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    Zombie Mode Data Guide by wilmer007

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                  *****Start of Guide*****
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            |          Call of Duty: Black Ops      |
            |              Zombie Mode              |
            |              Data Guide               |
            |            Written By wilmer007       |
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    - Please e-mail any suggestions, corrections, or additions. I'll appreciate
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    | 1. Introduction [INTRO1]                          |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 2. Copyright & Use [COPY2]                        |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 3. Version History [VH3]                          |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 4. Zombie Basics [BASIC4]                         |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 5. Damage Data [DATA5]                            |
    |                                                   |
    | - Pistols [PSTL5.1]                               |
    | - Sub Machine Guns [SMG5.2]                       |
    | - Assault Rifles [AR5.3]                          |
    | - Light Machine Guns [LMG5.4]                     |
    | - Sniper Rifles [SNIPE5.5]                        |
    | - Shotguns [SHTGN5.6]                             |
    | - Launchers [LANCH5.7]                            |
    | - Wonder Weapons [WONDR5.8]                       |
    | - Miscellaneous [MISC5.9]                         |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 6. Best Wall Weapons Data [WALL6]                 |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 7. Top 5 Weapons Rated by Base Damage [BASE7]     |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 8. Top 5 Weapons Rated by Max Damage [MAX8]       |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 9. Top 5 General Purpose Weapons [TOP5]           |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 10. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ10]            |
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    |                                                   |
    | 11. Credit [THANKS]                               |
    |                                                   |
    |                                                   |
    | 12. Contact And Suggestions [EMAIL007]            |
    |                                                   |
       |          1: Introduction [INTRO1]              |
       |                                                |
    Hello and welcome to my guide on all things regaring Data in Zombie Mode. Here 
    i will be providing an Indepth look into how Zombie Mode really works for the 
    most experienced players who want to make it further into late rounds. We will 
    also be looking at why this information is very important for late rounds.
    Now that we have that out of the way let's continue.
       |          2: Copyright & Use [COPY2]            |
       |                                                |
    You may only use this guide for personal use. You may not put it anywhere up
    in public without my permission.
    The only sites that may display this guide are:
    Nowhere else. If it is somewhere else, than please notify me so i can have it
    taken down.
       |          3. Version History [VH3]              |
       |                                                |
    A complete version history that lists all revisions of this guide from newest
    too old.
    Version 2.0 (06-14-2011)
    - Added Scavenger and V-R11 data to the guide
    - Added Dogs, Monkeys, Gas Crawlers, Theif data to the guide
    - Added Best Wall Weapon Data Section [WALL6]
    - Revised Top 5 Best General Purpose and Top 5 Base Damage Weapon Sections
    - Revised some FAQ Questions in the FAQ Section
    - Made some minor adjustments
    - Fixed some minor errors
    Version 1.01 (02-26-2011)
    - Fixed some minor errors
    Version 1.0 (02-13-2011)
    - First Try. Pretty simple. Could be Final Version
       |          4. Zombie Basics [BASIC4]             |
       |                                                |
    Zombie Mode is a never ending mode if you play it right and learn what to do.
    So let's take a closer look at some Zombie Mode Basics.
    Maximum Number of Zombies per Round:
    There can only be 24 zombies in the map at one time. Reserve zombies come in 
    when existing ones are killed.
    The maximum number of zombies is 24 for one player +6 for each extra player.
    From Rounds 1 to 4, the number of zombies is limited by 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 
    0.8 multipliers.
    Between rounds 5 and 9, there will be 24 (+6 per player) zombies.
    At Round 10 and on, the zombie count increases exponentially with 
    (Round Number * 0.15 = Multiplier)
    Example of a two player game:
    Round 16 * 0.15 = 2.4
    2.4 * 30 = 72 zombies
    So this means that the game will cap at 42 Zombies when there are 4 players. 
    This information is extremely helpful when you get deep into the late rounds 
    (after round 20-25 and beyond). After Round 10 you will begin to get more than 
    the cap limit. These Zombies are basically called Reserve Zombies as they 
    basically just respawn when another Zombie gets killed. What this means is that 
    a 4 Player Game of Zombies at Round 30 has a total of 189 Zombies. At 42 
    Zombies being the cap for 4 players that means that you will have about 4.5 
    respawning waves to worry about. Knowing this information gives everyone time 
    to restock on ammo and plan for the next round. If you want to know how many 
    Total Zombies a Round will have, then here is the formula to use:
    Round Number * 0.15 = Multiplier
    So for example, if you want to know how many Zombies will be at Round 30, this
    is how to calculate:
    30 * 0.15 = 4.5x Multiplier
    Now that you have the multiplier you then you have to multiply the multiplier
    by the cap limit, which is dependent on how many players are playing. So for
    a 4 player game here is an example:
    42 * 4.5 = 189
    That means at Round 30 a 4 players will have 189 Zombies. At 42 zombies per
    spawn you will have 4.5 respawns at Round 30 to worry about. 
