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  1. In the description of custom games it says you could make a match of only pistols or some thing like that. So i've been messing around with it and I can't give a person one weapon. So how can I give just one weapon and like some equipment or whatever in my gamemode?

    User Info: XanXic

    XanXic - 7 years ago


  1. Make sure that when you are changing perks/classes/killstreaks that you select "Customize" for each area. Then press square (I believe) on the area your selecting to go to options.

    - For instance, you can change perks and how they affect gameplay. IE- changing Lightweight sprint multipliers from it's original (1.07x) to double (2.00x).
    - You can also change killstreaks and when you get them. IE - Attack dogs at 4 kills, Chopper gunner at 1 kill etc.
    - Then set custom classes with defined HP totals, DMG multipliers and certain weapon loadouts.

    User Info: Aegis2047

    Aegis2047 - 7 years ago 0 0

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