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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NerdlyNerd

    Version: 0.98 | Updated: 07/17/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Guide Info

    Game: ModNation Racers

    Guide: Walkthrough

    Author: Sean Sutherland (NerdlyNerd)

    Version: 0.98

    Just turned on the game for the first time? Quickly jump to Mod Circuit for the first race.

    About The Game

    ModNation Racers is a racing game made by United Front Games and San Diego Studio for the PS3. It allows you to create your very own characters, vehicles and even tracks in great detail. Use your masterpieces to race your way through 28 tracks made by the creators in Career Mode or go online to challenge people from around the globe. The possibilities are endless.

    About The Guide

    The reason this guide exists is so that if you have any trouble with the game, you should be able to find help here. Most aspects of the game are explained and should you not find what you are looking for you can Contact Me with your questions.

    Unfortunately, I do not have internet access on my PS3 so no online features of this game are included at the present time. Sorry for this inconvenience.

    Version History

    • Version 0.95 - 8th July, 2010
      • Started guide and added all sections.
      • Finish the first version of the guide.
      • Missing online sections.
    • Version 0.98 - 17th July, 2010
      • Created "Playing Online" section. (Info thanks to risumm and TheMightyImp2.)
      • Added some small bits of extra info here and there.


    The controls used through out the game are listed here. "M" means menu controls and "R" means racing controls.

    Left Analog Stick

    • M - Change Option
    • R - Steer

    Right Analog Stick

    • R - Sideswipe
    • R - Spin (while airborne)

    Directional Buttons

    • M - Change Option
    • R - Taunt

    X Button

    • M - Confirm Option
    • R - Hop
    • R - Super Hop (double tap)
    • R - Drift (hold)

    Square Button

    • M - Open Certain Menus
    • R - Use Item
    • R - Drop Item (hold)

    Circle Button

    • M - Cancel Option
    • R - Shield (hold)

    Triangle Button

    • M - Open Certain Menus
    • R - Look Back

    L1 Button

    • R - Boost

    L2 Button

    • M - Change Menu
    • R - Brake

    L3 Button

    • R - Change Minimap View

    R1 Button

    • R - Trigger/ModBot Shock

    R2 Button

    • M - Change Menu
    • R - Accelerate

    R3 Button

    • R - Horn

    Start Button

    • R - Pause

    Select Button

    • R - Reset Kart


    This is you. Tag is a graffiti artist who likes racing his/her colourful kart. When the opportunity arises for Tag to enter the MRC, he/she jumps at the chance and starts the long journey to the top.


    As you can probably tell be her name, she is Tag's mother. She runs a paint shop and has trouble selling any colour other than "pale purple". She always does what she can to help Tag succeed.


    A former-MRC-racer-turned-crew-chief, Chief stopped racing after a terrible crash in the championship race against Espresso. He now helps Tag on his way to glory.

    Uncle Richard

    The CEO of Conservative Motors, Richard is Tag's "Uncle". He tries to convince Tag to race for CM to help promote the brand. He only wants to get rich and will do anything to make that happen.


    The current world champion of the MRC. He is the spokesman for Speedwagon and loves a good race. He isn't exactly known for racing fair, but in the MRC, who is?


    Espresso's pet monkey likes hanging around with the champ and does his bidding. He isn't afraid to hurt anyone in Espresso's way, but he isn't allowed to ride in the kart. Shame.

    Biff Tradwell

    Of the two official MRC commentators, Biff certainly isn't the nice one. He provides scintillating insight into Gary's personal life but doesn't care too mcuh for the racing itself. Unless, of course, there's a nice crash involved. His signature quote is "BOOYAH!"

    Gary Reasons

    Gary does his best to commentate on the race, but Biff's constant attacks somtimes get a bit much. He gives stats and summaries of the tracks and the competitors, but sometimes gets side-tracked whenever Biff decideds to toy with his mind.

    Item Pods

    Item Pods are little red spheres that provide you with a weapon power-up. You need to use these weapons to take down your opponents. There are four different types of weapons, each with three different primary forms for shooting down rivals and a secondary form for dropping behind you.

    All item descriptions are taken from the instruction manual.


    1. Bolt: Fires a single shot of electricity. A bolt can only shoot straight ahead, so be sure to aim your kart carefully.
    2. Chain Bolt: Fires a jolt ofelectricity that will seek out the nearest opponent. When a chain bolt hits a target, it will branch out and zap other racers.
    3. Bolt Storm: Sends a rocket up into the sky, triggering a lightning storm. Electricity then strikes down and hits all of the players ahead of you.


    1. Straight Shot: Releases a single missile with no targeting, so fire with care.
    2. Swarm: Launches three heat-seeking missiles that chase the nearest racer and blasts them off the road.
    3. Hydra: Unleashes missiles that drop bombs on racers from above and clear the path ahead.

    Sonic Boom

    1. Sonic Bomb: Produces instant waves of sonic energy that ripple out and slam into nearby karts. A great idea when a race is getting too clustered.
    2. Sonic Cannon: Launches three glowing orbs the smash on impact and release powerful sonic waves. Great for leaving your opponents shocked and stunned.
    3. Sonic Rift: Generates a huge sonic wave that rips down the racetrack and leaves destruction in its wake.

    Bonus Boost

    1. Jumpstart: Gives you an additional boost ofspeed, just when you need it.
    2. Supercharger: A boost similar to the jumpstart, but longer-lasting and more powerful.
    3. Warp: Magically transports you further ahead down the track, leaving other racers behind.

    Dynamic Props

    These props like to move around or activate stuff to make your life just that little bit harder. Or easier, depending on what it is.

