapter 12. Very useful because charge
            acceleration is incredibly important late game.
    PDW-XN.V3: Found in the Chapter 14 Story dungeon. Should be used in 
               conjunction with NP.05C as dual wield MGs for the main game.
    NP.05 Golden: A box in the Secondary East Park. This gun should allow you
                  to fill almost the entire grid easily. Deck it out 
                  completely to help beat the rest of Neverland.
    --------<Arena - (ARE01)>-------------
    You can start fighting in the arena from chapter 1 on. And more as the game 
    goes on. Generally the level just gets higher and higher. A few things to 
    1. You can get the best non-golden handgun in the game here... in return for 
    lots of chips.
    2. You can get the best Scope in the game here... in return for a lots of 
    3. You can get a strongman's bangle, which pretty much stops meaningless 
    random encounters on the map... for 100 copper coins. Even if you don't like 
    grinding in the arena, it's worth the effort to at least get 100 coins for 
    this thing.
    4. Rank 20-3 has a lv50 blob. Because blobs regenerate scratch damage fast, 
    you can level up machine guns here easily and safely. Levling to lv50 for each
    character shouldn't take long. It's a one-time only enemy. So if you want to 
    use it to level, don't kill it. 
    5. Rank 45-3 IMO is the most difficult boss. But thankfully, you can fully
    scratch the right helicopter right off the bat. All other later ranks are 
    fairly easy with properly customized dual machine guns.
    6. If you want to grind in the arena, you should prepare first. Specifically,
    try to activate 3 terminals and connect them to the Arena. They are
    A - 1.5x Exp on level 6.
    B - 1.5x Drop Rate on level 4
    C - Double terminal effects on level 6. 
    There are other good terminal effects you can add too. But these are kind of 
    the bare minimum for training. It takes a whopping 293(!) hexes to work.
    There are two good places, IMO, that you can farm colored hexes from which 
    also can extend into the arena. One is at the alleys near Cranktown(for 
    darkish green straight hexes). The other is near Silver Canyon(for light 
    green L-shaped hexes). 
    I prefer the alleys near Cranktown, because you can also get some Rare Metal 
    Shards - used for those big scopes - while farming there. To prepare, make
    sure you activate the terminal for 2x Rare Drop rate by the level 8 elevator.
    Extend the terminal to the area you wish to farm. I had enough red tiles at
    this time to get 50 hexes necessary for activation.
    --------<Making Money - (MON01)>-------------
    Pre Chapter 3
    No need. Your initial money is more than enough. Sell meat if you're really in
    a bind. You should not have to buy any recovery items at this point.
    Chapter 3-5
    Inside Forest of Idols, but NOT inside any of the 3 dungeons, you can find 
    enemies with leaders. These are pretty easy fights, and they drop a lot of 
    Scrap xx MQs. Scrap these items for Scrap Irons, which you can use to make 
    Compact Scope Betas. And sell them for profit. No need to go overboard on 
    things though. Since you can make money quicker starting from the next 
    chapter. If you're doing all the optional missions, you need to be collecting 
    manniquin parts here anyway. Kills two birds with one stone. :)
    Chapter 6 and on - Infinite Money Making(IMM01)
    I believe you have to complete the optional mission "The Sign" first. Anyway, 
    you need to find the traveling merchant, who should be at the Waterless 
    Bridge. In later chapters she may return to Forsaken for a while. But she'll 
    definitely be at one of these two locations. Buy Scrap Iron and Glass Shards 
    from her. And return to Ebel City to make/sell Compact Scope Betas. If you 
    want to buy all the dresses and stuff for everyone, you'll need several 
    million(I have no clue as to the exact amount). Otherwise, about 1-2 mil 
    should suffice with just normal stuffs.
    --------<Dakota Veins - (DAK01)>-------------
    This is an optional dungeon on level 8, which you need to open up for one of 
    the optional missions. There's a machine gun at the end of this dungeon, 
    guarded by a couple of pretty tough enemies. I think I went there in chapter 7
    with lv30 characters and good customized weapons. And had no trouble. 