    Zombie Health:  
    Each Zombie has a fixed health for the round that you are in. Zombies start 
    with 150 health at Round 1. Every round until Round 9, each Zombie gains 100 
    health. This means that at Round 9 each Zombie will have 950 Health. Starting
    at Round 10, Zombie health is multiplied by 1.1 with each round. What this 
    means is that at Round 30 each Zombie will have 7,030 of Health. Knowing this
    information is vital to surviving at Round 30 as lack of ammo quickly becomes 
    a problem. Now, so you don't have to do any calculations here is the health of
    each Zombie at each round:
    |                                                |
    | Round 01 = 150                                 |
    | Round 02 = 250                                 |
    | Round 03 = 350                                 |
    | Round 04 = 450                                 |
    | Round 05 = 550                                 |
    | Round 06 = 650                                 |
    | Round 07 = 750                                 |
    | Round 08 = 850                                 |
    | Round 09 = 950                                 |
    | Round 10 = 1045                                |
    | Round 11 = 1150                                |
    | Round 12 = 1264                                |
    | Round 13 = 1391                                |
    | Round 14 = 1530                                |
    | Round 15 = 1683                                |
    | Round 16 = 1851                                |
    | Round 17 = 2036                                |
    | Round 18 = 2240                                |
    | Round 19 = 2464                                |
    | Round 20 = 2710                                |
    | Round 30 = 7030                                |
    | Round 40 = 18234                               |
    | Round 50 = 47295                               |
    | Round 60 = 122673                              |
    | Round 70 = 318183                              |
    | Round 100 = 5552108 (5.5 million health)       |
    |                                                |
    Gas Crawler, Dogs, Monkeys, and Theif data can be found here:
    George Romero has 500k health in solo, 666,666 points of health with 2 
    players, 833.333 points of health with 3 players and 1 million points of 
    health with 4 players.
       |          5. Damage Data [DATA5]                |
       |                                                |
    Here in the Damage Chart section i will go into details for every weapon in 
    Zombie Mode. Each weapon will have it's non PaP'd Damage data and next to it 
    will be the PaP version. 
    First number will be it's Max Base Damage if every bullet/shell were to hit a 
    Zombie anywhere on it's body. The Max Base damage i am using is the weapon's 
    actual damage per shot (DPS) multiplied by the Weapon's Max Ammo. Max Base 
    damage is important to know for players who do not go for headshots and 
    mostly aim at a Zombie's Chest/Stomatch, since the Chest/Stomach is the 
    largest area on the body.
    So the formula for calculating Max Base Damage is:
    Max Damage Per Shot (or Max DPS) * Max Ammo = Max Base Damage
    an example would be:
    Weapon A:
    Max DPS = 200, Max Ammo = 400
    so you would do the following calculation:
    200 * 400 = 80,000
    So this basically means that the weapon has a Max Base Damage of 80k. 
    Knowing a weapon's Max Base Damage is an excellent and easy way of knowing how 
    good or bad the weapon is. Non PaP'd weapons will have lower Damage Data than 
    it's PaP version so keep that in mind. IMO a PaP'd weapon with a Max Base 
    damage of under 50k is bad, 50k-75k is decent, 75k-100k is good, 100k-125k is 
    excellent, 125k-150k is outstanding, 150k and above the weapon is simply 
    GODLIKE!!!!!! or OP!!!!! 
    The Second number will be the Weapon's Max Damage after Modifiers. Max Damage 
    After Modifiers is important for players who love to get Headshots as the Head 
    on each Zombie gives the highest multiplier. Keep this information in mind 
    when heading to later rounds when ammo and damage output becomes very 
    So here's an example of what the chart will look like
    Weapon A (40k,80k) vs PaP'd Version of Weapon A (80k,160k)
    That will give you a quick look at how good the weapon is in its Non PaP'd
    Version and then its PaP Version.
    |                                                                        |
    | Note: Damage Stats will be rounded up/down to the nearest one thousand |
    |                                                                        |
    Now let's take a look at the weapons.
    Pistols [PSTL5.1]
    Pistols when PaP'd have a Max Base Damage of 62k-108k. They are very 
    underrated and perform better than SMGs. They give the highest 
    mobility possible and they are the quickest weapons to switch to when your 
    primary weapon's magazine is empty. The problem with pistols is that they're 
    common/rare because of their High Max Base Damage Output and then theres the 
    problem with getting ammo for them since their are no pistols on the walls. 
    Not to mention they have very small magazine sizes, which are about half or 
    less than a SMG/AR, and they also have the worse range of any weapons. 
    So let's look at all the Pistols:
    CZ75 (23k,79k) vs Calamity (78k,273k)
    Dual CZ75 (38k,126k) vs Calamity and Jane (108k,357k)
    M1911 (2k,6k) vs Mustang and Sally (62k,310k)
    Python (90k,135k) vs Cobra (108k,324k)
    Sub Machine Guns [SMG5.2]
    SMGs when PaP'd have a Max Base Damage of 34k-61k. Their great in the early 
    rounds and even in the teen rounds if you want to make some points. In the 
    late rounds you shouldn't be using these at all as the lower damage output of
    SMGs will quickly come back to haunt you. If your trying to make points then 
    you should be using these in the early-teen rounds to make all the points you 
    need because the health increase that Zombies receive in the late rounds will 
    quickly hurt your chances of survival. In Solo Mode though you can use SMGs 
    all you want to make points since their are no teammates to worry about and in
    the later rounds they provide an excellent source of points and a very high
    RoI (Return On Investment). SMGs are great when you need a weapon with high 
    mobility, little recoil, and a high RoF (Rate of Fire) with low/average damage
    output. They also make excellent headshot weapons and come with a 5x Head 
    Multiplier, so for Assassins these work great. Not to mention the ease of 
    repleshing ammo from the wall. When you want to use a SMG just for points look
    for the weaker Damage Output weapons (such as MP5K/MPL) and don't PaP it.