    The descriptions have been taken from in-game.


    • Pressure Pad: Used to trigger a dynamic prop when a kart drives over it. Must be connected to a dynamic prop.
    • Target Pad: Used to trigger a dynamic prop when shot with a weapon. Must be connected to a dynamic prop.
    • Invisible Region: Invisible during a race, it is used to trigger a dynamic prop when a kart enters the volume. Must be connected to a dynamic prop.


    • Pop Up Blocker 1: Starting flush with the road, this blocker bollard can be triggered to pop up.
    • Pop Up Blocker 2: Starting flush with the road, this low blocker can be triggered to pop up. Double hopping will clear it.
    • Pop Up Blocker 3: Starting flush with the road, this short blocker wall can be triggered to pop up.
    • Bearier: Large sliding blocker moves in and out from the base.


    • Lil' Devastator: A giant ground-pounding device that can stun players.
    • Devastator: A giant ground-pounding device that can stun players. This larger version can span the road and has two stompers.
    • Flame Vent: Shoots a jet of flame straight up, stunning karts.


    • Mega Jump: Launches the kart through the air to a specified landing spot.
    • Wide Mega Jump: Launches the kart through the air to a specified landing spot.
    • Thin Ramp: Dial in the angle of this thin ramp. It can also be triggered to pop up.
    • Wide Ramp: Dial in the angle of wide this ramp (grammar fail). It can also be triggered to pop up.
    • Thin Boost Ramp: This thin adjustable ramp will boost karts. It can also be triggered to pop up.
    • Wide Boost Ramp: This wide adjustable ramp will boost karts. It can also be triggered to pop up.


    • Big Barrel Launcher: Throws huge barrels that can crush karts.
    • Small Barrel Launcher: Throws barrels.


    • Rotating Platform: A rotating disc that karts can drive on.
    • Sliding Platform: A raises platform that moves from side to side.


    • Bouncer: The Bouncer is a wandering obstacle with physical attacks.
    • Ember: The Ember is a wandering obstacle with fire attacks.
    • Pounder: The Pounder is a wandering obstacle with a hop attack.


    • Flaming Ring Chopper
    • Pyro Machine: A small box that can be used to spawn fireworks, smoke, dust clouds, or even ground shake.

    Environmental Features

    These are the different things you can place as scenery around the track. They make the track look better and in turn make a race on the track a better experience.

    • Architecture: Houses, huts and temples count as architecture. They are used to create towns or small villages.
    • Foliage: Trees and shrubs are great area fillers. They can be used for jungles and forests, or placed in cities to make it look more lively.
    • Terrain: Boulders and rocks are terrain props. They give the landscape a different look.
    • Props: Miscellaneous things like boats, cranes, blocks and power lines that give that little bit extra to a track count as props.
    • Fences: These are barriers that outline the track's boundaries or help guide you through certain areas.
    • Signs: Advertisements are a big thing on MRC tracks. You'll find them everywhere.
    • Race Props: Blimps, helicopters and MRC buildings count as race props. They are things that go well with a race track. Grandstands are race props as well.


    Things that don't fit in the above sections are here.

    • Boost Pads: Drive over one to get a short burst of speed. Green ones boost you in the direction YOU are facing, and red ones boost you in the direction THEY are facing. Orange pads slightly refill your boost meter instead.
    • Barrels: Orange barrels normally sit on the edge of a corner, but red barrels and oil barrels cause havoc by exploding. Watch out for these bad boys.
    • Crates: You can bash through these in your kart without a problem. They normally hide boost pads or the entrance to shortcuts.
    • Track Props: Street cones, haystacks, traffic lights and other random objects are track props. They normally show up on the track to hide things or just to bug you.
    • Road Signs: These show you where to go or what is coming soon. They can have arrows on them or symbols to say if there are barrels, jumps or other things ahead. They sit atop poles or on the ground themselves, but you can bash through them both.


    Your first visit to ModSpot will come after your very first race. The game will tell you about each location, and I'm here to tell you a little bit more. First up though, the game will ask you to configure the screen so that you can get the best out of ModNation Racers. To enter any location, simply park in the little circle in front of it and press the Square Button.

    The different locations in ModSpot.

    Race Station

    The big red building is the Race Station. If you want to take part in any kind of race, this is the place to go.



    Quick Race

    Want to do a normal race with just you and some AI opponents? Or a race with you against the clock? Quick Race is the spot for you. Decide between doing an actual Quick Race or a Time Trial.

    In Quick Race, start by picking a track you wish to race on. Press the L2 Button and the R2 Button to swap between tracks you've made, tracks UFG made and tracks you've downloaded. Once you've done that, fix up the settings so you can race your way. Choose the number of laps, the speed class, the type of race, the number of AI opponents and the difficulty of said opponents. With that done, press the X Button to start the race.

    In Time Trial, pick a track you think you can do some super fast times on. This will throw you straight on to the track. Start racing and keep doing as many laps as you want. Once you complete one, a ghost racer will appear. It will mimic exactly what you did on your last lap so you can compare it to the lap you're doing now. It always copies your fastest lap so you know that if you beat it, you've done your best time so far. To exit, simply pause and choose to finish up.

    Split Screen

    You need to have at least two controllers connected to enter split screen mode. There will be four small screens, one for each possible player. Pressing the R1 Button will bring a small menu where you can choose your character, kart and driving style. Pressing the X Button will say that player is ready. When all players are ready, a menu will appear with all the tracks you can choose from. Pick one that you've all agreed on and then decide on the race settings. Once you're ready to go, press the X Button one more time to start the race.


