1. Can someone please tell me everything about her, after seeing her in moon and hearing her say come and find me in ascension I want to know more.Does she control the zombies? Did something bad happen to her that makes her leader? I need help understanding the zombie story.

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    Gamking926 - 5 years ago

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  1. firedude is wrong, samantha was the daughter of Dr.Maxis, Rithofen's former co-worker, they were testing the teleporter on Samantha's dog, fluffy, turning her into the first hellhound, she walked in and asked what they did to fluffy, while Maxis tried to calm her down Ritchofen locked them both in the room fluffy was in, Sam escaped into the teleporter and ended up in Griffon Station, where you play on the map Moon, panicing, she acidently ran into the MPD, AKA the pyramid, trapping herself inside, while inside the teleporter she ended up in control of the zombies (it was designed to do that) and went insane and caused the zombies to attack everyone after her father told her to "kill them all" (and his execution straight afterwards), if you want to know more I suggest consulting the Call of Duty wiki.

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  1. Samantha Is a nine year old little girl who came down during her fathers experiments and found herself in a test chamber turning her in to a zombie her father was worried so he sent her to the moon. From there she had a dog named fluffy which also was tested on (creation of dogs that come at round 4 5 or 6). So Samantha has spent her life on moon biting astronauts that fly back to earth causing the zombie invasions.

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