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    Cable by David C

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    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    Cable, Mercenary Soldier from the Future
    By David C., 2000
    Copyright info:
    Marvel vs Capcom 2 is copyright Capcom.  Marvel characters is copyright 
    Marvel,  Capcom characters is copyrighted Capcom.  The FAQ is written by me, 
    David C..  I don't care if you want to post this on your site (I am honored 
    if you do so), just remember to ask me first.  My email address is 
    Intro for our new hero
    Cable, the first guy I picked with MvC2, he can easily combo into his super 
    from any attacks, he can play a really mean keep-away game when need, and he 
    is easy to learn (for the most parts).  I found it's really fun to use him.  
    Although some people think he is a keep away character, however, he can be 
    really dangerous at close range as well.  All after all, he is my favorite 
    character in this game!
    Table of Contents
    - Legend
    - Normal moves
    - Special moves
    - Hyper Combos
    - Assist
    - Combos
    - General strategies
    - How to play a good keep-away with Cable
    - VS character strategies
    - Revision History
    - Credits and thanks
    D = Down
    F = Forward
    B = Back
    P = Any Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    FP = Fierce Punch
    PP = Both Punches
    K = Any Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    RK = Roundhouse Kick
    KK = Both Kicks
    DP = Dragon Punch (f, d, df)
    QCF = Quarter Circle Forward (d, df, f)
    QCB = Quarter Circle Back (d, db, b)
    Normal moves
    Light Punch
    Standing - Your standard jab.  LK is better.
    Jumping - A jab in the air.  Nothing interesting about it.
    Crouching - Basically the same as his standing Jab except he is crouching.
    Strong Pinch
    Standing - This is  your launcher, and it sucks.  Short range, and hits 
    pretty high, can't even hit some crouching characters.  No wonder Cable has 
    almost no air combos.
    Jumping - Only used in air combos.  Forgot what it looks like...
    Crouching - Again, only used in combo.  A weird looking move, you have to 
    see by yourself.
    Fierce Punch
    Standing - it plays an important role in Cable's combos.  Cable simply fires 
    his gun toward, can fire up to 4 times in a row.  Cancel into viper beam, 
    then into Hyper Viper beam if hit.  However, the lag time is horrible, and 
    small characters like Roll can move freely under the gun fire.
    Jumping - again, Cable fires his gun toward.  This is in fact a pretty good 
    air to air move, only downside is the lag at the begining.
    Crouching - Cable swing his arm, points his gun and fires to the sky.  Can 
    be used as an anti-air, but I don't really recommand it.  Really high 
    priority at the swing part.
    Light Kick
    Standing - Cable sticks his knee and hit people with that.  I think this 
    move is better then his standing LP because at least you can hit small 
    characters with this.
    Jumping - To tell you the turth, I can't remember.  Not that important 
    Crouching - Cable sticks his feet out.  A standard crouching kick.
    Forward Kick
    Standing - Cable kicks, just like how you would kick your friends.
    Jumping - Again, I can't remember.
    Crouching - Cable sticks his foot out, mainly used in combos.
    Roundhouse Kick
    Stadning - A big, round...house kick towards the opponent.  Good range and 
    Jumping - Cable goes a double-foot flying kick with some delay at first.  A 
    good jump in move since it hits down-forward.  In the other hand, not so 
    good as an air to air move.
    Crouching - A sweep, single hit knock down.
    Forward + Roundhouse - Cable hop forward and kicks (more like stamp) 
    down-forward, some sweep won't be able to hit you.
    Special Moves
    Viper Beam, QCF + P (air)
    - A beam attack that goes through anything on the screen includes 
    characters.  Hit multi times.  Press P during the move makes the beam 
    changes it's direction up or down.  Hold joystick up or down and press P to 
    make the beam goes to the way you want.
    Psimitar, DP + P
    - Looks like a dragon punch.  If you hit your opponent with this, he will be 
    drag all the way up, over the top of the screen by the energy sword-alike 
    stuff Cable shoots out.  As an anti air move, it sucks.  You can be knock 
    out from this move.  Besides, if you miss or got blocked, kiss your life 
    good bye.
    Electrap, QCB + K (air)
    - Long recovery and start time, however, it's a great pressure move.  If you 
    hit your opponent, he is trapped there for a few second.  Hold dwon K and 
    the bomb will go all the way down on the ground.  Release K and the bomb 
    will go off.
    Psi-charge, QCB + P
    - A throw move, yet it can be blocked and low on damage.  Charge up your 
    super bar like mad, and so is your opponent's.  Useless if you ask me.
    Rushing Punch, QCF + K
    - I don't really know the name for this move.  Cable rushs forward and 
    punchs, with some blue flashy light in front of him.  Although people tend 
    not to use this move, but it is, in fact, a pretty cool stuff to add in your 
    combo, and it pushs your opponent a little bit away even if blocked.