    The Career Mode is the main ModNation Racing Championship. You'll compete in many different races to prove your worth and become the world champion. The first race will automatically start the first time you play the game. After this, entering Career Mode will bring up the Career Central menu. You can start the next race in the series or go back and try previous races you've already won. Each track has its own stats and achievements to unlock, as well as Tokens that are scattered across it. You can view these things on this menu. For more information, view the Career Introduction section.

    Creation Station

    You will introduced to Creation Station after the Farm Frenzy race in Career Mode. You can access this station earlier if you wish.


    The three different create modes are Mods, Karts and Tracks. You will be pushed towards each after certain races in Career Mode. Each of these lets you customise your gaming experience. Mods allows you to change what Tag looks like. Karts lets you pick, edit and drive old karts and create brand new ones from a range of options. You can swap between karts and outfits at any time in ModSpot by pressing the R1 Button. Tracks lets you create your very own racing circuits through a very simple, yet complex, editor. More information on all of these editors can be found in Customisation.


    There are two different options to choose from in Shop: Online Store and Token Shop. The Token Shop allows you to trade in Tokens you've found in Career Mode for different things. There are three different prices and selecting one will give you a random prize from that category. You don't know what you'll get, unless you check the Token Shop Prizes section of course.



    Points Of Interest

    Other features scattered around ModSpot start competitions and display rankings using information from the Network. Basically, you need online access to use these properly.

    If someone who has a connection to the PSN can help me out with this section it would be greatly appreciated.

    Top Mods


    Top Karts


    Top Tracks


    Hot Lap


    Coming Attractions


    The Main Menu

    If you don't feel like driving around ModSpot to whatever you want to do, you can access it from the Main Menu, found by pressing START. In here are the Race and Create options which are shortcuts to their respective stations, but there are other menus as well.

    Tutorials gives you a rundown of the things you won't come across in Career Mode, like editing tools and online stuff.

    Extras lets you access Photo Mode which lets you take pictures of yourself driving, as well as change the Options or check out the Controller Layout. You can watch the Credits here too.

    Stats shows you miscellaneous information like how long you've played for, how much time you've spent at each station and thing like that.

    If you are offline, certain features that use the PlayStation Network will only appear as Connect to Online.

    The Story

    You are Tag, one of the finest racers in ModNation. You're also quite the artist. At the start of the new championship season you decide to test your skill and try to qualify. Unfortunately, you need a crew chief. Maybe turning to your mother for help might work.

    As it turns out, one of her friends just happens to be a crew chief. You enter yourself in the MRC qualifying race and get ready to run wild!


    Each race has three objectives for you to complete. The first, Advance, is compulsory. You must accomplish this achievement to continue your career. Secondly, there's the Payoff achievement. Normally a fairly easy goal to reach. You need to meet the requirements AND finish in first place. It won't count unless you lead the pack over the finish line. Lastly is the Bonus objective. This requires a fair bit of skill to accomplish, but usually gives greater rewards. You need to finish in first place for this as well. Beat all three to reap the greatest rewards and maybe even unlock something else...

    Grudge Matches

    On certain tracks you may find a certain opponent who stands out. These are Elite Characters and they pose a significant threat to you moving on in your career. Beating all three objectives in a race against an Elite will unlock a Grudge Match against them. They will either take you on 1-on-1, challenge you to see who can score the highest or call in some buddies to help them race you. Winning a Grudge Match will unlock that Elite Character for your use and will push you that little bit closer to 100% completion.

    Track Info

    Race #1 - Mod Circuit

    Difficulty: 1 / 10

    Tutorials: YES

    Lap Time To Beat: 0:31.000

    Description: Generations of ModNation Racers cut their teeth on this modified figure-eight.


    Advance: Finish the race.

    • Headgear - Headphones
    • Handwear - Cyborg
    • Eyewear - The Funk

    Payoff: Pick up 3 item pods.

    • Bonnet - Skull
    • Bodies - Beachwood

    Bonus: Drive over 3 boost pads.

    • Headgear - Classic Goalie Mask
    • Tops - Hockey Jersey
    • Voices - Beefcake

    These should be pretty self-explanatory.


    After pressing "any button" on the title screen you are thrown straight into a movie. The game explains stuff as you go so don't fret. The game introduces you to the new ModNation Racing Championship and you are introduced to the commentators that will provide comic relief throughout the whole game. See The Story for all the details. Eventually you will hit a loading screen with the controls diagram. Take note of the basics and get ready for your first race.


    The first tutorial screen shows you how to drive.

    1. Pressing the R2 Button makes you accelerate.
    2. Holding in the L2 Button causes your kart to brake.
    3. Tilt the Left Analog Stick left and right to steer.

    After pressing the X Button to exit the tutorial screen, prepare to race. The countdown will begin so hold down the acceleration button. When the lights turn green you'll be off and racing. As you reach the first corner move the analog stick to the left and you'll slowly make your way around. Under the first banner are some red sphere type things.


    Those red things are very helpful.

    1. The red spheres are known as Item Pods.
    2. Hitting and Item Pod will give you an item which will be shown in the bottom-right corner of your screen.
    3. Pressing the Square Button shoots your item ahead of you. Holding the "Square Button'' for a moment before releasing it drops the item behind you.

    Exit the tutorial window and drive straight through an Item Pod. You should now have a weapon. See Item Pods for all the details. Use it on an opponent to slow them down. Follow the road left and drive under the higher track. Ahead is a right-hand turn, but before you get there you will get another lesson in driving.

    How To: DRIFT

    It's the faster way around corners.

    1. Pressing and holding the X Button causes you to drift.
    2. Use the Left Analog Stick to steer while drifing.
    3. Release the X Button to stop drifting.

