How do I beat mountain troll in girls bathroom?

  1. How do I defeat the mountain troll in the grils bathroom

    User Info: haveitnow

    haveitnow - 7 years ago

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  1. What I did was first trash the place, destroying everything. While I was busying myself with that task, debris started to appear that I could levitate (not sure if this was because of me or because of the Troll). Hit the Troll with that to knock off a heart.

    Next, he'll start hurling debris at you, which you can throw back at him with the levitate spell, which will knock off the next heart.

    Finally, he'll be dazed and his club will be laying on the ground. Levitate that over his head and you should deliver the final blow to finish the level.

    User Info: drgnrbrn

    drgnrbrn - 7 years ago 4 0


  1. Stay away from the troll at first, let him break a bunch of things and Stuff will fall from the ceiling, whether you do damage or not, levitate some of the trash to hit him with it.

    After the first hit he will start throwing things at you, Grab one of the things in mid air with your levitation spell then hurl it back at him. he will lose more health.

    After hitting him the first two times he will stay stunned until you finish him, if you want to finish collecting the gold in the bathroom go ahead, otherwise just levitate his club above his head and you should get a cut scene indicating your victory.

    User Info: Nemesis895

    Nemesis895 - 7 years ago 1 1

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