Additional ArtClive Hambly
Additional ArtKeith Hibbert
Additional ArtLuke Kopyscinski
Additional ArtSam Samai
Additional ArtShane Warild
Additional DesignShane Collier
Additional DesignRani Kellock
Additional DesignLuc Le Quiniat
Additional Engine ProgrammerPaul Baulch
Additional Engine ProgrammerAlexander Bruce
Additional Engine ProgrammerOliver Jones
Additional Engine ProgrammerShaun Stamper
Additional Engine ProgrammerIlian Stoianov
Additional Engine ProgrammerRosemary Waghorn
Additional ProgrammerRussell Black
Additional ProgrammerBen Boersch
Additional ProgrammerAndrew Glover
Additional ProgrammerRaza Khalid
Additional ProgrammerJarrod Moldrich
ArtistJoel Black
ArtistWayne Byrden
ArtistSam Crook
ArtistPatrick Delmastro
ArtistElaine Duffy
ArtistHuy Ho
ArtistGeoff Lester
ArtistAaron Mak
ArtistWongu Oh
ArtistAdrian Oostergetel
ArtistCatherine Rendell
ArtistBen Shields
Associate ProducerRhys Quinert
Data EntryDamon Lewis
Data EntryLuke Di Lodovico
DesignerChris Dunkley
Engine ProgrammerMatthew Ellison
Engine ProgrammerAdrian Hofman
Engine ProgrammerBlair Holloway
Engine ProgrammerAlex Lindsay
Engine ProgrammerMartin Loxton
Engine ProgrammerThomas Mayer
Engine ProgrammerMatthew McKinnon
Engine ProgrammerJohn Sietsma
Lead ArtistMark Houareau
Lead DesignerHeath Smith
Lead ProgrammerRobert Walkley
ProgrammerJonathan Batten
ProgrammerMike Blackney
ProgrammerDavid Bray
ProgrammerPeter Buck
ProgrammerSally Chung
ProgrammerDavid Cole
ProgrammerBart van Deventer
ProgrammerMatt Fielding
ProgrammerSean Holmesby
ProgrammerLyndon Howie
ProgrammerHu Jin
ProgrammerFinn Morgan
ProgrammerUwe Pachler
ProgrammerPeter Plompen
ProgrammerDan Read
ProgrammerMony Sak
ProgrammerMarc Schirski
ProgrammerSam Shigrow
ProgrammerSimon Smart
ProgrammerPeter Tse
ProgrammerIan Uniacke
ProgrammerAndrew Wood
Senior ProducerJustin Halliday
Senior ProducerAndrei Nadin
SoundKim Dellavedova
SoundLachlan Mooney


Data and credits for this game contributed by Guard Master, odino, and Hardkoroff.

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