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    Battle Quote Guide by wonderKNIGHT

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 02/20/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Trinity Universe
    PlayStation 3
    Battle Quote Guide
    Version 1.10
    Author: wonderKNIGHT
     | Table of Contents                         |
     |1. Introduction                            |
     |2. Version History                         |
     |3. Battle Quotes                           |
     |- Battle Start                       [BQ1] |
     |- Battle End                         [BQ2] |
     |- Special Battle End                 [BQ3] |
     |- Level Up                           [BQ4] |
     |- Special Level Up                   [BQ5] |
     |- Rush Attacks                       [BQ6] |
     |- Mighty Blows                       [BQ7] |
     |- Magical Attacks                    [BQ8] |
     |- Basic Abilities                    [BQ9] |
     |- Character Skills                   [BQ10]|
     |- EX Skills                          [BQ11]|
     |- Fury Chains                        [BQ12]|
     |- 3rd & 4th Fury Chains              [BQ13]|
     |- Enemy Defeated                     [BQ14]|
     |- Response to Enemy Defeater         [BQ15]| 
     |- 3rd Turn Pep Talk                  [BQ16]|
     |- Response to 3rd Turn Pep Talk      [BQ17]|
     |- Image Gauge Shield                 [BQ18]|
     |- Image Gauge Cure                   [BQ19]|
     |- Curing With an All-Affecting Item  [BQ20]|
     |- Damage Taken                       [BQ21]|
     |- Incapacitated                      [BQ22]|
     |- Revived                            [BQ23]|
     |4. Extra Quotes                            |
     |- Active Chat                        [EX1] |
     |- Lurker Appears                     [EX2] |
     |- Lurker Engaged                     [EX3] |
     |- Hunting Point Engaged              [EX4] |
     |- Gravity Core Destroyed             [EX5] |
     |- Drifting in Space                  [EX6] |
     |- Sleeping at Inn                    [EX7] |
     |- Waking at Inn                      [EX8] |
     |- Opening Treasure Chest             [EX9] |
     |5. Credits                                 |
     |6. Copyrights                              |
     |1. Introduction |
    Currently missing a versus normal enemies battle start for both Rizelea and
    Recit, and one quote undeciphered for Miyu.
     |2. Version History |
    Ver. 1.00 - 3/29/2011
    Ver. 1.05 - 8/14/2011
    Ver. 1.06 - 8/18/2011
    Ver. 1.10 - 2/20/2013 (re-formatted & quote fixed)
     |3. Battle Quotes |
    = Battle Start [BQ1] =
    << Weaker Enemies >>
    Kanata:  "Let's get this done, everybody!"
             "Great! Let's stomp some villains!"
             "Bear witness to the power of the Demon Dog King!"
             "The start of a battle; the heart of every adventure!"
    Rizelea: "There's no crisis here."
             "It was easy this time, too!"
             "Okay, let's sweep out the dirt!"
             "Witness the power of the Valkyrie Rizelea!"
    Tsubaki: "That wasn't too bad."
             "Ugh. What a waste of time."
             "I'd suggest getting out of the way."
             "They weren't even worth the effort."
    Lucius:  "One move kill."
             "Zero excitement."
             "Oh, crap. This'll be way too boring."
             "You'll regret encountering me randomly!"
    Recit:   "Any last words?"
             "I'll unleash my explosive energy!"
             "Hehaha! Let's beat 'em to a pulp!"
             "Your life ends here! Prepare yourself!"
    Miyu:    "We'll win...right?"
             "Hmm. I'm not worried today."
             "Let's try to walk away unharmed."
             "*sigh* This should be easy. I think..."
    Mizuki:  "It's showtime!"
             "Please enjoy Mizuki's live performance!"
             "Presenting Miss Mizuki, the Super Assassin Idol!"
             "Mizuki's lovely live performance starts right now!"
    Suzaku:  "Let's wrap this up."
             "Oh, what a sad creature..."
             "Ehehehe. You're so silly."
             "You think you're even worth my time?"
    Flonne:  "Don't be scared. Okay?"
             "Haaa-ah! Flonne's justice!"
             "I'll teach you how to love!"
             "Flonne will right the wrongs!"
    Etna:    "I'm gonna enjoy torturing you!"
             "You think you can defeat us? HA!"
             "Oh, too bad! I already decided you die!"
             "You never seem to understand fear, do you?"
    Prinny:  "Bonus chance, dood!"
             "We can't lose, dood."
             "Free and clear, everyone!"
             "Can't I just watch you guys fight?"
    Violet:  "Easy peasy!"
             "This'll be fine."
             "That wasn't hard at all."
             "What carrot dish should I prepare to celebrate?"
    Pamela:  "Lemme handle this!"
             "Ehehehehe! Let's play!"
             "I won't lose to this weakling."
             "Eureka! It's a new monster to play with!"
    << Normal Enemies >>
    Kanata:  "Gimme EXP!"
             "Fine! I'll be your opponent!"
             "We'll emerge victorious, you know!"
             "You appear at last. I was getting tired of waiting!"
    Rizelea: "This should be fun!"
             "All right, let's close in on the enemy!"
             "Let's go full throttle from the very start!"
    Tsubaki: "Let's start this, then!"
             "I shall be your opponent."
             "This was a moderate workout."
             "Everyone, please don't lower your guard."
    Lucius:  "Tension level: normal."
             "You're a stepping stone!"
             "I am Lucius, the Dark Hero!"
             "This should be a good warm-up."
    Recit:   "Fine! You want a party?"
             "Universe Treasure Hunters are quite strong!"
             "These opponents are just right! Let's enjoy this!"
    Miyu:    "This IS my best!"
             "I'll try my best!"
             "I...I won't lose!"
             "I-Is everything gonna be all right?"
    Mizuki:  "Don't fall in love with me."
             "So long as I'm here, you'll never lose!"
             "Welcome to my live assassination stage!"
             "Raise the curtain! Mizuki's show is starting!"
    Suzaku:  "That's not enough."
             "Let's get started."
             "You'll regret this."
             "Don't get in my way..."
    Flonne:  "All righty! Be ready!"
             "Bad kids need discipline!"
             "Time for your special lesson!"
             "The Universal Witch Galaxy Flonne is here!"
    Etna:    "This is just so lame..."
             "I'll be watching you guys fight!"
             "Hmm... This looks like a little fun..."
             "I guess I'll go ahead and finish this."
    Prinny:  "We gotta fight!"
             "Don't underestimate me, dood."
             "Let's prepare for battle, everydood!"
             "I'll work hard if I'm paid right, dood."
    Violet:  "Let's start!"
             "Let's try our hardest!"
             "This is still all right!"
             "All right. We can't lose!"
    Pamela:  "Welcome!"
             "Let's start, mm'kay?"
             "Hehe! Nice to meet ya!"
             "Welcome to the Ghastly Inn!"
    << Stronger Enemies >>
    Kanata:  "I WILL win!"
             "A strong foe? Fascinating! Prove it."
             "It doesn't matter who my opponent is!"
             "My adventure won't end because of you!"
    Rizelea: "Everyone, be careful!"
             "Don't drop your guard!"
             "This...might be dangerous."
             "Just keep calm and we'll be fine."
    Tsubaki: "*gasp* Everyone, stay alert!"
             "Don't lose focus! If you do..."
             "It...may be prudent to escape."
             "Be more careful! ...Fine! I'll do it!"
    Lucius:  "You little..."
             "Tension maximum!"
             "Haah-haha! This is how my opponents should be!"
             "Eheheh! Been a while since I saw a strong opponent!"
    Recit:   "Hey, hey... You must be jokin'."
             "Haah! Don't underestimate Recit!"
             "If we're not careful, we'll get killed."
             "We're screwed! But...it's really energizin'!"
    Miyu:    "Waah! I'm so scared!"
             "M-Maybe...we won't make it..."
             "Uh, uh, can't we just run away?"
             "Ah...! I think we should run away...!"
    Mizuki:  "Come on! Go easy on me!"
             "Err... Prepare yourself!"
             "Hang in there, everyone!"
             "The lovely idol...may be in a pinch!"
    Suzaku:  "Careful! Everyone!"
             "Damn... This isn't good."
             "Full steam ahead from the get-go!"
             "It's dangerous here! Keep your guards up!"
    Flonne:  "N-...No!"
             "I say we run away!"
             "The hammer of justice falls on you!"
             "Even heroes need to struggle...I guess..."
    Etna:    "Are we in a...crisis?"
             "Maybe I'll actually try now..."
             "Oooh... This looks dangerous... Good!"
             "It seems like you guys aren't totally pathetic!"
    Prinny:  "Emergency, dood!"
             "We're doomed, dood..."
             "Let's high-tail it, dood!"
             "Dood, this isn't in the contract..."
    Violet:  "W-W-W-What did we do?!"
             "Uh... What should we do?"
             "Oh no... This looks bad..."
             "M-M-Maybe...we should...run?"
    Pamela:  "Don't work too hard, okay?"