    So let's take a look at all the SMG Weapons:
    AK-74u (22k,86k) vs AK-74fu2 (61k,304k)
    MP5k (15k,60k) vs MP115 Kollider (34k,168k)
    MP40 (22k,90k) vs The Afterburner (51k,256k)
    MPL (14k,58k) vs MPL-LF (34k,168k)
    PM63 (12k,48k) vs Tokyo and Rose (39k,175k)
    Spectre (14k,54k) vs Phantom (35k,176k)
    Assault Rifles [AR5.3]
    Since the beginning of Weapon Development, ARs have always been the best mix
    of all types of weapons. ARs have a Max Base Damage of 41k-116k when PaP'd. 
    They have medium bullet penetration, recoil, range, and mobility. They also 
    carry the versatility of being able to equip attachments from shotguns to 
    launchers and everything in between. Damage Wise, they provide much more than 
    SMGs do but less than LMGs. They're all perfect for Normal General Purpose 
    usage which is why Assault Rifles have always been the most favorite class of
    weapons in the world. And for taking out a group of Zombies they don't 
    dissapoint either. Most ARs come with a 5x Head Multiplier.Basically grabbing
    anyone of these is not only an excellent choice, but even the weakest AR will 
    be better than most SMGs or Pistols.
    So with that said let's take a look at this prestige class:
    AUG (42k,168k) vs AUG-50M3 (84k,489k) 
    Commando (45k,180k) vs Predator (84k,420k)
    FAMAS (18k,72k) vs G16-GL35 (41k,203k)
    FN FAL (32k,128k) vs EPC WN (94k,468k)
    G11 (19k,77k) vs G115 Generator (50k,252k)
    Galil (52k,210k) vs Lamentation (116k,578k)
    M14 (11k,33k) vs Mnesia (42k,250k)
    M16 (15k,60k) vs Skullcrusher (45k,225k)
    Light Machine Guns [LMG5.4] 
    LMGs have always been the top dogs on campus and have a Max Base Damage of 
    113k/189k. They provide the highest damage, bullet penetration, and 
    biggest magazine size/ammo of any Fully Automatic Weapons ever seen. They also
    have the second highest range trailing only Sniper Rifles in both Damage and 
    Range. LMGs also come with a 3x Head Multiplier. However they also tend to 
    have the lowest RoF in most Fully Automatic Weapons, the lowest mobility, and 
    the worst recoil in any weapons. Not to mention they cannot be equipped with 
    attachments. That is why they are in a class of themselves because they just 
    don't match up to a balanced Assault Rifle. LMGs are generally favored over 
    ARs just for the big ammo and high magazine size to go along with the increase 
    in Range and huge ammo count. All of this is why ARs and LMGs are always at 
    war for the Title of Best Class/Weapon.
    So now lets take a look at the only two LMGs in this highly recommended class:
    HK21 (94k,281k) vs H115 Oscillator (189k,567k)
    RPK (65k,195k) vs R115 Resonator (113k,338k)
    Sniper Rifles [SNIPE5.5]
    Sniper Rifles have always been a long range favorite of many people around the 
    the world, any why not. They have the highest damage output for both 
    stats in this game with a Max Base Damage of 80k/90k respectfully. They have 
    the longest range of any weapons and with their extremely high damage they 
    will usually one shot kill anything they hit (including Zombies). They have 
    high mobility to go along with the high damage and long range. And they 
    also come with the highest multiplier in Zombies at 10x. However this 
    extremely high damage, mobility, multiplier, and range comes at a price, and 
    that's with the extremely low ammo and magazine size, and the slowest RoF for 
    most weapons. They are also Bolt Action/Semi Automatic so the reload times are 
    not only painfully long but you must take your time to aim and fire. And 
    that's the real weakness of Sniper Rifles as any target that gets too close 
    could spell trouble for a sniper who isn't carry a short/medium range backup 
    So let's take a look at the two highest Damage Output Weapons in the game:
    Dragunov (15k,150k) vs D115 Disassembler (90k,900k)
    L96A1 (25k,250k) vs L115 Isolator (80k,800k)
    Shotguns [SHTGN5.6]
    Shotguns have been the traditional choice for CQC (Close Quarters Combat) for 
    many years and who can't see why. They have a Max Base Damage of 149k-230k. 
    With damage outputs like that it's easy to see why they are a favorite for up
    close action. They have an acceptable magazine size, which is a mix of a SMG/AR
    combined with a pistol. They do however have extreme low range, and 
    penetration. The slow reloads, low magazine size, and ammo can also be a 
    problem when the enemy is closing in and you are still reloading or out/low on 
    ammo. Though the weaknesses do get balanced out with extremely high damage 
    output and high mobility you do also get high recoil. Nevertheless Shotguns are
    great weapons to have at your disposal. Although i do recommend a secondary 
    weapon with medium/long range such as an AR for when Shotguns won't be enough.
