Help with E-de my love?

  1. I just started this mission after repairing e-de and it says to go to the gibson scrapyard. I go and talk to the lady and nothing happens because she doesnt mention helios one or something but the only things we can do with her is repair or see what she has for sale so she doesnt talk about anything. And just to let you know Im pretty far in the story and did a huge share of sidequests already and am just now finishing them off so maybe this is a time sensitive quest because I remember talking to this lady the first time when I was looking for spare parts one mission so maybe I cant complete this one because of that which I think is lame! But if im mistaken please let me know it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    kennysea - 6 years ago
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    How do you get him upgraded? Just go to helios one or something?

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    kennysea - 6 years ago
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    Ok people that still doesn't solve the problem that I cant get the log from Gibsons Scrapyard because she doesnt say heios one or anything. Do you absolutely need that log?

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    kennysea - 6 years ago

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  1. There are several keywords that can trigger a message. You do not need to hear them all, there are only 2 enclave recordings.

    The words are "Navarro", "Enclave", "Poseidon", "Air Focre Base", "Eden", "Helios" and "Archemedies".

    Once you have heard two enclave recordings after a certain amount of time you will get the two radio messages. My advice is to take him to Helios one and Nellis AFB Museum.

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  1. I had the exact same problem but after I took ED-E to hidden valley (B.O.S HQ) & Helios 1 and had him upgraded the quest completed

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  2. This quest is a little odd, basically when you get E-DE as you companion you can listen to a prerecorded message in its memory. Further messages from it memory can be triggered but hearing certain key words in dialog (for example "Helios one"). You can hear the important words and trigger the messages buy talking to certain people like the assistant scientist (follower of the Apocalypse) at Helios one. Hope that helps

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  3. To get it upgraded you must recibe a log via ED-E radio (after you completed the previos log entries). You will recieve 2 logs, one from the Brotherhood of steel at Hidden valley and the other from the Medics at Old Mormon Ft. And you have to take ED-E to one of the 2. BoS upgrades ED-E's armor while Medics upgrade its Weapons. Select ED-E MY LOVE as your active quest and if you already passed the Logs (the ones activates at the Scrapeyard North of Novac and the one at Helios One with the scientist 9 days late) you will have 2 map marker after reciving both communications and you must decide who to take ED-E.

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  4. Just an FYI on this when I turned ED-E over to be upgraded, he was carrying about 150lbs of my stuff. When I got him back it was all missing. So unload things you would like to keep before turning him over to either Brotherhood or Followers.

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  5. To be honest I dont know for sure, if it has to come from Gibsons or not. Try to go directly to Helios one and talk to the assistant scientist (follower of Apocalypse member). Conversation with him triggered ED-E in my last play through. I'm would think that the guard out front of Helios one or one of the NPCs there will say "Helios one" in conversation and that should satisfy the requirement.

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  6. I had this problem also but when i went to helios and talked around there mainly when i talked to the scientist without the glasses E-DE started playing the 1st log and it no longer told me i needed to go to the scrapyard. So yeah a little odd.

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  7. u need E-DE to activate 2 logs then the quest is given after awhile. i know 1 gets activated by talking to Dr. Hildern at Camp Mc Carren. i keep forgetting the others.. sorry

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  8. You can get a keyword from Ignacio Rivas inside Helios One. Arcade Gannon also has some keywords that you can trigger. Once you trigger the first keyword, you must wait about 8-9 in-game days for the quest to advance. Once you get the second keyword, you must wait about 3 days until the quest advances. You should get a message from Knight Lorenzo and some lady,forgot her name, from Followers of the Apocalypse. After that, just choose which one you want to take Ed-E to and leave it for a few days, 3 I think. Be sure to take out stuff that you want out of Ed-E's inventory before you leave him or else it will be gone when it gets upgraded.

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  9. First take Ed-e to the Gibson scrap yard. Ed-e appears t have Enclave data stored on his system. At this point you have to wait 9 days in-game then travel to HELIOS one. talk to Fantastic's partner and try and get him to trigger another key word.(Enclave, Poseiden energy, etc.) You will hear Ed-e play another part of the log, after this you have to wait another 2 days in-game and you will receive a message from senior knight Lorenzo from the brotherhood of steel, asking to see Ed-e, a marker will be added to you map that leads to hidden valley, you will also receive a message from a followers of the appocolypse doctor to see Ed-e. If you send Ed-e to knight Lorenzo, Ed-e's defence will be upgraded, and if you take Ed-e to the doctor, Ed-e's attack will be upgraded, after you hand in Ed-e you will have to wait 3 days in-game for the upgrade to finish.(note: after the upgrade this will be a new version of Ed-e so any items Ed-e was carrying will be gone)
    Hope I helped:D

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  10. Everything everyone has said is true. If you can get people to say the keywords while Ed-E is around. Be patient, just play the game. You will get more info on as you play along, also keep in mind some of the quest are triggered bugged.

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