    Hopefully that's good enough of a guideline.
    --------<Freud Remnants - (FRE01)>-------------
    Another optional dungeon. You can get a variety of items here. Only one item
    IMO is really good, which is the iceproof vest in Ruins East. 
    --------<Neverland - (NEV01)>-------------
    The standard post game(or in this case almost-post game) dungeon for Tri-Ace
    games. To access it, you'll need two black hexes, which are only available by
    defeating the final 2 sub-boss of the final chapter. When you get them, leave
    the dungeon and return to level 4. Activate the two hexes to enter Neverland.
    1. Levels in general don't matter too much 100+ is good enough. You'll gain
    lots of levels here anyway if you're underleveled. Actually, you'll gain a 
    lot regardless, unless you've been REALLY grinding.
    2. LEVEL 100 MACHINE GUN for one person is almost a must. At least for me it
    was. If someone can find a way to finish the dungeon without it, I'd be glad
    to get some advice. The reason for lv100 MG is for the 100% full scratch rate
    AND 100% stun rate. You'll also need a REALLY FAST MG to pull this off. I 
    suggest as many barrels as you can possibly fit to give it extra acceleration.
    As for leveling to 100 MG, Arena is your friend, especially with 3x exp
    terminal effects. Rank 45-50 should yield plenty of experience. Equip EXP 
    Trainer to level up even faster.
    3. Equipments: Reducing physical damage is the best way to go. If you have 
    lots of crystal cores, give everyone 2x -30% physical damage accessory. 
    Otherwise, mix in some -20% physical damage accessories. 
    MG user should carry a magazine case. Some enemies have full armor and needs
    Armor-piercing to take out effectively. Armor-piercing bullets can be traded
    at the Arena. 
    4. Against bosses, STUN STUN STUN!!! Stun with the MG by charging it fully. 
    Then coil up that HG for stun and HP breakage. You can get through all but the
    final boss where they're stunned the whole fight. The final boss not so much,
    because there are actually TWO bosses. So you can only stun one at a time 
    unless you target very well(in a straight line and get both). Magazine clip
    should be based on the bosses' weaknesses.
    To be continued later.
    --------<Etasia - (ETA01)>-------------
    This is an optional dungeon. Good for leveling when you first get here. And has
    some good stuff. Only the following items are worth it. Although there are 
    some nice tough enemies outside the dungeons for leveling purposes.
    D Block
    There's a Heat Protector here. Two lv 58 Heat Yetis guarding the box.
    R Block
    High Mount Elite here. Three lv54 Missile Gears guarding. 
    --------<Costume Collection - (COS01)>-------------
    There are incredibly many clothes and costumes you can dress up your 
    characters in. Here's how you can obtain them.
    1. Lay Hexes all over the world. They are random treasures found.
    2. Lay ALL THE HEXES in the world. You get some bonus costumes in your mail
    3. Keep doing missions for Miranda(Clothing shop owner). If you fail to do
    so, the shop will close. As long as you keep doing them, she'll continue to
    make more clothes for you to buy.
    4. 3 bosses in Neverland carries 3 sets of clothes. I won't mention the names
    for sake of spoiler. But just go through the entire dungeon and you'll get 
    5. I'm pretty sure you can input codes in front of Leanne's closet to get 
    certain costumes. But I don't know the codes.
    III. Strategies and Tips
    Strategies are based on my playthroughs of the game, unless I credit it to a
    contributor. This doesn't mean that my strategy is the ONLY strategy 
    available. Nor does it make it the best. The game let you use various ways to
    defeat enemies. So while I may prefer to do it one way, you may prefer a 
    different way. Do hesistate to try your own strategies, which may be even 
    better than mine.
    --------<How to fight - (FGT01)>------------- 
    First, read the manual and go through the tutorial before reading on. 