             "Uh... Will we be all right?"
             "This looks a little dangerous."
             "I guess we won't get bored, huh?"
    << Ambushed >>
    Kanata:  "Only cowards mask their presence!"
    Rizelea: "From behind? You have NO shame."
    Tsubaki: "W-What?! When did this happen?"
    Lucius:  "Gah! The hell?!"
    Recit:   "What?! W-When did they approach us?"
    Miyu:    "*shriek* It's dangerous here!"
    Mizuki:  "No stalkers, please."
    Suzaku:  "What?! Where'd they come from?!"
    Flonne:  "Whoa! So unfair!"
    Etna:    "Cowards."
    Prinny:  "You're more cowardly than me, dood!"
    Violet:  "Huh?! A monster?!"
    Pamela:  "No fair, bully!"
    = Battle End [BQ2] =
    << Regular Win >>
    Kanata:  "My dreams won't die!"
             "Mmmmm, I love fighting!"
             "There was some fun in that battle!"
             "I think that worked out my abs a little!"
             "Demon Dog King Kanata's adventure continues!"
             "That wasn't boring. Enjoy my praise, villains!"
             "You still need about a hundred-fifty years of training."
             "Admit your foolishness, and retain some honor. That sounded cool,
    Rizelea: "That's it? Boooring."
             "I'm reeaally strong!"
             "Hmm. Not too shabby."
             "Can't stop my momentum."
             "Blessings upon you... Just kidding."
             "You can't get me if you're like that!"
             "You need WAY more training before facing me."
             "Well... I'd grade you a seventy. That's like a C, right?"
    Tsubaki: "Well, that's it."
             "I hadn't even warmed up."
             "This many enemies? No problem."
             "Let's keep moving. We don't have much time."
             "*sigh* That resulted in some good exercise."
             "Don't be ashamed. I really am just that strong."
             "Perhaps it's not a good thing to be...too strong."
             "The most beautiful roses have the biggest thorns."
    Lucius:  "..."
             "So weak!"
             "I'm the best! Me!"
             "That was some good exercise."
             "I was the sole hero for today."
             "Peons fail at not being peons!"
             "Is battle...the only place to look cool...?"
             "Haaah-haha! The true power of the Dark Hero awakens!"
    Recit:   "That was awesome! Thanks!"
             "I prefer better opponents."
             "That fight was good! Thanks!"
             "That was quick. Shall we move on?"
             "Let's do it the same way next time."
             "You weren't weak. I'm just too strong."
             "While I'm here, there'll be no problems!"
             "My interest is piqued! Let's keep advancin'!"
    Miyu:    "We...we won!"
             "Look! We did it!"
             "Thanks, everyone!"
             "Is everybody okay?"
             "Heh! That was a good fight!"
             "Everybody, I'm so grateful!"
             "Oh! We didn't even get hurt!"
             "That DID hurt! But just a little!"
    Mizuki:  "We won! Naturally!"
             "Assassination complete!"
             "This idol's invincible!"
             "What an easy win! Who's next?"
             "Everyone~! Please support me~!"
             "You won't lose if you have me here!"
             "Did you get butterflies in your stomach?"
             "That live was decent, but I only want the best!"
    Suzaku:  "So easy."
             "Let's keep moving!"
             "Am I the strongest?"
             "Hmm, good exercise."
             "Hmhmhmhm. That wasn't so bad."
             "I'll admit...I'm a bit tired."
             "How depressing... It's over already..."
             "We could've had just a little more fun."
    Flonne:  "Victory!"
             "What an easy win!"
             "Everyone all right?"
             "Never stop believing!"
             "Let's advance! Together!"
             "May the galaxy find peace!"
             "May love greet them in the afterlife!"
             "Spreading love today means peace tomorrow!"
    Etna:    "That was okay!"
             "What an easy win!"
             "Hmm...this is it!"
             "Isn't it time for dessert now?"
             "Exert all your strength. All of you!"
             "Strong AND cute! Why am I so perfect?"
             "This is, of course, for the sake of sweets."
             "I sent you to a better place! Be grateful, you goon!"
    Prinny:  "Is this a joke, dood?"
             "We won! We did it, dood!"
             "Let's split the loot, dood!"
             "The prinny legend begins, dood!"
             "That's the prinny spirit at work!"
             "Admit it! I'm amazing sometimes, dood!"
             "Did they really think they stood a chance?"
             "Easy win or not, I deserve to get paid, dood!"
    Violet:  "Done!"
             "We did it!"
             "That's it, right?"
             "Let's go farther ahead!"
             "All right! Let's advance!"
             "Any good ingredients here?"
             "This is alchemy's true potential!"
             "We can push ourselves even further!"
    Pamela:  "Ahahaha! That was fun!"
             "Fun! That was really fun!"
             "Ehaha! That really was fun!"
             "Ghosts can do more than you think!"
             "I'll see you when you've reincarnated!"
             "Hopefully, we'll see each other again!"
             "It was fun, but...it was over so fast..."
             "Oooh, I'm a ghost~! ...Hey, don't run away!"
    << With one or more party members incapacitated >>
    Kanata:  "Was I trying too hard...?"
             "Ohh... If only I were a little stronger..."
             "It's proper to admit when a battle was tough."
             "Every adventure has obstacles to overcome, like this..."
    Rizelea: "We barely made it."
             "That was really close."
             "Do I need to train more...?"
             "Yuck. This is a bitter victory."
    Tsubaki: "That was close."
             "I'm quite exhausted."
             "Shall we take a rest?"
             "My thought is to retreat for today."
    Lucius:  "The Dark Hero never perishes!"
             "Ugh... A little close for comfort."
             "Perhaps my tension didn't get high enough..."
             "I'm the reason we won. I deserve thanks and praise."
    Recit:   "Yes! Ha, we won!!"
             "That was close! You guys all right?"
             "That fight was one for the history books!"
             "I'm tired... Still, a good fight's a good fight."
    Miyu:    "I'm so sorry!"
             "Jeez... I'm amazed..."
             "Wow! That was awesome!"
             "Didn't anyone get hurt?"
    Mizuki:  "Dummy, dummy!"
             "No...this can't be..."
             "I...I can't move anymore..."
             "Ugh, I'm exhausted... I wanna go home..."
    Suzaku:  "Ugh, so close..."
             "Let's...rest a bit."
             "Without me, you'd all be screwed."
             "Did I really just struggle with such a...?"
    Flonne:  "Is everyone okay?"
             "Shouldn't we heal up?"
             "Oh, I can't believe it..."
             "Sorry. Next time, I'll try harder."
    Etna:    "Egh, this is such a bore..."
             "You dorks! Fight harder! Ugh!"
             "You're like a...broken toilet. Useless!"
             "Is that really all you've got? Like, really?"
    Prinny:  "We won! I'm touched, dood!"
             "That...wasn't easy, dood..."
             "Th-This is a breach of contract, dood!"
             "Master Etna! I worked so hard! Did you see?"
    Violet:  "Whew... Close call."
             "I can't do this anymore..."
             "I thought we were done for..."
             "Ohh... Let's go home now, 'kay?"
    Pamela:  "Will you guys be all right?"
             "I worked so very, very hard..."
             "That was...really dangerous..."
             "At this rate, you'll all become my ghost buddies."
    = Special Battle End [BQ3] =
    Kanata:  "We have everyone to thank for..."
    Rizelea: "Valkyrie Rizelea brings you..."
    Tsubaki: "Let's all just take a big, deep breath of..."
    Lucius:  "The Dark Hero congratulates everyone for..."
    Recit:   "Treasure Hunter Recit's..."
    Miyu:    "We tried our best for..."
    Mizuki:  "Mizuki's performance brought you..."
    Suzaku:  "We maidens welcome..."
    Flonne:  "Love and justice has brought us..."
    Etna:    "Etna and her lackeys celebrate..."
    Prinny:  "Dood! Let's drink to..."
    Violet:  "Using everyone's power for..."
    Pamela:  "Let's all be grateful for..."
    All:     "...conquest under heaven!"
    All:     "...this great victory!"
    Prinny:  "...this great victory! ...Dood."
    = Level Up [BQ4] =
    Kanata:  "Level up!"
             "Power up!"
             "I've grown more skilled!"
             "This energy...overflowing!"
    Rizelea: "Level up!"
             "I'm feeling stronger!"
             "I'll get even stronger!"
             "Haha! I'm so proud of me!"
    Tsubaki: "Mmhmm! Level up!"
             "I'll keep going!"
             "This is expected!"
             "The improvements continue!"
    Lucius:  "Haaah-haha! Level up!"
             "My popularity is swelling!"
             "I've mastered another skill!"
             "I look forward to the next hunt."
    Recit:   "Level up!"
             "Now I've become even stronger!"
             "Good, good! That's the feelin'!"
             "I look forward to the next battle!"
    Miyu:    "I'll repay this favor!"
             "Ohhh! I've gained strength!"
             "Thank you so much, everybody!"
