Pink moonflower seeds?

  1. Please I need to know how can I get them because I tried both walkthroughs written here but I got nothing?

    User Info: serena404

    serena404 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You have to plant certain moonflowers next to certain other moonflowers. First you have to plant red moonflowers next to gold to try to get peach moonflowers. Then you have to plant golds next to blues to try and get indigo moonflowers. then you have to plant reds next to indigos to get pink. So, like this: 1st moonflower color--2nd moonflower color--3rd moonflower color--4th moonflower color--5th moonflower color=wanted moonflower color. Keep in mind, there is only like a 25-35% chance to get the desired color. PLANT ALL THREE ROWS WITH ONE OF THE SEQUENCES, STAR IN THE ORDER I LISTED THEM IN UNLTILL YOU GET THE DESIRED FLOWER SEEDS *10.

    Peach-Pink-Peach-Pink-Peach=White(Lunar Tear){You only have like a 2% chance to get the Lunar Tear}

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    User Info: Doublesouba

    Doublesouba - 7 years ago 1 0

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