    //Section 0: THE REGULAR ATTACK//
    In most RPGs, this would be so simple it needs no explanation. Yet in RoF, 
    it's actually harder to pull off then hero actions!
    You should understand that your charge rate is inversely proportional to 
    your distance to the enemy. This doesn't really matter much in a hero action,
    since you're presumably jumping towards the enemy. But it's paramount to a 
    regular attack.
    Now, there is this bar in the right bottom part of your screen. When you 
    start charging an attack, the bar will decrease. Your turn ends when you make
    ONE attack. Not as many as you like as with a hero action. So you need to 
    charge to whatever level you want before releasing.
    Okay... got it? Now. Let's talk about timing. What happens while you charge.
    Example 1:
    Zephar attack enemy A and begins charging. During charge time, enemy A targets
    Leanne and fully ready to attack(red target sign on bottom). Enemy B walks 
    towards Leanne in order to attack. The order of action becomes
    1. Zephar charges his attack. Enemy B walks towards Leanne at the same time.
    2. Zephar attacks enemy A.
    3. Enemy A attacks Leanne
    4. Turn switches to your next character.
    Example 2:
    Zephar attacks enemy A. Enemy A attacks Zephar. Both charging their attacks.
    What happens now?
    Scenario A: If Zephar immediately attacks, enemy will be hit. If enemy does 
    not die. It will continue charging and attack Zephar.
    Scenario B: If Zephar and the enemy attack at the same time, Zephar will take
    damage first, but then immediately attacks before any other action takes place
    Scenario C: If enemy attacks first, Zehpar's charge gets reset. His time
    remaining for action does not get replenished. Meaning he can only recharge 
    for whatever time he has left.
    Got it? If not, I'll try to revise my wording in future revisions.
    Now, why are regular attacks good? 
    Reason 1: Because you can take advantage of bunkers. By hiding safely behind 
    bunkers, you can sometimes destroy armies without exposing your party to harm.
    This requires some getting used to. But useful in fights where you simply 
    lack the HP to withstand the barrage of fire.
    Reason 2: Because you don't use up hero action. Despite the fact that you
    normally don't need to do so, there are of course special circumstances. 
    Early game perhaps when you lack the long hero gauge. Or because you're nearly
    criticaled from an attack, and needs to quickly replenish your gauge.
    //Section 1: Hero Jump vs Hero Run//
    1. Damage is spread throughout the enemy. How wide the distribution is based
    on the your gun stat. Note that depending on the angle at which you release
    your bullets, it may not hit body parts on the other side of the enemy. But
    it will definitely bypass shielding to hit the main body, unless the main
    body is entirely covered by parts.
    2. No bonus shots, knockdown, other bonsues, etc. 
    3. You may jump through bunkers, various blocking terrains, etc. Making it
    easier to use.
    4. If you jump from low ground to high ground, you'll land before your gauge
    runs out. And by gauge I mean the bar on the right bottom of the screen that
    shows how much time you have left. The reverse is also true if you go from 
    high ground to low ground. You'll gain some extra time.
    5. You can gain some extra time for wounding your charges if you jump right
    at the end of a hero run. This is because it takes time for the character to
    jump up and then down. During which your gun still charges. This is more 
    useful if your gun isn't good enough to give you a full charge. 
    6. If you're using a HG to clean up scratch damage, this is much better than
    Hero Run. Because you can instantly destroy all the fully scratched parts 
    before they regenerate. There are exceptions. But for the most part always
    jump to clean up scratch damage.
    7. Grenades only damage the part closest to you. So make sure you're near
    the part you wish to destroy before using it.
