How do i get a passport?

  1. I know you can buy one for like 2000 but I heard you can also get one from completing a mission. If so what mission is that?

    User Info: coreyg91

    coreyg91 - 7 years ago

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  1. You can get one by purchasing it from Mick and Ralphs in Freeside for like 500 caps. Otherwise you can do The Kings side missions and at the end he says that you can have one request and I think that you may be able to get into New Vegas with that. I think the easiest way though is to go to Mick and Ralphs.

    User Info: shorty_jj21

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  1. if you have boone as a follower you can take the monorail thats in mccaren camp. I think it might work if you have NCR armor too. But once you take the monorail you dont have to worry about the passport or credit check thing. and what the other guy said above me is correct too

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  2. Go to freeside and go into Mick and Ralph shop. They will give you one for 500 caps or if your barter is high enough he will give it to you for 375 caps.
    Personally I think this is the easiest.

    User Info: moscow_mule

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  3. Above posters are correct, in the options to get a Passport. But you should know that the Credit check for 2000 caps to get on the strip dose not take away any caps! It is just to verify that no "Dead Beats" make it on the strip. If you show you have the caps they let you in, so this is the easiest way on to the strip if you have the caps.

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  4. Mick & Ralphs w/ speech 35, you get a 500cap passport.

    User Info: Reaver1990

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  5. Two extra ways of getting in are to have a science skill of 80+, this lets you hack the Securitron.
    Also the Securitrons by the gate hold keys to the Strip. If you can stealth kill them you can take their key.

    User Info: Dream_Evil_

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  6. Oru could just kill the securitrons for exp like i did to get in i didnt have 2000 caps so i sniped them with me p-rifle

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  7. A way if you arent siding w ncr(you might be able to if you are)is to kill the 2 monorail gate guards at mccaran airport and ride monorail

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  8. Do the King's quest "G.I. Blues." IMO, that is the easiest way. The King gives you one favor, and you have several choices. One of those is a passport. If you're doing the NCR "For the Republic Quest," I would just go to Mick & Ralph's, pass the speech check, and pay the 500 caps, and not use your favor from the King yet. You will need it later!!

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  9. You can go to the King's School of Impersonation in Freeside, and talk to Pacer at the door. He will make you pay 50 caps unless you use your sneak to steal his key and open the door, or alternatively succeed in an optional speech to get in. Once you are in the main room of the drama school, you can talk to the King. He will tell you to go and check out a bodyguard. At this point, 7 Intelligence and at least 40 Barter (I think it might be more than 40), or alternatively have I think around 35 Medicine. Follow Orris around town up to the point he says 'turn left'. Try not to go ahead of Orris, or the game will bug, and the thugs will not be there and you will have to go and run behind Orris. Once that is done, Orris will shoot the thugs, with three bullets. With Intelligence of 7 you can say 'you only shot 3 bullets' and succeed. Then with the Barter you can get your money back. Alternatively, walk up to a thug body and use your medicine option then talk to Orris. Report back to the King and he'll tell you to investigate a squatter problem. Go to the Old Mormon Fort which is just near the Freeside North Gate, once you are in follow the marker and talk to the old man sitting on a chair. Then talk to Wayne he will explain that he was attacked by soldiers, hence 'Lieutenant', or in Wayne's case, 'Lou... Lou Tenant'. Then report back to the King and go to a squatter camp, there is one just around the corner from the Old Mormon Fort, and talk to him. The answers are the following: Tandi, Shady Sands, Two-headed bear. Once that is complete, he will tell you the password "Hope." You can alternatively talk to Julie Farkas about handing out supplies, or use your speech at the door. Once that is done talk to Elizabeth and then report back to the King. Then he will tell you to sort out the... 'soldier boys'... Go to the hideout near the location of the supplies, then HOLSTER your weapon, even if you have fists keep them holstered. Talk to one of the NCR soldiers and then report back to the King, and the quest is complete. Then you can choose as your wish, "Can you get me into the Strip?" Then you can go to Mick and Ralph's and say the King sent you. Alternatively, you need a speech challenge, and you can buy it for 500 caps. That is the easier solution. You can also get into the Strip by using a speech challenge of 80 Science, or pay the Securiton 2,000 caps (credit check).

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  10. Just keep doing quests for the king and eventually he will give you 1 favor and one of those is a passport. I joined the kings and used my speech to buy one at mick and Ralph's for 500. Tom make sure your answer isn't that long when answering questions cause I doubt anyone wants a big answer to read through

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  11. Helping the King in Freeside will get you a free ticket eventually.

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