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    Multiplayer Combat Guide by aldecide

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 12/07/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BBBBBBBB     LLL                 AAA           CCCCCCC    KK      KK           
    BBBBBBBBBB   LLL                 AAA          CCC   CCC   KK     KK            
    BB      BBB  LLL                AAAAA        CC       CC  KK    KK             
    BB       BB  LLL                AA AA       CC         CC KK   KK              
    BB      BBB  LLL               AAA AAA     CC             KK  KK               
    BB     BBB   LLL               AA   AA     CC             KK KK                
    BB  BBBBB    LLL              AAA   AAA    CC             KKK                  
    BB     BBB   LLL              AA     AA    CC             KK KK                
    BB      BBB  LLL             AAAAAAAAAAA   CC             KK  KK               
    BB       BB  LLL             AA       AA    CC         CC KK   KK              
    BB      BBB  LLL            AAA       AAA    CC       CC  KK    KK             
    BBBBBBBBBBB  LLLLLLLLLLLLL  AA         AA     CCC   CCC   KK     KK            
    BBBBBBBBB    LLLLLLLLLLLLL AAA         AAA     CCCCCCC    KK      KK           
                                                    OOOOOO      PPPPPPPP     SSSS
                                                   OO    OO     PP    PPP   SS  SS
           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                      OO      OO    PP     PPP SS    SS
           l Written by    l                     OO        OO   PP    PPP  S
           l    TG Sun Tzu l                    OO          OO  PP   PPP   SS
           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                    OO          OO  PPPPPPP     SS
                                                OO          OO  PP           SSSS
                                                OO          OO  PP              SS
                                                OO          OO  PP               SS
                                                 OO        OO   PP                S
                                                  OO      OO    PP         SS    SS
                                                   OO    OO     PP          SS  SS 
                                                    OOOOOO      PP           SSSS  
    M     M U    U L   TTTTTTT IIIIIII      PPPP  L         A    YY   YY EEEE RRRR
    MM   MM U    U L      T       I         P  PP L        AAA    YY YY  E    R  RR
    M M M M U    U L      T       I         P  PP L       AA AA     Y    E    R  RR
    M  M  M U    U L      T       I    ---- PPPP  L      AA   AA    Y    EEEE RRRR
    M     M U    U L      T       I         P     L      AAAAAAA    Y    E    RR
    M     M UU  UU L      T       I         P     L     AA     AA   Y    E    R RR
    M     M  UUUU  LLLLL  T    IIIIIII      P     LLLLL A       A   Y    EEEE R  RR
    ~ Table of Contents                                                           ~
    I.    Version History                                                     [1-1]
    II.   Introduction                                                        [2-1]
    III.  Donations                                                           [3-1]
    IV.   Preparation                                                         
            A. What you'll need                                               [4-1]
            B. What to do before playing online                               [4-2]
            C. Internetz?                                                     [4-3]
    V.    Class Creation and Setup
            A. Choosing your Primary                                          [5-1]
            B. Choosing your Secondary                                        [5-2]
            C. Attachments                                                    [5-3]
            D. Camos, Face paints                                             [5-4]
            E. Grenades?                                                      [5-5]
            F. Equipment                                                      [5-6]
            G. Perks                                                          [5-7]
    VI.   Effective Killstreak Use
            A. Radius Killstreaks                                             [6-1]
            B. Passive Killstreaks                                            [6-2]
            C. Controllable Killstreaks                                       [6-3]
            D. Pathway Killstreaks                                            [6-4]
            E. Package Killstreaks                                            [6-5]
    VII.  Effective Camping
            A. Where to camp?                                                 [7-1]
            B. Good habits                                                    [7-2]
    VIII. Effective Run 'n' Gunning
            A. What stance, and when?                                         [8-1]
            B. Strategic Movement                                             [8-2
            C. Sweeping gaps                                                  [8-3]
            D. Lag Compensation                                               [8-4]
            E. Anti-camping!                                                  [8-5]
    IX.   Tactical Edge & Improvisation
            A. Proper Equipment & Grenade Usage                               [9-1] 
            B. Make use of your surroundings!                                 [9-2]
    X.    Enemy killstreaks...What do I do!?
            A. SR-71/Spy Plane                                               [10-1]
            B. Napalm Strike, Mortar Team, Rolling Thunder                   [10-2]
            C. Chopper Gunner, Gunship, Attack Chopper                       [10-3]
            D. Sentry Gun                                                    [10-4]
            E. RC-XD                                                         [10-5]
    XI.   Combat Record...Study it!
            A. Combat Heat Maps                                              [11-1]
            B. Recent Games                                                  [11-2]
            C. Hit Location Heat Map                                         [11-3]
    XII.  Psychology, and its application within CoD                         
            A. Retreating from an opponent                                   [12-1]
            B. Chasing an opponent                                           [12-2]
            C. Engaging an opponent                                          [12-3]
            D. Adapting to loss                                              [12-4]
    XIII. About the Author
    XIV.  Want to contribute?
    XV.   Contact Information
    XVI.  Credits
    XVII. Copyright Information
    ~ Version History                                                        [1-1]~
    Version 1.00-04 December, 2010: 
            Finished Guide. 
    Version 1.01-06 December, 2010
            Opinions added to assault rifle section. 
    Version 1.02-07 December, 2010
            Opinions added to Shotgun section
    ~ Introduction                                                           [2-1]~
    Hello everybody, and welcome to my second guide. A guide which, incidentally, 
    was written for the next game in the same series as the last. This guide is 
    currently being written exclusively for http://www.gameFAQs.com/ and NOWHERE
    ELSE. Same story as before-I hope I can do well, entertain AND inform you, the
    reader, and I welcome any and all feedback, donations, and of course, data 
    submissions. See the contact information section for more information. 
    Call of Duty: Black Ops is the seventh game in the Call of Duty series, and 
    will henceforth be known simply as Black Ops, or BO. It is a fairly standard
    First Person Shooter, and has fluid controls, a great story line, and of 
    course, a very detailed online multiplayer. That section is what this guide is
    about :)
    This guide does not guarantee you instant pwnage online. It doesn't guarantee
    that you will be better at the game once you've read it, and it doesn't
    guarantee that it will change anything in the way you play. All of that is up
    to you. This guide is written and intended to fine tune your play style, to 
    ensure that everything you are doing is being done in the best way possible. 
    Looking for a clan/community? TG was created in November 2004 to bring together
    like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (PS3, 360 
    and PC), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their 
    backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics. With our 
    Warfare and Sports franchises, we have over 1500+ active members. If you wish 
    to become a member, simply visit our site and register at TacticalGaming.net.
    Be sure to tell them TG Sun Tzu sent you ;)
    Throughout this guide, I will cover several topics for improving overall 
    gameplay online. If you are looking to improve your gameplay in general, I 
    recommend you read the guide in its entirety, as there is sure to be a number
    of topics that will help. If you only need help in one specific area, I set up
    the Table of Contents as best I could to help you find what you are looking 
    for. Simply press CTRL+F, then type in the number of the section you wish to
    skip to (located on the right hand side of the table of contents) and hit 
    ENTER twice. 
    ~ Donations                                                              [3-1]~
    As of right now, I am writing these guides exclusively for you, the reader. 
    Outside of feedback and donations, I receive no compensation and no pay for 
    writing this. I could give you a nice sob story as to why you should donate, 
    (believe me, I've thought up some good ones) but I like to keep it clean. If 
    you, my dear reader, decide to donate from your pocket and out of the kindness
    of your heart, I want to it to be because you enjoyed and appreciated this 
    guide, and because you want to see more guides coming your way. So in order to
    keep me writing guides for the public, feel free to donate. Besides, enough 
    money in my pocket and I can invest in a computer that actually has the 
    capability to run some decent video editing software, so that I can send some 
    replays, commentaries and video guides your way :)
    Paypal Account: MANollette@q.com
    ~ Preparation                                                                 ~
    Before you decide to go online and start shooting at people from across the    
    country, there are a few things you will need to have, and a few things you 
    will need to do first. If you REALLY want to, you CAN just go online, learn, 
    and improve as you go, but this is going to affect your record quite a bit. 
    However, if your Kill-Death ratio, Win-Loss ratio, and overall gameplay stats  
    are not important to you, by all means learn on the run. 
    l What You'll Need l                                                      [4-1]
    This section is semi-optional. It will help your gameplay immensely to follow
    it, but it's just not for some people. 
    First up, and most importantly, USE YOUR MIC. Communication, especially if you
    have teammates that will listen to it, is one of the most effective weapons in
    Black Ops. Even if you don't know callouts for a map, or don't want to make 
    some up, the game's Grid system is extremely helpful. Good communication can
    be as effective, if not more so than a spy plane.
    Play the game in the highest definition, on the biggest screen possible. Black
    Ops' multiplayer has some large maps in it. It's doubtful you'll even be able
    to see that guy camping way up there on the catwalk, let alone shoot him on a
    $20 third-hand, 24 inch TV. If you already have a decent TV, that's great. 
    Just be sure that you're using the component (Green Blue and Red) cables on 
    it, or if you have the money, invest in an HDMI cable for yourself.
    Last but not least, get a decent headset. Doesn't matter THAT much which kind
    of headset you decide to go for. Turtle Beaches are nice. But any headset will
    give you an enormous tactical advantage. Normally insignificant sounds (Like 
    your opponent crawling up behind you for an easy headshot) will be magnified
    like crazy, allowing you to know what's happening where.
    l What to do before going online l                                        [4-2]
    Now that you're geared up a bit, there are a few things you'll want to do 
    before you actually go online to kill 'em all. 
    First and foremost-PLAY THE CAMPAIGN. I know that plenty of you people decided
    to buy this game solely for the multiplayer, but on top of having a decent 
    storyline, playing through the campaign (especially on veteran) will help your
    gameplay quite a bit. It's a good chance to practice your combat skills, 
    familiarize yourself with the game in general, and even try out different 
    weapons before you unlock them online. Sniping, grenade physics, shooting 
    through walls; all these things will be that much more natural when you start
    playing on Live. 
    Once you've beaten the campaign, go on multiplayer. Click XBox Live. Black 
    Ops has pulled a fast one on us, and is the first game in the Call of Duty 
    series to have AI controlled bots on a multiplayer game! Combat Training mode
    is an excellent way to get a feel for the maps, the create-a-class system, 
    and to get an idea of what to do and not to do when you are taking on your
    I highly recommend playing Combat Training on a difficulty that 
    suits your skills until at least level 15, but not farther than level 25. The
    dummies that you are fighting will get you used to the game, but there are a 
    few little quirks about the way that they play that you will get used to 
    dealing with. Quirks that real people don't have. If you spend too much time 
    in Combat Training, you will start your multiplayer career by attacking real
    players as you would attack a bot, and that will get you killed. Lag 
    compensation, camping, intelligent thought-these are all things that will be
    new to you once you start your XBox Live Career. 
    Also, if you want a good idea of what weapons you want to use and how you want
    to set up your class, invite a buddy over and play split screen for a while. 