    So now let's take a look at this devasting and fun class:
    HS-10 (54k,54k) vs Typhoid and Mary (230k,230k)
    Olympia (27k,27) vs Hades (149k,149k)
    SPAS-12 (51k,51k) vs SPAZ-24 (230k,230k)
    Stakeout (58k,58k) vs Raid (168k,168k)
    Launchers [LANCH5.7]
    Launchers have never been a favorite around the world. They simply
    weight too much, have horrible mobility, low ammo, and extremely low
    magazine size, along with long reload times. They do however make up for 
    these weaknesses with moderate-high damage and can usually kill anything with 
    one shot. Not to mention the Splash Damage as an added bonus. They are great 
    for doing great in-direct fire when you need to clear a group of 
    Enemies/Zombies. Both launchers do 45k/150k of Max Base Damage when PaP'd.  
    So let's take a look at the mediocre weapons in the game:
    China Lake (13k,13k) vs China Beach (45k,45k)
    M72 LAW (42k,42k) vs M72 Anarchy(150k,150k)
    Wonder Weapons [WONDR5.8]
    Wonder Weapons just simply don't exist outside of video games for a reason. 
    And that's because they are make believe weapons and they usually do way too 
    much damage, insanely high amounts of ammo and mag size, and will pretty much 
    kill anything it touches in one hit. They have high mobility, quick reloads, 
    and little to no recoil at all. They are just too powerful. The only thing 
    they have bad going for them is that getting them are hard because they are 
    Super Rare, and that they don't have unlimited ammo. :)
    Anyways let's get a look into the three beasts of Zombie Mode:
    Ray Gun (180k,180k) vs Porter's X2 Ray Gun (400k,2m)
    Scavenger (85k,85k) vs Hyena Infra-Dead (340k,340k)
    Thunder Gun (~,~) vs Zeus Cannon (~,~)
    V-R11 (0,0) vs V-R11 Lazarus (0,0)
    Winter's Howl (~,~) vs Winter's Fury (~,~)
    Miscellaneous [MISC5.9]
    This is just the area where everything goes such as Ballistic Knife, Crossbow, 
    Grenades and Sickle. They are really support weapons that do little damage or 
    requires melee hits to dish out high amounts of damage. Ammo is not a even a 
    problem (only for the Crossbow) as they are Melee Weapons. Grenades you can 
    just buy off the wall when you need to restock.
    So let's look at these 3 Support Weapons:
    Ballistic Knife (3k,3k) vs The Krause Refibrillator (27k,27k)
    Crossbow (200,200) vs Awful Lawton (750,750)
    M67 Grenade/Semtex (3k,3k)
    Bowie Knife/Sickle (~,~)
    So there you have it, all the Damage Data for all thr weapons in Zombie Mode.
    Hopefully now you have an easier time judging which weapons are better than 
    others so that when you need it, you what weapon(s) you need to get for that
    particular situation.
       |         6. Best Wall Weapons Data [WALL6]      |
       |                                                |
    This section was added to give players a more detailed look into what most 
    players consider the best wall weapons (or even best overall weapons) in 
    Zombies. Here you will get a look at the top 3 wall weapons from each category 
    (Highest Damage, Point Farming, Mix, and General Purpose). Each Wall Weapon 
    will show what its Max Base Damage is, its Cost to buy Ammo, its Points per 
    Bullet (assuming each bullet only hits one zombie and not multiple), its 
    Reach Difficulty, and finally its Recommendation Level. Cost of Ammo is 
    determined by Dividing the Cost of Ammo  (half the cost to buy the weapon) by 
    Max Ammo. Cost of Ammo can be much lower if the bullet penetration hits
    multiple zombies. So if a weapon has a 3.33 cost per bullet and 3 zombies are 
    hit with the same bullet (by lining them up) anywhere on the body, then the 
    cost per bullet will actually become 1.11 which is always nice. Recommendation 
    Level is determined by combining the weapon's Max Base Damage, Cost of Ammo, 
    and Reach Difficulty to determine if it's worth using. 
