How do I turn on the power in Zombies?

  1. I went threw every door and still can't find where it is at.

    User Info: Juggalo2414

    Juggalo2414 - 6 years ago

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  1. Ok so it all depends on where your playing at, if your at the place you have from the beginning (Kino Der Toten, i think thats how its spelled) then you have to head to the theater room which you can take two paths to get to, i myself think the path that starts with the door downstairs is shorter, you will continue opening doors until you get to the theater room (the room with the large stage and the podium on it) you will follow along one of the curtains, at the wall where the curtain ends there will be a power box , pull the lever/switch and the power on, this will make the teleporter pad and all the traps usable on your demand, and points.
    Note: By this time you will have probably met hells hounds, the fiendish oversized dogs/wolfs that appear every 6th round to try to steal your soul.

    The Pentagon/FIVE, ok so this level is definitely harder in solo mode than Kino was in my opinion and even difficult to get to the power in multiplayer. as in the first one you will try to get to a certain room which the power control is in, sadly you are nowhere near it this time, you have to go on clearing doors, block offs, elevators, and even points to use the elevator once you've opened it (note: if your the only one left on an upper floor in multiplayer, get a team mate to call the elevator once your inside it, don't pay!, because when your team mate calls the elevator to the lower or higher floor its a free ride for you and no charge to him either) once you take the second elevator witch is move like an old shaft down to the laboratories (if you make it this far without buying contless amounts of weapons and or ammo, your pretty freakin lucky or unrealistically good, especially in solo mode) from here you will walk forward and then turn in the first ACCESSIBLE room on your LEFT, the power switch will be in that room, this will activate the Defcon Machine, you will find this right outside of the first elevator, you will now have to use this machine until it changes the word to DEFCON 5, this will activate a teleporter that will send you to the Pack-A-Punch room, the teleporter will look like a wall of light.
    Warning!!: you will have to face the Doctor around the 8th round of zombies if you turn the power on, this son of a gun will steal your weapon, isn't that just Wonderful?

    Dead Ops: i dont believe this version of zombies has a power switch considering your moving from square to square stages in which you cannot go back to once completed, there are many power ups though!

    Hope this helps :)

    User Info: 0_ToySoldiers_0

    0_ToySoldiers_0 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. In kino der toten you go open the upstairs door to your right then u jus keep looking for doors to open until you get tot the theater room. The power is somewhere in the theater room

    User Info: spiderlionrobot

    spiderlionrobot - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. From the main room, if you go through 4 doors. I usually go through the door on the upstairs level in the first room.
    4 doors:
    Upstairs door (750 pts)
    2nd door (1000 pts)
    3rd door (1250)
    4th door (1250)

    After the 4th door you should be backstage and see a large stage curtain. Follow the curtain and along the wall there is a large switch to pull. Pull it and you have power.

    User Info: gotenkskun

    gotenkskun - 6 years ago 1 0
  3. There are two ways.I use the way that gotenkskun does.You open 4 doors (4250 points) until you go to the theater room where the leaver is! Its exactly left of the M16.

    User Info: chatzithomas

    chatzithomas - 6 years ago 1 0
  4. In kino it is the Theatre room. It is the 4th room u can access reguardless of whether u go up the stairs or underneath them. The power switch is on the wall that the curtain is on. On 5 the switch is on the bottom floor. After you go down the freight elevator (big elevator in war room) you go walk forward and take your 1st left then go forward until you see an open room on the right. The power switch is in this room.

    User Info: Kwak360

    Kwak360 - 6 years ago 1 0
  5. In kino de tote when you start you go upstairs right you buy and open the door until your downstairs. were the stakeout is you go downstairs go left buy door . then you go up and then left . then go up and you will see a switch press square and the curtains should open and thats how you actuivate it. watch out for gas crawlers though k. happy zombie killing!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    User Info: gameboyps3

    gameboyps3 - 6 years ago 0 0

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