    In split screen, all of the weapons are unlocked, along with the perks, 
    grenades, equipment, etc. It's a great way to get a feel for what weapon 
    you'll be using once you head off on live. 
    l Internetz? l
    One of the biggest killers in the online FPS world is lag. If you run into 
    somebody, face to face, and everything is equal, the player with more bars will
    prevail in this conflict, sadly. This is because it takes less time for the 
    information regarding your kill to reach the server. If money's not a problem,
    invest in some good, high speed internet. If it is, there are a couple of
    little tricks you can do to optimize your connection. 
    -Make sure ONLY your 360 is using the connection. Turn your computer off, 
    pause or stop downloads, make sure nobody's dinking with your modem, etc. 
    -If possible, connect your 360 to your modem, router, etc. with an ethernet 
    ~ Class Creation and Setup                                                    ~
    In this section, I'm going to help you decide what your classes will consist 
    of. I will cover weapon types, choosing your primary and secondary, what 
    grenades and equipment to use, perks and their pro counterparts, and the pro's
    and con's of all of the above. 
    This part of the guide will specifically speak to creating your 'bread and 
    butter' class, but the same principles apply to your secondary class, sniper
    class, etc. 
    l Choosing your Primary l                                                 [5-1]
    Before choosing the primary weapon for your main class, you have to decide 
    what type of primary you're going to go with. Black ops did a big (and good)
    switch from MW2. Now the only secondaries are handguns, launchers and special
    weapons, leaving all the rest as primaries once again. So first off, you have
    to choose whether you're using a Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, SMG, Shotgun or
    ~Assault Rifle~
    The most common choice, for obvious reasons. Assault rifles are a good balance
    of everything, giving you good stopping power at all ranges, and the ability 
    to hit your target no matter how far they may be. There are plenty of options 
    to choose from when picking your Assault Rifle, so variety isn't exactly a 
    The one thing you'll want to take into account when choosing a primary is 
    that some of your options will be better suited to you than others. Some
    of the assault rifles have a much higher recoil, and thus are meant for 
    players who can handle that. Some are semi-automatic, and are very good
    for players with a fast trigger finger and good accuracy. The burst fire 
    options are generally a good place to start, as they offer a good mix of the
    -Good stopping power. 3-5 hit kill at most ranges. 
    -Great all-around weapon. 
    -Reasonably low recoil
    -Can beat snipers at range
    -Lower mobility than SMG's.
    -Beaten at close range by SMG's and Shotguns
    ~Sub-Machine Gun~
    The SMG is more of a scout weapon than anything. It allows for maximum mobility
    and a very high rate of fire. It is best at close range, as the recoil is very
    difficult to mangage. You can still get some solid kills at medium range if 
    you control your shots, (burst fire is very helpful) but once you hit long 
    range it becomes almost impossible to get consistent kills. SMG's aren't the
    best choice for a primary class, but they get the job done if you can manage
    the recoil. 
    -High rate of fire. 
    -Can kill very quickly at close range.
    -High mobility
    -Bested by snipers at range
    -Difficult to get mid-long range kills
    -Low bullet penetration
    The shotgun is back as a primary again, where it belongs. It can make for a 
    good primary class, depending on the map you'll be playing on. Since the only 
    real offensive weapon you have as a secondary is a pistol, it makes long range
    kills a real pain to get. Still, if you can use one enough, and get a feel for
    the weapon's One-Hit-Kill range, it can be a deadly weapon indeed. More than
    anything it makes for a good backup class. Use it when you're covering the 
    advance of a teammate, or watching his back while he snipes. 
    -VERY high stopping power.
    -Most lethal weapon at close range.
    -Shortest range weapon.
    -Low bullet penetration.
    ~Sniper Rifle~
    Ah, the sniper rifle. Best friend to campers everywhere. It doesn't make for
    a very good primary class, as the maps in BO that cater to snipers are few and
    far between. Still, when given the opportunity, a good sniper can be a great
    asset to his team.
    -High stopping power. 1-2 hit kills under most circumstances.
    -High range. Snipers trump all of the other weapons at a distance.
    -High bullet penetration.
    -High recoil.
    -Requires a good deal of skill to use.
    -Nearly useless on the move or at close range.
    ~Light Machine Guns~
    A personal favorite, and the most underused weapon type in this game. The LMG
    is great at all ranges, and makes for another fantastic primary class. It's 
    essentially an Assault Rifle with a lower mobility rating, lower reload speed,
    and a much larger magazine size. LMG's are ideal for taking down mass enemies
    in a short period of time, and are very good for providing suppressive fire
    (a tactic that is sorely under appreciated in this game)
    -Good stopping power and rate of fire.
    -Good at all ranges.
    -High capacity magazine/drum
    -VERY slow reload speed.
    -Low mobility. 
    -Beaten by SMG's and shotguns at short range.
    -Beaten by snipers and AR's at long range. 
    Assault Rifles
    Damage:    7/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  9/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: 3 Round Burst
    The M16 is the A2 burst fire model that we all know and love from Modern 
    Warfare 2. It is extremely accurate, packs quite a punch, and is very 
    useful for players who can't handle the recoil from the higher RoF guns. 
    I highly recommend giving this weapon a try before you go for any of the
    *Second Opinion*
    From TG Saints
    [The M16 has the] Longest effective range out of all the Assault Rifles. 
    The ACOG is a very good choice for it as the recoil isn't bad and it can
    kill with 2-3 well aimed bursts in Core. The Dot sights are no different,
    they're much better than the sights, though the Reflex can get in the 
    way sometimes. The Infrared Scope is usable, but the ACOG is your best 
    choice for long range firing.
    Damage:    5/10
    Range:     7/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: 7/10
    *From TG Saints*
    OK Assault Rifle for just starting out. A Red Dot sight would be the way 
    to go on the gun because the recoil is pretty high and the sights can be 
    a little hard to use at range. If you used the L86 in MW2, think of this 
    as the Assault Rifle variant.
    Damage:    8/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  6/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    The M14 is a semi-automatic rifle with good stopping power. (This weapon
    actually was replaced BY the M16 around the time the game's story line
    ends) It is a very powerful weapon, but the recoil between shots can be 
    a bit much. This weapon tends to be FAR more successful in Hardcore mode,
    where every shot is a one-hit kill. I do recommend it for that purpose. 
    It also makes a great alternative to a sniper rifle, and is very deadly 
    when augmented with an ACOG or RDS.
    Damage:    5/10
    Range:     7/10
    Accuracy:  8/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: 8/10
    The FAMAS is the second fully automatic rifle you can acquire, and is 
    certainly one of your better options. The recoil is almost negligible, 
    and the stopping power is decent. It can't quite compare to SMG's or a 
    few of the other rifles at short range, but the FAMAS definitely ranks 
    high up there for mid-range combat. 
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  6/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: 7/10
    The Galil is the next fully automatic weapon in the list. It has a 
    slightly slower rate of fire, along with a 35 round magazine (as 
    opposed to the usual 30 round size) so you don't have to worry too much
    about ammo, but the recoil is a tad much. It fires like an SMG, though the
    damage is significantly higher. Practice with this weapon on Combat 
    Training before you actually go out to try and use it. 
    Damage:    5/10
    Range:     7/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: 8/10
    The AUG is actually VERY similar to the FAMAS. It has an identical magazine 
    size, very similar recoil levels, similar damage, and the same mobility rating.
    The only real difference is weapon appearance, and the iron sights, and 
    personally, I prefer those of the FAMAS. 
    ~FN FAL~
    Damage:    8/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  8/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    The FAL is basically an improved M14. Excellent for hardcore, the controllable
    recoil and high stopping power make it invaluable to a precision player. 
    *Second Opinion*
    From TG Saints
    over 9000 times better than the M14 in Core. No Grip is required to control 
    the recoil and the sights are a lot less clustered than the M14. It kills in 
    2-3 shots in Core.
    Damage:    7/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  6/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: 7/10
    *From TG Saints*
    At LEAST a 7/10 rating. It feels just like the CoD4 AK which was a lot more 
    popular than the MW2 AK. The sights are good, so a presision sight isn't 
    necessary. Any of the other attachments will work just fine.
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: 7/10
    *From TG Saints*
    it's like an M4 on crack in Core. There's a bit of recoil yes, but it's 
    nothing the average player can't handle. Also, the sights are very similar 
    to the M16's, so you could just think of the Commando as an automatic M16.
    Damage:    7/10
    Range:     7/10
    Accuracy:  9/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: 3-Round Burst
    *From TG Saints*
    Think of it as the Famas from MW2, except that you can only get 2 scope 
    attachments for it and that it's crosshair spread is similar to an SMG's. 
    The reload is a little long, so Sleight of Hand is a very good perk for it. 
    Sub-Machine Guns
    Sub-Machine guns are the lightweight, scout-type weapons used within Black Ops.
    If you're making a class with an SMG, it's a pretty good idea to toss on 
    Lightweight and Marathon as well, as you're going to essentially be sprinting
    90% of the time, running around and flanking your enemy, surprising them by 
    quickly popping out of nowhere and gunning them down. If you want to make a
    run and gun class for Hardcore, an SMG is likely your best bet. The recoil on
    these weapons tends to be terrible, and the damage fairly low, so it's a good
    thing when you can kill your opponent in one or two shots regardless. 
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     6/10
    Accuracy:  5/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: 5/10
    The recoil on the MP5k is fairly manageable for an SMG, but the rate of fire 
    leaves much to be desired. That being said, it more than makes up for it in
    bullet damage, though for an SMG, you have better options. If you're going 
    for close range combat, stick with a higher RoF weapon. The MAC works wonders,
    as does the AK47u. 
    Damage:    8/10
    Range:     2/10
    Accuracy:  8/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: 7/10
    I'll be blunt here. I HATE this gun. The damage score is a blatant lie, only
    because the damage is cut for range when your opponent is more than a few 
    yards ahead of you. The recoil is manageable, but you'll be doing so little
    damage that you'll be wondering if you really hit the target at all. Don't
    even waste your money on this gun.
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     6/10
    Accuracy:  5/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: 8/10
    I was actually quite fond of the MAC. It isn't quite the best option, but it
    is very controllable, and the rate of fire is excellent. Just toss extended
    mags on one of these babies, and let the bullets fly. Still not too good for
    medium-long range, but it's definitely a force to be reckoned with for
    clearing rooms and buildings. 
    Damage:    7/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: 6/10
    My personal favorite within the SMG family, this weapon functions more 
    closely to an assault rifle (though the recoil's still bad) than an SMG.
    Even without extended mags, your magazine lasts significantly longer than
    with the other SMG's. The damage and range also much more closely resemble
    a rifle.
    Damage:    5/10
    Range:     6/10
    Accuracy:  6/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: 8/10
    The uzi is just about your best option in the game for taking out single
    enemies at close range. You instantly do enough damage to annihliate 
    them. The only problem is that the magazine depletes so quickly that if
    there are any other enemies in the vicinity, you will have to reload 
    before you can take them out. 
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     6/10
    Accuracy:  8/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: 8/10
    I wasn't too fond of this SMG either. The recoil's too bad for it to be
    good for anything outside of close combat, but the damage is so insignificant
    that even at close range, you have better options. The ironsights are a bit 
    improved and more accurate for this weapon, but outside of that, you should
    look somewhere else for your primary. 