    ***** Note: Numbers in parenthesis is the PaP version of the weapon.***** 
    Best Wall Weapons for Damage Only (when points is not your concern):
    Stakeout(Raid) : Highly Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 58k(168k)
    Cost of Ammo: 12.5(64.28) points per shell or 1.56(6.42) per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal / Very Hard (CotD)
    AK-74u(AK-74fu2): Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 22k(61k)
    Cost of Ammo: 3.33(14.06) points per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal / Hard (Five)
    MP40(The Afterburner): Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 22k(51k)
    Cost of Ammo: 2.23(17.58) points per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal
    Best Wall Weapons For Mix (when you want/need a mix of damage with points)
    Stakeout(Raid) : Highly Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 58k(168k)
    Cost of Ammo: 12.5(64.28) points per shell or 1.56(6.42) per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal / Very Hard (CotD)
    MP40(The Afterburner): Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 22k(51k)
    Cost of Ammo: 2.23(17.58) points per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal
    AK-74u(AK-74fu2): Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 22k(61k)
    Cost of Ammo: 3.33(14.06) points per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal / Hard (Five)
    Best Wall Weapon for Points (when you need to farm max points with no damage):
    ***** Note: When farming for points do not PaP these ******
    MP40: Highly Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 22k
    Cost of Ammo: 2.23 points per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal
    MP5k: Recommended
    Max Base Damage : 15k
    Cost of Ammo: 3.33 points per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal (Ascension and CotD) / Hard (Kino and Five)
    MPL: Recommended 
    Max Base Damage : 14k
    Cost of Ammo: 3.47 points per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal
    Best Wall Weapons for General Purpose Use:
    AK-74u(AK-74fu2): Highly Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 22k(61k)
    Cost of Ammo: 3.33(14.06) points per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal
    MP40(The Afterburner): Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 22k(51k)
    Cost of Ammo: 2.23(17.58) points per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal
    Stakeout (Raid) : Recommended
    Max Base Damage: 58k(168k)
    Cost of Ammo: 12.5(64.28) points per shell or 1.56(6.42) per bullet
    Reach Difficulty: Normal
    So as you can now all see the AK-74u is clearly the best wall weapon in 
    Zombies when you need it as a general purpose wall weapon. So you can use 
    it for damage and points and also use combine it with an MP5k/MPL to negate 
    the high cost of points per bullet when you PaP it so you can essentially have 
    infinite ammo and infinite points. So basically if you combine an AK-74fu2 with 
    an MP5k/MPL your cost per bullet would be around 8.70 points per bullet 
    (14.06 + 3.33 / 2 = 8.70) with a damage output of 61k(304k). So you would still 
    be making a little over 1 point per bullet while always having ammo and dealing 
    a constant 304k of Max Damage (headshots only). The Afterburner and Raid are 
    not a bad second choice either. But you have to stay clear away from the M16
    as it is one of the worst Wall Weapons in Zombies.
       | 7. Top 5 Weapons Rated by Max Base DMG [BASE7] |
       |                                                |
    1st: Porter's X2 Ray Gun = 400k
    2nd: Hyena Infra-Dead = 340k
    3rd: SPAZ-24 = 230k
    3rd: Typhoid and Mary = 230k
    5th: H115 Oscillator = 189k
       | 8. Top 5 Weapons Rated by Max DMG [MAX8]       |
       |                                                |
    1st: Porter's X2 Ray Gun = 2m
    2nd: D115 Disassembler = 900k
    3rd: L115 Isolater = 800k
    4th: Lamentation = 578k
    5th: H115 Oscillator = 567k
       |    9. Top 5 General Purpose Weapons [TOP5]     |
       |                                                |
    Here in this section we will be taking a look at the Top 5 Highest Rated 
    General Purpose Weapons. These wepons are rated based on a number of things,
    such as Weapon/Ammo Availability, Base Damage, Multipliers, Max Damage, 
    Recoil, RoF (Rate of Fire), Mobility, Bonus Attachments, RoI 
    (Return on Investment), Cost, Bullet Penetration, etc...
    So let's take a look at these fine pieces of beauty:
    Best General Purpose Weapon: Galil (Lamentation)
    The Galil is simply the best General Purpose Weapon period. There is no weapon
    that comes close to it's awesomeness. Galil is somewhere along the lines of 
    common/rare so getting it and being able to get it back again multiple times
    when ammo is a problem is not bad at all but not good either. It has 350/525 
    of Max Ammo. That is much more than any other AR, and equal to an RPK/R115 and 
    less than the HK21/H115. So it easily competes with the Two LMGs for top dog.
    It does the same amount of Damage Per Shot than the HK21 and more than H115 
    when PaP'd. When PaP'd it does a whopping 116k of Max Base Damage and over 
    578k of Max Damage with its 5x Multiplier. That is the highest Max Damage for 
    any Fully Automatic Weapon in Zombies, and trails only the two Sniper Rifles 
    in the game for highest Max Damage Overall. It even does more Max Damage than 
    the Ray Gun (when not factoring in Splash Damage and Multipliers). So that 
    should tell you how it does in the damage department as it is 4th in Highest 
    Overall Damage.
    When you get into the later rounds it will also provide a nice balance of RoI 
    with killing power. Mobility is medium so you run faster than a LMG but slower 
    than a SMG/Pistol/Ray Gun/Thunder Gun so it's a great balance when it comes to
    mobility. When PaP'd it comes with a Red Dot Sight so you get a mix of a LMG 
    with a Sniper Rifle to go along with the power that it already does. RoF is
    faster than the HK21, equal to the RPK/R115, and Slower than a SMG/AUG so 
    it's a perfect balance of the 3 Main RoF commonly used. The Recoil is almost 
    next to nothing as you can pretty much hold down the trigger and you won't 
    notice any recoil at all. Bullet Penetration is Medium so it does more than a 
    SMG but less than a LMG. So it's clearly the winner is all aspects. You must 
    take this weapon whenever you can and you should only trade it in when you 
    want it back for more ammo. There is simply nothing bad about the 
    Galil/Lamentation and that is why it is the best General Purpose Weapon in 
    Second Best General Purpose Weapon: HK21 (H115 Oscillator)
    The HK21/H115 is clearly the big dog on campus. It simply just has high 
    damage, high bullet penetration, lots of ammo and a very high RoI. It's common
    and being able to reaquire again when out of ammo is not bad at all. You can 
    always trade it with the RPK and continue so that's great to have. It has the
    second highest Base/Max Damage for any Fully Autommatic Weapon 
    (only behind the Galil/Lamentation). Its Max Base Damage (when PaP'd) of almost 
    190k is outstanding as it is second only to the Ray Gun, Shotguns, and Sniper 
    Rifles. It has a 3x Muliplier so that's a nice bonus. The recoil is Acceptable 
    as it's not bad nor good. However it has a very slow RoF. Much slower than 
    most ARs and all SMGs. The mobility is awful as you run like a turtle. A 
    truely wonderful weapon to say the least. However if given the chance to trade
    it with the Galil you should not hestitate.