    Author Tip:

    • Simply pressing the X Button makes you hop. Double tapping it makes you bounce high in the air.

    Go for your first drift around this corner. Don't worry if you don't get it straight away; getting the handling right takes a little practice. Drive up the hill and hop with the X Button to reach the Item Pods in the air. Drift around the next corner and see if you can hold the drift all the way along the straight. Hitting the boost pads on the left side of the track helps you along. Don't worry if you can't quite make it, just make sure you pull out early enough so that you don't go flying into a wall. Head up the hill and then grt ready for the greatest thing ever on the other side.

    How To: BOOST

    Speed, glorious speed.

    1. Fill up the Boost Meter by performing drifts and large jumps.
    2. Pressing and holding the L1 Button uses boost which significantly increases your speed.
    3. You can let go of the L1 Button to stop using boost or you can just let it run dry.

    Use the boost you have accumulated from drifting along the straight that leads to the finish line. Stop using it just before the corner and jump into a drift. Speed along the track through the Item Pods once again, then prepare for a small shortcut. Remember the corner that gave you a short lesson on drifting? If you stay to the right of the track you should see a small dirt track that cuts the corner. It's a very small cut, but it saves a little bit of time.

    Continue around the track and remember to use boost on the straights. This race is a great tutorial race and should be easy enough for anyone to play.


    On the grass to the left of the track, just after you pass under the bridge.In the middle of the dirt track shortcut.On the grass just after the small jump with Item Pods, to the left of the track.On the grass to the right, just past a big inflatable archway.In the air above the jump just before the finish line.

    Track Info

    Race #2 - Farm Frenzy

    Difficulty: 1 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Lap Time To Beat: 0:35.000

    Description: Leave the sheep alone and focus on shaving your lap times on this farmland circuit.


    Advance: Finish Third.

    • Mouths (Group of 15) - Skull 1
    • Odds 'N Ends - Nail
    • Bottoms - Short Shorts

    Payoff: Get 30,000 Drift Points.

    • Antennas - UFG Flag
    • Bodies - 57 Deluxe

    Bonus: Get 3,000 Draft Points.

    • Odds 'N Ends - Evil Horn
    • Headgear - Sport Helmet
    • Mouths (Group of 15) - Hillbilly 1

    This time around you need to place in the top three to advance to the next race. Scoring 30,000 drift points should be easy enough once you get the hang of it. Getting 3,000 drafting points should be done right at the start of the race, seeing as you start behind everyone. Get extra tips here: Earning Boost.


    Start by taking off from the start line and drifting left. Turn back right once you're around the corner and head on through the Item Pods. Get yourself an item and drift back left. Straighten up once you've reached the trees and drop down along the small hill. You can either follow the track straight ahead or you can drive through the cows on the right for a shortcut. Both lead to a boost pads which throw you into the same place.

    There's a hard left turn that you'll need to drift up near the windmill, or alternatively, you can dirft through the sheep situated just before the small farm buildings. You'll see street cones next to the sheep. If you choose to go the long way, there are Item Pods located on the other side of the corner.

    Just ahead is a big farm shed with a small section of the roof touching the ground. You can either go around on the track and earn some drift points or you can drive up the roof and jump over the top. You should hit a boost pad as you land back on the ground. After a long left-hand drift you will return to the finish line. This long straight is a great place to boost.


    Just after the start line on the right side, under an overpass.In the middle of the jump in the cow shortcut.In the middle of the jump on the main track past the cow shortcut.Just past the sheep on a dark dirt track before the windmill.On the barn roof just before the long straight to the finish line.

    Track Info

    Race #3 - Village Run

    Difficulty: 1 / 10

    Tutorials: YES

    Lap Time To Beat: 0:43.000

    Description: Dodge, parry, and thrust through this medieval castle and enchanted forest.


    Advance: Finish Third.

    • Stickers (Group of 14) - Blank Stern Eye
    • Bottoms - Miniskirt
    • Tops - Explorer

    Payoff: Sideswipe 1 opponent.

    • Antennas - Radar
    • Spoilers - Vortex

    Bonus: Sideswipe 3 opponents.

    • Stickers (Group of 7) - Boom!
    • Odds 'N Ends - Clown Nose
    • Geometric - Lightning

    They probably should've put "Finish Third or higher", but oh well. On this track you need to sideswipe three opponents to unlock all of the unlockables.


    You can choose whether or not to have tutorials for this race. I highly recommend turning them on if it is your first time racing on this particular course.

    Here's a starting tip: Press the L1 Button the second the lights turn green. You'll boost straight off the start line. Drift to the right and cut across the grass on the inside of the corner to some Item Pods. After driving down the hill towards the town, a new tutorial window will appear.


    Because better weapons means better explosions.

    1. Pick up an Item Pod to get a Level 1 weapon.
    2. Getting another Item Pod advances it to a Level 2. You can even go to Level 3!
    3. The higher the level, the more effective the weapon is.

    Continue the race and drive through the giant archway. You will see a fountain ahead. You can either drift around it on the left or take the jump to the right of it that is on a dirt path. Either way, follow the track past the fountain down two hills with some Item Pods.

    Down the bottom is another fountain with a long way and a jump. Take either as the long way still gets you drift points. Once you get around the fountain, there will be a second tutorial. This is the one you want.


    Got an annoying driver beside you? Smash 'em with a sideswipe.

    1. When you have enough boost you can sideswipe.
    2. Flick the Right Analog Stick in the direction you wish to sideswipe.
    3. This will send you hurtling towards your opponent and hopefully smack them out of the way.