    Damage:    5/10
    Range:     7/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: 8/10
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     7/10
    Accuracy:  6/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: 7/10
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  8/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: 8/10
    Shotguns are the game's short range powerhouse. While SMG's play the short
    range game well enough, shotguns will almost always prevail in CQC. Still,
    they are a bit underpowered given the fact that they are primary weapons 
    Damage:    8/10
    Range:     4/10
    Accuracy:  8/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Double Barrel
    *From TG Saints*
    Contrary to popular belief, the Olympia (or Double-Barrelled Shotgun) is 
    actually usable in BO. It has the highest stats out of all the shotguns, 
    with it's only flaws being the low ammo capacity and constant reloading. 
    It's recommended that you use either Sleight of Hand or Steady Aim as 
    your Red Perk, as the Constant Reloading and large hip spread can hinder 
    you while using this gun. In my experience with the Olympia, I've found 
    that Steady Aim is the hands down winner between the two, as the tighter 
    crosshairs (and therefore better range) is very useful when your in a 
    firefight. It also helps if you focus on flanking the enemy and not 
    engaging them right on, as the very ammo capacity will limit the amount 
    of enemies you can take down. It is also interesting to note that it is 
    possible to get 2-in-1 kills with the shotguns, so go for those when 
    Damage:    8/10
    Range:     2/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Pump Action
    When I first started using this shotgun, I thought the SPAS from MW2 was back.
    I was wrong. While the Stakeout is a good weapon for handling close 
    encounters, it doesn't have the stopping power, nor the range that its MW2 
    counterpart boasted. Add to that the fact that it's pump action, and you may
    as well go with the SPAS from Black Ops.
    *Second Opinion*
    From TG Saints
    If you've used the Trench Gun in WaW, then you will have an idea of how to 
    use this gun. The stats are a tad wrong with this gun as when you ADS, the 
    range and accuracy on the gun increases a lot, and makes getting kills a lot 
    easier. The Grip is definitely worth the money, and seeing as you can only 
    get one attachment for it, you may as well use it. Hip firing is still 
    recommended in extreme CQB, as the sights aren't the greatest, and will get 
    in the way sometimes. Having to put 2-3 shells into your enemy at medium range 
    is normal, and in all honestly, the shotguns should probably be buffed a bit 
    in terms of power. Stick to CQB and you should be just fine.
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     3/10
    Accuracy:  5/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    *From TG Saints*
    The SPAS is the winner when it comes to deciding which of the Shotguns are 
    the best. Highest magazine capacity, good damage, very good range, alright 
    accuracy and an amazing attachment : the Suppressor. The Suppressor on the 
    SPAS acts very different than the other suppressors in BO. It silences the 
    weapon and keeps you off the map, yes, but it also affects NOTHING ELSE. 
    That's right, no range reduction, no loss in power and no loss of anything 
    else that you'd find in use on other guns. Your essentially gaining a silent 
    weapon for free (in terms of gun characteristics). It can get one shot kills, 
    but in most cases you'll be pumping a few shells into the enemy before they 
    go down. Just keep firing and they should go down very quickly. 
    Damage:    7/10
    Range:     3/10
    Accuracy:  6/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    *From TG Saints*
    The HS10 is the Classified Weapon in the Shotgun Category and is unlocked 
    after you buy the other shotguns. The earliest you can unlock it is at lvl 
    24. The HS10 is just like the SPAS, with a little more power and range, 
    along with having a smaller mag size. When used without attachments, it's 
    very easy to use. Sleight of Hand and Scavenger are recommended when using 
    it as you will burn through ammo very quickly and you'll find yourself 
    reloading after almost every kill anyways. If you go with the Dual Wield 
    attachment, Steady Aim is a MUST. The hip fire spread is enormous and will 
    limit you to CQB if you want to do any damage. Sleight of Hand isn't 
    necessary with Dual Wield as all the shells are reloaded at once, meaning 
    that the reload is pretty quick regardless. When using the Dual Wield 
    HS10's, stick to CQB and flanking the enemy. Just because you have two 
    shotguns in your hands, it doesn't make you Rambo. An M16 at Medium Range 
    will likely finish you if you don't get the first shot. 
    Sniper Rifles
    I honestly found the sniper rifles in Black Ops to be very disappointing. The 
    accuracy at long range is terrible, and the damage is very insignificant. A
    high caliber rifle should always be a one-hit kill on the chest. The snipers 
    are good in Hardcore, but when playing core, you're better off sticking with
    an assault rifle. 
    Damage:    9.5/10
    Range:     9/10
    Accuracy:  6/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: Bolt Action
    First there was the R700, then there was the Intervention. Now there is the 
    L96A1 bolt action sniper rifle. It's about as close as you're going to get to
    a one-hit kill every time, though you'd better get the first shot on target,
    because you won't have a second chance. 
    Damage:    8/10
    Range:     9/10
    Accuracy:  5/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    Damage:    8.5/10
    Range:     9/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    Damage:    9/10
    Range:     9/10
    Accuracy:  8/10
    Mobility:  9/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    The PSG is a very accurate sniper rifle, and the most powerful semi-automatic
    weapon available. Tops as far as snipers go.
    Light Machine Guns
    Damage:    5/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  6/10
    Mobility:  8/10
    Fire Rate: 7/10
    Damage:    5/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  8/10
    Fire Rate: 8/10
    An assault rifle-style LMG, the RPK has a smaller magazine than say the
    M60. The damage is nothing to look twice at, and the recoil is just plain
    Damage:    7/10
    Range:     6/10
    Accuracy:  5/10
    Mobility:  8/10
    Fire Rate: 5/10
    This is honestly the only weapon within the LMG section that I ACTUALLY 
    consider to be an LMG. Boasting a 100 round belt of ammunition, or a 200
    round belt with extended mags, the M60 does great damage at all ranges. 
    Unfortunately, the recoil is pretty bad, making anything past close range 
    fairly difficult to hit. 
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     7/10
    Accuracy:  8/10
    Mobility:  8/10
    Fire Rate: 9/10
    This gun...what to say...it's another weapon that's built like an Assault 
    Rifle, with a smaller magazine and reload speed. However, the damage it deals
    is ridiculous. It unleashes bullets at amazing speeds, and takes down most
    opponents quickly. To top it all off, the sound of the thing firing off its
    rounds is pretty sexy :)
    l Choosing your Secondary l                                               [5-2]
    While the options you're given for a secondary are drastically lowered in Black
    Ops as compared to Modern Warfare 2, your decision is still very important. 
    You have the option of choosing a pistol, launcher, or a special weapon. For 
    most classes, the pistol will be the obvious choice. Launchers are good for 
    removing pesky campers and taking down killstreaks, and the special weapons
    are mostly good for show. 
    Here we are, your sidearm options. Personally, I don't think any weapon BUT a
    handgun should be useable as a secondary, but that's neither here nor there. 
    The handgun section is pretty straightforward. The first 3 are decent, with 
    each one being better than the last, the python is a unique revolver, and the
    CZ75 is the only handgun with a fully auto capability. Like I said. Pretty
    straightforward compared to the other weapon categories. I recommend using 
    handguns almost exclusively with the dual wield attachment. The only time you
    need to use them is when your primary is either out of ammo (in which case
    you're either at long range and a handgun is useless anyways, or you're at 
    short range, and the dual wield pistol would be even MORE effective) or it's 
    not feasible to use it. Just remember-pull the trigger as many times as you
    can in the shortest time possible.
    Damage:    3/10
    Range:     5/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    The ASP is the weakest of all your handgun options. Add to that the fact that
    you only have ONE choice for an attachment (Dual wield) and they're useless in
    comparison to the other pistols.
    Damage:    4/10
    Range:     5/10
    Accuracy:  5/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    The M1911 is a step up from the ASP's. Its high magazine size is good for dual
    wielding, but there are still better options in the handgun category. 
    Damage:    5/10
    Range:     6/10
    Accuracy:  7/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    Outside of the python, this pistol is your best option as a secondary. If you
    don't like having only 6 rounds in the chamber at a time, it is your first 
    Damage:    7/10
    Range:     8/10
    Accuracy:  5/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Revolver
    My favorite pistol of the bunch, dual wielding a python is like guaranteeing a
    hail of instant death raining down upon an area within ten yards of you. I've
    pulled these babies out and gone on a 4-5 kill streak just by charging through
    a building. The only reason they don't get a perfect 10/10 is that they have 
    only six rounds in each revolver, meaning you'll likely have to reload between
    kills. If you're using this weapon, make sure you have Sleight of Hand on. 
    Damage:    6/10
    Range:     6/10
    Accuracy:  6/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic
    The CZ is a decent handgun, and can be used effectively anywhere if you want it
    to be, but it really shines in Hardcore when you throw Full Auto on it. One shot
    kills at close-medium range make it invaluable when your primary just isn't an
    ~M72 LAW~
    Damage:    10/10
    Range:     5/10
    Accuracy:  4/10
    Mobility:  8/10
    Fire Rate: Free Fire or Aircraft Lock-On
    Let me start by saying that I do not recommend this weapon as an anti-air
    option. You have to replenish your ammo to take down a killstreak, and that's
    just plain too time consuming when there's a gunship bearing down on you. 
    Damage:    10/10
    Range:     5/10
    Accuracy:  4/10
    Mobility:  8/10
    Fire Rate: Unguided Rockets
    The RPG is your anti-personnel rocket launcher. If you REALLY try, you can take
    down a killstreak with it, but it's far less effective. It does great damage, 
    but can be a little hard to fire. 
    Damage:    10/10
    Range:     10/10
    Accuracy:  10/10
    Mobility:  8/10
    Fire Rate: Aircraft Lock-On Only
    If you want a launcher to take down aircraft, this is the one. Unfortunately,
    it requires a lock on to fire, but for removing killstreaks, I recommend you
    have one class with this equipped to it at ALL times. 
    ~China Lake~
    Damage:    10/10
    Range:     5/10
    Accuracy:  5/10
    Mobility:  8/10
    Fire Rate: Grenade Launcher
    ~Ballistic Knife~
    Damage:    10/10
    Range:     2.5/10
    Accuracy:  4/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Single Shot w/Rechamber
    While it is fun to use, the only practical use the Ballistic knife has is its
    fast knifing speed. If your primary is an LMG or a sniper, this is a pretty
    good option to switch to when you're going into a building and you're not 
    sure if there's an enemy in there or not. 
    Damage:    10/10
    Range:     5/10
    Accuracy:  5/10
    Mobility:  10/10
    Fire Rate: Single Shot w/Rechamber
    Similar to the ballistic knife for use. It is decent for taking out campers 
    or tight groups of enemies, however. 
    l Attachments l                                                           [5-3]
    Attachments are accessories you can add on to your primary weapon to improve 
    its performance. These range from sights to underbarrel weapons to special
    magazines. Your choice of attachment is up to you, though some options are 
    certainly better than others. 
    ~Extended Mags~
    Applicable weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    Sniper Rifles
    Extended mags improves the capacity of your weapon's magazine by 50-100%, 
    depending on which weapon you're trying to attach it to. It is very useful
    for weapons with a longer reload time, higher firing rate, or if you just
    plain don't want to be forced to reload after a kill or two. 
    ~ACOG Scope~
    Applicable Weapons:
    Pistols (Python)
    Assault Rifles
    Sniper Rifles
    The ACOG scope is the closest thing a weapon will get to a sniper scope 
    without having a sniper scope. It provides a small zoom, and blocks a huge
    amount of your vision in the process. Some players use these scopes almost
    exclusively. Personally, I find them too limiting. Anything closer than mid-
    range and it's too awkward to use.
