Where is the Vault 34 key??

  1. I need to get into the Overseers room and he locked room inside the armory. Its for Vernoica's personal missions...

    Thanks guys.

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    tokyo0one - 6 years ago

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  1. To get to the Overseers Room you must turn on the Pump system to drain the water on the flooded floors. To do so you have to dive and collect th 2 keys from the dead Ghoul engeneers under the tables of each flooded are, then access the Utility terminal and drain the water (you can hack the computer with a 100 Science to avoid the diving). After the water has been drained you must go down (not to the armory, nor the Overseer's room) to one of the previously flooded rooms and you'll find a PC, use it and "Unlock Overseer's office".
    Then you can get access to the office, kill the Ghoul Overseer (orange glowing ghowl) defended by 2 turrents and take the Overseer's terminal code from his body, access the PC and select "Unlock Armory access" and then you can go to the armory and loot whatever you want after dispatching the remaining ghouls.
    If you are having trouble finding the Overseer's door, go to the infirmary and look for a sign that points "Overseer Office" you'll see a blocked passage but go to it and turn 180, the door is right there (can be frustrating since its a 180 on your back and its really easy to get fooled by the obstruction thinking that the way ahead is blocked.

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  1. Not really a key. You have to unlock the door via the computer in the overseer's office.

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