    Hyper Combos (Supers, whatever)
    Time Flip, QCF + KK
    - A cool looking super, but otherwise pretty much useless.  All after all, 
    it's just not that good.  Anyway, another Cable jumps in and dash forward, 
    if it connects, then he starts an auto-combo while you can do whatever you 
    want besides another super.  The "future Cable" goes through projectiles 
    like Ryu's Hadoken.
    Hyper Viper Beam, QCF + PP (air*)
    - Don't even bother to use the ground vision of this move, yes, you heard 
    me.  The air vision is far better then the ground vision.  Use the Air Hyper 
    Viper Beam, never use the ground one.  You can tap P and hold up and down to 
    control the beam as well.
    *Air HVB, (in the air) QCF + PP; On the ground, Down, Down forward, Forward, 
    Up forward + PP (If done right, Cable will fire in the air a little bit 
    above ground)
    - Now here is the stuff.  Although the ground vision and the air vision are 
    both called Hyper Viper Beam, the air vision is in fact way better then the 
    ground one.
    First, it has almost no starting delay.
    Second, it has almost no lag afterwards.
    Third, it combos into itself! (More on this at the combo section)
    All Cable's assists are useful in their own way
    Assist: Viper Beam
    Variable Counter: Viper Beam
    Team Super: Hyper Viper Beam
    This is a good assist because even tho it's a projectile move, the Viper 
    Beam can hold hit opponent there for future combos, and it is fast.  Use 
    this if you need some long range attack.
    Assist: Psimitar
    Variable Counter: Pscimitar
    Team Super: Hyper Viper Beam
    My favorite one.  This is fast and high on priority.  If you are having 
    headach against those dash in crazy characters, or just need some anti-air 
    defence, this is the assist for you.
    Assist: Electrap
    Variable Counter: Rushing Punch
    Team Super: Hyper Viper Beam
    This assist is a more tricky one.  Cable always perform the LK vision of the 
    Electrap, and you can't control it.  It's hard to not notice that Cable 
    jumps in and throw the bomb.  And because you can't delay the bomb, people 
    knows where it will set off.  Choose this assist only if you know what you 
    are doing.
    There are just too many combos and I am not going to post every single one 
    here.  Those are the one I use most often in a really game play.  One thing 
    weird is, most combos for Cable is ground based!  So forget about all those 
    flying-superman-wannabe-air-jumping-combos, fight like a man, fight on the 
    LK, LK, FP x 4, Viper Beam, cancel into Hyper Viper Beam
    - The classic combo for Cable.  Doesn't work against small and some ducking 
    LK, LK, RK, Viper Beam, cancel into Hyper Viper Beam
    - Another easy combo, this time it works on some small characters as well.
    D.LK, D.LK, D.FP (first hit), cancel into Hyper Viper Beam
    - This combo works no matter how small your opponent is, and it looks tight, 
    LK, LK, RK, Rushing Punch, cancel into Hyper Viper Beam
    - Remember to aim up...
    D.LK, D.LK, D.RH, Viper Beam, cancel into Hyper Viper Beam
    - This is an OTG combo, which means your opponent has a chance to roll out.  
    You have to aim low for both Viper Beam and Hyper Viper Beam.  Very good for 
    DHC.  I would take the Viper Beam out just to make this combo easier to do 
    D.LK, D.LK, D.RH, Rushing Punch, cancel into Hyper Viper Beam
    - Just like the one above, an OTG combo which requires harder timing.  Just 
    use the above one unless you want to show others how flashy Cable is =)
    LK, LK, FP x 4, Psimitar, cancel into Hyper Viper Beam (in air), when land, 
    do another *Air Hyper Viper Beam, aim high, do another Air Hyper Viper Beam 
    when land, hold up and tap P, and another, and another...
    *See Hyper Combo section
    In fact, if you hit your opponent with an Air Hyper Viper Beam and you are 
    not too far away from the ground, you can try and do the Hyper Viper Beam 
    into Hyper Viper Beam trick.
    General Strategies
    First of, let me say this, no two people play the same, and there is no best 
    character/team out there, nor the best player.  What I write down here is 
    how I play, you might not agree with me, but anyway...
    When playing Cable, you can play quite a few different ways with him.  With 
    the all those damage and easy (most of) combos, and a super-fast super (Air 
    HVB), Cable can play a great offense game.  Dash in or jump in, forget about 
    all those keep away crap, show them those great combos you got.
    However, if you just love to play keep away, or you need a brief rest from 
    your opponent, jump back and throw dozen of those handy electrap bombs along 
    with viper beam.  Cancel any hit viper beam into HVB, and blast those away 
    if they are stupid enoguh to get caught by a electrap.  If they start to 
    call you cheap, so be it.  Keep doing this until they get pissed off (unless 
    they are your friends, in this case, you better stop it).