    ~Red Dot Sight~
    Applicable Weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    The Red Dot Sight is, IMO, the best option for optics enhancement in the CoD 
    world. It provides high accuracy and a small zoom. If you decide to use a 
    custom reticle for this sight, make sure it somewhat resembles a crosshair. 
    Skulls, Yin Yangs, etc. don't exactly do much for your precision. 
    On a side note, however I do not recommend using a custom sight at all, be
    it Red Dot, ACOG, or reflex. The best favor you can do yourself is to become
    accustomed to your favorite weapon's ironsights. You have one (or two) spots
    for an attachment. There are less wasteful options than a sight. The only
    exception I would consider for this rule is the burst fire or semi-auto 
    ~Reflex Sight~
    Applicable Weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    I'm honestly not sure why they added this sight to Black Ops...it's the exact
    same sight as the RDS, only the edges of it block your vision a little bit 
    more. KillaKroc13 has clarified for me however, that the zoom is slightly 
    enhanced in comparison. 
    Applicable Weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    Shotguns (SPAS)
    Sniper Rifles
    One of the most useful attachments in the game, the Suppressor reduces muzzle
    flash and stops you from being shown as a red dot on the enemy radar for 
    firing. The only thing keeping it from being a 10/10 is the damage reduction
    at a distance. This can easily be overlooked if you fire moar bulletz, 
    however. I highly recommend this attachment for any Assault Rifle class. 
    Applicable Weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    Shotguns (Stakeout)
    The grip reduces recoil for weapons as you fire them. While this doesn't make
    much difference for weapons with decent accuracy already, it is practically
    a must for the higher recoil weapons. 
    ~Dual Wield~
    Applicable Weapons:
    Shotguns (HS-10)
    The dual wield 'attachment' allows you to carry one of the weapon of your 
    choice in each hand. This prevents you from aiming down your sights, and
    it significantly reduces your accuracy and effectiveness at range. I only
    recommend using this attachment for your secondary weapons, so that your
    ability to kill at a distance isn't crippled. 
    ~Grenade Launcher~
    Applicable Weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    The Grenade Launcher attaches an underbarrel launcher to your primary 
    weapon. The launcher isn't quite as effective as it was in MW2, but
    can still be useful. Running and gunning with it is practically 
    suicide, as your enemy will likely have shot you dead by the time
    your grenade reaches them and explodes. However, the launcher can
    be very useful for taking down campers or enemies that have taken
    ~Dual Mags~
    Applicable Weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    The Dual Mags attachment allows for every other reload your character
    makes to be made at double the speed, via taped-together magazines. 
    This can be used in lieu of, or in combination with Sleight of Hand
    for some ridiculously fast reload speeds. 
    Applicable Weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    The Masterkey attaches an underbarrel shotgun to your rifle, giving 
    you an 'edge' in close quarters combat. 
    Applicable Weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    The flamethrower attaches...what else? A flamethrower to your rifle. 
    While fun to use, and good for fulfilling contracts, the flame
    thrower is an extremely ineffective weapon, and should not be used in
    competetive circumstances.
    ~Infared Scope~
    Applicable Weapons:
    Assault Rifles
    Sniper Rifles
    ~Low Power Scope~
    Applicable Weapons:
    G11 Assault Rifle
    ~Variable Zoom~
    Applicable Weapons:
    G11 Assault Rifle
    Sniper Rifles
    The variable zoom is key for sniping in Black Ops. None of the levels do a
    very good job of catering to snipers, so being able to hit mid-range targets
    is very important. Exclusive long-range zoom doesn't do that much to help
    with that. 
    ~Upgraded Ironsights~
    Applicable Weapons:
    Realistically, the upgraded ironsights don't do much for you pistols. The
    tip is thinned a bit, making precision shots easier, but unless you're 
    taking up a good chunk of time to line up your shot, it doesn't make a 
    huge difference. Still, when you don't feel like using the other 
    attachments, it works just fine. Better than nothing ;)
    ~Snub Nose~
    Applicable Weapons:
    Python Revolver
    ~Speed Reloader~
    Applicable Weapons: 
    Python Revolver
    ~Full Auto Upgrade~
    Applicable Weapons:
    CZ75 Pistol
    Under normal circumstances this upgrade would be extremely valuable. However,
    the recoil it adds, in addition to the low, handgun level damage of the CZ75,
    makes it a little bit less useful than say dual Pythons. 
    l Camos, Face Paints, Etc l                                               [5-4]
    This section will be relatively short, as it is a simple concept. Camos, face
    paints, customizable sights, emblems and clan tags are all of the little 
    gimmicks that were tossed into this game to add a bit of customization and 
    entertainment value. And they serve that purpose. Sure, it's fun to throw on
    an all-white face paint setup, and gold camo on your weapon. But these things
    also make you stick out even more than you already do.
    More often than not, if you're in an enemy's line of sight, he will see you. 
    Whether your camo setup is actually helping you blend in or not, he will see
    you. However, there are rare occasions when you're lying still enough, or when
    he's looking around fast enough, that he may overlook you. These instances are
    the ones where you will be happy for being smart with your camos. 
    Before each match, look at the map you're in. Is it jungle? Take the time to
    toss on some flora gun camo and a dark colored face paint. Array? Arctic 
    Tundra. Whatever it is, just make sure it blends in. I always find it funny
    when I look into a dark corner or some heavy brush, and see a guy camping
    there, with his completely white face and orange gun just sticking out like
    a sore thumb. 
    l Grenades? l                                                             [5-5]
    Within Black Ops, you are given several choices for both lethal and tactical 
    grenades. This is where Treyarch actually got a little bit creative, and gave
    more strategic gamers something to work with. Here are your options:
    ~Lethal Grenades~
    Frag Grenade:
    Ah, the long-used explosive weapon of many a First Person Shooter. The Frag 
    Grenade in Black Ops, unlike its predecessor, the Modern Warfare 2 frag, has 
    a decent blast radius, and is my personal favorite for lobbing across the 
    map, or tossing it in a window to get rid of a camper. 
    In addition to the advantage of being capable of rolling, the frag grenade,
    when thrown, does get chucked a bit farther. This makes it ideal for early-
    game tosses. You can also rebound the frag off of walls and other platforms,
    making it possible to assault otherwise unreachable positions. 
    The only downside to the Frag grenade is its usual need to be cooked before
    throwing to be used effectively. Unless you're hurling the thing as far as 
    it can go, you have to cook your grenade, ideally so that it will explode 
    upon reaching its intended target. If you don't, you give your opponent all
    the time he needs to avoid it, or worse, throw it back at you. 
    The semtex has been 'nerfed' a little bit from Modern Warfare 2. Still a 
    very effective weapon, the semtex now has a slightly longer delay before
    you actually throw it, and in my opinion feels a little bit clunky when
    you use it. In addition, it makes a much more audible and noticeable 
    sound when you activate it. (There is an electronic beep in addition to
    the usual 'click') All in all, I don't recommend using the semtex except
    in very specific situations, such as when trying to clear a camper from 
    a high-elevation spot, or when your target is small and you do not want
    your grenade to bounce and roll. 
    Another gimmick Treyarch decided to toss in, the Tomahawk is Black Ops'
    equivalent of the Throwing Knife from MW2. While it is fun to use, if you 
    are playing this game to win, you shouldn't be using this weapon. 
    ~Tactical Grenades~
    Willy Petes:
    I was actually quite pleased when I saw that Treyarch incorporated WP's into 
    Black Ops. Surprised they didn't just call them White Phosphorous, and a tad
    disappointed at how little damage it does, considering that crap burns at over
    a thousand degrees. But I digress.
    The WP Grenade is Black Ops' equivalent of a smokescreen grenade. It deals a 
    small amount of damage upon ignition, and releases a short lived wall of 
    smoke, concealing everything behind it from view. They aren't used often 
    outside of competetive gaming and objective-based games, but when used by a 
    tactically knowledgeable team, they can be of great use. If you're just 
    playing pubs with random people however, they're not quite as useful. 
    Flashbang Grenades:
    Ah, the flashbang is back. Not much has changed since Modern Warfare 2. The BO
    Flashbang grenade still takes a half a second longer to throw than the 
    concussion grenades, and they still blind your opponent for a time proportional
    to the distance it was from its target upon detonation. They're great for 
    clearing a room or building, though they're not quite as good as concussion
    grenades for getting out of tight spots. When using flashbangs, always try to
    make sure you know where your target is before throwing them. 
    Concussion Grenades:
    My personal favorite is still going strong. :) The Concussion Grenade is the 
    quickest-thrown grenade of the bunch, releasing from your hand after less than
    half a second. This grenade stuns and disorients your opponents, partially 
    blinding them, and causing their weapon to sway, making aiming difficult. For
    obvious reasons, this grenade is ideal for when you encounter an enemy, have a
    brief reprieve from contact with him, and want an extra edge to ensure victory.
    Nova Gas:
    Nova gas is an innovative addition to the arsenal, straight from the single 
    player campaign. (Although it's less lethal than its counterpart) It creates a
    yellow-tinted smokescreen that partially blocks vision and damages the target 
    over time while he stands in its radius. It can easily be avoided as a weapon,
    and should mostly be used as a deterrent. We'll go over that more in section
    9, though. 
    Decoy Grenades:
    Perhaps the most clever addition to the secondaries list, decoy grenades create
    a sound immitating gunfire, causing a red dot to show up on the enemy radar, 
    just as though someone on your team had fired a weapon. Properly used, these
    can cause great frustration, allow you to set up a trap for your enemy, and 
    cause your opponent to waste his killstreaks. 
    l Equipment l                                                             [5-6]
    The Equipment section has also been outfitted with a few new options as 
    compared to the past games in the series, opening up yet another door for 
    tactical innovation. Here's a list for you. I'll go over effective use of 
    these items in section 9. 
    The camper's best friend is back. The claymore is a proximity explosive that
    waits until an opponent walks in front of its sensors, and then explodes. 
    Claymores aren't as picky in Black Ops, and you don't have to worry quite as
    much about proper placement of them. Getting kills is fairly easy, as long as
    you make sure you place it somewhere that's out of sight until it's too late.
    The C4 is an explosive package that you throw onto a target and detonate it at
    a time of your choosing. You can throw two of them and detonate them both 
    simultaneously, or you can throw one, detonate it, then throw the other. C4 has
    an edge over claymores as the blast radius is 360 degrees as opposed to 90 
    degrees in one direction. Unfortunately, there is no motion detector on your 
    C4, and you have to use the detonator, or double tap the reload button. 
    ~Camera Spike~
    Another one of Black Ops' new equipment additions, the camera spike allows you
    to plant a camera on the ground, and activate/deactivate it in place of your
    mini-map at will. This makes it easy to watch two places at once, or spring a 
    trap without any real danger of being spotted before you want to. Unfortunately
    the camera spike is easy to spot, and can be put out of commission with a quick
    ~Motion Sensor~
    The motion sensor is the equivalent of a miniature Spy Plane, offering a slow
    refresh rate over a small area of the map. This is good for use as an early
    warning system covering your flanks when you're camping. Better for use in
    core than hardcore though, as you don't have to pause to bring up the map.