             "Eheeheehee! I'm...a little embarrassed..."
    Mizuki:  "Nice! Level up!"
             "Did I just get even cuter?"
             "Heehee! That was really good!"
             "To celebrate, I'll go assassinate someone!"
    Suzaku:  "I'll strive harder!"
             "As planned. ...I think."
             "For the sake of our goals!"
             "Hmm, I've grown stronger yet!"
    Flonne:  "I love this!"
             "Hahaha! Level up!"
             "I've become stronger!"
             "A steady improvement!"
    Etna:    "Gooood!"
             "Not bad!"
             "Hahaa! Level up!"
             "Well, of course!"
    Prinny:  "I'm stronger now, dood!"
             "Can I get a raise too, dood?"
             "Yeah! Another level up, dood!"
             "I'm a prinny without peer, dood!"
    Violet:  "That's a level up!"
             "Eheheh! I'm so strong now!"
             "I became stronger! ...Right?"
             "That's one more step forward!"
    Pamela:  "Ehmhmhm! Level up!"
             "Aha! This feels great!"
             "Ahaha! Getting exciting, hmm?"
             "My body feels even lighter now!"
    = Special Level Up [BQ5] =
    Kanata:  "I am the Demon Dog King, strongest in the Netheruniverse!"
    Rizelea: "I'm probably powerful enough to be Valkyrie for the whole cosmos!
    Tsubaki: "With this overflowing power, none can stand against me!"
    Lucius:  "The Dark Hero... It's the perfect profession for me!"
    Recit:   "I'm the Ultra Universe Treasure Hunter, Recit!"
    Miyu:    "I'm doing my best as a Managraphic artist!"
    Mizuki:  "No one can look as good as ME! No one!"
    Suzaku:  "I'm the best; strong and beautiful."
    Flonne:  "Maybe...I'll really be the heroine of an anime series!"
    Etna:    "I can kill any opponent, any time."
    Prinny:  "One step closer to the day prinnies surpass the Overlord, dood."
    Violet:  "I bet I can synthesize anything I want now!"
    Pamela:  "The strongest ghost; not bad sounding!"
    = Rush Attacks [BQ6] =
    Kanata:  "Here I come!"
             "How's that?"
             "I'll defeat you!"
    Rizelea: "Slash!"
             "Got it!"
             "How obvious!"
             "You're slow!"
    Tsubaki: "You...have weak defenses, don't you?"
             "I'm going now!"
             "Can you evade this?"
    Lucius:  "Slash!"
             "So slow!"
             "Eat this!"
    Recit:   "Here!"
             "My blood's burnin'!"
             "This is the end!"
    Miyu:    "I'm coming!"
             "I'll do my best!"
    Mizuki:  "This-a-way!"
             "Man, you're slow!"
             "How's this?"
    Suzaku:  "Here I come!"
             "Doesn't it hurt?!"
             "Can you dodge this?"
    Flonne:  "Love!
             "Hair treatment!"
    Etna:    "You...!"
             "Son of a...!"
             "I'll...beat you up!"
    Prinny:  "I'll slice 'n' dice ya, dood!"
             "It's my turn, dood!"
             "Thanks for nothing, dood!"
    Violet:  "I won't lose!"
             "This'll sting!"
    Pamela:  "Twirling~!"
             "I'm coming~!"
             "I'm...a ghost~!"
    = Mighty Blows [BQ7] =
    Kanata:  "Dice!"
             "Take this!"
             "Full force!"
    Rizelea: "Hit!"
             "Taste this!"
             "Take this!"
    Tsubaki: "Hit!"
             "Want more?!"
             "You're gettin' on my nerves!"
    Lucius:  "Tension!"
             "Outta my way!"
             "I'm coming!"
             "So fragile!"
             "This is the end!"
             "Split in two!"
    Recit:   "Burnin'!"
             "Cut in half!"
             "There, there!"
    Miyu:    "Get away!"
             "Don't stand up!"
    Mizuki:  "Go!"
    Suzaku:  "Eat this!"
             "This is the end!"
    Flonne:  "Agape!"
             "Kani miso!"
             "Power of love!"
             "Limited edition!"
    Etna:    "Perish!"
             "Take this!"
             "How's this?"
    Prinny:  "Bonk!"
             "I'll do it, dood!"
    Violet:  "Take this!"
    Pamela:  "Hey!"
             "How's this?"
    = Magical Attacks [BQ8] =
    Kanata:  "Bam!"
             "Such strength!"
             "Eat this!"
             "Yeah, yeah!"
    Rizelea: "Snap!"
             "You aren't getting away!"
    Tsubaki: "This!"
             "How's this?"
             "Burn for eternity!"
    Lucius:  "Vanish!"
             "Dark magic!"
             "It's useless!"
             "Just give up already!"
    Recit:   "What is this crap?!"
             "Buh-lown away!"
    Miyu:    "I'm so mad!"
             "Walnut dye!"
             "Spring green!"
             "Aster tataricus!"
    Mizuki:  "Shining!"
    Suzaku:  "How's that?"
             "How's this?"
             "Move it."
             "Take this!"
    Flonne:  "Pretty!"
             "Here I come!"
             "I got it!"
             "Heavenly punishment!"
             "Divine judgment!"
    Etna:    "Eat this!"
             "Yeah, yeah!"
             "I'm here~!"
    Prinny:  "They're mine, dood!"
    Violet:  "Fly away!"
    Pamela:  "Hurray!"
             "This'll hurt!"
             "Here, for you!"
    = Basic Abilities [BQ9] =
    << Kanata >>
    DDK Rush         - "This is getting good!"
    DDK Rush Plus    - "Critical charge!"
    DDK True Rush    - "A wind blows, blessed by the gods!"
    Dog Bite         - "Can you handle this?!"
    Jawesome         - "This isn't over yet!"
    Hound Dog        - "Witness the Demon Dog King's power!"
    X-Hex            - "Feel the force of my magic power!"
    Blush Mine       - "Huh! Nothing beats my magic!"
    DDK Assault      - "Demon Dog King attack!"
    DDK Assault Plus - "Here I come!"
    DDK True Assault - "I won't fall here!"
    << Rizelea >>
    Anti-Crime      - "I won't stop!"
    Divine Thunder  - "Check out my dancing blade!"
    Infinite Stun   - "I'll show you the moves of a Valkyrie!"
    Holy Bash       - "Divine punishment!"
    Fated Light     - "This'll end it!"
    Celestial Crown - "Feel my holy blade!"
    White Cross     - "Flash!"
    Judgement Light - "Go towards the light!"
    Ixchel Slash    - "You can't possibly dodge this!"
    Grandigallia    - "This will be it!"
    Hypostatis      - "Trinity moves!"
    << Tsubaki >>
    Heavenly Dance    - "Behold my Heavenly Dance!"
    White Rhythm      - "Can you keep up? White Rhythm!"
    Dusk of Yutoku    - "Let's wrap it up! Dusk of Yutoku!"
    Kernal Return     - "Suffer my Kernal Return!"
    Toyokawa Twilight - "Your world is darkness! Toyokawa Twilight!"
    Dawn of Fushimi   - "Arcane technique! The Dawn of Fushimi!"
    Dangling Sakura   - "Dance like petals in the wind! Overhanging Sakura!"
    Tall Summer Trees - "The beat of summer's heat! Upright Summer Trees!"
    Layered Garment   - "We'll go easy at first."
    Celestial Bridge  - "Let's finish this up!"
    Fluttering Leaf   - "Ugh, it's so fricking annoying!"
    << Lucius >>
    Big Lucius Rush!  - "Can you block my moves?"
    Martial Dancing!  - "Hack!"
    Ultimate Combo!   - "I'll pulverize you!"
    Dark Hero Attack  - "Flash!"
    Dark Hero Attack+ - "This blow will be fatal!"
    Dark Hero Slash   - "Too late to regret your life now!"
    Azurite Circle    - "Gather, dark energy!"
    Black Lightning   - "Heh! Shatter into pieces!"
    Victory Rush      - "Witness my insane power!"
    Lucius 2x Smash   - "I'll make this the final blow!"
    Max Tension       - "My tension is maxed out now!"
    << Recit >>
    Brandish          - "How much more can you withstand?"
    Super Brandish    - "Can you evade this? Answer: no!"
    Crimson Dance     - "Let's make this...the end!"
    Full-power Whack  - "Take this! That should do it...right?"
    Shut The Hell Up! - "You better dodge or this'll hurt like hell!"
    Fang Cannon       - "GUH-RIND you into the ground!"
    Huge Rock         - "This is the finale!"
    Hades Impact      - "Heh! Did you think I could only swing that weapon around?"
    Devil's Cliff     - "I'm goin' hardcore!"
    Free and Easy     - "Break through the barrier into tomorrow!"
    Beast Claw Strike - "Take this! The final strike!"
    << Miyu >>
    White Noel      - "Egh! I'll do it!"
    Snow Festival   - "I won't forgive you!"
    Snow Makeup     - "This will be the end!"