    If any opponents are giving you trouble, just knock them out of your way. Remember that you need boost to do a sideswipe. Once you fly up the next hill, look for a break in the houses as you come down the other side. There will be a gap on the left side of the road. You can either race through here or follow the track to the right. If you take the shortcut it will line you up with a mega jump ahead. If you follow the track you can still turn into the second part of the shortcut. The normal track takes you over a jump as well.

    Follow the dirt track until you reach some Item Pods. This is where the shortcut throws you to. Another tutorial window will appear.

    How To: USE SHIELD

    Incoming rockets will never bother you again.

    1. If you have boost, you can use your shield.
    2. Press the Circle Button to deploy your shield. Make sure you time it right.
    3. If you hold the Circle Button it keeps your shield up longer, but it drains your boost very fast.

    There will be a small grass path that cuts the next corner which also happens to be blocked by a Bouncer. These little guys like to keep you out of certain areas or are just there to annoy you. Drive around it if you want to take the cut, or follow the normal dirt track. Drift around the last two corners and then hit the boost pads to shoot to the finish line.


    On the jump to the right of the first fountain.On the jump to the right of the second fountain.In the first half of the shortcut past the second fountain.On left side of the normal track near the third Token.In the grass shortcut past the Bouncer.

    Track Info

    Race #4 - Alpine Drop

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Lap Time To Beat: 0:44.000

    Description: This beautiful mountain village hosted the first nationally broadcast MRC race.


    Advance: Finish Third.

    • Stickers (Group of 9) - Tear 1
    • Bottoms - Briefs
    • Shoes - Socks

    Payoff: Take all 3 shortcuts.

    • Mods (Group of 9) - Cosmo
    • Karts (Group of 9) - Cosmo's Kart
    • Bodies - Matador
    • Spoilers - Hypersonic

    Bonus: Get 15,000 Spin Points.

    • Ears - Floppy Rabbit
    • Headgear - Top Hat
    • Voices - Robot

    You'll need to find all 3 shortcuts and take them in this race. You'll also need to spin 6 times over the course of the race, as each spin is worth 2,500 points.

    How To: SPIN

    This isn't an actual tutorial. I thought I'd just let you in on how to spin.

    1. Whenever you take a mega jump, get ready to spin.
    2. Tilt the Right Analog Stick in the direction you wish to spin. It's like sideswiping only you need to keep spinning until you face forward again.
    3. If you land facing forward you will earn 2,500 points for every spin you do.

    Boost off the start line and drop down the hill. There will be two paths ahead, so take the left one. That's one shortcut. Drift across the wooden bridge making sure you don't hit the inside wall. Stop drifting once you're off the other side. Drift back right and grab an Item Pod. Drift left again and watch for the fountain. If the red ramp is up, take it and jump the fountain. If it isn't up, just continue along the track and get it next lap. Don't risk it.

    Follow the dirt track to a mega jump. It will launch you up on to the cliff ahead. You should manage one spin off it. Ahead is a giant tower known as a Devastator. Well, this is a little one anyway. Follow the path it is on to get shortcut number two. Continue along the dirt road and head under the big Devastator. Drift left around the corner and then race down the hill. Once you head over the mega jump, try to get one spin in before you land. If you want, you can use the Left Analog Stick to move left and right while in mid-air. If you land on the left or right edge of the track you will find a boost pad which you don't get in the middle.

    Follow the course around to shortcut number two. Instead of taking it, head left. There is a dirt jump which is great to boost over straight ahead. Take it for shortcut the third. Make sure you get one spin every time you take one of the mega jumps and you should get six by the end of the race.


    In the middle of the first shortcut at the bottom of the big hill.On the left side of the fountain. Use the red ramp without hopping to reach it.Behind the first Devastator. Don't get crushed.In the middle of the dirt jump shortcut. You can grab it if you keep left after getting the third Token.Hiding on the left side of the track on the way to the last mega jump, just after the long left corner.

    Track Info

    Race #5 - Miner's Rift

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Lap Time To Beat: 0:53.000

    Description: Driftheads take note: You can complete a lap with four continuous drifts.


    Advance: Finish Third.

    • Stickers (Group of 7) - Tribal 1
    • Hair - Super Punk
    • Accessories - Cape

    Payoff: Clean Lap.

    • Bodies - General
    • Suspensions - Low Off-road
    • Wheels - Dually

    Bonus: Take down Drillbit.

    • Headgear - Fez
    • Headgear - Skull
    • Props - Sign 7
    • Props - Sign 5

    A clean lap is on where you make it around the entire track without hitting a single wall. As for taking down Drillbit, you can sideswipe or use weapons. He'll always have a speech bubble above his head with "Drillbit" inside so that you know which racer he is.


    Boost off the start line and drift right. Follow the road along here and drift right again. Race down the hill and remember to sideswipe opponents who get beside you. Drift left and hold it around the entire corner. Use the map to figure out how far to go if you need to. Hit the boost pad and jump through the air. As you land on the other side, jump into a drift to the left. You'll be holding this for a long time so try to stay towards the middle of the track. Don't be too fussed about trying to get the inside line, and watch for red barrels. They explode if you run into them.

    As you reach the bottom, straighten out just before the jump. Launch over the gap and continue straight ahead. Watch for the two Launchers on either side of the track; they shoot red barrels across the track. There is a small cut to the right which you can take if you don't want to go the long way around. Once you get around the corner there will be a jump. It will throw you up to a tunnel which leads to the finish line. If you've hit a wall, don't worry. You only need a clean lap, not a clean race. As for Drillbit, if you're in the lead he'll most likely be right behind you. Dropping weapons behind you is a good way to take him out.