    The Jammer creates a radius of interference which blocks radar and vocal
    announcements. Proper placement of this can give you the element of surprise,
    allow your killstreaks to be more effective, and make it difficult for your
    opponents to work together. 
    ~Tactical Insertion~
    The tactical insertion is another nifty little trinket that allows you to 
    choose where you spawn in the map. Simply place it, go get shot, and you will
    come back right on the spot where you set it down. Be sure to put it out of 
    sight-it can easily be taken out, or worse, someone could camp by it and shoot
    you as you respawn.
    l Perks l                                                                 [5-7]
    ~Tier 1~
    Improves running speed.
    No fall damage. 
    Replenish mags and lethal grenades from bodies
    Start with extra mags. Bodies replenish tactical grenades.
    Invisible to enemy spy planes. 
    Invisible to enemy aircraft, infared scopes. 
    Flak Jacket:
    Cuts explosives damage
    Does not take fire damage, throwback frag timer reset to 2.5 seconds
    Killstreaks require one less kill. 
    Change contents of a care package
    ~Tier 2~
    Bullets have increased penetration. 
    Less flinching from being shot, increased damage to aircraft. 
    Sleight of Hand:
    Faster reload speed
    Faster ADS
    Hold breath longer when sniping
    Switch weapons faster. 
    Steady Aim:
    More accurate fire from the hip. 
    Faster knife recovery speed, faster ADS after sprinting. 
    2 attachments on primary weapon. 
    Start w/extra lethal & tactical grenades (except smokes)
    ~Tier 3~
    Tactical Mask:
    Protects from Nova Gas
    Reduced effect from flash & concussive grenades. Can see on radar where
    enemy is he is hit with a tactical grenade. 
    Longer sprinting duration. 
    Infinite sprinting duration. 
    Move quietly. 
    Move silently; enemies are louder. 
    Second Chance:
    Pull out your pistol once 'killed.' 
    Can be revived from downed state. 
    Detect enemy equipment, explosives and turrets.
    Sabotage enemy equipment & turrets. Booby trap care packages,
    invisible to motion sensor
    ~ Effective Killstreak Use                                                    ~
    Killstreaks, when enabled, are essentially rewards you get for getting a streak
    of kills without dying. They can do anything from reveal enemy locations to 
    giving you equipment that actually kills your opponent FOR you. Some kill 
    streaks are better than others, and thus require more kills. I am writing this
    section to show you how to use your killstreaks effectively, and thus 
    maximize the profit you get for your show of extreme violence. 
    l Radius l                                                                [6-1]
    Radius killstreaks are used by opening up a transparent view of the map, and 
    selecting where you want your killstreak to go. These are effective because
    they allow you to pinpoint all of your killing potential to one area, though
    if you're not sure where your opponent is, it is probably best to hold off
    on using it until a spy plane is in the air, or an enemy shoots off an un-
    suppressed weapon. These killstreaks include:
    ~Mortar Team~ (6 Kills)
    The mortar team killstreak allows you to select THREE targets on the map for
    mortar bombardment. This killstreak is EXCELLENT for Demolition and Domination
    games, and while the blast radius and killzone is small, the fact that you can
    choose 3 targets more than makes up for this. In order to use the Mortar Team
    -Make sure your target is NOT in a building. 
    -When applicable, launch your mortars at Capture points and bomb sites. These
    locations are high-activity, and you will likely get a few kills, not to 
    mention the ease of capturing/planting during this assault.
    -When in Hardcore mode, make sure you're warning your teammates of the mortar
    strike. Call out the grids your mortars are going, and give your teammates a 
    second or two to move if you can. I highly recommend learning the phoenetic 
    alphabet for this purpose ;)
    -Try to wait to call the mortars until a Spy Plane is in the air. 
    ~Attack Chopper~ (7 Kills)
    The Attack Chopper is a tad different from its MW2 counterpart. This time 
    around, you can actually choose where you want your killstreak to be for the
    duration of its killing spree. The chopper is fairly easy to avoid, and is 
    most effectively used as a deterrent on outdoor objectives to help you defend
    a bomb site or capture point. To use the Attack Chopper effectively:
    -Remember that it does have a kill radius. Try to ensure that the area you 
    place the chopper in has as much open ground as possible. 
    -When using it as a deterrent in objective games, remember that not all 
    enemies will be blocked by this. Ghost pro prevents the choppers from 
    attacking them, and some of your opposition will just plain be clever enough
    and use cover effectively enough to reach their destination anyways. 
    -The attack chopper only takes a few seconds for a competent team to take 
    down. If you know the other team is skilled, bear in mind that your window of
    cover will be short indeed, so take advantage of it quickly. 
    l Passive l                                                               [6-2]
    Passive killstreaks are a fire-and-forget weapon. You simply click Right on the
    D-pad, and the killstreak does the rest of the work for you. These are very 
    useful in games that require your attention or involve a lot of teamwork, as 
    they tend to benefit your team as well as you. These killstreaks include:
    ~Spy Plane~ (3 Kills)
    The spy plane is, in my opinion, the most underrated kill streak within the 
    CoD series. Granted, the addition of the ever-popular Ghost perk within 
    Black ops cuts its use slightly, but it is still extremely helpful. A competent
    team that works well together will have a spy plane up fairly frequently, and a
    smart opposition will not live more than one life before switching to a class
    with Ghost on. To use the Spy Plane effectively:
    -Try not to activate the spy plane while one is already up. Yes, it improves 
    the refresh rate, but that is nowhere near as useful as doubling the duration
    of the streak. 
    -For the love of god, check to make sure an enemy counter spy plane is NOT up
    before you activate this streak. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. It's a 
    waste of a perfectly good killstreak. 
    -Don't go rushing to the nearest red dot you see. Watch the movement of the 
    dots to see where they're headed, and act accordingly. 
    ~Counter Spy Plane~ (4 Kills)
    The counter spy plane is the exact opposite of the spy plane. Instead of 
    GIVING you enhanced radar capabilities, it removes that of your opponent,
    reducing their radar to mere static. I would imagine this would be a 3-kill
    streak, but I digress. In order to use the Counter Spy Plane effectively:
    -Ensure no other counter spy plane is up.
    -It is best used in conjunction with a spy plane of your own. 
    -While using this streak under normal circumstances is still helpful, it is 
    best to wait until your enemies have a spy plane of their own up to activate 
    ~SR-71 Blackbird~ (8 Kills)
    The SR-71 Blackbird is a VERY much enhanced Spyplane. The duration is much 
    longer, ghost does NOT eliminate your ability to see your opponents, and the 
    direction your enemy is facing is revealed as well. To top it all off, the 
    Blackbird can NOT be shot down! The only thing you have to worry about is an
    enemy counter spy plane, and even then, that only covers part of the duration.
    In order to use the SR-71 Blackbird effectively:
    -Make sure there is no counter spy plane up before activating it. 
    -That's it! The blackbird is a nearly foolproof killstreak, and is useful in 
    any and every circumstance. 
    ~Attack Dogs~ (11 Kills)
    Our good friends, the Attack Dogs, are back from CoD: WaW. Upon activation, 
    this killstreak sends a pack of wild dogs into the map, at which time they 
    home in on your opposition and kill, kill, kill! The only downside to the 
    attack dogs is that they can be killed, and a skilled opponent will easily 
    avoid them. In order to use the attack dogs effectively:
    -In objective games, this streak is a real tide-turner. If your opposition has
    planted 2 bombs in Demolition, or holds all of the capture points in 
    Domination, it is a great time to activate it. Alternatively, using it while
    you are dominating in a match is a great way to solidify your lead. 
    -Remember that the dogs can be killed, so doing what you can to distract your
    opponent is a good thing. This includes throwing decoy, WP and Nova Gas 
    grenades, activating spy planes and counter spy planes, throwing care packages,
    -They ARE man's best friend. You can follow a dog (if you can keep up) and he
    will lead you RIGHT to an enemy. This way, even if the dog gets killed, it's 
    pretty easy to mop up and get the kill anyways. 
    l Controllable l                                                          [6-3]
    Controllable killstreaks require you to relinquish control of your soldier and
    instead assume direct control of your killstreak. (+5 internetz if you get that
    reference ;) For obvious reasons, you will want to HIDE before you use it. I'm
    so sick of seeing people just standing there in the middle of the road with a 
    damn controller in their hands. Controllable Killstreaks include: 
    ~RC-XD~ (3 Kills)
    Ok, I'll be honest. While the spy plane has a more practical use, the RC-XD has
    to be the most fun killstreak in this game. You place a remote controlled car
    with C4 strapped to it in front of you, and drive it around in search of 
    somebody to blow it up on. To use the RC-XD effectively:
    -The left bumper CAN be used for a burst of speed. This lowers your ability 
    to turn and control the vehicle, but is very useful for closing in on your 
    opponent, as the extra speed makes it more difficult for them to shoot it. 
    -Most maps have small vents, ramps, holes, etc. which you can drive your RC-XD
    through. Most of these are shortcuts and safe passages to popular, high-traffic
    areas of the map. 
    -Once your car is within killing radius of your enemy, slow down and wait a 
    second to blow it up. Even if they shoot it now, it will still kill them, and 
    this ensures that you don't overshoot them and blow up where it will not kill
    -Learn the player outfits so that you can recognize a Flak Jacket user when
    you see one. These guys are near impossible to kill with ANY explosives. 
    ~Chopper Gunner~ (9 Kills)
    The chopper gunner is a fairly straightforward killstreak. Your view shifts to
    that of a soldier in an attack chopper flying overhead. Once the chopper gets
    close to the battlefield, you open the door, lift up the minigun and 'light em
    up.' Enemies are outlined with a red box, so it's not hard to find targets, 
    though accuracy can be a bit of a pain. To use the chopper gunner effectively:
    -Make sure you're leading your targets a teenie bit.
    -Before calling it in, communicate to your team that you have it. See if you
    can get everybody to take cover in a building, so that all of your opponents 
    are flushed outside, and so that your teammates are safe if it's hardcore. 
    -HIDE before you call it in! It's a long killstreak. 
    ~Gunship~ (11 Kills)
    The gunship killstreak allows you to pilot an attack chopper into the battle
    field, letting missiles and bullets fly into your opposition. If you can 
    position the chopper properly, you can get a good dozen kills from this streak
    easily. In order to use the gunship effectively:
    -Fire and forget the missiles whenever you feel like it. The machine gun is
    far more effective for getting kills, and thus should be the weapon you are
    focusing on. 
    -If you notice an enemy is locking onto your gunship-stay mobile! Particularly
    in maps with a lot of buildings or cover, as this can prevent them from 
    getting a clear shot on you. 
    -HIDE before you call it in! It's a long killstreak. 
    l Pathway l                                                               [6-4]
    Pathway killstreaks are similar to Radius killstreaks. The only difference is 
    that you can also choose the direction in which the killstreak is launched. 
    The same principles apply as Radius ones, with one addition-make sure that you
    are not passing over any buildings with your path. This creates a HUGE safe 
    zone within the path, and cuts your killing potential quite a bit. Pathway
    killstreaks include:
    ~Napalm Strike~ (5 Kills)
    The Napalm strike calls in a stream of molten hell on a small lined-up area
    of the map. It isn't great for getting initial kills, but the napalm actually
    stays on the ground for a while after it is dropped, creating a wall of semi-
    impassable fire. To use the napalm strike effectively:
    -Do NOT launch it over buildings. 
