Additional ArtMike Clephane
Additional ArtMichael Cosner
Additional ProgrammerOwen Angell
Additional ProgrammerMark Barrett
Additional ProgrammerDan Smart
Additional ProgrammerCraig Timpany
Additional ProgrammerMatt Weir
AnimatorMark Cuthbert
AnimatorReagan Morris
ArtDan Allsop
ArtIvan Khmel
ArtDuncan Withers
Art DirectorPeter Freer
Concept ArtDan Adams
Concept ArtJames Ellis
Concept ArtIvan Khmel
Concept ArtGeorge (Jiri) Stanko
Concept ArtistJames Ellis
Concept ArtistGeorge Stanko
Creative DirectorStuart Middleton
Executive ProducerAndy Satterthwaite
Executive ProducerMario Wynands
Game DesignAlan Bell
Game DesignAntony Blackett
Game DesignJonathan Brown
Game DesignJames Everett
Lead ArtistCorie Geerders
Lead Concept ArtistPeter Freer
Lead ProgrammerRory McCarthy
Level DesignDaizong Gong
Level DesignDan Smart
Managing DirectorMario Wynands
Music ProducerJos Ruffell
Previs AnimationBrad Lincoln
Previs AnimationAri Panzer
ProducerAlan Bell
ProgrammerAntony Blackett
Senior ProgrammerChristian Schladetsch
Sound Design & EffectsDan Smart
Technical Art LeadKeir Rice
Technical ArtistJuliann Lum
Technical DirectorTyrone McAuley
Voice TalentAlan Bell
Voice TalentMark Davis
Voice TalentGareth Griffiths
Voice TalentLuke Percy
Voice TalentAndy Satterthwaite
Voice TalentDan Smart


Data and credits for this game contributed by _Genesis, freerby, and KeirRice.

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