    If you manage to meet the requirements set by the achievements, you will unlock a Grudge Match Challenge. Pressing the Triangle Button at the achievements screen after the race will take you straight into the race. You can also come back to it later by pressing the X Button now and pressing the Triangle Button on the Career Central screen.


    On the left side of the track at the second right-hand turn. It's next to some portable toilets.In mid-air above the first wooden bridge. Use the boost pad to reach it. You may need to hop to get high enough.In the tunnel before the ground section, near some red barrels.On the outside of the corner just before the mega jump.Right in the middle of the shortcut before the mega jump.

    Track Info

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Type of Race: Score


    Advance: Outscore Drillbit.

    • Elite Characters - Drillbit
    • Elite Karts - Chief's Kart
    • Headgear - Drillbit's Stuff
    • Odds 'N Ends - Dynamite
    • Tops - Safety Vest

    Drift, drift, drift.


    In this race, Drillbit is like a ghost opponent. You'll still be racing him, but you can't run into each other. This way you can have uninterrupted drifting.

    Do NOT boost off the start. Take off normally and begin to drift. You'll earn more points by starting earlier. Try to cover the first two right-hard turns with one drift. You'll need to get close to the left wall as the track bends so that you can stay wide enough for the second corner. Stop drifting as you reach the signs and street cones. Drop down the hill and hit the boost pad before drifting left. Stay fairly wide so that you cover more distance, but be careful not to hit any walls.

    Stop drifting as you reach the end of the tunnel and hit the boost pad. Double-tap the X Button to get more air over the jump so that you can pull off a spin before landing. You'll get extra airtime points as well. Begin drifting left as soon as you land. Stay in the middle of the track until you reach the ground. Stay a little wide so the you can drift until inches before the jump. Double-hop here as well to get some more spin points.

    Follow the track and drift around the next corner. Don't take the shortcut. See if you can drift left and hold it until you reach the jump. Make sure you do a spin as you go over the jump and then hold straight until you get close to the finish line. Begin drifting once again and try to do two more laps exactly the same.

    If Drillbit finishes the 3 laps before you, you'll start losing points for every second it takes you to finish after him. If he's not very far ahead then don't worry too much, but if he gets too far away you may need to use some boost around certain corners. This will cost you a small amount of drift points, but not as much as falling behind would. There is a live leaderboard in the top-right corner of the screen that shows your score compared to Drillbit's.

    Track Info

    Race #6 - Boardwalk

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Lap Time To Beat: 0:53.000

    Description: Master drafting and boosting on the boardwalk to conquer this street circuit.


    Advance: Finish Third.

    • Stickers (Group of 6) - Checkers 1
    • Mouths (Group of 15) - Predator 1
    • Odds 'N Ends - Tack

    Payoff: Get 4,000 Max Speed Points.

    • Bodies - Orca
    • Suspensions - Low Drop
    • Wheels - Hi Tek

    Bonus: Take down Skidplate.

    • Headgear - Stars
    • Props - Puddle
    • Props - Pit Row Garage
    • Bottoms - Overalls

    You earn Max Speed Points by spending as much time as possible at full speed. You'll need to be going seriously fast for the whole track to get up to 4,000. Boosting is a nice way to earn points as well.


    Boost off the start line and race down the hill. Drift right and hold it for the first two corners. Let go just after the second corner and begin a new drift halfway down the straight. Once you get around the next corner you have two choices. Either follow the road straight and get an Item Pod or take the jump to your right and get thrown to the top of the hill. It isn't really that much faster if you take the jump, and it's better to have a weapon. But it's up to you.

    Drift around the corner at the top of the hill and follow the road down. When you see chairs and tables you can cut right for a nice shortcut. Or you can follow the road and drift hard at the end of the straight. If you follow the normal road, grab an Item Pod and stay close to the inside of the corner. Hit the boost pad and pass the shortcut exit. Cross over to the boardwalk and hit the boost pad here. Drift around the corner, staying close to the inside.

    Once you get to the inside of the corner, swing back out wide to hit another boost pad on the boardwalk. Cross back on to the road for another, then back on to the boardwalk for one more pad. Drift up the hill after the last boost pad and hold straight until you reach the fountain. Drift hard to the right to get around the corner and then drift back left to the finish line.

    Once again, if you completed the achievements you'll have unlocked a Grudge Match Challenge with Skidplate.


    In front of the mega jump after the first three corners.In the shortcut past the chairs and tables.Out wide on the corner that the shortcut passes, next to the Item Pods.To the right of the first boost pad on the boardwalk, behind a table and chairs.On the end of the boardwalk before the hill to the fountain.

    Track Info

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Type of Race: Thug Race


    Advance: Finish 1st.

    • Elite Characters - Skidplate
    • Elite Karts - Skidplate's Kart
    • Eyes (Group of 13) - Digital 10
    • Headgear - Space Helmet
    • Geometric - Cell

    You'll want to stay as far in the lead as possible to give yourself a chance of winning. Or at least perfect sideswiping.


    In this race you will verse Skidplate and four of his thugs, imaginatively named "Skidplate's Thugs". Basically, Skidplate will race as fast as he can to finish while his thugs hang around near you to take you out.

    Start by boosting off the start line and drifting the first three corners. Take two drifts if you have to. Use the jump and then drift the next corner. Race down through the shortcut to get extra boost and then race out on to the boardwalk to the boost pad. Follow the boost pads along the track instead of using your own boost so you can conserve it for any incoming attacks. Race up the hill and drift quickly around the fountain to the finish line.