    Third Best General Purpose: Ray Gun (Porter's X2 Ray Gun)
    Easily picked as a top 5 weapon simply because it is way too powerful.
    At 1000/2000 Base DPS and 180/240 Max Ammo how can you not overlook this
    powerful beast. It single handily has the best Max Base Damage at 400k when
    it's PaP'd and that's just factoring in that each bullet will hit just one  
    Zombie. So when you group Zombies together this gun can easily go into the
    one million mark and beyond for Max Damage with Multipliers and Splash Damage.
    There is little recoil, fires quickly, has a nice RoI, and high mobility. 
    However the Rarity and lack of ammo will be a problem 
    (especially in late rounds). Expect to spend anywhere from 5k-50k in points
    just to get it back after Round 25 when you need to start trading it in just
    to get it back with ammo since ammo will be a problem at that point. A perfect
    overpowering weapon without question but it just doesn't come around very 
    often and when it does you should take it without question.  
    Fourth Best General Purpose Weapon (Tie): AUG (AUG50M3) vs Commando (Predator)
    Here we have a tie between two weapons. Both of these when PaP'd deal the same 
    amount of Base Damage (84k), and Max Damage (420k) not including any 
    attachments. They both have over 400 in ammo. The mobiliy for both is Medium 
    and they give a nice RoI. They are also fairly common so trading them in for 
    the other is a great idea and highly recommended when one runs out of ammo. The 
    only differences between these two are their RoF, Versatility, Recoil, and 
    Reload Speed. Both are these are mainly just preference to the player. 
    The AUG takes longer to reload than the Commando, however it gets a Shotgun 
    Attachment making it more versatile and having more Firepower. It also does 
    more DPS, and fires faster than the Commando. However that can also mean it 
    can burn through ammo much faster too. It's recoil is not as good and it has 
    less ammo than the Commando (both PaP'd versions). The AUG is better than the
    Commando when you want the extra firepower of the Shotgun attachment and 
    especially if you are watching one window.
    The Commando however reloads much faster than the AUG. And with it's Dual Mags
    attachment every other reload is even faster than its normal reload. This is
    perfect for when you need to reload and quickly fire, it's like a Mini LMG.
    It has no recoil at all and the RoF is normal for an AR so burning through 
    ammo is not a problem for it, especially when it has more ammo than the AUG. 
    It does however lose the versatility that the AUG brings to the table as you 
    trade in more firepower for faster reloading. The Commando is better than the 
    AUG when you need to reload faster to continue your damage output.
    Overall both are equally balanced and will work great for normal operations.
    Fifth Best General Purpose Weapon (Tie): AK74u vs MP40 vs MP5k vs MPL
    Here we have another tie and it's for the final spot on the Top 5 General 
    Purpose Weapon List. The reason I am adding these 4 SMG Wall Weapons to this 
    top 5 list is because they all simply deserve their recogntion. All of these 
    are tied simply because of Preferences, Reach Difficulty, Your Current Needs, 
    Damage, RoI, Map Type, etc...
    The real expert players that do not rely on Box Weapons know that the elite 
    of the elite Zombie Players do not rely on box weapons and use Wall Weapons
    from the start. While n00bs are busy hitting the box going for a HK21 and Ray
    Gun, the expert player has his final setup from the start and does not like 
    waiting for everyone else to be done hitting the box. Each expert player has
    his certain style of play when it comes to which wall weapon they will use.
    But one thing that is common with every Elite Player is that they all use an 
    SMG off the Wall. And the reason behind that is because these SMG Wall 
    Weapons are just too good. Even at Round 50 they get the job done efficently
    without risking your life hitting the box in the middle of the round because 
    your HK21 ran out of ammo.
    Some players like to go for the highest amount of points by the end of the 
    game and will use a low Damage Output SMG with a low cost per bullet, while 
    some players like the High Damage Flow and can care less about points. And 
    some just like a mix of points and damage in one SMG. I myself like to use 
    MP40 on Kino and CotD, and MP5k on Ascension. If you would like to know the
    cost per bullet, damage output, etc.. of these SMGs refer to section [WALL6]
    for more information.
