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"Why Nier is art"

Nier came as a surprise when I stumbled on the game about a year ago. I knew of the game but didn't pay that much attention to it. But when I finally did I was blown away. Nier is the kind of game if you let it, it will suck you in and never let's you go. Even when you listen to the original soundtrack again after you finished the game you will not keep it dry or you just let your jaws do the work for you. You know, it gets heavy on the jaws.But here is the summary of the game:


Nier is about a story when a father wants the best of his child. A lot of trouble happened and this man wants the very best for his child and goes to very far ends doing so. The story takes place somewhere in the future. I can't give you anymore details on the story because it would just spoil a lot. But the story is so amazing and so deep it will keep you guessing what it is all about. The game supports a few main characters who are very interesting to follow.


Nier is an action RPG. The player takes the role of a person ( even the name would be a spoiler) and plays this in a 3rd person perspective.The controls are very nice and kinda spot on. You can do you hacking and slashing all the way. You will learn some awesome moves and get to upgrade your weapons. Also some moves are supported by words. Some enhancements are bound to words. The meaning of this is tied to the story. Overall the game is amazing to play and you have your side quests but are almost all fetch quests. They are optional off course but can be fun. It will take you between 25 and 30 hours to complete it in the first play through. Nier contains a New game plus.


The game looks okay. Nier strongest point is not found here. Sometimes the environment is kind of bland but still it does a pretty good job.


This my fellow gamers is the pinnacle of the game. The soundtrack of Nier is one of the very best I have ever heard in a game. No let's scrap that, the soundtrack is one of the best things I ever heard in my lifetime. The sound is very fine tuned to the story and vibe of the game. The game is very dark and kinda somber in a lot of ways. What's even more amazing is that when they made this game the soundtrack was done separately. So when they finally finished the soundtrack they showed it to the games studio and they blended it in. The soundtrack contains a very distinguished sound. It contains a lot of vocal parts which are either clear vocal parts or choir. But also the battle themes and dungeon themes are just pieces of art. This soundtrack will make you wonder a lot of things. Sometimes it makes you think of the game but a lot will drift you to other emotions and places. The game clearly gives you a vibe that is meant to make you think when you listen to the soundtrack. It is sometimes mellow but it also has these upbeat tempo's. Also the places where you will go to in the game are amazing and every time when you hear the music it never let's you go. This music will put its place in your brain, for a good reason off course.

Closing comments:

Nier is an amazing piece of art. The highlights are by far the storyline and the soundtrack. The rest is good but not the best. But the reason why I will give this game a straightforward 10/10 is that it just is an amazing experience that anyone who likes RPG's and games in general really should give a try. Nier is a journey and, if it is taken in well it will leave a mark on your memory forever. Nier will become a cult classic in the coming years.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/05/11

Game Release: NIER (EU, 04/23/10)

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