    When fight against those dashing in combo people, Cable doesn't really have 
    the speed to beat them.  I know some people just start to play keep away, in 
    fact, that might be the best way.  But if you don't want to play keep away 
    for some reason, starts to use jump in RK alot.  Try to hold them in place.  
    Waiting for them to make any mistake, and punish them with an Air HVB, and 
    don't forget his Rushing Punch move.  Also, throw some of those electraps to 
    slow them down if need.
    Cable is good when at close range or long range, but not at mid range.  I 
    don't think he can play poking game at all.  When fighting against some 
    other characters, either jump in (combos), or jump out (keep away), which 
    ever you like.  Cable also has some problem with his defense game, he 
    doesn't really have a good anti-air move and can't stop people from jump in. 
      The best way to solve this problem is, as I said before, jump in and 
    starts a combo, or jump out and play keep away.  Switch between the keep 
    away and dash in, never ever give your opponent time to rest!
    How to play a good keep-away with Cable!
    What's keep-away?  Keep away is a way of playing that "keeps" your opponent 
    "away" with long range attacks like projectiles/beams, and chip them to 
    death while they can't put their finger on you.  Some say it's lame, other 
    say it's cheap, I say it's a tactic that requires good timing and the 
    ability to see what your opponent is going to do.
    Cable is a really good character when used in a keep-away game.  His viper 
    beam has great coverage since you can direct the beam up and down.  His 
    electrap is tricky and can really stops your opponent from move closer to 
    you if used right.  Along with the blessing from Capcom of his FP, there is 
    no reason why you don't want to play keep-away with Cable.
    Unlike Iceman/Cyclop, Cable can't shoot his beam up-forward, and unlike Dr. 
    Doom, Cable doesn't have a good anti-air move.  It's just not good when your 
    opponent keeps jump-in.  The best way to deal with this problem is to stop 
    them from jumping.  Only use Viper Beam and Hyper Viper Beam in air unless 
    it's in a combo or you are 100% sure it's going to hit.  By jump back and 
    shoot Viper Beam, you increase the coverage of Viper Beam to about 2/3 
    screen wide (with directing the beam of course), and also increase the 
    distance between you and your opponent.  Your opponent won't be able to jump 
    any closer to you unless they are super or double/triple jumping before your 
    beam come out.  Having a good anti-air assist is a good way for dealing with 
    super jump, just remember to cover for your assist.  Finally, another good 
    way to deal with super jump-in is simply dash forward to where your opponent 
    was while they are at the top of the screen.  This way, you put Cable out 
    from any jump-in attack, and you don't need to deal with all those high-low, 
    assist-calling, or throw-trapping games.
    When facing characters that are able to counter Cable's Viper Beam attack 
    (like Juggernaught, Omega Red), use your LP Viper Beam alot.  Juggernaught 
    can Headcrush you after your FP Viper Beam even when he is at the other side 
    of screen.  The less recovery of LP Viper Beam does make a huge difference.  
    When play against characters with beam supers, do something like hop back 
    without the beam, super jump up and throw some Electraps to trick your 
    opponent's timing.  If you use Viper Beam everytime you jump back, the 
    chance you got nailed by a beam super is about 99%.
    Another important thing about keep-away is always stay on your toe.  Some 
    people get mad when play against keep-away because now they can't do their 
    lovely 50 hits air combos etc.  Try super jump all the way to the other side 
    of screen whenever they (finally) get close to you.  This makes them even 
    more mad because now they have to catch you again while your beam stops them 
    from jumping and dashing and chip more health away from them.  People do 
    stupid things when they are losing their mind.  At this point, some probably 
    starts to call you cheap, but if you want to play a really mean keep-away, 
    don't stop here.
    The most important thing is, if you don't like to play keep-away with Cable, 
    don't.  I like keep-away game (yeah you heard me =P) and that's why I play 
    keep-away game.  Having fun is more important then win the match anyway. =)
    VS Character Strategies
    Hehehe, we got 5 up there so far.  51 more to go, yeah!
    Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom can play keep away just as mean as Cable.  One big difference is 
    Cable usually keep the opponent at the other side of screen, while Doom tend 
    to stay in air and keep the opponent down on the ground.  You have to stop 
    him from jumping and air dashing around in order to beat him.  Jump up if he 
    jumps up, dash in if he stays on the ground.  In air, Dr. Doom's beams can't 
    hit people who are direct under him or the people who are right in front of 
    him(the FP one doesn't count =P), remember this.  Cable's Viper Beam can 
    beat out Dr. Doom's any projectiles attack, and if the Doom player use that 
    rock shield thing, Air HVB him.
