Can and how do I join the white glove?

  1. I again am at a loss.

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    bdog55 - 6 years ago

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  1. In order to become an " honorary " member of the white glove society you have to either be accepted, liked, or idolized in New Vegas. You get a good reputation in New Vegas by completing various quests
    on the strip such as; " talent pool ", " pheeble will ", and other quests. These quests can only be found on the Vegas Strip.

    Once you have a good rep, begin the " beyond the beef " quest by talking to Mr Gunderson ( I believe that's his name) in the white gloves casino. You can't miss him he has a man armed with a rifle standing beside him. After speaking with him head into the casino's restaurant to speak with a lady. Ask her to become a member and if your rep is high enough she will grant you membership.

    You really don't get much for being a member besides a key which let's you into the private areas and a white glove society outfit. But that's how you do it.

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  1. Only during the Beyond the Beef quest if you follow the path of getting rid of cannibalism in the Society. Speak to Heck Gunderson in the casino to start the quest and follow the trail of the private investigator. Eventually you will need someone to sponsor your membership in order to get into restricted areas.

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  2. The two posters above me are on the right track, but here is a simpler solution:

    1. Talk to Heck Gunderson, the old cowboy next to the man w/ a gun.
    2. Locate Mortimer in the Ultra Luxe; he is at a reception area near the Gourmand. Mortimer wears a top hate, and, to the best of my knowledge, is the only man with a top hat on in the building. Tell me Mortimer that you're a cannibal basically. Mortimer will then direct you to the lady who runs the Ultra Luxe, and she will make you an honorary member. I can't remember if you have to do the Beyond the Beef quest or not, but I want to say you don't have to. Don't worry about the private investigator. Going that route will cause you to run afoul of the White Glove Society.

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  3. I'm also trying to join the WGS and I've done the quest for Gunderson.
    Does anyone know who else can sponsor you to join other than Marjorie or Chauncey because they're both dead...?

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