    Make sure you keep boost for your shield and sideswipe any opponents who get close to you. Don't fuss over weapons, just concentrate on your defence and stay at top speed.

    Track Info

    Race #7 - Island Dash

    Difficulty: 2 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Lap Time To Beat: 0:53.000

    Description: Explore the island to find all of its hidden paths and rewards.


    Advance: Finish Third.

    • Headgear - Construction Helmet
    • Odds 'N Ends - Safety Pin
    • Tops - Money

    Payoff: Get 4,000 Airtime Points.

    • Bodies - Fastback
    • Suspensions - Low Tilt
    • Wheels - Dragster

    Bonus: Take down Wildcard.

    • Eyewear - Florida
    • Headgear - Neck Warmer
    • Props - Sign Overpass
    • Props - Chopper

    Your main focus should be to take down Wildcard as quickly as possible so that you can concentrate on the airtime points. Spins aren't included.


    Boost off the start line and drift through the first two corners. As you move over the jumps, be sure to grab an Item Pod. Keep track of Wildcard and take him out now. If you don't get him, don't worry too much. There'll be more opportunities. As you speed along the beach, Cut through the water for an Item Pod then drift right. Just past the signs will be a dirt track between the huts. There is a road sign just to the left of it. Drift through here and follow the track right while drifting. Drift back left to find a mega jump. Double-tap the X Button at the top to get as much airtime as possible. If you want to spin off it (for extra boost), you can only pull off one.

    You'll land on a stretch of sand on the other side of the main track. Follow this path to a boost pad which will shoot you back to the shore. Continue right and ignore the dirt track that leads to higher ground. Instead, hug the inside just past the dirt track to a small jump. Double-hopping off this jump can nab you 500 airtime points. Drift through the grass that cuts the corner and follow the sand to the bridge. Hit the boost pads and double-hop off the end to get some extra airtime points as you cross the line.

    If you can get up to 4,000 points quickly and don't take out Wildcard, you'll have about half a lap to get them. The only trick is staying at the same part of the track as them. Remember, you still need to get first.


    In the dirt shortcut through the first entrance.Off the shore on a sand bank. Follow the beach and hug the left side. Watch for two palm trees hanging over the entrance.To the left of a group of trees just behind a Pounder.In front of a small red jump just past a Bouncer.Out wide to the left on the last beach corner, before you head back into the forest.

    Track Info

    Difficulty: 1 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Type of Race: Solo Race


    Advance: Beat Wildcard 1-on-1.

    • Elite Characters - Wildcard
    • Elite Karts - Wildcard's Kart
    • Hair - Shaved Emo
    • Handwear - The Pro
    • Accessories - Shoulder pads

    Nothing too hectic here. Just concentrate on the race.


    In this race you'll be taking on Wildcard 1-on-1. Just you, Wildcard and the track. And weapons of course.

    Follow the track until you reach the part where the shortcut takes you into the forest to the mega jump. Instead of taking this path, follow the beach past a jump between some trees and stick close to the left edge. There will be a small jump with some Item Pods and on the other side slightly to the left will be a narrow sand track through the water, marked by a leaning palm tree on either side. I've found this way to be the fastest route. Boost across the sand to a boost pad and then follow the track to the dirt track leading up into the trees.

    Bash through the crates in front of the dirt track and hit the boost pad. Jump on to the track at the other side and quickly hop into a drift. Follow the track around to the boost pads and shoot over the line.

    Keep yourself at high speed for two more laps and remember to save some boost in case you need your shield. I didn't find this challenge very difficult as there's only one opponent to shoot at you. Shield properly and you can win by well over 10 seconds.

    Track Info

    Race #8 - Flaming Jumps

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Lap Time To Beat: 1:09.000

    Description: Rack up the air miles on this big air, big show track.


    Advance: Finish 1st.

    • Tracks - Flaming Jumps
    • Props - Castle
    • Props - Stone Wall
    • Props - Stone Tower
    • Props - Windmill
    • Props - Clock Tower
    • Props - Cow Spray
    • Props - Heroic Statue
    • Props - Stone Archway
    • Props - City Spray
    • Props - Farm Silo

    Payoff: Take down 3 opponents.

    • Mods (Group of 11) - Lubker
    • Karts (Group of 11) - Lubker's Kart
    • Bodies - Corsa
    • Suspensions - Mid Drop
    • Wheels - Shield

    Bonus: Take down Hale in front of the grandstands.

    • Handwear - Nightmare
    • Bottoms - Nightmare
    • Tops - Nightmare
    • Shoes - Nightmare
    • Voices - Tomboy

    You'll need to sideswipe or use weapons on 3 opponents in this race. Hovering back in 4th or 5th until you have Level 3 lightning works really well. The trick is getting Hale while he's near the grandstands. The stands are around the last corner before the finish line so try to get him before the last lap.


    Boost off the line and immediately start drifting right. Hang near the middle of the track and pull out of the drift a bit after you go under the bridge. Head over the first jump and through the ring of fire. Once you land on the other side start drifting right. Stay in the middle of the track once again. If you go too wide or too narrow you'll swing into the fence.

    Cross the moving platforms and drift up the hill on to a bridge. Boost along here if you have enough and then drift right once more. Head over the jump and then cut across the inside of the spinning platform while drifting. Grab an Item Pod and continue drifting all the way to the next jump.

    Head on through the ring of fire and land on the dirt. Quickly move on to the next jump and shoot through two more flaming rings before landing on the other side. Only attempt one spin for each jump. Drift through the street cones on to the dirt track and continue left. Take the left track at the fork and throw yourself over the jump. Here is where you'll find the grandstands. You need to attack Hale here. Try to get some rockets to hit him, or sideswipe him if you can get close. Make sure you drift around the next corner before leaping to the finish line.