    Silver Halo     - "Egh! No regrets!"
    Silver Crystal  - "There'll be no mercy, even if you cry!"
    White Storm     - "It's gonna be REALLY powerful!"
    Whitescape      - "White pattern, snowy wind!"
    Glacier Fall    - "Frozen soul, lapis lazuli!"
    Pure White      - "Mixing, mixing!"
    Wintry Elegance - "Stirring, stirring...you ready?"
    White Sakura    - "I hope it'll turn into a nice color!"
    << Mizuki >>
    Leaf Rush        - "Yeah! Slice you into ribbons!"
    Fan Service      - "Check out my flawless skill!"
    Divine Wind Lure - "I'll stop your heart!"
    I Got This!      - "This is the end!"
    Knock You Out!   - "I'll be taking your life now!"
    Wind Orchestra   - "This'll be splendiferous!"
    Pin-Light Attack - "Okay, this is it!"
    Fuuton: Tornado  - "Fuuton: Tornado Stream!"
    Dancing Shadow   - "One kill per day, please!"
    Exciting Steps   - "Coup de grace, go!"
    Maple Leaf Dance - "Fatal attack! Heart attack inducing sexy strike!"
    << Suzaku >>
    Brandisickle    - "Let's put an end to this!"
    Soul Taker      - "I'll cut you into little chunks!"
    Hanging Branch  - "No regrets!"
    Necro Burial    - "Hmhmhm. How's this?"
    Crippling Soul  - "Die!"
    Soul Transfer   - "I'll reap your soul!"
    Dark Prison     - "Go back home to hell!"
    Libido Wash     - "Playtime is over!"
    Necro Volcano   - "Think you can get into Heaven?"
    Immoral Karte   - "Hmhmhm. Say your prayers!"
    Life Extinction - "This shall be the end of it all!"
    << Flonne >>
    Hammer of Justice - "Taste love's justice!"
    Galaxy Crush      - "Galaxy!"
    Dream Blush       - "You're finished!"
    Love Strike       - "Feel the power of love!"
    Lovely Eureka!    - "Flonne's special combo!"
    Love Lecture      - "No mercy!"
    Holy Arrow        - "Stop doing bad things!"
    Judgmental Light  - "Flonne magic!"
    Lovely Flail      - "Magic change!"
    Justice Tap       - "Flonne tornado!"
    Dream of the One  - "I'm not done!"
    << Etna >>
    Welding Stab       - "Etna's...rush!"
    Muscle Rush        - "Don't even TRY to cross me!"
    Roar Assault       - "Die faster!"
    Helmet Cracker     - "Can you handle this?"
    Demon Killer Flash - "Chew on this!"
    Fallen Dignity     - "Huh! You're less than nothing!"
    Giga Star          - "Oh, sorry. You're dying now."
    Sexy               - "See my power!"
    Dark Serenity      - "I'm the strongest!"
    Lance Penetration  - "Moron! Go to hell!"
    Cawing Crows       - "Become a star in the sky!"
    << Prinny >>
    Prinny Mashing    - "I can win when I try, dood!"
    Prinny Mashing +  - "I'd like to win, dood!"
    Prinny Rhapsody   - "Assault, dood!"
    Prinny Swing      - "Hack to pieces, dood!"
    Prinny Home Run   - "Dood, charge!"
    Prinny Full Burst - "Kamikaze attack, dood!"
    Prinny Dance      - "Explosions, dood!"
    Prinny Bomb       - "Hit!"
    So many, dood!    - "Nothin' escapes my eyes, dood!"
    Go crazy, dood!   - "Last resort time, dood!"
    Final blow, dood! - "This is my lethal weapon, dood!"
    << Violet >>
    Uni Storm       - "Hah! Yah! Hah!"
    Trommel         - "There, there, there!"
    Vurune Panzo    - "You'll be sorry!"
    Atelier         - "Charge!"
    Ray Sting       - "There's more!"
    Stakten Slug    - "I'll be rough!"
    Great Uni Blitz - "One, two, three!"
    Great Uni Storm - "Bang!"
    Carroty Blitz   - "Yah! Hiya!", "Yah! Hah!"
    Van Gelb        - "Explode!"
    Boheim Strome   - "Mixing, mixing!"
    << Pamela >>
    Ectoplasm       - "I can do it, you know!"
    Ganselhaut      - "Don't underestimate me!"
    Geistreet       - "Don't underestimate my power!"
    Star Brandish   - "If you're bad, I'll punish you."
    Chopin's Shrug  - "How about this?"
    Illusional Lure - "I'll put my back into it, haha!"
    Flair Dread     - "Uh, I'm sorry!"
    Danz Flame      - "Not my fault!"
    Scream Geist    - "I'll crush everybody!"
    Spooky Volcano  - "Hey buddy, let's play!"
    Phantom Gevalt  - "This is it!"
    = Character Skills [BQ10] =
    << Kanata >>
    DDK Swift Sword - "Wanna try following up my moves?"
    DDK Brazen Rush - "We're just warming up!"
    DDK Zan-tetsu   - "There!!"
    << Rizelea >>
    Sinfiotli  - "Ready to see my secret move?"
    Valkyribop - "Try to follow that up!"
    Valkyraid  - "You're finished!"
    << Tsubaki >>
    Moon Anticipator - "My leniency has ended."
    Red Spider Lily  - "Be entranced by my dancing fan!"
    Wintry Camallia  - "Don't frick with me, you pissant!"
    << Lucius >>
    Save Face Attack  - "Haah-haha! I'm marvelous!"
    Dark Inferno      - "There won't be a piece of you left! Vanish!"
    Dim Lightning Hit - "INVINCIBLE SUPER MOVE!!"
    << Recit >>
    Terrain Carnage   - "Haha! I'm like a superhero!"
    Demon's Fang      - "Witness my special technique!"
    Everything's Mine - "I...I feel my blood boilin'! My soul roars with energy!"
    << Miyu >>
    I'm Flurrious!    - "Miyu will go!"
    Sharp Rain        - "Ohh! This'll be really dangerous!"
    Blizzard Serenade - "Look at the pretty colors!"
    << Mizuki >>
    Brick Steps      - "It's my super skill!"
    Attractive Dance - "Watch this, everyone!"
    Coquettish Shot  - "This'll be the final blow!"
    << Suzaku >>
    Noire Death   - "Taste the fear of death!"
    Die or Demise - "I'll kill you mercifully!"
    Hell on Earth - "Sleep in a blanket of darkness!"
    << Flonne >>
    Witch's Rap      - "Behold my special skill!"
    Angelic Wall     - "You won't get away!"
    Birthday of Love - "I'll finish this!"
    << Etna >>
    Beauty Stamp      - "You have my permission to die now."
    Galactic Trashing - "I'm the Wandering Beauty Etna!"
    Forced Eats       - "I'll beat the crap out of you!"
    << Prinny >>
    Peon Attack        - "Final blow, dood!"
    Extra Flash        - "Maximum power, dood!"
    Prinny Fiery March - "One blow turnover, dood!"
    << Violet >>
    Es Verdad    - "One, two, three, ha!"
    Grune Alke   - "I'm not stopping!"
    Fular Tranzo - "This is it!"
    << Pamela >>
    Wraith Claws   - "Watch this, please!"
    Richie Wrath   - "This is so much fun!"
    Inferno Battle - "Ehehe! I'll show you my best attack!"
    = EX Skills [BQ11] =
    Kanata  - "Behold the Demon Dog King's power!"
    Rizelea - "I bestow upon my broadly blade the lyrics of the stars! Echo
               across the galaxy, my song! Vanishing Nova!"
    Tsubaki - "My flames will burn you to ashes. The fox clan's infernal magic.
               This shit's hot! Kotodama Nine-tail's Cannon of Crimson Flames!"
    Lucius  - "I'll show you what's behind my dark mask. Disappear into the
               depths of the void, the bottom of the abyss. Super...Lucius...
    Recit   - "Your luck ran out as soon as I drew my blade! Now, archaic demon's
               blade, bestow upon me a burning soul of fury! Raagh!! Shooting Star
    Miyu    - "The white scenery enshrouding life's canvas. Be blessed by the
               eight mana. Show us your icy fangs! Blizzard Hydra!"
    Mizuki  - "In the dead silence of night, in the absence of wind, the apex of
               darkness. Flash! Your eyes will go blind from the flares! Kunoichi
               Technique: Cross Meteor Shower!"
    Suzaku  - "This one blow will extinguish the flame of your soul. Don't bother
               repenting. Rather, be proud your death comes from this sacred blade.
               Feel the Grim Reaper's touch!"
    Flonne  - "I won't tolerate villainy infecting the galaxy! I'll scrub you
               clean, and teach you the importance of love! I call the Light of
               True Love to come here!!"
    Etna    - "What a dolt, crossing me. You'll become my new toy. Heh! Death
               will be way too much of a reward for you. Taste the Chaos Impact!"
