Review by jimihendrixfrk

Reviewed: 11/24/10

Nier is the epitome of 8.5


Nier is a story about a father who is trying to save his daughter from a disease. Without saying too much, the father will meet a few companions along the way: a foul-mouthed woman, a talking book, and a young boy. The story is very interesting and a bit on the dark or depressing side as well. One of the most impressive things about the story is the several endings. I was afraid that it would seem overly repetitious, but there is quite a bit of new information and new light is shed on previous scenes from the game. I would really love to go into more depth about Nier’s story, but it’s really too special for me to say anything more. Excellent job here.



Nier’s soundtrack is one of the best of this generation by far. Very well put together and very well done. Only slight complaint is one particular voice can be a little annoying and there was one particular track that I had to mute. This is really more of a personal preference, so very good here.



The most important thing right? If I had to sum up the gameplay of Nier in one word it would be; average. Nier is an action-RPG and most of the action is ok at best. The gameplay also has sidescrolling areas, isometric-angle areas, top-down areas, and even an area that resembles something from a survival horror game? These are mostly smaller areas and just help to add a touch of variety to the game. The jumping mechanic in the game is pretty poorly done. It is especially noticeable in the sidescrolling or platforming areas. Side quests are available (as expected from an RPG), and are pretty average as well. Most do involve fetching of sorts, but there is a little more variety in these quests. But nothing too special or amazing, just your standard quests. Boss fights are the one highlight of the gameplay. With everything else being average, the boss fights really push the gameplay up a small amount.



Nier’s graphics are really nothing too special, maybe even a little less than average. I never noticed any frame rate drops or tears, so the graphics that were used were implemented well. Again pretty average.



Nier really is the epitome of 8.5. If a great story accompanied by a spectacular soundtrack is your thing, and you are willing to overlook average gameplay and graphics, you will definitely find something special in Nier!

34/40 = 8.5

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: NIER (US, 04/27/10)

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