    1. Damage is dealt ONLY to the body part facing you.
    2. Extra scratch damage is not distribute to other parts. i.e. if you deal 200
    scratch damage to a part with 50HP, then you only deal 49 points of damage in
    3. Incredibly useful for concentrated damage. Either because you want to kill
    the main body quickly by hitting it right between the shielding, or for 
    destroying a particular body part. The latter is mainly for item-gathering
    4. Bonus shots, smackdowns, all the cool stuff. Unfortunately, I'm not very
    good at abusing this stuff, as I find it not useful at all. So sorry, no tips
    in this regards. Items dropped this way seems to be only silver and gold 
    chips. I don't believe you can get extra rare drops this way. But I may be
    99% of the time, I use hero jump. It's simply easier to handle and pull off.
    I don't have the best reflexes in the world, and simply prefer the "safe" 
    nature of jumps. Even if does mean I miss out on cool combos or whatever. 
    //Section 2: How leveling work//
    Okay. This section is a work in progress. So I may be off on some things. But
    here's what I have gathered.
    1. You gain experience based on the HP damage you caused to the MAIN BODY, and
    the enemy's level. I do not know if enemy type factor into this. Body parts DO 
    NOT give you experience.
    2. HG/Grenade exp is based on total damage, which also include scratch damage
    you've converted from MG fire, or through status effects like burn. 
    3. If you fully scratch an enemy with the "full scratch damage xx%" effect, 
    then the entire HP-1 is attributed to your experience. Things like this are 
    useful for leveling purposes on an enemy you normally have no shot of killing.
    //Section 3: My personal level up tips//
    I say my personal tips because I want to reiterate that there are many ways
    to play this game. And that you should try to find your own strategies too.
    /General advice/
    It's easy in this game for levels to catch up. For example. Say you're in 
    chapter 8 and having trouble. And you notice Vashyron's levels are 10/30/5, 
    because you simply loved him with the machine gun. You can make up for this
    quickly. Find a high level enemy that's easy to kill - check you bestiary for
    large organisms/machines. These are good because they have so many HP. 
    Now in battle, simply have Vash with HG and grenade. And then Zephar/Leanne
    scratch the enemy's Main body HP. Have Vash follow up with grenade or HG, and
    he should get TONS of levels. You can easily make up 5-10 levels in short 
    time. And it will increase your HP greatly for survival.
    Early chapters(1-4)
    I see no real need to purposely level up in the early chapters. Simply going
    through all the optional quests and dungeons should provide enough levels.
    Also ignore grenade levels for the most part. Although chapter 3/4 bosses 
    can be killed easily by molotov cocktails.
    Try to evenly spread your HG and MG levels. Make sure everyone has a few
    levels of each.
    If you want extra levels, fight some at the arena. Stop when you have trouble.
    Mid chapters(5-10)
    Mix in grenade leveling along with HG and MG levels. Try to only use it for 
    the sake of leveling(except against certain bosses or tough enemies). Because
    they do cost money and parts to make. 
    Again, levels aren't too important. If you need extra levels, visit optional
    areas like Dakota Vein, Frued Remnants, and Etasia. As well as the arena.
    If you REALLY need leveling, see my arena section on hooking up terminals.
    That setup will help you be overleveled for the rest of the game.
    Late chapters(11+)
    Arena, fully set up with 1.5x exp/double effect/3x EXP trainers provide the
    best opportunity for leveling. It is a long and gruesome process. But you can
    also get a ton of chips to trade in for great items for the late game.
    Also, this is the time you can consider having a dedicated MG user. One that
    you'll level up MG levels a lot with. This is because in my style of play,
    damage comes mainly from machine guns. And levels make a lot of difference 
    in terms of damage and stun rate. 
    Note that once a gun goes over lv75, the exp-til-level-up DROPS TO 100,000!!
    Yes. That means it becomes EASIER to level up after a while. 
    Oh, and chapter 16 has a mission where you need to kill an old man. That is
    a battle you can run away from. If you want some levels, damage the old man a
    lot, run away, and repeat.
    Final blah blah blah
    This walkthrough is copyrighted to me, Mark Li, and posted on Gamefaqs. I do
    not want this guide posted elsewhere for now. Only when I'm completely 
    Thanks to CJayC for a great site, and the message board people for many 
    helpful hints. 

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