    -Try to release it on a chokepoint or bottleneck area if you can. Launching
    it onto objectives works well too, as it prevents the enemy from passing 
    through these areas for a short time. 
    -Try to wait until a spy plane is in the air to launch it. Once it is, make
    sure you know your enemy's movement pattern before you decide where to drop
    ~Rolling Thunder~ (8 Kills)
    Rolling Thunder is Black Ops' stealth bomber. It sends a bomber over a 
    large area of the map, dropping free-fall explosives onto the battlefield. 
    This has the potential to be deadly, and should be treated with the utmost
    care. In order to use Rolling Thunder Effectively:
    -Drop it over an open area if you can. 
    -Make sure to have your teammates take cover in hardcore mode before 
    dropping it. Even in core, make sure you yourself are safe. The bomb often
    kills those in low-cover buildings as well as those outside. 
    -The bombs' explosive radius is HUGE. Bear that in mind when laying your
    -Rolling thunder is usually best suited for objective based games, as it
    can cover multiple objective points in one swoop.
    l Package l                                                               [6-5]
    Package killstreaks are various helpful odds and ends that must be delivered 
    to the battlefield via a chopper. Until you have picked up that package, you 
    are EXTREMELY vulnerable to enemy attack and fire, as intelligent opponents 
    will likely follow the chopper's trajectory to kill you, in hopes of stealing
    your killstreak. Package Killstreaks include:
    ~Care Package~ (5 Kills)
    The Care Package allows you to throw a smoke grenade on the ground, signalling
    for a chopper to drop a random killstreak for you to use at your leisure. 
    There's no real proper way to use the care package, only precautions to take 
    to ensure that you live long enough to acquire it. These include:
    -Making 100% sure that you're throwing it in an OPEN area. This means that 
    there is no overpass, building, high up tree, cliff, etc. above you for the
    package to be dropped on by accident. 
    -Take position somewhere safe overlooking the drop point BEFORE you throw the
    care package. 
    -Use up your equipment if you can before throwing it. 
    -If the care package is ammo, remember that the enemy team does not know that.
    Using a package as a trap isn't too hard to do ;)
    ~SAM Turret~ (4 Kills)
    The SAM turret basically shoots down killstreaks for you once you lay it. The
    same precautions apply as they did with the Care package. When setting up your
    SAM turret, be sure that it's in a wide open area. Set out a claymore near it
    if you can. 
    ~Sentry Gun~ (5 Kills) 
    The sentry gun is an automated turret that fires upon anyone in a 90 degree 
    arc in front of it. If you can place it at a chokepoint, it will get massive
    amounts of kills before it is taken out, particularly if it is defended. 
    If you're going to stay near it and ensure it stays intact, just make sure 
    the spot you're covering it from has a good view of the area, but is out of
    the way so that nobody will be coming up behind you. 
    ~Valkyrie Rockets~ (7 Kills)
    Honestly, I think the valkyrie rockets are severely overrated. They're very
    difficult to control, the radius isn't that great, and you're vulnerable while
    you use them. If you do decide to use them, Just make sure you have a nice 
    spot that's out of the way to fire them from, and try to make the weapon arc
    as much as you can. 
    ~ Effective Camping                                                           ~
    A lot of people are going to hate me for writing this section, simply because
    camping is one of the most widely despised strategies within FPS's. Nonetheless
    it is a legitimate strategy, and I am going to expand on it.
    Camping is a defensive strategy that a player takes to try to ensure that they
    take minimal losses while getting their kills. The player finds a defensible 
    spot in the map, and simply waits for the enemy to walk by. There are a few 
    variations of camping, but the general idea remains the same. 
    ~Sniper Approach~
    Camping as a sniper means that you find a position as far from the action and 
    as out of view as possible, and engage the enemy in long range combat from 
    relative safety. This type of camping actually requires a deal of skill, given
    that the player must hit his target from great distances. He must also ensure
    that he isn't flanked by some of the more intelligent opposition. 
    Effective sniper camping usually involves the use of a claymore or camera 
    spike, and a sniper rifle or one of the semi-automatic assault rifles. ACOG
    scopes aren't a bad idea either, and neither are variable zoom scopes. 
    ~Chokepoint Approach~
    Everybody likes the idea of sniping now and then. The chokepoint approach, 
    however, involves finding a spot on the map with high traffic, a spot that 
    the enemy either has to move through, or a spot where they tend to frequent. 
    Once this spot is found, the camper finds a good hiding spot overlooking the
    chokepoint, and defends the area.
    This approach can be taken by any player with nearly any equipment setup. 
    Shotguns, LMG's, SMG's and Assault Rifles work fine for it, along with any
    grenade setup. Claymores, Motion Sensors, Jammers, Camera Spikes and C4
    can all be taken advantage of; whatever it takes to bring down anybody
    that passes through the area. 
    ~Stone Statue Approach~
    The Stone Statue approach is honestly the most deplorable tactic a camper can
    make use of. It is a much less useful variation of the chokepoint approach, in
    which the camper simply sits in one extremely out-of-view position, and simply
    sights in on a doorway, hallway, etc. and just pulls the trigger when an enemy
    walks by. 
    While this is the easiest way to get kills with minimal risk, it does little 
    to defend an area, provides the lowest enemy traffic and thus kills, and 
    requires absolutely no skill to do. If you are employing this tactic outside 
    of FFA, you are doing something wrong, and the opposing team, as well as your
    team are going to hate you for it. 
    l Where to Camp? l                                                        [7-1]
    Your choice of where to camp in Black Ops is always going to be a tactical one.
    There are 2 extremes you can choose, along with any cross between the two. You
    can employ a camping position that has a very good view, good coverage, and is
    commonly used and expected. (I.e. the tower in firing range, the sniper cliff
    in Jungle, etc.) The problem with these spots is that the enemy expects you to
    be there. Even if you're not there, a random grenade will often be tossed into
    these spots. The other end of the spectrum is the less obvious spots. Lying 
    completely still in a patch of grass out in the open, backing up against the 
    edge of the map, etc. are examples of less obvious, lower traffic areas. 
    Bear in mind that these spots will be different depending on your opposition,
    the gametype, and a number of other factors. Just work on getting a feel for
    the spots and what you can do with them. Make sure that the spot you choose
    suits the situation. 
    l Good Habits l                                                           [7-2]
    The basics of camping are fairly simple. Find a spot. Sit there. Kill enemies
    as they pass by. There are a number of smaller details that help you improve 
    your ability to kill your opponents, avoid being seen, etc. These details tend
    to be ignored by the masses, and thus I will be covering a few of them. 
    -As previously stated, use camos and face paints appropriate to the map you 
    are playing. 
    -Make sure you know every point of entry to the area you're covering. If 
    possible, have a teammate cover your back while you hold a position. 
    -Look with your eyes, not your stick! No matter how slowly you look to the 
    left and right, up and down with your right thumbstick, that motion is 
    incredibly visible to your opposition. Get used to just sitting there and not
    touching either of your thumbsticks until you need to make a shot. This will
    prevent you from being seen as easily. 
    -Try to move from spot to spot, especially in core mode and when you're in the
    more obvious camping spots. Smart opponents won't be taken down by the same
    guy in the same spot more than once or twice. They will try to flank you if 
    they know where you are. 
    ~ Effective Run 'n' Gunning                                                   ~
    Running and gunning is the most common method used to play this game, 
    particularly in pubs. Sadly, most people believe it is simply the player
    running around and shooting at anything he sees. The fact of the matter is that
    there is a lot more to it than that. If you are just running around like a 
    chicken with your head cut off, guns blazing, you are doing something wrong.
    This section is intended to remedy that. 
    l What Stance, and When? l                                                [8-1]
    Call of Duty offers 3 stances for you to move (or stay still) in. These are
    standing, crouching, and prone. For the purpose of this section, I will refer 
    to sprinting as a stance also. Standing is the most commonly used, and offers
    the highest mobility. It also makes you much easier to see, and you make a lot
    more noise. Crouching slows your movement speed significantly, but cuts your
    silhouette and your noise by quite a bit. Prone involves having your character
    lay down on the ground. Your movement speed is almost nothing, and you
    probably shouldn't be moving much like this anyways. 
    Sprinting is used far more often than it should be. Yes, it offers maximum
    mobility, but if you encounter one of your opponents while you're sprinting,
    odds are you will lose that confrontation. It takes nearly twice as long to
    ready your weapon, and while that may only be a half a second, when you're
    staring down the barrel of a gun, that makes all of the difference.
    When to sprint:
    Sprinting should be used primarily during the initial rush of the game. Get to
    where you need to go quickly, but slow down once encountering the enemy 
    becomes a possibility. 
    Sprinting is also appropriate when you have been shot, or when you encounter
    an enemy that you are not prepared to fight. After all, it gets you the hell
    out of there. 
    When NOT to sprint:
    NEVER sprint around corners! I cannot stress this enough. More often than at
    any other time during the game, your opponent will be right around a corner, 
    either running towards you or waiting for you. If you leave that corner 
    sprinting, and your opponent is not, all he has to do is point and shoot, and
    you lose. 
    If you're in a competetive game, or if everything in the background is quiet,
    avoid sprinting. When sprinting, you make a lot of noise, and even if your
    opponent DOESN'T have a good headset, they're still likely to hear your 
    Standing and running, on the other hand, is what you should be doing most of 
    the time. It still makes more noise than you should be at times, and it does
    very little to hide your position, but the mobility it offers is a good 
    exchange. It also allows you to pull up your weapon to fire in the shortest
    When in the standing position, you want to be ready to fire as quickly as
    possible. You're just as visible as your opponent will be, so the only thing
    that's helping you to shoot him first is your own reaction speed (and your
    internet connection, naturally)
    Whether you are in the standing position or the crouching position, you should
    always move around corners slowly, keeping your eyes on the edge and ready to
    engage anybody you see. 
    Crouching is your stealth stance. It is as good as you're going to get for 
    remaining unseen and unheard while still moving. If you're entering a building
    that may have an enemy presence in it, or you're trying to move through some
    bushes without being seen, the crouching stance is your best shot. You might
    be moving a little bit slower than you would be when standing, but the element
    of surprise is worth the wait. 
    Prone is the stance you'll be using the least, though it offers the best cover
    and the lowest noise. You'll usually be using it if you're camping, sniping,
    holding an objective, etc. Just be careful about moving-even slight moves to
    the front, back, left or right are extremely visible as your character shifts
    and wriggles around on the ground. Same goes for looking in any direction. 
    Refer back to the 3rd point of the Good Habits section of effective camping.
    l Strategic Movement l                                                    [8-2]
    Strategic movement is only really something you'll be able to work on if you
    are a part of a team, or play regularly with the same group of people. In TG
    we refer to it as Bounding Overwatch. It is basically the movement of a small
    group of soldiers as a whole. 
    Ideally, you have three members in your group. Member number 1 focuses 
    solely on watching your rear, while member 2 takes cover and watches the 
    front. Member number 3 then rushes forward, takes cover in a position up 
    ahead, and watches the front. Member 2 then turns around to cover the rear, 
    and member 1 rushes up to a forward position. 
