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"The Total Package of the Game Just Feels Like a Rushed Cash-In."

If you like classic David Lee Roth era Van Halen you'll love this. Guitar Hero Van Halen features a decent enough helping of David Lee Roth era tracks to play, as well as some of Eddie Van Halen's most memorable guitar solo work and you will enjoy playing the hard guitar parts. The usage of a bunch of fun slide parts and hammer ons. Make a lot of harder guitar songs easier and more interesting.

A bad side to this game is that Van Hagar is not in this selection of forty five songs. Though I was never a big fan of the Sammy Hagar era, his time with Van Halen was abundant enough to assure some contemplation. (Hagar was in the band for a lot longer than David Lee Roth's six years). Whether his absence of inclusion was Eddie Van Halen's call or Activision's (or that fact that David Lee Roth is the current singer) is unknown, but regardless he deserved to have at least a few tracks from his time with the band featured here. Also Michael Anthony is not included in the game (which is a shame because the game accommodate Van Halen's classic 80's outfits.) Speaking of outfits the bad side is that for most of the game you're "Van Halen in 2008." the game has Eddie's son Wolfgang on bass. (instead of Michael Anthony) Eventually you unlock classic Van Halen which has Wolfgang wearing Michael Anthony's sleeveless dice tee from 1984. The game also boasts generic venues only including ONE Van Halen Venue.

The extra bonus act tracks feel like they were rejects from former Guitar Hero games, and have little to nothing to do with Van Halen or what they meant to generation after generation of rockers and rock fans. Where as the bonus acts on Guitar Hero Metallica made sense, (Samhain, Social Distortion, Diamond Head) something just doesn't seem right about having Blink 182 featured as a bonus with Van Halen.

Guitar Hero: Van Halen feels like Guitar Hero: Metallica done on the cheap. It like if Activision realized this should have been a track pack and not a standalone game, but it was too into development so they just rushed it to get it out the door
The fact that Van Halen got its own game in itself is reason for celebration and you should go and buy or rent this game. But, if Van Halen isn't your thing, just stay away.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/03/12

Game Release: Guitar Hero: Van Halen (US, 12/22/09)

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