Where can I find the mystery magnum?

  1. I would like some firepower to sneak into the strip to kill benny but i would like to do it with this gun

    User Info: BigFist

    BigFist - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. its called the mysterious magnum, and its owned by an NPC named The Lonesome Drifter...you can find him next to a campfire underneath a Sunset Sarsaparilla billboard...it is located almost directly north of El Dorado Gas & Service, just follow the highway north and you'll find it....((other close locations))...Vault 11 and Boulder City, find the highway in between these 2 areas and go south.......to get it you will either have to kill him or have Quest Talent Pool active...save before you talk to him, ask about his "Life" and get him to go "Play" and you will get a BARTER challenge to get it...need <50> BARTER to suceed.... hope it helps.......(((side note)))....you will need a good SNEAK skill level to get it in---the higher the skill, the better the weapon you can get in, id say atleast <50>

    User Info: capone8687

    capone8687 - 6 years ago 0 0

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