    It sounds more complicated than it actually is. It is essentially the team
    moving as a group, and making sure that the enemy is not capable of flanking
    and surprising them. 
    These are things you would obviously have to work on as a team. You can also
    work on storming a building, flash & clearing a room, using smokescreens 
    effectively as a team. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you 
    practice them as much as possible before making an attempt at doing it online. 
    Combat Training is excellent for this purpose.
    l Sweeping Gaps l                                                         [8-3]
    'Sweeping' windows and doorways is a simple concept. I actually learned it in
    the military to begin with, and found that it transfers over to CoD quite 
    well. It's the most effective way to ensure that most of a room adjacent to 
    you is clear without actually entering the room. 
    To 'sweep' a doorway, start on one side of the door, out of view from anybody
    that might be in the next room. Look at the edge of the doorway closest to
    you, and then move your reticle just slightly, so that you are just barely 
    looking into the room. Then slowly move across the doorway to the other side,
    always keeping your reticle on the part of the room that just came into view.
    This way, if anybody is in the room. Your reticle will almost be directly on
    top of him the second he comes into view. After that, it's a small adjustment
    and a trigger pull away from a kill. 
    l Lag Compensation l                                                      [8-4]
    Here's the big one. If you can't afford a constant 3-4 bar connection speed, 
    this section is a MUST READ. Lag is the delay between the time you shoot your
    gun and the time the server registers the bullets as 'hits.' This is why you
    can get kills in 3-4 bullets every time in split screen or Combat Training, 
    but it can take as much as 10 online. 
    There are a few ways you can use this crippling obstacle to your advantage, 
    however. Have you ever noticed when you are camping, and your opponent pops
    out from a door or bush, and kills you almost instantly, without even
    giving you time to react? This is lag compensation at its worst. Because 
    on your opponent's TV screen, he has popped out from that door, aimed at you,
    and started firing his gun. The moment he gets his reticle on your character
    is about the moment when your 360 gets that information from the server. So
    the second you see him on your TV, he's about to pull the trigger on his. 
    The other big, unfortunate load of poo that is lag compensation is how nearly
    impossible it is to retreat or take cover from gunfire in this game. You can 
    be sitting on the side of a building, sniping at an enemy. Suddenly, you come
    under fire. You rush behind the building where you KNOW he can't see you, and 
    you STILL take hits! You die after you are supposedly safe and behind cover. 
    This is because the server hasn't registered you as having moved yet. And 
    while it isn't as noticeable, this happens VERY frequently in your favor as 
    That's the best part though. Lag compensation works both ways. The best way
    to use it to your advantage is to be spontaneous. Running from an enemy? Go
    hide behind a corner and then immediately pop back out and open fire. Know an
    enemy is hiding in a room? Rush in as quickly as you can and begin to open 
    fire on him. I will touch more on this concept briefly in section 12. 
    l Anti-Camping! l                                                         [8-5]
    While camping can be the most effective way to play this game, and play it 
    well, dealing with enemy campers is easily one of the biggest hassles in
    existence. Fortunately, black ops has a number of ways for you to deal with an
    enemy camper, regardless of the type. 
    First and foremost, you should have a class to deal with campers. If not you,
    someone on your team should have one. Equipping this class well is key for 
    taking care of them. 
    Your primary weapon will ideally be an LMG or an Assault Rifle. These have
    the stopping power and the penetration to deal with enemies behind walls, 
    hiding in wait for you. Good attachment options are the Grenade Launcher, 
    extended mags, suppressor and infared scope. 
    If you chose not to go with the grenade launcher as an attachment, having a
    free fire launcher like the RPG or China Lake, or the crossbow even, is a 
    pretty good idea. You won't always be able to hit your opponent directly, 
    and explosives can help with this.
    For perks, there are three options that are good to have. The first is the 
    Hardened perk in Tier 2. This allows your bullets deeper penetration. If your
    enemy is a Stone Statue, or even a Chokepoint camper, you can likely figure 
    out where he is without too much trouble. Once you've done this, you can take
    your weapon and fire a continuous stream of bullets into the area until you 
    start getting hit markers. Remember to take into account the possibility that 
    he may be prone, and have someone covering you, as even with a silencer a 
    stream of bullets is easily noticeable. 
    Your second perk option is the Tier 3 Ninja. This perk is key for sneaking up
    on your opponents undetected. It ensures that your footsteps make minimal 
    sound, and when facing a competetive enemy, it is invaluable. 
    The final option, Hacker, is best combined with Hardened. Most campers WILL
    be using claymores, camera spikes or motion sensors, and knowing where these
    are will help you know where your opponent is. Combine it with Hardened and 
    you can take out your opponent OR his equipment with relative ease. 
    ~ Tactical Edge and Improvisation                                             ~
    l Proper Equipment and Grenade Use l                                      [9-1]
    Proper use of your lethal grenades, tactical grenades, and equipment, will 
    help you quite a bit in your Black Ops career. This section is here to help
    you optimize your use with these items. 
    For your grenades, I recommend you set up a private match first. Give 
    yourself the opportunity to improve your ability to send your grenades where
    they need to go. Playing through the single player campaign helps too. 
    Remember the a 45 degree angle is optimal for throwing distance. If you 
    want to throw a frag, but don't want to cook it, aim higher to increase the
    hangtime before it comes down. If you want your grenade to bounce or roll, 
    aim a bit lower; just be careful to cook it first so that it doesn't get 
    thrown back at you. 
    If you're choosing your grenades for throwing distance, remember. Tomahawks
    go the furthest, followed by frags, with semtex in last. 
    The golden rule with your equipment is 'out of sight, out of mind.' Place 
    your equipment somewhere your opponent will NOT find it easily, or if it's
    a lethal piece of equipment, somewhere they won't find it until it is too
    Jammers, Motion sensors and tactical insertions should always be placed far
    out of view, preferably inside a box, vehicle, bathtub, etc. This way even the
    red lights and such won't be seen until your opponent is right on top of them. 
    Tactical insertions need to go as far away from the action as they can be 
    without having it be detrimental to your objective. For this purpose, study
    the heat maps, find the areas with the lowest traffic, and try to place it 
    there when you can. This way your opponent won't find and destroy (or worse,
    camp until you respawn) your insertion. 
    Jammers are difficult to hide, as the jamming gets stronger as your opponent
    gets closer to them. For this reason, jammers actually make very good booby
    traps. Put them in an area that can be seen from a good hiding position. Take
    up a position there, and keep an eye on your jammer. Make sure your flanks are
    covered, and once the enemy gets close to take it out, gun him down. 
    Motion sensors and camera spikes are good for campers. Motion sensors should 
    be placed in a corner near you, preferably somewhere so that you can turn 
    around and see it, but your opponent can't see it until he passes by it. 
    Camera spikes should be placed so that they can see entire chokepoints, door
    ways, etc. 
    Claymores are much easier to place and get kills with, as the kill range has 
    been widened. Now you don't have to place them nearly facing AWAY from the
    doorway to get a kill with them. 
    C4 is best used in objective type games. Place a block on top of a capture 
    point or bomb site you don't want to lose, but can't be there to defend. The
    second you hear the announcement that you're losing a base or a bomb has been
    planted, double tap X. Free kill (or kills, if you're lucky)
    Remember that any of the equipment that is easy to spot can be used as a trap. 
    Just place it out in the open; your opposition is highly unlikely to ignore 
    it. They might not run up to it, do a dance around it and shoot it like we all
    hope they'll do, but they will at least take it down from a distance, giving
    you the opportunity to find out where they're at. 
    l Make Use of Your Surroundings! l                                        [9-2]
    The one flaw I've found in Black Ops is that there aren't a lot of way for you
    to use your surroundings. Everything is so static. I've found a few ways, 
    however, to improve your gameplay and maybe get a few kills on the way. 
    -Vehicles are your friends. Until they are on fire. Mid-game, if you see a 
    car that hasn't been blown up, shoot it until it's on fire. After a short 
    while, the vehicle will explode. This basically sets out a free time bomb on
    the map, allowing you to get a few lucky kills on unsuspecting passerby now 
    and then. 
    -Cover and concealment are both excellent things to have. Remember however, 
    that cover is almost always better. Hiding in a bush, ambushing your enemy is
    great. However, hiding behind a fence, peeking through the gaps between the 
    boards, is better. You might feel more restricted, but you will always get the
    -Splintered windows, while reducing your vision, also provide good cover. It is
    very difficult to spot a stationary target behind a cracked window. 
    ~ Enemy Killstreaks...What do I do!?                                          ~
    While this is something we all obviously want to avoid, your opposition will, 
    sooner or later, rack up some kills and begin to employ killstreaks of their 
    own. While this is something you should avoid at all costs, there are a number
    of things you can do to minimize the damage or effect on your team. 
    l SR-71/Spy Plane l                                                      [10-1]
    This one's never fun to deal with. Having an enemy Spy Plane/Blackbird up 
    means that until it's run out, odds are your opponent will always have the 
    jump on you. Here are a few things that can help though. 
    -Hide in buildings with multiple stories. The radar is NOT 3D, so the enemy
    will not know if you're on the first, second or third floor until they've 
    checked it out themselves. 
    -With the spy plane, switch to a class with ghost immediately. If you do not
    have a class with ghost, or you haven't died yet to switch, be sure to stay
    on the move. The refresh rate is fairly slow, so if you stay mobile, you lower
    your chances of being ambushed. 
    l Napalm Strike, Mortar Team, Rolling Thunder l                          [10-2]
    If one of these enemy killstreaks comes up, there's very little you can do to
    deal with it. The second you hear the words 'enemy ........' IMMEDIATELY get 
    indoors, and away from windows. The Rolling Thunder may still get you,
    depending on the building you're in, but for the most part you should be safe
    until they run out. 
    If you can't get indoors soon, try to find a narrow path or alley to duck into.
    The napalm strike and rolling thunder will likely just go right over you, 
    bombing the tops of the buildings and cliffs you're in between, while the 
    mortar strike has a lower chance of being dropped on top of you. 
    l Attack Chopper, Gunship, Chopper Gunner l                              [10-3]
    You want to be REALLY careful with these killstreaks. They have the potential
    to be more damaging to your team than any of the others. Fortunately, they are
    easy to take down, and even easier to avoid. Here's a few options:
    -Make sure you get indoors once you hear the chopper is inbound. 
    -Make sure you have a class with anti-air capabilities. Ghost Pro and a Strela
    are preferable, as you can take down any of these normally deadly killstreaks
    within a few seconds. 
    -With the Gunship and Chopper gunner, be sure to get well within a building, 
    and away from doors and windows. Players are smarter than the AI, and will
    shoot into these. 
    -If absolutely necessary, you CAN rush outside briefly with the Chopper Gunner
    and Attack Chopper. The chopper gunner is difficult for the player to aim, so
    be sure to run in an erratic and fast paced manner. The attack chopper has to
    re-position itself to fire on you as well, so you will have a good chunk of 
    time to leap from cover to cover. 
    l Sentry Gun l                                                           [10-4]
    The sentry gun is fairly easy to avoid and get rid of. It kills in a 90 degree
    arc, and is very good at doing so. Just remember:
    -Concussion and Flash grenades temporarily disable the sentry gun. This gives
    you time to get in close to take it out.
    -All you have to do to take it down is stab it. So just flank, and go at it. 