    Prinny  - "You'll regret treating me like a peon, dood. Witness the fearsome
               Prinny Laser, in all its destructive glory! Flash!"
    Violet  - "All right. Time for some secret alchemy!"
    Pamela  - "Haha! Let's be good friends! Don't be scared of me! Let's go to
               another world and play!"
    = Fury Chains [BQ12] =
    Kanata -> Rizelea
       "Help me, Kanata!"
       "Count on me, Rizelea!"
    Rizelea -> Kanata
       "Rizelea, I'm counting on you!"
       "I believe in you, Kanata!"
    Kanata -> Tsubaki
       "My Lord, I'll take over now!"
       "You got it, Tsubaki!"
    Tsubaki -> Kanata
       "Come, Tsubaki!"
       "I understand, my Lord!"
    Kanata -> Lucius
       "Stepping in, the Demon Dog King!"
       "I've got your back, Lucius!"
    Lucius -> Kanata
       "Can you keep up, Lucius?"
       "Thank me, Demon Dog King!"
    Kanata -> Recit
       "Kanata, you're ready, right?"
       "Recit, crush the enemy!"
    Recit -> Kanata
       "Recit, let's go!"
       "All right, Kanata!"
    Kanata -> Miyu
       "Let's do it, Kanata!"
       "Miyu, keep your guard up!"
    Miyu -> Kanata
       "Follow me, Miyu!"
       "Yes, Kanata!"
    Kanata -> Mizuki
       "Mm'kay, Bow-wow!"
       "Let's do it, Mizuki!"
    Mizuki -> Kanata
       "Mizuki, joint attack!"
       "Ready, Bow-wow!"
    Kanata -> Suzaku
       "Master Kanata, please!"
       "Suzaku, I'm ready!"
    Suzaku -> Kanata
       "Sync with my attack, Suzaku!"
       "Allow me, Master Kanata!"
    Kanata -> Flonne
       "Sir Kanata, are you ready?"
       "Roger that, Flonne!"
    Flonne -> Kanata
       "Show your skills, Flonne!"
       "Sir Kanata, behold the power of love!"
    Kanata -> Etna
       "Fine! Let's finish this, Kanata!"
       "I'll help you out, Etna!"
    Etna -> Kanata
       "Let's end this, Etna!"
       "Don't boss me, Kanata!"
    Kanata -> Prinny
       "I'll show my friendship strength, dood!"
       "Our bond is impossible to break, Prinny!"
    Prinny -> Kanata
       "Prinny, it's up to you, dood!"
       "I won't waste this chance, dood!"
    Kanata -> Violet
       "Kanata, please!"
       "Let's team up, Vio!"
    Violet -> Kanata
       "Finish it off, Vio!"
       "Of course, Kanata!"
    Kanata -> Pamela
       "Kanata, please do this for me!"
       "We'll defeat the enemy, Pamela!"
    Pamela -> Kanata
       "Come on, Pamela! Support me!"
       "Count me in, Kanata!"
    Rizelea -> Tsubaki
       "Rizelea, shall we?"
       "I'll lend my hand, Tsubaki!"
    Tsubaki -> Rizelea
       "Tsubaki, please!"
       "You got it, Rizelea!"
    Rizelea -> Lucius
       "Rizelea, let's smash the enemy!"
       "You got it, Lucius!"
    Lucius -> Rizelea
       "Support me, Lucius!"
       "Such a bossy Valkyrie!"
    Rizelea -> Recit
       "Sync, Rizelea, sync!"
       "Recit, let's end this!"
    Recit -> Rizelea
       "Ring 'em up, Recit!"
       "Count on me, Rizelea!"
    Rizelea -> Miyu
       "Please lend me your power, Rizelea!"
       "Do your best, Miyu!"
    Miyu -> Rizelea
       "Let's go, Miyu!"
       "Sure, Rizelea!"
    Rizelea -> Mizuki
       "Okay, Rizzy!"
       "Of course, Mizuki!"
    Mizuki -> Rizelea
       "Let's charge in, Mizuki!"
       "All right, Rizzy!"
    Rizelea -> Suzaku
       "Rizelea, if you please!"
       "Suzaku, count on me!"
    Suzaku -> Rizelea
       "Suzaku, lend me your strength!"
       "Rizelea, I'm fine."
    Rizelea -> Flonne
       "Lady Rizelea, it's our chance!"
       "It's the power of justice, Flonne!"
    Flonne -> Rizelea
       "Please sync with me, Flonne!"
       "Allow me, Lady Rizelea!"
    Rizelea -> Etna
       "Don't mess up, Rizelea!"
       "Okay, Etna!"
    Etna -> Rizelea
       "Etna, do me this favor!"
       "Fine! I'll help, Rizelea!"
    Rizelea -> Prinny
       "Let me attack, dood!"
       "Of course, Prinny!"
    Prinny -> Rizelea
       "Let's slice 'em up, Prinny!"
       "Yes, ma'am!"
    Rizelea -> Violet
       "Let's strike, Rizelea!"
       "Yes, Vio!"
    Violet -> Rizelea
       "Vio, it's time to cream 'em!"
       "We'll impress them, Rizelea!"
    Rizelea -> Pamela
       "Rizelea, let's do it!"
       "Allow me, Pamela!"
    Pamela -> Rizelea
       "Let's attack, Pamela!"
       "Together, Rizelea!"
    Tsubaki -> Lucius
       "Lend your hand, Tsubaki!"
       "Understood, Lucius."
    Lucius -> Tsubaki
       "Are you ready, Lucius?"
       "Tsubaki, I'm prepared!"
    Tsubaki -> Recit
       "Tsubaki, let's warm 'em up!"
       "Sure thing, Recit!"
    Recit -> Tsubaki
       "Sync with my moves, Recit!"
       "Yes, Tsubaki!"
    Tsubaki -> Miyu
       "Tsubaki, now's our chance!"
       "I'm coming now, Miyu!"
    Miyu -> Tsubaki
       "Miyu, please follow along!"
       "Okay, Tsubaki!"
    Tsubaki -> Mizuki
       "Let's do it, Yo!"
       "Yes, Mizuki!"
    Mizuki -> Tsubaki
       "Please, Mizuki! Sync with me!"
       "Any time, Yo!"
    Tsubaki -> Suzaku
       "Tsubaki, do it for me!"
       "Ha! You owe me, Suzaku!"
    Suzaku -> Tsubaki
       "Let's do it, Suzaku!"
       "You owe me, Tsubaki!"
    Tsubaki -> Flonne
       "Come with me, Tsubaki!"
       "Flonne, you can count on me!"
    Flonne -> Tsubaki
       "Flonne, do that thing you do!"
       "Tsubaki, I'll support you!"
    Tsubaki -> Etna
       "Are you ready, Tsubaki?"
       "I have no qualms, Etna."
    Etna -> Tsubaki
       "Let's close in on the enemy, Etna!"
       "Better not screw up, Tsubaki!"
    Tsubaki -> Prinny
       "Reinforcements, please!"
       "With pleasure, dear Prinny."
    Prinny -> Tsubaki
       "Prinny, don't screw this up!"
       "Only my best, dood!"
    Tsubaki -> Violet
       "Tsubaki, let's go!"
       "I'll take over, Vio!"
    Violet -> Tsubaki
       "Vio, let's go!"
       "All right, Tsubaki!"
    Tsubaki -> Pamela
       "Tsubaki! Please, for me!"
       "Any time, Pamela!"
    Pamela -> Tsubaki
       "Are you okay, Pamela?"
       "Sure, Tsubaki!"
    Lucius -> Recit
       "Lucius, run!"
       "Let's finish this, Recit!"
    Recit -> Lucius
       "Cast them out, Recit! Heeheehee!"
       "Shut it, Lucius!"
    Lucius -> Miyu
       "It's time, Lucius!"
       "Miyu, I'll support you!"
    Miyu -> Lucius
       "Don't delay, Miyu!"
       "We sure can, Lucius!"
    Lucius -> Mizuki
       "Let's go, Lucy!"
       "Count on me, Mizuki!"
    Mizuki -> Lucius
       "Mizuki, follow my lead!"
       "Let me do it, Lucy!"
    Lucius -> Suzaku
       "Help, Lucius!"
       "Roger that, Suzaku!"
    Suzaku -> Lucius
       "Let's wrap this up, Suzaku!"
       "Sure, Lucius."
    Lucius -> Flonne
       "Lucius, show me your heroism!"
       "My blades are yours to guide, Flonne!"
    Flonne -> Lucius
       "Let's go, Flonne!"
       "Roger, Lucius!"
    Lucius -> Etna
       "Pay attention, Lucius!"
       "I'll handle this, Etna!"
    Etna -> Lucius
       "Now's our chance, Etna!"
       "Let's cream 'em, Lucius!"
    Lucius -> Prinny
       "I need your power, dood!"
       "You're one lucky prinny, dood!"
    Prinny -> Lucius
       "Ultimate duel wield combo, Prinny!"
       "I got it, dood!"
