I put a spell on you, side quest help...again?

  1. Alright, I found and disarmed the bomb on the monorail before it takes off. As soon as I get off the monorail it leaves the station and still blows up! I tried this multiple times and every time it says that I've disarmed the bomb and everytime it still blows up! What the hell?! Because this game is so buggy I don't know if it's suppose to do this or if it's just another bug. Anyone know?

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    wingchun8000 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here is a guide my friend put together for this quest .
    .If Curtis doesn't see you, he will walk into the tower. Follow him inside, and stay hidden at the bottom of the stairs while you listen to him talking on the radio. The quest will update and tell you to disarm the monorail. If you have a high explosives skill or high science skill, you can choose to go directly to the monorail. Otherwise, you will have to pickpocket the Activation Code off of Curtis for a loss of karma points.

    At this point, DO NOT go talk to James Hsu; If you do, the monorail is doomed no matter what you do. Go back in the first floor door of the Camp McCarran Terminal Building, up the east escalator, and down the hall to the east to the door to the monorail. Walk inside the monorail, and turn left. The bomb will be inside an air vent. Disarm the explosives using 45 Science, or 35 Explosives (skill magazines can be used), or the codes you pickpocketed from the Curtis's pockets.You can also confront and kill him after 'eavesdrop the conversation' is complete for the codes. //This is not entirely true as you can tell Hsu, who asks you to hurry to disarm it, and if you use a turbo before exiting the terminal door to the monorail you will have enough time to get on the monorail to disarm it with your skills or the deactivation code.//

    Once the bomb is defused, if you have not already killed Curtis you may wish to return to the control tower and finish him off for the extra experience and his equipment. (Note: You can get the equipment anyways, for Hsu tells you he wants to arrest Curtis. You can loot his body in the tower after speaking to Hsu, but you'll miss is the extra experience.) Return to Hsu, he'll reward you with some caps and a reputation boost.

    You can also complete the quest and gain the Experience Points with killing Curtis in the tower before hearing the radio conversation (though this is not recommended). When you report it back to Hsu, he will be surprised and tell you Curtis could not be the spy as he was the leader of the investigation. After that, it will be revealed that there's a bomb on the train, the explosion of which you won't be able to prevent. After the train explodes, report it back to Hsu, and then the quest ends, with you gaining nothing but the XP.

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