how do i start Arcade Gannons side quest for enclave?

  1. Im strugglin! i accidentally killed some B.O.S. and now idk how to get the power armor training. i heard you can get it through Arcade Gannon. i have him as a companion alraedy. but i dont know how to start his quest

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  2. Clarification Request::
    I have the same question does any one know specifics about hot to star his quest.

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  1. you have to gain his approval
    like trigger possitive memories, doing good things for follower of apocalypse,etc then he will tell you his past that he is an enclave and give you the quest
    * Traveling to a few places in the Mojave Wasteland with Arcade will trigger a comment and gain the player points:
    1 point for traveling with Arcade to the Crashed Vertibird. (The approval doesn't increase until Arcade comments on it.)
    1 point for traveling with Arcade into the REPCONN Headquarters building. (The approval doesn't increase until Arcade comments on the company.)
    Traveling to The Fort with Arcade triggers a dialogue with the Courier inquiring why they are there.
    + 2 points for saying, "Let's just listen to him, figure out what he's up to, and get out."
    + 1 point for saying, "I just want to hear Caesar out."
    + 1 point for saying, "With how messed up New Vegas is, do you really think Caesar has nothing to offer?", followed by, "I'm just trying to be open-minded."
    * Speaking to Thomas Hildern about anything at all (any conversation that ends with Hildern). saying, "Yes...Goodbye." or "Wrong turn?...") with Arcade along will cause Arcade to start a conversation afterward about Hildern and his motives (one time).
    2 points for saying, "Good thing there are still people like you around."
    1 point for saying, "I'm sure he means well."
    * During the quest That Lucky Old Sun, when the player gets to the mainframe, Arcade will spontaneously suggest that the power should be directed to Fremont and Westside.
    1 point for saying, "Of course."
    1 point for saying, "Why not to the whole area equally?", then passing an intelligence check of 7, saying, "Redundancy. If Caesar takes the dam and cuts off power, it will be chaos all over New Vegas." when Arcade asks why.
    Note that it is not necessary for the player to do what Arcade wants; the trigger is the pre-diversion dialogue, not the action of diverting the power.
    * There are several triggers associated with the quest The White Wash:
    1 point for saying, "If you say so. I'm not arguing." when Arcade mentions that he's heard about Anderson, if the player visits Westside with him after having already completed The White Wash without him along.
    2 points for completing The White Wash by blaming the problem on the Scorpions and letting Tom Anderson go. (The approval doesn't increase until Arcade comments on it.)
    1 point for completing The White Wash by getting Tom Anderson to turn himself in with a fake story about fighting over Dazzle, but letting Westside Co-op continue to have the water. (The approval doesn't increase until Arcade comments on it.)
    1 point for passing an intelligence check of 7, saying, "You're assuming a motive without evidence. Please be rational." when Arcade gets mad about killing Tom Anderson at the end of The White Wash. (Obviously, this only happens if the player kills Tom Anderson.)
    + 1 point for saying, "It's cleaner this way, without bringing NCR in. No connecting Anderson back to the locals." in answer to Arcade's followup question to the above, asking why the player killed Anderson.

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  1. From what I've read you can only begin his sidequest when you've reached the final set of story missions, where you have to choose which faction to support.

    I'd confirm that but my Arcade is bugged and I can't invite him back into my party now ugh.

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  2. You have to either upgrade the securitrons or stop Kimball's assassination. If you're above normal with the Legion, he won't join you.

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  3. It took me forever to get the quest started. You have to earn his trust, which entails helping the people in the old morman fort in freeside, also you have to have Ceasar's legion hate you. Lastly, you need to take out or help him. It helps to pick the NCR as a faction to support.

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  4. To get the power armor training you need to finish the quest "For Auld Lang Syne" which you can get by completing quests with Arcade as your companion in ways that benefit freeside and the Followers. Don't do anything that benefits the legion will he's with you either. The quest isn't available until you've advanced in the main quest enough. You have to have completed "for the republic, part 2", "wild card: side bets", or "Render unto caesar". You also have to trigger certain conversations with arcade by doing quests or taking him places. Some examples: Take him to the REPCONN test site, or the crashed vertibird. Do quest "that lucky old sun" at Helios one and give the power to freeside. Have arcade with you when you talk to Dr. Hildren at camp mccarran and start quest "there stands the grass". If arcade is with you when you go to the fort, tell him you're just seeing what they're up to and then get out of there pretty quick after.

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  5. I still haven't started his side quest yet but I have power armor because I made friends with the bos and I completed the quest still in the dark and opted to help hardin get rid of mcnamara and when I came back to hidden valley bunker hardin gave me the training for power armor.

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  6. The answer above mine is the best, IMO, but I would add one more thing. Take Arcade with you to the Silver Rush. He will comment on the energy guns there, so that may give you a point also.

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  7. I just wanted to note that It's the REPCON HEADQUARTERS, not the Helios Test Site is what we did to trigger Arcade's dialogue.

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