How do you get to the Pack a punch machine in Black Ops on the Zombie map Five?

  1. Its behind a door on the second floor in the command centre, the jugger nog is next to a door, it says element 115 clearance required, this must be to do with the red teleporters that activate after the power is turned on on the bottom floor.

    Anybody know what you have to do???

    User Info: robertcain

    robertcain - 6 years ago

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  1. Activate power, then go to war room with all the computers and stuff, there will be 4 switches on the walls somewhere, after flicking them defcon 5 will start and a teleporter will appear inbetween 2 of the computers.....from there just hop in and itll take you to the safe room the president would run into if something like this happened....youll be teleported in and there will be no zombies, a part of the wall will turn around and voila....theres pack a punch. once defcon 5 ends you will have to repeat the process of flippin the defcon 1-4 switches and go back through teleporter.......OH YEA.....when the door opens after defcon 5 ends.....they come charging through the door and theres alot of them. monkey bombs are fun for this part lol

    User Info: bradley453

    bradley453 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. Since you got AS far as turning on the power, I guess no point in telling you about that. You need to press the 4 Defcon switches. 2 are located upstairs where all the walled SMGs are. and 2 are located downstairs (one to the left of the brown door and the other is to the right of it. when you press all 4 switches. Walk into any teleporter and you will be at your destination. (The brown door will also open but it takes about 30 seconds) (Also if you and all your team players exit the room then the door will close and you have to repeat the process again to gain access to the roon again.

    User Info: UltimaDagger

    UltimaDagger (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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