    In the exact centre of the first ring of fire.Out wide to the left just after crossing the bridge. It's past the moving platforms.In the middle of the long way around the spinning platform.On the right edge of the main track just after the jump with two flaming rings.In the shortcut after the two rings of fire, take the right fork. It's in the middle of the dirt track.

    Track Info

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Type of Race: Thug Race


    Advance: Finish 1st.

    • Elite Characters - Hale
    • Elite Karts - Hale's Kart
    • Stickers (Group of 18) - Splat 1
    • Headgear - Spartan Helmet
    • Accessories - Spiked Pads

    Time to take on Hale and his cronies. There are 5 Thugs this time.


    Boost off the start and get out in front as fast as you can. These guys are slow off the start line. Your basic strategy is to drift whenever you're on the ground, spin while in the air and use the boost you've collected to shield yourself. If you can keep up with Hale and his four henchmen or even stay out in front, you should do fine.

    If you are stuck in the pack towards the end of the race, don't be afraid to use some boost to shoot out in front towards the finish line. Just beware that opponents at the front of the pack save their weapons for the second they get passed.

    At the fork after the double rings, I recommend taking the dirt shortcut and going either way from there. The left path shoots you to the track ahead and the right path leads to some boost pads. They both take about the same amount of time to cover. Keep in mind that your Hale and his Thugs are more likely to go the long way around the spinning platform so use the cut to your advantage.

    Track Info

    Race #9 - Wild Run

    Difficulty: 4 / 10

    Tutorials: YES

    Lap Time To Beat: 0:50.000

    Description: MRC fans flock to this track in their campers to catch the action up close.


    Advance: Finish Third.

    • Tracks - Wild Run
    • Stickers (Group of 6) - Bone
    • Odds 'N Ends - Button

    Payoff: Activate 3 Devastators.

    • Spoilers - Slip Stream
    • Engines - Vintage

    Bonus: Take down 1 opponent using a Devastator.

    • Hair - Mohawk
    • Mouths (Group of 15) - Gold Tooth 1

    You'll need to get the hang of triggers and Devastators to earn everything from this race.


    Boost yourself off of the start line and up the first hill. Time will slow itself to a stop as you hit the air.


    These obstacles are great for taking out opponents, but don't get hit yourself.

    1. Be careful around Devastators and other dynamic props.
    2. If you get hit, you will be knocked out of the race for a short time.
    3. ModBots move across the track and bounce, push or spit fire.

    As you land you will see two yellow circles on the ground. These are triggers. For example, these two switches activate the Devastator ahead. Stick to the right side of the road and try to be the first to the triggers. If someone gets hit it counts as the Bonus Achievement, and adds to the Payoff.

    Just past the Devastator are some barriers on the right side of the track. Break through them and drift along the lower track. There are pads along the ground here that will give you extra boost so hit them as you go. As you reach the end of the corner there will be a switch on the left side of the track. Hit it and cut back right. There are walls that will drop into the ground once you hit the trigger. There is a mega jump in this little path that will shoot you to further ahead on the track. Boost along the wooden bridge.


    I've already given you a basic rundown on triggers, but the game will give you a better visualisation.

    1. If you see a trigger, look for a nearby prop.
    2. Hitting the trigger will activate it.
    3. Use these props to take out enemies!

    Take either path at the fork. There are Item Pods both ways. As you come to the end of the fork, the trigger you find will activate the Devastator on the opposite side of the track. Try to stay in the middle of the track to avoid the one on your side and then hit the next trigger. This one activates the Devastator directly behind you. Follow the track either way and then drift as you hit the top corner.

    Drive over the trigger to activate a barrel launcher. If anyone decides to take the shortcut, they'll get hit. If you skip past the trigger and it doesn't activate, you can drift through a small path that cuts the next corner. Otherwise, drift around the corner. Head under the banner and take a quick right before you hit the Item Pods. Follow this little trail through the trees and across the pads for extra boost.

    Grab an Item Pod as you jump out of the shortcut and follow the track. Hit one of the triggers to activate the Devastator ahead. Drive around the Devastator and drift up the hill. Jump off the hill and head across the finish line.

    Remember that you don't have to get everything the first time you race. You can use three Devastators without hitting a single opponent and still get the Payoff, so long as you come first. Then you can re-race and simply focus on hitting someone. I find the best place to take someone out is at the fork after the wooden bridge. If you can race side by side with someone then take the opposite path, you have a really good chance of wiping them out. Don't get too frustrated - it's mostly luck.


    Right in the center of the main track after the first Devastator.In the little shortcut behind the barriers.Found in the first fork, in the middle of the right path.In the barrel shortcut. Make sure not to get hit.Between two boost pads on the trail that leads through the trees, just past the barrel shortcut.

    Track Info

    Race #10 - Market Run

    Difficulty: 3 / 10

    Tutorials: NO

    Lap Time To Beat: 0:52.000

    Description: Danger lurks around every turn of this desert oasis.


    Advance: Finish Third

    • Stickers - Flame 1
    • Tops - Baseball

    Payoff: Destroy 10 market stalls.

    • Bodies - Punchbuggy
    • Suspensions - Mid Off-road
    • Wheels - Swampers

    Bonus: Get 15,000 Spin Points.

    • Eyewear - Superstar
    • Hair - 50's Big
    • Headgear - Bandito
    • Props - Sign 9
    • Props - Sign 10

    The spins are easy enough once you get used to the timing. Taking out the market stalls is easy if you hang back and get good items, but you still need to finish first.

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