Did Mason kill JFK?

  1. When you're choking out Dragovich, Mason says,

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  1. This is what I think happened.

    Dragovich did brainwash Mason to kill Kennedy, but Reznov sabotaged the programming. Reznov did this because Dragovich was experimenting with Nova 6 gas on his best friend Dmitri Petrenko (not so sure on spelling) and Reznov saw him die in front of his eyes. Reznov wanted revenge, and made the programming want to kill Steiner, Kravchenko, and Dragovich. When Mason met Kennedy, the old programming was "booting back up". That's why Mason had that little cinema where he pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Kennedy. The sabotaged programming was too powerful, and that's why he didn't kill Kennedy. Fast forwarding a little bit, you meet Dragovich in the underwater compound. When Mason said, "You tried to make me kill my own president," I think that Mason refers "me" to the U.S.A. Dragovich sarcastically says, "Tried?" because others were brainwashed at Vorkuta to kill Kennedy. Obviously, the Vorkuta camp is Treyarch's little twist on the assassination of JFK.

    But, that's my view.

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  1. I don't think he did... didn't Reznov affected his programming which changes his target to Dragovich, Steiner and Kravchenko? I didn't pay much attention to the ending but that's what I think...

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  2. Seems pretty evident he did since u see Mason at end with the clips of the lady saying numbers and jfk getting into his limo

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  3. It is only hinted that Mason kills JFK. Since he was there at the motorcade awaiting JFK. Yes Reznov messed with the programing but it can only delay it for so long.

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  4. Probably not, wait till treyarch tells. They hint that he did, but I doubt it since we know who killed him

    User Info: gd403

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  5. Well when Mason says "u tried to make me kill my own president." Dragovich then says "tried?" sarcastically. I dont know if he is messing with Mason or if he is serious but given the clips shown at the end I would say it is very likely.

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  6. Oh and gd403 we dont really know who killed Kennedy. It may have been Oswald but that was never proven because he was killed by Jack Leon Ruby before the feds could interogate him so we will never know for sure.

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  7. True...hey, can you look up his face? Tell me if they look alike...also it's a game so why so we care so much about if a fictional character killed a real man...lol trearch and their conspiracy theories...thumbs down if u like this :p

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  8. Well the story was about mason and he shoots JFK in the game. Regardless if he was brainwashed, the whole time the story was looking through mason's eyes.

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  9. He might have because they said that Dragovich programmed Mason to kill JFK but I am just guessing

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  10. Mason didn't kill kennedy because he was re brainwashed by Reznov to change targets. And if you noticed when Mason pointed the gun towards Kennedy the background and Kennedy was standing still which means it was a picture in his imagination.

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  11. Well i think Mason did kill JFK for 2 reasons:

    1)Mason was originally brainwashed to kill Kennedy but Reznov sabotaged the brainwash so that he killed Dragovich, Kravchenko and Steiner. Now, this doesn't mean that the new objectives replaced the first one, the sabotage by Reznov only delayed the first one, taking priority either because it was a newer order or because Mason trusted Reznov, in other words since Mason killed the new 3 targets( Dragovich, Kravchenko and Steiner) he moved on to the original one (JFK).

    2)If you look very carefully the zoomed person in the video IS Mason.

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  12. I duno if this means anything, but I noticed while stumbling through the CIA place after Hudson releases you from the chair, during Mason's ramblings I heard him say "Agent Oswald Compromised!" the first thing that came to mind was Lee Harvey Oswald. Then at the end you see Mason standing in the crowd as Kennedy gets into his limo, so what I think is Mason Killed Kennedy, but since he was a member of the Black Ops team, they framed Oswald since he was "Compromised". just a theory, so don't quote me on this, haha.

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  13. Nope. Viktor Renzo interfered with Dragovich, Steiner, and Kravchenko's plans. Mason was lying on a surgery table and while Dragovich and his conspirators were gone Renzo spoken to Mason (though he was not awake) and changed Mason's primary target. While Mason is intergrated by Hudson and Weaver, he thought that Renzo was really there by his side because of Renzo always breaking into the room where Steiner and the other conspirators were gone. Kennedy was killed but NOT by Mason. But some players do believe that Alex Mason was involved with the assassintion (if he was a real person) because Mason mumbles something about Lee Harvey Oswald being comprised. I do think that Mason was some how involved just by some of the post before mine...

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  14. philcheese you actually have a great point. There were other who the Conspirators had programed and Mason believes that he was the only one.

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