Is there a way to repair the Gauss Rifle to full?

  1. As my question entails, I was wondering if you can repair the Gauss Rifle yourself. If not then I already know about Crazy Wolfgang and his skill to repair to a least 85% after two investments... Any ideas what weapon can be used, if any?

    User Info: DuskKnight1990

    DuskKnight1990 - 7 years ago
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    If you mean Somah, that's a one time deal last I checked, you don't even see her after you finish with all the quests on the Alien spaceship, at least not that I know of. I did so searching through my gear and realized that Alien Epoxy can be used, I managed to collect a stash of like 100 of those, it's suppose to repair your weapons (not armor sadly) by at least 25% per each Epoxy. You have to do the quests on the Alien spaceship and kill virtually every alien you encounter and loot them, each alien has at least one if not two or more on them. You can also find the epoxy in the containers in bulk sometimes, maybe 10 or so. As for armors like the T-51b power armor and the ever-so-useful Chinese stealth suit, it has no effect on them sadly, and only Crazy Wolfgang is the most available and effect npc for repairs, you have to invest in him twice at Canterbury Commons via Uncle Roe (Crazy Wolfgana can repair equipment to 85% which is decent compared to the other worth npc repair rates). Luckily, the Winterized T-51b armor, although not the best, has INF durability which makes up for what it lacks in overall defensive and add-on stats.

    User Info: DuskKnight1990

    DuskKnight1990 - 7 years ago

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  1. No thats wat sucks about all the new gear, also the chinese stealth suit

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  1. What about the woman on the spaceship?

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