    Lucius -> Violet
       "Lucius, now!"
       "Allow me, Vio!"
    Violet -> Lucius
       "Vio, let's time our attacks!"
       "As you wish, Lucius!"
    Lucius -> Pamela
       "Let's get rough, Lucius!"
       "Any time is fine, Pamela!"
    Pamela -> Lucius
       "We'll crush the enemy, Pamela!"
       "You got it, Lucius!"
    Recit -> Miyu
       "Recit, are you ready?"
       "Let me do it, Miyu!"
    Miyu -> Recit
       "Miyu, sync with me!"
       "Yeah, Recit!"
    Recit -> Mizuki
       "I'm ready, Recy!"
       "Let's begin, Mizuki!"
    Mizuki -> Recit
       "Let's go, Mizuki!"
       "Roger, Recy!"
    Recit -> Suzaku
       "Recit, strike with me!"
       "Okay, Suzaku!"
    Suzaku -> Recit
       "We can finish this! Suzaku!"
       "Come on, Recit!"
    Recit -> Flonne
       "Recit, it's combo time!"
       "I've got this, Flonne!"
    Flonne -> Recit
       "This'll work, right, Flonne?!"
       "Crush 'em with one blow, Recit!"
    Recit -> Etna
       "Let's penetrate them, Recit!"
       "Gotcha, Etna!"
    Etna -> Recit
       "You ready, Etna?"
       "Yeah, Recit!"
    Recit -> Prinny
       "Blow 'em away, dood!"
       "Sure! We'll do it, Prinny!"
    Prinny -> Recit
       "Prinny, let's go!"
       "Combo time, dood!"
    Recit -> Violet
       "Please help me, Recit!"
       "Allow me, Vio!"
    Violet -> Recit
       "Let's finish this up, Vio!"
       "Let's finish 'em off, Recit!"
    Recit -> Pamela
       "Recit, let's close in!"
       "Roger, Pamela!"
    Pamela -> Recit
       "Are you prepared, Pamela?!"
       "Let's play, Recit!"
    Miyu -> Mizuki
       "Are you ready, Myu-myu?"
       "Mizuki, I'm coming!"
    Mizuki -> Miyu
       "Mizuki, let's do it!"
       "Myu-myu, right now!"
    Miyu -> Suzaku
       "Miyu, don't fall behind!"
       "All right, Suzaku!"
    Suzaku -> Miyu
       "Suzaku, please sync with me!"
       "Okay, Miyu."
    Miyu -> Flonne
       "Let's go, Miyu!"
       "Any time, Flonne!"
    Flonne -> Miyu
       "Flonne, here!"
       "Miyu, let's close in on them!"
    Miyu -> Etna
       "Miyu, you listening? Let's go!"
       "I'm fine, Etna!"
    Etna -> Miyu
       "Now, Etna!"
       "We'll wrap this up, Miyu!"
    Miyu -> Prinny
       "Let's do it, dood!"
       "Sure, Prinny!"
    Prinny -> Miyu
       "Prinny, let's go!"
       "I'll back you up, dood!"
    Miyu -> Violet
       "Miyu, ready to rumble?"
       "Okay, Vio!"
    Violet -> Miyu
       "Let's do this together, Vio!"
       "Be careful, Miyu!"
    Miyu -> Pamela
       "Ready, Miyu?"
       "Of course, Pamela!"
    Pamela -> Miyu
       "Pamela, please help me!"
       "Gladly, Miyu!"
    Mizuki -> Suzaku
       "Mizuki, let's do it!"
       "I'm good, Suzy!"
    Suzaku -> Mizuki
       "Time to go, Suzy!"
       "Let's do this, Mizuki!"
    Mizuki -> Flonne
       "Please do it, Mizuki!"
       "Flonnie, count on me!"
    Flonne -> Mizuki
       "You prepared, Flonnie?"
       "Okay, Mizuki!"
    Mizuki -> Etna
       "Mizuki, let's go!"
       "Okay, Etnie! I'm ready!"
    Etna -> Mizuki
       "Let's do it, Etnie!"
       "Eh, why not, Mizuki?"
    Mizuki -> Prinny
       "Together, let's go, dood!"
       "We're syncing, Prin-prin!"
    Prinny -> Mizuki
       "Don't mess up, Prin-prin!"
       "No worries, dood!"
    Mizuki -> Violet
       "Mizuki, we got this!"
       "Vio-chan, I'm ready any time!"
    Violet -> Mizuki
       "We're doin' it, Vio-chan!"
       "Mizuki, I've got your back!"
    Mizuki -> Pamela
       "Mizuki! One, two, three!"
       "Count on me, Pam!"
    Pamela -> Mizuki
       "Sync with me, Pam!"
       "Of course, Mizuki!"
    Suzaku -> Flonne
       "Suzaku, please!"
       "Flonne, you can count on me!"
    Flonne -> Suzaku
       "Let's go together, Flonne!"
       "I'll back you up, Suzaku!"
    Suzaku -> Etna
       "Time your hit, Suzaku!"
       "Sure, Etna."
    Etna -> Suzaku
       "Close in, Etna!"
       "Suzaku, don't lecture me!"
    Suzaku -> Prinny
       "This is it, dood!"
       "All right, all right, Prinny."
    Prinny -> Suzaku
       "Prinny, let's go!"
       "All right, dood!"
    Suzaku -> Violet
       "Ready, Suzaku?"
       "Vio, allow me."
    Violet -> Suzaku
       "Use careful timing, Vio!"
       "Sure, Suzaku!"
    Suzaku -> Pamela
       "Please come close, Suzaku!"
       "Okay, Pamela."
    Pamela -> Suzaku
       "Ready, Pamela?"
       "I'll do what I can, Suzaku!"
    Flonne -> Etna
       "Flonne! Ugh, let's go!"
       "Miss Etna, BFF attack!"
    Etna -> Flonne
       "Miss Etna, let's team up!"
       "In your dreams! C'mon, Flonne!"
    Flonne -> Prinny
       "Flonne, help me out, dood!"
       "Prinny, you have my support!"
    Prinny -> Flonne
       "Time to go, Prinny!"
       "Ultimate teamwork, dood!"
    Flonne -> Violet
       "Flonne, it's time!"
       "You got it, Vio!"
    Violet -> Flonne
       "Vio, please, lend me your hand!"
       "It's the power of love, Flonne!"
    Flonne -> Pamela
       "Just as practiced, Flonne!"
       "Let's go, Pamela!"
    Pamela -> Flonne
       "Let's attack, Pamela!"
      "Flonne, stealth attack!"
    Etna -> Prinny
       "M-Master Etna, forgive me!"
       "I give the orders, Prinny!"
    Prinny -> Etna
       "Prinny, don't slack off!"
       "Master Etna needs me, dood!"
    Etna -> Violet
       "Etna, please!"
       "You owe me, Vio!"
    Violet -> Etna
       "You ready, Vio?"
       "Let's crush 'em, Etna!"
    Etna -> Pamela
       "Etna, finish them off!"
       "We'll destroy everything, Pamela!"
    Pamela -> Etna
       "Pamela, time to blow them away!"
       "Sure, Etna!"
    Prinny -> Violet
       "Prinny, we can do it!"
       "Of course, dood!"
    Violet -> Prinny
       "I need support, dood!"
       "Prinny, don't trip!"
    Prinny -> Pamela
       "Fight, Prinny! Fight hard!"
       "Understood, dood!"
    Pamela -> Prinny
       "You can help a little bit, dood!"
       "Prinny, I'll always help you!"
    Violet -> Pamela
       "Vio, let's do it!"
       "Let's go together, Pamela!"
    Pamela -> Violet
       "You up for this, Pamela?"
       "Yes, Vio!"
    = 3rd & 4th Fury Chains [BQ13] =
    Kanata:  "Let's all rush 'em!"
             "Just follow the Demon Dog King!"
    Rizelea: "Everyone, let's gather our energy!"
             "Now, attack simultaneously!"
    Tsubaki: "Now it's time to show my power!"
             "Is everybody ready?"
    Lucius:  "Sync your hearts with mine!"
             "Let's close in on the enemy!"
    Recit:   "Follow me!"
             "Everybody, let your souls burn as one!"
    Miyu:    "Follow Miyu!"
             "Let's all gather our energy!"
    Mizuki:  "Sync with me, you guys!"
             "You guys, ready?"
    Suzaku:  "My voice shall be the trigger!"
             "Follow me, everyone!"
    Flonne:  "Our hearts unite as one!"
             "Everyone, it's time for a special attack!"
    Etna:    "Follow me!"
             "We'll crush them together!"
    Prinny:  "Everyone charge!"
             "Let's crush 'em, dood!"
    Violet:  "Attack simultaneously!"
             "Everyone, it's time to attack!"
    Pamela:  "Let's charge all together!"
             "We'll defeat them all!"
    << Response to 3rd & 4th Fury Chains >>
    Kanata:  "Roger!"
    Rizelea: "Roger!"
    Tsubaki: "Got it!"
