Were do you go to learn how to use power armour?

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  1. Theirs actually a t-51b and a brotherhood t-51b the regular one doesn't diguise you

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  1. The Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel teaches you how to use power armor. They are located in one of the bunkers in hidden valley, more specifically the one requiring a lockpick skill of 100. There are several ways to access their bunker. One is to have a the necessary lockpick skill and pick it. Another is sometime through the missions The House always Wins or Render Unto Caesar at some point they will tell you to kill the Brotherhood of Steel, and will give you a key to access the Bunker. Finally there is a girl whom you meet in the wasteland who is part of the Steel. After letting her join your party and doing stuff she will let you in. Anyway. Whichever you choose you will now have access to the bunker. Next you will have to do several missions involving finding people and such to show you are trust worthy. Once you. Next they will ask you to gather some parts for their bunker. After this mission the elder should say you've helped out enough, Leave, then come back. He will talk to you and you can ask him about becoming a member of the brotherhood. He will task you with one final mission. If you have already done the mission Crazy Crazy Crazy this should be easy. NOTE: Make sure during crazy crazy crazy if you don't kill Tabitha to pick pocket her and steal her room key, it is necessary to have this key if you want the power armor as you can't finish the mission the elder gives you without it. After doing this final mission you can head back. The elder will teach you how to use the power armor.

    Another note though. They have two types of power Armor T51 and T45.....T51 armor will disguise you as a Brotherhood member. This will make most every other faction want to kill you.....For some reason the T45 does not and so you will be fine around anyone else...I highly recommend this armor

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  2. Also, if you impeached Elder McNamara, Elder Hardin will give you a quest if you ask him about joining the Brotherhood, and once you're finished, he'll teach you. You can also finish Arcade's mission and be trained in the use of power armor. The only set of T-51b I know of that isn't Brotherhood T-51b is in a deathclaw infested cave across the river and a little bit north from Cottonwood Cove.

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