    As i stated earlier certain SMGs are based on your particular situation. If 
    you're low on points you'll want to use a low damage output SMG that has a 
    low cost per bullet such as an MPL, MP5k, AK74u, MP40 and do not PaP it. If 
    you do not need points and need high damage then you will look for a high 
    damage output SMG such as MP40 or AK74u which you can PaP if you like. Do keep
    in mind that PaP'd SMGs will quickly eat up your points so make sure you have 
    alot of points on reserves when doing this. If you need a mix of both points 
    and damage then go with the MP40, or AK74u. These 2 have a low cost per bullet
    (when not Pap'd) and a nice flow of damage output. Also consider the location 
    of each SMG on the map. While the MP5k is easily accessible on CotD and 
    Ascension it is not in a good location on Kino or Five so you don't want to be
    looking to use the SMG on the bad location map.
       |       10. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ10]   |
       |                                                |
    Q: Why do i need to know all this data?
    A: Well for the average player this is not important at all. However if you
    start getting into the high 20s and into the 30s/40s/50s, etc.. it is vital
    to know this information. The information is telling you how much health
    the Zombie will have at that round and how much damage you will need to do
    to kill it. So if the Zombie has 7,030 of health at Round 30 and you have an
    AR that deals 100 Base Damage Per Shot you would need to put 71 bullets into 
    his Chest/Stomach to kill him. Now think about that as you are shredding in 2.5 
    mags into his body just to kill him. Now think about how you would handle the 
    other 188 Zombies at Round 30 if you have to keep putting in 2.5 mags into each 
    one. Now what are you going to do when the weapon is completely out of ammo and 
    you still have another 150 Zombies to go? Exactly!!!!!!
    Q: Ok so now why do i need to know how much damage output my weapon is doing?
    A: Well heres why. At Round 30 there is a total of over 1.3 million of Zombie 
    health (189 Zombies * 7,030 per Zombie = 1.3+ million of Zombie health). So 
    you have to figure out how to deal that 1.3 million worth of damage. If your 
    weapon has a Max Damage of 100k you have a big problem on your hands as you 
    have to plan how you will get more ammo for it. Then you have to start asking
    yourself questions such as: What weapon will I use after it runs out of ammo 
    so I can continue doing damage? How many points will i blow just to get my
    weapon back with ammo? How many points will this weapon give me on my RoI 
    (Return on Investment). Will this weapon make me run Slower/Faster? Does this 
    weapon have Splash Damage? Does it have big/low ammo? Big/Small Mag Size? Does 
    it have Recoil? Is the Recoil Manageable? How easy can i get ammo for it? Is 
    the ammo gonna be expensive? Is it even worth going for again when i can grab 
    a similar damage output weapon instead?
    Those are all questions you have to ask yourself when making decisions. And 
    sometimes you have to make a decision within a split second that can hurt/help
    you. So knowing all this information is vital when getting into the late rounds.
    Q: Ok but can't I just use traps and not have to worry about any of this?
    A: While that will work in Solo, it will simply not work in 2-4 Players. When 
    you are playing with multiple players theres always the lack of team work 
    and/or communication. Someone else may already be using the trap(s) on the 
    map. So now what do you if you got a weapon such as a FAMAS and your other 
    weapon is low/out of ammo and you have 10+ Zombies by yourself and they each 
    have 7,030 of health? Still think that FAMAS is gonna help you? Even if it 
    does kill all 10 Zombies not only are the Zombies going to quickly respawn 
    again (You still got 179 to go) but now both your weapons are completely out 
    of ammo. So what do you do now? BINGO!!!!!!
    Q: Ok well your right but can't I just get a wall weapon and use that?
    A: Yes and No. There are only a few wall weapons that are still good
    in late rounds and they are very limited and scattered around the map.
    By the late rounds most wall weapons will just not do any damage to the 
    Zombies and will just be good for farming points since they won't die. That's
    why it's important to know which Wall Weapons will give you not only the 
    highest damage output but perhaps also give you a decent RoI as the ammo
    can get expensive in the late rounds.
    Q: Ok ok i give in. Now I am always really low on ammo, or points, what tips 
    can you provide Me?
    A: Well this is a common problem for most people so don't feel like you are a 
    Bad player for needing ammo or points. There are simply some things that you 
    Need to work on to get passed this problem. Here are some tips:
    If you’re low on points you have to stop wasting points wherever needed. Don't
    Buy perks that you don't need (that is dependent on what class(es) you are 
    Using). Try not to use the box so much and only when your weapon(s) run out of 
    Ammo. The same thing with PaPing a weapon. Only PaP it when it runs out of 
    Ammo or after the 20s/30s. Also do the best you can to not go down or die. You 
    Then have to rebuy your perks and weapons again so you continue to be low on 
    Ammo and points if you do. Not to mention your team now has to work harder 
    Because you keep going down. So do the best you can to not go down 
    (especially before Round 25). 
    If you are low on ammo all the time then you just have to work on conserving 
    Your ammo. If you are using a Black Hole, Ray Gun, Thunder Gun, or Mustang and 
    Sally make the ammo count. Use them only when there’s a group of Zombies for 
    Splash damage or clearing the room. Don't use them just to kill one or two 
    Zombies. If your using a LMG/AR/SMG aim for the head. Hip Firing a LMG and 
    aiming for the head and in short bursts is a great way to kill Zombies and 
    conserve as much ammo as possible. That saved ammo you conserved can be used 
    when a bunch of Zombies are close together so then you can go Rambo all you 
    want on them.