    If you do this, beware of your opposition-often times an enemy will be camping
    and providing cover for the sentry gun, knowing that it will be a high priority
    l RC-XD l                                                                [10-5]
    The RC-XD is, sadly enough, the most easily avoidable killstreak in this game.
    Sure it's fast, sure it explodes in a ball of fiery death, but come on...
    First off, you can hear it coming from a mile away. Even if you're not trying
    to actively avoid it, the second you hear the whirring of that little RC car,
    you should be ducking off to the side or preparing to shoot it before it gets
    to you. 
    If you REALLY want to avoid this killstreak, the second you hear it's inbound,
    just hide in a corner somewhere. It doesn't matter if it's a good hiding spot;
    RC-XD controllers don't really pay attention to their peripherals as much as
    players do. Often times the driver will just boost right past you. 
    You can also wait in a wide open area, and just shoot the thing as it 
    approaches you. 
    And to top it all off, if nothing else, just throw a flak jacket on. In 
    adition to saving your life, nothing infuriates an RC-XD user more than blowing
    up on an enemy that doesn't die.
    l SAM Turret l                                                           [10-6]
    The SAM turret is a pretty easy one to deal with. The only preventative actions
    you should be taking are making sure nobody uses a killstreak with an enemy
    SAM turret active, and trying to find the thing so you can take it out. Enemy
    SAM turrets are usually found in wide open spaces. This allows them maximum
    space coverage for taking down killstreaks. Just be careful as you approach. A
    SAM turret is rarely left undefended.
    l Care Package l                                                         [10-7]
    These ones are fun to deal with. When an enemy care package is inbound, it 
    means one of two things. Either you have a free killstreak to steal, or you 
    have a chunk of kills to acquire. Once you hear that a care package is inbound,
    immediately check your mini-map. Follow the chopper's trajectory, and get as 
    close to the care package drop zone as you can before it's dropped. If you can
    not make it all the way there, simply toss a couple of tactical and a lethal
    grenade up and over onto the care package. 
    If you DO make it to the drop zone in time, play it safe. There are likely a 
    few enemies there, waiting for the package. Find a safe spot overlooking the 
    area with the package, and wait until your opposition comes out of hiding to 
    take their treasure. After that it's like shooting fish in a barrel. 
    ~ Combat Record...Study It!                                                   ~
    The combat record is an immense, detailed history of your entire Black Ops 
    career. It tells everything, from your wins, losses, kills and deaths to your
    most commonly hit targets, to areas of high activity on a map. The combat 
    record can be your best friend in the world if you decide to take advantage of
    l Combat Heat Maps l                                                     [11-1]
    Combat heat maps may be one of the most valuable assets you will have in this
    game. It shows, for your past HUNDRED games, the location of every death, and 
    thus, where the action is, with a red dot. Careful study of these will show 
    you where traffic is heaviest during the game. You would do well to remember,
    though, that the location of the action will change based on the gametype. 
    l Recent Games l                                                         [11-2]
    Just as chess players write down their moves to study their strategies, you 
    can now go back and re-watch any of your last (again) HUNDRED games, analyzing
    your tactics, your teamwork, your opponents, your combat habits-the list is 
    nearly endless. A good habit to get into is watching one of your games at 
    least 2 or 3 times a week. Take notes on what you did well, what you did 
    wrong, what you could change to improve, etc. 
    l Hit Location Heat Map l                                                [11-3]
    Your hit location heat map shows where you shoot your enemies most often. 
    The groin area tends to be most red for a lot of players, which is a good 
    habit to get into. Your opponent will often be crouched or prone, and since
    the damage multiplier is the same from the chest to the legs, aiming low is
    a good strategy.
    ~ Psychology, and its Application within CoD                                  ~
    I know what you're going to say. Psychology? Where the hell does that come into
    play in an FPS!? Well believe me, my friend, it does. Every time your enemy 
    begins to get shot at, his reaction isn't random, and neither is your 
    ability to anticipate it. Every time your opponent runs behind a piece of 
    cover? Figuring out what side he's going to come back out isn't luck or 
    instinct. It's understanding the human mind, and how it responds to threats. 
    Ever wonder why some players keep rushing a camper from the same direction, 
    only to get shot again? Ever wonder why any one player will go to the same 
    camping spot several lives (or matches) in a row, even if they play horribly 
    from that spot? Human beings are creatures of habit. We act one way, and 
    whether that way works or not hardly matters. It's what we're used to, and it
    is within our comfort zone to continue doing it. 
    The beauty of this game is that every conflict in it comes down to what is 
    instinctual and natural for the human mind to do. If you start getting shot
    at, you don't have the chance to think about what you would do before you do
    it. If you did, everybody would do something a bit different. What you do 
    upon encountering your enemy in this game is not your conscious decision. 
    In this section, I will be going over some ways to anticipate your opponent's
    moves before he makes them. I will also be showing you how to combat the habits
    of your mind in an attempt to free you from the prison of thought that is 
    human nature. 
    l Retreating from an opponent l                                          [12-1]
    You're wandering through the white trailer in Firing Range, when suddenly you
    start getting shot at from behind. You quickly run straight forward, busting 
    out of the front door into the main courtyard. Your opponent wasn't a great 
    shot, so you now have a second chance. What do you do?
    There's a window behind you, and if you jump a bit you can see through it. 
    There's also plenty of access to the trailer, so throwing a grenade wouldn't
    be a problem. You could even run all the way around back, trying to come up
    behind the guy if you wanted to. What do you do?
    For most people, the answer is downright foolish. Most will find the nearest 
    piece of cover, no matter how small, expected, or ineffective it is, and hide
    behind it, hoping to ambush the player as he comes out. While this is a safe
    strategy, as any of the other options might be cut off before you can complete
    them as your opponent runs out from the doorway. 
    Believe it or not, your BEST option in this scenario is to re-engage your 
    opponent as quickly as possible. The second you are out of your enemy's line
    of sight, he will stop trying to shoot you, and start closing in on you. He 
    will likely start sprinting immediately as well. If you're lucky, he might 
    even start throwing a grenade in your direction. He may not know exactly what
    you are doing out there, but he knows you'll be out there somewhere. 
    Particularly if he knows the map well. 
    The ONE thing he will not expect is for you to immediately burst back into the
    trailer, shooting at him as quickly as you can. And that being the case, this
    is exactly what you need to do to emerge victorious from this encounter. 
    l Chasing an Opponent l                                                  [12-2]
    The same principle goes for chasing your opponent. If you chase him into a room
    or courtyard, there are a number of things he might do. Odds are very much in
    you favor that NONE of them will involve him rushing back at you. Take that
    into consideration when you rush after one of your opponents. 
    If you are camping or sniping however, and engage an opponent, his reaction
    will be a little bit different. He knows that you are camping, especially if
    your shots came from a sniper rifle. He will take cover for a moment to 
    compose himself, and regain health if he was hit. After a moment, 9 times out
    of 10, he will come back out and towards you to try to kill you. The only 
    variable here is whether he will be coming out from the same spot he entered 
    cover from, or whether he will go around his cover and come out another side.
    I have seen both of these things happen many times, and the only thing 
    helping you find out where he's going to come out here is luck. The closest 
    thing you can do to help your chances is assume what type of player he is. 
    A skilled player will quickly rush around to the other side to come out and 
    try to shoot you, while an unskilled player will usually pop his head out 
    in the exact same spot where you last shot him. 
    l Engaging an Opponent l                                                 [12-3]
    Engaging an opponent you see at the same time as he sees you in close quarters 
    is much more fast paced, as you both know one of you will die NOW, and you are
    both trying your best to make sure it's the other person. There's not a lot you
    can do here outside of point and shoot as fast as you can, but there are a few
    obvious tricks you should try to make use of. 
    -Stay mobile. As tempting as it can be, make sure you're still moving, even if
    it's just a slow stride to the left or right. 
    -Try to get in the habit of ducking the second you're seen. Drop shotting 
    (Going prone then shooting) is much less effective than it was in MW2, but 
    reducing the size of your silhouette can still help. 
    -Try to get used to 'panic knifing.' (unless you play hardcore) Get in the 
    habit of knifing the second something unexpected pops up in front of you. 
    l Adapting to Loss l                                                     [12-4]
    You start out a game of TDM, and begin playing as you usually do. After about
    45 seconds, you die from a sniper camping at the enemy spawn. You respawn, and
    walk 10 feet before you get killed from behind. You are very upset, infuriated
    even. You have just started down the painful road to self-inflicted loss. 
    The fact of the matter is that once you start playing badly in a match, you 
    will usually keep playing badly. The only way to prevent this is to adapt to
    loss. Try not to let the game affect you negatively in an emotional manner. 
    If you start to lose in this way, just change strategies. If you were rushing,
    try sitting back and camping for a while. If you had your shotgun class set
    up, switch out for an assault rifle for a bit. You were rushing the southern
    alley? Try the north hallway. You get the idea. If something clearly isn't
    working, change it.
    ~ Want to Contribute?                                                         ~
    If you wish to contribute to my guide, simply send an email to the address 
    stated in the contact information section. Make sure the subject line mentions
    'Black Ops,' 'FAQ,' 'Guide...' Well, you get the idea. If it is simply 
    criticism, don't worry about format. Just tell me what needs fixing, and I will
    do my best to fix it. If it's positive feedback, same thing, and thank you :)
    If you have something to add to my guide however, be sure to include the 
    following information:
    -Type of information
    -Section the information goes in
    -Alias by which you would like to be credited
    ~ About the Author                                                            ~
    Well now, this is the part where I get to be a tad egotistical and talk about 
    me. My real name is Michael, and I hail from a small town called Kent in
    the state of Washington. I'm twenty-one years old at the time of writing this, 
    and have been playing video games since I was four. I served my time in the 
    Marine Corps, and it has influenced my playing style on CoD in a way that
    makes the game a bit easier for me than it does for most players.
    I wrote this guide, and have attempted to write guides in the past, not to 
    hold your hand and teach you the ways of the world so that you can kill 
    everything with minimal effort, but to give players a solid foundation on 
    which to build their skills. Everybody has to start somewhere, and by building 
    players up, I add to the quality of the competition I face online. Competition 
    I find sorely lacking at times, and downright impossible at others, so
    hopefully writing things like this will fix all of that. 
    I am also proudly affiliated with Tactical Gaming, a clan whose structure is 
    based on that of the United States Military. If you want more information on 
    them, see the introduction, or visit http://www.TGHQ.org/ and click on the 
    Tactical Warfare button. Be sure to tell them TG Sun Tzu sent you ;)
    ~ Contact Information                                                         ~
    If you wish to contribute to this guide, give me feedback on what I have 
    written, provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or anything else within reason for 
    that matter, you are warmly welcomed and strongly encouraged to do so. If you
    are contributing, be sure to leave the name or alias under which you would like
    to be credited. If you do not, I will simply assume that the information from
    your email address works. 
    My email address is MANollette@q.com.
    ~ Credits                                                                     ~
    The following is a list of people who have contributed to this guide, and the 
    manner in which they did so:
    ~Me! I wrote it, after all. Took long enough...
    ~TG Saints, for some second opinions on the Assault Rifles and shotguns.
    ~KillaKroc13 for clarifying on the zoom of the Reflex Sight
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