    Lucius:  "Roger!"
    Recit:   "Roger!"
    Miyu:    "Roger!"
    Mizuki:  "Roger!"
    Suzaku:  "Roger!"
    Flonne:  "Roger that!"
    Etna:    "Roger that!"
    Prinny:  "Roger, dood!"
    Violet:  "You betcha!"
    Pamela:  "Aye-aye!"
    = Enemy Defeated [BQ14] =
    Kanata:  "Yes! Enemy defeated!"
             "That's that!"
    Rizelea: "Wow! That was easy!"
             "That's it!"
    Tsubaki: "Bye-bye!"
             "It's over now."
    Lucius:  "Ahaha! So very easy!"
             "That's it?"
    Recit:   "There!"
    Miyu:    "I got it!"
    Mizuki:  "Yay!"
    Suzaku:  "Buh-bye!"
             "This will be the end."
    Flonne:  "We did it!"
             "Justice prevails!"
    Etna:    "Shut up!"
             "Tch! Sorry for nothing."
    Prinny:  "I've requested bonus pay, dood!"
             "This'll get me that raise!"
    Violet:  "Yay!"
             "We'll go on and on and on!"
    Pamela:  "Let's have fun together, all right?"
    = Response to Enemy Defeater [BQ15] =
    Kanata:  "That's commendable!"
             "Ohh, impressive!"
    Rizelea: "Amazing!"
             "That was SO good!"
    Tsubaki: "Haha! Impressive!"
             "Oh, amazing!"
    Lucius:  "Found my prey..."
             "Heh. Someone with some skill, eh?"
    Recit:   "That...was...awesome!"
    Miyu:    "That was nice!"
             "You did it!"
    Mizuki:  "Impressive!"
             "Whoa, that was amazing!"
    Suzaku:  "You're impressive..."
             "That was just the best! ...Ever!"
    Flonne:  "Wow! That was cool!"
             "I won't lose!"
    Etna:    "Not bad!"
    Prinny:  "That was my target, dood."
             "I won't quit now, dood."
    Violet:  "Whoa, awesome!"
             "We did it!"
    Pamela:  "Ooh, impressive!"
             "You did it!"
    = 3rd Turn Pep Talk [BQ16] =
    Kanata:  "Let's keep our minds sharp, guys!"
             "This battle is just beginning!"
    Rizelea: "Come on! Pay attention, everyone!"
             "This is still the beginning!"
    Tsubaki: "Let's be careful, everyone!"
             "It's time to wrap this up!"
    Lucius:  "What's the matter? Your tension's way too low!"
             "Peasants, follow me!"
    Recit:   "Come on! Let's keep our spirits up!"
             "Let your spirit burn! Keep advancin'!"
    Miyu:    "Let's keep the brush moving!"
             "Another 'A' for effort!"
    Mizuki:  "Everyone, let's take it up a notch!"
             "Let's go even harder!"
    Suzaku:  "Aren't you guys losing focus?"
             "Hey! Be all right, everyone!"
    Flonne:  "I won't yield to evil!"
             "Justice power, full steam ahead!"
    Etna:    "All right! Let's get pumped up!"
             "Let's finish this!"
    Prinny:  "I'll work harder! Really, dood!"
             "Can't stop progress, dood!"
    Violet:  "Hang on!"
             "Let's try hard, everyone!"
    Pamela:  "Let's fight better, 'kay?"
             "Ehehehehe! This'll be fun!"
    = Response to 3rd Turn Pep Talk [BQ17] =
    Kanata:  "I'll do it!"
             "Of course!"
    Rizelea: "Let me do it!"
             "Of course!"
    Tsubaki: "I got it!"
             "Of course!"
    Lucius:  "I know that!"
             "You don't need to lecture ME."
    Recit:   "You got it!"
             "I'm ready!"
    Miyu:    "Understood!"
    Mizuki:  "Okay!"
             "Of course!"
    Suzaku:  "Okay."
             "Mmm, cool remark."
    Flonne:  "Yeah!"
             "You bet!"
    Etna:    "Yeah!"
    Prinny:  "Aye-aye!"
             "Yes, captain!"
    Violet:  "Gotcha!"
    Pamela:  "Yes!"
    = Image Gauge Shield [BQ18] =
    Kanata:  "I'll make a barrier!"
    Rizelea: "Everybody!"
    Tsubaki: "Allow me to set up a barrier!"
    Lucius:  "Haha! Your attack is useless against me!"
    Recit:   "Just attackin' us is no good!"
    Miyu:    "I'll protect you!"
    Mizuki:  "Lovely barrier!"
    Suzaku:  "Barrier defense!"
    Flonne:  "Shield pattern!"
    Etna:    "Hmm! Barrier!"
    Prinny:  "Shield, dood!"
    Violet:  "Protect, everyone!"
    Pamela:  "Ehehe! Now we're fortified!"
    = Image Gauge Cure [BQ19] =
    Kanata:  "Let's heal those wounds."
    Rizelea: "Healing, healing, la-la-la!"
    Tsubaki: "Recover for now."
    Lucius:  "Egh... Let's recover first."
    Recit:   "Let's change the flow of this battle!"
    Miyu:    "Healing!"
    Mizuki:  "I'll assassinate your wounds, too!"
    Suzaku:  "Let's rethink our strategy."
    Flonne:  "Lovely heal!"
    Etna:    "Ohhh, it's so...nurturing..."
    Prinny:  "We're about to die! Recover, dood!"
    Violet:  "That was dangerous. Let me rest a sec."
    Pamela:  "Time for a break!"
    = Curing With an All-Affecting Item [BQ20] =
    Kanata:  "We sure work well together!"
    Rizelea: "Everyone, please recover!"
    Tsubaki: "I'll use it!"
    Lucius:  "Th-This is just a temporary measure."
    Recit:   "Here!"
    Miyu:    "I-I'll use this!"
    Mizuki:  "I'll use this!"
    Suzaku:  "How's this?"
    Flonne:  "Please hang in there!"
    Etna:    "Work harder, you slackers!"
    Prinny:  "Here!"
    Violet:  "I'll use this!"
    Pamela:  "Does this work for you?"
    = Damage Taken [BQ21] =
    Kanata: "Such cowardice...!"
    Lucius: "Damn...ugh..."
    Recit:  "Bastard!"
    Miyu:   "It hurts...!"
    Mizuki: "You hit me!"
    Suzaku: "You...!"
            "That stings!"
    Flonne: "You...!"
            "How mean!"
    Prinny: "Ouch, dood!"
    Pamela: "Don't!"
    = Incapacitated [BQ22] =
    Kanata:  "Ugh, this is it... Sorry..."
             "It's just a...scratch..."
    Rizelea: "I...can't believe...I lost..."
             "This is...nothing..."
    Tsubaki: "P-Prick...o-on a stick..."
             "This...this cannot be...!"
    Lucius:  "Agh, ughh, what...?"
             "I can't believe myself..."
    Recit:   "Sh-Shit...! Ugh, I lost...!"
             "No...! This...isn't...the end..."
    Miyu:    "Mom...Dad..."
    Mizuki:  "But...we just started..."
             "Huh...? That's...weird..."
    Suzaku:  "Is this...my end?"
             "Beauty...is always short-lived..."
    Flonne:  "Why are you doing this...?"
             "That's so...brutal...!"
    Etna:    "This place..."
    Prinny:  "Thanks for nothin'...dood..."
             "I'm finished, dood..."
    Violet:  "N-N-Nooo..."
    Pamela:  "Ugh, nooo..."
             "Oh, goodness...!"
    = Revived [BQ23] =
    Kanata:  "Many thanks!"
             "Ha! I'm not through yet!"
    Rizelea: "I can still keep going!"
             "I can't lose!"
    Tsubaki: "They've crossed me for the last time!"
             "You have my thanks!"
    Lucius:  "Ahahaha! I've revived!"
             "This isn't even enough to tickle me!"
    Recit:   "This really isn't the end!"
             "Heh, thanks! I appreciate it!"
    Miyu:    "Owie, that was painful!"
             "Thank you..."
    Mizuki:  "Thanks, everyone!"
             "Ta-da! Mizuki revives!"
    Suzaku:  "Ah... Thank you, sweetie."
             "I won't lose focus again."
    Flonne:  "Thank you SO much!"
             "I was waiting for this!"
    Etna:    "It's payback time, and I charge a thousand percent interest!"
             "That son of a bitch!"
    Prinny:  "Thanks, dood!"
             "I'm not useless yet, dood!"
    Violet:  "Thank you!"
             "Ah... My life flashed before my eyes!"
    Pamela:  "Being a ghost is great!"
             "I'm just a friendly ghost..."
     | IV. Extra Quotes |
    = Active Chat [EX1] =
    Kanata:  "Nothing beats an adventure guided by your feet alone!"
             "Huh...? Is there a strong monster nearby?"
             "Haha, this is so fun! The excitement...I like it!"
    Rizelea: "Um, I'm getting hungry..."