    Ice Man
    Ice Man talks no blocking damage from Cable's Viper Beam and Hyper Viper 
    Beam!  Don't panic, remember that Ice Man talks alot damage?  If the Ice Man 
    player makes any mistake, Air HVB him.  If you see Ice Man's Ice Beam 
    coming, jump back, block the beam if you need, then pay him back with your 
    lovely Air HVB.  This works every time!  If he starts to super jump and 
    shoots those beams from air, jump up and use your FP or, again, Air HVB to 
    nail him down.  All he got is that one and only dash in combo to his super, 
    and all you need is to block that, and starts jump in.  All after all, Ice 
    Man should be no treat to Cable.
    I remember the first time when Jill showed up at the arcade I play at, 
    everybody got bite by those zombies at least 10 times per round.  After a 
    while, people figured out how to deal with those zombies, suddenly, Jill is 
    not that hot anymore, but alot people still love to use her.  The lag time 
    at the beginning of zombie summering is long enough for you to Viper Beam, 
    or even AHVB her.  She can play tricky keep away well with her helpers, 
    however, any Jill player who has the gut to challange keep away game aginst 
    Cable shall be reward by Viper Beam and AHVB.  Kill all the zombies with 
    your Viper Beam, I would suggest LP one because a good player will set you 
    up, and LP Viper Beam has better recovery time, just in case.  Some people 
    play Jill go combo crazy.  Kinda like Iceman, most people always use "that" 
    air combo.  Just start your keep away game and she won't even be able to get 
    close to you.  Also, remember to roll everytime you got knock down to avoid 
    her OTG combos.  IMO, if you are playing Jill without summor her zombies, 
    then you are not playing the girl right!
    Headcrush is fast!  Never do your HP Viper Beam, and only do the LP Viper 
    Beam when you are at least 3/4 screen away from him unless you are 110% sure 
    you are going to connect.  Note, this doesn't apply to a jump in Juggy.  
    Throw anything you want against this big guy when he is in air.  Super jump 
    up and throws some Electraps down (hold K) just to annoy the Juggernaught 
    player.  Well, that's about it, I always beat Juggy without any problems.
    Omega Red
    A nightmare before, but not that bad now.  Don't try to play a "FP Viper 
    Beam" keep-away game with this guy, he is going to take you down with his 
    Coils.  If you use FP Viper Beam from afar, you will probaly eat his damned 
    crouching RK, his Omega Strike thing, or his jumping down-forward 
    Carbonadium Coils.  So use your LP one!  This way he won't be fast enough to 
    counter.  Jump in works great against a good Omega Red player.  There is lag 
    in just about all of Omega Red's move except that Omega Strike.  If you see 
    a missed Coil there, do an Air HVP, this includes his Carbonadium Coils, his 
    crouching RK, and his super.  Also, if you are on the ground, always hold 
    back because Omega's crouching RK can hit pretty much anywhere on the ground 
    in less then half-sec.   The best way to stop Omega from keep using his 
    Omega Strike -> retreat is to get close to him, or call your assist (best 
    anti-air) when you see that's coming.  Lure him into doing any of those Coil 
    moves and Air HVB him is now the way I use to beat Omega Red players, and it 
    works all the time!
    Revision History
    6/22/00 1.0 - Take out the question about AHVB after air throw thanks to 
    Magnus.  Add VS strategies for Jill.  Some editing.
    6/19/00 0.9 - Add two OTG combos thanks to Genji.  VS Strategies for Dr. 
    6/18/00 0.8b - Sorry, but I got a busy week... Some "minor" editing.  Help 
    needed, see "Combos" for more detail =)
    6/8/00 0.8 - Add the "How to play a good keep-away with Cable and VS 
    Strategies for Juggernaught.  Edit some stuff about VS Omega Red.  Some 
    5/29/00 0.7 - Add normal moves (the rest).  Some notes about his assist, VS 
    Strategies for Ice man and Omega Red.  Some editing.
    5/24/00 0.5 - it is here!
    Next Update - Play against styles, more VS Strategies...etc.
    Credits and Thanks
    Magnus (lord_master_magnus@hotmail.com) for telling me that AHVB won't 
    connect after the air throw.
    Genji (genji27@yahoo.com) for those nice combos,  Now go and practice those!
    Jesse & Jesse(two Jesse!) for playing those awesome games of MvC2 with me.
    My H., all right, play harder and maybe one day you could pass my Amingo.
    George W. for all those free/50%-off food we eat while we play the game.
    CJayC for the hecked save file and this wonderful site.  Without him, none 
    of those could happen.
    KMegura for that awesome FAQ, I get most move names are from his FAQ  =P
    Capcom for making all those awesome fighting game
    All the people out there who is reading this FAQ, thanks!  =)
    If you have any suggestions, questions, or just want to argue with me, feel 
    free to email me.  Again, my email address is mvc2naoh@hotmail.com.

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