    Q: What about if I’m low on points and ammo or dying/reviving is not a 
    problem for me?
    A: If points is a problem and not ammo, or because you don't go down as much 
    then try these tips:
    Consider using a wall weapon or LMG to rack up a lot of points. SMGs are really 
    Good for racking up a ton of points in the high 20s and into the 30s. MP5k and 
    MPL are highly recommended for this as they are within easy reach and provide 
    The lowest damage output of the 4 main SMGs. Not to mention you can buy more 
    Ammo at easily accessible areas and at a very cheap price as well. PaPing SMGs 
    is not a good idea for racking up points because when you need to buy more 
    ammo for it, it gets really expensive at 4,500 points every time you need more 
    Q: Why is getting headshots so important?
    A: Well mainly because you save plenty of ammo, and you receive more points 
    than if they're killed anywhere else. But most importantly most weapons have a 
    Head Multiplier. SMGs and AR have a 5x Multiplier, LMG have 3x, and Sniper 
    Rifles have a whopping 10x Head Multiplier. So think about those multipliers 
    as the rounds progress and get harder with Increasing Zombie Health. So if 
    that Zombie has 7,030 of Health at Round 30 and you have a Sniper Rifle with 
    a Base Damage of 2,000, and you shoot him in the head you get a 10x 
    multiplier, so you actually do 20k worth of damage. That's more than enough to 
    kill it with one shot. Now think about how far you can go into Zombies with a 
    Sniper Rifle that can deal 20k Damage Per Shot. 
    Q: Ok but i won't be getting headshots every single time, correct?
    A: Of course it's almost impossible to get headshots all the time. But that
    is what this guide is for. So when you need a High Damage Output Weapon and 
    can't get Headshots, you can quickly choose a Weapon with High Max Base Damage
    and have it for when you need to shoot at their Chest/Stomach instead. So you
    have it ready to go for when you need one the most. 
    Q: So what is the best General Purpose Weapon in Zombies?
    A: Some people swear by a LMG, Thunder Gun, Ray Gun. I myself say the best 
    general weapon is defined from things such as ability to restock on ammo, 
    damage, range, multipliers, reload time, etc... Without question the best 
    general purpose is The Galil. It does more damage then the HK21 with better
    mobility to go along with it. Not too mention it's more common in the box than
    a LMG and you get a sight when you PaP it. Let's also not forget the 5x 
    Multiplier for shooting at their heads. By far the best general purpose weapon
    and at a Max Damage of over 577k Max when at Max Ammo it is simply more than
    enough to do more damage than a HK21 anyday. The added sight and higher RoF is 
    also nice. The Galil is without question a Top 5 Weapon and is also a Top 3 
    Overall in Multiple Categories. You just can't go wrong with the Galil as it 
    has too many good things and hardly (if any) negatives. However when ammo is
    a problem after Round 25 and into the 30s, 40s, 50s, etc.. you want to be 
    using the MP40 or AK74u. No recoil, faster mobilty, plus you always have ammo 
    at easy locations and 256k-304k in Max Damage is enough to make you want to 
    use either of these awesome SMG Wall Weapons from the early rounds aswell. 
    Q: What weapon is the best besides the Thunder Gun?
    A: That would be the Ray Gun. Ray Gun produces over 2m of Max Damage after its 
    5x Mulitplier to the Neck. That's 3.5 times as much as an HK21 or Galil. And 
    that's not even factoring in any Splash Damage which can easily push it 
    well over 2m of max damage.
    Q: What are some underrated weapons?
    A: Any Shotgun and Mustang and Sally are very underated. The FAL is also a 
    very highly underrated weapon. The Galil is also underrated and only because
    the LMGs get all the love and so the Galil doesn't get very much attention. 
    Consider trying these underrated weapons on your next playthrough and see how 
    they work out of you. You should quickly be able to see how they do more 
    damage than most weapons that are normally used.
       |          11. Credit [THANKS]                   |
       |                                                |
    -Credit goes to www.eaglesorbit.com for providing some of the damage data, 
    aswell as duckcall00/Den for providing  Damage Multiplier Data for each weapon
    aswell as the Zombie Data.
    -Credit goes to anyone else i probably have missed. If i forgot to give you
    Credit i am truly sorry but just kindly contact me (via email) and i
    Will gladly give you credit.
    -Credit goes to me for making this guide.
       |          12. Contact & Suggestions [EMAIL007]  |
       |                                                |
    Contact me at wilmer007@gmail.com
    Under subject please put "Black Ops: Zombies: Data Guide" or "BO:ZO:DATA". If
    The subject line is not either of these two I will ignore it and may mark it
    As spam as well.
    You can e-mail me for various reasons, including praise, tips, suggestions,
    Errors I had, questions, etc...
    If you would like to play on XBL my gamer tag is wilmer0072000. If i send you 
    A friend request on my alternate gamer tags is because I’m either sorting my
    Friends list or i simply have nearly maxed out my friend list and need more 
    Space so I’ll save you on one of my alternate gamer tags. All my gamer tags 
    Start with wilmer007 so you will it's me. If i do place you on one of my 
    Alternate gamer tags you should send me a message to my normal gamer tag 
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    Also please do not send me messages over XBL to comment on the guide. XBL is 
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