             "Searching is kinda tough, but I kinda like it!"
             "Why do these items drift here, anyway?"
    Tsubaki: "I hope there are teacups on the ground..."
             "Ahehe! My Lord, you look excited today!"
             "*sigh* It's so tiring today for some reason..."
    Lucius:  "Maybe this is fun... Ugh, no, no, it's boring!"
             "I'm hungry... I'd love to eat a big steak..."
             "Why am I the one doing this? I'm...the Dark Hero!"
    Recit:   "Findin' strong monsters would make my day."
             "Ehahahaha! Treasure huntin' is an addiction!"
             "This is so damn fun!"
    Miyu:    "I hope we don't run into any monsters..."
             "Hmhmhmhm, meow meow meow meow meow."
             "I wish I had some mana with me right now..."
    Mizuki:  "Where's my kill? I've got to assassinate...someone tonight..."
             "Isn't there anything good around here?"
             "If a cameraman were here, this would make a good adventure
    Suzaku:  "Can we go on a picnic some other time?"
             "An adventure is nice every now and then."
             "Maybe it's a little fun to search around."
    Flonne:  "La-ha-ha! So peaceful today!"
             "I'm a girl with a hair curl! Doo-doo-doo! I'm a witch, but not a
              meanie! Doo-doo-doo! Doo-doo-doo!"
             "Justice! Love! If everyone can believe in these, the universe will
              find true happiness!"
    Etna:    "Sweets? Sweets?! ...What? Nothing here? Damn..."
             "Anyway, it should be obvious, but I'm the heroine."
             "Hey! Don't slack off! Go search! Now!"
    Prinny:  "Dood... I want more money..."
             "Well... Let's look around f-for a...pretty...prinny."
             "Why am I a prinny anyway, dood?"
    Violet:  "U-ni, u-ni-ni. Pu-ni, pu-ni-ni."
             "Hmm... If I mix this and that... Yeah, we can synthesize it!"
             "Anything worthwhile on the ground?"
    Pamela:  "Uni...? No uni around here?"
             "Searching these dungeons reminds me of..."
             "Isn't there any treasure?"
    = Lurker Appears [EX2] =
    Kanata:  "Ngh... This doesn't bode well..."
    Rizelea: "This ominous feeling... We're in danger!"
    Tsubaki: "My Lord, let's make our escape!"
    Lucius:  "Ugh...! This dark aura is..."
    Recit:   "Oh...! I just got a bad feelin'..."
    Miyu:    "No! This is an emergency situation!"
    Mizuki:  "Oh, whoa...! This doesn't look good..."
    Suzaku:  "This negative energy..."
    Flonne:  "Hmm... I sense danger."
    Etna:    "I feel like crap... Like, terrible... Like...a prinny!"
    Prinny:  "L-Let's get outta here, dood!"
    Violet:  "Oh, w-what's there?"
    Pamela:  "I feel...weird..."
    = Lurker Engaged [EX3] =
    Kanata:  "Let's stay on guard, everyone."
    Rizelea: "If we can't run, we must fight!"
    Tsubaki: "Even if my body perishes...!"
    Lucius:  "Just what...is this monster?!"
    Recit:   "Guh! This isn't good!"
    Miyu:    "Aagh! We've been caught!"
    Mizuki:  "Idol pinch!"
    Suzaku:  "Let's fight to the death!"
    Flonne:  "Everyone, this opponent is super mega tough!"
    Etna:    "If you're this persistent, you won't become popular!"
    Prinny:  "Waah! We're dead! We're all dead, dood!"
    Violet:  "Yaah! Run, everybody!"
    Pamela:  "L-let's escape!"
    = Hunting Point Engaged [EX4] =
    Kanata:  "Let's start some intense training!"
    Rizelea: "You won't escape!"
    Tsubaki: "We shall hunt them down!"
    Lucius:  "I'll not let a single moron escape!"
    Recit:   "I'll crush 'em all!"
    Miyu:    "I'm all ready!"
    Mizuki:  "Heehee! You'd best be prepared!"
    Suzaku:  "Shall I reap your life away?"
    Flonne:  "Hey! No loitering!"
    Etna:    "I'll kill everyone!"
    Prinny:  "Let's go, dood!"
    Violet:  "I'll collect lots of materials!"
    Pamela:  "I'll haunt...I mean, hunt you all."
    = Gravity Core Destroyed [EX5] =
    Kanata:  "All right, everyone! We're escaping!"
    Rizelea: "Everyone, let's run away!"
    Tsubaki: "All that's left to do is escape."
    Lucius:  "Okay, let's escape!"
    Recit:   "Now, we're escapin'!"
    Miyu:    "Go, come on! Let's escape!"
    Mizuki:  "Whoo! We better hurry and escape!"
    Suzaku:  "Now we can say farewell to this drifting travel method."
    Flonne:  "Let's run!!"
    Etna:    "Well, shall we escape?"
    Prinny:  "Living is the most important, dood!"
    Violet:  "Okay! Let's get outta here!"
    Pamela:  "Let's run, everyone!"
    = Drifting in Space [EX6] =
    Kanata:  "Oh, I drifted, did I...?"
             "No use thinking about it."
             "It's not bad to just look at the sky...every once in a while."
    Rizelea: "N-no...am I really drifting?"
             "We've got to get back somehow!"
             "It's...so beautiful. Each light has its own soul, right?"
    Tsubaki: "I can't believe it...I failed to escape!"
             "There's no choice. We have to wait for assistance."
             "This shining universe...it's rather amazing..."
    Lucius:  "We've drifted! What do we do now?!"
             "This is pathetic."
             "Ah! A shooting star! I wish...I wish...pfft, I don't need a star's
    Recit:   "Hey...we're drifting."
             "Hmm...we can't do anything about it, huh?"
             "It'd be nice if a rare treasure drifted this way."
    Miyu:    "Well, where are we going?"
             "I hope we don't become space dust..."
             "...Hehe, if you link the stars with lines, they look like a cat."
    Mizuki:  "Nooo! We're lost..."
             "Hey, be careful from now on."
             "Maybe it would be okay to have a live show in this silent place..."
    Suzaku:  "No kidding."
             "Let's be more careful next time."
             "While stargazing, I forget all the things that depress me."
    Flonne:  "Oh...we're drifting."
             "J-just calm down. Let's play dead. O-okay? Huh?"
             "Stars...so beautiful. So romantic. *siiiigh*"
    Etna:    "Hey...we're lost in space, aren't we?"
             "Just...shut up and bring me sweets."
             "Gazing at stars from space...kind of romantic...bleh."
    Prinny:  "We're drifting, dood. *sigh*"
             "No use thinking about it, dood. Just sleep and wait."
             "This isn't bad, dood. It's like swimming across the universe."
    Violet:  "Erm...we've drifted."
             "A-are we okay? We're all right, right?"
             "Maybe there are some rare items around here..."
    Pamela:  "Ah...where are we?"
             "Hmm, nobody's perfect."
             "Lookit all the stars in the sky..."
    = Sleeping at Inn [EX7] =
    Kanata:  "Let's take it easy until tomorrow, everyone."
    Rizelea: "*yawn* How 'bout we sleep for now..."
    Tsubaki: "Let us rest for today."
    Lucius:  "I'm going to become an Overlord in my dreams."
    Recit:   "*yawn* I guess I'm tired... G'night."
    Miyu:    "Good night!"
    Mizuki:  "G'night!"
    Suzaku:  "Sleep tight, darling."
    Flonne:  "*snoring*"
    Etna:    "Okay, I'll sleep first."
    Prinny:  "Let's rest while we can, dood."
    Violet:  "Nighty-night!"
    Pamela:  "G'night everyone!"
    = Waking at Inn [EX8] =
    Kanata:  "I'll do my best on tomorrow's adventure, too!"
    Rizelea: "Uh... Morning already? Ohhh..."
    Tsubaki: "Ohhh...five more hours... Ahmhmhm!"
    Lucius:  "I need to relieve my tension first."
    Recit:   "Yee-haw! Let's get prepped and move out!"
    Miyu:    "*yawn* Good morning..."
    Mizuki:  "Do your best today!"
    Suzaku:  "Good morning, sweetie pie."
    Flonne:  "Let's go for a morning walk, guys!"
    Etna:    "Morning? Already? Ohhh, I'm so tired..."
    Prinny:  "I'll take it easy today, dood."
    Violet:  "Ah... Good morning. How is everyone?"
    Pamela:  "Good morning."
    = Opening Treasure Chest [EX9] =
    Kanata:  "Ohh, a new treasure!"
             "What's in here?"
             "Got it!"
    Rizelea: "What is it?"
             "That's SO cool!"
     | V. Credits |
    Special thanks to DragonSamurai for deciphering words in 4 quotes.
     | VI. Copyrights |
    Trinity Universe is (c) Nippon Ichi Software, Gust Corporation, & Idea Factory
    This guide is (c) wonderKNIGHT
    You may use this guide in any way you wish.

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